Etheric Attachments & Possessions

This is another of those topics that isn’t openly discussed much, if at all, by most in the Ascension Community. If you’ve read A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010), then you know that I talked a lot about the Dark side of being a Forerunner, First Wave Lightworker Starseed as well as the Light side. Typically, the “fluffy” people don’t want to go there or acknowledge that there even is a Dark, negative side within the old lower 3D world of Duality. I know from plenty of personal experiences over the decades that encounters with the Dark negative simply goes with the territory of being a Forerunner/Lightworker/Lightwarrior within Duality.

I’ve said before that I’ve had plenty of contact, conscious interactions, conscious dream or out-of-body interactions, battles as in psychic attacks, plus potent and impressive educations at the hands of dedicated negative Dark nonphysical, nonhuman, beings/entities/demons etc. They have taught me a lot during my lifetime and, believe it or not, I am grateful because I know that level of energy and consciousness and how it functions extremely well now. “Fluffy” people do not and that’s why they’re easily and repeatedly tricked and fooled by certain people, teachers, New Age information, channeled messages and so on. They haven’t yet learned how to discern for themselves the differences between the Light and the Dark energetically and that makes anyone an easy target for all sorts of negative happenings.

I can instantly detect Dark, evil, negative self-focused energies in multiple dimensions, in humans and nonphysical, non-human beings from just a tiny bit of negativity to the OMFG run for your life!!! amounts of it. And just like with the higher frequency Light side, there are very distinct characteristics and ways in which negative non-physical beings and negatively focused humans function, act, think and perceive. If you’re familiar with this you can spot and feel them a mile away, and they can do the same with your Light-filled, bright n’ shiny ass too remember! We Lightworkers/Lightwarriors/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Indigos literally glow in the Dark so don’t forget that important fact.

As you read this next section please remember that I’ve always been psychic/clairvoyant/empathic/claircognizant so it’s not unusual for me to clairvoyantly See things, beings, devices etc. that are different, weird, scary or shocking—or on the other end of the spectrum—to See Lightbeings, ETs, Angelic beings and higher dimensionals that are amazingly beautiful.

Last month I was driving home from shopping and there was a man who looked to be in his twenties walking on the sidewalk heading towards me. At first I thought he was a monster, a Dark negative non-human something off to my right side of the road. In the next second I realized it was a human man walking on the sidewalk. The next thing I automatically do when I See dual, superimposed images like this is to discern and switch into higher viewing and sensing mode and look, feel and sense whatever it is that’s more than what it first appeared to be.

Once I shifted my level of perception in this way, I could easily see and feel that the man was possessed by a lowly, Dark negatively charged and focused non-physical being. (I am not talking about dead humans or “ghosts” but about other non-physical, non-human beings/entities/demons etc.) He was another human who had—for whatever his personal reasons—checked out years ago and because of that he’d allowed a non-physical Dark negative parasite being to etherically attach itself to him. This was why I saw two beings; the etheric monster looking entity, and secondly the more dense physical human male.

If you can See clairvoyantly then you know that Dark, negative, other-dimensional beings/entities are often seen as transparent layers—like onion skins—on top of the human’s physical body. You can see the physical human but you can also See any non-physical, non-human, other-dimensional being/entity that has attached itself to that human and usually why. The why is usually always the same. The human vacated their body for whatever their personal reason(s) — extended alcohol use, pharmaceutical and/or illegal “street” drug use, sudden shock or trauma, extreme fear, war or fighting traumas, fractures of the personality etc.

When a human repeatedly exits their physical body to intentionally get drunk, high or “wasted“, or some other form of personality fracture due to any number of severe emotional shock/trauma type events, they literally open their energetic front door, leave the lights on inside and walk away. When a person repeatedly, and for extended periods of time does this, they are easily seen and felt by the negative lower frequency non-physical beings/entities and many of them simply walk in that wide open front door and take up residence etherically. It’s that easy and fast for humans to unknowingly allow lower nonphysical beings/entities into their lives, their physical and energetic spaces, their physical homes and their consciousness and all of their bodies (physical and energy).

In years and decades past, I’ve felt negative little Dark shits as I call them—those numerous less developed negative Dark energies and beings, not the big, well-developed negative Alien beings, demons etc.—trying to attach to me when I’ve suddenly become frightened or surprised by something in the physical world, such as a driver running a red light in front of me. Talk about having to learn how to maintain a higher frequency while still surrounded in the old lower 3D world by these negatively charged, negatively focused beings! [See A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution to read about and see an illustration of one of my most severe and lengthy demonic attacks from 2000–2004.]

