Clairaudiently Hearing Clicking Sounds


Recently I mentioned how I’ve been hearing what sounds like high-pitched, electronic, very fast Morse Code-like clicking. I’ve been hearing this since 1994 so this isn’t anything new to me. It did however take me a few years to figure out what it was and how to perceive or interpret it as higher dimensional transmissions and not just clairaudient clicking. Because I’ve recently received a few emails from people about this inner ear clairaudient Mores Code-like clicking, I thought I should write about it again now.

I’ve been a clairaudient since early childhood which just means I could sometimes hear non-physical sounds and voices. Typically they were residual sounds and conversations created by living people but remain, ghost-like. Sensitive children and adults whose perceptual range is larger, deeper and more Multi-D in nature can hear, feel, see, smell, sense and communicate with these not in current time leftovers and other energies and beings. So for me, hearing sounds and voices that were not physically there in current time is something I’m used to. However, being clairaudient (or clairvoyant, empathic etc.) in 3D prior to the start of our biological Ascension Process around 1998–1999, is totally different from being clairaudient (or clairvoyant, empathic etc.) on the other side of 1999! It’s an entirely different and much more complex level with very different non-physical leftovers and transmissions to learn how to perceive, read, and feel correctly.

As I said, I’ve been clairaudiently hearing this inner left ear only (for me) Morse Code-like clicking since 1994. The first and so far, only person I discovered that mentioned experiencing this too, was Barbara Hand Clow in The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology For The Age Of Light (1995). I’ll quote what she said about this in the second paragraph of her Preface:

“When the Pleiadians first began to impulse me as an adult in 1984, I heard their transmissions for months in Morse Code! Gradually their voices clairfied, but the next thing I experienced was a great deal of confusion about the way they discuss Earth sciences, human behavior, and spiritual evolution. To put it simply, what they were saying about us was like trying to decode light going through a kaleidoscope; their view of us is multifacted and geometrically interrelated and it can be difficult to translate. In the late 1980s, their complex point of view seemed jumbled and confused to me, but I kept on transmitting their perspective because what they had to say was more fascinating than anything I was hearing on Earth. I have to admit, this was not an easy time for me. It was often very psychologically complex because the more I got to know the Pleiadians, the more I realized that their voice was actually my own inner child voice; these wisdom teachings coming in stronger and more clearly were forcing me to remember my true and nonimprinted natal self. As I saw that, I began to remember myself all the way back to when I was four months old, when a whirlwind swished the curtain next to me crib and the beautiful small blue beings came to visit me. As hard as it was, I knew I was finally totally integrating this presence, and then Satya began speaking to me in 1992. As a result of her appearance, I wrote The Pleiadian Agenda in anticipation of a reality splitting that the Pleiadians say is coming in 1998. Satya has a very clear voice, as you will see, and so, it’s time for Satya to just speak with you…”

This 5D Pleiadian Satya female being is an aspect of Barbara, or more accurately this could be said the other way around and that Barbara is an aspect of her incarnate on 3D Earth. I’ve said this before, that we Starseeds in human bodies living on Earth now have other-dimensional stellar Starbeing/ET aspects of our Greater Selves that seeded us so we would be living and working on Earth from within this 3D system to manifest and anchor higher frequency Light “Ascension” Energies here for humanity. We are many of the multidimensional players and cosmic creators, and Starseeds in human bodies typically have seemingly strange ETs/Starbeings/UFO sightings, dream meetings and/or larger Inner Planes gatherings, multidimensional communications and guidance with our Multi-D stellar family and friends from our different Multi-D stellar Homes. Also, many of us were triggered during the early stages of our Ascension Process so we could clairaudiently hear these 5D Pleiadian transmissions or Morse Code-like clicking sounds from them to help us down here on Earth.

But pre-ascension, 3D clairaudient abilities are nothing like 5D (and higher) Ascension related transmissions from, in this case, the 5D Pleiadians. Old lower 3D linear clairaudient abilities were easy in comparison to hearing super-fast Morse Code-like clicking transmissions! And by the way, these Pleiadian clicking sound very much like that fast clicking sounds hummingbirds and dolphins make. Even though I was used to clairaudiently hearing non-physical sounds and voices—plus having other-dimensional Starbeing/ET telepathed linear conversations—these Morse Code-like clicking sounds are a vastly more complex form of information or Light transmissions.

