Another Attempt by the Dark to Stop Us

I’m really exhausted at the moment but feel this is important to write and share as quickly as possible finally.

In April 2010 I felt—for the first time in a couple of years—some of the “negative” lower beings/energies/consciousness creeping back in and taking aim at the people carrying Light once again. Needless to say I was surprised which was stupid on my part because I know better, and then I became mildly frustrated and a bit depressed over sensing and knowing that the old negative, dark team was digging in and taking aim at people like you and me yet again.

I’ve always known that the “Bad Guys”, the “Dark side of the Force”, the “dark tee-shirts”, the “negative”, the “evil”, Team Dark would put up a much more intense fight at different and more important stages throughout Phase One and now Phase Two of the ascension process. It is foolish to think otherwise and expect the negative global controllers—both the physical humans and non-physical other dimensional beings—would just lay-down and let the Light come in and take back the planet, humanity, and all resources on it! If you believed that 3D earth was your ancient property, would you tolerate the “light tee-shirt team” (aka the Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wanderers/Forerunners) coming in and overriding what you’ve claimed, controlled and run for a very long time? Would you sit quietly and just allow those nasty little Light-carrying do-good bastards back in so they could transmute and free-up the whole 3D planet? Would you let them do it, or would you fight them at every turn? Would you try to stop them, harm them, derail them, kill them?

Keep in mind that I’m talking about non-physical, other dimensional, negatively focused very ancient beings, along with living physical humans. I’m talking about multidimensional unseen “Bad Guys” AND the greedy, power-hungry, egoic human idiots of  the world. These human idiots typically come with the dark, negative, other dimensional invisible controllers attached to them and working them like mindless little puppets. This transformational ascension process  and its many energy battles is multidimensional and has far more players and layers involved from both teams than most people usually even think about. The current battles, fights, protests, politicking and craziness over humans crossing American borders illegally is also about multidimensional border crossings by reincarnated Lightworkers infiltrating the dark’s old 3D earth stomping grounds! Physical events in the local and world news we watch on TV are often multidimensional events that are also playing out at the same time at higher unseen dimensions with the negative beings and entities.

I’ve deliberately NOT talked much about this dark side of the Ascension Process only because I will not empower the negative beings with any extra emotional energy and mental focus. I won’t help them by adding fuel to their already long-burning fire by hyping them, pointing them out repeatedly, or causing people to fear or worry about them and what they do in other dimensions. We know they exist, we know they’re big bad stubborn non-human dudes, we know they want to stop us, to kill us, so what’s new about this? Nothin’ so just keep going like we always have.

In Phase One of the ongoing Ascension Process I encountered the negative/dark in a slightly different way than what I’m encountering now in Phase Two as the Phase Two being I’ve become, thanks to Phase One. What we need to keep in mind—yet not dwell on or fear or focus on constantly—is that these negative beings AND the living humans they control and direct to do negative things on earth and to other humans…are still there. Not only are they still there, but each time we (the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Warriors of Light, and the people living the ascension process) reach another big and important level within the ascension process and transition over to yet another higher level, the negative/dark beings AND the humans they control/possess start back up again to stop or derail us and stop or derail the whole ascension process. They do this multidimensionally and they always have. It’s just that it’s so much easier to see and sense now than ever before. So when you see a cluster of extra insanity, murders, bombings, fighting, slandering, lies, greed, attacks and other negative craziness on the nightly news, know that the Light carrying people have reached another level where we’re about to create something great and new and these negative beings do NOT want it to manifest.

Another aspect of this that I’ve been going through (off and on) since April 2010, is a slow constant increase of negative/dark lower frequency humans and consciousness seeping back into my day-to-day life. See if you recognize any of these negative signs or can relate to any of this.

When I move up another energy stair-step, the neighborhood and even the town I live in becomes silent, peaceful and calm almost like a ghost town. All the lower negative energies, people, consciousness and physical actions disappear. But eventually the rest of the lower vibrating crowd catches up and adjusts a bit and the noise and negativity, the totally self-absorbed people and their loud, unthinking, stupid actions all come flooding back in again like the tide returning. This is just how it’s worked; we inch our way up the Ascension stair-steps dragging the planetary ball n’ chain behind us, and have to stop, rest and adapt every few steps.

Strangers you encounter that treat you like utter shit for no reason at all. People you do know that try to manipulate you into doing something that takes you away from your normal state and level of frequency.  Anyone that is back in your life, your space, your home that’s not a match to you or it and is derailing you once again. The real question is why and how long are you going to let yourself remain out there in the lower storm now? How fast can you get your butt back to Center again where the storm doesn’t exist? See what crossing the energy borders feels like now?

Every few weeks and months now we move up enough of these smaller energy stair steps that we reach a higher floor landing so to speak, and then the situation changes once again. Why? Because this transition is an even more important change than the many smaller stair step changes we just lived through. Once we energetically reach one of these many landings at higher floors, the negative/dark  multidimensional beings notice the changes and start-up once again trying to stop us from evolving/ascending their old lower planetary territory and feeding grounds. They become more aggressive towards us and what we’re doing and being energetically and lash out at us in a variety of ways to stop us, derail us, side-track us for as long as we let them, to harm us, scare the hell out of us or kill us. Again, nothin’ new here so do not panic please.

What I’m saying is that there are phases, stages and layers within the ongoing ascension process that are obviously much larger and far-reaching than other stages or layers of this process. These even more important energy changes in the ascension process are points where the negative/dark get serious again at trying to derail those Light-filled humans. They take aim at us again and fire repeatedly using a number of different weapons to try to derail us which is really drawing us off The Path momentarily…hopefully only momentarily! Some of the weapons these non-human, non-physical negative beings use are other lower consciousness and frequency humans. They send them into our lives in any number of ways for the purpose of derailing us; to draw, pull, manipulate us out of the higher frequency eye of the storm where we now exist, and back out into the lower frequency storm where we are more vulnerable, plus not doing the higher things we’re capable of doing and creating now. They use certain humans to slow us down and keep us side-tracked with lowly polarized craziness so we’re not living and creating within that higher third point beyond polarity.

