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Since January 2011 I’ve talked about how the NEW energies would be coming online within the Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers now that our bodies and brains have been Rewired.  Also the Earth having been Rewired (Her NEW Grid System) so she too could receive and hold the NEW vastly higher frequency energies. I also mentioned that we will continue to live the Ascension Process in and through our physical bodies, hearts, minds and beings. This is not an intellectual process, but one that we Starseed Lightworkers  have had to live in and through our bodies to manifest and anchor (“conduit”) the NEW higher energies into the NEW Earth and reality for All others.

Phase One of the Ascension Process (terms just to help us better understand the different phases and work within the Ascension Process) was about us transmuting and clearing lower frequency dualized energies in Physical 3D and Astral 4D and ourselves in this incarnation and others. With that accomplished, now in Phase Two we can and have been living, housing, anchoring and manifesting the NEW higher Light energies in and through our bodies/hearts/consciousness. We physically embody IT first so that IT can manifest and be anchored physically therefore becoming the NEW for humanity in the NEW Earth world.

I shouldn’t even have to say this but the Dark Ones or Team Dark as I call them (other-dimensional non-human Beings—Reptilians and others—plus the controlled humans on Earth), don’t want any of this to happen of course so they attack the Forerunners/ Starseeds/Lightworkers/Pathpavers  who are living this evolutionary Ascension Process on Earth and overriding all of their negative systems and structures. Since Phase Two began (for me it was the beginning of October 2010), I’ve had more personal attacks from Team Dark (between Oct. 2010 and January 2011) than 2008 and 2009 combined. Then with the start of January 2011, this has shifted to humans or Portal People as I call them, attacking me because the non-physical, non-human Dark Ones have greatly retreated over the past four months of 2011. They’ve literally had to pull back to get out of all the Light here now, so they’re manipulating any human they can to do their attacks on us in a frantic attempt to stop, derail or slow down the Forerunners/Starseed Lightworkers/Wayshowers etc. from doing what we have, are, and will continue to do as Forerunners. We won’t be stopped and this Ascension Process is a done deal already.

I want everyone who followed the latest attacks and name-calling that took place in Comments on the two earlier posts to connect all that with this article and with Lisa Renee’s quoted article below. According to what “Brewster” aka “Pure One” aka “MumboJumbo” said himself, it was his belief that I hated money that set him off attacking me and other people too. I never said I “hate money” because I don’t; I said that I know we are currently evolving/ascending beyond money and money consciousness. I bring this money attacking business back up here only because I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa Renee using the terms she did—“Energetic Knowledge is Currency” and “We have created a new “currency” for our planet”. Oh indeed we Starseed Lightworkers, Lightworkers and Wayshowers have and we’ve taken more than a few beatings because of it. The attacks and beatings go with the Job of being a Lightworker. I just wanted all the Starseed Lightworkers here to connect what you and I went through recently with everything Lisa Renee said in her article below. Know who you are fellow Starseeds and know that you/me/us are right on-track. The Dark Ones wouldn’t be so desperate and nasty if we weren’t.

Denise Le Fay

April 12, 2011


Open Architecture

Monday, 11 April 2011 17:33

The New Frequency of Inclusivity

April 2011

by Lisa Renee

Dear ES Family,

“Recently I have returned from the most beautiful and surreal experience that transpired within our group Guardian planetary grid project that we participated with over the last month. Our group had the opportunity to witness the frequency of the New Open Architecture that supports “Unity Source Code” geometry – penetrate and anchor into the physical elemental planes collapsing potentially destructive timelines into other positive potential timelines for humanity’s access. This closed multiple “galactic” wormholes being accessed by Dark entities that were using them to manipulate time fields or use the human being’s energy field through the mass consciousness control programs. When you manipulate massive amounts of energy this way, you create rips in time and space fabric, which manipulates time and space, as well as the nodes that control “timelines”. As a result we have a bunch of entities quite confused at what has transpired as certain technologies they were using are now defunct. Their known existence is changing along with ours. During Mid March this planet had an opening for anchoring new living architecture through the opening portal of the “Ascended Krystal Spiral” frequency transmission activated and anchored through the Sacred House of Mirrors. (The Sacred House of Mirrors is referring to the Spiritual House that God built by the schematic received through the Divine Cosmic Cube of 144,000. The Ascended Arc Lights of Christos, the Luminaries have created the Architecture that allow this to descend into the physical manifest worlds. In effect – we have animated the “House that God Built” in the March Equinox energies) The Mother and Father Arc were a part of birthing the Unity geometries that became living breathing creatures (the offspring- the Christ Child Trinity) alive and well – dwelling within the Sacred House of Mirrors. This was also physically represented by the spiritual and ceremonial marriage of a Rod and Staff couple based on taking vows of Inner Christ Unity for humanity within the Hall of Mirrors itself. Our Guardian Forces have another conduit of which to work through in the continuing project of building the Open Architecture of Living Light emanating from the Sacred Mirrors of the Monad ( Inner God and Seed Atom) weaving its reflection back into the Unity pattern of the Eternal Christos Self.

“Our group (and many other Lightworker’s across the globe) based upon our own inner self determination – chose how we would participate with these upcoming “Unity” frequencies and the resulting change it would create in the collective consciousness fields. Many of us were sent around the globe to hold certain patterns of frequency represented as Unity consciousness during this last March Equinox. (This is a totally new template level of the Christos intelligence field, the Unity frequency of Inclusivity and the Open Architecture placed within our planet to support it within multiple other planetary spheres.)

“There was an immediate reaction of stabilizing internal pressure from exploding on the surface of our planet and we saw this manifest into the physical planes. These shifts in the collective human fields have created amplification and pressure that have been very difficult to cataclysmic for some people.

