It’s Nap Time!

Because so many people have recently said in Comments here about their suddenly needing to take daytime naps and/or sleep more  hours than ever before, I figure we should focus a bit better on this latest ascension related symptom.

I’ve been incredibly exhausted the majority of time I’ve lived this Ascension Process (since Feb. 1999), but it’s something I’ve adapted to and learned to work around over the past decade. However, this intermittent mega exhaustion and sudden need to take a nap or naps during the daytime hours is something totally new for me, and it’s been increasing in intensity and duration for the past few months in 2010. I was never able to fall asleep during the daytime before, so this new sudden pass-out nap time business is very unusual for me. Actually, I’ve learned to enjoy it and not worry about whether I get enough physical things/choirs/work accomplished each day. They’ll wait for me, and you, so take that nap and get out-of-body for however long you need when you need.

These new sudden need to nap periods have grown in duration lately and I suspect this too is very “normal” (what’s normal at this point?) for what we’re going through now in the second half of 2010. I think this need to nap is going to increase in 2011, which is fine by me. If we can nap our ways through some of these wildly compressed speeding-up completion phases, then by all means, get out your Ascension Blankies everyone and let’s have some nice out-of-body Group naps!

These need to nap periods seem important for us to get out-of-body so that whatever changes, upgrades, shifts and so on are happening can do so more quickly and painlessly. After a decade of rarely being able to sleep and exit the intense ascension body pains and pressures, it sure is nice to suddenly become groggy, limp, and relaxed on all levels and fall asleep…as opposed to running mega amounts of higher voltage Light energies through us constantly and hurting because it’s transmuting our lower frequency dense junk. Progress!

Have a great, safe, warm and happy holiday everyone and I hope you can get a few naps in there too.

Denise Le Fay

December 4, 2010

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2 thoughts on “It’s Nap Time!

  • What I have been surprised at for myself is how suddenly and fully the intense drop of energy appears, I can be totally up in one moment and feel like in the next moment I could fall asleep in place. Hoping everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

  • Denise, I am so happy you keep checking in on this subject. I am constantly tired. First I thought well maybe it’s depression. I am usually in my own world of symptoms which can not be shared easily.
    So I lay there vibrating, curled up in a ball with my cats, wondering when is my (Spiritual work) ever going to return.

    I know my gifts and my life’s work but spend most of the time feeling sad as I’m going through another transition or wondering if I will ever come back, as people walk around me smiling a if everything is wonderful. Christmas Eve…the songs are making me happy as well as being able to check in.
    Blessings, from a weary traveler.


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