A New Pacific Portal & Island


Just as we are being “rewired” in our physical bodies, brains and nervous systems etc., so too is Earth and her old 3D planetary energy grid system. We’re both being rewired to be able to house, carry, and exist within a vastly higher frequency energy and consciousness. Along with this human and Earth rewiring ascension process, the old lower frequency 3D portals around Earth are also currently dying along with everything and everyone who cannot or refuses to evolve now, and are being replaced with matching higher frequency portals.  The old lower 3D global portals that have been used for ages by negatively focused ET beings etc., are currently dying and falling away because we have overridden those lower energies and ascended, evolved beyond them, and are creating new 5D (ascended) portals for our ascending new Earth. Know that nothing and no one—human or non-human—can use or come in or leave through our new higher ascended 5D portals unless they are an energetic match to them. Just as the old lower 3D planetary Grid system is not complex enough or vibrating fast and high enough to accommodate and match the new higher ascension energies and consciousness, so too are the old lower 3D portals around the old lower frequency Earth. The massive old negative portal in the Middle East is rapidly going extinct now, and it and all the others like it on Earth will no longer work or be useful to those who’ve long used them.


Since January 2010 I’ve been feeling and clairvoyantly seeing a very large new and vastly higher frequency etheric portal being birthed in the sky or space above  and slightly north of the Hawaiian Islands. I’ve sensed this area within the old 3D Ring of Fire was birthing something slowly and steadily as if the entire Ring of Fire is a higher vibrational “New Earth” birth canal! Actually, this is another aspect of what I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing; the entire Ring of Fire as a high frequency birth canal that is literally birthing a new etheric 5D portal, AND also a large new physical island in that same area.  To me the Ring of Fire—and slightly beyond it—is a rough outline of where original Lemuria existed so long ago.  I know I’ve told someone this information already, either here in a Comment or in a private email. Was it you Stu that I told this information to a while ago? At any rate, I shared this information well before Steve Rother/the group mentioned it in their latest channeling. It’s always exciting for me however to hear certain people and their higher dimensional beings that I trust (like the group/Steve Rother and Tom Kenyon/the Hathors) confirm things that I’ve perceived before they publicly mention it. It helps me locate myself at this new level, which is a current spiritual Lightworker learning and further awakening for me personally.

Here is a rough drawing I did of what I have been seeing clairvoyantly since January 2010.


I’ve also been clairvoyantly seeing and feeling a very large (larger than Hawaii) new mountain top pushing up from the bottom of the sea floor. I don’t know if this particular protuberance has always been down there on the Pacific sea floor, or, if it is something brand new that is now able to manifest physically and etherically because we’re in Phase Two of the ascension process and Earth Changes and are vibrating so much higher. I suspect the latter. I also see and sense this small mountain top soon erupting lava deep below the Pacific Ocean, and that volcanic activity continuing and growing until it breaks the water’s surface where we all will be able to witness this new island birthing itself physically in the area I’ve indicated. In other words, what I’m clairvoyantly seeing and sensing is twofold; it is an ascension-related energy event which will produce an etheric 5D (and even higher dimensional) new portal in that same physical location, and, it is also the birthing of a new ascended Earth physical island in the area of original Lemuria. The new portal and the coming island are interconnected.


As soon as enough of us First and Second Waver Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds and fellow ascenders are physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally capable of maintaining the new higher ascended energies and consciousness—which many of us are already doing today—as soon as we can maintain this New High  😉  then, and only then, will we be able to cope with fully conscious and direct interactions with non-physical, fifth dimensional, sixth dimensional and higher Starbeings/ETs. WE have to reach this point energetically as ascended beings in physical bodies on Earth, and then very naturally and automatically we will be within the same higher dimensional frequency range as many of these other multidimensional Starbeings/ETs.  They’re just there waiting for us to reach this point, which is right around the corner now and that is why there will soon be tons of crafted BS “spin” marketed by the lower frequency media about ETs and UFOs and such—just ignore their lies and manipulations about this topic. The interdimensional stellar ET kinsfolk are waiting for us and happily radiating, “Hot damn they’ve done it and are finally returning Home and they’ve brough Earth with them!”

