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Every time I ponder what the last month of 2010 may bring, I clairvoyantly see a large and impressive symbolic image. Let’s face it, 2010 has been potent and we’ve incrementally traversed some very large and important energy stair steps throughout the year. It makes sense that December is going to be a larger than usual culmination and transition point.

To me January and February 2010 felt exciting and powerful because we’d finally completed Phase One of the Ascension Process (1999–2009). January 2010 started us off in Phase Two of this process and things felt better and different in a new and exciting way last winter.

Mid-spring and all of summer 2010 brought in heaping piles of energy, expanding consciousness, and integrating brain/body changes. After the incredible first initiating round of Cardinal T-squares/squares/opposition energies, we immediately entered a physically taxing and rough completion phase of the years-long brain and final male/female and pineal/pituitary Rewiring integration process. That alone did more to and for us (and reality) than many fully realize as yet.

October into November manifested a new level of other-dimensional negative attacks and interference by some Dark Beings. Of course not everyone experienced this nor did everyone experience it for both months, but some did. Once I felt these negative Dark beings finally back-off from many of the Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers, within a couple of days the news was showing the latest attacks by North Korea. Just follow the world news to see who, what, and where is currently being manipulated by these negative other-dimensional Dark beings.

The Oct. into Nov. etheric attacks and energy interference happened for me and many of you because these Dark beings felt us and our energies change and shift again due to the massive brain integrations (hence consciousness changes and expansions) we struggled through during the 2010 summer months. This activated them into a new more frantic level of trying to stop or slow us down via negative interference tactics, etheric attacks, dream plane attacks and threats and/or nightmares, plus etherically and energetically attacking our human and animal loved ones. For those who experienced this new level of attacks by them, it was a highly focused and intense phase for us and our human and pet loved ones. It should however also inform us of exactly how much we have recently changed and how that has and will continue to improve reality. Keep that in mind/heart please as I do not believe this type of negative stunt by the Dark is totally finished and we’re now forever safe and in the clear.

Just because these negative Dark attacks and interference seemed to come out of the freaking wild blue yonder for most of us, I sense they are a direct result of and reaction to all we’ve gone through via the 2010 spring and summer Rewiring brain-halves and male/female/pineal/pituitary integration process. We’ve become something far more integrated and evolved due to all we went through during the potent (Phase Two) spring and summer months and obviously that has bothered and frightened certain ancient Multi-D Dark beings that do not want anything or anyone on Earth to improve or evolve one bit! These negative attacks happened because WE have evolved and changed plenty this year and our brains are not polarized as they have always been. Because our two brain-halves have been Rewired, plus our female/male and pineal/pituitary glands have merged, our brains and consciousness is functioning in a much more unified and multidimensional way than ever before in these lives and bodies. That fact has energetic repercussions that radiate out into Multi-D and almost all out there feel and/or are very aware of it.

What also goes along with this wonderfully positive brain and body Rewiring (at this point) is that we’re also now capable of perceiving and being (temporarily) effected by the negative Dark in new ways too. I’ve tried to get this point across in more humorous, softer and gentler ways recently by saying that the playground has gotten larger…because we have! Right now this is the knee-jerk backlash and freak-out phase of the negative Dark side trying to stop some of us from doing what we’re here to do but in Phase Two. Because we’ve recently integrated fragmented and polarized aspects of our bodies and brains, we’re now capable of more easily and directly consciously perceiving and interacting with some of these Multi-D Beings…both of the Light and the Dark! And you thought it was only going to be positive ET’s, positive Starbeings, positive Lightbeings, positive Angelics, positive Multidimensionals etc., well SURPRISE! This is another Initiation and important transition phase and it will not last for the rest of eternity so hang in there. We’ve got to pass the latest Initiation to be able to energetically and safely and sanely pass the dark monsters at the gate and hold our own. This is how and why Initiations work; more of the wheat from the chaff process happening so we know for ourselves who’s who and what’s what in increasing areas of Multi-D.


Every time I turn my heart gaze towards the 2010 month of December—the 12 12 portal and the Dec. 21st. Winter Solstice and same day Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon at 29° Gemini 21’—I see a massive sized clear quartz crystal superimposed over everything. This image is symbolic of course and I’ll pass along what I’ve perceived about it so far.

This image means to me that some important energies and things are going to be anchored, grounded, and fully crystallized into form throughout the month of December 2010. This further grounding and crystallizing is going to happen in our physical bodies, our consciousness, our lives, within the Earth, and in the ascending reality we’re exiting within. I have the sense that this crystallization and grounding process throughout December is the natural and very positive end-result of all we’ve energetically gone through during 2010. I also sense it has everything to do with vibrationally getting us up-to-speed so we’re able to more easily make the final 20-fold increase that begins March 9, 2011. In all honesty, I’ve been sensing for a couple of years now that 2011 is going to be the big year of change internally and externally like nothing we’ve seen so far within the entire Ascension Process. If 2011 is anything as intense and life and consciousness-altering as the last 20-fold increase period was (the start of the Eight Wave in Jan. 1999)—and I believe it will be even greater—then we’ve got incomprehensible changes and compressed evolution beginning in four short months. Evidently we need to crystallize and ground more during December, which the 12 12 portal and 2010 Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse will help us do so we can more easily cope with the last 20-fold increase and all that will unfold during 2011 because of it.