In other words, if you want out of your body, understand very clearly that something entirely negative is more than ready and willing to get in, attach, stay, run and manipulate your life, your mental focus, emotions and everything else it can including your loved ones, family members, children, neighbors, co-workers and so on. This is why trying to get out of our bodies holds a big risk in 3D Duality; there’s usually something very Dark ready to attach itself energetically and then mess with not only you, but as many other people in your life as it can. These etheric beings are etheric viruses and parasites and it’s much more difficult to get rid of one once it’s attached itself to someone. Just like you wouldn’t go into certain neighborhoods because some of them are very dangerous and not a match to you and your energies and consciousness, the very same thing applies to non-physical neighborhoods. There are certain lower frequency ranges (these non-physical neighborhoods) where matching or like-frequency beings exist, and if you wander into that lower frequency range, that lower vibrating neighborhood, then you need to know that the locals will see and feel you immediately and will try to walk in your front door (any energetic etheric opening you’ve got), attach to you, and take over you and your life. So instead of just getting out of your body for a while for whatever your reasons, you often risk becoming a lifelong physical human puppet to one or more of these negative etheric beings/entities.

So why am I talking about this ugliness now at this late date within the Ascension Process? Have you watched the world and local news lately?! Because there is a growing shit-storm of this type of thing happening now (and has been for many years) and I believe it will continue to increase with the “falling” of the old lower patriarchal world of Duality and all of its systems, beliefs, money, power, consciousness etc. As that old lower negative world reality continues to disintegrate and die away, many people around the planet who don’t know about the current Ascension or compressed evolutionary Process and dimensional shift and are not living this process but clinging to the old lower ways and consciousness, those people will become increasingly frightened, angry, worried, hateful, imbalanced mentally and emotionally and wide open energetically. That along with the Dark negative beings losing the planet will cause an increase in these types of etheric attachments and/or possessions. I clairvoyantly saw this time and phase we’re in now way back in the mid 1970’s. It was not pleasant seeing so many people producing so much fear, hate, insanity, emotional and mental imbalances and opening themselves in different ways — intentionally through escapism tools such as drugs and alcohol, but also just through fear and fragmenting themselves and general stupidity and/or lack of awareness.

I do not want to frighten anyone reading this or to produce any lower frequency energies either but this information needs to finally be talked about so that you’ll know that “crazy person”, or that angry, violent, emotionally imbalanced person losing it over there is most likely controlled, owned and operated by an unseen negative being or entity. We cannot assume that we’re only dealing with a disgruntled, fearful or angry human at this point. We must consider the possibility that they’ve got unseen negative company pouring gas on a fire to produce more energetic flames/fuel in more people to feed off them as well. This is how this negative stuff works and we’ve reached the point in the Ascension Process where we need to stay out of the line of fire. That’s not a problem if you’re vibrating within a higher and faster frequency range—which you are because you’re reading this! But this is a reminder, a psychic heads-up that this sort of separating of the planetary wheat from the chaff is part of the Ascension Process. Keep your eye and High Heart on the end results and within the energetic eye of the storm and don’t allow yourself to fall back down or be pulled or in any way(s) manipulated into the old lower world and all its current craziness and fear and you’ll be just fine.

Denise Le Fay

May 26, 2010

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21 thoughts on “Etheric Attachments & Possessions

  • Hi Denise,

    I am very pleased to have been directed by a friend to your site. I am someone who has unwittingly attracted and interacted with dark beings since I was a child — not because of substance abuse, or a specific conscious interest in these beings, but because these experiences have clearly been a part of my path to walk. As a result, I have first hand experience with possession, attachment and release, as well as attacks of all kinds in both 3D, and 4D (dream state). In any event, my friend recommended that I post to your comments section a dream encounter I had yesterday night in which I found myself helping a single mother and her children overcome a group of dark beings that were encroaching on her home in the lower astral. It was a very interesting dream, and I woke up feeling as if there was more to come. In any event, rather than writing down the specifics of the dream, I would just like to add that it’s refreshing and encouraging to find a fellow lightworker who deals with the controversial subject of dark beings in an open, honest and enlightened way as you do. And by the way, I love your terminology “fluffy’s.” I so relate!!! Also, in case any of your readers are looking for help and support with attachments and earth-bound spirits, as part of my ascension journey, I was recently moved to offer my services for free through my website:

