A Mixed Bag

For the past three days I’ve been sensing, feeling, and hearing building Earth energies once again that I’ve learned over the years mean that magma is pushing and pressures are building below ground and multiple earthquakes are getting ready to happen, again. Another cluster of quakes is approaching for parts around the Ring of Fire primarily.

I could hardly sleep last night because I was repeatedly awakened by deep booming sounds. I even got out of bed once last night to make sure my mom wasn’t wandering around in the middle of the night or getting herself something to eat. She was asleep when I checked so what I was hearing wasn’t being produced by her.

So from what I’ve been sensing, feeling and hearing these past three days/nights, some more Earth rockin’ n’ rollin’ is close at hand. No fear, just a heads-up. Like I’ve said before, I know I’m not going to die in some Earth Change because it would be pointless in this incarnation and time. Same is most likely true for you if you’re reading this. I’m going to seemingly change subjects wildly now but keep in mind about the earthquakes, volcanoes, and other Earth Changes as you read this next paragraph please.

This past winter I set a firm intention, I informed the Universe, I laid down the Denise law and demanded that this spring and summer and even into the fall (here in southern California) that the weather will not be 100–112° from the beginning of May through October! I’m done with that miserable constant heat goddammit, and it may not happen this year here in SoCal. So far it’s working for the FIRST time ever in the many decades I’ve lived here.

What this is teaching me is connected to Earth Changes, intentional, deliberate Conscious Creating and conscious co-creating, our evolution to 5D, and our learning how powerful we really are as beings who’ve ascended and are discovering our new abilities and interconnection with Earth. Last decade I was mildly concerned from time to time about where I live in the middle of a whole bunch of big fault lines, San Andreas fault line being one of them. But I’ve realized I’m going to be safe from Earth Changes despite the fact that I live on the Ring of Fire and have multiple fault lines crisscrossing all around me.  About eight years ago I clairvoyantly saw a category 5 hurricane coming up from Mexico up to about the L.A. area in SoCal. This monster hurricane was so wide that it came well inland and would have caused tremendous damage to the light-weight houses in SoCal.

But as I’ve talked about in other posts, just because I clairvoyantly see it, does NOT mean it’s going to manifest physically in this timeline I currently live in. In decades past I’ve experienced higher dimensional, non-physical beings intentionally re-routing coming earthquakes from SoCal up to manifest out through Mt. Saint Helens (in 1980) because so many less people would die that way. I’ve also been aware of some of these higher non-physical beings re-directing huge earthquakes out into the ocean instead where they would not kill as many people as it would have if it had happened in major cities where so many people live. These beings have done this for all of us in past years, but this is changing now because of the Ascension Process the Forerunners have lived through in Phase One.

This is really about the fact that I’ve realized recently (especially after I saw I’ve changed the typical weather in my area this year) that I and many of you reading this have now become (or are becoming) the new “higher dimensional beings”  that have the ability to intentionally direct, re-direct, re-route coming Earth Changes, modify the weather, change the old 3D seasonal weather patterns and many other things. These earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, floods, fires, hurricanes etc. must happen because it is the Rewiring of Earth so she’ll have NEW higher 5D Grid systems too, just like we do thanks to our Body and Brain Rewiring. These two things are so intimately connected they’re actually the same thing, the very same Ascension Process.

Denise Le Fay

June 14, 2010


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  • Kryon’s message was very special to me, as well, because recently I learned that I have two Lenni Lenape Indian spirit guides. Before I read the channeled message, and before I read your latest TRANSITIONS post, I read how various Native American tribes left offerings of tobacco to thank the Creator for the rain, for the trees, for a bountiful harvest, etc. They had–and continue to have–a special relationship with Gaia. Like you, I “felt as if [the Kryon message was] written just for me, which I know it wasn’t and was.” 😉

    I also know, without doubt, that indigenous people had the power to affect the weather–and we have this same power. I hope I shall learn to cultivate this power with the assistance of my guides. Of course, I will share any insights I may receive here.

