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This is a continuation of my last post, Cusp Of Ages, Beliefs, & Consciousness (Aug. 30, 2010). I’m writing about this now because I’ve been receiving some Comments and emails that deal with the subject of ETs and our being “saved” or “rescued” by them, and the “UFO disclosure” business. This is another topic that I feel is in great need of being openly talked about for multiple reasons. I do not mean to offend anyone, only present what I know to date and the glaring discrepancies and distortions that seem to be increasing this summer.


There are many well-known people who’ve written books, done many video interviews, given lectures, plus channel about certain ET groups that are standing-by ever-ready to aid us, rescue us, save us, give us knowledge and some of their vastly higher technologies. I’m not going to name any names but most of you reading this will have at least one or two people immediately come to mind.

The few times I’ve read certain channeled articles at websites, blogs, or books, watched video interviews of someone claiming certain higher dimensional ET groups are informing them that they will come and rescue and save humanity, lift humanity off the Earth while all hell breaks loose down here because—evidently—some of them see us as victims that are not living the ascension/evolutionary process!

Just how dis-empowered do these supposed “positive higher ETs” think all of us down here on Earth are? Based on what they’re saying year after year through their human mouthpieces, obviously profoundly unaware, gullible, weak, helpless and still deeply entangled within the old Piscean Age “savior” and needing to be “saved” dis-empowerment negativity. Sounds to me like some of these supposed positive ETs are trying to support the lower negative traits of dis-empowerment. The important thing with all this is why.

I find it interesting and telling how many of these so-called positive ETs have either forgotten or are unaware of who the majority of us reincarnated Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wanderers/Wayshowers are down here on Earth! Don’t you find that troubling and disturbing or, if nothing else, just confusing? Personally I smell heaping piles of BS and outright negativity and do not believe that they’ve forgotten or are unaware at all, but that’s just me and my ancient First Wave Elder Warrior Lightworker sense about these particular humans and certain aspects of what’s being told/sold to them and then on to us by these particular “ETs”, which I don’t believe is who they are at all. So, let’s get real shall we?


If what some of these self-proclaimed “positive ETs” are claiming and channeling to and through their physical humans is true, then why is the entire Ascension Process and Dimensional Shift even happening now? Why would humanity need these particular ETs advanced technologies, help, rescuing, saving, removal from Earth for a period? It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t match up with real current reality and what has, is, and will continue happening on Earth and to humanity because of the ascension/compressed evolution and all the Service Work Wayshowers/Lightworkers/Starseeds etc. have done for decades and lifetimes already.

I don’t care who they are, when a human or non-physical being/ET or whatever wants me to believe that I need rescuing and saving, then every fiber of my Elder Warrior Wayshower Lightworker Starseed being informs me that something is very wrong. And because I spent the majority of my life in direct and nearly constant telepathic, clairvoyant, etheric, multidimensional, and occasional physical contact with some different dimensional ETs/Starbeings, I’m well aware of how they work, how they communicate, what they do and do not do and why. The primary thing real higher non-physical, positive ET/Starbeings beings would and will NEVER do is rescue or save us or interfere in any way with our spiritual growth and learning, our creativity and Free Will, especially with the current Ascension process happening!  Never. Period.

Beings who are ready to jump in and “aid” us are not always who they claim to be, or are very immature and unaware lower ETs. But, even giving them that, because this ascension process is so mammoth, so reality altering, so far-reaching in its effects across the multiverse, I seriously doubt that any ET group anywhere in the vicinity would be allowed to screw-up what is already happening to humanity and all life on Earth via the Ascension or compressed evolutionary process and the work of the Lightworker/Starseeds/Wayshowers.

If a planet and its species was in the process of ascending and consciously able to hold their multidimensional awareness, their quantum-ness and function within multiple dimensions simultaneously, plus were consciously reconnecting with their own Higher Selves and have vibrationally, energetically transmuted and ascended from a polarized, fragmented, ego-based consciousness and world—why would they need saving, rescuing, help or advanced technologies from some ET group or groups? Why would this be an issue now when we Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wanderers, Wayshowers—and much of humanity—is evolving and will be able to perceive and create higher things on our own? Why would beings who claim to be “positive ETs” be offering to rescue certain humans or help them by giving them advanced technologies?

When anyone on-planet or off informs me that I need rescuing and saving my first thought is not “Oh goody-goody, thank god because after living the Ascension Process and Dimensional Shift, I’m still completely dis-empowered and need an external someone/something to rescue my ass, continue defining reality for me, and tell me exactly what to do, when, and where!”


