More Ascension Related Changes

Typically, when I go quiet and don’t write as much at TRANSITIONS it’s because I’ve been extra busy physically and/or have been going through an extra intense energy phase. In this case it’s been both my being extra busy while going through an extra intense phase since the beginning of October. Gads, are we there yet? So this post may ramble a bit but I’m too exhausted to work on it for days plus it feels important I just get it posted asap.

As you know by recent past posts I was multidimensionally attacked by some negative Dark beings and experienced interference through Oct. and into the first half of Nov. 2010. As soon as this focus shifted away from certain Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers, it took aim once again at any and all who were already within a lower frequency range. I won’t name names because it’s not necessary—just watch the local and world news on TV for a week and that will let you know whose being pressured and manipulated into action by these negative Dark beings! Added to this—like humanity needs anything else—is how many everyday “normal” people are utterly losing it under the massive positive, higher frequency energies constantly blasting the planet now. The casualties from that alone has/is increasing like crazy right along with the continued collapsing of negative planetary systems.

Remember how the negative Dark beings and humans and their systems used to be so cleverly disguised into the worlds different belief systems and systems in general? Gone are those days, which is great, but it sure is repulsive seeing and hearing the negative Dark BS being spewed left n’ right with very little attempt to even cloak it in anything but what it is. This is part of the Ascension Process and part of increasing numbers of people finally seeing/hearing for themselves that they’ve been used in the worst and darkest of ways for all of their lives. But it sure is an ugly and repulsive phase.

After the negative attacks and interference ended for me and mine around mid-November 2010, it was slow going trying to mop up after that mess and get back into the proverbial saddle yet one…more…time. And my cat, my beloved fur buddy and Ascension companion dude was showing signs of wear n’ tear due to the psychic attacks he came under too. He was twitching and jumping and licking and biting and spooked big-time, which pissed me off. He started displaying some OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) behaviors (or whatever it’s called in pets) which he’s never done before.

The truth of the matter is that, whether human or animal, once you’ve been attacked by that level of negative Dark beings, it simply takes some time and effort to get oneself going once again. My cat is doing better now but it’s taken some work by us both. I can’t even tell you how much I respect the animals alive on Earth now, especially the Lightworker/Starseeds/Wayshowers pets who are living and struggling through this Ascension Process right at our sides. They’re here to comfort and help us as we go through all this, but they too are living it and coming under negative attacks at certain points as well.


Around that same time, I began getting incoming inner-ear Morse Code-like clicking—aka—5D Pleiadian transmissions. I was pretty exhausted and very aware that some of the Ascension symptoms had and still are changing. In many ways these Ascension symptoms are better now than what I’ve lived with since 1999. On the other hand, there’s always that other damned hand isn’t there? On the other hand, some symptoms have changed and now are manifesting differently than they always have. So I knew the inner ear super fast clicking transmissions were broadcasting the latest Multi-D news and all I had to do was align myself to where the Morse Code-like clicking became knowledge and not just clairaudient clicking sounds in my inner ear.

What the clicking has revealed so far is that this year’s 12-12 portal energies are going to cause huge, no I mean HUGE improvements in and for the human males on the planet. It will also greatly improve these same male energies within those of us living in female bodies in this incarnation. It will also—and this part is profoundly important and meaningful to me personally because I’ve dealt with these distorted, negative, Dark energies that have used the male/masculine energies and humans for thousands of years on Earth—cause them to diminish greatly and eventually disappear altogether. Insert crying and weeping with joy here please!

Any Lightworker/Starseed/Wayshower worth their Multi-D salt knows what this really means and how much reality will be improved by just this one massive change. It makes me giddy, weepy, excited and weak in the knees all at the same time just thinking of it. Why? Because I’m so exhausted and repulsed and cannot endure any more of this multidimensional sick, evil, violent, warring, negative, Dark, distorted male/patriarchal insanity any longer. So just about the point where I’m ready to throw in the towel because I feel I don’t want to endure another month of anything Ascension related, I get this incredible inner ear Pleiadian transmission that this year’s 12-12 is gonna rock the Universe in the very best of ways. Talk about the cavalry arriving at the very last moment, yet this is usually how this business works. When some of us are at the absolute end of our rope, some big and important other-dimensional News Flash comes through to let us know that things are going to shift and improve soon and in ways they never have so far. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, it’s that same old last-minute stunt once again and we Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers buy it every time don’t we? Oh well, we’re so close now. Here’s me picking up my freakin’ towel for the 36th time.