    Balsamic Moon

    • Balsamic Moon,

      With the Lightworkers carrying back into Earth the “Goddess Consciousness”, all of humanity will return or make that RE-integrate the Goddess (right brain and High Heart Consciousness) back into themselves and the world view or Collective. It is like Lemuria being reborn now that humanity/earth has lived and experienced the Lemurian (right brain, matriarchal learning’s) and then the Atlantian (left brained, patriarchal learning’s). You see, now that we’ve played (created and learned) within both of these polarized planetary systems…now finally humanity is ready to evolve/ascend back up and out of polarized reality and back to “triality” or “unified” or “rewired” (brains, bodies, consciousness and an earth) that will match us. In other words (and I know you already know where I’m going with this), humanity has created within right brained, matriarchal, Goddess cultures, and humanity has swung to the opposite extreme polarity and created within only left brained, patriarchal, God cultures. But now thanks to what we’re living through via the ascension and dimensional shift processes, humanity and Earth will now be not only BOTH of these ancient integrated and resolved polarities, they will be a new ascended higher third version of them both…but with plenty of extra abilities.

      Just imagine what this really means for humanity now. Not only integration of and evolution beyond those two super ancient global systems of learning and creating within (Lemuria and Atlantis), but the reintegration of them and our two brain halves with our 5D High Heart Consciousness! Humanity and life on Earth will quickly become that magical, higher, unified and even more grand thing because it did experience those ancient Earth polarities; Lemuria/Goddess/right brain/being conscious of their connection to Earth and the Universe….and then Atlantis slowly falling into the confines of the left brain, patriarchy, thinking they are more intelligent, more powerful than Nature and the Earth and everything else. The end results of this massive, unthinkably long creative learning on Earth will result in a world and humans that are not only the best of both…but so very much more! 😉


      I forgot to mention that the majority of indigenous people around the planet, and of course all of the North American Indian tribes know or believe that their “ancestors” came from the stars. Many, many big NA Indian tribes know/believe their “ancestors” came from the Pleiades, others Sirius and so on. And the other thing I’ve wanted to mention for years now and kept forgetting to, is that the vast majority of us Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers etc. have had at least one, but often multiple, past lives as North (Central and South) American Indians. We get around and have had past lives in most of these ancient aware tribes and Goddess cultures of the past.

      • It’s interesting that you’ve described the reintegration of the masculine and the feminine because I’ve felt these polarized energies acutely around me. I admit I am curious how this situation may resolve. Will we retain our separate biological forms, at least for a while longer? If so, will we still have an inherent gender preference (i.e. a slight preference to incarnate in a male or female body)?

        I ask these questions because I am not keen to discard gender identity entirely at this stage in my spiritual development–perhaps because I recently have discovered something deeply feminine in my consciousness, something which I call “active receptivity.” I describe it as such because receptivity is often linked to passivity, but this state represents an active partnership between masculine and feminine energies. Due to the emphasis upon masculine signs in my natal chart, I’ve identified with masculine energies throughout my life. Therefore, this experience has been transformative. I don’t want to “lose” the feminine energies through their merger with the masculine energies. If I’ve interpreted your previous comment correctly, I hope we may become “humans that are not only the best of both [masculine and feminine]…but so very much more!”

        Balsamic Moon

        • Balsamic Moon,

          This polarity integration is mainly, for now, within our physical brains and our greatly expanding consciousness. I agree that you do need to get comfy with your female/Goddess/Lemurian side now so don’t worry about that. And what you’ve discovered in yourself and are calling it “active receptivity” is the same thing Master Hotei taught me in that past life. Both male and female sides have the opposite polarity IN themselves so your “active receptivity” would be very Yang like energy but utilizing it’s female or receptive side within it’s active charge. Vice versa for Yin. Great job you! Pisces and Aries.