After listening to them for about a year and trying to hear, think, analyze, rationalize and do all those left-brained things to figure out what these clicking sounds were and may be saying, I realized left-brain tools weren’t going to work. They rarely do with these types of higher energies and beings. Eventually I tried going limp as it were or become very open and receptive psychically and NOT THINK, but just receive, feel, and watch whatever flashed clairvoyantly. That worked of course, so from that point on I began learning how to perceive these information transmissions from this more integrated and receptive way.

As best as I can perceive to date, these Morse Code-like clicking sounds are large chunks of complex information with clairvoyant visuals and corresponding empathic emotional information that naturally goes along with the visual information. The transmitted information is often in beautiful and simple symbol form, which, in this more unified state of consciousness makes perfect and instantaneous sense. It is not linear but quantum, or what I call spherical consciousness and is typically how many Starbeings/ETs and Other Dimensional Beings naturally communicate.

Prior to the start of my biological, physical Ascension Process in February 1999, my Multi-D Starbeings/ETs family and friends would communicate telepathically and in a linear way with me. However, once the Ascension Process began, these old lower 3D ways of receiving guidance, help, visual, emotional, and empathic information from multidimensional beings and locations evolved and expanded to this current level. (This will continue to evolve as we do so don’t think this is the end-all form of Multi-D communications and information or Light transmissions!) It’s sort of like the difference between two cans strung together and talking in slow, cumbersome linear sentences, in comparison to living, feeling, seeing, hearing, and knowing different things in a split-second because you’ve not just perceived them, but lived and felt them in a most intimate higher way. There is no comparison between the two levels of communications/transmissions and we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are having to get up-to-speed with these new ascended Multi-D, whole-brained consciousness tools and ways of perceiving, communicating, and interacting with certain Other Dimensionals. Fun stuff even though it’s been confusing and slow going since 1994, but we’re adapting fast now due to all our brain and body Rewiring and male / female integration work.

My suggestion to any of you hearing these particular 5D Pleiadian transmissions as clairaudient Morse Code-like clicking is to not use your old familiar left-brain intellectual tools but use your whole-brain (High Heart) to simultaneously perceive, feel, see and know. Relax into this and don’t think but feel and just pay attention to whatever you perceive. Get familiar with how this feels, how it works, how incredibly fast it happens. These clicking Pleiadian transmissions are usually rather large and complex concepts in symbol form in visual images, emotions, and instantaneous deep level Knowing that’s perceived in only one or two seconds of “time”. Knowing is knowing and it happens in quantum, spherical No Time so get familiar with this new higher and larger perceptual tool and way of receiving transmitted Multi-D Light information.

Denise Le Fay

December 8, 2010

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41 thoughts on “Clairaudiently Hearing Clicking Sounds

  • In July/August 2015, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune. What my ENT couldn’t explain was why I lost high tone hearing, severely, in my right ear, which also caused vertigo/tinnitus. In April 2019, I began to ‘awake’ and over the past six months, I’ve been hearing this ‘morse code’ type clicking in my right ear. It isn’t constant, it’s more like messages. So when I googled, I had found Barbara’s book. Today, I was curious again and found your blog post which you suggest not to analyze, tough for my logical Libra mind, but I am going to try and just ‘sit’ with the feeling and see what happens. Thank you!

  • This is amazing to me. I started having the left ear only Morse code beeps back in January (2020). For me, these happen late in the night, and it happened again recently, the night of April 10th (early am of the 11th). A few weeks ago I randomly stumbled across Barbara’s book [at a used book store] that you quote in this article! I was blown away when I read her description and now even more amazed to hear you describe it as left ear only, more specifically describing my own experience.
    My beeping starts with one long beep, followed up immediately by a series of very fast beeps. It’s probably not Morse code literally, but that is definitely the best way to define it in a generally understandable way.
    I have also had dream meetings that spanned multiple nights and some other interesting experiences.
    Thanks for taking the time to write such great articles!

    • I’ve very glad you’ve connected with this information, this Light at the exact time you needed it Eric Louis Young. This is often exactly how these things work so we all need to pay attention when they fall into our paths to further help us with the latest Ascension Processes (AP). I hope you’ll continue reading through my old articles because despite their age they’re still appropriate now at the start of Phase 2 of the AP in 2020. ❤

  • I was born in 1993 and the earliest memory of first hearing the ticking was at the age of ten. Ive wondered my whole life where it was coming from .. ill sit on the toilet i hear it and try to find noise it was coming from a picture frame.. ill be in the kitchen hear it in shelf . Ill be in bed and hear it from the corner it fustrates me because it stops and starts In random places and i dont get why i hear it . I managed to record a snippet just to make sure im not crazy and sure enough it can be heard .

