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I’ve mentioned that I’ve experienced some of the old lower negative coming back into to my space, my life, my reality (off and on) since April 2010. Now that may sound much worse than it really has been, so please do not go into fear or worry about any of this. I’ve got to be able to talk about the the Dark, Team Dark/the Negatives, the unpleasant side, the negative polarized stuff and not have anyone get scared or “fall” back into the negative muck-zone vibrationally because I’m talking about it. After reading so many of your blessedly wonderful and wise Comments lately about this Dark negative topic, I can clearly see that I don’t have to worry about scaring many of my readers; you’ve been there yourselves and fought for your lives and sanity for years or decades already, so I won’t restrict myself talking about this particular aspect of the Ascension Process.

I suspect some of the changes I’ve personally been experiencing recently have to do with the many astrological sign changes that have happened since June started. More is coming this month too, so I’m getting increasingly excited about these new energy or astrological costume changes. One of these insights I’ve had in June is how much we really are (while in physical form I mean) big Drama Queens and Drama Kings! Honestly, it’s part of being IN physical bodies IN a physical dimension and feeling things so intensely and knowing that we could, at any moment, die in one way or another.

Being non-physical spiritual beings that come into physical bodies existing within a physical dimension reminds me of those great scenes in that movie Meet Joe Black where Brad Pitt plays Death and enters the body of a human so he can have his holiday vacation. Remember those wonderful scenes where Brad Pitt playing Death tastes food (peanut butter) for the first time? And when he falls in love, when he has sex for the first time? Great scenes of a non-physical being experiencing physicality in the flesh for himself for the first time. And of course, how attached Death became so quickly to the flavors and intense sensations that only life within physicality can produce in those specific ways. Once in a physical body in a physical realm, we all become Drama Queens/Kings over something here! We enjoy the polarity, the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the love and the fear because we know as non-physical spiritual beings that there are not a lot of other realms or worlds where we can FEEL so directly and intensely as we do on earth in physicality.

In part, I bring this up because *****  ***** told her readers (repeatedly) that bliss and heaven on earth was right around the corner for all of us. She and others told their readers that things didn’t need to unfold in the uncomfortable and harsh ways they now are on earth; that this transformation and dimensional shift could have been accomplished so much easier and less painfully than it now is. She and any others who’ve said that may have been right but that’s not how this has been unfolding unfortunately. I’ve never ever Seen or perceived that this massive and multidimensional species, planetary, cosmic ascension and dimensional shift process would be a walk in the park. I’ve sensed from childhood that this was going to be just as dramatic as any entrenched 3D human could ever hope to experience while in a physical body and life on evolving physical earth. It is the E-ticket ride of all E-ticket rides anywhere in the cosmos, and as we’re all experiencing personally, it is not for the faint-hearted, the wishy-washy, the fluffies, the gullible, the deluded, the unaware or weak. This has been and still is brutal, dangerous, difficult, painful, horrible and frightening more times than I’d like to admit but that’s what it takes for us to get ourselves, humanity and earth out of the Dark Ages, extreme global negative, totally controlled nightmare that it’s been in for many thousands of years. I doubt Lead feels blissful while it is Alchemically transforming into Gold but there’s nothing wrong with that. To me it’s just an aspect of the overall Process and it will not last forever, even though it seems like it will from where you and I stand today.

Seriously, how much fun and excitement would there be—not to mention the ability to proclaim proudly like an old war veteran to the multiverse that “I was there!” — if Starbeings or Angelics or whoever just sprinkled fairy dust down on earth from above and made all the Team Dark negative beings and humans disappear? How would that maneuver affect your spiritual Drama Queen/King-ness? Would you feel satisfied, or feel like someone just prevented you from becoming a conscious creator with plenty of hard-earned notched in your cosmic spiritual lesson belt? Would you even want to take part if there wasn’t going to be at least some high drama here n’ there during the Process? Naw…I doubt it honestly! We like to feel and know that we’ve really, really tasted that damned 3D peanut butter and got our monies worth, don’t we? We like feeling and knowing that we’ve really kicked some serious Dark negative multi-D monster ass and helped to get things rolling towards the Light. Hey, it’s who we are and what we do, and many of us would be bored out of our freaking skulls if the Process wasn’t something that caused us to FEEL and KNOW that things are really, really evolving and transforming.

So yeah, there are these patches and phases where we’re getting the full effect of our physical E-ticket ride and we cry and complain that we’re never ever doing this again, anywhere, for anyone goddammit…at least I occasionally do! Then the Dark negative shitstorm eases up again and we relax and feel a bit better…and then it all starts up once more because of those energy stair steps remember? We’ve all got to do this thing in steps and phases otherwise it would destroy our bodies and minds.

