You, Me & ETs In Multi-D


I first met Stu on a forum in late 2007. We connected through certain posts on that forum and talked back and forth a few times over a period of a couple of months. Then one night, probably in early 2008, I had a lucid or conscious dream in which I wanted to locate another young woman—Jay—whom I’d met in 2005–2006 at another forum. Jay and I had posted and written many forum PM’s (Private Messages) back and forth too. I knew Jay physically lived in England somewhere, but on the physical plane I did not have her actual home address. I was however determined to find Jay in this lucid dream.

Lucid dreams or being conscious and able to direct yourself and the situations in them are rarely dreams from one’s subconscious, but are instead real events that take place while you are asleep and using your dream body or astral/etheric body vehicle instead of your physical body while awake in 3D. These types of multidimensional travels, meetings, conversations and learning adventures are just as “real” as any awake event that you experience while using your physical body within physicality. We have multiple bodies and each is a vibrational match to certain dimension we go to. Actually, in most cases these multidimensional lucid dream events, meetings, conferences, and/or teachings with one or more of your Guides/Starbeings, ETs, Stellar family/Angelics/other reincarnated Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds/Wayshowers, are much more important and far-reaching than many of our awake daytime physical activities. At least this has been true prior to the start of the ascension process around 1998–1999.

As you may already know I and my physical body live in southern California. Jay and her physical body live in England, and Stu and his physical body also lives in England. In my lucid dream I found myself suddenly standing on some busy street corner in the daytime with traffic zipping all around me…driving on the wrong side of the street I might add!  In my hand I held a piece of paper with Jay’s home address on it, which in 3D physically I did not have. I stood there looking at the piece of paper with her address on it, wondering how in the world I was going to locate her house when I’ve never been to England physically. (This goes a long way in explaining why some of our lucid dreams turn into or get sidetracked into those long epic dreams where you’re struggling to get from point A to point B, but meet all sorts of weird stuff and characters along the way and never do make it to your original destination. We can sometimes become sidetracked in the etheric realm just like we can while awake in the physical!)

Suddenly in my lucid dream this young man and his girlfriend walk up to me—natives of England—and the young man asked if he could help me in any way. I told him that I was lost and not familiar at all with England and that I was there to find and talk with my friend named Jay. This young male stranger took my piece of paper with Jay’s address on it and said he was familiar with that street and that he’d be  happy to take me there. I was very grateful for his assistance, and so, off the three of us went through the streets of England, heading for Jay’s house.

There was something so kind, so familiar, so loving and helpful about this young male stranger in my lucid dream. I remember thinking how fortunate I was to have had his unexpected help in finding Jay’s house in a foreign country. I easily remembered what this young man and his girlfriend looked like after the dream ended and I woke up. Typically I’m able to remember my multidimensional (lucid dream) activities, so it wasn’t unusual for me retain the memory of this young couple upon waking. [See A Lightworker’s Mission for many more of my multi-D ET  interactions.] What comes next in this multi-D experience is unusual however, or at least it has been during my lifetime. Not so any longer thanks to the ongoing ascension process. We’ve arrived and are waking up to the fact that “we are who we’ve been waiting for” is a deep, multidimensional truth.

My lucid dream ended with this young man and his girlfriend walking me right up to Jay’s house. I thanked him repeatedly and we hugged each other like we’d known each other for years and were the best of friends and then the dream ended. It’s okay that I didn’t actually connect with Jay in this etheric plane journey, and please don’t think in that old linear 3D way because what needed to happen then did and it wasn’t about my connecting with Jay.  😉

I can’t remember now what exactly happened physically a week or so after my dream that caused Stu or I to say whatever it was that activated this whole event on the physical plane. But, through the forum that Stu and I posted at in 2007, one of us said something that caused me to wonder if Stu was the same young man that had helped me track down Jay’s house in my lucid dream! I didn’t allow Stu to described  himself to me but I immediately PM’ed him with my description of what this young man and his girlfriend looked like in my lucid dream. A few days later Stu emailed me a photo of himself and also one of his wife—and sure enough—it was them. It was Stu and not his girlfriend, but wife who had met me on that street corner in England and helped me locate Jay’s house in my lucid dream. I excitedly informed Stu in another PM that it was indeed he and his wife that were the two young people who helped my find Jay’s house. The only difference between the physical Stu (his current photograph) and how he appeared to me in my lucid dream was his hair. In my dream his hair was dark brown, thick and rather wavy. Physically Stu shaves his head or keeps it super short. That was the only difference, and his wife physically looked identical to how she appeared in my lucid dream.