It’s easy to recognize when we have weird unpleasant dreams, psychic attacks, sense lower frequency energies moving around. But it’s not as easy to immediately recognize when we’ve been manipulated off of our higher Path and level by some jerk human with a rude attitude, or is just very polarized and has us right where we do not want to be any more—back down in the polarized stupidity again! This has been what I’ve been learning (for the hundredth freakin’ time) for the past couple of months. The month of May will go down in cosmic history as the “Ha ha, got ya sucker” month!  A couple of days ago I had another of my glorious personal insights about all this and how this particular game works with the negative beings now and why. As usual, as soon as I’ve gotten the things I’ve been living consciously figured out on my own I then immediately have at least one other person confirm everything I’ve been living through and understanding myself. I’m including a link to this confirmation article that discuss these latest ascension energy changes—both the wonderful and the not so wonderful—because they happen simultaneously which I know sounds really strange and hard to grasp but there ya go!

We’ve got to remain aware that these negative beings and lower human Portal People are not going to die without a big, strong fight which was to be expected really. We’ve got to stay smart and focused on what we are good at and know when to not allow ourselves to be suckered out of our higher Center of calm 5D frequency in eye of the storm. This spiritual lesson has been one that I’ve had hammered into me all of this life and I still get played by these negatives occasionally. The trick is to learn how it all feels, what worked and what didn’t and retain the wisdom you learned from the whole thing so you can share it with others to hopefully help them with it too. Okay, I need a nap because it’s been a very busy and intense eight days and there’s plenty more to come.

Denise Le Fay

June 8, 2010

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32 thoughts on “Another Attempt by the Dark to Stop Us

  • Hi Denise,

    I am a new reader. Love your stuff.

    Here is an idea that I have been batting around for a while. What if we are all facing–at this time in history–our own individual deepest fears? Fear of the dark side is a huge theme, and no doubt what many are experiencing. I have been clearing myself of intense claims of “darkenss” during the last month, but without any struggle at all. Instead, my difficult struggles match my deep fears (lack of health). I see with my friends as well…they are experiencing what they are most afraid of (for many it is bankruptcy). Perhaps these beliefs must be completely purged as we move on to the next space, so they are reappearing and giving us serious trouble…and we THOUGHT we got rid of them! Dang!

    Perhaps to fully choose love and not fear requires that we dredge up and truly deal with/overcome that which still haunts us. We aren’t going to get out of it this time!

    This is just food thought, but appears to match my version of reality.

    Keep up the good work. You are of immense help and benefit to so many. We are grateful.


    • jodi4235,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      From polarized 3D physicality we travel through the 4D astral to reach non-polarized, integrated, 5D. So yes, we have to resolve polarity within ourselves to vibrate (ascend) up to a higher, faster, frequency range that exists above polarity consciousness. Added to this ascension formula is that this process is both individual but also collective, which means there is a lot of fear and lower energies that many of us have been transforming in both areas over the years. And we have to usually do this in layers many times before we’ve gotten every bit of our stuck stuff. People think if they go through some emotional issue or wound or problem once then they’re done, whereas we typically have to go through that issue a few times to chip away at it and completely transform and then release it. All of this really is a process.

      In A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution I talked about my own journey as a First Wave Lightworker living through this process dealing with my individual current life fears, projections and unresolved issues, and also a few of my “past life” issues as well. I also did much of this type of work within certain areas of the 3D planetary Collective so I know exactly what you’re talking about. There is only one way and that is through our fears, our unresolved emotions and projections, karma etc.

      Having said all that, there still are negative other-dimensional beings that have long been involved with earth and humanity. Many of the monsters and things that go bump in the night are very real and are something that many of us have had to deal with individually as well. Talk about a full plate! 😉


  • Felt this relevant enough to post…

    Sheldan Nidle

    Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

    10 Ix, 17 Pax, 5 Caban

    Selamat Ja! We arrive ready to discuss many things with you! Right now, the dark and its minions are working hard to keep your old reality intact, and this involves some heinous machinations that are proving to be quite a challenge for them. Their world was based on economies and governments run by secret deals, illicit manipulation, and habitual distortion of the facts. This way of running your societies has now hit significant snags: your economies and the viability of many major governments have been so warped by this systemic malfeasance that these institutions are no longer capable of deceiving “all of the people all of the time.” And so, great anger has grown up among the people, along with a deep desire to alter this self-serving mess into something that actually benefits the world. Our Earth allies see this and thus have doubled their efforts to replace with legal constructs the illegitimate shambles the dark has wrought. This operation can turn the populist anger and frustration into Love and help for each person on the globe. All that remains is to manifest it in right, divine order.

    Right, divine order means that this change corresponds to all the other changes that are poised to radically alter the beautiful, blue-green orb you live on. Change is happening simultaneously in your natural environment, your global societies, your solar system, and your Sun. Mother Earth watches this and has pronounced to her Spiritual Hierarchy that some major transformations are now de rigueur. These will affect your level of consciousness and profoundly alter the reality you live in. The dark has failed to advise you of these much-needed reforms and pursues a course of action to use your mounting anger to their advantage. Rest assured that all the cabal’s dark plots are doomed. We have seen these cabalists use every trick to defer the inevitable! They have cooked the books of many governments, banks, and corporations, and have got their ubiquitous puppets to proclaim that the needed banking and economic reforms are to be delayed! Behind this ploy lies their desperation to see the mess they created simply disappear. This is not going to happen.

