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At this point many people have been living with the Inner Body Vibrations, inner shaking and electrical-like current buzzing inside their bodies for many years. This started for me in 2001 or 2002 and it took me a while to discern what exactly it was. I’ve talked about it before but wanted to mention it again because I’m still feeling it day and night, awake and asleep over a decade later and I know more of you are too.

For some people it’s a newer experience and one that’s rather confusing and could be—if you didn’t know what the causes of it are—rather frightening as well. It was never physically painful for me and I’ve never heard anyone else claim it was or is for them either. It is however, weird feeling and mildly distracting. When it suddenly stops momentarily, it’s rather shocking to then realize how intense and constant it has been inside you.

This inner body vibration is what’s called the Rewiring and that is an accurate term for this Process. Because of the ongoing Ascension or highly compressed evolutionary Process humanity is in now, our entire Central Nervous Systems (and everything else) simply must evolve to accommodate the tremendously higher and faster frequency Light energies. The Sun, the Milky Way galaxy and the cosmos continue to blast Earth, and of course humanity, with much higher frequency Light Energies. Our lower world 3D body/bodies (physical body, astral, emotional, mental, etheric) weren’t designed for these higher frequencies, so we evolve/ascend vibrationally, physically and in all other ways as well. If we didn’t do this we would fry, or, we’d check out of our physical bodies (die physically). Those who want to remain in their current physical body and go through the ongoing evolutionary, Alchemical, Ascension Process changes will have these numerous “rewiring” ascension upgrades and more. Them’s the rules; fly much higher vibrationally or fry and eventually exit the old lower frequency body vehicle. No shame either way, just individual soul choice.

This evolutionary ascension Rewiring Process takes time, years in fact. Like I said, it isn’t physically painful so don’t worry about it. It does feel a little strange at first, like some inner body electrical energy is literally vibrating inside you. I’ve felt it move slowly throughout my whole body over the years, like different areas of my body were being worked on and upgraded to have my nervous system and other physical and energetic bodies and parts NOT fry or overload. I’ve used the analogy of trying to run 220 electricity through 110 wiring in a house and it just doesn’t work and you run the risk of setting the whole house on fire! This Rewiring is beyond kundalini rising in the old lower 3D body; this is about the physical body being upgraded, evolved energetically to accommodate, house and constantly run vastly higher frequency Light energies through you and it. This is going from a 3D Central Nervous System and body to a 5D Central Nervous System and body and it feels a bit strange when this Rewiring Process is happening. Fear not however as it’s a very positive sign.

Know too that if you’re experiencing the Rewiring in your body, then you’re also in the ongoing process of having your two brain hemispheres building new connections (being Rewired too) to have a whole brain, integrated with NO divider, NO Veil or Duality separation within it as we did in the old lower 3D polarized world and dimension. Talk about an upgrade! Just imagine, if you can, what you and I will be able to do, perceive, create, envision, know, connect with, see and feel all because we’ve integrated our brain hemispheres and our nervous systems (and so much more) and can carry vastly higher frequency Light energies? We literally will not be the same species. We’ll be higher frequency beings that carry more Light than they ever could or have prior. How very exciting and encouraging.

Don’t freak-out or panic when you feel some internal vibration that feels like a mild electric current buzzing, vibrating, shaking and changing locations inside your physical body in different areas and growing intensity and vibratory rate. It’s the evolutionary Rewiring Process which is a very positive sign that you are embodying increasing amounts of higher and higher frequency Light energies within yourself, your consciousness and your physical body. Float through it and remember to give yourself credit for literally transmuting into a new, higher frequency being housing much more Light than before. This is a lot of hard work on multiple levels and dimensions so be kind to yourself and rest, sleep and nap as much and as often as you need. Happy ongoing body and brain Rewiring everyone.

Denise Le Fay

June 26, 2009

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87 thoughts on “The Rewiring Process & Inner Body Vibrations

  • Dear Denise and Good Morning,
    Thank you for directing me to this post…After reading through, I am feeling stronger!
    I have had the high pitched ringing and body vibrations for well over 15 years or so. Recently the pitch increased and circled the head..and from my own discernments, I felt it was a new staircase. The vibrations…which have been continual for years now, increased and whipped up a frenzy. I had been doing some speedy emotional healing on myself. It felt like my systems had rebooted and restarted at another level. You mentioned “fast repercussions and going back down energetically” and that seems to be my way ie digestion and diarrhea… the different smells and constant body pain.
    Your wonderful information has lessened my anxiety the last few years AND…
    I instantly recognize high heart souls and they me…Its been a great addition to my life. One of them is my dentist and another fellow marketteer..I believe this is beginning to show me 5d.
    And now it is time to purchase your second book “A Lightworker’s Mission”. Your first book – The Temple of Master Hotei is a keeper!