Now this is a first for me in that I was able to PHYSICALLY connect with someone who I had interacted with ETHERICALLY while asleep and lucid dreaming in my etheric body. I’ve had these multi-D meetings, contacts, interactions and large-scale Lightworker/Wayshower/Starseed get-togethers with other people my whole life. I’ve also had many of my lucid dream meetings proven true after-the-fact by certain things reported about on physical TV. As a lifelong psychic, Starseed, Lightworker, I’m used to having multi-D experiences, ET/Starbeing meetings, tutoring, and remembering them, but not having anyone else (incarnate in 3D ) remember. My sister has a few times, decades ago, but that was it until Stu in early 2008. This was the first time I’d connected with the same person I’d interacted with etherically in waking life in the physical dimension. I was very excited about this because it told me that something huge had finally changed and that more and more of us like-vibrating souls would be connecting with each other multidimensionally and retaining conscious memory of the fact. That was what this lucid dream event with Stu was really all about—the current compressed evolution/ascension and reconnection with like-others now.


I’ve changed the name of the young woman to Jane only because I haven’t gotten her consent to use her real name. (We’ve all been super busy!) I have gotten her Mother’s consent to use her name, so I will; it is Robin and she writes comments here occasionally, just as Stu does. The next stage of this multi-D unfolding has to do with Stu and Jane and Robin. I heard about this meeting after-the-fact through emails from both Robin and Stu. Stu and Robin have emailed each other prior to this event, and that was probably the reason why Jane and Robin were able to make the connection back to Stu, who they have never seen physically. Stu still lives in England, and Robin and Jane live on the east coast of the US. (I hope I get all of this part of the multi-D story correct. If not, please write Comments Stu, Jane, and Robin.)

Robin emailed Stu on April 28, 2010 to tell him of an interesting telephone conversation she’d had three weeks earlier with daughter “Jane”. In this phone conversation Jane told her Mom about an “odd dream” she’d had recently. In it she found herself on board a UFO craft and that there were several beings there—“…blond Nordic types.” (Note: Robin and Jane have had many, probably lifelong ET and Pleiadian interactions and much more so this is NOT something new to either of them.) This mother daughter phone conversation continued and Jane said “…that there was this other guy there, not one of them, but darker skinned, with dark brown curly hair. He had an English accent and came over and bent down and took both of my hands in his and asked me to pray with him…” Jane told her mother that, in her UFO, Nordic-looking ET lucid dream, she had the very distinct feeling that young man was Stu!

Because in physicality Jane actually knows a few other people who live in England, Robin asked her daughter if maybe it was one of those people and not Stu. Jane responded, “No, I remember thinking clearly in the dream that it was your friend, Stu.” Robin went on and informed Stu in her email that, “The thing that really struck me was the fact, Stu, that much like Denise—she saw you astrally with dark curly hair! So I guess maybe we are all the group of us connecting, and don’t even realize it!” End of Robin’s email to Stu about what her daughter “Jane” experienced in her recent lucid dream.

On April 30, 2010 Jane emailed Stu to discuss her lucid dream with what sounds very much like 5D Pleiadians, and her and Stu meeting while on a UFO with those nonphysical Pleiadians.

“Well, to start, I can’t even begin to tell you how clear it was that it was you merely because right as I was waking from the dream, I heard a voice say very loudly, ‘Oh, that was Stu…’ very matter of factly. Oddly enough, I knew immediately that it was you, as though you were someone I see in my day-to-day life. No doubt in my mind we were in the presence of the Pleiadians.

As for why we were praying, it was a prayer for us to be more open and enlightened to the messages around us. I guess you could call it a prayer for awareness?”