Exclusive Systems are Dying

“Those of us that are participating as a conduit for the first wave of the “Unity Source Code” have experienced massive resistance to this change from the old 3D matrix structure in this new integration period – it has not been fun or easy. Since Mid March this resistance was amplified considerably to reflect the massive shift we have collaborated to co-create with Christos Forces, to expand the Bands of Compassion and Mercy on our planet. (We have just invited Legions of New Beings of Compassion and Mercy to come communicate within the Open Architecture of our planet.) These new frequencies are forcing everything hidden to be revealed and that a core structural change is required to survive.

“The operating system of organizations and entities must change in value from a closed (exclusive) system to an open (inclusive) operating system in order to evolve and survive ongoing in these new frequencies.

“The higher frequency you are working within inside any of these old organized structures will reflect the sudden onset of collapse, immediate chaotic changes or economic flatline. As an example people that are working within jobs of creative, artistic or spiritual interest will have an immense pressure to change their attitudes, values and rules of engagement to reflect a matched vibration. The matched vibration is open and inclusive – not hidden or exclusive. The more dense control structures take more time in dismantling fully, and although not impervious to radical chaotic change, will be slower because of the bureaucratic red tape of the governmental and societal systems that are very slow to make progressive changes. These systems are collapsing but are meeting a critical mass of its “collaborative collapse” as so many of the control systems are interdependent and falsely propped up on each other. ( These are completely unsustainable systems)

“During this period, when challenged by the 3D structure, practice states of engaged detachment to such scenarios as accusations, betrayals, legal and financial compliance issues, losing material objects, etc. The entire base foundation of your support structure is changing now. YOU may be pulled out of places or organizations that you were previously working, living or collaborating with. Meditate and rest a lot as dealing with these types of issues can be quite physically draining. (I notice in order to keep my body functioning I must withdraw continually to my inner sanctum to gather energy. I really have no choice in this matter, my body requires what it requires and I have to listen to it. It has required isolation.)

“The old control matrix and the hidden entities manipulating and using it are barking, biting and scratching in every way they can to gain some momentum. It’s been plum exhausting and had many of us hiding out at home. The control matrix is an intrinsic part of all of our banking/money, legal, educational, medical/drugs, compliance structures and job systems, so these areas have been slapping us silly with all they got. The closed control system is deranged and broken and it has been revealing its mad psychosis to us more and more with every passing day. The desperation of these entities is just dripping from these systems that do not function any more. As a result to this desperation, more mind controlled automatons appear with a standard boiler plate to wield more bi-polar attempts to force your compliance to their generated fear mechanism. Unfortunately the unconscious masses are being mostly preyed upon to be the enforcer of these negative agendas, in fear of a paycheck.

Consciousness Elevating Process

“We are observing a necessary part of the integration process into the new frequency structures. We have accelerated in a huge burst forward and it’s changed what frequency structure we can connect into. It generates temporary schisms of huge discordance in the opposites of the external field. Needless to say it creates a lot of chaos, confusion and disruption to transcend. We should be getting used to this now. You may see undisciplined people acting out their nasty stuff on the stage, as well as human compassion and philanthropic beauty being displayed all in the same moment to moment. Sometimes it will feel like a chafing of building abrasive energies that can feel unbearable as they integrate inside your personal vessel, as your field is designed to work its consciousness magic to harmonize the environment and resolve conflicts between your being and others. Have you noticed another flux of people from the past, or family, co- workers and all those relationships from multiple identities seeking healing, resolution or guidance? Pluto in retrograde seems to also be pushing these scenarios into some mad rush for closure.

“Most of us recognize this consciousness elevating process (initiation into new fields of frequency) as the “integration of polarities”. One cannot be a true “knower” without having had the direct experience of becoming “it”. Every Mystery School emphasizes this as a critical initiation (state of consciousness elevation) to be able to transcend the illusion of form as being “real”. This has been especially emphasized with the Starseed as many of us were not “intrinsically” human, nor did we share the same value system of 3D humanity. We had to “become” a 3D human in order to transcend that limitation in service to the rest of humanity. As most of us have experienced a high level of physical discomfort with the forces of resistance, counter-energies or what may appear to be – adversarial forces placing obstacles in your mission pathway. Many times the intensity between the polarization of opposing forces are the necessary catalyst to “slingshot” our way past density or decrepit energy structures to elevate us quickly to a new consciousness. That is exactly what is happening during this phase and you may be feeling it as such a “core rattling” experience it’s like your molecules are shifting.

“Beyond the body’s physical exhaustion and attempts to recover from the pushing and pulling of external energies around us, manifested events have elevated to new bi-polar energetic extremes. For those of us committed to be the vessel of these projects, we know that the backlash is inevitable as the equal/opposite merge of the new frequency appears. Its cellular memory unlocks many dimensional time doorways that were previously closed and it changes the current potential possibilities accessed.

“As I returned from these timeline grid projects feeling like a beat up worn out soldier that had been kicked in the flank a thousand times, I had to address a legal claim of copyright and overdrafts in the bank as soon as I crossed the threshold of my door at home. This path is not for the weak hearted and clearly all of us have been confronted with extremely challenging issues stemming from the grasping 3D control programs. The level of unconscious reaction received as a backlash of the new frequency architecture anchoring has been very difficult and very hard work. We are birthing a completely new open architecture on the planet at this time, and its holds great promise for all of us.

Painful Global Events

“As we began our project on March 10th, in alignment to the planetary “unity source code” transmissions, the planetary body had a series of events that energetically manifested as a part of the change in the core architecture in the planetary body. Many of these events were at cost to human lives and created terrible destruction.