    Our Earth allies have done good work for this world. We have helped them put together a series of legal devices that effectively replace the current unlawful governmental and economic structures with ones that are lawful and that pave the way for your own galactic society. Many serious problems presently affect your planet. We have helped you by putting forth solutions to these problems and these are to be found within your Internet community. We hereby challenge you to demonstrate your innate courage and strength by taking this opportunity to reclaim your great natural powers. Example: regarding the monumental oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, technology exists that has been used previously to safely and non-toxically solve this kind of problem. Clue: it exists as a ready-to-go technology and can be found in two places in the United States. Come together and use your resources and creativity to find this technology, and then put it to use to redress this disaster. You possess the drive and resourcefulness to bring this outrage in the Gulf to an ecologically safe conclusion.

    What we are proposing is a project of global proportions by which you can take back your power and prove just how effective you are when you work collectively toward a goal. This operation can demonstrate to you that you are a force to be reckoned with! Our Earth allies are working hard to oust several major regimes and set up the new global economic system. As we said, this job is almost done and awaits the right time to be manifested. The above proposed project is an opportunity to participate in trouncing the dark cabal once and for all. You are a global “army” for peace, wealth, and rising consciousness which has lain dormant for eons. Once the long-awaited announcements begin, this army can be unleashed and get to feel the joy of its first victory over the dark, and then take an active part in what is subsequently to unfold. Use this momentum to support the new, interim governments and participate in the return to freedom and prosperity!

    Mother Earth continues to increase activity on her surface areas. Volcanoes are reaching pre-eruption and eruption stages all across your globe. Likewise, earthquake activity remains on the upswing. Our monitoring of the various “danger zones” on the planet indicates that you must be ready for another round of major quakes. For their part, the dark ones have been using various exotic technologies to disturb Mother Earth’s upper atmosphere, and this has been having a very deleterious effect on the lower atmosphere. The intention here is to create conditions conducive to spreading disease around the planet. The dark’s use of heavy metals created dire situations in the past that led to our intervention in these programs from time to time. Our next move is to time the interim governments’ various announcements with an action that will shut down these illicit secret-government bases.

    The dark intends to destabilize Mother Earth and use this calamity to stay in power. Our Agarthan brethren have watched this insanity closely and have prevented this treachery from getting anywhere near success. The extent of the panic among the ruling groups of this cabal caused a whole series of equally harebrained schemes to be okayed. Their most ambitious operation is a project to attack Galactic Federation bases that are undersea or much closer to the surface than the Agarthan realm. Using technology supplied to them by their former Anchara Alliance partners, this cabal forged ahead with schemes to penetrate our bases and attack our scout ships. These operations failed, and only led to situations that demonstrated the huge gulf between our technology and theirs. These fiascos escalated their panic level and showed them in no uncertain terms that their fall is imminent.

    These ever-accumulating setbacks have infused these dark ones with desperation. As this grows, we watch them crisscrossing the planet in pursuit of succor, but their pleas are discounted at every turn and their former allies leave them in the dust to fend for themselves. This cold-shouldering from former cohorts further emphasizes the fact that their demise is at hand. When the end comes, we are ready to provide all the records needed by our Earth allies to prosecute them swiftly and legally. You are to move rapidly out of the present turmoil into a more prosperous realm where a number of amazing technologies are to be given to you. Use these well to show your respect for Mother Earth and to help your fellows to better understand how they are to be transformed into fully conscious Beings of Light.

    First contact is in the air! Many things are happening which promise to open the door to disclosure. As the power of the dark fades, be ready to act. Be prepared to serve as a focal point for disclosure and for first contact. Earlier in this message, we asked you to look around on the Internet and in your communities for solutions to the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf. We gave you a clue about where to find the already existing solution. Use this challenge to prepare yourselves to be civilian ambassadors for first contact. Come together in informal groups to begin with, with the goal of brainstorming important questions and organizing action groups to find solutions. Then form networks to blast this information out to the world!

    Today, we introduced a new concept for you to ponder. We request that you take us up on this exercise to enhance your trust and confidence, and develop self-empowerment. Let us together change the dire contents of your daily news. Let disclosure, truth, and creative solutions finally get an airing! Let us together build the unstoppable momentum for first contact to manifest. Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    • Tieshla,

      When was this channeling you shared written? Was it recently? I’m confused between the link and this channeling.

      I’m very glad you shared it because it is relevant information and timely too obviously. It also got me inspired to write a totally different type of post about channelings like this, so thank you for that inspiration to finally have my say about this topic too. Never enough energy, time, ability to focus well enough to write something at least semi-decent! 😉

      ESPAVO and Heart Hugs,

      • Sorry,Sweetie!

        The link I provided was an ‘introductory’ page off Sheldan’s website from waaaaaaay back in 1997!!!!! Yes, Sheldan is DEFINITELY a First Wave Star Seed……… 🙂

        I provided the link for reference, and to connect interested folk to his website for ease of navigation. However, the channeled transmission provided above is from just this week, taken from the site.

        I’m glad you appreciated it’s timely relevance. I did too…More and more I’m feeling our 5D interconnectivity growing. It’s encouraging and empowering, and very much needed.

        Much love,
        …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
        ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
        ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
        -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

        • Tieshla,

          Thanks for clearing that up for me. I thought it had to be recent because of what all I’ve been experiencing and sensing since April, plus what everyone else has been sharing in Comments. So the Dark is back now and with a big ol’ bastardy attitude! 😉 Like we care 😆 Fuck em’. It’s a done deal…they just refuse to give in and join the transformational party. Going the way of the dinosaurs I tell ya.