So, there it is in all of its wonderful multidimensional-ness! The real hoot is that this type of thing has happened for years or decades in our lives already, especially if you have any connections to other stellar groups (Starbeings/ETs) existing in higher dimensions because you’re a Starseed/Wanderer or Lightworker yourself. This next sentence is important. If you’re a Starseed/Wanderer and/or Lightworker, then you too have had many of these types of dream state multi-D meetings, tutoring, guidance, and literal get-togethers with some 5D (and 6D, 7D, 8D) ETs/Starbeings, and also with other Starseeds/Wanderers and Lightworkers who are reincarnate on earth now because of the ascension process. So maybe you’re seeming dream state “abduction” wasn’t one at all, but just another very normal etheric, multidimensional meeting with nonphysical friends and family from your particular stellar and dimensional favorite Home station. Something to at least consider.

The next level with all of this now in Phase Two of our continued ascension or compressed evolutionary process and the many DNA, body, brain, consciousness changes is that we’re rapidly becoming more consciously aware of the fact that we are indeed really multidimensional beings who function on multiple dimensions as easily and naturally as we can walk from one room to another in our physical houses. The more the ascension process—the solar flares, CME’s, galactic energy wave transmissions or pulses that help transform our bodies and consciousness—the more consciously aware we’ll become to our functioning within multiple dimensions and our interactions with the many ETs, Starbeings, Angelics, Masters, small Groups of higher dimensional Collectives, and so on. Phase Two will help us get familiar with our multi-D natures and also with our re-entry back into “Universal Society”, now that we’ve integrated our lower aspects and energies and lived through the ascension process. My reason for this post was to try to give the readers a glimpse of actual multidimensional memories and interactions that other people and myself have had recently and why. This is the beginnings of us consciously re-entering Universal Society and being able to directly interact with different ETs, Starbeings and Other nonphysical beings. Thank you Stu, Robin, and Jane for allowing me to share your, our, personal multi-D experiences here at TRANSITIONS for the benefit of all.  And a thank you also to our Starbeing friends and kin at higher dimensional levels too.

Denise Le Fay

May 19, 2010

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17 thoughts on “You, Me & ETs In Multi-D

  • hmmm a lot of this makes sense. Someone posted that this may seem like an abduction;but not one. From what my friend says many seemingly abductions are humans visiting in their etheric bodies, no one has to abduct we naturally are attracted and go there ourselves. With a lot of mixed results. Imagine if you will, your getting ready for a days work in the lavatory and suddenly you find you are not alone and no one invited the visitor. They’re getting used to it but………still.

  • Hey everyone,

    I attempted at me being lucidly aware of my dreams recently. So far… I notice it’s odd to take notice that I transformed into an animal. Few nights ago I was a male rat that helps my rat/mice community deal with the bigger creatures call the humans. Last night I was first a human then transforming into other creatures like the “hamster”… or whatever I was that can climb caves.

    Uhhh… usually dreams are strange but now that you’ve gotten us aware of the Multi-Ds… I was curious as to what my dreams are trying to show me.

    I am fully aware that in other lifetimes I was more than just human. For instance… I did a past-life exercise where I was a male lonely penguin on Mars… taking care of my eggs in the nest. From then on I see animals very differently.

    Goes to show you how off we think we know about Life…

    Hugs and lots of love to all,
    Lou Ann

  • Thank you Denise! What a sharing – you illustrated it so well. That we consciously function in many areas simultaneously and we can consciously recall doing it. We can bring other D information right into these bodies and bridge the gaps, if that’s what we want to do. Like you said before, we’re returning to awareness of the way we already are. High time.

    What I’m noticing for me is a desire to integrate some of my selves, some of these aspects of myself. It seems like you already have integration to the degree where you’ve got continuous conciousness spread over thousands of years! You’re crossing back and forth over “barriers” and keeping a continuity of conciousness. How good can this stuff keep getting?!