It has always been about us and Earth evolving/ascending back up to a higher frequency where we could safely re-enter “Universal Society” as a species and planet. This is one huge deal everywhere, and the next phase of incoming GC (Galactic Center) Energy Waves or Pulses (what some are calling an energy “Tsunami” which is a perfect term for them) that then hits our Sun, which in turn transmits those GC Waves to Earth and all life on her in the form of solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) and god knows what else! In the news all this will simply be called another round of solar flares and CME’s. But, these GC Energy Waves or Pulses being directed and transmitted down to our Sun, is the means of our and Earth’s further ascension transformation and DNA activations (rewiring and all the rest of it) within Phase Two. AND, it is through this that the new 5D Pacific Portal will birth itself, along with the coming new physical island above the Hawaiian islands. This new ascended Earth/us 5D Pacific Portal will be one of the first “New Humans/New Earth” portals. It will be used by BOTH us ascended humans going OUT or through it when we desire, and also by many of our ET friends and family from Home coming IN to visit and interact with us. It is a new portal that’s able to even manifest because of us and what we’ve been doing via the Ascension Process. It is not something created by other Starbeings/ETs to reach us. We’ve done this, we’ve caused this to be able to manifest now, and we will use it as a portal both OUT and back IN for ourselves. Our ET/Starbeing friends will also use it of course, but do not forget that this is able to happen now because of what we (the Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wanderers etc.) have transmuted during Phase One while in physical bodies on Earth. [See A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution].

As is often the case, there is an etheric portal and also a physical object—in this case the coming new island—and they are like higher/lower octaves of the same thing. I’ve experienced this in decades past, which is covered in A Lightworker’s Mission if interested. This new Pacific Ocean Portal and its physical island counterpart is probably the first in a few New Humans/New Earth 5D portals and new landmasses that will be manifesting. Some old land will go beneath the sea permanently, and other new areas will emerge from it. The Pacific Ocean Portal and island is the first and is manifesting where it is because of original Lemuria and those of us who created it.

As I perceive and clarivoyantly see more I will post it here. I’m currently learning how to keep up with the dramatically increased rate of Phase Two everything and trying to write about all I’m currently perceiving, sensing, feeling and knowing as quickly as possible. Phase One was dramatically different than Phase Two and I’m having to quickly figure out things on my own which I insisted upon long ago. Since 1999 it’s just me perceiving these things in a new higher way. It’s me having more access to and with my Higher Self and expanding consciousness.


May 2, 2010

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  • Denise, did you see the latest message from the Group? Here’s an excerpt:

    “You are still going to see a re-arrangement of some of the tectonic plates, particularly in the Pacific Ocean where an underwater eruption will open a cosmic door and many portals to help planet Earth.. You will see this happening in the years just ahead.”

    Isn’t it great to receive validation?


    Balsamic Moon

    • Balsamic Moon/Beth,

      I’ve been paying attention since 2005 to what I perceive and then who else receives or channels basically the same information. This is very different than my lifelong psychic perceptions, and my pre-1999 ascension methods of receiving higher level information from my higher dimensional Starbeings and kin also. Since my physical ascension process began in Feb. 1999, they moved on and haven’t returned because it was time for me to be able to access higher level information (and my Higher Self) on my own. Phase One helped me do that, so now I’m learning that I and many other people around the planet who are all vibrating within a very similar frequency range are either directly perceiving higher level information on their own as I have been, and/or, many other people are having it down-stepped a bit to them via whomever they channel or whomever they’re in higher contact with, etc. It’s been a very interesting learning for me since 2005 when I first discovered that I was perceiving information and then writing/sharing about much of it at forums many times before other channelers and people with higher dimensional Starbeings etc. passing the information on to them. Eventually I realized what was happening. If a person is functioning within a specific higher frequency range, then that person and any others are all getting the same information at the same time. This is why so many different people all write/channel/talk about almost the same things all clustered around the same few days or week.

      So yes, it was really great for me to hear Steve’s group mention that some major stuff is brewing in the Pacific Ocean and that there is also a new higher portal manifesting there. I’m going to go one more step with this subject and add that those of us who perceive or receive higher information at the same time, we telepathically talk to each other, and I’ve conversed with some of the small collectives of higher dimensional beings some of these people channel. It’s like we’re all discovering that we’re on a party line. You’re probably too young to know about old phone lines that were “party lines” and four or more different houses could pick up their phones and hear what someone else was saying if they were on the same phone line! This is very much what 5D (and higher) Group (or small Collectives) telepathic communications are like and more people will soon be joining the higher dimensional party line. 🙂


  • I am going to go against the prevailing flow of energy here and say that I do not think that Karen’s latest articles are a big deal. I admit that the first time I read them I had a very strong, unpleasant reaction, but when I reread them later I was fine. I am not sure why, but I am guessing that being chronically worn out had something to do with my initial reactions.

    I view being here on Earth in the physical plane as like living in a bad apartment complex. You can wait for things to get bad enough that other people take action to improve the situation. You can try to view the situation in more favorable ways. Or you can move. I think that is basically what Karen said when she wrote about “the three options”, so I do not quite view her as projecting anything in her May 2 article.

    She did make her reason for writing her last article clear:

    “It was then that I was given three personal options, and I share these with you, as I know some of you are in the same position.”

    Some of her articles are personal, the majority of them are not particularly about her, but her April 30 and May 2, 2010 articles were very personal (which are all fine). Perhaps people are not quite used to her being so personal.