“These painful global events are screaming at us that we must adapt to these new frequencies and change our behavior and actions of creating intentional harm. We cannot continue to survive as a species while acting out horrible acts of brutality and cruelty against humanity. The only chance we can survive is to collect our human and natural resources and learn to live in harmony and principles of Unity with each other.

“Most humans on this planet do not understand that the collective consciousness fields holding extremely dense bodies of negative ego thoughts and actions as well as primarily selfish materialistic motivations are used to control us. Humans are manipulated by the very thoughts we create in order to generate destruction and further division between each other. Certain patterns of psychologically warped Tyrannical Despots and their abuse of power continue to explode onto center stage to be dismantled, while the earth and water elementals adjust to reflect accumulated human abuse of the Asian grid and its surrounding land mass. Life as we know it on this planet is being altered and adapting to transformation is mandatory without personal ego choice.

“Most of us have been ignoring the message to evolve our value systems and respect the “natural laws” for way too long. The choice has been given to us in how we could experience our evolution in relationship to the planet. However humanity’s actions (whether manipulated though mind control or not) demonstrate we consistently choose devastation and cataclysm in order to change our intrinsic behavior. God punishes no one, we make causal choices that have an energetic consequence to our actions, whether human beings are coherent about this fact or not.

Energetic Knowledge is Currency

“These recent intersections were made possible by the Galactic Superhighway of multiple Synchronic Lines that meet in highly charged vortices in certain areas of the planetary body. Recent exchanges were connected into other axis points leading into intelligent energy streams of communication into multiple other planetary bodies in our Universe. Transference of code designed to decipher multiple language platforms used on other planets (and other Universal systems) were also a part of this core architecture upgrade, which allows more channels of frequency as a directed communication stream available to our planet. Knowledge contained within the Universal Intelligent Energy Streams is the “currency” of all advanced cultures and races. Humanity has recently linked up into a lot more available “energetic knowledge currency” to exchange with multiple advanced Star Races as a part of being included in Cosmic Citizenship. This accelerates our efforts (the Starseed Ground crew) to create more communication opportunities to have cooperative efforts created in order to be received by those advanced cultures who hold reverence for life and respect for the Law of One. Our planetary grid network is undergoing a process akin to an Omniversal Satellite link up to communicate with multiple platforms of language. This event is rapidly changing our planet’s communication network from a closed operating system to an open operating system. This is going way further outside of the frequency fences and distorted electrons used by the controlling factions on earth.

“As the planet is now an open architecture with an open operating system, it means larger and more frequent exchanges with other intelligent life streams in our Universe (and Multiverse) is ready to happen. We have created a new “currency” for our planet. Advanced cultures that exist all over the Universe, do not have a monetary system of enslavement as we do on planet earth. Knowledge and technology is the accepted currency, and many cultures are extremely interested in the genetic diversity as well as the influences of most of the hidden extraterrestrial influence on this planet.

The Conflict of Esoteric becoming Exoteric

“What has transpired over the last month is a huge change in the core Cosmology of our Universe, and heralds a change in the Hierarchies, and there is now an incredible level of support from the Hierarchies of Compassion and Unity, which are the Christos and God Forces.

“One of the results of this Cosmological and Hierarchal Shift created a large tumultuous conflict and confusion with multiple planetary and stellar bodies and those entities that have been “tending to them” at consciousness and energetic levels. There are disagreements and resistances to the Open Architecture that is required to establish true UNITY consciousness. This conflict is also being demonstrated below in the physical earth plane in a variety of ways. It requires subservience to the God plan, and service to others beyond yourself, and many human and non human’s are “balking” at this requirement. (See the Fine Print in December)

“There are two main hierarchal lineages that are a part of the Original Prime Creators of this Universe, namely the Luminaries of the Arcs – The Architects and Inspirers of Form, (The HEART of Cosmologies of Christos, The Ascended Arc Lights) and the Builders of Form that are within a total conflict of authority. (The Descended Arc Lights or the Mind Cosmologies and its Manifestation also known as the EYE Doctrine by Tibetan Buddhism– what is seen by external senses and not experienced directly through the inner senses of the heart.)

“For eons those that have been the Builders have also been the protectors of esoteric truths, and have prevented “occult knowledge” from becoming exoteric and known to the common man. Many of us understand the abuse of power (i.e. Atlantis, Egypt) and the ego that distorted most of these Law of One teachings to be subverted into selfish motivation or parceled into half truths. It is believed in these hierarchies, both human and non human that exist in multiple planes, that only the “entitled” are able to access esoteric truths, and that has been the practical understanding of the teaching of Mystery Schools through the ages as the levels of “dark evolution” were certainly upon us on this planet. Competent Mystery School’s always emphasize the importance of the COMPREHENSION of the material, and the unifying concepts of its value to know the Nature of Humanity as a God. As one chooses and delves into esoteric studies, it is the nature of the Universe, the nature of the core essence, the nature of the True Self as the Inner God is slowly revealed to the inspired and disciplined devotee.

“This is why it is mandatory to purify your heart and to be disciplined to moral and ethical objectives to support humanity as a whole, as these are not mere “judgments” of character – they are imperative understandings to not abuse the power of knowledge that has been hidden in the esoteric Sacred Spiritual Sciences. The Law of One is that such Sacred Spiritual Science and it has been revealed to our planet in dispensation as a part of God’s plan – to the common human, and to those who would consider themselves the elected or entitled ones to dictate and control its usage or content. Without comprehension of the teachings, without the heart being the foremost priority of its application, the study is immediately corrupt and limited to the planes of the mind.