          Thanks again sweetie. We need a hug and/or a heart smilie thingy for Comments! Come on WordPress, more-better 😀 smilies.


    • I also wanted to comment about what’s said in this channel and someone had asked recently about water and people like us wanting to be near it or something to that effect. All of the electrical high tech tools and other things the public knows very little about, all cause humanity scrambled brains and difficulty shutting out the constant static noise and low range psychic energy bombardment that they produce.

      The second I step into the shower, I can think more clearly, I can perceive beyond that dark static and constant psychic and mental interference produced by these negative non-physicals and the humans they control and their high tech tools. It’s like a form of torture if you’re a sensitive because it’s lower frequency range negative energies produced by so many of these high tech devices that scramble your ability to think clearly, to perceive above the dark din of frequency noise and static. Great trick isn’t it? At one level these tools appear to be here to help humanity, but the truth of the matter is that they are tools to maintain humanity’s consciousness and ability to perceive and even think beyond their intended lower frequency range. It is just another way that they’re trying to keep humanity contained, sidetracked with high tech gadgets and toys so they do NOT realize that there is a way out and that it is ascension time on earth!

      So, yeah…water! Water is real good, water helps with this lowly dark energy noise and it helps cut through it and stop the constant static. Interesting how we need water to help with all of the incoming higher cosmic and solar transformational ascension energies, what Lauren Gorgo recently called us being “…electrocuted by god!…” 😀 AND, we also need water to help us cut through the negative generated frequencies and reduce the static build-up from them to stop the positive (solar/cosmic) energies. 🙄


      • Ooooh Denise, that was me questioning about the water. I’m so drawn to it. My ultimate place to be is the ocean, but I’m quite handy to lakes. They’re especially nice when there are big, noisy waves. And OMG I am the same way about the shower. I step in and just feel so peaceful. And I almost immediately start humming or singing. So wow, that’s pretty amazing that water can cut through the negative shit. I know that noise pollution really does a number on me but I wasn’t aware of the invisible “noise”. Funny too that I can’t sleep at night without a fan going – white noise! Even if it’s completely quiet, I still need the soothing sound of a fan. Maybe that’s also pushing away the negative? (I hope so) White noise pushing away dark noise…

        Well, here’s a question for you – your opinion. Have you noticed how many MANY people are suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue? That’s what the doctors are calling it. And it seemed it really picked up about 10 years ago, so do you think it’s more to do with ascension? I never knew about ascension symptoms until a few months ago but I always had a feeling that there was something wonky about so many people getting diagnosed with FM. And the people I know who have it (myself included) are, in my opinion, highly sensitive. I can’t wait to hear what you think about this. If you (and others) think this due to ascension, then I’m marching in to my doctor and yelling “Look buddy! I do NOT have FM. I’m having ascension symptoms!!!” LOL, at that point I will probably be quietly escorted out of the office with a sedative prescription 🙂 Oh, ya just gotta keep your sense of humour.

        • Wow this is interesting. I need water to drink frequently these days but… right now I confess… I only have access to tap water. ^_^

          Yeah yeah I know I know it’s not good for you. But due to the circumstances at hand… that’s all I can muster.

          Ahhh… that FM thing…. I googled it out of curiosity… sure reminds me of this stupid ADD/ADHD symptoms. Imagine the nerve of these doctors and physicians now stating that such symptoms include… for adult patients… sudden need for naps after 3 pm… hyper sensitivity… cannot concentrate to multiple tasks when asked to… extremely intelligent but cannot follow orders… easily angry…. this is BS!!! Right now I say any… I mean… ANY disorder is a suspicious symptom related to post traumatic stress from all the blocks and void and holding space IMHO… DURING this Ascension Phase! lol Nothing is quite what it seems. They’re ALL related. lol

          Then our perspectives about our livelihood and reality changes as the aftermath… then we get pissed off… and we get sedated for being PISSED OFF from now realizing how blind we were to the bullshit! LOL LOL LOL… My foot in my ass. >_< Why o why do left-brainers think that EVERYONE has to be normal… whatever normal is. I take full fledge responsibility for my health… cleaning and detoxing all of my stuff and all of my shit IMHO.

          Well… I'm addicted to the sounds from Tom Kenyon. It could be 4 am in the wee hours of the morning… but I HAVE to listen to Heart and Pineal Attunement sounds. Calming and soothing and tranquil. Very good for my psyche thus far. I highly recommend it to others even though you don't have any brain rewiring. I say it's really good EVEN for current times as this. Especially with the Heart Attunement one… while listening to it… I was visioning whales in the deep waters. Water… hah… we need WATER to balance and soothe us!

          I LOVE rainy days too. Can that count? LOL

          Love all of y'all here and Namasté
          Lou Ann

        • Chrys,

          Absolutely I think those disorders are ascension related. But even more than that I believe they are something that sensitive people experience. I remember reading something many years ago (forgot by who) about Chiron (ruler of Virgo) and FM and CF. Chiron was physically discovered in 1977 and I think the re-discovery of Chiron has to do with humanity reaching the point where they were able to look at and deal with their inner pains and wounds. I also believe that many sensitives and ultra-sensitive people have more physical pains just due to being sensitive to everything; the environment, pollutants, chemicals, other people and their energies (like empaths and psychics), Earth changes, earthquakes, weather changes etc., being Lightworkers, negative beings and so on.

          During Phase One I suddenly became a “chemical sensitive” and was so unbelievably sick and in pain from absolutely everything everywhere. It was sad how horrible it was and I’d never had any problems with chemicals prior to this. Very slowly over the years my chemical sensitivities have lessened. That flare up of my experiencing suddenly being ultra sensitive to chemicals was simply another aspect of my ascension clearings and transmuting work. I know many people have strange symptoms suddenly manifest in their bodies and lives only because of the ascension process and how they and their bodies are dealing with the multi-D physical and energetic toxins at the time.