♦ Since 1999 when the Ascension Process began in our physical bodies, it’s been torture for me leaving my house to shop for necessities each month. Some months were slightly better than other months, while other months were sheer misery, but all-in-all it’s been pretty horrible and profoundly painful and difficult. And since 1999, when I’d return home after a journey into the ninth inner hell for groceries, at least within thirty minutes to an hour the massive physical pains, pressures, sickness, and exhaustion would reduce. Not go away but be reduced.

One of the new Ascension symptoms I’ve noticed is that this old pattern has changed. For the past year now it’s been much, MUCH easier and less physically, mentally, and emotionally painful to leave my house to do the necessary monthly shopping. I can drive and shop and get back home with vastly less body pains and emotional torture than the past ten years. What’s changed with this is that now, after I arrive back home where the energies vibrate even higher than they now are outside, I get hit with the profound exhaustion and massive body pains that takes me the rest of the day and often into a second day to recover from. In other words, I don’t look so scary when I go out in public to do my shopping because I’m not as sick and in pain as I always was since 1999, now it waits until I return home and have the privacy to fall apart and hurt and become so exhausted I can’t speak sometimes. Believe it or not, this is an improvement for me as I’d prefer feeling like a wreck in the privacy of my home thankyouverymuch!

So what does this change indicate? To me it’s showing just how much more positive, higher frequency Light Energies there are everywhere on Earth now in comparison to only small pockets and patches of it over the past ten years. Today the Light is everywhere to a much greater degree than ever before and this is why it’s easier for me (and may of you reading this) to leave our higher vibrating homes and venture out into public to do the needed monthly shopping and other things. However, and here comes that other hand business once again; once we return home we’re hit with the change in energies and we realize how much farther we’ve got to go before the energy levels are identical to inside our homes and outside of them. We’re closer now than ever before but the gap is still large enough to cause massive physical body aches and pains and profound exhaustion. Another eye-opener, isn’t it? Sigh, but we’re close so pick up your damned towel too, okay? Thanks.

♦ Another Ascension related change I’ve been dealing with recently is my sleep/wake pattern and hours. This has nothing to do with the recent time change to Daylight Savings. This has to do with continued energy changes both in us and Earth and how they’re causing us to need to sleep less hours but more often throughout a 24-hour period. I’m finding that I’m sleeping about four hours a night, which is how it’s been for years now. But I’m now passing out almost every afternoon and taking cat-naps because I simply cannot remain awake and in-body all day like I could before. Honestly, I wondered if this was due to my age and if it was common for fifty-something people to just pass out each afternoon! But after living through these afternoon must leave cat-naps, I realize that something else is going on that’s not entirely age-related.

While I’m having these afternoon catnaps I’m often both asleep and awake just enough to be aware of being in two dimensions simultaneously, which feel nice, and I’ve learned how to surf it and hang ten for as long as I can without falling one way or the other. While I’m in this state I can easily feel the intense inner-body electrical buzzing or vibrating which I rarely feel any more while awake. It is very pronounced and intense while I’m in this in between state, which just tells me it’s the body Rewiring and/or higher, faster, Light-body spin rate going all the time.

While having these afternoon catnaps I’m also sensing that this is the new “normal”, or at least the current new “normal” for us. It has to do with the massive energy changes both in our bodies and brains, and also in and around the Earth. Gone are the old days of sleeping for 8–10 hours a day and being awake and in-body for 14–16 hours. Now it seems we’re needing to sleep less but more often throughout a 24-hour period. Soon 24-hours won’t even make sense to us because we’ll be within a very different awareness and matching sleep/wake pattern.

♦ Another new Ascension symptom I’ve been having is with old linear 3D “time” and consciousness. It’s getting increasingly difficult to locate myself within “time”.  I often don’t know what day or month it is or which season we’re in. I could care less really, just as long as I’ve paid all the monthly bills on “time”!   😉  Next, let’s have all the “monthly bills” mentality and system disappear too because they’re of the old lower 3D world and consciousness anyway. We’re workin’ on it.

♦ Yet another Ascension symptom is the latest increase in stellar-like Light radiating from our Sun. I’ve always been super sensitive and aware of the Sun and any changes in it. I know when there are solar flares, CME’s, or anything happening on/in the Sun just from particular physical body pains. Solar activity and changes creates very specific body aches and pains for me and has since 1999.