I realized during Phase One of the Ascension Process that the First Wave Lightworkers (especially) were attacked by the Dark negative aliens and beings in an attempt to stop us doing what we were at that point. I honestly think the Dark side of the Force, the Dark tee-shirts, Team Dark, the negative non-physical aliens, beings and entities believed they could easily pick us off one-by-one and fairly quickly put a stop to this whole Ascension and “System Busting” Lightwork Process we were doing then — and in many cases they almost did! However, now this ongoing Ascension and breaking free from the negative Dark energies and controlled consciousness they know it’s happening very fast now and they’re making constant and rapid changes within their systems to maintain their hold and control over this world and its inhabitants. They’re going to continue lashing out at us because of who we are and what we’ve been doing and being energetically all along. But now in Phase Two with time speeding up/collapsing in on itself, the Dark negative beings are working faster and more frantically than ever before to not lose everything and everyone they’ve controlled for so long. We need to remember that until this aspect of the ascension Process is completely done, these negative stuck Dark beings will continue to try to take us down…or out completely. No fear though.

December 3, 2004, I briefly and unintentionally left physical 3D and went to some location within 5D where a small and very happy and excited group of BLUE Beings greeted me. They told me many things while I was in their dimensional layer, and one of those things was and I quote, “…the negative people and non-physical beings will soon begin to devour themselves energetically…” due to us Lightworkers breaking up their strangle-hold on humanity and old 3D earth from within that system, which will naturally cause their food source to disappear. In other words, these wonderful 5D blue humanoid beings were letting me know that we were really close (in Dec. 2004) to energetically vibrating fast enough to be able to see them and many other higher-dimensional, non-physical positive beings (aka reentering Universal Society). But that we were also very close to the negative Dark beings freaking out like never before because of all this and, like a drowning person going down for the last time, they would be lashing out at people carrying Light because we are the enemy.

The moral of the story is—because it was really a story about Duality — it’s gonna get worse before it gets better, but, much better is finally around the corner. Yep, heaven on 5D Earth because we plowed right through the multi-D Team Dark negative stuck Beings and 3D humans. Now aren’t you really feelin’ pretty darned good and proud of all you’ve accomplished personally and collectively while under constant heavy fire from the Dark Side of the Force?

Denise Le Fay

June 10, 2010

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4 thoughts on “New Insights

  • Hi Denise and all,

    I’m with you Chrys. I’m also addicted to this post… the blogs… the company here. I’ve got it bookmarked in plain sight.

    Today feels SO much better now… but that doesn’t mean it’s not THERE. The situation may be bleak… but no matter: I can hear my Higher Wisdom’s assuring voice that all is well in spite of the Falling. Now beCAUSE you have transpired for us that we ARE kicking some serious good damn ass for these ninny-heads from the Dark T-shirts… it’s not that scary at all. I got my centre back right here and now… I feel my groove back… I feel more grounded beCAUSE I hit rock bottom… I’m still kicking and breathing… but I got my {{CENTRE}} back… and that’s all I need. I don’t give a fly about the next hour. I just feel my grounding space. It’s all I need now…

    I love this post. As soon as you posted it I immediately read every scrumptious word of. SO reassuring. I SO resonate with this message. I’m not a weakling as I labeled myself in the past after all… I’m not a coward after all… I’m not a person with no balls after all… I’m enough to make it through in spite of every asinine insanity running amok in my Life. ^_^ Soon we will shine so brightly that the dark t-shirts would be too blinded by the Light… eating and devouring themselves to bits and fade away. But yes… this is necessary… the more I experience it. I did say to myself that it’s high time I become the person I’ve been dreaming of… so it’s no longer easy to stay hidden and avoid the rough patches. I wouldn’t know who I am without them anyway…

    Fuck rumors of robbery and the increasing crime rate. My space is MY SPACE and no one violates that. LIVING HERE ON EARTH is dangerous enough. This ticket ride is dangerous enough and I still exist. I need not worry my ass off to be pragmatic anymore. I just need my Higher Self and be grounded. That’s all I need. Anything else that comes my way that has me upgrade my Protection Shield is HIGHLY welcomed…. that’s all I gotta say. 😀

    THIS too shall pass… and all is well for us here. And omg… I think I can make it. ^_^

    Love and great appreciation for you all,
    Lou Ann

    P.S. I read on yahoo news that there’s incoming solar flares heading our way. Just a heads up to my cyber family. Any one who can shed Light on that is more than welcomed. 🙂

  • Nice one Chrys, that made me laugh! Gawd, if we rein acted that scene from Blazing saddles, I would most likely die from laughter! 😉

    Having a 5-D proper meet up will be just amazing, jeze we have earned it!……

    When I meet all you guys, I’m going to wear my brown Jedi robe! 😉 🙂

    Love and hugs,


  • Gawd, I love these posts. I am getting so addicted! What I would give to be sitting in a big circle with all of you, just talking and talking about all of this. And yes, Stu, we could have a campfire too, farts included 😉 But seriously, I read your blogs Denise and I just want to talk with you, ask you things, get your opinions. I feel so connected to you, to the others on here, well I just feel blessed by it and I wanted to tell you that. Sprinkling fairy dust would be MUCH easier, but this is very comforting.
    Love and hugs to you all

    • Chrys,

      Thanks for your kind words and know that I feel the same way and cannot wait until these 5D Groups become physical as well as cyber.

      And always feel free to ask me anything and I’ll do my best. 🙂


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