Here Comes Your Soul Mate

Consciousness changes = reality changes.

It’s that simple and that amazingly difficult and profound.


Because I’ve remembered large chunks of the Involution Process or our intentional original Separation from Source, I’ve been able to see a bit more easily how this current Ascension Process is the same process but in reverse and tremendously compressed and sped-up. Instead of us separating our SELF into multiple smaller aspects (selves) to Involute, the Ascension Process is the reverse of this meaning we reconnect energetically, rewire, plug back in, collect, integrate and unify within ourselves what we worked so hard to originally separate so we could experience and further create from within the more dense created worlds and dimensions.

There was a profound demarcation point when we originally involuted into this massive separation and continued fragmenting from Source/SELF, and naturally there will be an important evolutionary demarcation point once our rewired selves, bodies, two brain hemispheres and pineal and pituitary glands—the sacred female and sacred male energy aspects or our real Soul Mate Selves—are rewired and unified once again. I sense this final transfiguration ascension phase is happening during the last three years of the Mayan calendar, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Remember the super-ancients that existed long ago in the very beginning of etheric and eventual physical manifestation on Earth? Remember the original Lemurians? Remember some of the higher dimensional Starbeings/ETs/Angelic Beings etc. and how many of them are androgynous and not separated into dualized aspects and sexes? Now remember and feel in your heart why. They didn’t travel as far down dimensionally and energetically into increasing density and duality as we have, so it wasn’t necessary for many of them to further separate (into Duality) their male/female energies within themselves to the degree we have to enter dense 3D physicality. They didn’t need (or desire) to separate their female/male energies, brains and consciousness to the extreme level that humans in 3D Earth have. The many polarized Veils of Separation were not in place for them as they needed to be for beings desiring to experience physical life in a physical dimension.

This is why the summer of 2010 and beyond are the initiating very physical and physically manifesting Cardinal Squares and T-squares will continue to be so important at this point within the Ascension Process and the last three years of the Mayan calendar. Many of us are entering this more obvious evolving or ascending “demarcation point” within the Ascension Process now.

Remember also how all things are planned, designed and created within higher dimensions first? Remember how whatever is planned, designed and created there first manifests lastly within the densest dimension and body that humans exist in—Earth and their physical bodies. The 2010 Cardinal Squares/T-squares are assisting us to initiate, create, manifest and ground our compressed ascension/evolution BACK into growing amounts of internal integration or unity: our plugging back in and reconnecting with our previously separated and fragmented aspects via the multiple body, brain, and DNA rewiring. We’re experiencing this process very quickly in reverse, and evolving/ascending back into much more integrated, unified, non-polarized beings that will fully exist on a matching higher dimensional and higher frequency planet. There will naturally be an important demarcation point with this reversed process also.

Consciousness changes = reality changes.


The Sacred Marriage or connection with your real “Soul Mate” is currently happening right inside your Rewiring, reconnecting two brain hemispheres, brain glands (Pineal and Pituitary primarily), your reconnecting DNA, your central nervous system, your blossoming 5D HighHeart Consciousness and multiple energy bodies. This is and will continue causing the manifestation of your ascended 5D HighHeart Consciousness and matching external reality on the NEW 5D Earth. Due to the brain Rewiring process and related Pineal and Pituitary gland integration (each person’s male/female aspects, energies and consciousness), plus the related Brow and Crown chakra evolution, we are rapidly becoming a NEW evolved, ascended, embodied, non-dualized, male/female, female/male integrated human that carries far more Light and Greater SELF within integrated physical Self.

I’ve been saying how our earlier 3D lives in this same life and body will increasingly seem to us—from our evolving, unifying perspective and especially from this point backward—to be another of our so-called past lives and past-life selves. From the higher 5D side of this point forward, it will seem to us to be a brand NEW life or incarnation; a new higher frequency body with a Rewired integrated brain and greatly expanded non-linear consciousness, integrated, unified or “married” inner male/female aspects, emotions and energies existing within a like-frequency 5D Earth and reality and more. But the obvious and really impressive (and brutally painful) fact is that we remained IN-BODY and ran the multidimensional energy gauntlet that the real Alchemical Ascension Process is physically and transmuted our separated and dualized lower frequency Lead back into integrated and unified 5D Gold.

Denise Le Fay

September 29, 2010

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4 thoughts on “Here Comes Your Soul Mate

  • Hey Denise and all,

    Aside from what I already posted on the “Individual Unity” post – here are my thoughts. First, I enjoyed this post very much. Thank you for pointing me towards it. I could not help but think about Tom Kenyon and his just recently coming out with the Pituitary Dimensional sound healing. This all fits! So, this morning I played his heart/ pineal/ and pituitary sound gifts … several times each. I played them in a series, one after the other several times, symbolizing them combining. So, magically, on my Ipod, after these three sound gifts – I have uploaded “The Meeting at the Well” – from his Songs of Magdalen CD. Which is about when Mary an Yeshua met. This was so not planned. Then the next song was “I and my Beloved” so I thought that was perfectly wonderful. So, I listened to those too. I get that the Heiros Gamos template is now able to become alive. I/we have been waiting a long time for this.

    The other thing I thought about was Lazaris had mentioned at a workshop that one of the reasons we like fireworks so much is because they remind us of how we became sparks, of larger sparks, of larger sparks, etc. (My words, I can’t remember exactly what he said but that was the jest of it.) So, I’m reading your post and it seems like what we are doing now is going backward – like watching fireworks played in rewind on a screen. I’m not explaining myself well, but hope you all get what I mean. I’m tired and going to call it another day somewhere between 3 and 5d. Bye for now.

  • You do make me laugh, Denise!

    I was struck a little while ago that…yes, THIS is a new reality! Not THAT, but THIS! I am experiencing things, relationships that I never would have imagined would change so dramatically, and before my very eyes, poof…they changed! And it is wonderful!! Now for another couple hundred changes I could think of… 😉 . BA/AA … I think we are in the “space” just before the / .

  • Amazing, thank you for explaining what I have been feeling.
    It feels like my insides want to come out of me and than……………. who knows.
    Thank you. Gwen in New Mexico

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