Being A Sensitive During The Ascension Process

More and more people are currently getting blasted on multiple levels—physically, psychically, emotionally, mentally—with greater NEW learning of how to maintain the higher 5D energy state and level they’ve reached via Phase One of the ongoing Ascension Process. On its own that statement doesn’t sound all that difficult, but when you add in the massive numbers of people vibrating both slightly below us, and those many more vibrating much below us, then this becomes the rather large learning issue for us now.

I’ve been a sensitive, empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant all my life and I’m learning this one right along with everyone else now, and in all honesty, I’ve been a bit concerned about how I was going to handle the people, the masses reacting to both the dying old lowly patriarchal global systems and controls AND the escalating global Earth changes. I mean, I hate holidays because I can feel the masses of people radiating all they do at every damned holiday and it usually isn’t pleasant. So the holidays for me are hiding and trying to deflect the stupid shit, the frustrations, the wounds, the resentments, the fighting, the parasitism, the ego battles and power plays from throngs of humanity I don’t know or have never seen as they “celebrate” the old lower world holidays. All of which are related to past wars or past religious beliefs. The global patriarchy.

But what’s happening now is a new twist to this ultra-sensitive business and makes perfect sense if you think about it. Especially now in the ongoing Ascension Process as the Earth Changes’ to use Gordon-Michael Scallion’s term, make huge increases in intensity and number globally. Everything is speeding up and compressing even more and this is perfectly represented by the stair-step Mayan pyramids. We’ve reached the top and last stair-step which is the highest and smallest level or phase symbolizing this increased compression and tremendous speed up of The Process.  Another of our current educations is how to exist within the eye of the storm of  planetary change and not get torn apart by it or fall energetically back down into lower fear-based levels and how to maintain all we’ve worked so hard to achieve within ourselves and everything else during Phase One.

If typical holidays affect me as they always have, then how the hell am I (and all of the rest of you super sensitives and empaths out there who’ve transmuted so much during Phase One) going to be able to survive all that we will be feeling and sensing from the masses who are increasingly living in fear and intense concern over the falling, dying, of the entire planetary patriarchal systems AND the Earth Changes?  How do we feel all that we do but not get sucked out of our higher frequency level by what we’re feeling? How do we remain and maintain within the eye of the storm of planetary change and hold the higher 5D frequencies that we have become ourselves?


I’ve long believed that our DNA will continue to be reconnected via potent cosmic and solar energy wave transmissions, because that’s what they’re for, and that during this ongoing process we will be changed further and further and this topic won’t be an issue in the way it might be to many of us today. From HighHeart consciousness one knows the whys to many more things, and it is a calm, peaceful, deep and crystal-clear Knowing.  It is not lower ego-based, high drama, parasitic, wildly emotional fear-based thinking. It’s the opposite of that and is you functioning from your integrated, old lower frequency Duality transcended ascended 5D High Heart and knowing, seeing, feeling and understanding much more of the multidimensional and quantum Big Picture.

When you know, feel and perceiving from your High Heart you know from soul levels why things are happening and the ways they’re happening. You know why people chose to die or exit their bodies in some Earth Change and you know that it is perfect and was carefully chosen by them for not only their continued learning and soul growth but because we’re far more creative and multidimensional than just that. You know that their death in that Earth Change is/was also to teach and help their families and loved ones plus help their community and the rest of humanity. With HighHeart consciousness you know these things and much more and everything is so right, so perfect, loving, generous and amazingly creative at higher soul levels and it’s stunningly beautiful and complex.

Many sensitives and empaths currently re-learning how HighHeart consciousness functions and feels now need to remember that there are no accidents, there are no mistakes, there are no “wrong or right” ways to the dying and seeming chaos that comes with great species and planetary changes like what is now unfolding. If you’re reincarnate on Earth now then you very much wanted to be here to participate in this rare evolutionary ascension and dimensional shifting process and you knew before you birthed yourself here that it was going to be seriously intense.