          I sense that what’s coming is exactly what you said in your last sentence; that humanity will integrate both their male and female energies right inside their heads/brains, and bodies and consciousness which automatically produces that third thing, that third state of unified being which can be, if it desires to, much more androgynous looking. Many higher dimensional beings look this way for these reasons. They’ve totally integrated all polarity within themselves and are something beyond them.


      • Found your comments on past lives as Native Americans so true. Known that one for a long time. I felt it since I was a kid this fasination with Native Americans and also deep pain with what happened to the culture. A few years ago I went out to a state park, a very special one and as if a hand waved in front of me to get my attention and look to my right and behind I saw a family of Native Americans, a man and I had locked eyes and there was this knowing look between us, like I knew what was up and so did he. Iv had the same feelings in California as well as New England. Iv taken pictures on our farm, one were forced to sell now but this has been our, post shall I say, I took some pictures in the back and many people whov seen it say it reminds them of a native american. tTeres a medicine womens spirit there.

        here it is just for fun http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=2676207&albumID=75203&imageID=58594841

        • jlcrowley,

          What a beautiful and powerful photo that is. And yes, you do radiate the feel of past life NA energies and connection to Earth.

          I’ve discovered that most of the current Lightworkers/Starseeds etc. have had one or more past lives in Lemuria, Atlantis, very ancient Egypt, North/Central/South America as native Indians, and of course a sprinkling of later period past lives in certain parts of Europe. But we are, in many cases, these “ancients”, these “Elders” from other cultures and tribes. I’ve experienced the same thing you mentioned about you and the NA Indian man locking eyes and talking, sensing, knowing from your souls’ about each other and that, despite your Caucasian skin this time around, you are still an Indian yourself.

          Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo. 🙂


  • Denise-
    I’m always surprised to read that someone else had similar symptoms. You’d think I’d get used to it, but I never do.

    Last Thursday through Saturday, I felt awful – like, depressed and sort of listless & hopeless and weepy. I remember wondering if something might be going on, but dismissed it…mostly.

    Saturday afternoon, I was on my way to the humane society with a neighborhood kitty who’d been abandoned when his owners moved out – I’m sooo conflicted about this, but I couldn’t keep him, and no one else volunteered a home – I, literally, cried all the way there, while standing in line, all the way home and after I returned home, too. They must have thought I was unhinged. I actually felt kind of unhinged.

    Later that day, I read online about the 3 massive earthquakes off of Indonesia just a few hours earlier. I didn’t check the precise timing, but it was close enough to be very unsettling… (unsettling!! there’s a little seismic humor for you!) 🙂

    Thanks for another interesting post~

    PS – my sleep has been disrupted in 30 minute intervals.

    • Hi daffodil1209 and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      There were 3 big earthquakes off of Indonesia last week? I heard about one large one there but not the others. Makes sense.

      We had a 5.7 earthquake here in SoCal near the Mexico border last night (9:30 pm) and within two hour of it there were twenty-four other smaller aftershocks! It literally quivered for hours here last night. The 5.7 was an aftershock to the Easter 7.2 one at the Mexico/California border. They said on the TV news last night that there have been 10,000 aftershock earthquakes since the April Easter one. All is well however…just exhausting in it’s own way.


  • Been reading here however first post. Just had to say Denise about being spot on about the weather. I am here in the Northern part of Florida and it gets hotter than hell if you will. I came back from North Carolina last year which was hot but not so humid like Florida. Well two things i said to Spirit in the move last year was no more moving with stuff, tired of packing stuff, so since i’ve been here i have dumped all stuff and #2 was no more blistering hot humid weather. Now in fact when i left NC last year i heard from Spirit that my next move will be Southern California so was sure glad to hear this about the weather there. So glad you read Kryon to validate for you as i read you today and so validated for me what happened for me here-I turned on the radio about 2:00pm and the announcer says it is 95degrees, hell it ain’t even summer yet and scorching i say, though he mentioned rain. Well about 3:30 the sky darkened, thunder roared lightening flashed, then a super downpour and cooled things right down. LOL-I was sitting at the computer and it clicked as a flash of lightening peeled through the window where i was sitting, jumped up with key board sailing, lost two of my keyboard keys in that- Decided to lie down during the storm, got really chilled, somewhat cold, so i say now what is that about as i have been burning the sheets off my bed lately so much body heat,i hear the word “BLESSINGS” from Spirit! Yes!and what a blessing!
    I loved this piece thanks for writing it!