    Many blessings to you and all who read this,


  • Hi Denise,
    I think that perhaps this is the first time that I have ever written a reply to anyone on the internet, so forgive for I am new, but this situation calls for it I believe.
    I have recently ended or have been attempting to end a relationship with a negative entity that has attached itself to a man that claims to be doing shaktipat for people here in my town. I had this shaktipat done about four months ago and ever since then I have been feeling almost allergic to the world, extremely depressed etc. Everyone at the ‘meditation’ center was saying that it was just a by product of the karmic cleansing I was undergoing and that I would soon pass out of it. However I finally went to my naturopath last week and when I was describing the situation did kinethesiology on me and informed me of the negative aspects of the energy that I had attached myself too. Apparently, in exchange for quick karmic ascension it was sucking out my energy and trying to free me from my body, hence my allergy to the world.

    So right there and then I did a meditation that I made up on the spot and freed myself from the attachment to the energy. Immediately I felt full of life like I hadn’t in so many months. Trouble is, apparently I was a tasty morsel for this energy and it doesn’t want to let me go without a fight. In fact, it is not me that I am worried about. Last night at 315 during the full moon an energy entered my boyfriends room and possessed him -scanning him from head to toe, he was paralyzed during the experience because I was trying to wake him but his eyes were open and he could not speak but his breathing was rapid. He said later that he could sense that the energy was trying to find a place to nestle in him. Also, it has been severely messing with the emotional bodies of everyone around me in an attempt to get me to reconnect with it. So, my question is, what can I do to protect my loved ones, I am not concerned about myself but I have a small niece and family who I live with and I don’t want it messing with them. Any advice?
    Thank you!

  • -:¦:- Hi Everyone, -:¦:-

    One of the vital things I’ve learned (often the hard way of the Indigo Tribe) about being on a ‘spiritual journey’ throughout my life is not to become so spirit-polarized that I forget that my emotional body, my divine WILL, is the vibratory center of my very being, and by nature is highly magnetic.

    If I don’t vibrate my deeper strata of feelings, especially the ones which are unpleasant and don’t quite tuck in all nice and neat into the glossy ‘spiritually-evolved’ box called ‘Stay Cool, Spirit’s Got It All Under Control’, then I’m just irresponsibly dumping a whole toxic shitload of denied-self content into the void for all the lower-level monsters to chomp on greedily.

    One of the reasons I’ve stayed so long on this blog with y’all is that I can hear, feel, sense and I just ‘knOOooow’ that there is a wonderful balance of spirit and will here, polarities which meet in the High Heart and unify in powerful ways here. For me, there is no other path to true enlightenment but this.

    I look everything that triggers me square in the eye, and I’m rarely vacantly neutral about what I experience, because feeling my authentic emotional spectrum is incredibly empowering to multi-d me. I’m ALL about embodiment. Roots. Ascension IN BODY, not OUT OF BODY. It’s NEVER worked for me to ignore anything which ripples in me, over me or around me or to ‘turn a blind eye’ to something which is having an energetic impact on me or my field.

    The difference these days is that I’ve moved so much of my inner emotional caca in Phase I, that I’m not so cluttered with unresolved content. The solarbelly flares which DO happen now are usually very direct, precise,well-knowing and short-lived. Emotional recovery time is almost immediate, without the hangover, burnout or the need to do too much damage control in the vicinity.

    The highest protection I know is the raw Truth about my OWN core experience, and an unwavering knowing that I am a Daughter Diva of the Universe, here to Lead with Light, not Might. And if I walk alone for a time, so be it……….though Tribe is such a Heart warming place to dwell together. 🙂

