Walking the Razor’s Edge


In A Lightworker’s Mission I talk from an experiential level about what it’s like carrying higher frequency Light within what has long been a totally controlled and very Dark Earth world. The book covers plenty of my current life experiences—plus one important and intimately connected past life in 12,600 B.C. Egypt—as a lifelong Lightworker/Starseed/Wanderer on 3D Earth. It covers many of my personal encounters with great higher dimensional beings of Light, but it also covers some (but not all) of my intimate encounters with great and serious Dark Beings. Within a polarized world, especially for Starseeds/Lightworkers, this has been the name of the game here for a long time, but all that is currently changing via the compressed ascension or evolutionary process and a lot of very difficult and usually painful transformational Light-work.

During my early years online visiting different forums I’ve come across—as you have—tons of really strange people, beliefs, perceptions, groups and so on. One of these groups that confused me terribly at first were the large numbers of people around the planet who are intently, many obsessively interested and involved with the “conspiracy theory” business. There are a few very well-known people (writers, lectures, teachers etc.) who have done much to awaken sections of the masses to the fact that the planet has been run by some really negative Dark beings—non-physical and physical humans. I well understand why these few people took on this difficult and dangerous mission to scream at the masses long and hard enough to increasingly awaken them to realize that things are not as they’ve been told. These teachers are brave, tough old souls with a difficult soul mission and I’m glad my Lightworker talents needed to be done in stealth mode for most of my life because, as a psychic and ultra-sensitive, I could not have done (during Phase One) what these people have so publicly. We each have our Lightworker and teacher specialties and service-to-others missions however.

But many of the people who’ve been partly awakened by some of these tough public Lightworker souls talking about “conspiracy” type things, are still stuck (many completely obsessed) with the vast amounts of negative information being brought to the surface about how truly evil, dark, selfish, foul and far-reaching these planetary controls and controllers have been. They have been partly awakened as was intended but they’ve fixated on the complex machinations of the nonphysical negative Dark and the physical “elite” and how it has infiltrated Earth and nearly every system here. In other words, they’re now a bit more conscious of the multidimensional horrors of the planetary and human situation, yet many of them have a very difficult time turning away from the frightening, bloody car wreck and moving on. What good is it to become aware that you’ve existed in a carefully designed and crafted cage if you never learn how to extricate yourself from it completely?  How has it benefited you to memorize the names and dates of the many physical and non-physical monsters and their many evil deeds and agendas across time on Earth? Are these “conspiracy” people free and empowered because they can connect endless pages of past evil deeds, dark bastards and their horrible actions? No, they’re obsessed, fixated and stuck in that low frequency energy and are just as imprisoned by it as are the unaware “sheeple people” they disrespect and want to wake up.

  1. Wake up and smell the meticulous lies and devious planetary and multi-D distortions
  2. Freak out over it for a while and get really fucking angry about it too
  3. Now get your ass out of the lower frequency mess by letting go of it emotionally and intellectually
  4. Next learn how to carry higher frequency energy and consciousness that exists far above and beyond it
  5. Now you’re really getting free, but understand that there’s still much more to learn and more to release


Many years ago Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians informed us that the real current war on Earth was for humanities consciousness. Ponder that one for a few moments because it is so important and deeply true. Like a cheesy magician in a dirty sideshow somewhere, these negative nonphysical beings and the humans they control, they try their best to keep humanity obsessively focused on what silly crap they’re creating in their right hand, so humanity does not see what’s really happening elsewhere. What’s happening elsewhere is the current ascension or compressed evolutionary process and the planetary dimensional shift from 3D duality to 5D unity. These negative nonphysical beings and their human puppets do not want mass humanity to wake up enough to even notice that there is a planetary change happening now and the grand Exit Door is well-lit and just waiting for them to walk through it. The real war is indeed over the new Aquarian Age mind/thoughts/mental focus of humanity. During the Piscean Age these negative Dark beings and the humans they controlled in high places manipulated the masses through its Piscean watery Emotional Bodies (religions and emotions). Because Aquarius is an air sign and has to do with the higher mind, the Higher Self, the Mental Body, as usual the negative nonphysical beings and humans know all this and use the new age energies and tools to maintain their control over the masses and the planet—the masses Mental Body and consciousness.