  • I have been hearing these clicking sounds but I’ve also begun doing art with interesting symbols coming through that I can’t decode because I know both about any of this. I’m trying to figure it out.

    • Natalie A.,

      Some of us clairvoyantly See nonphysical things, beings, events, energies, geometric shaped symbols etc., while some clairaudiently Hear and others Feel and others Know and so on. Some people are able to perceive these other dimensional etheric and energetic beings, energies, codes, symbols and such in multiple ways, however this doesn’t mean that all of us instantly or automatically know exactly what we’re perceiving and how to “read” or interpret them. Some do over time and from gaining more and more Higher Awareness about all sorts of things from multiple dimensions.

      The energy symbols you’re Seeing are a “launguage” in themselves but this and other things like them are NOT usually interpreted with our left-brain awareness of old, but with higher tools of perception and awareness like higher frequency FEELING and KNOWING. In other words, sometimes one needs to FEEL what they’re Seeing instead of automatically trying to figure it all out via old familiar, lower frequency left brain intellectual linear thinking. Wrong tool with these much higher frequencies and things.

      Pay attention to what you’re perceiving and take mental note of how it/they make you feel, where they’re happening and/or presenting to you now. Are any of them familiar to you? Do you like them or not like them or some of them and so on? Question yourself over them and how they make you feel physically, emotionally and energetically. Be open in other words to know much more at NEW higher levels of reality and being. ❤

  • Well…frankly it all sounds a little flakey, but what do I know. Some must be attuned to higher spirituality but caution is wise as false ones connected to Freemasonry, Madame Blavatski ,etc lurk to lure the gullable. I get ear clicks in right regularly and occasionally tinks in left. It might mean healing of some condition or when practicioning “prayer” is offered for someone else. I am a landscape painter and ALWAYS get clicks when I go out to paint. I got clicks just now. I get clicks anytime: meditating or doing dishes. I don’t know what they mean. I have personally discarded all creeds, religions, gurus, sages, and holy men in the belief that each individual should be his own mystic, and for the purpose of preserving my own purity. The world needs positive help from all, perhaps now more than ever. Tim

  • I have been getting these noise’s for about 2 weeks they sound regular and metallic and come in short bursts . I can only day almost like a electronic keyboard.

  • Hi Denise,

    Thanks for the article!

    Since I had (what I believe to be) a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening in June, I have been hearing strange noises. These noises are not unlike the sound of crickets, or of being in the rainforest. If I empty my mind, and meditate on these sounds, I realize that there are various different sounds/tunes, not just one.

    There is the steady, high-pitched ‘hum’ (like the crickets) and there are other unusual sounds. If I focus on these, they start to form melodies…kind of like celestial music/voices. It is hard to locate where the sounds are coming from – but they are not inside my ear (as per tinnitus). They seem to be located just above my head, often at the left side.

    I have never noticed any ‘clicking’, however. Do you think these strange noises are related to the noises you discuss in your article? I feel humbled and amazed to be hearing these noises…they are not distressing at all. I am just so curious as to what they mean!

    (BTW when I say ‘Kundalini Awakening’, I say that tentatively…and I reckon I still have one eye closed – I am FAR from being ‘fully awakened’ lol)

    Best wishes,

  • Omg!!!!! Was just reading your website… I need your help!!! I am in the process of figuring out my purpose & everything you’ve talked about is in alignment…. Please talk to me when you have time, I know you’re a very busy woman but here is my # ********* it would be a pleasure to speak with you

    • Tiffany,

      I’m glad you’ve found TRANSITIONS now as it sounds like it’s time for you to know more consciously. Read on dear, read on and get familiar with the Ascension Process and all that goes along with it.

      I can reach and assist far, far more people around the world by writing free articles on my blogs — TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife — and also through my books than I ever could by counseling and teaching on a one-on-one basis. I don’t have the energy for that plus no one has the time to waste in this lifetime with these Ascension Process Light energies present! It’s do it now and don’t get sidetracked. This is why I suggest that you read through my old articles here to get familiar with the Ascension related terminologies, symptoms, common steps both pleasant and unpleasant to it all and so on. ❤

      Denise Le Fay

      P.S. I deliberately removed your phone number because I don’t think it safe to publish it.