    Espavo Everyone, to Knowing Your Truth As It Is, Here Now!
    Love in Oooodles,

  • Oh the nasties do exist and they can come from a kind of bleed over or dripping residue from people you know. I know because that is what happened to me (or tried to happen)in long long ago and far far away–or it seems so now–but, I had a friend who had done drugs in his youth and was now doing alcohol to his detriment who was constantly fighting the removal of big and little nasties. Making a long story short, I had one of those try to attach itself to me. I felt a scratchy kind of feeling on my back just below my shoulder and was passing a mirror at the time, and there it was an evil monkey looking creature (uglier than the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz) with an arrowhead like point on its tail getting ready to spear me. At which point it was not just no but hell no on my part and I pitched it back to the fires of creation to be reformed. When I mentioned this to the friend (before I knew about his own personal bouts with them)he mentioned that he had seen one on another friend of his (monkey on the back is a real possiblity) and that person’s personality had drastically changed. He could see it but most others only perceived it as a hump on the guys back. Drs. couldn’t figure out what the hump was and said it was benign. This friend and I drifted apart (mostly because I consciously began to distance myself) and later I wondered if he might not be the reason for the other person having the monkey as well. I don’t think he did this intentionally, you might even look at it like Typhoid Mary kind of syndrome where he is a carrier. He was not a bad person, just someone who had messed up his life with addictions and opened himself up to a lot of dark nasties. I just didn’t care to catch the “nasties” from him. So, yeah, they are out there and ready to pounce in lots of ways.

  • Oh Man! This is huge! I’ve been dealing with this for so many years and yeah, I know when I tell people about some of my experiences, they look at me and you can tell they want to pat me on the back and say, “There, there. You’ll be ok” I have sensed dark entitites since I was a kid, when my grandmother used to tell me to make the sign of the cross with my fingers and yell at them to leave in the name of God! And that seems easy compared to what I’ve been bumping up against lately!

    So Denise, anyone, everyone – what the hell do you do when you have people in your life that are so dark, so awful? Not just friends, because I’ve been able to shake a lot of them off, but family, damn it! There they are, stuck in your face, trying to suck you in to their darkness and all the family drama that comes with them. I call them emotional vampires and some of them I think are sociopathic – no conscience, no feelings, just stuck in their own shit – you get the picture. Just when I feel like I’m holding my own – bam! Either the phone rings or they show up at my door with their bags of garbage and negativity, giving away free guilt trips. I just DON’T want to fix them anymore, I don’t want to be part of their drama, I just want peace.

    I digress. IS there anything that can be done for these dark humans? Once they are so sucked into the darkness, is there any hope or help for them? Or should I just meet them at the door with a cross? This is so difficult, for me anyway. I’ve always been the “fixer” but I really really don’t want to fix any more, but I also really really don’t know what to do, other than run and hide!
    Love Chrys

    • Chrys,

      You’re right, this topic is huge and very important and because of what you and some other readers have said about this, I’m writing a follow-up post that deals with what you’ve brought up. I’ll get it written and publish it today. Thanks for sharing and being so honest about a really painful, frustrating, and confusing ascension learning and decision. 🙂


    • Hey Everyone

      I just wanted add:

      Those among us who are a part of the Family of Light have more than likely all had a high rate of these types of encounters with the dark forces beginning in their earliest years. But again, this is something that we have been programmed to dismiss, ignore, and downplay due to the confines of 3D reality. And most everyone appears to be left scratching their head’s a large portion of the time completely at a loss as to what the hell they’re in the midst of and how best to handle it
      — and again, why these discussions are truly invaluable, esp at this time!

      I know from experience that the dark factions usually begin their hi jinx with those of the light very, very early on, partially as a means to weaken those that they are the most threatened by and wear them down and lessen their beautiful brilliant spirits. And I sense it has worked many times over, sadly, although not always the case, thankfully.

      But given that idea, I think those beings who do come here shining so brightly and do have those crazy experiences are often left wondering soon enough if it was just a case of their imaginations running amok, or perhaps a very, very lucid nightmare this side of the lowliest part of Hell.

      For one thing, those that have been through this soon begin to question themselves b/c they realize in no time that those surrounding them, parental figures, family members, teachers, and friends are not really watching the same ballgame a lot of times. When there is some discussion and willingness to actually share what has occurred, the experiencer is many times left feeling that they have to quit talking about it and keep it in check and to start acting, behaving, and perceiving the way that everyone else does. Sadly, the issues they raise are quickly dismissed, partially out of lack of understanding, and fear, which leaves the child with that very distinct feeling of being both very alone and very different.

      So those of the light brigade are often at a loss as to what’s what, and worse if they do have some idea that they are under attack, are completely unsure as to what they need to do to protect themselves.