“This is where the two hierarchies of “Architect” and “Builder” are now represented in current physical forms and within this conflict of revealing “esoteric truths” are attempting to merge the polarities of ancient conflicts. It is the reason of purpose of multiple manifestations of “bodies” of work that are supporting the Law of One. The Three Principles of Creation must Merge into One Unified Expression within these lineages, One that is free of elitism, exclusivity and mind control. Both Hierarchies are required to build matter, and the conflict between these two lineages is Ancient. The Builder decided they did not want to build by the laws of Architect and set forth their own creations, which promptly died. As Law of One – the Natural Laws of God – ultimately supports the eternal Heart, and renders everything else as finite to nonexistent. Any Sacred truth rendered from the mind will ultimately die or distort, and the heart will enliven it through eternity – as God Spirit is the Cosmic Heart of our Universe.

“We are building the Heart intelligence fields to new levels now. More of us in human bodies are able to meditate, be inspired to receive ancient words, comprehension of larger truth about our relationship to the Universe, connect with vast intelligences, and this all is a part of the plan of this Ascension Cycle.

“God excludes no one and now in this new cycle will not accept exclusionary models.

“What was esoteric (hidden) is designed to become exoteric (revealed) now. Many humans and other beings are still confused and angry about this revealing of all that was hidden and as such the “controls”and the attacks in such cases continue and escalate. However the more we seek to control the worse it’s going to get as the days of these hierarchies existing in these same ways cannot continue.

How Can We be of Service?

“The dedication and discipline to maintain the higher focus of non-judgment and an attitude of service to others – beyond all human fears and frailties – is more than a full time job. It requires every last drop of our essence to be dedicated to serve God Spirit and truly accountable to our own consciousness power. Truly many of us are emanating the new supernal luminescence from the realms of the Superhuman, the Inner Christos. It is our destiny to be Superhuman, as the Inner Christ Spirit is the emanation of the miraculous by product of God-Spirit. Our God Spirit is a Consciousness Technology Supreme that overrides all lesser technologies. These recent events give us lots to ponder and meditate upon as change starts from within us. As we move forward with the intention of being a sovereign model of service to others, we commit to continue to purify ourselves to become the experience and comprehension of greater truths that emanate from within our own inner light. That we seek to share unselfishly what we have been given that has shown us abiding love and inner peace, with others around us.

“Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.”

Love Always, Lisa

© 2011, Lisa Renee


This ES Monthly News Article reflects the Guardian Perspective of the Ascension Timeline (2012 Timeline) as support, both energetically and informationally, for the Galactic Families of Starseeds and the Indigo Races. This Spiritual Family has accepted the Guardianship role to support the foundation of Cosmic Citizenship as an evolutionary model for this planet and humanity, and this is a level of earth based advocacy designed for this specific group. There is absolutely no value difference given on the role each being has chosen for its expression. The Guardian Groups mission directive is rehabilitation of the hologram, repairing its energetic architecture (dna), embodying the Ascended Human Protoform, supplying informational context on Ascension dynamics and Exopolitic (ET) Agendas and reeducating both human and non-human’s to be congruently aligned to the Universal Law of One. Freedom, Fraternity, and the Sovereign Right of All Beings to be a Knower of God Source is protected by the Collective Unity Vow shared among our Universal Guardian Groups.

43 thoughts on “Further Explanations & Validations

  • Well I just can’t believe I found this post…but then again I was listening to a Lisa Renee meditation to clear negative entities out of my field and I asked for help and then I found this post on the internet. Thank you for posting this! You have restored my sanity and my resolve. I am just mad as hell now. Not as afraid as I have been.

    I have been so attacked since Oct 2010 both energetically and with humans that I thought I was going nuts! It started in Oct 2010 with a chemical smell that would hit my nose and make me so sick that I would be in bed for weeks. No one else could smell this around me and no one else got sick. Then I started to notice a grey thick cloud above my bed and weird things started happening . On Jan 1, 2011 I got knocked out cold when a pile of wood fell on me while I was getting wood to fill up my wood stove. Then a neighbor, whom I know….went verbally nuts on me because of a problem his dog and my dog are having getting along. The problem is old and both dogs are big but his behavior was very unlike him. I was followed from my bank to Wal-Mart. When I confronted the man he admitted to watching me in the bank because he “liked my hair and smile” so he followed me. I am 51 yrs old and never had this happen! I had a tenant just start harassing me with sex texts…had to kick him out…I was so harassed…again…out of the blue… then my car battery died and when I asked the neighbour to give me a boost…didn’t know him well but his wife and 28 yr old daughter were at home…so safe right…no he tried to sexually assault me in my driveway! That set me back for weeks and for the first time…I put double bolt locks on my door. The most recent is a bug infestation. In my house and in my dreams. A huge Scarab Beetle visited me last night. Still researching this one.

    I am a Lightwarrior and spend a lot of time clearing grids energetically with groups on the internet. Guess it is working…Tks for restoring my sanity!

    • “Well I just can’t believe I found this post…but then again I was listening to a Lisa Renee meditation to clear negative entities out of my field and I asked for help and then I found this post on the internet. Thank you for posting this! You have restored my sanity and my resolve. I am just mad as hell now. Not as afraid as I have been.