    • Hi Ryan,

      I know why you felt that polarized reaction to Karen’s words. I’ve been there myself and am acutely aware of my regular Denise self, and my higher awareness and higher self, and what an amazing and often embarrassing mega gap there can be between the two! But, Phase One of the ascension process forced me to deal with tons of my stuff which naturally and automatically greatly reduces that mega gap between the two aspects. That’s what the ascension Process is for.

      I loved your funny and accurate line about “…being on Earth like living in a bad apartment complex…” 😆 So very true, but when one has existed elsewhere, it’s a big fun trip moving down into that stinking, painful, crappy, polarized, physical 3D apartment complex! We want in here in the worst of ways because the stuff that exists here, doesn’t anywhere else. I know that once we’ve left Home and moved into this particular apartment complex, many of us wonder what in the hell we were thinking!

      In my opinion (see A Lightworker’s Mission) and because I’ve been conscious of this since about age three and I’m now 58…I have a slightly different perspective on things than most, which I totally understand. Like I’ve said before, my hands are tied as far as how much I can and will say publically about why Karen goes a bit wonky every now and again. Like I told Stu above, the two things are connected, but I want people to learn to discern for themselves so they’ll know exactly why I’m saying what I am about her NOW.

      Months ago Karen talked about how many of us First Wavers had finally reached the point where we could intentionally exit our physical bodies now if we wanted to. I had perceived this information myself well before Karen wrote about it. All of 2009 I knew this and knew I had to come to a decision about if I wanted to hang in here once Phase One of the ascension process completed with the end of Dec. 2009. That was another huge reason why I wrote A Lightworker’s Mission during 2009 and KNEW it had to be done and on the market by Jan. 2010…the start of Phase Two of the ascension process. Hopefully you see that I’ve had this info myself and did a lot of things during 2009, because at that time, I was more than ready to check out the the apartment complex myself. But, I’ve chosen to not throw the towel in after a lifetime of working towards what is finally right around the corner. My birthday is Dec. 23rd and my 2011 and 2012 birthdays are worth sticking around for I feel. I’ll know then if I want to remain or exit.

      From my perspective, Karen has often talked about very personal stuff in her WINGS reports, which is fine and not what I’m talking about at all. I feel that if you are someone like Karen with a huge readership that cannot read between her lines or discern why she says what she does, then I feel her May 2, 2010 WINGS will scare and confuse a lot of people. Watch to see if Karen gets tons of emails from freaked out and genuinely concerned readers about what she’s said and will then have to explain herself to them in another WINGS. There’s more but I’ll refrain.

      I’ve publicly said more than a few times how much Karen Bishop’s Energy Alerts and now her WINGS reports helped me during those horrible early years. I will always be deeply grateful to her for doing what she signed-on to do for those of us to FIRST living the ascension process and most didn’t consciously remember or realize that’s what it even was. Most of the time she was great at interpreting, validating and confirming things for the rest of us living it, but things change and move on one way or another and for different reasons.


  • “My main thing with Karen is that every time she encounters some of her own personal life lessons and soul growth, she gets off balance…”

    Thanks for reminding everyone that we’re closer now than ever before to what we’ve been working so hard towards for so, so long now.”

    LOL… so sorry to laugh at the last few lines there but… now that you’ve mentioned it like that… I do sense that most of us who’ve decided to stay since September 2009… are now stronger than ever… less willing to cop out from this historical transitioning period… enough to be much more discerning and wise to “see” what Karen’s going through… and to not even take it in!

    Based on others here and other e-conversations… well in my circle… I sense we pulled through so much so that we’re sticking to it than just coping out. I really sense this now…

    I do feel grounded in spite of the “deaths” around me. And like you said Tieshla… beCAUSE of the endings and “deaths” … I’m witnessing people being more human yet open… more down-to-earth… less spiteful and secretive because they got nothing to lose. Just wonderful really. ^_^’

    Isn’t that ironic? I agree to Tieshla on the Mercury retro on Taurus aspect: it DOES make sense and we all need to give her some room until May 11th. 😀

    Maybe then we’d all understand this Retro period a lot better.

    Namasté everyone and I’m so glad we’re still here… stronger and more resilient than ever.

    Lou Ann

  • Hi Denise and all,

    Yes yes to Karen’s Wings post. I felt that energy the same way. Of COURSE it’s about her dad. Her dad died on her birth month! Nuff said indeed!

    It’s also interesting to note that… I as a Scorpio Indigo Adult myself… I’ve experienced a LOT… and do say … A LOT of “deaths”: disappointments, ironies upon ironies, endings, meanderings, closing doors of opportunities, “allergic reactions” to negative vibes, lots of surrendering to the Now, etc, etc. But is it just me or am I noticing myself saying “I ain’t going NO WHERE! I’ve been in this shit and hell-hole far too long to QUIT just now!” … while reading Karen’s May 2nd post?!? I sieved certain things through but it was so off… very VERY off! I’m just holding her in the light. She growing through a lot and there’s too much emotional distortions in her “channeling”.

