Cusp Of Ages, Beliefs & Consciousness


Guess how many planets are Retrograde now? 538 planets!!!   Yep, I exaggerated slightly but it feels like 538 planets are retrograde now. Seriously, there’s a bunch of planets retrograde right now. Here’s a list of them for visual and emotional impact and to help make a point or two.

  1. Mercury rx in Virgo
  2. Jupiter rx in Aries
  3. Chiron rx in Aquarius
  4. Uranus rx in Pisces
  5. Neptune rx in Aquarius
  6. Pluto rx in Capricorn

That’s a whole lotta back-peddling going on now and another reason—like we needed any other reason than The Summer of 2010!—for confusions, misunderstandings, polarized verbal battles over beliefs happening in various places, waiting and waiting and more waiting while many of us go deep within to re-examine, re-do, re-think, re-plan, re-evaluate, re-search, whatever it is that each of us needs to now thanks to this good-sized herd of retrograde planets.

When any planet goes retrograde, it’s a period where we go internal via that planet/planets energies and the sign it/they are in. It’s an internal, slow down, go within, highly receptive, non-linear time where The Work is done feeling, thinking, re-evaluating and digging around internally. The Work will become externalized and forward moving and more easily seen when the planet/planets go Direct (forward) motion once again. But until then, it is go inside and re-do, re-work and re-think things, and in this case, lots of things!

Because Lightworkers reincarnate on Earth in larger numbers at astrological Age changes or Cusp periods to help humanity transition from the exiting Ages energies, consciousness and belief systems, many of us are intimately familiar with the dangers and frustrations of transitioning from an Old Age into a New Age on Earth. We’re familiar with it because we return to carry—in ourselves, our minds, hearts and physical and energy bodies—the very energies and consciousness of the incoming New astrological Age energies. We are them before anyone else on Earth.

It doesn’t mean it’s a big celebratory party or that it’s easy because it never is because humans don’t like change. It makes them nervous and increases their fears, so typically, we’re looked down upon as rebels, freaks, outsiders, troublemakers and are usually targets because of it. But it’s who we are and what we do and we’re really great at it. So what’s my point anyway with all this? It’s that life during any astrological Age Cusp period is volatile, dangerous, extra intense, and like trying to plant new crops in quicksand while being shot at by the locals! We’re just not the people’s favorite folks at all. But we forge ahead nonetheless because it’s why we’re here at this time.

During astrological Age changes numerous things are dying, falling away, going extinct, and obviously many of them try very hard to not exit the consciousness of humanity. At the same time the seemingly radical new astrological Age energies, consciousness, awareness, abilities, spirituality, science and technologies are pouring down on humanity, in this case directly from Aquarius’ cosmic water jug! It’s these Age Cusp periods that are so wild, so unstable, so volatile that the world looks, feels and acts like it’s going crazy, which it basically is. Humans just don’t handle change of this magnitude very well but once they’ve adapted it’s near impossible to get them out of it again later.

Because all of our lives are within this current astrological Age change or Cusp period from exiting Pisces into Aquarius, not to mention the Ascension Process and related dimensional shifting and everything else, we’re far more affected by these two astrological Ages energies, ways and belief systems bleeding-over on each other and all the tensions and frustrations that produces in humanity. So many people want the new Age and new world to arrive, and yet, many people’s consciousness can’t yet fully grasp the new Age of Aquarius with zero past Piscean Age ways and belief systems anywhere in it.

Because this astrological Age change is profoundly different from all the earlier ones (because of the ascension process, 2012 system end date etc.), we’ve got a lot of people literally living on the Age Cusp trying to have many of the Piscean Age beliefs laid on top of new Aquarian Age energies, awareness, technologies, spirituality and many other things.  I understand and recognize this because the majority of my past lives have been exactly as this one is; right during a volatile astrological Age cusp. I also understand that it takes some time for everyone to fully transition out of the old and into the new. However, this time is different in that there’s a clear expiration date to not only the ending Piscean Age, but the entire past Project on Earth.  (This is represented by the Mayan calendar end dates of 2011 and 2012.)

Because of this, we’re going to make this astrological Age transition much faster than other Ages. I’ve read that past Age cusp transition periods were about 500 years long. This time it will happen seemingly overnight from our perspectives.

What I’m getting at is that many people still have a lot of past exiting Piscean Age ways, partial belief systems, consciousness, energies etc. that they’re overlaying on top of the new Aquarian Age energies and many things are rather crappy and really ridiculous at this point. Another aspect of this Age Cusp business is that—as much as I hate it—as we transition into the new Age of Aquarius/Uranus and its opposite sign Leo/Sun energies (the two signs and energies are directly connected), humanity manifests many of the lower qualities of both signs first and have to evolve into their higher qualities as we move deeper into the new Age.