So, you might consider removing that cell phone from the side of your brain, push away from the computer and TV a bit more often and spend some more “quality time” with your feelings and thoughts and not on what’s constantly being broadcast to keep you energetically, mentally, and emotionally focused on the Dark magician’s right hand. For many people the hardest thing to do is to let go and intentionally redirect their consciousness and emotions and then maintain them there and not let them repeatedly slide back down vibrationally into what’s become so familiar and habitual. It is not easy being conscious of your consciousness! It takes practice and determination to get free and remain free and own your mind and what it focuses on. This is the new age…the Age of Aquarius where you learn to be fully responsible for your own consciousness (Aquarius) and emotions (opposite sign Leo) as a conscious creator. Because, if you don’t, know that those dark magicians are right there ever ready to define reality for you and tell you exactly what to think, feel and do and when to do it. It’s grow up time humanity, and time for many people to turn their backs on the conspiracy monsters they’ve fixated on and start dealing with your own mind, what it’s doing, and why.  The choice and responsibility is fully ours however.

Denise Le Fay

June 13, 2010


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13 thoughts on “Walking the Razor’s Edge

  • Dear Denise…

    Thank you SO much for dealing with this issue, as well as how clearly you’ve done so. So many I know are going in the right direction, but get hung up on this issue. You validate me, and help to clarify my own uncertainties.

    Love you


  • Hi Denise and all,

    o_O I didn’t know there are THAT many conspiracy theory websites out there. Thought it’s not that popular. Wow… people are now waking up to that… but not on a soul-ular level… hmmm…

    Well I have to admit… there’s this other conspiracy theory surrounding money. It’s about the rich and powerful using the educational system in the Industrial Age… even now… to get us dumb and stupid about our finances… so that we wind up working for them and their corporate world, because we have to in order to survive. This group is responsible for the fall out of our economy: it was meant to fail this way. The solution to that conspiracy is … to become financially educated to be in the fast lane… to play their game at their level… and to not become a victim to their schemes as the world falls faster and faster…

    At first… I found it rather empowering and enlightening. At the beginning stages, I tried to find a way to increase my knowledge and wealth through e-business and tuning more up on it… a business that I have at least an interest in and affordable. Turns out… during this Ascension Process… they’re ain’t NO way I can get away with it without seeing the overall picture. There have been ironic moments of going no where but dead ends: lots of blocks and hiccups and feeling non-genuine while selling the products to others… and decided to quit because my bank account was shrinking and I lacked anymore passion and will power for it. Now I’d rather watch on the sidelines and read the latest news as clues as to how close we REALLY are to ending our Old World.

    I’ve learnt (and I’m still learning) … that one CAN’T play that game when it comes to polarity consciousness: I can no longer live blindly to it. The thing is… I’d be supporting the duality of the have’s (rich) vs the have not’s (poor). That gap is hurting the environment on a small and big scale: having the majority being poor also means that wherever they live… Nature would be treated in poor conditions… contaminated by over-population who have poor visions of themselves AND their surroundings… neglecting natural resources only to have them nearly extinct… only to increase MORE of the gap of the have’s and have not’s … and the circle continues. That kind of reality is… well… just not healthy. Even though it is well said and true that we ought to take full responsibility for our reality of how we spend or with-hold… dealing with our finances… the end result in the Big Picture would really… REALLY hurt Mother Earth, at the end of the day.

    Why can’t we re-create the “rules” (who needs rules anyway) so that even Mother Earth benefits from that? Don’t we need Her resources to breathe, function, survive and thrive in the first place?

    I say: this is what happens when I no longer cater to the conspiracy theories out there. I’m now thinking independently for myself.

    This Ascension Process is teaching me well. ^_^

    Namasté to you all,
    Lou Ann

  • Thank you. I like to call it the blade dance. It’s a constant balancing act. One cannot remain ignorant of the dark forces that would subvert us, nor can one focus on it thereby empowering them. You have explained it so well.