And like it or not, and I’m not happy about this either at this point, but one current aspect of all this is us having to deal with MORE of what’s always existed within Multi-D—both negative and positive—now that our brains and bodies are more Unified and can simultaneously function and perceive better consciously on multiple dimensions. Our playground has recently got larger, far more complex, and with more Multi-D players/Beings in it than what most people have been able to perceive so far due to Unifying effects of the brain and body Rewiring process. Never forget that the only thing that’s really changed is us and our ability to better perceive a bit more of the Multi-D playground. We are evolving beyond the frequency range of the negative Dark, even though right at the moment everything looks and feels the total opposite! That’s part of the old lower 3D illusion and Collective that so many people still believe and feed in to because it’s all they’re aware of. In Phase Two we’re still the point men paving a higher frequency Way for all who desire it.

To help put this current Initiatic moment into better focus, think back to how things were when the earlier 20-fold increase began in January 1999. Now think about all the incredible Ascension changes that you’ve lived through since 1999. Think about how “time” has increased every year since January 1999. Next, review in your mind and heart all that’s happened, changed and evolved in only 2010! Now honestly try to imagine and feel what it’s going to be like when we enter the final 20-fold increase in early March 2011. See why the negative Dark has recently been attacking, interfering, and trying to prevent us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers from completing this incredible final and very fast short phase within Phase Two of the Ascension Process?

Going more and more multidimensionally conscious and/or quantum means we’re simply going to have to deal with and learn and discern our ways around far more Multi-D Beings and not fall into fear, panic, confusion, wide-eyed infatuation, or become lost or unstable. Hence why I think December is appearing to me as one mammoth clear quartz crystal! We’re going to be using December 2010 to crystallize, ground, and anchor into a vastly larger level of Multi-D being and consciousness. How’s that for a very special 2010 Holiday Season?

Denise Le Fay

November 27, 2010


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13 thoughts on “2010 Recap

  • Dear Denise
    I am eagerly waiting for your comprehensive TO DO LIST for 2011. Can you please write it as your next post.
    Best Regards

    • Algen,

      This year I actually remembered to start it as a draft so I wouldn’t forget! I’ll add it later in Dec. only because we’ve still got a few very potent in between energy steps to cross first.

      1) 2010 12-12 portal
      2) 2010 Winter Solstice AND same-day Lunar Eclipse! 😯
      3) My birthday (kidding!) 😉

      I’ll publish it more towards the second half of December cause it will make that much more sense after we’ve gone through the other Energy Steps in Dec.

      Hugs and thanks for asking about the annual To Do List.

  • jean, from what i get, they get even more fanatical when they get to the other side, unless they — like a few christians, and we’re talking mother teresa, princess diana, and pope john paul here — have been able to ascend to the True Divine Heaven. most christians end up in an interdimensional christic “heaven” that isn’t heaven at all but is sort of a mock-up of what they liked on earth. but when they see us rising above them, watch out! they can become fanatical. that seems to be what has happened with my deceased relatives, who were really quite reasonable in life.

    i’d say don’t compromise. stay in your truth and in your integrity.

    usually i stay quiet for the most part about this stuff, but i’m being guided lately to make people pay attention to such decisions.

    has anyone read “unplugging the patriarchy” by lucia rene? religion is the capstone of the patriarchal mind matrix pyramid. it is not to be take lightly. don’t give them the slightest encouragement that they have any rights to your soul.


  • arishantia,
    Thank you for your concern! I have real concerns myself and we shall see if it actually comes to pass. I have found that when Universe doesn’t want me to do something It slaps me down pretty hard. The “attack crap” that gets through to me has not been from that particular direction. I agree that the church has been the cause of so much pain and agony in this world past and present and most likely continuing into the future for a while. I also recognize that when my spouse’s mother passes over to the other side, she will understand why it didn’t really matter. I guess that we have been so strongly pressured by her and other family members that it is “easier” to cave in than to fight it off. I hadn’t considered that it might open us up to more crap. Much to think about. Thank you and hugs and love to you as well.

  • I wish I had found this earlier! I have been psychicly attacked in the last month and was unsure who or what was behind it. I thought it could be to do with the level of consciousness but had not heard anyone else mention this. It calmed down in the last few days since I asked for multidimensional protection specificly so you are right Denise!

  • Thanks again for this article Denise, I emailed you earlier today
    with more details of how your article describes my year since
    January pretty closely.