      This is exactly what happened to me at a fairly early age. I can only say that I believe that I was being guided every step of the way, as well as protected, too, but wasn’t aware of it consciously. I would just get these hunches that came out of nowhere as to what would help and aid me and basically also how to act to fend off any more attention from the dark. I learned very early on to play dumb and if I was up against something along the lines of what Tieshla described previously with the lawn guy, I would actually put on the old poker face and keep right on going past without batting an eye. Reacting seems to just feed it somehow, whereas if you play possum, it seems to work out better in disarming the situation pronto – although it is often not possible to do, the more you can hide the fear, the better you are able to put an end to the tormentor’s B.S.

      By no means am I simplifying things – these experiences are often very, very disturbing, but I believe in a way they are a means that our Higher Selves put along our path truly as a means for us to discover and to stay in our power, and to learn how to maneuver through those dark corridors filled with all those monsters that are undeniably a very important aspect of reality here on the planet. It’s part of surviving here, and I think that some of us (me being one in particular) have often had these set ups happen in order for us to be forced into confronting the nastier darker crap so that we can step up more fully and shine all the brighter!

      There are many, many tools out there to help keep ourselves energetically safe, clean, and tuned up. The problem is when we get so focused on having to constantly be on high alert and in a state of paranoia in always having to protect ourselves, we inevitably do our selves a dis-service b/c we end up in the stance of fear – always on the lookout for the next creepy crawly or foul family vampire who is out to suck us dry. I have found that there has to be a healthy balance in keeping it as real and be as honest with ourselves as we can, and to keep our perspectives in check, or else we can inevitably end up magnetizing that which we are in fact trying to avoid all the more!

      ~ Robin

      • Robin,

        THANK YOU FOR THAT ONE! The Family of Light runs into the Family of Dark constantly as would be expected in a world where polarity has been the only game in town for Ages. But the current ascension process and dimensional shift takes this whole Light/Dark polarized situation to another level – sometimes a life and death level for many of us – that few ever talk about publicly. This is why I too love, love, love when you share like this. 🙂

        Hugs & ESPAVO,

  • Hi Denise and to all,

    Your post is very necessary for such times. There can be never enough thank you’s. 🙂

    I have always had a big question mark hovering over me about demons and demonic possession. You make it quite frank and a matter-of-factly… when I was so used to reading and hearing it in a very serious manner.

    When I was four years old… I used to see the Soul World nice and naturally. People from the other realm—ghosts, guides, angels and spirits—just came and went through the room or underneath the cherry tree in the backyard… sometimes even saying “hello” or waving at me … as if it’s no biggie…. like a walk in the park.

    But over the years… that Soul World has been closed off from me due to very distorted understandings about it coming from the adult/material world. My early childhood houses were always being demonically possessed by dead home-dwellers. Up to now I still do not know whether or not I was ever possessed by a mischievous demon… or a harmless guide… but my mum bear witnessed to it and I can’t help but wonder how distorted her report was due to her catholic up-bringing. Wish I could go back in time to see what exactly happened back then. So much distortions surrounding the Soul/Spirit World. Just look at documentaries about haunts on modern t.v.

    Since then I have no knowing what really to do if I ever encountered these dark entities in real Life. Always fascinated and out-of-my-shitty-mind mortified by it at the same time. I could NEVER get myself to watch that classic 70s movie, “the Exorcist”. Had to have my little sisters there to watch “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” the other night… but it scared me, shitless nevertheless. Always had very distorted understandings about it. Always until now… it’s coming to light thanks to this post. ^_^ It sounds like you’re downright encouraging us to stay in our centre… bring out the Warrior within us and display the no-nonsense approach to them… shedding no fear for them to feed on whatsoever. I guess my basic spiritual extinct would know what to do… if I ever encountered one…

    Being no longer in the morally/traditionally bent christian ways… I have silently wondered what others who have evolved way beyond the Piscean lifestyle has to say about the demon/lower world.

    Denise: you have shed a light for me… in the right place at the right time. I have always enjoyed your post … always looking out for the latest comments and posts as the months go by… because quite often it shedding lots of light for me. Thanks a million.

    Few years ago I’d be too scared out of my wits to even read something like this. Now I’m ready: I’ve been in acute dread throughout May and has intensified very very recently… as in today. However I noticed that it just felt like… the dreaded feeling isn’t really mine… not mine at all. It was toying with my uncertainty… but being detached from it made me realize it was far more than that. I have sense it’s the work of the planets… and it is…!