    • septembo,

      Much, much gooder! :mrgreen:

      The more we resolve lower frequency polarity within ourselves, the more karma, projections, wounds of all types and so forth that we just deal with and remove the sting and importance (emotional energies) we’ve placed ON and IN them all over the years, decades and lifetimes, the faster we’re able to vibrate/exist within a much closer frequency range to our Higher Self. Doing all this tremendously expands ones sense of Self and you consciously reconnect (you always were anyway but unconsciously) with the many other aspects of your Higher Self in the forms of other past-life selves on earth across time, but also past lives or other aspects of you that exist in multiple dimensions as different beings, ETs, Starbeings, “Guides”, Angelics and so on. In other words…we have the ability, with the help of the ascension energies, to become “Ascended Masters” and reclaim far more of our parts or other aspects and their knowledge and abilities etc. It’s like having a Family Reunion and discovering that they’re all different aspects of YOU. 😉 Another way of thinking about all this is to imagine a much larger antenna or satellite dish that can pull in a vastly larger range of channels (the many other aspects of YOU existing all over as smaller you’s) which this you is then able to perceive and integrate with.

      I love quantum talk despite how difficult it is to express it adequately in written, linear words like this! But this is what’s coming for more and more of us via the ascension process and new 5D earth. Very, very cool huh?! 😀


  • Thank you, everyone, for sharing your collective story.

    I’m a bit “out of the loop” here, but within the past week, I’ve had renewed interest in lucid dreaming and astral projection. Now I know why.

    Is it necessary to master the techniques to facilitate these experiences, in order to further one’s spiritual development? I enrolled in an online course six years ago to learn how to astral project, but I became discouraged that I only reached the vibrations stage. When I read that certain psychotropic medications prohibit such experiences, I ceased my efforts entirely.

    Is anyone here in a similar situation?

    Balsamic Moon

    • Balsamic Moon,

      I started having spontaneous OBEs 14 years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. They continued in this spontaneous way even while I was taking different herbs that affect the central nervous system (St. John’s Wort for example.) Even though I read books about OBEs and tried different techniques, I was never able to produce these OBEs at will; they were always spontaneous. I’m guessing that my son’s energy somehow triggered something in me that started me on this path. So there may be triggers out there for you still. Also, have you looked into mental projection?

      Good luck!


      P.S. My moon is also balsamic.

      • That is amazing, happysummermorning. Certainly, I believe your son’s energies triggered these experiences. Did you communicate with him prenatally? Palden Jenkins shares a fascinating story of pre-birth communications on this website:

        I hadn’t realized there is a difference between astral projection and mental projection. Thanks for the tip!

        Balsamic Moon

        P.S. Many of us spiritual seekers have a Balsamic Moon because it indicates the last phase in a cycle of incarnations.

        • Surprisingly, I did not contact my son prenatally during these OBEs, at least not in a way I recognized. Probably 90% of what I have experienced during all these years of OBEs related to one subject, like I was doing a job — not exactly warm and fuzzy stuff. However, the other 10% was like exploring.

          I also think intention is important, especially since it can be hard to think while projecting and easy to react. It can be helpful to have a game plan and really try and get that plan into one’s subconscious, perhaps through repetition. Just like Denise said, it is possible to get sidetracked in the etheric realm, which happened to me a lot.

          One last thing to say just in case it helps you, most of my OBEs happened during attempted naps or in the morning after a full night’s sleep.


      • Ok I’m gonna go out walking. Uphill! Because I can’t believe this: “I’m guessing that my son’s energy somehow triggered something in me that started me on this path.”

        I had my first concious obe on my son’s 1st birthday. He was asleep in the room with me at the time. He’s a man now and he’s been “lucky” for me since the day he popped out. But I’ve never considered he might have been connected to bringing in whatever helps facilitate obe’s. And I never thought of obe’s as meaningful in any way; they were just fun. When I look at it now it seems like those experiences have been wasted on me for a long time. That is so changing now.

    • So that’s what’s happening! What I mean is in my post I had a paragraph – but deleted it – about how something else seems to be going along with this increasing awareness of simultaneous existences. It’s that I don’t care a heck of a lot about things that I used to care a whole bunch about. When I look at how I lived and what I thought 7 years ago, hey even 3 years ago, it’s like what in the world??