Many returned so they could get the 3D shit scared out of them in one form or another because no place else like physical Earth provides such intense experiences and feelings in physical Duality reality and consciousness. A life on ascending Earth in a physical body is like riding the most intense amusement park ride in the universe!

Others came to experience the death of their body in an ascension-related Earth Change event. Knowing these things at higher High Heart levels of consciousness should help us who feel and sense much more to not fall back down into lower levels of knee-jerk emotional reactions. Each one of us has our individual part to play in this Great Process for individual self and for collective all. That in combination with the continuing reconnection and activation of more and more of our DNA, and the accompanying expansions of our higher consciousness and abilities, we will simply know exactly what to do or not do and why for self and all. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, hold on and maintain the higher energies that you’ve become and feel, know and be. It is perfect even in its seeming craziness and chaos. Some of us have done this before and are very good at it. Trust the process.

Denise Le Fay

May 11, 2010

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21 thoughts on “Being A Sensitive During The Ascension Process

  • Hi Denise,

    Your long comment is yummy for my eyes to read. Really and truly. Can’t wait to read more about it. 🙂

    I now appreciate the 999s. I have been lately getting verbal pangs and abuse from my parents who function quite well in the Old Earth… while I find myself slowly but surely incapable of functioning properly in it. Feels like I’m slippery slipping away. It seems that… as a hermit living in her own apartment… returning to the old places or even taking walks make me feel like I don’t belong energetically… have me incapable of wearing masks and following the scripts to get along with others. I thought I played the part well during Mother’s Day but it seems I didn’t…

    My parents seem to be telling me in their own way… that I’m an annoying, arrogant and angry little misfit who’s a know-it-all… who speaks, walks and hums a different language so much so that even my mum said that others witness me lost, mad and angry. I should’ve put on my glasses while I go out and about my business but still… that is inevitable I realize. giggle ^_^’

    Me reading four books at the same time is maddening to my mum… who is telling me it’s causing multiple voices in my head… causing confusion. For me… this is bliss. What confusion? I just can’t function the way “normal” others function is all. Paying visits to my folks has me be very wary: having parents observe my every whim and way of thinking to “fix” me… coaxing me to put on the patch for ADHD so that I can function in this world… so that I can express my genius and get somewhere in Life… is erie and disheartening. They want me to talk to God and be on the “right path”… but the way I talk to the God/Goddess would have them assume I’m being possessed. achoo!… sneezing :S

    Upon reading this juicy comment here from you Denise… which I’ve overlooked until now… no wonder! Witnessing two worlds with two different languages is the work of that 09.09.09 Separation. Now I get it! Maybe I wasn’t meant to see your comment until now… when ready.

    Thanks SO much Denise and all. I know I’m not the only misfit who has been treated as if there’s a monster lurking inside me or on my head… while everyone is pointing at it half-hazardly and in grave trepidation.

    Lou Ann

    • Lou Ann,

      Hang in there sweetie and just ignore the people who ONLY perceive the old lower world, ways, belief systems, and consciousness.

      Yes the 999’s (09-09-09 Sept. 9, 2009) were a huge transition point. Now in 2010 we’ve got the triple 10’s coming Oct. 10th, 2010 which will trigger further ascension/evolutionary changes internally and externally. Then next year we’ll reach the triple 11’s of Nov. 11, 2011…and then the triple 12’s of Dec. 12, 2012. We’re living this, do this process in what I’ve called stair steps so that we can adapt and realign with each step.


  • Hi Denise,

    1) I was feeling strongly in March or April that a rite of some kind was appropriate. A graduation ceremony and a welcoming party! Where’s our mark of passage? We had a whopper, did anyone care? Don’t our helpers who claim to be so fond of us know we need a “Congratulations!” now and then?

    2) Would you be willing to expand just a little on the separation of worlds in September 2009? Does anybody know if/how the event was experienced by people in general at the time it happened?