      • Denise! Thank you so much for your time I am so grateful and for your words of wisdom I really appreciate it! Many blessings to you!!!

  • Thank you for sharing/accumulating information everyone; this is very helpful! I’ve been psychic since I was young; and have been continuing the awakening process at a ‘steady’ pace. Psychically; there’s always been many things going on; which all come together eventually. Recently; I have been working with my Lemurian seed crystal. I often need to sleep after working with it; why is that? I also get similar experiences (specifically different tones and twitching left ear drum ha ha, sacred geometry, sparkles, webs, grids, orbs, visions, and it has also helped my growing ability to see auras, work with crystal energy and learn about my history from the old grid to this life). I am still learning to trust; because I am a little fearful sometimes. Reading this has helped me feel more at ease and connected. I love that you have created this forum to assist everyone. Love and Light X

    • Mackenzie,

      ‘I often need to sleep after working with it; why is that?’

      Many years ago oftentimes when a small group of positive Starbeings/ETs would connect with me in the physical, I’d need to fall asleep immediately afterwards. This is common when we’re making really large leaps in frequency — aka going up many Stair-steps suddenly — to gain higher dimensional information (Light) and our physical bodies aren’t yet fully capable of embodying that large of an energy change. So, we fall asleep, sometimes right during whatever experience we’re having. The positives know why this happens to us in physicality and it’s actually easier for them to interact with us asleep and out-of-body. Eventually you and your physical body will acclimate to literally embodying higher frequency, higher dimensional Light Energies and this need to pass out/fall asleep won’t happen.

      As your consciousness continues rapidly evolving via the Ascension Process, you can expect all of your previous “psychic” abilities to expand into NEW ones. I too was born with all of the “psychic” abilities and have over these Ascension years, experienced them all change into much greater, much higher level abilities. This too is common so expect the unexpected as you continue growing. 🙂

  • This is all very interesting. Last week (April 1-8, somewhere in there–can’t remember the exact day) I heard a high pitched Morse code sequence in my right ear. I was wide awake and it came out of the blue. I told my husband. We were curious about it. We couldn’t figure it out, and I fell asleep listening to it,

    I received my Reiki Master level attunement in February of 2015. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

  • Denise, I feel like I’ve hit the spiritual jackpot finding your website ! I have had a lot of morse code sounds in my right ear which is what brought me to you. In your comments you discussed how seeing geometric shapes is 6D. I have a question. Upon waking 3 nights in a row I saw colored geometric patterns on my bedroom wall. Each night they were a different color. First blue, then red, then white light. They disappeared out of my vision fairly quickly but I had such a wonderful feeling seeing them. How does Sacred Geometry play a role in our Ascension ? Are these beings I was seeing ? Thank you so much !

    • Jen,

      First, I’m glad you’ve connected with TRANSITIONS and its archived library of Ascension related information. I’m sure you’ll find different helpful and/or confirming information (aka Light) in many of the articles here. 🙂

      Just like the Mores Code sounding clicking many people have heard for over a decade now, the geometric Light shapes or patterns etc. that you and many other people have been and are seeing are also due to the Ascension Process and our consciousness becoming increasingly able to consciously be aware of its being multidimensional. There isn’t just the “Jen” aspect of you in this physical dimension and physical life, but there are also other aspects of “YOU” that function in 5D, in 6D and in other higher dimensions and worlds etc. simultaneously.

      Prior to the Ascension Process activation (the intense physical level I mean) around 1998-1999, it was very difficult to consciously remember or maintain any awareness of any aspect of our selves and their doings and work etc. in dimensions existing beyond 3D physicality. That however is changing very quickly now and more and more people are consciously seeing, hearing, feeling and perceiving in general with Higher Awareness, which means they’re perceiving many, many things, energies, Lights, Beings etc. etc. that they couldn’t before. Know too that this is just the start to this Ascension evolution!

      One great book that might help you quickly get a grasp on the basics of Multidimensionaly is a book by Barbara Hand Clow called Alchemy of Nine Dimensions (get the revised and expanded edition). When you get to the sixth dimension (6D) in her book, pay attention to the geometric qualities of it as that’s some of what you’re experiencing while awake.

      ‘…How does Sacred Geometry play a role in our Ascension ? Are these beings I was seeing ?’