These types of lower manipulations, distortions and flat-out lies are only trying to suppress us and our spiritual growth, learning, creativity and self empowerment, while totally ignoring and disrespecting the entire species and planetary Ascension process! “Positive ETs” do not function this way, so when someone channels or tells us that the positive ETs they’re in contact with are saying plenty of things that do not reflect the very real ascension/compressed evolutionary process, AND the fact that Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers have been incarnate on Earth to anchor the ascension process from physical bodies and lives on Earth, then you should have red warning flags popping up all over in your awareness. What real positive ET being/beings would not know about Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers and why we’re here now and the entire Ascension process and dimensional shift?


Another aspect of this that I want to cover while I’m no doubt insulting certain people left and right…is the whole business of “UFO disclosure”. Breath now okay and just relax. It’s better than it’s going to sound at the beginning.

I know that this too is another aspect of those ascension, consciousness and energy stair steps I’ve mentioned before, but I would like some of you reading this to remember that many of us have been on these stair steps for longer than you have. Not better than or less than, just been at it longer and consciously aware of that fact.

Like with the “positive ETs” coming to rescue or save us, this business about UFOs and hoping, waiting and expecting the government to finally admit and disclose that they’ve known for decades about ETs, UFOs and other related things is, in my opinion, once again letting the “power” remain outside of yourself. That of course is exactly what the human and negative non-physicals want all of us to continue doing for the obvious reasons.

What I know is coming and soon however is the polar opposite of this planted story and spreading hope and belief about the governments finally disclosing their knowledge about UFOs/ETs. Let me add here that if they do “disclose” anything about this topic, it is carefully planned and distorted information to distract and further dis-empower. You’d better know that they know that humanity and Earth is in the Ascension process and that eventually we will evolve vibrationally, energetically and consciously enough to be able to perceive and interact DIRECTLY ourselves with certain real positive higher dimensional ETs/Starbeings.

To distract many people from having this happen to them via the ascension/evolutionary process, they roll out this promise, this big distraction of “UFO disclosure” which gets a lot of males all hot n’ bothered! Whereas we Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers are letting people know that through the ascension and dimensional shift process you and I and many people will return to a high enough frequency (the fifth dimension) where many (but not all) of the ETs/Starbeings naturally live or exist and have all along…and we’ll be able to directly communicate with them and they with us.

As always, the choice is yours. If you want to stay focused on, dependent, and connected energetically to the lower frequency external government to learn about UFOs/ETs (or anything else), then that is coming. If you want to evolve/ascend enough to where you will exist within 5D, which means you will have greatly increased abilities and consciousness and be able to perceive and communicate with many ETs/Starbeings directly and on your own, then that too is available via the species and planetary Ascension Process and your choice as well.

Do you see that all of these things comes back to which reality, which frequency, which world do you want to focus on and exist within? Do you honestly want to be empowered and responsible yourself, or, do you still want someone or something external be the source that defines reality to you? Do you want to experience directly and firsthand? Or do you want to  continue experiencing indirectly through another human or ET being/beings secondhand so you don’t have to be responsible and develop discernment and be self empowered? These are the real current spiritual and new Age realities that ascension demands of all who enter it. This is spiritual grow-up time where we become individually empowered (ascended Leo/Sun) and multidimensionally aware and can function in them simultaneously and interact with the many other non-physical beings in them (ascended Aquarius/Uranus).

The other option is to continue being dependent upon external other humans and non-physical beings to control your very reality and consciousness.  To me there’s only the high road but each of us has to make this choice for ourselves…and continue making it.

Denise Le Fay

August 31, 2010

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10 thoughts on “ET Rescue Savior Type Information

  • Denise,
    Just going through a backlog of posts. As always, this is a wonderful “bombshell” to expose the distortion that is out there and get people to think independently and feel into what is as well as what isn’t. Thank you, as always, for the 5D kick in the pants 🙂

  • Thank you for your honest sharing, Denise. Love it, blessings.
    Sometimes I think the ET stuff is like the slave masters telling the slaves about Jesus and it would be wonderful in heaven if you worked hard enough here……guess that works for some people. I have always thought we make our own heaven and hell here on earth. Taking the high road is a must in these times. Past that?
    Hugs, Gwen in New Mexico

  • Hi Denise,

    Another great post my friend 🙂

    It will be no surprise to you to hear that I will never be influenced by outside sources regarding the UFO/ET phenomenon. I learnt back in 2001 when my contact started that I was the one to filter and discern what events I had, and for the most part these were positive ones.