    • tobispirit,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. I’m glad you’ve decided to Comment. 🙂

      Yeah there’s been an unfolding of learning’s or understanding more aspects and pieces the past two or three weeks here. I’ve just been following my nose and High Heart and writing about what is happening in the moment to help us all better understand how interconnected things really are and how we are functioning as a Group, as a new 5D Community already just online! It’s very exciting because it means it well become physical Communities soon now.

      Gads, watch those lightening bolts and get a power surge bar for your puter if you don’t already have one. We don’t want you getting fried! 😉 The heat and cold and heat and cold thing is you being transmuting by the alchemical ascension Fires.


        • tobispirit,

          I saw that headline this morning when I went online and had a good giggle actually. It was a sign! The fish are dead…long live the Waves.

          I did not make the connection to your lightening close encounter yesterday however. Uranus is in Aries and all sorts of weird things like this will could happen, hopefully hitting some folks right in their heads to help them make the Age shift for starters.


        • Denise,

          It’s already doing some interesting works. I really think it has a badass personality:

          • Lightning struck a tank at a gas tank farm in Greensboro:

          • Struck a ship in the Gulf of Mexico that was involved in an attempt to clean up the disaster. It may be “spanking” these idiots for even polluting the waters in the first place and having mamma Earth bleeding… so that they won’t do it again…??? lol Or maybe the Universe was saying: “Y’all are too slow. STEP ON IT!” LOL

  • Hi Denise,

    Yeahhhhh… like just recently I “commanded” the Universe for rain… LOTS of rain… after months of drought and dry hot weather. It came JUST the way I envisioned it. And… I was NOT surprised when it finally came. 😀

    Now I’m envisioning of me flying… literally and physically soaring through hills with strawberry fields… in replace of concrete boxed homes. Love it. ^_^ … and I intend on focusing there. It’s… just… lovely.

    Hugs and love to all here on Earth,
    Lou Ann

    • Lou Ann –

      Not that the homes have disappeared, but I bought a half flat of strawberries last week in ‘Strawberry Valley’ direct from a grower and they were probably the best I’ve had since my grandpa used to go pick them himself back in Wisconsin some 25 years ago. I’d been feeling a strong blueberry vibe in Tennessee and a strong strawberry vibe since I got home, wanting to make jam and wine and shortcake and really celebrate the sweet bounty.

      Thank you for investing in the berry vibe,


        • Next stop to replace boxed homes: hobbit/tree/cob/permaculture/earthy houses for all and for free.

          LOVING it! ^_^

          Lou Ann

  • May Goddess bless you with great good coming to you gently and easily.
    I have been so jittery, I can hardly stand myself and I get your post. Thank you for sharing. Knowledge is wisdom. I pray for the outcome that helps Mother heal and hurts the fewest animals and people.
    So glad to know something big is coming.
    Hugs Gwen in New Mexico

  • Denise,

    Thank you for this post. I’m also feeling these energies building. I’ve had very little sleep the past few nights too — being jolted awake when almost asleep, basically all night long.