      None of anything is not playing a role in our Ascension. 😉

      I’ve seen higher dimensional Beings that were so evolved that the only “body” they chose to use at that time and level of beingness were beautiful geometric shapes of Light. Now I’m not saying that that’s what you saw but only that some of these geometric Light shapes are indeed very evolved Beings. In other cases what many are seeing are beautiful geometric shapes of Light that are things and not Beings. In other words, within parts of 6D everything is in some geometric form of Light. At that level what one is seeing is what could be called a Light Code or Light blueprint for something that could manifest within the physical dimension as, say, an animal or a tree or a building etc. Above 6D in 7D these geometric shapes of Light manifest as Sounds.

      Anyway, welcome to the Grand Evolutionary Party 😉 and keep reading and expanding. ❤

      Denise Le Fay

  • I too have been getting clicking sounds in my left ear for years. Sometimes get the ear popping, sometimes just in the right ear. sometimes hear a high pitched whine in my left ear and at night I hear what seems like the room is filled with a sound that I can’t describe. I am so relieved to know others are getting these things too, but I still don’t know what any of it means.

  • glad to read that there are other people that can hear the morse code sounds that i hear , thought i was going mad. i also hear whispers and see red light shapes, and feel unseen people around me sometimes i can feel thier emotions, thanks for site it makes me feel a lot better to know that others hear the sounds too liz.

  • Hi..Denise..My name is tina maria,I experience this clicking morse code sound since 2003.I don’t know what happen why?At that time.I been to my doctor to check my ears if I was going to lose my hearing.He said ears my were ok,that it was just my brain.I said “Oh ok”.I told other people they don’t know..Also I get alot this clicking morse code sound end of the month or when I am crying.I had tuff child hood I experience alot lonelyness.I never had any support from my parents,alot mental and physical abuse.I’m 42 years I had alot psychic experience when I was young.I meet a ederly man from the park with large dark eyes and he told me I was a Indigo from my aura and my eyes and my youthful age.That I was born at a dark time and a dark vortex.Thats why im homesick and been lost for years.

  • Sat Nam,

    I have just this week started hearing the ‘fluttering’ of moth like wings in my right ear. Symbolically the right side is the future and I felt that I was getting a new type of message. Which I have been ‘told’ (telepathically) that is not coming from the group of Inter-Galactic Beings that communicate with me. So, I am very glad to have found this website and the info that is on it. I am still in the exploring mood, but can only do a little bit at a time, then go take a nap, get up at weird hours and either chant or do nothing. It is good to find others experiencing similar stuff.

    Thank you Denise,

    Sat Avtar Kaur

  • Hi Denise,
    I have been hearing a clicking sound in my left ear, but it sounds a lot like a watch ticking, but much faster. At first, I thought it was my watch, but I held it up to my ear, and the second hand on my watch was clicking every second, but the sound I hear is at least four clicks in a second. It is also very rhythmic. It is also higher pitched and more metallic sounding than a watch. (I hope I am describing it correctly.) I have been hearing it for a few weeks now. Does this sound like what you are/were experiencing in this article? (I listened to some dolphin sounds online, and it doesn’t really sound like what I am hearing.)
    Thanks so much for you wonderful website!

    • Mary, I experience a sound extremely similar to that which you’ve described, and you are the first person I’ve ever encountered, online, who describes something so similar to my experience.

      Like you, mine does not sound erratic like Morse code or dolphin chatter or sonar clicking, etc.

      The sound I hear is always the same, with a 100% consistent rhythm. It sounds EXACTLY like the ticking of one of those old wind-up clockwork bedside alarm clocks, or a metronome – literally as though an invisible clock was by my bedside, gently ticking away. So exactly, that when I first began hearing it, I was literally searching my room for a clockwork movement, even though I rationally knew I had neither a clockwork watch, nor clockwork mains timer, nor a clockwork alarm clock.
      It is a very light, gentle, ticking sound, 95% identical to (but slightly softer than) the metronome sound at the beginning and end of ABBA’s ‘Like an Angel Passing Through My Room’ (

      It is not like that just in terms of rhythm, but also in respect of the soft metallic, mechanical clockwork sound.

      Interestingly, in my experience, this clairaudient sound does generally tend to manifest only when I’m lying on my bed, and nowhere else, so it has crossed my mind that I might be clairaudiently hearing the actual sound of a clockwork alarm clock, perhaps existing in a nearby dimension, or perhaps existing in my dimension, at some time in the ‘past’ (without getting into whether ‘time’ is a real phenomenon or not). I dunno…

      But it’s definitely not a binary or morse code, as there is no differentiation in the pace, rhythm, tone, or whatever.