    I also believe we are going through another rite-of-passage (just
    close to finishing mine I pray!). I also believe that all the horrors of the Dark Ones were and are always ‘Unleashed’ on us by the ‘Light’. This is a HUGE thing for me to realise and it is only this week that I finally got it.

    The hell IS monitored (even though everything that physically or spiritually attacks and screams at us, says or visually looks differently).

    It is tough going, but without that belief (based upon my knowledge and personal experience of the behaviour of my mentor for the past 15 years, who has guided me through so many hells that I have lost count!) … I would have jumped before now.

    We are being carefully watched and guided (knowing that actually means we are able to suffer this stuff deeper and longer I think in order to heal quicker, deeper and more permanently. This is how I have spiritually healed so far, any way. Good luck to all of us! This is hard going, but it is doable and today, almost 11 months from the beginning of this last insane initiation, I can really see the end of it – Denise your message confirms that for me in ways the Universe always lets me know.

    Our names are no coincidence either…

    Thanks again
    Eve LaFey

  • oh jean, blessed by the catholic (had to type that three times just to get the word out) church? my gut felt sick when i read that. i know i’m strongly biased, having been attacked by these underworld powermongering christics for a long time, but really? is this what you want? i don’t think we can make these choices lightly. stand in your own truth. as a newborn baby, i was baptised twice, catholic and protestant. and when these guys started attacking me, brutally, they reminded me of that and hissed, “can’t you take a hint?” these nonphysicals take these rituals and ceremonies seriously.

    i’m sorry if i’m intruding, but i felt compelled to write this.

    denise, what do you think?

    love, arishantia (karina)

  • Jean,
    That’s wonderful, talk about things flowing effortlessly!
    I’m ‘on hold’, too – I can even hear the soft music playing quietly in my head! 🙂 I’m serious; that’s just what it feels like, and I too have the feeling it will last a little while longer. I love it….it feels like being in a very secure, protected space, almost like being 3 years old again. I don’t know exactly what they’re doing while we sit and listen to the nice background music, but I know everything’s being taken care of.


  • Thanks for this posting. I have experienced some strange synchronisities with stuff in your post and I want to share …

    About a month and a half ago, a friend handed me a 4 inch long crystal point. She is a lightworker with a store and someone had given her two as gifts — she wanted to keep one but didn’t feel she could sell the other because it was a gift so she gave it to me. Since then it has been sitting in an array of a huge chunk of rose quartz, tanzinite, citrine and hematite on my night stand with the point of the crystal quartz pointing directly at my head when I sleep. I have slept better, felt better over the past weeks.
    In the last two weeks, I have felt like I was “on hold” with really soothing “hold” music playing — it feels like this will last a few more weeks — can’t tell you why I think that — it just feels that way. Nothing irritating about it just “hold please”.
    The sense that I am invisible has been abating. It started with (strangely enough) the sanitation workers who pick up trash on my street. They changed their time of coming by and so now I have to get my trash out earlier or I will miss it. Last week, I missed getting my trash out. Now, it sits about 10 feet from where they drive by and NEVER in the past have they picked up my trash if it wasn’t sitting in the appointed place… last week they did.
    We have been trying to please my spouse’s mother by getting our marriage blessed by the Catholic church — neither of us really care but the pressure she’s put on us has been enormous. I, of course am the problem. I was married before and have no idea where my ex is and did not want to find him. I’d basically given up because the Archdiocese wanted me to hire a PI to find him so he could say whatever before they gave me an annulment. Out of the blue, we got a message from the Archdiocese that they’d found him and he’d died in 1997. End of problem.
    My aunt (and last living family member of my mother’s generation) called me and asked about my husband. I told her all about his disabling problems and my unemployment problems. (I’d told her before but it seemed that during this particular call she was less fragile and more like her old self and so the information sunk in.) She asked if we needed financial help. I told her that I wasn’t asking for help and she said she knew that but still… Ultimately after we hung up she called my father-in-law and asked him the same question… he told her yes and how much. He is rather straightforward. Bottom line is she has more than she’ll ever need and she is going to send regular funds until I get a job. Pressure lessened.

    All in all, the last two weeks have been rather astounding — even though I’ve been “on hold” apparently whomever I’m holding for is doing stuff on my behalf … the times they are a changin’. I feel like I have to rest now while I can because once the “hold music” ends… look out ya’ll…

    Hugs to all and I hope you’re finding your own “hold music” so you can rest for the big changes yet to be…

  • I’m very interested in your seeing that huge quartz crystal, Denise. Last week I heard that this December, I’d ‘go into the crystal palace’, and have been pondering what it meant. An interesting point is that the etheric world is known as ‘the crystal realm’….and we, of course, are changing from carbon to crystalline.


  • There’s only one thing to say……….. HO HO HO or maybe HA HA HA! I pray we all find the strength, energy and sufficient light to deal with what is ahead!

    Hugs and love, Gwen

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