If Lightworkers Did What They Did Why Is The Dark Still Here?

I imagine some people may wonder why there is still so much darkness, negativity, and downright evil on the planet manipulating and working through so many people. If the First and Second Wave Lightworkers have transmuted so much negative energies across time around the planet during Phase One then why is there so much Dark negativity still present in the lower falling world?

Another aspect of this same situation is the lower vibrating energies, feelings, thoughts, stuck emotional energies and unresolved stuff in our own multiple bodies, our mental body, emotional body, spiritual, and physical body. How can we still, after everything we’ve been through during our excruciating Phase One ascension transformational work, have some crumbs of lower frequency stuff/emotions/energies/issues inside of us now?

Answer—simply because not every single crumb needs to be transmuted for ascension to be completely successful. It’s a percentage thing. If you and I get, let’s say, 75% (just to make this easier to express) of our personal lower frequency, lower vibrating junk/stuff/crap we’ve been hauling around for Ages and Ages, then that remaining 25% automatically goes dormant. We’ve transmuted enough so that we’ve vibrated up and beyond the remaining lower 25% frequency energies, consciousness, emotions and it has gone dormant within us. I think of this sort of like carrying around a germ or virus that has gone dormant inside our physical body—it’s still there but is harmless because its gone dormant.

This same rule applies to the world in general. That 75% of lower negative, Dark, what we call evil energies that were in the old lower world and the fourth dimension have already been transmuted and released. The remaining 25%, which is currently still running around the planet doing it’s best to survive the planetary and human ascension process, will also go dormant and disappear from humanities consciousness, and faster than many of us would have ever guessed. As long as we remain within the 75% higher transmuted space, consciousness and frequencies we’ll be fine. If and when we drop back down vibrationally for whatever reason or reasons, we then run the risk of reactivating that remaining 25% in our bodies and having to deal with it once again. This is why many teachers say that we’ve got to learn how to remain in “the eye of the storm”; that we’ve got to learn how to be “Keepers of the Frequency”; that we’ve got to learn to “remain in our centers or hearts and in the NOW moment” etc. These spiritual messages about different frequencies and levels of consciousness are all saying the same thing; once you’ve transmuted the majority of your lower, dense, stuck, polarized, karma, unresolved energies, emotions and issues, it is very unpleasant going back down vibrationally and having that dormant 25% of junk become active again. Same with going back out into the  lower frequency, lower consciousness, highly chaotic and negative locations in the world that are still very much within that old lower frequency range. Very uncomfortable and unpleasant!

This is why we’re currently having to learn how to hold and maintain this higher new energy and space within ourselves no matter how wild and chaotic the rest of the world becomes as it transmutes and transitions now in Phase Two. Eventually this won’t be an issue for us because the entire 25% will have gone dormant everywhere thanks to the higher vibrating 75%. Until that day arrives however, we’ve got to become experts at housing/holding/being/maintaining the higher dimensional, higher consciousness, High Heart energies and consciousness within ourselves, our homes, our space, our energy fields, our cars, our workplaces etc. The whys of us doing this will become increasingly apparent and in our faces (and hearts and bodies) as the falling apart and dying of the old patriarchal world and planetary systems, earth changes (earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme weather, unusual weather changes, storms, flooding etc.) continue at an increased rate now in Phase Two. The fear and chaos generated from people who do not understand what’s happening and why can easily effect those of us who are ultra-sensitive, empathic, and  already very connected to earth, humanity, and the ascension process. We are and will feel them, their fears, their pains, their hatred  and projections and all the lowly rest of it as the old system and patriarchy dies away. High Heart means you feel it all, but it also means you know from a much more evolved and integrated position why it is all happening. Be strong, be wise, be YOU through and through and keep the higher frequency until we don’t need to any more. 10, 11, 12.

Denise Le Fay

May 17, 2010


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2 thoughts on “If Lightworkers Did What They Did Why Is The Dark Still Here?

  • Denise, thank you for that. Reading that was like heaving a huge sigh, because I’ve been wondering exactly that – the why, the how. I’ve personally had to stop watching all the world news on TV. Of course, there’s never anything uplifting on it, always negative, pain, suffering and political bullshit. It’s so much easier to stay in high heart mode if you surround yourself with positive people and things, but that’s not always possible. It can get a bit tricky a times, for me anyway. No wonder so many of us want to hole up and not come out. Having old negative ways of thinking, emotional issues, etc. triggered is so painfully unpleasant. I lay awake half the night reliving a very negative event/conversation, wondering “why in hell am I letting that nasty person have ANY control over me?” (funny how things get worked out in the wee hours of the morning!!!) and angry at myself for letting her get to me, and wondering if I’ve really made any progress or am I just kidding myself. Then I read your blog, Denise, and it all makes sense. So a heartfelt high-heart thank you for that! 🙂
    Luv Chrys

  • Thanks so much for this Denise. Just what I needed to hear, as this subject has and does confuse me from time to time! What I mostly heard from this post was the word “workplace” and keeping all our spaces/places in the higher energy. I find of all the spaces I interact with lately, the workplace is the most tricky. There’s one physical location of part of our business (a bakery in holland) that is so from the old world; so mind-bogglingly dark (at times)that I was just dreaming with my partner of how beautiful it would be to just completely bulldoze it down and thereby enlarge the little walking pathway that’s next to it. A sort of community garden would replace the building with trees, flowers, butterflies growing among this little now enlarged footpath and all the heavy, heavy, poor, lack consciousness, angry, sleep deprived centuries worth of bakers’ energy that have resided there just blasted right on away! Of course there’s a big old loan on that property right now and it’s not yet within our means to just demolish it for the good of all, but maybe one day:). It’s just been real hard for me (and the kiddos) to even set foot in there at times. Everything’s bouncing off of everywhere and nothing feels safe in it. I’m looking at a stretch where I’m gonna have to go work there again and your post today helped remind me that I do have the strength and confidence to be me in that space. I have the ability to stay grounded and focused and in the eye of the storm while there! Thanks again and a High Heart Hug, Em

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