      It is never accompanied by any negative sensations of any sort – it’s just a simple clockwork ticking sound, with no other associated experience, and that’s all I can really say! 🙂

      Nice to know I’m not the only one on planet earth who hears something like this, even though it has never worried me.

  • Hi, I am Adriana from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I also connect with pleiadians and they told me I am one of them, but work in a disguise in a human body. This might sound crazy, but a famous brazilian psychic said indigo children are pleiadians. I am using ayahuasca to open even more the frontal chakra, I already had clairaudience, when I take it, it increases and I do hear the humming bird sounds before communication starts. Ayahuasca reconnects the neuron synapses of the pineal gland (the third eye), so the psychic properties are increased and you start to see and feel more things also. Who do you call feathered friends? Are they the pleiadians? I´ve contacted the spirit of the birds and they tell me they connect easily with star people of good seed, they also have “wings” so to speak, that is why (or what they told me). Did they tell you this? I am 35 years old now and I also have suffered some attacks from reptilians. While I took ayahuasca this last time, my pleiadian guides told me a particular battle I had to fight for a friend who got involved with these reptilians was the hardest I ever fought in this life and it drained a lot of energy.

    • Hey, i would love to talk. Am going theough something similar. Do you have an email?

  • Sound si right?
    watch ‘dark crystal’
    the wave reaching the crystal, are you just receptor and astral destroyer ?

  • Hi, Denise,

    I was kind of expecting that the musical sounds were from the seventh dimension. Over the last two years or so, I’ve had very faint flute playing as if far in the distance, but it’s all getting stronger now. To me, when I listen to Tom Kenyon’s Hathor music, it feels like the music of the seventh realm as well. Thanks for clarifying the strange triangular shaped feeling for me. I am very in tune with the sense of feeling, so you see and I feel. It makes sense to me. It sounds like the sixth dimension is going to be a fun one to play in.

    About 17-18 years ago, I had a flash of an experience- less than a second- of the eighth dimension that changed my life. It’s amazing to feel that unity. In any case, all these realms are so much more fun than the dark shadows hanging around. And, since the solstice, it seems that they can’t come as close any more. I can clairvoyantly feel my energies rising because I could see my higher self was really high up a year ago and now she’s on level with me and another spirit who I had to look up and to the right to see is now below me and to the left. It’s interesting how these experiences are so specific in space.

    I’m very glad you posted the Barbara Hand Clow interview because it made everything come together for me and gave me some reference points for what’s happening to me.

    And, yes, I’m seeing a lot more the last week or two and it’s sometimes getting very bright in my room at night!


  • Hi, Denise.

    I’ve been getting little bell like sounds, mostly in my left ear recently. It’s very pleasant and musical actually– there’s a beat, but it’s more musical than Morse Code! I get other sounds/feelings that seem to go out of both ears in a decreasing triangle that comes to a point. Occasionally I get a clear word or phrase, usually when I’m in bed and going to sleep, and they sometimes make me laugh. But I know and trust that all this information and tuning (am I like a tuning fork?) is having effects, even if I’m not conscious of them. I used to get visions that came so fast and furious that they were confusing and a little frightening. At the time, a lot of stuff was going on so I asked them to go away for awhile and they did. I’m ready for them again, but they don’t come in so fast now. BTW, has anybody been seeing little golden crystals of light around them? Or little white particles of light? This has happened to me three times in the last month and I’d like to know if others are getting the same thing.


    • Cat – ckck1,

      “I get other sounds/feelings that seem to go out of both ears in a decreasing triangle that comes to a point.”

      I’ve had lots of these same types of geometric shaped energies happening in my head/brain since 1995, and they’re usually due to the ascension related two brain halves being rewired, and also the expansions or upgrades to the endocrine glands in our heads/brains (pineal and pituitary) and their corresponding Chakras (Brow or Third Eye and Crown). I’ve even clairvoyantly seen some of these energies that looked to me like different colored lines of brilliant light coming into my head and brain like sight-lines or cross-hairs at very specific angles and I could tell the exact point where these light lines intersected inside my brain/head. I knew that was the area being rewired and/or expanded energetically. It was often like seeing and physically feeling a 6D (sixth dimensional) geometric, transformational Light show happening inside my brain/head! This is some of the side-effects of the brain rewiring process.