    And are others also noticing that they’re at peace with what is… including all the pain, angst, frustrations and other Ascension pains? Everything that I’ve ever known is dying on me… including those very same co-workers I’ve been expressing rage on… on that early April. Everything everywhere is ending… and I’m okay with it. 🙂

    My parents want me to go back home… living in comfort under their roof… but I told them let’s see what this month of May has to say. It’s Mercury and Saturn going retro after all… and it’s just NOT the right time to jump the gun just yet!

    I may be a crazy nut-case but… I’d RATHER stay in the rough patch I’ve found myself in (and I give full responsibility for the results thus far)… than to stay with my parents who I find are very much comfortable with the Old World. I remember feeling way too miserable, restless and complacent under their roof… felt so devolved…

    This post with everyone’s comments about the Pacific Ocean rings a bell for me. So THAT’s why I’m in the Caribbean and feeling stuck: I’m one of the thousands in the same stuck situation birthing forth this new reality/energy too! It just makes SO much sense now. I don’t mind being crazy to say this but I’m SO willing to be more patient now… just a little while longer. I really DO sense 2011 IS the right time to move into new spaces… but it all depends on the Now in our every moment… so let’s see how that goes…

    And to balsamicmoon: do you know how LONG I’ve been trying to find the Indigo Files to no avail until now? Thank you so very much… dear fellow Indigo. 😀

    Hugs and Love to all in the wake of great breakthroughs of 2010,
    Lou Ann

  • Oh, PS!

    Let’s keep in mind that Mercury has been retrograding in the constellation of Taurus since around the time of Karen’s father’s death. Being that she’s a Bull, it’s important to note that misfired communications, misrepresentations, and misunderstandings(until Tues.)will be a big factor in Karen’s current mode of communication. Compounded with all the obvious emotional factors playing out in her life, she might just be experiencing a serious Murky-Merc Retro f!@*over, in which she’ll scramble, bumble-kneed to clarify and rectify herself as Mercury goes direct. In the meantime, what we THINK it all means is likely NOT what it REALLY means during Merc-Retro, so maybe it’s best if we just wade through it slooooooowly.

    • Absolutely, and this particular Mercury retrograde in Taurus (opposite sign Scorpio)…along with the latest Saturn/Uranus opposition, has been extra difficult it seems. Mercury goes direct on May 11th so we’re close now.

      There’s more to this picture however but whatever. 😉


  • Great post, Denise 🙂
    It’s always cool to read what other lightworkers have learned from their journey, where they are now and what they perceive when it’s about ascension.

    I think most first wavers have gained enough clarity and confidence to know who they are and what their talents are. But not all second wavers are ready yet, I still see many of them going through doubts, re-evalutions (for the zillionth time) and re-adjustments. I know because I’m one of them 😉

    I clearly recognize the first wavers, their energy is much more youthful and open-minded than from others -who didn’t go through the lightworker’s intiations- from their age-group. As a child and teenager I always wanted to be around first wavers, because we shared the same interests and they were the only ones with whom I could have a good conversation without having to explain myself all the time and without feeling patronized. The first wavers were intuitive and showed much more understanding than others from their age. But this was long before I knew anything about lightworkers or starseeds. I thought they were just cool, open-minded and spiritual people and I still think that. Because they were the ones that gave me the encouragement I needed, they inspired me to do wild things like listening to my heart and making my OWN decisions. So thank you, first wavers, because you’ve been an anchor and an inspiration to the younger generation.

    Hugs! 😀

  • Ok, is it just me, or does anyone else have that damned Johnnie Cash song, “Ring of Fire” stuck in their mind now after reading this? 😉

    Denise, this is really excellent information and an all around terrific post!

    Thanks much!

  • Hi Denise,

    Wow, just wow. So, what you’re saying is…is this is the result of the work we lightworkers did?

    May I have a hell yeahz?! As a second wave lightworker who is very involved working on Phase Two, I’m literally dancing and jumping in joy. I mean, I can’t believe it. It’s happening NOW and I know it in my High Heart! This energy building are not for fluffs, I can give you that. I experienced painful waves of energy and feel the ancient energy releases for the past months, so I can verify that it’s all real and it’s all happening NOW.

    5-D world, here we come!

    Much love,

    • Hi Rakka – adamancy, and welcome to TRANSITIONS. Glad you’ve joined us here. 🙂

      Absolutely! The First Wave Lightworkers went first during what we’re calling Phase One (from 1999-2009) and transmuted tons and tons of their own personal stuff/junk from this life and many others that also needed to be cleared. We also transmuted tons and tons of current and past Collective lower frequency, Dark, negative stuff/junk that’s been created by people around the planet for eons and eons, but remains…like ghosts, until someone transmutes that old negative lower energies. That was what Phase One of the ongoing ascension process was all about.