      I have been so attacked since Oct 2010 both energetically and with humans that I thought I was going nuts! It started in Oct 2010 with a chemical smell that would hit my nose and make me so sick that I would be in bed for weeks. No one else could smell this around me and no one else got sick. Then I started to notice a grey thick cloud above my bed and weird things started happening . On Jan 1, 2011 I got knocked out cold when a pile of wood fell on me while I was getting wood to fill up my wood stove. Then a neighbor, whom I know….went verbally nuts on me because of a problem his dog and my dog are having getting along. The problem is old and both dogs are big but his behavior was very unlike him. I was followed from my bank to Wal-Mart. When I confronted the man he admitted to watching me in the bank because he “liked my hair and smile” so he followed me. I am 51 yrs old and never had this happen! I had a tenant just start harassing me with sex texts…had to kick him out…I was so harassed…again…out of the blue… then my car battery died and when I asked the neighbour to give me a boost…didn’t know him well but his wife and 28 yr old daughter were at home…so safe right…no he tried to sexually assault me in my driveway! That set me back for weeks and for the first time…I put double bolt locks on my door. The most recent is a bug infestation. In my house and in my dreams. A huge Scarab Beetle visited me last night. Still researching this one.

      I am a Lightwarrior and spend a lot of time clearing grids energetically with groups on the internet. Guess it is working…Tks for restoring my sanity!”


      At this point all we have to do is ask our Higher Self to lead us to someone or a book or website etc. to help us connect and better understand ourselves, what’s happening to us, and why. I’m glad you’ve found TRANSITIONS too. 🙂

      The other day I was remembering how on October 1, 2010 into mid-November 2010 I, my Mom and our cat came under a serious focused attack by the non-physical Dark Ones. What a lot has happened -been transmuted- since last Fall! Well done fellow Starseed Lightwarrior!♥


  • Thank you Karina. I haven’t been on this site in a while and now I’m totally addicted again. Once I start reading, I just can’t stop. You’re right, when I read other people’s insights and experiences, it validates what’s going on with me and helps me understand. There are still so many people “out there” that you can’t discuss this stuff with because they look at you like you have two heads! It’s great to have this site, to be able to share and further understand and know that the people on here DO understand you.
    Much love back to you,

  • P.S. WELL, just saw where you had to put an A-hole in his place on here. WOOHOO you surely do handle yourself well! You are keeping this site so full of great energy, light, love and wisdom. Good for you. I’m giving you a huge cyber hug right now 🙂

  • pat, and everyone else (including you, denise, hug) it’s the “me me me” moments shared that really let us know that we’re in this together. they are precious and i deeply value hearing about them. it’s in the details that we find those special heart connections and where we find the true meanings, revealings, of these concepts and ideas.

    i could feel you going into that special place, violated. i’m sure you’ll get it back, but that first psychic whack of energy had to be a doozie.

    thank you, everyone, for all that you share.

    much love,

  • Hi Denise and everyone,
    Well, speaking of wanting to live with nature, my husband and I have this rustoc little getaway nestled in the woods, off the grid, woodstove, overlooking some water – just beautiful. It’s been our sanctuary for 24 years now. This fall some evil jerks broke in and stole a lot of our things. It wasn’t so much that they stole things but that they invaded our place. I haven’t been there since it happened. So yesterday, we packed up to spend the day and night. I almost couldn’t make it through the door, the negative energy slapped me so hard. I forced myself to go in and I stayed until after supper when I announced that I just HAVE to go home. There was no way – no way – I could spend the night. I feel like a wimp and I don’t want these guys to win, but I’m so damned sensitive to everything and it’s like the whole energy field has changed around our place. Today, I am drained. And I’m not going to write any more about me, me, me, but these are the kinds of things that have been constantly happening. I’ve always been sensitive but it’s like tenfold now.
    And… check, check, check to all those other things you’ve mentioned, like increased aches and pains, getting lost, having a lot of deja vu moments and feeling so tuned in that sometime I HAVE to tune out. I have a feeling everyone on here knows what I mean. I’ve missed being on here. Your site is so awesome Denise and you rock!
    Love Pat

  • hello eva44..

    that was so well put i felt so identify with your note specially with the isolation part even i have been surrounded by people all of my life i feel more myself when i’m alone and i have been wanting for to move to the mountains this year by myself as i no longer stand the city.. also what you mention about being misunderstood and people thinking: we’re wrong and abnormal it is only until now that (one year ago) that i’ve been finding people who speaks the same language 🙂 as i do … amazing to meet all of you and read we’re on the same page …

    thank you and lot of light to all of you

    • deepness,

      I’ve too VERY much want to move to the forest and live in Nature with no humans around me. One way or another I hope to soon be able to get out of the City too. I’m sure we’ll be able to. 🙂


  • Hello Denise,
    I’d like to share some things, because the idea to share is keep bugging me..

    The 14th o4. was a Great day for me. Information from beyond kept pouring to me all day long. I was literally high on Energy that day. There is one particular subject I need to share with you.
    It’s about re-connecting to people. I live in isolation, as I know many of us do, for a good reason..But, what I saw is that, we are going ‘out there’ again to re-connect to those we’ve pulled away from. The most important change that I saw is, we wont be energy/food supply for the others any more. We will be interacting with people from a higher platform, therefore it will be an entirely different experience for us. It became clear to me, we are done with taking the beating for who we are and what we ‘re here to accomplish. We are/will be the so called ‘normal’, because we are laying done the foundation of the NEW way of ‘normal’. I’ve been waiting for this for so long! I’m tired of being misunderstood or not understood at all.
    I saw that You and many others had been or will be given similar insights, so I wanted to ‘check’ with you on this.
    I can’t remember when was the last time I got exited about interacting with people, but I’m now,/well, almost there;)
    Please, let me/us know how You see all this/re-connection/happen.
    Writing is clearly your gift and not mine 😉