      So this changing values or changing perspectives or whatever it is, it’s all part of pulling out of the Dump! Part of getting it together, reconnecting. I bet there’s more bonuses like that coming. Don’t tell me! It’ll be a surprise!

    • Hi Balsamic Moon,

      I’m guessing you know you’re already doing astral projection, right? You know you already know how. So you want to have it more under concious control and/or you want to be more aware of it as it’s occurring? If that’s the case, only suggestion I have is just keep that intent. Keep the intent and pay attention. There will be indicators all over the place that your intent is coming into realization.

      • Yes, I am aware that each of us leaves the physical body during sleep. I desire, as you state, to be aware of the experience and have it under conscious control.

        Within the past few weeks, I’ve had several dreams in which I am flying. I am aware that I can control my direction and movements, but I let the dream progress and lose this awareness. This is a start, I suppose.

        I’ve practiced awareness throughout the day, but I hadn’t considered stating my intent. Unfortunately, I “hold back” because I fear I will not manifest the experience I intend to have. Do you have any suggestions of how one may overcome this? Also, can you provide examples of indicators that one’s intent is coming into realization?

        Thank you.

        Balsamic Moon

        • You’re practicing awareness throughout the day? To me there’s nothing more effective or productive than that. Just keep your intent with you. In the old days we’d say keep it in mind but nowdays keep it in your heart as well if you’re not already doing so. And most of all be easy on yourself.

          A big part of you is well aware of what you are desiring and is not holding back providing it. You said you hold back. If you’re seeing that, makes me wonder if you need any tips at all!

          My opinion, there’s really nothing to do. It’s already being worked out for you. Just stay restfully alert and treat yourself like a cherished friend.

          I can think of one exapmle of a clear indicator that your intent is coming into realization. You zeroed right in, right today, on this multidimensionality thread.

          If you keep your intent and stay restfully alert, you’ll recognize more sychronicities and indicators for you and your astral projection work. The recognition itself will boost your progress. I bet there have been several indicators just this week. : >

  • Hi Denise,

    I’m lost for words, thankyou my dear friend for writing this blog. I’m so very happy I can be of help. 🙂

    One thing I can fill in though, the start of our higher meetings was because I emailed you saying I had a strong ‘feeling’ we had met before, even though we hadn’t met physically.

    A big thanks also to Robin and her daughter for shedding some valuable light on my higher journeys.

    Love and gentle winged hugs,

    Stu xx

    • Stu,

      Thanks for filling in and reminding me that you’d sensed this about us. I think of you as one of my multi-D partners and co-workers or spiritual kinfolk. 🙂

      Hugs n’ Love and ESPAVO,

      • I can telepathically “talk” about this topic for hours. I find 3D talking and writing a bit old age these days. Writing is just too much work, it’s time they invent a mind computer 😀

        I have developed the strange habit to talk in my mind to some of my online friends, I do this automatically. And this morning I was talking to Denise, and I asked her it were possible that we are connected in one way or another. So today I read your blog, and here’s my answer 😉

        Of course we are all connected through your blog, but also on other levels. Because it were the Pleiadians that brought me to this website. I’m very much part of this Pleiadian/multi-D connection.

        I don’t spend much time in 3D lately, I feel like an alien and I’m seen as an alien. Sometimes I try to chit-chat a bit in 3D style, but I always end up talking about metaphysical stuff, like it’s perfectly normal.

        I notice that different states of consciousness start to blend, dream-time blends into daydreaming and mind-talk. Daydreaming and mind-talk give me the inspiration to take real-time action. The internet is also an astral meeting place, it’s a non-physical “space” where minds and souls meet. It’s almost like dream-time, but we’re more lucid when we’re using the internet.

        One day these states of consciousness will become one, and we will always be lucid, no matter what dimension we travel, no matter if we’re physically active or mentally active. At this point I’m still traveling back and forth through the veil. Sometimes I know where I’ve been, sometimes I have no clue. But I definitely live a double or triple life.

        It’s very likely that some of us are part of the same soulgroup or working together on the same space ship. So sometimes we meet, on-line or off-planet.

        Hugs 😀

        Ps) Earlier this week we had the Sun conjunct the Pleiades, so you can guess…

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