    Now I’m reading Tieshla’s and your comment about these moon phases… in sync with what I just read in my email… before I read this post. Wow: that’s planetary AND collective fear consciousness at play here: my mum just warned me over the phone that there have been sudden break-ins and shootings in local neighborhoods for no apparent reason. She demanded me to close my kitchen door at nights from now on. I abruptly told her to not tell me anymore about such things: I tend get VERY sensitive to ANY negative/fear energy very very easily. I know such things exists but not in my circle. That’s their reality that’s been toying at them on t.v. I don’t watch the news for that particular reason. Need my sanity in tact that’s what. Just too much negatives flying around from the tele screen and IN the Caribbean region at large now. Just can’t bear it right now… >__< Let's get this on and over with baby!!!!!

    Hang in there everyone. 😀
    Lou Ann

  • Thanks Denise, I recently had an over the top psychic attack from my mother. She visited for over a week and by the end of the week, my husband, kids and myself were really fu**ed up. I knew that she drained us, and I allowed it, but it was just over the top this time. I had a trying time of trying to set boundaries (difficult when it has been a life time of manipulation) but will have no choice next time as it nearly killed me. I felt like I was invaded by the most disgusting, invasive energy and it was difficult to get rid of. I ended up burning everything I could find that was a present from her and got rid of all toys that had been given to my kids as I just felt that they were little energy vortices of life sucking energy.I wonder if anyone else has had these experiences with “close” relatives and has positive ways of dealing with it? Thanks Denise for all of your info. It has helped me realise I am not alone. xxooo love kayzeeee

    • kayzeeee,

      I haven’t had any family member pull this type of psychic vampirism and emotional controlling BS…but I’ve certainly encountered people who have. If I may be very bold, I would suggest that you’re next move be something along the lines of telling Mom that she cannot come to YOUR house. If everyone wants to get together, then you and your husband and kids go to her house so non of that lowly negative energy game play infects you or them or YOUR home.

      Just like we put locks on our physical doors and windows, the sensitive people have to keep etheric energy locks around their homes, their property, their cars, their pets and so on. It just goes with the territory of being a sensitive/psychic/empath and also with being a Lightworker/Starseed etc. And with the ongoing ascension process, it becomes increasingly clear to each of us that we can no longer tolerate, endure, put up with, or go back down vibrationally for very long at all without serious and immediate physical consequences! Eventually, it is simply not worth the pain and exhaustion and even illness and so we’re forced to not allow many things/people/places/foods/consciousness etc. into our lives, homes, bodies, minds etc.

      Keep up the great work and you are one strong woman. 🙂

      • Hi Denise,
        After your post on this, it inspired me to make a conscious decision to no longer take part in any of my mothers psychic attack BS. I have found it easy to do this with friends or strangers but I just didn’t realise I would have to be soo forceful and have such a clear intent for my mother. I wrote a page long intent of giving and receiving energy in healthy ways and retaining my own energy. That night I had a “dream” of being in a hospital type environment to have green glump removed via a tube from my stomach. I couldn’t believe that I had to have 5 barrels of glump removed and I couldn’t believe where it was coming from. The quantity was unbelievable to me in the dream. Anyway I woke the next day feeling great and then received a phone call from my mum with so many guilt trips and trying soooo hard to attatch herself or draw some life from me it wasn’t funny. I used to have compassion for her and have tried to help in the past but I don’t now. Ive got nothing. SO, hopefully this will continue to be the case. I do feel that I will have to be on guard continually which is hard work! Thanks for the inspiration !
        love kayzee xx

        • kayzee,

          Good for you! Our most intense karma and life learning’s usually happen with our family members.

          Here’s a link to a great animation about the chakras and what physical organs they each rule and the emotional psychological issues with each and so on. Move your cursor over the image of the human to rotate it and also move through all of the chakras. There’s more information about each chakra at the bottom of the page if interested. Take a good look at the Solar Plexus chakra because that is where your dream “green glump” stuff came from.

          Keep up the great Inner Work you’re doing. Expect your mom to try to reattach energetically/emotionally/psychologically many times because you’ve allowed it in the past. Eventually she’ll realize you’re not playing the game with her any longer and she’s not getting what she wants from you. We never are able to clear one of our issues ONLY ONCE, but typically have to go back and work on it many, many times to get every bit of it purged, healed and released etc. Your dream was a huge step in doing this for yourself and you should be very proud. Just be prepared if some more shows up to be dealt with too.