    Love as always,


  • Hellloooooo Denise and everyone. It’s been so long since I’ve been on here. I’ve got to read and read and read and get caught up. So many changes in my life in the past few months I haven’t had the energy to use the computer much but I’m always happy when I read your posts Denise! So I’m going to go get caught up and get my brain back in gear (is that possible??) 🙂 Just dropping in to say hi and will chat with you soon.
    Love Pat

  • “I finally understood this was an ongoing Process of more of ME that exists at higher dimensions and levels of being coming into Denise and her body, mind, heart, consciousness and this world. In other words, I was embodying more of ME into this version of me Denise in this dimension and world. We’re all doing this on top of just getting confused about what in the hell we were doing two seconds ago!”
    Hugs, Denise

    Thank you! Maybe 5 years ago I had a sudden “not knowing” while driving down Victory Blvd. Driven that street close to 100 times. But that one day for about 20 seconds no business sign and no traffic sign made any sense. Zero! It was for sure wild and funny. It was like seeing the world for the first time. Everything new and meaningless.

  • G’morning all… or afternoon… or evening…. whatever “time” it is where ever you “are”

    Karina, I had two of those things happen this AM. First I called my clinic office in response to a phone call that just showed up last night from Friday (!) and found out that a test that I was sure the hospital had run when I was in there because the ER doctor said “be sure you run a TSH” to the tech wasn’t run or even requested.

    Later, I was making breakfast and went looking for the milk, which I was sure I had gotten out of the ‘fridge and placed on the counter. It wasn’t on the counter or in the ‘fridge. hmmmmmm…. back to the ‘fridge — surely — but no. and then presto! on the counter. sheesh. it is enough to make you think you are just nuts.

    I am starting to have fun with it because otherwise, whatchagonnado.


  • I am constantly getting “lost” anytime I am not at the office or at home or up on the mountain. I literally could not find a movie theater last week even with GPS. I feel some days like I need new glasses because I cannot read road signs until I am practically on top of them, but then I will be in the forest and everything seems crystal clear.

    I’ve also had this feeling, for the past year or so, that we will not have summer this year where I live. It’s too soon to tell, but spring has been here since early January, but winter was only 4 weeks long. I’ve never before experienced 3 months of spring. I felt too, like last summer was exceptionally short, 3 weeks long or so… I remember reading somewhere that as we entered this 5D existence, seasons would cease, the earth’s axis would be lessened, and temperatures everywhere would be more moderate. I mean, I don’t mind being able to ski year round, but the snow pack not melting until August is a bit disconcerting and I LOVE the heat. I will miss it if that’s where we’re going. I also sort of feel like I’m in this bio-dome containing neon green plant life, protecting existence. That I’m not receiving the full force of sunlight. It’s cloudy today and there’s just like diffuse light coming from the entire sky.

  • so many arguments are based on people remembering something differently. at last i realized that there was no point in pressing the issue because we DID experience it differently. i’ve heard these called “sideways dimensional slides.” i’ve also experienced weird things like going to a doctor’s office where they ordered a test, so i had it done, and they said they had the results, then i go in and they say “what test?” and call the hospital where i had it and everything, and there’s no trace of this test i know i had.

    or i’ll put the dogs outside and shut the door (so the chicken won’t run in; never mind) and then i go in the living room and there are the dogs! and of course objects that go missing – and maybe turn up later somewhere really odd. well maybe this is more than sliding. being messed with by nonphysicals is an issue too.

    nothing normal about our so-called lives anymore!


  • i agree with Debora during the day all the pain shows up and during the night i feel very emotional like all my emotions are very volatile just today i was so happy doing this project and i felt like it was a winning and at night (now) i started to feel many doubts and question myself about everything lol haha (to me) it’s like in one side my pendulum, my angel everything tells me it is ok but my mind and emotions are like no! it is not ok… anyway i guess this germination process its going to be another 18 days of madness hehe :))

    love and light people 🙂

  • Lol Denise, it is a bit funny as these things happen, it also feels like experiencing the wonder and excitement of a newborn. I feel so grateful that I am here now, even with the rollercoaster events happening at a faster pace. I’m grateful for all of you, though I haven’t met you in this dimension 🙂 Have a feeling we can all see each other not too long from now!

  • Hey Denise, Debra, Jay and everyone!
    @ Debra, Thanks for bringing up Calleman. I have been thinking (yet again!) that the Days seem to be harder than the Nights physically but the Nights seem to be harder than the Days emotionally/etherically. I know we’re not far into this… what with this only being Day 2 but that is what seemed to happen during Day/Night 1: lots of physical stuff in the Day — personal aches and pains (@Jay I am having one hell of a day with aches and pains and general malaise!) — but then the night seemed “easier” in the physical sense — like everything settled down but the negativity really seems to have had more of a foothold.

    I suspect this Night will also be pretty negative and am trying to psych myself up for that because it is actually called “Resistance Against the New Wave” But that isn’t until May 1st and we have a WHOLE 18 days to go!!! 😉

    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences… particularly about the non-linear-ness of time — I keep forgetting that too. I think that is part of the physical pain as well … everything really is happening at once and to you!!! 🙂

    Oh Happy 2nd Day.
    Hugs to All!

  • I am so happy others are having similar experiences. I have to laugh – yes, sometimes I’m driving and completely forget where I am or where I’m going. What I did this morning or yesterday? Please don’t ask me such difficult questions 😉
    And, yes, living in the moment is the best I can do right now and it is getting progressivly better and more fun. When it all feels like chaos, I just say to myself, “right here, right now, I’m doing such and such, and all is well”.
    I’ve been following the 7 days and 6 nights and still trying to make sense of it. But for those that are interested – today is the first day of Day 2 which lasts from today until May 1st re: Calleman. Happy day to all!