If you doubt me take an honest look around at the lowest qualities of both Aquarius and Leo manifesting in our world. The most obvious are the endless push of new tech tools and gadgets of all types (lower Aquarius/Uranus qualities), which is still about making money and not improving quality of life for all, and the endless streams of talentless, greedy, mostly repulsive, mega-sized egos that all believe themselves to be the next sexy, fabulous, hot Super Star (lower Leo/Sun qualities).

Apply this Age cusp business to the “spiritual communities” and you can easily see some of the reincarnated Atlantians here now as many (but certainly not all) of the “new age” teachers/lectures who rake in the big bucks while basking their egos in the Leonine limelight as too many of their followers treat them like spiritual Super Stars. Aquarius/Leo energies at their lowest are the flip side of ancient Atlantis at its lowest, and many of us need to quickly figure this tricky one out and learn to be what we really are now without our egos or our followers becoming our followers but fellow ascending/evolving beings increasingly awakening to their true Higher Selves and 5D natures now also. Get over yourself in other words, become really self-sufficient as an ascended being, and manifest the highest qualities of Aquarius/Leo. And while we at it lets stop laying old distorted religious Piscean Age dis-empowerment beliefs on certain Aquarian Age tech gadgets.

We’ll get there because that’s what we do. But let us all not forget that the majority of us still have one foot in the old Piscean Age world and the other foot in the new Age of Aquarius, which makes for some highly ridiculous ways of thinking, believing and being. New Aquarian Age high-tech tools and gadgets that “heal” the weak, painful and exhausted in a type of energetic cosmic laying on of hands! Sorry but this Age overlapping is frustrating to me, especially at this late date. I usually try to keep my mouth shut about this but every now and then when 538 planets are retrograde, I just gotta spew a bit.

In the end all I ask is that you ponder that so very much more can and will be available in us and for us as we continue to exit the Age of 3D Pisces/Virgo and settle fully in 5D Aquarius/Leo Age consciousness Land. Imagine much greater, dream much higher, because that and more is what we can manifest as beings that have ascended while remaining in our bodies and helped create a new 5D Earth world for us all to exist on. Go ahead and flex your new higher 5D consciousness muscles and dare to be a fully empowered creator being. It’s the next step after all.

Denise Le Fay

August 30, 2010

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9 thoughts on “Cusp Of Ages, Beliefs & Consciousness

  • Great post, Denise, great insight. Lower Leo & lower Aqua, higher heart & higher mind. I think this all part of the Big Shift, both the good and the bad. There are bridges needed to get to a higher ground. But it’s wise to build solid bridges and to improve them while building them.

    One of my ascension challenges have been old age esoterics. I started to read about metaphysics when I was about 18, I wanted to know more and understand more. And I really wanted to talk to people who had more experience than I did. But I always ended up in a very limited 3D church or in an elite esoteric circle. Being either the weirdest or the youngest. I was probably drawn to what I’ve known in past lives, especially if it had an Atlantean or early Christian vibe.

    Throughout the years I’ve come to understand that the wisest thing I could do is to figure it out for myself. I’ve done so, off and on, but sometimes I really wanted to be around like-minded people, so I did go somewhere or signed up somewhere.

    I see myself going back and forth from true inner inspiration to the urge to share and to belong somewhere. Sometimes I was able to connect and to make some friends. And sometimes I got stuck in very intense spiritual debates. One of the things I’ve learned is to translate higher dimensional knowledge into a language that can be easily understood. But on the other hand I’ve also been quarreling with the Ascended Masters (when I was reading their channelings) and I’ve asked them many many times to upgrade their Victorian English to something more modern. Because I seriously wonder if that’s understood by the people in 3D and I know for sure that the Indigo generation doesn’t understand nor accept such lingo. They want clarity, they want information that’s easy to understand and apply. If not, they move on and that’s wise.

    I still spend time in 3D to observe and to understand what’s going on in the collective consciousness and in Ascension Land. I compare the hypes out there with my inner vision, but most of all I don’t resonate with any hype. I have very much a wait-and-see attitude when it comes to disclosure and such things. I expect that disclosure will likely come from awakened humans instead of government announcements. And even if it comes to that, they will be the last to do so. I’m personally not going to wait for that, although I still keep an eye on what they’re up to in 3D.

    High Vibes! 😀

  • Hi Denise,

    I totally agree with you on this. All of us are concerned about the OTHERS feeling that a part of our mission is to help them realize who they really are and what’s going on on this planet. Sometimes it’s very frustrating being in our shoes but I guess this is also a part of the LETTING GO process you mentioned so many times. We have to respect their free will and let them choose what they want to experience after all.

