Recently Jean/Debora asked me what the upcoming 10-10-10, October 10, 2010, energies are about. The more complex side of these triple number dates is that they’re a continuation at a slightly higher level of last year’s triple 09-09-09 (September 9, 2009) energies. Those triple 9’s were a very important energy portal, gateway and Stair-step that many of us used to move through and out of the old lower world finally. The triple 9’s of September 9, 2009 were another huge and important step of the Separation of Worlds.

The entire series of unfolding yearly triple numbers have been very important, however, my awareness has been drawn to these last four (4) energy portals, gates, years, stair-step dates of:

•  09-09-09 — September 9, 2009

•   10-10-10 — October 10, 2010

•   11-11-11 — November 11, 2011

•   12-12-12  &  12-21-12 — December 12, 2012 & December 21, 2012

The way I perceive these last four completion and separation years and specific dates or periods of extreme transition are symbolic, and not in colorful words and terms. Higher knowing and Multi-D symbolism is how I perceive most everything now, what’s going on currently, what’s coming and often why with these particular triple numbers/years/dates. I’m also not a Numerology pro so I’ll translate this as best as I can.


To me the triple 09-09-09 of September 9, 2009, produced the Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Forerunners finally reaching the end or Completion (keyword for number 9) Phase One of our personal and collective Ascension Transformational Service Work. It was time for us to separate from the old lower frequency patriarchal Earth world and reality we incarnated into.

I do know that the number 9 represents the phase of Completion, both personal, collective and cosmic. The fact that we had triple 9’s on September 9, 2009, indicated that this stage of completion was personal, collective and unifying into a non-polarized, third (trinity, triality) higher state of unity within physicality.

All of these triple number years, dates, portals, stair-steps show that each of them are three-dimensional (3D) and are—like astrological transits, solar emanations or transmissions, incoming galactic energies—specific energy triggers to help further propel us and Earth into a new and much higher light-filled frequency and state of being. These last four triple number years/dates are quite literally energetic Initiatic Doorways into the final birthing stages, early intentional conscious creating and co-creating our New Earth stages, and real manifestation of our new 5D Ascended Earth world and unified reality.

A couple months after the 09-09-09 portal, we spent a period floating, dying a bit more, and releasing more in the strange Zero Zone (0) of Nowhere Land of Dec. 2009, waiting and recovering from all we’d been through during the very Dark  and brutal Phase One decade of the Ascension Process.


The number 10 represents Rebirth. The triple 10-10-10 of October 10, 2010, brings in the triggers of completion of journeys, returns to origins, perfection, fulfillment, the return to unity, and closure for those of us ready (after the wild past 10 months of 2010) to move through another 3D triple Initiatic Doorway or portal/gate and move up another important energy stair-step during fall 2010. I suspect that on the immediate other side of the 10-10-10 portal/gate/stair-step, we’re going to feel—for a while—much like we did during the very strange Zero Zone phase of December 2009 being deep within another stage of dying, transitioning and being reborn into a very new level of being. 10 = 0 and 1 energies but at a higher octave.

We will be One (1) individually (ascended 5D Leo/Sun), we will be One as an ascended 5D Group of Beings (ascended Aquarius/Uranus), and the third or triple (Triality) One (1) symbolizes our being unified both individually AND as fifth dimensional ascended HighHeart Beings within very high vibrating fifth dimensional, stellar-like physicality (the 5D Aquarian Age of Light). But are we completely there yet? No, but closer than ever before, and these last four years and their triple number dates (triple 9’s through the coming triple 12’s) are incredibly powerful time-coded cosmic energy triggers or activators and energy stair-steps we Forerunners, Lightworkers, Pathpavers etc. have been incrementally ascending.

How many years or decades have you been seeing the double and triple 9’s, 10’s, 11’s, and 12’s literally screaming at you to both trigger and activate you plus get your conscious attention and remind you about these incredibly important completion and transition years and dates? They are literally an energetic countdown to both our last stages of ascending, separating and manifesting a vibrationally matching 5D New Earth world, plus the simultaneous falling away of the old 3D planetary patriarchal rulers and their systems.