    I am ready with my popcorn to laugh my balls off with the coming distorted announcement from the ‘so called’ powers at be with the UFO disclosure!! 😉

    I can say my awareness is on a higher enough scale to tell the difference when BS is presented!………

    Love and hugs,


  • Wow, extremely fascinating post! Denise, I’d love to know then about Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Alchemy of Nine Dimensions. In it I find all sorts of channelings, some from very positive beings / forces (Alcyone, Satya) and some from those who seem to be responsible for some things in our current 3D world. Two of the latter beings / forces in her book are “Lucifer” and “Anu”. As I read both of their channelings, I am glued to this information like nothing else in existence as it is like opening a treasure trest (if it is truth). My mind is constantly asking did this entity Anu and his children really come from where he claims? (Nibiru) Was there really another planet between Mars and Jupiter that they destroyed? (Marduk – now asteroid belt) Did they also drain Mars of it’s resources for gold? Did they really burn off ten of our DNA strands with light? Will they come back here and share the so called alchemical secrets that were supposed to be divinely for us from the 6D Sirians? Or is everything in Clow’s book a load of crap???? There is so much info out there on these beings called the Anunnaki and supposedly they now reside as non human entities in 4D astral realms feeding off of human fear and anger. Apparently they work with the elite to induce fear, anger and control so as to sustain their force. Is this just bullcrap or was it once true but now isn’t? If these beings do exist in 4D then they too must be seeking redemption and are tired off mucking around with us, for there is no where to go for them but up right? What will happen to them? Will we someday coexist in harmony with these beings or will they be put somewhere else if they want to keep playing around? Also, put where and by whom? If there is Free Will and they are the so called keepers of 4D then as long as we get sucked in to the 4D BS then they get to keep mucking around. The ones that get past the BS can’t be fooled any more, so once it reaches Critical Mass with humans wanting a positive world and a shift really does finally occur big time, how are they going to react? My guess is that they will be extremely fearful of us. So will they incarnate as humans and start living with us to clear their own crap sometime within the next couple of years and onwards? If they do there will still be much negativity for a long time, especially as they’re obsessed with sex and the human female. So then as they rape the women, we become less pure once again, taking more time all over again to get the DNA back to normal.

    Obviously they are not exactly “human” but we humans are also mix of many beings and are not entirely pure right now anyway. So now it makes me wonder about the different races / colors / ethnic groups on Earth. Some ethnic groups will take longer to increase their DNA (and ascend) because they have more of this Anu gene in them. For example, Asians. So this 5th density can’t be achieved for another 2000 years until Capricorn. For the Age of Capricorn is the Gate of Life / Gate of Death. Those who’ve raised their consciousness and accepted a Service to Others existence will go on to the lower half of the 5th Dimension as Earth enters Reality. The ones that are still playing in the muck and Service to Self life will go on to some of the last few time-line planets left from the Luciferion Self Willed Rebellion.

    From now until Capricorn it’s only going to be 4D and up to the 49th octave of 4D before entry to Reality at Gate of Life / Death 2000 years from now. This is where Earth goes on to her next phase as a proto Star in the womb of Orion in 5D. So it seems you speak of 5D so much like it’s available right now or “soon” but there are many ethnic groups and areas all over this planet that have subtle differences in frequency. They simply cannot and will not move “up”. Not for a very, very, very long time.

    So this brings me to my next point about what is going on in Pakistan (and other similar regions) at the moment, Should we, the ones who are helping create a new 5D world, even bother to care about the atrocities / sickness / poverty that is going on over there? Should we ignore it every time we see or hear something about it on TV or radio because it is “of the lower world”. If you believe that there are “Two Worlds” right now, I cannot agree with you. A true ascended world exists from Service to Others. So this is all very puzzling to me. On one hand we sit back, wait and do nothing while all this crazy stuff is constantly going on everywhere. On the other hand, you wonder, “should I be doing something to help?”. Will they all just be wiped off the face off the Earth because they cannot energetically handle the Earth’s changing frequencies? Is this supposed to happen to various ethnic groups and not others? So many don’t even really know why they are incarnated in this time period. All I can I say is that there is a hell of a lot of work to be done. No rest for the wicked, or good.

    • Ah, but that is the secret: both hands at once, simultaneously with awareness of the deep, underlying structure of the density above us, we unfold. The channelings and myths are just a primitive way to try to translate it all for our puny little 3-D brains to process.

  • When it comes to finding our way Home, indeed there is no short-cut, no easy way, no one who can do-it-for-us. The battle is ours alone to fight, and who would really want it any other way? How else to gain the joy of accomplishment and the unshakeable knowledge that we are spiritual beings with unlimited scope of power, wisdom and bliss? Surely, yes we do recieve compassionate good will from ones who have trod the road ahead of us, but as you say, they will never interfere with our individual free will. If a butterfly chrysallis is cut open by a well meaning human in order to make it easier for the emerging insect to get free of its caccoon, that butterfly will die within minutes; it needs that struggle to free itself in order to develope the strength to live. Accepting the truth that we must DO the hard work involved in travelling the path Home in order to get there is perhaps one of the scariest facts we must face along the way. But once we accept it, it becomes the source of our greatest strength, solace and satisfaction — which nothing and no one can take away from us. Thank you Denise for bringing this issue up for everyone’s clarification. Many Blessings.

    • That was my sister…the artist and more! 🙂

      Thanks Yasmeen for that truth…and it’s beyond great to see you here also.

      Hugs and Love,

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