  • Hi everyone, a bit new here, but love coming here to read and know what fellow starseeds are feeling and doing. It’s funny Denise you mentioned becoming lost momentarily while driving. That has happened to me twice lately while driving along with the feeling of not knowing how to drive but being very excited to be behind the wheel. Then I’m me again and feeling like Whoa! What the heck? Whatever part of me that was, can’t wait to get here and drive 😉

    • raven333,

      I remember back during Phase One of the Ascension Process and going through such horrid times…I remember being acutely aware of the times when more of ME would come into Denise me. I could easily tell when this happened because all of the sudden “I” didn’t know how to do some very simple earthly thing…like eat grapes or something! I remember looking at certain objects…like trash barrels…umbrellas…beach balls etc. and having NO idea of what they were or what they were used for or anything! That NEW aspect of ME didn’t have a clue what certain things in physicality where or what they were used for and “I” used to find the whole thing incredibly wild, funny almost, and very insightful.

      I finally understood this was an ongoing Process of more of ME that exists at higher dimensions and levels of being coming into Denise and her body, mind, heart, consciousness and this world. In other words, I was embodying more of ME into this version of me Denise in this dimension and world. We’re all doing this on top of just getting confused about what in the hell we were doing two seconds ago! 😆


  • Hey all 🙂

    I wrote about memory loss today on a forum I belong to. It’s been happening really often lately, ever since the 9th wave energies began back in March. I find myself being unable to remember the answers to questions I only asked the person I’m having a conversation with, only seconds before. Sometimes I can’t even remember if I even got around to asking the question! Everything just goes blank for a few moments, as you describe during your driving experiences Denise. It can be quite disconcerting!

    Today has been a difficult day energetically. I’ve been bombarded with masses of energy surges throughout my body and up my spine especially. I’ve been exhausted, achey, nauseus and shakey. I’m no stranger to this but today has been one of the most intense episodes I have ever had. I’ve also been having very vivid and intense dreams too, where one dream seems to last the whole night.

    I’m just having to keep reminding myself that it’s just my body adjusting to the higher frequencies and that it’s all for the greater good. Not so easy when there are a million and one things which need my attention LOL!!

    Love a very exhausted Jay xx

  • Regarding pain at the base of the neck and headaches: I read somewhere a couple of years ago the advice to ask the spirits (or whoever) to ease up, as they do not feel pain and do not realize when they go too far; also, to say “Please release endorphens”. I do this when the pain is a little too much and it actually helps.

  • Nice new design – especially the background image 🙂 I liked the colours of the previous header, however 🙂

    As for the theme of the comments…I remember that I was certain that some conversations transpired, but the other person never remembered them…I asked myself if the conversations happened in a dream? I was wondering because I have an impeccable memory. And lately, I can’t even remember what was yesterday. I am so grounded in the here and now, that the illusion of “time” completely disappeared for me.

    • iceblue,

      I get bored very quickly with colors and themes here at TRANSITIONS so I change them often. No I mean often! 😆

      Since I started my physical, biological Ascension Process (Feb. 1999), I’ve had to adapt to this common Ascension symptom too. Did I do it or did I just think about doing it? The other one that’s been increasing is the one of momentarily becoming LOST while driving in the car somewhere! For a few seconds of “time” I’m totally out of “time” and don’t have a clue where I am, what town I’m in, where I was driving to, etc. etc. Then everything comes back online but this is another of many of the Ascension symptoms AND of us literally vibrating faster and with more Light which naturally means we’re existing at and in another level or higher frequency of energy/Light/being etc.

      These Ascension symptoms are both physical within our bodies, minds or consciousness, emotionally and so on, but they’re also us shifting or “ascending” in frequency and stepping outside of linear 3D time and space. The more Light we house within ourselves and bodies, hearts and consciousness, the more we’ll be existing and interacting within non-linear “time” or states and dimensions that are naturally quantum. This too is why and how we’ll be increasingly capable of seeing/hearing/feeling/sensing other ETs or Starbeings that exist within higher dimensions and outside of linear time/space.

      Tighten you seat belt and enjoy the multidimensional ride. 🙂


  • Debora and all – Again we are aligned…for years now this has happened to me – so much that I am pretty much a confused mess most of the time but have accepted it. I just try and stay in each moment now as best I can. If things are ok right now, then I’m ok 😉 I think I’ve done things I “didn’t do” and vice verse. I also have made decisions, stated things, because of a conversation I had with ‘person x’ only to find out ‘person x’ doesn’t ever remember having the conversation. It bothered me for awhile (and it has caused some problems) and still concerns me at times b/c I don’t know what is real anymore, but now I just go with it. Different realities, different times and different places 😉 EX: A few years ago I asked an uncle to speak at my fathers funeral because my brothers and I had a LONG talk about it and decided he should do it. Well, my brothers were furious with me for asking my uncle b/c they did not want him to speak and they had no memory of the conversation. It was as real as real to me…. Most people don’t understand, but now I just accept what I think is reality may just be my reality. Don’t have any elegant suggestions or answers, but it happens to me too. Look forward to your post Denise!

  • Debora,

    Yes. It’s just like Denise said. It’s very hard to believe at first but slowly if we want to we can begin to accept that all exists at once and all is real. If our rationalist scientists can do it anybody can. Don’t doubt. And like my teacher sometimes yells, “Take this literally! Take this literally!”