The Sun has been emanating higher dimensional stellar-like Light for about the past 9 years now. However, this higher silver-white Light has recently made yet another huge transition forward. Remember we’re inching our ways out of and into profoundly higher vibrating energies. For the past maybe 9 months or longer???, I’ve noticed the sunlight reflecting on physical objects like plant and tree leaves etc. now looks like ice instead of sunlight. It’s beautiful and so bright, so white, so intense that the areas on plants where the sunlight doesn’t look like sunlight but silver-white ice. I remember this solar Photonic anomaly from the last time we (humanity and Earth) were in the Photon Band of higher dimensional Light Energies starting around 12,600 B.C. in a past life in Egypt. (This Lightworker/Starseed has been doing this Ascension Work since this Egyptian “past” life in 12,600 B.C. Half a Precessional Cycle or Great Year (around 13,000 years) to finally reach what’s happening to us, humanity, Earth, and everything and everyone else now!)

There’s much more to say about the tremendous current changes in the Sun and its light but this will have to do for now. Aquarius/Leo, Uranus/Sun.

♦ Another Ascension symptom that’s evolved along with us and is manifesting now more than ever before is us learning how to think using different parts than we did in the old lower world and consciousness. Trial n’ error with this one is the surest way to get familiar with it and how it works and feels. Instead of thinking using my left-brained linear “rational” consciousness, I now keep discovering that I need to remain in my whole-brained, High Heart consciousness to figure out whatever. And the big glaring difference between the two is that the latter does NOT feel like “thinking” at all but more like feeling, sensing, reading, perceiving from a vastly higher location within one’s larger Self. The whole “doing” and “thinking” business just doesn’t get the job done for me any longer and I’m repeatedly being forced to remember that I have shiny new and better tools that do not require any “doing” or “thinking” like we did prior to the start of the biological Ascension Process. This and expanding our awareness of “time” are going to be fun things to get the hang of.

Bottom line is that this year’s December 12th, 12-12 portal is going to activate some mega improvements to the long-distorted male consciousness on this planet and no doubt other dimensions too. This one is so profoundly needed for us all and is directly connected to what we went through during the summer months and then the attacks during October and November.

This 12-12 has something to do with the large symbolic clear quartz crystal I’ve been seeing over everything during the month of Dec. 2010. As with these potent transitional points, this year’s 12-12 portal and its energies will affect the lower vibrating, lower consciousness people in more unpleasant ways so things will become more wild and unstable as they struggle (and/or lose it) under the energetic pressures they will cause. We too will have to make further adjustments within ourselves and bodies because of it, but it won’t be nearly as difficult and traumatic for those who’ve been living the Ascension Process for years now anyway. Stages, levels, phases, energy stair steps, and Initiations into more and greater Unity and unified consciousness. And after this potent 12-12 transition will come the 2010 Winter Solstice with further transforming energies. Hang on and don’t forget to hang out in your High Heart.

Denise Le Fay

December 3, 2010

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11 thoughts on “More Ascension Related Changes

  • Denise, thank you so much for your response. It feels so good to connect with others and know I’m not totally alone.
    This is intense, tranformative, and expansive, but with other sisters out there I don’t have to try and explain it to others and have them look at me like I have a serious problem.
    Best to all.

  • “But know that I ONLY share information, links, websites etc. and/or quote other people’s work here on TRANSITIONS that I know is very high with little to zero distortions in it. I would never share any information from someone else or some group unless I sense that it is highly accurate material with next to no distortions in it.”

    one of the many reasons why Denise’s Transitions is my one-stop shopping when I feel drawn to connect with what others are perceiving out there!

    i’ve been experiencing most of these symptoms too, with the time one being huge and disorientation in general. i also had spinning really intensely over Friday and Saturday to where i had to grip the sides of the bed to hold on while lying down.

    out in the world last week i had several major encounters with dark controlled and/or lower vibrating energies from people on the scene; several of whom had in the year past most always been really helpful and “positive” toward me and mine.

    one of these run ins occurred a day or two after i had been in a really high state of love and unity and interacted with this person completely from love and no-time only. while this person was judging and quilting and blaming and all that, I literally had just met them afresh in each moment that passed and loved them unconditionally and wholly no matter what they said or did to me (difficult to describe to say the least). i think this led to the very assault-like and more violent in nature interaction two days later! talk about an energetic wall; and now it really feels like “neér the twain shall meet” with this one person and me. whew, it’s been a doozy lately and i’m ready to stay home now… 🙂 thanks for the great post Denise and for the space to share.