These years are simultaneously the countdown to the Mayan “end date” or Expiration Date as I call it, of the past lower vibrational, dense polarized 3D Earth world and reality we incarnated into. That world with its patriarchal rulers and worldwide systems, radically polarized consciousness, profound negativity, greed, incomprehensible disrespect, heartlessness, warring obsessions, fear-based, power-based, money-based reality etc., will no longer be capable of existing within the much higher frequency Ascended 5D Earth world. 12-21-2012 is an “end date” all right; it is the end of the negative Dark alien monsters and negative human psychopaths ruling and running Earth.


Next year’s triple 11’s of November 11, 2011, 11-11-11 is where we walk through the energetic portal gate or Initiation Pillars that we’ve seen for many years. The double 11:11’s and triple 1:11’s we’ve seen repeatedly have tried to remind us that we are literally walking up energy stair steps (different frequencies) and passing through numbered portals/gates and being triggered within an increasingly compressed (faster spinning and higher vibrating) disintegrating 3D timeline into a higher dimension (5D), completely Rewired NEW Earth and light-filled, unified existence.

11 is androgynous and represents resolved and fully integrated masculine and feminine energies within both human sexes, higher awareness, higher mind, higher level psychic abilities, awakening, and 11 also has energetic connections to the sign of Aquarius and its ruler Uranus—the 11th sign of the zodiac and the New Aquarian Age energies.

Imagine moving through the 11-11-11 November 11, 2011 gateway and then the triple portals of 2012! Wow, after that we’ll be in and of that symbolic 13 (fifth dimensional) integrated, unified energy and New Earth that exits vibrationally above and beyond the old lower third-dimensional planetary systems of 12.


A year later we’ll enter 2012, and then the triple 12-12-12 portal of December 12, 2012—and 9 days later—the winter Solstice December 21, 2012, the final Expiration Date of and complete separation from the old lower frequency 3D patriarchal world portal of 12-21-12.

12 represents physical and spiritual perfection within the old lower 3D pre-ascension Earth world and consciousness. It represents linear time within the old 3D realm, completion, space/time, all systems of 12 within lower frequency physicality, and creativity. Triple 12’s represent the total branching off or separation from the old Earth world/reality/consciousness etc. and being born out of the ascension ashes like a Phoenix along with our NEW Earth.


Added together, 12-12-12 equals 9, Completion times three or within 3D.  Added together, 12-21-2012 equals 11. A 9-day followed 9 days later by an 11 day. I’m not even going to say it…

The Great Expiration Date—as shown by the many Mayan calendar cycles and 12-21-12 “end date”—represents the total separation from the old lower frequency, third-dimensional, polarized and insane Dark patriarchal controlled world, consciousness, energies and reality.

We can’t consider these triple number dates, gates, portals, stair-steps as isolated from each other—especially from the 09-09-09 point through the 12-21-12 point. They are the last, shortest and fastest of all the ascension transition stair steps, portals, gates and the absolute separation from the old lower 3D patriarchal world we all incarnated into in this life. Talk about a real Separation and Completion!

I sense that from next month’s 10-10-10 Initiatic Doorway or portal forward, these last 3 triple number years and dates (the 10’s, 11’s, and 12’s) will happen so fast that we’ll need to utilize them, our consciousness and mental and emotional focus very well to intend, visualize and feel from our High Hearts into actual manifestation the New 5D Earth world WE want to exist within now that we’ve completely branched off from the old lower patriarchal Earth world and systems. Time’s short so use your Higher Mind and High Heart well from the 10-10-10 portal through the 12-21-12 portal.

Denise Le Fay

September 9, 2010


Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS & HighHeartLife, 2010. All Rights Reserved. 

11 thoughts on “10-10-10

  • Hi Denise, thank you so much for the discussion of the triple dates. I have had a hugely difficult time understanding. Partly because I am terribly mired in a very 3D health battle ongoing with my spouse that started last year in June. He has been in significant pain since an infection last year and that has taken most of our energies. The interesting thing is that on 9/14/09, a mere 5 days after the Completion Portal opened, I lost my job (in large part because of my husband’s health problems). It was a very dramatic parting with my former employer claiming that I had quit and threatening me with bodily removal from her office. It was difficult for me because I am usually a very low drama kinda gal, but there it was a rather Soap Opera ending to a job that was a poor fit anyway. Since then the Universe has made it really clear — I am to be doing Something Else (what I haven’t yet figured out). Universe has been trying to tell me this since 7/7/7 so I am not sure why I haven’t paid closer attention. Three D problems seem to really muddle the brain and abilities to “get” what needs to be “gotten”.