          I’ve felt like I’ve had CF since age 35 (1985-86) when it seemed I hit a brick wall and have never recovered. I’ve been tired ever since but I believe it is more about me and my dense bodies encountering increasingly higher, faster frequency Light energies (the ascension process) and my having to move through those energy transformations. My mom was diagnosed with FM decades ago and she is one of us too. It’s about energies and not only some physical body disease that doctors know little about. Don’t you just know that the doctors must have been (and still are) seeing the weirdest of cases since all this ascension business started! 😉


        • YES! All these “disorders” and “syndromes” popping up – ADHD, Autism, Fibro … blah blah, the list goes on. All of them, can’t find a reason. HUH! Well I guess we know what’s going on! And I’m sure if any of “us” were in the medical profession and “knew” what was going on, we’d have to keep our mouths shut or lose our license, right? Doctors are absolutely baffled. I also think that vaccines are playing a part in all this, but that’s another story. Denise, I’m sure you have some strong opinions about this. And that fucking H1N1 scare and so many people ran and got that vaccine, just scared out of their wits and listening to the media hype. Again, another story!
          Soooo, I dunno, but I think something really weird was going on last night. I went to bed feeling pretty peaceful, came out of my sleep with this terrible feeling that something was very wrong. I sent out love and light to my family, around our home, etc. I woke up a dozen times with this panicky feeling, and almost like I had drank 10 cups of coffee! Did we get some kind of cosmic blast? Or were the fugly (new word of the day 🙂 little bastards out and about in a big way? Anyone else have a rough night? I find this so fascinating, because well, you know, it could just be me, having a bad night, or it could have been a bad night for a lot of us. Trying to stay tuned in here.
          Love Chrys

        • Chrys,

          I’ve felt the energies change lately again…or maybe it’s me and my bodies that have changed enough that things just feel a bit different to me now in Phase Two.

          The solar flares are starting up again which means humanity and earth will be getting blasted repeatedly by the higher energies (galactic, galactic center, cosmic, multi-D, coming in plus what gets transmitted to us through the sun/solar flares and CME’s). These “solar flares and CME’s” coming from our sun are one way tremendous higher energies trigger changes (DNA, brain, body, consiousness etc) in humanity…with people like us being effected by it all first.

          On top of this new solar flare cycle in Phase Two of the ascension process, there is the electromagnetic changes that Steve Rother/the group and also Tom Kenyon/the Hathors have mentioned recently. The earth is being “rewired” just like we have been…the two things are connected. So when the magnetic changes or drops happen and another cluster of global earthquakes and/or volcanic activity, I often feel or perceive these approaching energies (now in Phase Two I mean) differently than I did in Phase One. I often get nervous, uncomfortable, spooked, tense, high-string, or the opposite where I feel drugged and need to take naps. For the past week now I’ve been sensing that we’re approaching another cluster of earthquakes around the Ring of Fire primarily…but they will also start happening in locations that don’t usually have earthquakes.

          So this is how each of us learns how to discern and read energies for ourselves. Eventually you’ll be so familiar with how the negative Dark beings/consciousness feels and functions that you’ll recognize it instantly. The same is true with these ascension planetary energy changes and the incoming solar and cosmic energies. You’ll learn how to read or discern what’s causing what and usually it’s through our body and not so much our intellect! That is good old fashioned Goddess Consciousness . 😉

          I’m going to add more more ingredient to this whole mix and remind you about the astrological transit energies…such as this months Summer Solstice, the upcoming Lunar eclipse, the Cardinal squares and T-squares etc. etc. Lots of ingredients in the ascension pot which makes it difficult oftentimes to be able to discern exactly what is currently causing what both in our bodies, brains and consciousness and on and in earth too.


  • Thanks Denise and everyone for all the comments. I too love this post! I wish I could scan in the drawing my five-year-old boy just brought me home from school: the field just filled with floating dead-eyed monster heads with pointy teeth. Uh, hello, school counselor! No, no one sent us to get evaluated, so it leaves me to put all the pieces together of what’s been going on with me and my kids the last few months. Having my two tail-end Indigo babes and new Crystal (or some kind of new generation, i know that) dearie really helps me gage my own processes and what’s going on in general. I know this too shall pass, like someone else all ready said:)

    I’ve been feeling that resurgance of the dark most of the spring and have really enjoyed your posts about it, Denise. I can also really relate to the poster who shared about mofo’s trying to get her to kill herself. My awareness has expanded around thoughts and where they are coming from. Eeew. And I’m not getting tricked into thinking the shit’s real anymore!!

    About staying in warrior mode a while longer: I got this view into my mid-life earlier this spring (loved the Barbara Hand Clow book, Denise) and what I saw surprised me, but goes well with re-writing the past: I become a martial arts (street fighting, krav maga, specifically) instructor for young women and girls; teaching self-defense and physical fitness as empowerment. This threw me for a loop when it first peeked through because hey, I thought I/we were evolving past our warriorly ways and way long ago out of duality and “fighting” the so-called bad guys- what was this all about?!

    Then, having the aforementioned experiences of MF’s trying to push back over my and my loved ones boundaries (the travelling asphalters, etc), and yes, having strangers direct all manner of hatred toward us, as well as people in our lives suddenly “turn on us”, I really resonated with what you’ve been sharing about the dark rearing it’s ugly head and the ways it had been doing it.