    At the same time, many channeling messages are saying we are all doing very well in regard with ascension process and mass awakening going on. Also the preparation for new goverments/structures are taking place right now. They also forwarded a date for possible UFO disclosure willing to happen until March 2011. My intuition says that we still have some time to wait until something BIG will happen, although I wish it to be VEEERY SOON ; 2012 seems to be very faaaaaaar away and maybe there is plenty of time left for ALL of us. Who knowes? 🙂

    What we have to do I think is to stay focused and raise our vibrations. Maybe this way we can give others our own example so they can be more receptive:)

    • carpathiananonymous,

      “… many channeling messages are saying we are all doing very well in regard with ascension process and mass awakening going on. Also the preparation for new goverments/structures are taking place right now…”

      In all earnest carp… as I am been bothered with lots of egos up in my face… governing me in all sorts of ways… I NOW look forward to having NO government nor any form of linear structures. No siree bob. Not prying on you or anything but … this is what I’d like to express without any ego on my part as much as possible.

      If these channelers are implying that it’s the green grass or Mama Gaia… or Life itself… or Divine Spirit which is in all things governing us all naturally so… then by all means so be it. But no… I do NOT want ANY form of government whatsoever. It irritates me up to this point. No more. Let “anarchy” in a High Heart fashion reign I say.

      My two cents. ^_^’

      Love to all,
      Lou Ann

  • Denise,

    Lately I’ve been thinking a LOT about all of these New Age ‘leader’s – intuitive healers, psychic mediums, etc…as time goes on I get a bad taste in my mouth when I consider how much these people are charging for their insights and how they seem to have massive egos. I understand and respect their talents a great deal. But I cannot reconcile the fact that they seem to be catering to a very wealthy crowd but more importantly- their egos are MASSIVE!

    I couldn’t understand why it was that these “spiritual super stars” could ‘preach’ about us all being the same, all being ‘one’, yet seem to bask in the glory of being worshipped by so many. Now I understand.

    I love your site. 🙂 Keep writing!


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    • The ONLY reason I decided to publish this Comment by starshipsancurary is to show the distortions and confusions many people are receiving and spreading.

      I’m sorry to be harsh starshipsanctuary, but you wrote your Comment on my blog, and after reading your Comment above and then your entire website, what you’re channeling/saying is highly incorrect information in my personal opinion. You can of course do and say whatever you desire to, but this is the first and last time I will publish anything from you for the reasons I’ve stated. Discernment is a most valuable tool for people, especially now.


  • Once again you make me feel better about who i am. Including the me that gets so annoyed by everyone i meet who seems to want to be a preacher or guru. they discover raw food. They preach. They discover the environment is being destroyed so they write blogs telling everyone to do what they do and how amazing they are and to follow their changes when it was only last week they changed…while others have humbly been toiling away for decades to help this planet and they were ridiculed (lightworkers compared to people who ride their glory perhaps). I believe their heart may mostly be in the right place but the leo explanation rings too true. I feel like such a cynic lately and i really don’t want to be one. I have plenty of my own faults but I was taught to be humble. Why wasn’t everyone else? Thanks for this post. I hope it cures my irritation with people before i get bitter and reclusive (it IS tempting these days though LOL).

    • mercuryrose & All,

      😆 I’ve been “bitter and reclusive” since my ascension started! 😆

      I’m not really bitter, just frustrated and oftentimes repulsed by the ongoing stupidity, monster-sized egos, greed, and staggering unawareness in so many people about so many things. We live now on a razor’s edge with so many things and I think we all need to remember that. As an example, the wonderful and deeply helpful ascension-related information certain people (Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Starseeds etc) write from their High Hearts for others can so easily be used by some readers as new tools that continue to DEFINE REALITY for them. After thousands of years of having REALITY DEFINED to us, many have forgotten how to use helpful information but also to think and discern for themselves also. Razor’s edge for many on both sides.

      Another example is with these new technologies and gadgets that we can hardly keep up with. New technologies can and should be to help us and improve our quality of life and so on. However, many of them are intended to (and they are doing it very well) distract human consciousness AWAY from the available ascension/evolutionary energies. We must always keep in mind what we’re giving up in ourselves to have certain machines do it for us! Razor’s edge. People soon won’t need to think, to use their eyes or ears or much of anything else because some fucking machine is DEFINING REALITY for them, telling them what to do and when etc. Also, if humanities consciousness is constantly focused on directing certain other machines (like this computer, cell phones, and any other machine whose fuel is HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS), then they are not available to take advantage of the very present higher cosmic/astrological/galactic/multidimensional energies that are designed to evolve/ascend them, and rather quickly. But, that is the goal of the Dark negative side; to keep humanity sidetracked with the latest gadget and busy being run by them and/or being the fuel source that the machine feeds off of to operate itself. Razor’s edge with so many things now as we tip-toe our way out (or not) of the heavily laden mine field that is lower reality on Earth still.

      This Summer of 2010 has had some retrograde twists and turns in it that I didn’t see or sense coming, but they sure as hell are necessary for all of us to continue and take on even more self empowerment and self responsibility! When I get momentarily lost in all this, I always remind myself of the current date and that makes me take a quick Reality Check. IT’S LATE 2010!!! Don’t get stupid or sidetracked at this point! 😉


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