  • Very aptly put! I have seen this time and again with some of my “enlightened” friends, who got trapped in this. I believe its the same skill we must used to take in information about what’s going on in third dimensional reality, without being overtaken by it. Notice, acknowledge, and move on.

    • shamballa9944,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS, so glad you’re here. 🙂

      Thanks for your kind words, and better yet, your previous knowledge and experience with this topic. We all have to learn how to walk away, redirect, and create on our own…and it’s easier said than done but we’re learning.


  • Thank you for explaining this part of our journey together, Denise. I admit I almost was “sucked in” by the obsessive energies of the conspiracy theorists, especially when we encountered them on the last “spiritual” online forum. I still cast a wary eye upon the decisions and actions of our political leaders, but I do not focus my energies upon the lies and deception. We must act quietly, subvert them through the expansion of our consciousness. Riots and revolutions have had important roles throughout history, but this must be an internal revolution–a revolution in consciousness.

    Certainly, we have been called to action, but we cannot perform the same actions and expect to receive the same results. We cannot look to advanced societies throughout the ages for guidance, for we sail through uncharted waters. However, we can look to ourselves–to all that we have been, and all which we shall become.

    Balsamic Moon

      • Word! That! Ditto! Right On!

        I fervently hope that one day expansion of human consciousness flows freely, undeterred, like a river running to the sea. But at this moment in history, it is a revolution, a battle, an upward struggle against the current. At least this is how I have dealt with it, given my physical and etheric exhaustion and wounds.

        In some ways however, I do feel that the ‘war’ is over. I think it was Cayce, or similar, who said “The war is most certainly almost over, but peace is up to you.”

        Creating our internal peace now will create the revolution in consciousness. Peace amidst chaos. Not sure how to do it, but I am sure of why. Focusing on anything, ANYTHING positive is of vital importance these days.

        Good things come to those who wait. And wait well…

        • Find what gives you the greatest joy and peace and then the light you carry will just overflow your vessel and be shared with those around you.

        • Hi Lamplighter2,

          I felt the urge to respond to your comment on: “Peace amidst chaos. Not sure how to do it, but I am sure of why. Focusing on anything, ANYTHING positive is of vital importance these days.”

          I hear you. But I wouldn’t bet it on positivity. Not the kind of positivity that we’re so used to hearing about. I find that’s polarity in and of itself: if positive exists so does negative. I’d say in my humble opinion that it’s best to stay at zero point: where neither one tackles the other and right into balance. That’s in your heart centre… the heart chakra area… underneath emotions… both the ones that feel “positive” and “negative”. When you practice centering yourself like that… LOVE that exists in all things is fruited.

          This is from my experience.

          Another thing that hit me when I read those same lines were my teen days during a chaotic thunder storm at school. It was sudden, dramatic and scary for many. Everyone panicked on that day. They went here, there and everywhere in the classroom… almost everyone in excitement and panic… while I remained seated… at peace, tranquil and calm. One girl just suddenly stopped in her tracks and was mesmerized by my reaction. She even asked me curiously why ain’t I panicking. I simply told her I’m just not. I remember (and this is what… more than 10 years ago)… being neutral, calm and in my centre.

          If we “stay positive”… we’ll have to balance it out by experiencing the negative also.

          I so agree with you on many of your comments though. True dat. 🙂

          Hugs and love to all amidst the chaos yet to come,
          Lou Ann

        • I think we are in agreement Lou Ann, perhaps separated only by semantics. Denise just used a word I need to utilize better in my vocabulary; ‘frequency.’ As Nadeanna stated, focusing on what makes me feel better, which trends to the ‘positive’ spectrum in terms of experience, puts me in a higher frequency. That higher frequency is the place of stillness you refer to. Love, faith, trust, fearlessness, flow is the by-product of existing in such higher frequencies.

          However, I do have doubts as to my alchemical mastery to create gold amidst recurrent catastrophe. Expect I will know soon enough. We are always stronger than we think we are.

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