      The more musical bell-like sounds you’ve been clairaudiently hearing is indeed something different than the Morse Code-like clicking transmissions. I believe that you – and this is going to be increasing dramatically throughout 2011 for many more people – are beginning to hear what Barbara Hand Clow mentioned in that interview I posted yesterday (12/20/10); you’re beginning to hear 7D (seventh dimensional) Sounds and Light. 6D is typically geometric shapes, whereas these Celestial Sounds or “Music of the Spheres” are from 7D.

      This is us rapidly becoming consciously aware of and functioning within multiple dimensions due to our recent 2010 brain halves rewired into whole brains, and another huge level of the male/female integration process within each of us. These ascension processes naturally take us to new higher and vastly larger levels of awareness/consciousness and being. 2011 will be us adapting to more of these Multi-D perceptions and dimensions and of perceiving some of the different dimensional Beings and energies that exist within them. Fun times ahead! 😉

      Seeing these different colored shapes of light etc. also goes along with our brain halves being rewired back together and removing The Veil between them. We’re going to be able to see/hear/sense/feel/know and interact with plenty of seemingly new to us energies and Beings. I’ve clairvoyantly seen some 8D Beings that use bodies that are complex geometric shapes of Light! Beautiful beyond words they were…

      All-in-all it sounds like you’re having plenty of very great Multi-D perceptions. Get ready for this process to accelerate like crazy with the start of 2011. More fun times ahead! 🙂


  • Hi Denise, thx for u’re comment. I’m wondering though, why now? Why go thru these things at this time? Or is it more of a case where it’s simply “why not”?

    • kaori,

      The current planetary and species Ascension and Dimensional Shift Process is why ALL of these things are happening and will continue to happen.


  • Hi Denise,
    I’m finding that so many ppl are having similar experiences, such as having dark ETs trying to control ppl to having very vivid interactive dreams that makes u think it’s not just a dream but u are really going thru them… I wonder why this is the case. I wonder why the experiences are so similar as we as humans go thru this time period together?

    • kaori,

      Because in many cases these waking and “dream” state experiences are real! We are indeed multidimensional beings, meaning that as the Ascension Process does all it is to us (body and brain halves being “rewired”, expanded to safely carry vastly more Light Energies, perceive much more etc.), we are increasingly consciously remembering more of our physical, astral, and higher dimensional experiences and interactions with both positive and negative non-physical Beings/Starbeings/ETs/Other Dimensionals etc.

      This current transitional phase is much harder for many people than it is for others who’ve been psychic/clairvoyant/clairaudient etc. for all of their lives and are used to these Multi-D encounters and realities. This expanding of humanities consciousness and belief systems simply goes along with the Ascension Process and Dimensional Shift. More people are and will continue to become more aware that they live, exist, and function in more than just this physical earthly dimension. 😉 2011 will activate this awakening and expanding consciousness process in many more people around the planet which is going to be both exciting and nerve-wracking for everyone!


  • I’ve researched this topic quite in-depth since it began happening to me at the beginning of my awakening (Jul 2009). At first it was somewhat startling to me because the transmissions would be at such a high frequency sometimes; it would hurt my ears. Now I’ve become quite used to it and welcome it with ease.

    A big thing for me that happens when I am either receiving multi-D transmissions or moving through vibrational frequencies is that my ears pop. They literally pop like I’m ascending on a plane. It doesn’t happen to me all of the time which is what helped me recognize that it was an energetic thing rather than a medical or atmospheric thing. I’ve been able to recognize it happening with experiences I’m having that are particularly spiritual, high heart energy involved, and/or other psychically related moments. It even gives me a little grin when this happens when driving in my car and I cross a certain area of land and recognize that is more energetically charged than other areas around my city.

    I experience the high pitched frequencies almost on a daily basis. When they start coming through, I have tried to turn it over to my creative, right side of the brain – allowing it to just be. Embracing it with my heart and inner vision. Sometimes I get messages from it, other times, I just let it come through and know that when I am meant to use the message that my heart brain decoded, I will use it.

    I don’t know if anyone else gets it but I also get this odd muscle spasm in my ear sometimes…they say it’s quite common on multiple medical websites. Basically the ear drum vibrates or spasms, almost like an eyebrow or eyelid twitching. I’m not sure if it is related but it produces a very interesting low, deep bass frequency sound. Sometimes even resembles a wooshing sound.