      Now in Phase Two (which I sense started January 1, 2010), the First Wave Lightworkers and many of the Second Wave Lightworkers’ work has shifted to creating the new 5D world we want. Literally, Phase Two could NOT have even happened if those of us – capable of it – had not transmuted all the old, past, lower, dark negative crap we did during the past decade. Steps and stages to all of this or else it would kill our bodies. We’ve just entered a higher and even more compressed phase of the ascension process (Jan. 2010), where it will appear that all hell is breaking loose around the planet…and yet, that is the increase of the “falling” of the old patriarchal world, its systems, its BS, its rulers/controllers etc. At the same time this destruction and “falling” of the old and lower must happen so that the new and higher frequencies and consciousness will replace it all. So it’s gonna be a wild ride for sure but it’s necessary for us and earth to totally cast off the lower and create anew in the higher level energies/consciousness.


      • Some of the past Collective lower frequency, dark, negative stuff/junkare still lingering around, I’m afraid. In my personal experience, I keep seeing it psychically. It’s a very tenacious energy. But the good news is, those energies are dying! The light energies is growing everyday to keep the negative stuff down. Sooner or later, I know it’s going to going vanish completely once everything is settled into place. We just need to hold onto our light and have faith.

        A wild ride indeed, but in the end, it’s going to be one hell of a celebration. Whoo!

        • Rakka/adamancy,

          You bring up a very good and accurate point with this and I will probably now write a post about it, thanks to you.

          You are VERY much correct in that there is still plenty of lower nasty, Dark evil, negativity etc. still partying hardy around the planet and through a lot of people. And, it will not go down easy or quietly in the night. It will fight hard to hang on to as many people as it can until the last second.

          The First Wave Lightworkers did not transmute ALL lower energies and darkness on the planet or in humanity and/or within 4D/the astral plane. We transmuted lets say…oh…75%, or just enough to get ourselves clear energetically of the worst of the worst, and also we transmuted huge amounts of it that has been polluting the planet, the Collective, and the masses for a very long time. But we did not transmute it all in ourselves, our bodies, the planet, the masses, or the astral. It wasn’t necessary to do so because eventually it will run out of its old lower food source and have to transmute too or go elsewhere. In other words, it won’t have enough humans vibrating in that lower frequency range to do much of anything with! And of course in our new 5D ascended world, Earth, and High Heart consciousness and its population, negativity won’t even be able to exist at that higher frequency.

          We transmuted more than enough to create forward movement energetically, and like the snowball rolling downhill, that has allowed this Process to build up enough speed to continue moving forward faster and faster every day now. I’ll write more about this but this is why there is still plenty of negativity around. It just isn’t running the planet anymore and is in a panic because of it at this point. 😉


      • Perhaps I’m still a bit stuck in linear thinking, but can someone please explain the difference between first wave and second wave Lightworkers? I understand that there may not be neat categories of age ranges, but I’m a bit confused as to where I may stand in all of this. Does a third wave exist?

        Balsamic Moon

        • Beth,

          Here is an article by “Solara” http://www.nvisible.com that someone shared with me recently. I’m just sharing it so you’ll have some idea of these different groups of souls and the different stages and layers of energy work and so on.


          The First Wavers are people in their late 50’s and 60’s, or the Pluto in Leo group…the original Hippies. You see we incarnated as pains in the ass of the planetary rulers! 😀 A handful of us just never sold out or went away, but flew under the patriarchal radar doing what we’re here now to do…and we’ve done it and are continuing to do it. The Second Wavers are the souls on this mission who are the Pluto in Virgo group. (Of course I’m not saying it is all of the Pluto in Leo people, and all of the Pluto in Virgo people. Just the handful of souls in each group were all that was/is needed to get the job done.

          The younger people like you – the Indigos now becoming young adults – are the much largers groups of souls who will be the ones running the new higher systems and such. You guys are the new higher race for the new higher earth. As with all of the ascension process, it has to be done in steps and layers, otherwise it would destroy our bodies and minds. Check out the article and see if it resonates with you.


        • Thank you, Denise, for clarifying ‘First Waver’.
          I had previously thought that if one had been deeply involved, as I have been, in the planetary ascension/ transmutation/ polarity resolution process (and quite literally slam-dunked by it!) since the mid nineties, that this meant ‘First Waver’. And that the Second Wavers were those who activated ascension processes in the 2000’s……Soooooooooooo…………that would make me an Indigo Second Waver about to head into my Uranus Square! Eeeeeeeeeks Gad! My PARENTS are First Wavers! 🙂 My Dad turns 60 this year! Wow, what a cool perspective.