    So, all right, I don’t mind rounding out the last little while here becoming the badass I could have become after my traumatic teen years. I’m into it. Let’s go. You mess with me or my people, you’re getting some elbows to the temples and some kicked in knees or crushed windpipe, or what have you. I don’t mind. Thy will God, not mine:) ! Thanks, Lisa Renee;)

    One last share about the dreams from the dark depths. I mean, come on, bad dudes, you make me laugh. As soon as I close my eyes, some gory stupid shit is there involving familiar emotionally charged people. Please. Don’t you know I read Denise’s A Lightworker’s Mission and learned/re-remebered ALL about what it feels like to have my dreams hijacked and manipulated to illicit some fear, and you can’t fool me with that pitiful shit anymore?! 🙂

    Thanks a bunch Denise, and love to you and everyone here, Em

    • Em,

      You go Sister Light Warrior! 😉 That was a great Comment and thanks for the book mention too.

      Yep, we’ve got a bit more time left where the Dark negative side just refuses to evolve, to retire what They’ve been doing to eons and eons, and ascend/evolve into something new and higher themselves. I don’t care at this point really because I’ve learned…repeatedly…that these negative non-human, non-physical beings, and the physical humans they possess/attach to/manipulate etc. to mess with people like us, only really does what it does to us which is RE-ignite the spiritual fire and determination under our exhausted butts to make sure we totally finish this whole Process for ourselves and also for the planet/humanity. I’ve learned to USE these negative beings and imbalanced humans and the lesson they force me to have to push-off of and launch myself even higher and do what I’m supposed to do and create now. That is what these negatives are really about for people like us; they force us to stay on-track and get the damned transformational job done. And know that this time, it ends with them permanently.

      Wrap you baby Light carriers up in protective Light too and your house and car and anything else that you feel should be. This is nothing more than when we have to put up storm-doors, storm shutters, put the car in the garage, make sure the dog and cat are in the house and safe etc. This is just like when we do very sane things to protect ourselves and our loved ones and our possessions from a coming storm. We just do it on multiple levels and dimensions against dark negative storm energies and beings too. 😉


  • LouAnn and Beth, I just wanted to say that I love reading your posts, for many reasons, but one is because I have two children who are close in age to you – daughter 29 and son 21. My daughter has been so “tuned in” all her life that it scares the shit out of her and just wants to block it. My son (along with alot of other cool stuff) has seen auras around people all his life and never bothered to mention it because, well, he just thought everyone did 🙂 I’ve talked to them all their lives about things mystical and as they got older they shared with me all the “woo woo” things that were happening to them. One thing that has happened to both of them is being visited by beloved pets that have passed on. The first time it happened (to my daughter) she let out this terrified MMMOOOOMMMMM! WTF? Now she has this beautiful new baby girl, and I look into her eyes and she looks back into my soul. It’s not eye-to-eye contact, it’s soul-to-soul and it is so damned amazing. So yeah, it’s pretty cool to know we are passing it on to you beautiful enlightened souls. Anyway, just wanted to say that your posts resonate with me and make me smile. You go girls!
    Love Chrys

    • Chrys,

      Thanks for sharing about your kids and how life has been different for them (and you) because of their higher awareness and perception. I can totally relate!

      Over the past years I’ve often referred to myself and other elder First Wave Lightworkers as Cosmic Janitors. Not very romantic or “special” sounding huh? That’s because we’re more like the grunts or point-men that go into the dark scary jungle first to literally clear and create an energy Pathway for the new higher species of humans that have been and will continue to incarnate on earth ONLY because us bulldozer First and Second Wavers helped make the planet a higher vibrating place where they could even exist and survive within comfortably. Stair steps, layers, different people all doing different energy work for what we’ve been building for a very long time now.

      So yes, when people like us look into the souls of these new incarnating 5D (root race) species of humans (Indigos etc), it feels just like Home to both parties and it is profoundly moving. High Heart consciousness indeed.


  • Denise, thank you again. After reading Lisa Renee’s post I understand my apprehension about making plans to go to the Bay this weekend and my feeling of not wanting to leave the house.

  • Hey Denise,

    Me to, talk about feeling totally fucked! (sorry had to be blunt!)

    It’s times like this I wish I had Gandalf’s light staff on full power, like when he charges down the hill at the end of The Two Towers in Lord of the Rings, and half blinds the orcs at the bottom! 😉

    Oh yeah Tieshla, I do indeed have a full size replica Light Saber, complete with light and sound effects, the force is strong with me!! 🙂

    Love and gentle hugs,


    • I couldn’t resist sharing this video, an insanely catchy song from the Broadway musical Spring Awakening. It has no redeeming value, lyrically, but I think it expresses the frustrations we feel about being “totally fucked.” 😀

      Balsamic Moon

  • thank you so much, denise and everyone else. i’ve been thrashing it out with these nonphysical christic religious powermongers who think we Lighworkers all need to either convert or die, and they’ve been doing their best to get me to kill myself for years now. nighttime torture sessions that are not to be believed…lighten up at times, only to be resumed…sometimes when i hear “phase two” talk i think maybe i am really nuts after all…but i know these fuckers are not letting go as easily as we had all hoped they would. they don’t go in for this “join us” stuff. but i think we’re reaching some of them…i hear voices from so many dimensions…god i am so very hurt, i don’t know if i’ll ever recover! but i also know i am supported.
    watched a dvr’ed “20/20” on tv tonight and there was a christian group who carries signs saying “god hates you” all over the place, really think they know that god fearing is where it’s at and their creator hates everyone but them.
    getting a stabbing pain in the left side of my head.
    so much work left to do.

  • Hi All,

    I ‘felt’ you publish this post today, Denise, and once again crawled on all fours to your cerebral doorstep here at Transitions for the validation I so need. My third eye chakra has been a traffic jam of thought-smog these last few days and my Dreamtime has been a muddled confusion of disjointed weirdness which jumbles my head full of random thoughtforms, compromising my clarity, corroding my confidence in myself as a ‘Lightworker’.