  • I question myself and been having visions and
    not sure about the noises I hear once in awhile.
    My dog even freak out one nite I let him sleep in my room so he can get a nite rest for both of us.
    It is nice to know Im not losing it from the response as a
    newby here.
    The pain in my body is tolerable but uncomfortable.
    I feel peace only when I ask for healing and peace with
    much love in my heart.
    I guess Im also a light worker if that is what I am.
    I still dont know what Im suppose to do here.
    But something sure is rocking my boat my home and my soul.
    I had a vision of being invited to a circle of elders inthe middle was a brite tall crystal.
    in gold ……
    anyway it felt real .

  • hey there mia and eva44 :))

    great to meet you mia glad to know you also like crystals 🙂

    Mia your symptoms and mine are very similar thats quiet a shocking as the same pains are moving around like the one on the left brow and also the arm … how amazing! to tell you the truth I couldn’t understand them until a few months back that I read about them, I thought my headache were “normal” but now i’m so glad to understand them and see it is for so much benefit :))

    eva 🙂 thank you for the advice i’m glad to hear you find a way sometimes it is so hard to find what to do specially when we’re in pain …i’ve been treating the pain with some crystals and it seems like is working … the only weird thing that happened to me two days ago was that i couldn’t breathe properly that has to be the worst symptom i’d ever felt but today i feel like my breathing is normal other than that i’m couping with them :))

    thank you mia and eva lots of light :))

  • Hey everyone! Got a question about all the weirdnesses going on for each of us and for all of us collectively…

    On other “non-spiritual/ascension” sites, people are talking about what I can only describe as “timeline blips” One guy was talking about having talked to a very distinctive sounding guy about ordering a very specific package of software on Wednesday, ordering it, and then on Friday the distinctive guy calls again to order the software. The guy checks for the order he remembers placing and no order there…

    My point here is that I have had lots of little timeline blips like this — sort of deja vu all over again but not really deja vu — I know I did something and now it isn’t done. The prevailing theory on this non-spiritual website is that there are timeline blips because of multiple running timelines. I know that I have read that there are several possiblities at the end of this period one where the dark ones go forward on the catastrophic timeline (3D), one were we all go off and live in happy spiritual communities (4D) and one where we are light bodies (5D). My personal jury is still out on this particular theory but I’d love to hear what everyone else says.

    Lastly, I guess I am also asking if anyone else is experiencing these blips and actually having to do something over again that you know you did only a few days before.

    Be well, stay centered and ride the energy waves!
    Love ‘n light!

    • Debora,

      I’ve got a new post article in the works now about just this topic. I’ll get it finished asap and will include/quote your Comment in it.

      Until then…here’s a hint about this. Instead of thinking about all of these probable realities/timelines you (and those other people were talking about) mentioned being linear, think all of them (and much more) all happening simultaneously because Source/The All That Is is this Creative. Quantum multidimensional yum! 😀


  • Hello Mia and Deepness,

    I had the drilling pain at the base of my skull just a few days ago. Don’t worry, it wont last long, but it is very painful indeed. I asked my higher self if it was part of the rewiring process and for me it was. So, ask and if the answer is yes, then talk a bit more with your higher self about it.
    I can not stand any kind of physical pain, so I tuned into it and channeled it up/away from my physical body. And at the same time I’ve told to my higher self:’I understand, this is the pain from the rewiring process, but I don’t need/want to experience physical pain.’ The pain was gone within 2 hours.
    That was my experience, and I hope it will help you to find the way to deal with the pain.
    All the best!


  • I’ve been realizing lately that I am in this brutal part of the world for a reason. I realized it intellectually before, but now it’s hitting my heart. I can see clearly how much this light is needed here. Many of the people writing on this blog are at the end of the money trail and glad to see it go; here they are just at the beginning of it and chasing every materialistic thing they can think of. I wonder how that will change when it’s so new and potent….


    • Cat,

      Indeed we (the “Ground Crews”) are individually stationed around the planet in exactly the locations we each need to be to do The Work. Good for you catching this one. Hang in there. 🙂


  • Deepness,

    Greetings to you 🙂 another crystal keeper.
    My pain seems to travel. All past week, left knee. Yesterday, base of skull (sending sharp arrows to forehead, above left brow). Overnight my whole back has seized up. Left arm starting to feel it, I probably won’t be able to lift it later today. I’ve been very good at “explaining away” all my symptoms over the years. Coming around to finally accepting I didn’t just “sleep in a bad position” 😀

    Paramount for everyone around the same stairstep as me (accidentally typed STARstep…!) to read Denise’s “A Lightworker’s Mission”. I have no excuses any longer 🙂

    ~LightHugs to all~

  • hey mia

    can you describe a little your pain at the base of your skull today seems like i’m having that i’ve been using crystals to try to calm the pain and it seems like it is working 🙂

    thank you and lots of light to you

  • I loved it when she said “This accelerates our efforts (the Starseed Ground crew) to create more communication opportunities to have cooperative efforts created in order to be received by those advanced cultures who hold reverence for life and respect for the Law of One.” I would add to her statement that we are going to create more communication opportunities with each other and I think we’ve just seen that over the last 24 hours! I look forward to meeting all of you in the new energy grid!

    Love & hugs

  • Validation has been my healer in the past months, validation from Denise’s experiences and from Lisa’s writings. Validation has let peace enter into the midst of all the dischord I’ve been living through, so I will revel on this soft cloud and rejuvenate, as there still will be more battles later. But for now it’s time to recharge a short while (even with a few hot/cold flushes and the pain at the base of my skull that drills through to my forehead, but hey that’s small compared…) I’m exhausted, but full of Gratitude… and bubbly Joy!!!

  • Thanks as always Denise.
    My theme today. TEARS. Almost every word another tear!
    “they” say tears are healing, i hope so, I have healed tons today.
    heart hugs to all, Gwen

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