          Also, the past couple of days there has been SO much energetic activity happening in the Pacific Portal you mention above, that I’ve been SUPER wonky and OFF. VERY cranky, and volatile. I had an interesting experience last night while being in twilight sleep, of “hearing” myself emit sounds and frequencies I’ve never heard before. They were were strange and upper-dimensional encoding sounds and I am definitely vibrating subtly differently today. The inner “purrrrrrrring” sensation is constant now, and quite comforting, like my own geometry-infused filed has a multi-d motor running 24/7 now. Cool!

          Similar to what Karen posted in her latest Wings, I’m in a very odd stasis at present. Yes, Mercury in Retro does that, but I’m still feeling so ‘neither here nor there’ about so many things. One thing that has settled down is my discomfort in being with the PJ sheeples on buses and such. Now, I seem much more able to interface with the status-quo public and maintain a very fluid, high heart stream of compassion and respect for the “humanness” of it all. Refreshing shift! Most welcome…….

          As for the portal activity. There are MANY star beings gathered who are facilitating this (re) emergence, and so contact with a great number of the Galactic Federation is possible. I’m very drawn to go to the Pacific Ocean regularly now, which is only a 20 minute bike ride for me to get to. I am moved to make sound offerings to the waters. I feel I truly understand why I’ve lived here for the last 16 years, having birthed my “sun” here too, while ALL of my extended family is back east, in central Canada. It has been a lonely path, but I somehow “knew” I had to be on the Pacific for these most amazing and profound times.

          This affirmation of the Pacific Portal assures me that I had indeed been called hOMe all those years ago, and I listened to my Heart, birthed my heart in the form of my Leo son, and now, it is time to stand ready to become even more than the sum total of my known reality. Exciting, scary, fun and like walking on jello……..

          -:¦:- Love to you All! -:¦:-

          …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
          ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
          ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
          -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

        • Tieshla,

          What I’ve been feeling and seeing clairvoyantly out over the Pacific Ocean with all this sure answers even more questions for me too about why I am seemingly stuck here in southern California when I’d like to live elsewhere at this point!

          In A Lightworker’s Mission I talked about my lifelong work with certain Starbeings/ETs prior to the start of the physical/biological ascension process in Feb. 1999. Now something similar is happening with many of us here on Earth, still working this side of the “Veil”…which is soon to be totally gone thanks to both Groups doing this; us here and Them on that dimensional side. This entire business that’s started in the Pacific – the new higher portal and the coming physical island – is something many of us are helping to manifest through what I call our High Hearts. We’re not bringing back the original Lemuria Motherland, we’re now going even beyond that due to everything that we’ve learned since we originally created Lemuria etherically and eventually lived there physically too. This is going to be even better…which is hard to imagine…but it’s what we’re both manifesting and helping to manifest or birth itself into our new higher ascended earth and reality. In my mind’s eye (and I know you’ll relate to this etheric visual) I see many of us Lightworkers who live all around the Ring of Fire, waiting excitedly like Mid-Wives helping bring in or birth, manifest, this new higher portal and island. 😉 We’re still doing what we’ve always done, just now it’s on a much more vast scale and it is or soon will be visible to everyone. Of course they won’t know what’s really going on and why but that doesn’t matter at this point. We’re doing the new Creating within Phase Two that we’re supposed to be doing now.

          Hugs and Loves,

        • Thank you for sharing these links, Denise–especially the second one. Although I know I am not one, I can identify with the “bridge people” or the 1.5 Wave. I feel the same guilt of “watching the long travails of the First Wave as they struggled to Anchor the New during the darkest of times, without being able to do anything to help them.” I too felt that I “needed to experience the same hardships as the First Wave, so [I] threw [myself] into numerous dense situations where [I] damaged [myself].” I also felt that I “had to catch up with the First Waves by cramming [myself] full of outdated spiritual knowledge and practices.”

          I still feel that I need to “catch up,” especially after Tieshla shared that she has been involved deeply in the planetary ascension/transmutation/polarity resolution process since the mid nineties, and she will experience her first Uranus square. I understand that ascension isn’t a race; there is no prize for crossing the threshold first. We each occupy different stair steps, to use your analogy. I just wish I would receive some indication that I am on the staircase.

          With this said, there is a section in the Indigo Files on the Sunfell website (http://www.sunfell.com/indigo.htm) called Some Guidance from an Elder Indigo, which states that “[m]any Indigo psychic abilities are ‘locked away’ until the individual reaches a certain age- usually around age 28 or 29.” During this period which corresponds with the Saturn return, “their True Mission manifests itself.” I believe I am one of these Indigos. I wished to share this information publicly for younger readers who may feel disconnected from the ascension process. There is time for us yet 😉

          Balsamic Moon

        • Hi Denise,
          I’m dazzled but I’m also confused. I think I’m a First Waver (being mid-50)! But then, I feel like I’m stuck somewhere in between waves. Make sense? I guess I want to know where I am. Whatever it is, it’s not feeling so great. I’m really, really, really! having a hard time being around negative energy, which makes me feel like not a very nice person. Then I get a new burst of energy and I’m ready to take ’em on, but it doesn’t last long. Where the heck are my “soul mates”? I can find you all on here, but out in the, shall I say, ‘real world’, I’m not connecting. I’m going to the mall today and I feel like wearing a sign! But I don’t even know what to put on the sign.