          Also, just in case you haven’t read this already, please everyone read Lauren Gorgo’s latest article about how brutal May 2010 was! She is such a gem. It’s called “Climbing Out of the Rabbit Hole”.

          Hugs and ESPAVO,

  • When I wrote my book a couple of years ago, there was tremendous interference coming in working to sabatoge it. The book designed commented how she had never seen such weird energy coming in to disrupt computers, files, edits and just about everything else. It was tremendously frustrating so at one point I simply had to cut it loose knowing that I would not get all the edits in I wanted but also knowing that I just had to get it out there if I didn’t want to see the entire project flushed down the drain by who/what ever was interfering with it.


    • Kite,

      Thanks for sharing this insightful tidbit of info about your book and the energies around it. (I asked Kite – Steve to share a link to his website in another Comment because it is about his personal experiences with the “Phoenix Lights” a few years back in Arizona…and this book he wrote about it and related things.)

      The “Dark” in all of its many forms does not want “Light”- aka knowledge, information, wisdom from outside the controlled 3D reality box of lies – to mess up its hold on the old falling world. Thank goodness that it wasn’t more than what you did experience Steve!


  • Denise,

    I couldn’t agree more. I love, love, love when you post this type of stuff — it’s so intregal to the bigger picture with this stuff, and so few want to go there! I kind of get the sense for all of us like-minded light beings that we should really consider the present as well as the upcoming years as the time to stay closer to home and keep nestled safe in our domains, tend our gardens, and enjoy the simple things, the quiet, and so on until all the falling and regrouping concludes. I keep my travels presently to the minimum, and will continue to do so until further notice. It’s just to damned wierd and uncomfortable otherwise. We have a nice grouping of family run stores here on the end of the island where I now reside, and I have to say I feel blessed b/c the vibe there is always so upbeat — I never leave there drained, nor do I feel that awful overwhelming need to literally rush in and out so fast that inevitably most times leads to forgetting a portion of items I went in for in the first place, or locking my keys in the car b/c I am so frazzled.

    Tieshla — you sound like you and Denise could be related! It’s always a blast to read the banter with you two back and forth. And I so get the awful experience you had with the radio gave me the chills b/c it reminded me of a repetitive dream I used to have as a kid where I would be in the car with my mother and we would be driving somewhere and a song would start to come on the radio that would instantly give me the creepiest feeling and I would panic and try and change the station, however, either the knob wouldn’t work, or the radio would involuntarily switch back to the damned song which would keep playing louder and louder. Creeeeeepy.

    Either way, I don’t know about anyone else here, but the dark oppressiveness doesn’t quite feel as strong or the same as it did for all those many years leading up to now. It seemed to really go down several octaves in the last one or two years. I don’t know if that’s just a perceptual thing on my part or not. Any one else notice this to be the case too? Or maybe I’ve just gotten better at tuning it all out…

    ~ Robin

    • Robin,

      Thank you for saying this my dear friend because, like I’ve said, I usually sensor myself with this topic. However, because of all of these very positive Comments from so many, I just may write a bit more about the Dark side in relation to being a Lightworker/Starseed and the ascension process. It is such an important topic even though we’ve busted the Dark up considerably over the past ten and half years!

      I totally agree with what you said about saying close to home and just not putting ourselves out there in the storm, but remain in the eye of the storm where we now belong. I also know that since the fall of 2008, the Dark or negative energies have been tremendously less potent and organized like they had been throughout my entire life prior to 2008! That is the most amazing thing, and yet, most people aren’t even aware of this astonishing planetary energy change.


  • -:¦:- Hi Denise! -:¦:-

    You go, Plutonian! This is soooOOooo relevant and important to address during such volatile times as these; thank you.

    I see these kinds of human monster hosts alot unfortunately, as the homeless/ street drug population in Vancouver is one of the worst in all of Canada. I learned long ago that some of the more dangerous situations to AVOID are the frightening combinations of crack/ crystal-meth and a sketchy who is a monster-host. DON’T trigger these people…they are dark machines running on inhuman agendas.