    Love, Em

    • Em,

      You’ve perfectly described the typical interactions and then hostile and dark RE-actions when higher energies and consciousness interact with lower frequencies and consciousness! The polarized backlash is potent and painful but this is how we really learn about polarity and how it works, feels, functions, and reacts. Lower frequency energies/beings/people/consciousness/locations etc. do NOT like when the Light/Love energies/consciousness/beings/people do anything to rock the boat, and typically there is some level of energetic backlash from them or it.

      You did great Em and now you know you do not have to do this unless you want to. Just by you living and being the energies you are, you (we) radiate those higher frequency energies out into reality and permanently alter it, improve it. 😉

      Hugs & ESPAVO,

      I forgot to mention that I too have been experiencing the spinning or sense of rotating out of my body over the past few days. It’s been very intense lately and I too had to hold on to the kitchen counter tops a few times this weekend because it seemed to me that I was falling or spinning out sideways. The Lightbody (KA body, the Merkaba) spin continues to increase and we’re adapting to it. Plus the Sun and magnetic energies have also been very potent over the past couple of weeks or so.

  • hi denise… yes I too do experience a LOT of these strange ascension symptoms myself and these keep morphing from time to time….thanks for sharing yours… btw …. since last two weeks I have been plagued by crampy lower back pains! I wonder how long i have to bear with this…generally more back related stuff… upper back to sometimes… but lower back is very crampy and painful right now… even difficult to walk ( i used to enjoy walks.. now its dreadful!)

  • Hi Denise,
    This is great for me to read again here. I too have been experiencing a constant sense of being lost in time. Day, week, month… my husband even has experienced profound loss of days on a couple of occasions recently.
    Like you I have noticed a changed pattern in sleep (again). But for me the major change is that I require a lot of sleep on the weekend (starting Friday nite). A cat nap used to be 20 minutes. Then it changed to 45. Then it upped to an hour and 1/2. The latest version has moved from 2 1/2 -3 hours! These “naps” are of such a different level of sleep, I know that there is much more happening here. I awake from these naps so fully charged and happy!
    My night sleep has become far more exhausting, dealing with trying scenerio’s, including what I’m coming to believe are dark forces attempting to manipulate me emotionally.
    And I resonate also with the thinking/doing vs feeling shift… recently I felt so…half in half out of my body/mind and nothing I did could seem to get me back. This went on for several days and I drift into it again periodically. When I’m in this state any decisions or actions must come from a non-thinking state, as thinking seems “impossible.” So far, so good 🙂 I’m just a bit on edge when I have to drive in this state.
    Thanks so much for your perspective on crystalizing the changes to prepare for the next phase. Makes sense to me!

  • Hi Denise and all,

    I think you’ve hinted this already in this blog post but I’d like to highlight it even further: the Weather and High Heart Intention.

    I’m noticing that… whenever I create an intent for a sunny or rainy day… there it is within a flash! Not a month. Not a week. But within a day, an hour or a minute or even less! I noticed enough times now that … before I end the day in night-sleep… I intend for a sunny day with a few scattered showers… just to make Life easier for my budding plants, flowers and veggies… and considering others who cannot take on anymore landslides on the road due to too much rain. I did that a few weeks ago without meaning to do that much harm… and practicing with such trials and errors and more faux pas. Oops. o.O … so sorry for such a plight.

    But yes, the next day (which is today actually)… voilà: the exact mood and weather. In one day! Sometimes in the very same hour, in the very same moment too, I realize the rain is just too much. So I had to “body-think” to “command it” to level it down just a little. I did this today and it worked! Wow is an understatement! This is becoming faster and faster and faster!

    This only has me be veeeeeeeery cautious of what I put out there. Interesting isn’t it. 🙂 Now I’m still working on that monthly bill/money /bank system disappearing and no longer be. My Higher Self is telling me that because it affects every single being on Earth… it is coming in steps and strides. So patience and picking up that towel one more frickin’ time is a great necessity. lol^_^’

    Namasté and good holiday cheers! It’s also going by very fast indeed!

  • I don’t think I would have had to words to describe what I have gone though since March, but you said it well. Whatever the journey was I was stopped, blocked and completely thrown off base. I was getting to the point in the last month when I thought I was losing my mind.