    • septembo & All,

      I think the big “Congratulations” will be coming after we all survive the SS…Summer Solstice (June 21, 2010). All this is building up to something this year (as they always do) but 2010 is a whole different level of intensity and compression! I see all of 2010, 2011, and 2012 as the last three huge energy stair steps to get us where we’ve been heading for a very long time now. Within those three years, obviously the Winter Solstices and the Summer Solstices are the mega powerful transition points within each year, with the Spring/Fall Equinoxes and those months being integration and adaption phases to what all the Solstices did/do.


      I know a good bit about the separation of worlds in Sept. 2009, because I had a lot to do with demanding (intentionally meeting and talking with others of us at higher dimensional levels about the extra years of waiting and the increasing pains and delays caused by it) that the endless waiting be stopped finally. [See My Lightworker Strike post for more, but not all, of the details about this issue.] Here comes something I’ve never said about this event until now…

      This higher level meeting and discussion I had with others of us happened around mid Spring 2009, and is the reason why Karen B. got so rattled last Spring and wrote what she did about these unexpected changes to what she’d always been told was going to happen by her higher crew…whoever they are.

      I knew in Spring of 2009 that the continued waiting and helping other people to get on board with the ascension process and being repeatedly attacked by them for it, that the endless waiting had reached a useless and almost negative point. Not only useless, but increasingly damaging and dangerous to us First and Second Wave Lightworkers. We’d become spiritual “enablers” and “co-dependent” to these many people who did not want to ever get on board with the ascension process in these lives! I could clearly see that and that our continued waiting and getting more beat up and abused because of our waiting and residing at MUCH lower frequency levels for them had reached a ridiculous level. Karen B. and her crew -whoever they are- wanted all of us to continue waiting (makes ya wonder doesn’t it?!), which I rebelled against finally (in mid Spring 2009) for self preservation and forward movement finally. Because of this, many more people DID suddenly realize that we weren’t playing the game of waiting and being abused any longer, and so, they immediately jumped on board the ascension train as it left the station for the last time. It was obvious at that point that it was what was needed at that time for all concerned.

      I also knew about how the people who did not want to take advantage of the whole planetary/species compressed evolution now and remained behind vibrationally, energetically, in the old lower world would now have to fend for themselves and deal with the monsters that live there with them because we were leaving and would no longer hold those monsters at bay for them. All anyone has to do is take an honest look at what all has happened since Sept. 9, 2009 (the triple 9’s) to see the increase in the falling and disintegration of the global patriarchal systems around the world. By us First and Second Wave Lightworkers waiting for so many extra years, we were greatly contributing to postponing the inevitable, which I was very tired of and so had that higher dimensional meeting with others. 2012 is a rough end-date, but a cut-off date nonetheless, and we all were running way over at that point and changes had to be made for these multiple reasons.

      So, the triple nines of 09-09-09 brought about the separation of worlds so that us First and Second Wave Lightworkers would survive and be vastly more comfortable existing at a higher frequency level for a while. We could exist and continue our ascension processes there with much less pains. The other side of this was that now, finally, the real falling and death process of everything vibrating lower in the lower world we’d just exited from could really begin its disintegration process…so that something much higher and much better can replace it. I have known since I was a child in this life that not every single person alive on earth now will choose to take advantage of the current ascension/compressed evolutionary energies and do the work to make the big transition to higher consciousness and living and being. Free Will and all that. Karen and her crew had a different plan obviously, and yes, it would be grand beyond belief if all 7 billion souls alive now chose to go through what we’ve helped manifest on earth for All. But I’ve always known they all won’t…they all never do and that is perfectly okay.

      Many of them will ride the falling old lower world systems and reality down for as long as they can, and then they will choose to die and go elsewhere to continue their growth, learning’s and creating. Many others will be so profoundly affected by all of the incoming cosmic/solar/galactic energy waves and the natural changes (physical and consciousness etc) taking place now that they get caught up in the cosmic, planetary, and species evolutionary process that they are finally changed themselves too. The effort it takes to NOT be changed by these massive incoming energy waves and pulses is so huge, so difficult, and will become AS PAINFUL AND UNCOMFORTABLE TO ALL OF HUMANITY AS IT WAS FOR US LIGHTWORKERS LIVING IN THEIR OLD LOWER FREQUENCY WORLD ALL OF OUR LIVES! The energy shoe is now firmly on the other foot, and those people will have to make changes and endure the pains and confusions of transformation just as we have if they want to remain on the ascending earth. Again, there is no right or wrong to any of this, just big evolution and changes.