          Oh, and after reading the latest Wings –is it just MY frazzled brain? — well, let’s just say I hope I interpreted it wrong.

        • Yes, I feel the same way about the newest WINGS message! I almost sent Denise an e-mail about it…

          Balsamic Moon

        • Hi Beth and thanks for confirming what I immediately felt when I just read Karen’s latest! I’ve censored myself with certain things she’s said since I did my “Lightworker Strike” business last year! I’ve also tried to leave hints and clues in some of my past posts about this too, trying to get people to read between the lines…both mine and hers.

          More and more is being revealed all over the place now because that’s just how transformational energies and consciousness works. We ALL must continue to wake up further and take more responsibility for ourselves and our reality, and NOT always buy EVERY word different “teachers” utter. I’ve screwed up many times and I expect that will continue as I continue to learn and grow. 😉 I expect my readers, friends and fellow Lightworkers and ascenders to discern everything I say for themselves. I want wise and equal buddies and partners…not followers!


        • Thank you Balsamic Moon
          Thank you Denise
          I felt so “off” myself after reading (and rereading) that Wings post and I thought maybe it was just me. I guess I need to trust my own judgment because actually, like you said Denise, my first thought was that Karen is very sad over her dad and that was being projected. Unfortunately, there may be people who will be affected profoundly by that Wings post. I will say no more.
          Sooooo, on a lighter note, I went to the mall – no sign on me, but feeling grounded and with a smile (maybe the smile was my sign?) and although I almost got hit by a car – Twice! – in parking lots, and bumped into a few times, at the end I was laughing because I was feeling very “invisible”.
          Hugs back at you.

        • crysalis55,

          EXACTLY! 🙂 See how ALL of us are having to learn now how to read, discern, and then trust our own inner sensing tools? This is how we become self-empowered, self-knowing higher beings that are equal within 5D. This is how we ALL will instantly know (being able to read energies, read people) when something, someone, a place, system, or situation etc. is off just a bit and usually why.

          I’m glad you’re feeling better and empowered because that is really what’s important now.


        • Hi All,

          It’s so very interesting to hear everyone’s reflections on the latest Wings Post. My immediate reaction to it was, ‘okay, so are you hoping that some of us Lightworkers will help YOU transmute your death-shadow heaviness that’s pulling you into polarity now, Karen?’
          My Goddess!
          It truly was a DENSE post, I felt like she was talking to us in some kind of sign language through a sea of black strap molasses! I felt wobbly about it until I said to myself, ‘No! I will NOT help Karen transmute what is clearly hers to own, integrate and elevate, however I might “feel” in my caring heart about her current journey.

          After that particular wing-nut read, I went outside, and everywhere I looked I saw signs of people caring about people, NOT the apocalyptic vision of ‘hope is done’. Home garden flourishing, homemade signs alerting neighbours to children at play, tire swings in trees for all, open smiles, friendly dog licks, cumulus clouds passing over a rich blue sky. And in it’s reflections, I felt so exceptionally grateful to be alive, so invigorated by life-force. So in tune with the higher frequencies wanting to come through me now. If one needs a restoration of hope, just look into an infants eyes of open joy and curiosity and know they chose to be here RIGHT now because of the Dream they carry for the New Earth.

          With full compassion, I truly understand how we can, for a time, plummet into polarized chaos, especially as we’re undergoing tremendous soul initiations/ transitions. However, when we’re a high profile public figure, we have an immense responsibility to own our S!*!#, otherwise we risk it hitting the fans of our audiences and having our caca splay out radially in people’s faces. How fun!

          Karen may have fragmented a soul part during her father’s passing. It feels to me, reading her latest, as though she’s chosen to depart on some level as a ‘higher’ calling. Hmmmmm…..I’ll leave my opinions at that for now. I do respect her, but don’t resonate with her half as much as I do Lauren Gorgo or you, dear Denise, but most of all with ME, MYSELF and I!!!!

          Chrys, I love you!
          You are your own soul mate.
          The deeper the ‘heiros gamos’ sacred marriage within, the more it will magnetically attract it’s reciprocal, the totality of being in another. As long as we’re looking for that someone “outside” of ourselves, we’re less than whole onto ourselves. We’ll find that we keep fragmenting in our outer relationships as a call for true integration within. I believe when we’re no longer “looking”, and when we truly feel fulfilled, inspired and integrated with everything that exists within, that’s when we will meet and become One Again.