    Recently, I was riding home on my bicycle and had a very odd experience. It seems the DarkSIde has it’s “eye” on my higher vibration these days, literally. This one day I randomly rode past a landscaper dude who was packing up his pickup truck from a hard day’s work. As I rode past him, he turned sharply toward me and flashed a multi-d eye at me, one superimposed over his human right eye with a searing gaze. This weird, larger than life eye bulged a surreality like a computer animation avatar of the guy’s real eye. It was ice blue, like his other eye and it stared at me for a split second with such fierce intensity, that I almost blurted “what the HELL are YOU?!” out loud. It was truly bizarre.

    Also, a wave of Dark came at me in a store recently, when a very disturbing song was aggressively pulsating out of the staff radio. I remember back in the mid 80’s having had an experience with an entity which liked to mess with my head via sound (as a musician, I’m acutely sensitive to the frequencies of music) and it used to make the dial on my radio go all screwy until it found a station it liked to try and arouse a fear state in me. One time it found a very demonic song where a monsterish, synthesizer affected voice kept repeating the lyrics. “Industrial Hell, Industrial Hell.’

    So, this song in the store was kinda like this song from that 80’s happening, and I immediately felt a sense of violation, like something was trying to erode my Light in the moment. I was temporarily ruffled indeed, as the sounds coming out of that store radio were so twisted and awful and demented that I wanted to hurl my wallet at it and beam my NO TRESPASSING sword of Truth at it. Everyone in the store seemed robotic and unfazed while I kept thinking the freakin radio was possessed with some lower level entity from hell. I couldn’t WAIT to leave.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve had this kind of thing happen. I assumed I was off the radar with my new 5D frequency. Apparently not!

    So, yeah. We still need to be wielding light sabers now and then, folks. We must use the Force. 😉 The Dark Side is in their Death throes and as we know, that last surge of life-force released before it kicks the bucket is always stronger than we realize. It’ll try to take something or someone out as it checks out of this reality.

    Perfect post for an almost full Moon in Scorpio tonight.
    Keeping it real, which you are always so good at, my dear.

    Much love,
    …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
    ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
    ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

    • Tieshla,

      Thank you very much for what you said above. I personally needed to hear someone else say exactly what you did.

      I sensor what I write, what I say at TRANSITIONS so often because I don’t want to frighten people or create any more fear than there already is, but, it’s been a bitch out there since late April…certainly since mid May when I felt a large wave of negativity push right into my cyber space, which pissed me off to no end. It only hung around for about four days and is gone but it was a wake up call for me too. Keep your power dry my Light Friends 😉 and your Light Saber at the ready just in case some demonic flasher type of entity tries to take you down!

      I haven’t felt or seen that level of negative energy/beings/humans/consciousness for the past year and a half or more so this recent cheesy ploy by the Dark of jumping out from behind some bush as you drive past was a real pisser to me.

      I also want to say to everyone that despite how strange sounding Tieshla’s Comment experiences may sound, I’ve experienced VERY similar types of things many times over the years. What makes right now different to past negative encounters, is that the Dark is going away because the Light as taken the planet back, and it’s pissed and fighting back as would be expected! So it’s still not all pink glitter farts, unicorns and purple butterflies yet. Soon yes, but not yet so stay sharp, be aware, don’t retire your Warrior-ness yet but keep it handy, keep it ready.

      I’d forgotten all about there being a Full Moon tomorrow at 6 Sagittarius. The real biggie is that tomorrow transiting Uranus enters 0 degrees ARIES at 6:48 pm Pacific time. THAT is a huge deal and things will really start jumpin’ now with that huge astrological change! Doing so only two hours after this Full Moon, I’d be ready for action everyone! No fear, just aware. 🙂

      Thanks Tieshla,
      Big Hugs of Love,

      Fuck the monsters! 😆

  • “Light-filled, bright n’ shiny ass” and “fluffy’s” 🙂 haha love it!! you are such classic, even when writing about something pretty intense – thankyou Denise! I’ve been reading all your posts haven’t made any comments of late but with gusto have also read ALL the comments and as always feel so blessed to be part of this group of amazing “glow in the dark” peeps…. 😀

    keep on keeping on – keeping it real and heart felt!
    much love sista and to you all soul fam…

    • Renee-kiflow,

      Hi you and welcome to TRANSITIONS and I’m so glad you’ve decided to say hi. 🙂

      Yes the Comments are sometimes even better than my original article or post, which is great! I’m glad we all can share and interact like this here.

      Big Hugs and ESPAVO to you too,

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