      From the perspective of the people who remained existing within the old lower falling world (at the 09-09-09 separation point), I would suspect the majority of them have only been aware that everything they’ve always believed in is going to shit and fast. Money, religions, governments, wars, earth changes, food, water, oil, belief systems, weather extremes and major changes in what weather happens where on earth will now shift to a new more intense level. All of it is falling away now from under their feet and it will cause huge fears and panic, more crime, more mental and emotional imbalances and insanity, more greed, more attempted manipulations and so on. The Dark will not go quietly into the night, it will fight and hold on to anyone and anything it can to stay alive and continue having its food source…human fear.

      The really strange thing about all of this is that both events are happening on earth simultaneously. The falling and death of the planetary patriarchy systems and polarized consciousness AND the birthing of the new higher 5D ascended earth and its inhabitants and higher frequency beings or “Guides”…many of us First and Second Wave Lightworkers. Stair steps and layers for all of us.

      This has gotten so long that I may also copy it and add it as a post on the front page too. Can’t tell yet, but the timing is indicating that I should reveal more about all of this now. We are multidimensional beings and we do indeed function on multidimensional levels with each other and other beings and people all the time. More about this coming soon in another post. Thanks everyone for wading through this long Comment.

      Denise Le Fay

      • Thank you Denise! You’ve lit up a bunch of things. I want to ask more questions but I’ll shut up for now.. Thank you, thank you.

      • Denise I greatly look forward to any post you want to make about multidimensionality. It’s just about my favorite subject these days. I have no doubt it occurs, it’s real to me at last.

        Sometimes when I’m relaxed I see the double, triple, layers of interactions I was involved in during the day. For example there was plenty going on at the Mother’s Day gathering – but nobody got hurt!

        To me it would be so cool if those of us who had the skill to, and wanted to, would get to the point where we acknowledge to each other that we absolutely exist on, and communicate on – right this minute! – more than one level. Not only with each other but with many others. Your blog is testament to how some people are already acknowledging this fact and acting on it.

        Sure we could create problems with this awareness but what’s new about that. And the governments are probably already sticking their noses in but what’s new about that. And somebody will try to buy all the rights to it but again, so what.

        Looking forward to all your posts, but the M one especially : >



        • septembo,

          I too love that with the ongoing ascension/compressed evolutionary process and dimensional shift, we’re returning to our natural 5D and higher states of being consciously aware that we are multidimensional beings constantly functioning within multiple dimensions with not only each other, but with other dimensional beings (ETs, Starbeings, Angelics, Masters, etc.) also. I think you would really enjoy A Lightworker’s Mission because I talked a lot about my multi-D experiences throughout my life…and there’s some great illustrations of what I’ve clairvoyantly seen in some of them too.

          Don’t worry at all about the governments and anyone else that vibrates much lower being able to access these types of higher dimensions because it is impossible. One has to be a match to these certain higher dimensions to even be able to access them. There are spiritual energetic safeguards set up (always have been) to prevent that type of thing from happening.

          The other day I was watching Steve Rother talk about how channeling feels to him and how it’s common to have it feel just like it’s you talking inside your head to you. I know that’s true because I’ve been able to channel aspects of my own Higher Self increasingly over the past fifteen years. Nothing about me or my face or voice changes at all when I do this, it sounds and looks just like I do any other time. But from my perspective, it feels like this information and instant knowings are suddenly just THERE, falling into my awareness and the second they do, they make perfect sense and feel like I’ve know it forever even though it may be the first time “Denise” has consciously connected with that particular Light or higher information.