    I seemed to feel a shift in the last week were thing are fusing together rather then flying a part in every direction. So much confrontation with negative people. I sleep constantly in the afternoon, I fall into a coma. What has not subsided is the electrical vibrations they go on day and night have for about 7 years. I’ve just learned to live with it. I’m wondering if this residue of anger, pain, frustration, and insanity needs to be released or will it subside on it’s own.

    Because I have been through these periods before and alone, I figured I’d just tough it out. I am exhausted, disoriented, and have immense rage that I had to go through this again, and in retrospect can not believe what I had gone up against in those months. Of course I am the first wave and because of it am use to fighting my way through…But this was insanity!!! Always glad to read your column, any thoughts from others are appreciated.


    P.S. this is the first time since March I was able to get through on your site.

    • Cheri,

      First of all I’m very glad you’ve finally been able to get in here and write a Comment. I haven’t changed any settings here so hopefully it’s WordPress working the kinks out of all the many changes, upgrades they’ve been doing.

      What we all need to remember with these Ascension symptoms/energies is that we go through them repeatedly in small doses because they would kill us otherwise. Trying to turn Lead into Gold doesn’t and cannot happen overnight, even though we all wish it could! Like you, I too have gone into mild depression, anger, frustrations, shock and dismay over having to repeat AGAIN, for the 126th time, some energetic something I thought I’d already cleared/healed/transmuted etc. Every time this happens to me I realize there were more layers, more bodies (ethereal, mental, emotional etc.) more lower dense stuff and/or energies to be transmuted. Or these painful and difficult things are a direct result of higher Light Energies coming into contact with our still more dense and heavy bodies/consciousness/emotions etc. which simply causes some pains, pressures, aches, exhaustion etc. Gold coming into contact with Lead!

      At this point, after I rebel (or cry) momentarily about having to do more of this, I just fall into it because I know that’s the fastest, easiest way to get through it at this late date. The inner body vibrations are a very good sign that you and your multiple bodies are literally vibrating (and spinning) faster which means more Light and less lower density. The anger, pain, frustrations etc. that you mentioned are just part of this Ascension Process. They are a normal reaction to higher energies contacting lower, more dense ones and there is nothing “wrong” about it. Of course it’s a pain in the ass and everywhere else but that just goes with the territory of this Alchemical Ascension Process and Dimension Shift. It get’s easier because these cycles and integration phases are happening so much faster now that we’re in 2010.

      Hang in there.

  • Hello!
    I love your blog. Sorry, I don´t want to be intrusive, but don´t you think these negative attacks are related to that “Hathors” meditation? I had been trough so terrible times with theses “spiritual groups” that today I don´t believe them anymore. Who are these people? One time I had a group like this trying to control me and my mind and I had a really hard time to get rid of them. Sometimes we think they are evolved, but they are not. Sorry, just a thought.
    Peace, Lya

    • lya,

      I mentioned the strong possibility that the Dark Side would NOT be pleased by our deliberate Lightworker dismanteling of their long standing control systems. Read here –

      And yes some of the Oct and Nov 2010 negative attacks were a reaction to what we Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers did via Tom Kenyon’s and The Hathors Oct. 31, 2010 “World Meditation”. It was a polarized reaction to what we did energetically, and NOT The Hathors or Tom Kenyon.

      The other reasons for these particular negative attacks was due to, I feel, all of the profound changes we went through during the late spring and all of the summer months in 2010. Again, the Dark reacted to us changing/evolving and therefore reality and the planetary energies changing as well. You see this stuff works in both directions (polarity again); when the Light gains strength and the energies ripple out again and again, the Dark (and everything/everyone else) feels that. In the case of the Dark negative beings who’ve controlled Earth and humanity for thousands of years, they certainly do not appreciate when any Lightworker/Starseed/Wayshower messes with their system/systems and puts Light back in where there wasn’t any before! They are frieghtened now because enough of the energies have changed (improved) on Earth and in enough people to threaten their very existence within this realm. The shoe is finally on the other foot and the Dark Side is not happy about it and they fight back when Lightworkers work with Light in what’s been a Dark place for a long time.

      You are right however in that many of those “spiritual groups” are not who and what they claim or believe themselves to be. I’ve preached discernment for years and this is why. But know that I ONLY share information, links, websites etc. and/or quote other people’s work here on TRANSITIONS that I know is very high with little to zero distortions in it. I would never share any information from someone else or some group unless I sense that it is highly accurate material with next to no distortions in it. 🙂


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