    Also, I read the Kryon channeling about 30 minutes before I read your post, love the synchronicity of that! Reading both of these helped explain something that has baffled me for a while. Three years ago I went on a day adventure trip on Kauai. My group stopped at a view point of Mt. Wai’ale’ale and the guide wanted to play a short, fun social game. We were each supposed to say what magical power we would wish for. Since I am not a social butterfly, my mind was panicking as the question went from person to person, and of course when it was my turn my mind was completely blank. I intended to stall for more time to think, but instead when I opened my mouth “I” said, “I want to control the weather” and quickly shut my mouth. WTF? I thought, where did that come from? The guide said something like, “Well, that’s a new one, never heard that before.” I know it was supposed to be some superficial social game, but I had a deep feeling like I had just proclaimed something very important to the universe.

    So my question is, how do we use these powers in a way that without a doubt is in harmony with the Earth? I’m feeling the truth about “the greater the power, the greater the responsibility” very strongly now.

    More synchronicity — as I type this now, my daughter asks me, “Mom, do you want the sun to come out and play with you?” I nod my head, and so she breaks into song about getting the sun to shine. Now she wants me to join in.

    Lastly, I wanted to mention that I also live on the Ring of Fire, in the Pacific Northwest. So when I read about the Southern California energy being directed up to Mt. St. Helens in 1980, it made sense, and also made me a bit nervous. Perhaps it is just my jumpy mind, but I really hope that your readers and higher dimensional, non-physcials take into consideration that the building Earth energies can be balanced without shipping lots of it up here to us near Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Adams. I think it would be better directed elsewhere rather than to the mountain with the largest glacial system in the continental United States (Mt. Rainier). We are already having thousands of “ice quakes” happening on Mt. Rainier. Perhaps working together, and with the Earth, there can be a very beneficial and joyful outcome for all with this building energy.

    And what do you know, the sun is now shining.

    • happysummermorning,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your experiences and I really enjoyed the Kauai story and wanting to control the weather. And, aren’t kids amazing how they tune right in to what’s happening?

      Let me clarify what I mean about Mt. Saint Helens and earthquakes being redirected etc. (Last year or so I wrote a post here about this experience if interested.) Because that earthquake transfer happened way back in 1980 (prior to the ascension) with other nonphysical beings, I certainly do NOT mean that this same thing is happening now, or will soon in the near future. I was just using my past clairvoyant experience as a witness to them doing that as an example.

      Today, after everything people like us have been through via our ascension process, polarity resolution, and continued consciousness expansions etc., many of US are now taking the place of these past nonphysical beings and planetary assistants etc. because we are now the ones capable of doing that type of creative energy work. You are totally correct in sensing ” the greater the power, the greater the responsibility…”. We’ve all stepped up a few more positions so to speak and many of us are now going to be the “guides” to other people, and/or the “overseers” and planetary watchers and “caretakers” of our new ascended 5D Earth. So your desire to control the weather isn’t as far out sounding as you may have thought at first. 😉 In ancient days…Goddess Consciousness times…humanity had a very different relationship with Earth/Gaia, ETs, Starbeings, multidimensionality etc. They (us) knew that everything was interconnected and they could intentionally affect, direct, and to certain extent control what the Earth did and where, when, and so on. With us integrating and resolving polarity and everything else, we are re-gaining that ancient knowledge, awareness and conscious interaction with Earth/Gaia and what she does and where and when etc.

      About the current earthquakes: From what I can tell now, much but not all of the larger earthquakes are happening either out in the ocean somewhere so that people won’t be killed by them, or they’re happening in more remote locations for the same reasons. I sense that this conscious intentional directing of many of the current and needed earthquakes is happening with the help of certain Lightworkers/Starseeds who know already how to create at this level. (I just did some of this tonight concerning the oil spill in the Gulf and the people responsible for it. We can now immediately intervene (energetically I mean now as in “conscious creating” and co-creating) and demand/intend/create that certain things be changed, be re-directed, people be held accountable, stopped, that reality be improved etc. for the highest good of all. If we’re off or coming from an egoic place when doing this (intending from the High Heart), it simply won’t happen physically. But, if we are functioning from that very high place within our 5D selves…reality changes now…because of us. There’s that power/responsibility you’re sensing. 🙂

      Hugs & ESPAVO,

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