          I mention this only because when we communicate with each other in multi-D, it is exactly the same feeling. It seems, it feels like it’s just you having an internal dialogue with someone else or a group of other people. Again, I know this is true because I’ve been experiencing it increasingly over the past two years now with certain people I’ve never physically met. I’ll get a new post written asap to prove that many of us have been doing this already. It’s very fun and exciting and is going to become increasingly “normal” with those of us who are vibrating within that higher frequency range.


  • Thanks Denise. Inspiring post. Sychronicity at it’s best as I’ve been thinking along similar lines a lot lately yet doubted myself and my new “intolerance” 😉 Always good to come home to a place like here where someone voices your thoughts in a well thought out manner.

    • Hi mercuryRose 😀 big hugs and great to have connected with you after three years or so.

  • Hey Denise,

    Arh, my timely mega ‘blue’ ( 😉 ) rant to you a few days ago makes more sense now, a big thanks my friend. 🙂

    It is so great that many of the population has to catch up to us now, our time indeed!……

    Love and gentle winged hugs,


    • I’ve also been wondering about How To Survive The Shift Of Others, especially when I go through my own sensitive adjustment periods. I’m very familiar with the energy shifts and their effects on the mass consciousness, and I know very well that self-responsibility and self-healing aren’t widely practiced on this planet. Although the lightworkers probably know these terms through and through.

      My heart chakra has been blocked most of my life, I’ve been very fearful, very stuck and very ungrounded. Therefore I have been very very sensitive for all sorts of energies. This is the reason why I have been living like a hermit the last 15 years. Healing, grounding and opening the heart chakra has been my focus since a couple of years. And the heart chakra has been opening very very slowly, only recently I begin to experience the energy of love and a sense of peace. And believe me, I never experienced this before, so I find it quite intruiging and it feels really good.

      Step two is observing instead of thinking, judging and participating. I only want to participate when I really want to. This is not always easy for me, because I like to be active, I like to talk, I like to fix other people’s problems (haha!) because that’s what I’ve always been doing. Now I more or less force myself to observe instead of doing something. Even if I’m totally annoyed and triggered, I try to tell myself to let it go or to observe. It’s actually a better idea to keep my focus on my inner world instead of “out there”, but my mind wanders off so easily.

      But yes, I agree, the energy of our heart is the answer, this is where we find peace. And if we are peaceful, we can teach peace in a peaceful way. This is definitely a new phase for me, because I never have been an anchor and now I see that I’m able to hold my focus and to stay in my heart, but I also know that this needs some more training.

      • Blue Pixel,

        My god you should be so proud of all the Inner Work you’ve done so far! Everything you said, to some people just sounds like empty words, but if you’ve lived any part of it, which I have, then you know how much dedication and focus it really takes to stay on The Path. I’m so happy and proud of all that you’ve done so far…it is really wonderful.

        ESPAVO (an old Lemurian saying for “Thank you for taking your power.” ) 🙂

        • Hello Denise,

          I didn’t know that Espavo is a Lemurian saying, but it’s has a wonderful meaning 😀

          When I read my previous post, it feels like I’ve been “channeling” the Lightworker’s consciousness. Sometimes I hear myself talk and I wonder how I know all of this stuff, but I’ve been living this stuff, that’s why. It slowly begins to dawn that I’m not the only wise weirdo on this planet but that we’re here with many. Yeah!

          Espavo! 😀

        • 🙂 Yep this new knowing is expanding consciousness or the beginnings of what I call High Heart consciousness. It is a deep knowing without any left-brained intellectual thinking or rationalizing or ego involved. Good stuff huh? 😉

          ESPAVO sweetie,

  • Great post and I love the fact that you swear, like ‘spiritual’ people don’t swear, (heaven forbid I say shit). Iv been at the end of critisism for it, but why pretend your squeeky clean when your not. ha!

    Iv had the same thoughts about how being sensitive during this time is challenging, and seemingly hypocritical.

    its a ride all right

  • Hi Denise,

    Goodness, how’s this for synchronity? Just today this channelled message comes out:

    Which talked about souls choosing to be on the Earth Plane because, like you said, a life on Earth in a physical body is like riding the most intense amusement park ride in the universe!