    I am thankful for my clairaudience. I also have smell-related audience too. That was is interesting and has allowed me to smell all sorts of random things that are not physically present but attached to energy or a different dimensional source. I love when it’s the smell of roses. 🙂

    Thank you for covering this topic, Denise. It helps me feel at home.

  • I had my Reiki I attunement a couple of years ago with a woman who was also in touch with the Pleiadians. I had been having the ear thing for years — since maybe 1989 — and have even to this day not been able to decode what I was hearing. However, after the Reiki attunement, I started to see Pleiadians in my dreams — talking to me, “working” on my body (she told me they were adjusting my DNA, etc.), showing me things — sadly I had no idea what was really happening and for the life of me I cannot remember what was said, what I was shown and what was done. I don’t really see them anymore — I kind of feel like they “gave up” on me because I was so stubbornly dense — although I guess not since I still get the ear noise. (sigh) I really really wish I could understand intuitively — as Denise says in my High Heart — rather than piecing things together 3D-fashion with words and websites! The advice Denise gives here and elsewhere in the site is good and I have tried to “let go” or “go limp” but I think it just might take a whole lot of practice!!!

    So, especially because I am still having to do the 3D puzzle work, I really appreciate what Denise does as well as all the other input by everyone here!

    • Hi Denise,
      since my Awakening Experience in August 2014 I also started hearing ear noises and mostly connected to the left ear as well! In the very beginning I felt like dense energy was being entered into my ear, sometimes with weird electric noises, like an electrical buzzing right inside the ear. Many times I hear since then clicking noises. one evening it was going on constantly while lying on my back. And today again I was sitting at the computer just working as I suddenly received CLICK … (break) … CLICK, CLICK and then it was gone. Many times it’s just too fast and I usually close my eyes to see if anything comes up. But nothing happens. I might not be connected to my High Heart, I am not sure. However these clicking Morse codes happen randomly throughout the week. Sometimes in the night when I suddenly wake up and leave my eyes closed I can see a colored vortex either green or violet in color and many different things float towards me. A few days ago I saw a green vortex and I saw like hundreds of websites all floating in my direction, also symbols which most of I forgot afterwards. also the pictures are moving so fast that I can never really focus on anything. And then at some point the vortex closes and I do not see anything anymore.

      However a week ago I was meditating lying on my back, while I suddenly had a huge white light flash and then saw for 1-2 seconds a stand still picture of a tall being, blue eyes and extremely pale skin. he was male and had a strong body structure. this vision flash disappeared a few seconds later. I wonder if this was an introduction of the Pleiadians!

      • ‘…However a week ago I was meditating lying on my back, while I suddenly had a huge white light flash and then saw for 1-2 seconds a stand still picture of a tall being, blue eyes and extremely pale skin. he was male and had a strong body structure. this vision flash disappeared a few seconds later. I wonder if this was an introduction of the Pleiadians!’

        Sounds like it talynia. 🙂 Now pay attention because you’re going up more of those Energy Stair-steps as I call them, which means you’ll experience a little more and a little more each step so that you have the time to adjust to more NEW, higher frequencies and consciousness etc. That means you’ll perceive a bit more, feel a bit more, know a bit more and meet a few more of the diverse multidimensional friends/family too from time to time. Happy evolving and always discern and protect yourself at the same time.

  • That’s true, the information coming in is now so fast and clear, looking back at pre- 2000 is like watching ourselves as stone age people! And things are about to speed up even more.
    Eg, it used to take weeks to investigate someone’s past lives. Then it got quicker, but still needed a meditative state. Now you can just look at someone with eyes open, and see all their past incarnations, and why this or that happened, and the effects in this life. And I have no doubt at all that by March, our current state of being as of Dec. 2010 will seem hilariously 1950s. 🙂


  • I’m so glad you wrote this post. I too was wondering about the clicking sounds after you mentioned them recently. In 2002, when I had my Level I Reiki attunement, I heard these sounds for hours that night. I never was able to understand what they were, and whenever I have mentioned this experience to others (initially I thought maybe it was something others may have heard after an attunement), no one knew what I was talking about. Have not heard them since. Even back then, long before I knew anything about ascension/awakening, I sensed that some profound change was occurring within me. I recall sensing that my brain, and my whole being were being rewired during those hours. Thanks so much for explaining what that was all about! I do love Barbara’s work and have often felt I had a strong Pleiadian connection.

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