          …· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
          ¸.·´ .·´¨¨))
          ((¸¸.·´ ..·´ {{ Tieshla }} -:¦:-
          -:¦:- ((¸¸.·´

        • Tieshla,

          THANK YOU for saying all that.

          I’ve been writing a post about it while trying to NOT sound horrible about what Karen said in her latest. This crap has been growing from her for the past year now. Because she’s got a worldwide readership, many whom trust every word she writes, when she goes a bit off like this but back-pedals and calls it all something else, well, it is really disappointing and frustrating to me.

          Just deal with your pain, your emotional wounds, your shit n’ darkness and whatever else and try to not be a total jerk while doing so…which is not always easy for any of us. I strongly believe that if other people are reading – and paying/making donations for your material – then you’d better be brutally honest, and when your personal shit gets too heavy and too large, go quiet until you’ve got yourself figured out better. Then come back and share the jewels you’ve gleaned from having gone to the bottom once again. That’s what I do and why.

          My main thing with Karen is that every time she encounters some of her own personal life lessons and soul growth, she gets off balance, which is fine and normal. However, own it and don’t cop-out and lay your stuff on everyone whose read your writings for years and has been endlessly told that “Heaven on Earth is right around the corner! Now that daddy’s gone she’s thinking about (Scorpio) death or checking out. How fast that tune changed…

          Thanks for reminding everyone that we’re closer now than ever before to what we’ve been working so hard towards for so, so long now. 🙂

          Hugs and ESPAVO,

  • It feels like the New Earth is finally here… all in the flesh completely. Most of the things I’ve daydreamed and fantasized and yearned and longed for throughout my life secretively is now fleshing out as we speak… faster and faster. The more I focus on these things the more I feel it’s really really here.

    Oooh I can’t wait to see what’s next. I feel it’s coming ’round the bend this year… well it feels like it’s here NOW-now… you know…?

    Lou Ann

  • Thanks Denise, WOW! feels so right! by the way its the same Renee here from the other day (left a post re:Brain rewiring- had to set up an account now to comment!)
    although I live in Australia I come from NZ and I never knew NZ was right in the ring of fire! it makes sense in regards to lemuria as our indigenous people The Maori are said to be seeded directly from the Lemurian and still hold a great amount of the knowedge (Drunvalo Melchizedek talks of this in his book Serpent of light) He also mentions the Kundalini of the earth and its movement from the east back to the ring fire and the Andes in Peru…. it all coming together….
    I have had a deep connection to the Hawaiian and have felt deeply in me the story of my people, my incarnation this time in NZ and the Ka huna vibration, even now I have Hawaii on my vision board, like a coming home a place I need to “sit” and ‘remember’ not wonder! – its so close to what was, and what is to come….

    Much love and thankyou Denise! I’m so glad to have found you!! X

    • Hi Renee and thanks for that info about the Maori and their connection back to Lemuria. I didn’t know that but it makes perfect sense.

      Sorry about you having to register to write Comments but I was getting over 70 spams a day in my Comments! After a few days of this I just had to block that type of lower crap from even being able to get in here. I don’t have the time for one bit of it anyway. 😉


      • Its perfect… now Im logged in, it makes it more about being part of this group anyways and not just on the edges reading what others are saying…. and wondering if maybe just maybe I should comment…. so good work Denise, no time for spam man!!!
        much love sista X

        • Thanks for understanding and for joining the higher Group here. 🙂

          Hugs n’ Love back at ya,

  • Hi Denise,

    Thank you for your offer to share with us all that you receive. I guess more of us are asking and you are the conduit for us too. I was told by someone who did a quick past life reading that I was a Lemurian (she saw me as a guy on horseback) and that is the only one I have heard of.

    It sounds totally logical that we create new portals with our higher vibration and thus render the old ones surrounded by negative energy null and void. It feels good to hear from you more often.

    Thanks a bunch,

    • Hi Denise,

      To add to my earlier reply….

      Perhaps that explains why I am so fascinated with the Ring of Fire and the activity in that area. I have been logging in to EQ websites and checking out the latest on a daily basis. You could almost call it a morbid fascination. Ha.


  • Hey Denise,

    Yeah, it was me that asked you about the physical location of ancient Lemuria.

    I can’t tell you how wonderful and exciting this latest insight from you is, I have no words.

    Love and gentle winged hugs,

    Stu angel

    • Thanks Stu, I couldn’t remember if I told you about this new 5D portal and coming island in the Pacific or not. I’ve got to learn to keep better track of what I say and where! 😉

      I’m so glad my latest post is making your High Heart reverberate. 🙂 Many of us know this information but it is just below the conscious surface. But the second you hear about it or read it, your High Heart knows it is true because you feel it. The Pacific Ocean and the Ring of Fire is just amazingly potent and ripe with new higher energies, this new portal, and the coming new island that will be larger than the “Big Island”…Hawaii. Exciting times indeed!

      Big Hugs,

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