    At any rate, I do appreciate your site and feel quite fortunate to have stumbled across it earlier this year. Thank you and I hope that you are able to continue to help those of us who are slogging through the mud behind you!

    Best, Debora Jean

    • Debora Jean,

      I too have often stayed too long in certain situations, old habits, locations etc., and needed the cosmic bullhorn message blasted at me from On High to make me change on the spot! Honestly, I think we sometimes need these types of high drama “soap opera” like events so WE really get the message loud and clear. I got a couple of them today actually. New things are trying to come into manifestation for us, but we’ve got to be in the right space for it to happen. So much of this feels like we’re trapped, treading water, waiting and waiting until we get to re-enter the world (the New Earth world) soon. It’s close now so hang in there. 🙂


  • Wonderful post. 🙂 Thanks Denise.
    My ascension/awareness process began a year ago probably in relation with the 9-9-9 portal. When i read this post yesterday (10 september) my mind played tricks on me thinking that the date is 10-10-10 🙂 It was probably a symptom of a sleepless night when i have felt the energies up to my spine.

  • I just LOVE the way you take a complicated subject and lay it out in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Thank you again!

  • I am SO excited for 10-10-10. My Higher Self keeps showing the date to me in dreams. I keep drawing tens from my tarot deck. I keep finding DIMES on the streets. It’s coming so fast! I’m so excited! I feel like my work on this dimensional is almost over, I can cry about it, but not yet, wahahaha~.

  • Hi Denise,

    I am NOW noticing that this passing day as of today, 9/9/2010… little miracles I’ve been looking out for… for the longest while… have come ON this interesting date: my twin soul sister/friend has responded and in great health… another friend in California has finally responded to me… my creative juices and groove is coming back… and this post has arrived in such timing.

    Now it has daunted on me that a part of me has to leave my Ascension Story behind and doesn’t want to… as I realize that me referring to non-ascended others as “Them” or “Others”, is very much part of the separation belief system. When my soul-sister had to go to the hospital due to her low-blood pressure and a nearly no-beating heart… I was in UTTER gratitude to those doctors and nurses she encountered. And who is to say they AREN’T ascending… or those who also want a better way to live. Hell … it could be anyone we deem NON-ascending even. We have to let go of our need to be in a group… the need to be separate from others. Ain’t this Ascension Process is all about Oneness after all? How ironic huh…?

    I’m learning a humbling irony: they aren’t better or worse than us and we are all family and all playing our part on cue. It’s just that WE have to make peace with those who aren’t “Lightworkers”… or Ascenders… or whomever we are… and still not conform… and continue staying in our integrity with no brunt-ness of the ego because… well… it’s who we are no matter what and … after ALL the Inner-Works and Life Lessons we all got during the grueling months of summer… we really CAN’T go back because it’s too late to do such.

    Our expectations for the New Earth to completely arrive… have us in waiting mode when we have to live… in the Void and discomfort… in the Now and accept what is. It occurred to me recently that… especially Lauren’s commentators… they are waiting for their joy and fun… when the irony I see is that… it is ONLY when we get too frustrated and let “it” go and sit in the Void and DIScomforts … THEN it arrives or was already there all along. Irony indeed: we have to let it all go in order to let it all in… you know what I mean?

    What Lessons.

    Namasté everyone… and I’m SO glad that this 2010’s summer is O.V.E.R.
    Lou Ann

    • Lou Ann,

      I’m so with you. It reminds me of some Henry Miller thing I read a few years ago about the wound, living in the wound. It’s the only way… NOW.


    • Well done Lou Ann.

      As soon as each of us realizes that what we want, expect, believe we need, desire etc., etc., etc., does not exist outside of ourselves but inside because we really are creators…then there is no illusory perception separation from anything and the small one becomes the Large One and rediscovers their real power. 3D consciousness evolves into unified 5D consciousness and being. 😉


  • Hellloooo Denise, love this post! I see there are Lots of new and wonderful posts. I have to get caught up. It’s been a crazy summer!!!
    Love Chrys xo

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