    “Staying in the light” currently feels like being chin deep in rank pig shit while holding up a solar-powered light saber to a blanket of dark clouds. Just hoping to keep the Force charged enough to glow in the dark. I’ve had to take frequent cat naps with one eye open this past week, and I feel like I have a PMS hate-on for the PJ population even though I’m currently ovulating.

    Really, I’m super pissed about all this gnarly multi-d crap going on with the shadow-fuglies. Makes me wonder what BS they’re up to with questionable technologies such as HAARP and the Hadron Collider and other projects. Obviously we didn’t quite expect this regurge of lower-level pollution when we blissfully embarked on our Phase II turf. I know I didn’t.

    Thank you for your frank and candid Plutonian BS-free transmission, Denise. It’s much needed. I’m energetically spent. My ‘Ka’ is blah. I’m tired of my 3rd eye cramp. It sucks “trying” to be blissed out when things just feel YUCKY.

    These are truly some of the weirdest times…..

    In Solidarity, and with much Love,

    • Tieshla,

      “My Ka is blah…” oh now that one is a Phase Two ascension bumper sticker for sure! God I laughed so hard because I’ve been feeling the same way off and on since April…and I even got rather depressed in May (due to this resurgence of the negative) which is rare for me at this point, but that’s how brutal its been. The mega positive changes we’ve made recently (are still are, and will continue to) go hand-in-hand with these fucking frustrating cheesy tricks and stunts manufactured by the negative/dark beings in multi-D. I understand it and why it’s happening and yet it pisses me off big time at this late date in The Process! I too did not see this coming…which I should have, but I understand this is the increase in thrashing and lashing out by Them in all Their forms as everything increases in Light, spin, frequency, and High Heart throughout 2010, 2011 and 2012ish.

      Don’t even burden yourself with trying to “be blissed out…” when the dark shit tide is in. Just drag out your well-worn Warrior armor and kick ass yet again. I know you already know all this and exactly what to do, but it does help us all when we share our exhaustion, our confusions, our self doubts, our insights and lessons etc. Rest as much as needed and like Lisa Renne said, we need to keep our invisible protections strong and up right now.

      ESPAVO and Heart Hugs,

      You should write books, blogs, or something with that big fabulous gift you have in expressing what is so hard to express.

    • That was a fiendishly wonderful rant. I felt a release just reading it!

      My Ka is not only blah, but actually feels crushed. Literally hard to breathe, I am so flattened under the pressure. How utterly sad I feel better knowing others feel like crap? Misery loving company is apparently alive and well in the higher dimensions.

      I had two dreams in four days that left me feeling even more yucky. Denise, along with the help of others here, helped me translate them for a better perspective.

      I dreamed of rats. In the first dream they were crawling all over the ground, scurrying to and fro, walking where I walked, unafraid and encroaching. The second dream was more disturbing. I was in a big barn, and they were literally falling down from the rafters on top of me.


      I don’t believe I have ever before dreamed of rats. I assumed it was because I was feeling useless, agitated and miserable. I looked at dream interpretation websites to find that rats imply negative thoughts about oneself. Well, yeah, what’s new. The second meaning was that others were trying to hurt me, betray me, bite me behind from behind. I could not find any specific circumstances to indicate that, so I dismissed it out of hand.

      Now I get it. It’s those Dirty Rat Dark Forces in fetid underwear riding their sweaty minions over, under and across the psychic battlefield.

      Fuckem. (Word of the Day).

      One cool thing about the second rat dream is that near the end of my rain/reign of terror a large, white rat dropped from the ceiling and hit the floor hard. I went over and picked it up, thinking it was not only safe to hold (it was stunned), but unexpectedly cute. :0)

      Thanks all, I feel much better after reading these posts. And WORD, Tieshla, get thee to a blog!

      • lamplighter2,

        Well done indeed! We’re learning to remember that we’re ascending/evolving back into our being conscious of the fact that we are multidimensional beings. Because of that fact we must remember that other beings/Starbeings/ET/negative beings/dead humans etc. are in our lives, our reality just as much as physical things. In other words, our playing field is rapidly growing…because we are. We’ve evolved out of isolated 3D and are having to learn how to function in multiple dimensions/realities instead of just physicality. And of course this means we’re having to remember the fact that we’re also affected by these other dimensions and many of the beings that exist in them.

        Love your “Word of the Day” too. That and “fuckity” make me grin. 😉


  • My experience this month has been completely different–so much so that, once again, I wonder if I am “on board” with the ascension process. Perhaps it is due to the relative freedom of the summer months (I’m a college student), but I feel at ease and in control of my life experiences–or, at least, of my reactions to these experiences. I’ve found my center. I possess calm certainty I’ve chosen the “correct” path, although friends and strangers continue to urge me to sharpen my ambitions, to pursue the path to worldly success. I know darkness and evil exists in the outer world, but it does not penetrate me. I do not regard myself as inviolable, but for whatever reason, I have not confronted these energies at this time.

    Denise has stated throughout several blog entries and comments that the experiences of the younger Indigos may differ from the experiences of the Indigo Elders or Wayshowers; younger Indigos are preparing to enter new roles in this new society, while many Indigo Elders seek much-deserved retirement. I look forward to reading about others’ experiences.

    Beth (Balsamic Moon)

    • Hi Beth/Balsamic Moon,

      Another Indigo here…

      I too feel a bit different from the others here on this post… especially about the brain rewiring bit. Wish I had one really (lol).