    This rare ascension/evolution/dimensional shifting event…I am wondering if Earth is one of the rare planets in this Universe that goes through this event? Because of this rarity, I know in my High Heart that Earth is a very special place!

    Much love,

  • Hi Denise

    yup, I remember my Mother trying to exorcise me once ha ha ha. My Mom is a devout (Charismatic) Christian. She really thought I was possessed 🙂

    Btw, has anyone noticed that today’s energy is lighter?

    Finally Mercury Retrogade no longer

    Talk to you guys soon


  • Bless you Denise. That’s exactly what I, and I’m sure many others, needed to hear. And, LOL, “get the 3D shit scared out of them” cracked me up – a much-needed laugh today.
    It’s hard when you do “know” all this and it’s so deep inside you can’t really express it, especially to someone who doesn’t “know” (somehow that sounds arrogant but I “know” you “know” what I mean). So you try, and you can see their eyes glaze over and again, you “know” what they are thinking – “what planet did you come from?” Another reason it’s so nice to come on here and not feel so alone. God, is there anything worse than being in a room full of people and feeling alone/out of place? Geez, I feel like I did when I started a new school in Grade 3!
    Anyhoooooo, thanks again Denise. Made my day!

    • Chris,

      I painfully know exactly what you mean. The great news finally is that now those people need to play catch up with us! 😉 The shoe is finally on the other foot and these people who’ve thought we were nuts, or worse (in years past I’ve had people tell me to my face that I was possessed by Satan!), are now having to haul ass and fast to evolve and get with the program.

      Hugs and keep laughing about it all!

      • Hi Denise (and to all those who read this message),

        Very good point indeed: “The shoe is finally on the other foot and these people who’ve thought we were nuts… are now having to haul ass and fast to evolve and get with the program.”

        I remember I was “exorcised” too… all because I was caught red-handed for daydreaming… having one foot here in 3D and the other foot in the another realm.

        I completely understand what you’re saying also Chris. I know exactly what it’s like being ostracized like that and more. All my Life I was considered eccentric and others “blame” my artistic gifts for that. I could never “get with the program” not even to this day…

        Here… in this Third World Country in the Caribbean though… we usually had to “play catch” up with rest of the world: we tend to get the domino effect at least a year later. This Great Recession pinch and itch hit us last year in August for example… one year slow.

        Now it feels like we’re in “real time” with the rest of the world… even though people here are trying their darnest and hardest not to notice nor care… or at least some are admitting to because it’s too dead in the face not to notice. It’s catching up on us and it’s a good thing: we NEED to evolve along with everyone else on spaceship Earth.

        Now I “see” through my intuition how terribly (and scrumptiously) the monetary system (and all other systems) are falling on everyone at the same time no matter where we live. The May 6th Wall Street scare was sheer stupidity. I am experiencing Death in all kinds of forms from within myself during the Mercury Retro. Let us see what Summer brings us.

        Namasté everyone and hang in there ^_^
        Lou Ann

        This makes perfect sense:

        I mean, I hate holidays because I can feel the masses of people radiating all that they do at every damned holiday…and it usually isn’t pleasant! … as they “celebrate” the old lower world holidays.

        But what’s happening now is a new twist to this ultra sensitive business and makes perfect sense if you think about it.”

        Quite frankly it sound like you’re saying that Earth has become more and MORE sensitive to all things lower ego-based… like She’s having an allergic reaction to it all. That must be WHY we’re having these sudden earthquakes and tremors on such “holi” days. Hmmm… that’s just my two cents.

  • Hi Denise

    I feel that you are really spot on with how fast things are accelerating right now. It took me much faster now to get up after I fell off my horse (metaphorically speaking LOL)

    This is exciting time indeed

    Thank you for posting this, it is so helpful for me and for a lot of others too I’m sure :))

    Thanks and LOVE

    PS: love your take on how earth is the ‘scariest’ roller coaster in the universe (how true :))

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