      But I think I’m about 10 years older than you (are you 21 years old?). So I find I get these Ascension symptoms on and off. You may not feel off kilter but… I feel really REALLY shitty RIGHT now. I think those at least 10 years further apart experience these energies differently… so like what Denise had said… you may not necessarily need this experience. Others before you are doing the work… so that you may not have to. That’s my two cents… from my experience and perspective. Anybody here can shed more Light and accuracy if you can… but that’s what I’m noticing…

      As for being a college student… come to think of it I can’t recall properly if I had any Ascension symptoms during college. Maybe off and on. But not bouts of it I think. I can acutely recall my most upsetting and trying times… which was in 1998 (before college)… and after college/university. Maybe there’s some buffer surrounding the school/dorm… because you may be surrounded by many other Indigos with their spirit guides and shield of protection… even the ones who aren’t aware of being such. Remember… every generation has more and more of us Indigos… so there’s a bigger chance that you are protected by your own group at school. I find the more of us together the safer IMHO. In my art school… there were plenty of gifted ones who were labelled ADD/ADHD… when they’re just wired differently… in a language I can relate… but I could not tell who is who back then.

      Denise and all… I can’t remember who really got to me energetically. No one has been rude to me or stepped on my toes metaphorically in my waking moments. None of that at all. I don’t watch the news… nor read it online about the Gulf (too devastating to watch right now)… for the very same reasons that I’m WAY too sensitive to such negativity.

      However… I do find that… even though… EVEN THOUGH… I transmuted my shit and my stuff… being present… feeling all my feelings… digging deeper into the shit-hole of all my most nagging INTENSE dreadful feelings… I STILL have this intensity. This nagging intense energy seem to be puppeteering my most vulnerable thoughts… but it really does feel it’s not just my own vulnerabilities that’s running the show here. It does feel like it’s in the ethers… in the air even. Feels like Armageddon almost… although I know it has nothing to do with it…

      I do resonate about the dreaming bit. The comments here are helpful. I can’t believe I’m at THAT level already to actually be THAT heavily influenced by the dream world and other dimensions like this. This… intense energy… is… so… STRONG. This is sheer fuckery… that’s all I can say.

      My “word of the day”: fuckery (lol). I donate my “Word of the Day” to this post.

      Oie… this SO reminds me of 2008 January… when the ethers or whatever you may call it… the metaphysical/spiritual/psyche zone are filled with INTENSE, crushing energies. So IN-TENSE!!!! >_< Am I THAT psychic?#%@!!!! Fuckity fuckfuck… this is IN-TENSE AS HELL!!! Oie!!!

      Okay this too shall pass…. PLEASE pass already…!!!! lol

      Thanks SO very much for allowing me to rant and rave like this. I feel this miserable company is VERY constructive. lol Five stars!!! 😀

      Love and hugs to all here,
      Lou Ann

  • Thank you so much. I have always knows this, it feels so good to have my knowing affirmed.
    Bless you and hugs. May we all keep our light bright, no matter what!

  • Bless you Denise for taking the time and energy to write this. And those links are awesome too. Because of you, and others like you, willing and able to share your knowledge, we will stay strong and united. A big High Five to all of us on this path, and a big “F” You to the negative jerks. This ain’t no ride for sissies, but we chose it, right? It reminds me of when I was a kid at the fair and I got on this ride, which I thought was cool UNTIL the thing started flying through the air and I was sure I was going to come crashing to my death. Every time my seat would come around to the guy conducting the ride, I would scream “Please, stop this ride. I want off” and the evil little bastard would grin and I swear he would speed it up. I got him back though – I puked cotton candy all over the place 🙂 Pretty good metaphore for what’s going on right now. The pace is picking up, sometimes we want off but we know we have to hang tough, and yes, we will puke all over these evil dudes! See how strong your post made me feel, Denise?!?!? Thank you my friend. Now your job is done for the night so go get some much needed rest. xo
    Love Chrys

    • Chrys,

      Oh that was perfect! Puke cotton candy all over the negative dark monsters! I love it! 😀

      ESPAVO and Heart Hugs,

      • Mama didnt name me warrior maiden (thats what my middle name means) for nothing, take that WAM BAM blast of love energy bitches!! laugh, laugh and laugh, can you feel how powerful that joy is againts it? got sucked into watching the news and its incredable how much illusion and lies are surfacing.

        this post made me remember my backbone, my warrior, cause i was teary eyed in a few minutes ago and have felt totally defeated since yesterday. what i do for passion ‘work’ in the US is dominated by men and much has come to light about how women are getting the shaft in electronic music in the US. a mere 7 performed at the detroit festival out of 200+ performers. Just makes me want to scream at all these men, hey, hello, where did you come from? A women!?

        anyway.. on to smiles, lollipops, and rainbows…

        • Rock On jlcrowley! The patriarchy is dying as we speak because we’ve evolving into triality or that higher third point/state above polarity male/female etc. Soon now…very soon.

          I went through the same thing you have, we all have, and that’s getting out of that higher Center eye of the storm place and “falling” back into the lower frequencies and then getting wounded, exhausted even more than usual, frustrated…even more than usual, and mildly depressed over the shit n’ shit. BUT, this is how we learn what this feels like, what it looks like, how the dark/negative/lower functions, and how we are affected by it. Without us “falling” more than a few times during this ongoing process, we’d never be able to KNOW exactly what this process feels like and hold it in our awareness well enough to share it with others. In other words, it is also part of the alchemical ascension process for us…not the negatives…which is sometimes very hard for us to remember. 😉

          We’re doing it and we’re doing it well…even the parts where it may look and feel to us like we’ve messed up somehow. We haven’t, we’re just still learning about this Process from a multidimensional perspective..

          ESPAVO and Heart Hugs,

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