  • denise years ago, maybe 20 or so i would be lying in bed and i could here stones clashing, banging together in my head. as if they were the size of 2 golf balls. never mentioned it to anyone. it went away, after about a year. recently in the last 4 months it’s back again. i feel like i am receiving some kind of coding and information. like a transmission. i don’t know what it means.
    i’m wondering if u have heard of this and if others have discussed what they perceive of it.

    thank u cindy

    • cindy,

      Most of what everyone hears that’s of a higher frequency like what you’ve described, are not just one or two different things but a wide variety of things due to the Ascension Process and related Dimensional Shift and more. I’ve clairaudiently heard sounds over these ascension years that I’ve never heard before and are so hard to describe because there’s no physical comparisons to them.

      A lot of the time we hear higher frequency Light Energies and such as high-pitched ringing in our ears that often sounds like it’s triangulated to an area above our physical head and old Crown chakra. Other times many hear Morse Code-like clicking sounds in their inner ears and/or head. Other times some hear unusual, unrecognizable sounds up in the air or space above them and/or below the ground within the Earth and on and on and on.

      Because Earth and humanity has been going through what I call the Separation of Worlds due to the AP and Dimensional Shift from old lower 3D to the NEW energies of 5D, more people have been and are clairaudiently hearing all sorts of strange sounds that, for the most part are caused from our living this and increasingly able to perceive higher and higher frequency Light, energies, dimensions and so on. As we evolve we’re able to hear, feel, see, sense and know more from multiple higher and more vast levels of consciousness and being.

      Search through my articles under Ascension Symptoms for past articles with Morse Code and/or hearing clicking sounds etc. in them as this may help you better understand this topic and others like it.

      • yes like morse code: rock like banging together exactly. didn’t think of that but of course, thank u denise. still wish i knew what it meant! so many years ago then back again. as of late in the last few days haven’t heard it. i will hear it again i know that.

        just have had ear pain on and off for about 3 months. before that i had what one would call tenitus in my right ear. that was high pitched as u suggest. anything loud voices on the train, cars honking, music from the cars,that were blasting their s**t well there was pain from that too. so sensitive. was present for at least a month or so. now back to ear pain and tooth pain same side upper and lower. i know that it is ascension and clearing. i’m not medical. i understand my body i might feed into paranoia at times but then i ground and center myself. i know it is a transition of this 3D carbon based body. when i shift and get perspective of my thoughts i exam what i’m thinking.
        i question why i am going there in my mind and explain to myself that i’m safe. i put music on and that generates more love within.

        i’m so happy to know u denise, u are the best! i will look under morse code and clicking sounds under your ascension article,

        thank u, i feel u in my heart

  • Thank you for your reply. It is like the dramatic changes happening to the planet – holding on to the way that things used to be in hopeless denial of what is happening is becoming virtually impossible for anyone with their eyes open.
    Are you aware whether animals are also enduring such intense symptoms?

    • Everything on Earth, and Earth/Gaia herself and the entire solar system, Sun, galaxy and universe are all going through this Ascension Process. The animals experience these energies too and if you have pets you know that they feel uncomfortable sometimes. Their pains aren’t like ours but everything is feeling and living through these incredible evolutionary changes. No sadness, radiate your LOVE outward into everything. ❤ 🙂

  • I am beyond frustrated. I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for a few years now which has recently become so bad that no matter how much rest & sleep I get I still am exhausted & tired by early evening. I am also sick to death of a regular feeling that I am “coming down with something” that never actually “comes” to anything. Lately I have been waking up & my whole body feels like it is buzzing – although unsettling it feels healing & positive.
    I have been aware of the crystalline body for a while now as I stumbled across it looking for info on the fatigue & uneventuating flu symptoms that I was experiencing – does this new sensation indicate the process is nearing completion? I just want to be energised & motivated again, I can’t stand living in this slow motion hibernation mode any longer 😦

    • Kristy & All,

      Everything you described in your Comment are things I’ve lived with since 1999 (and much more) and still am today so what I’m going to say is based on personal experiences and my own Higher Awareness about this process, this Ascension and Embodiment Process.

      You’re not going to go to bed at night and wake up all refreshed, fully rested and feeling “great” like you/me/we did many decades ago and here’s why. We’re evolving constantly which means all of those old familiar ways, habits, expectations, lifestyles and so on do NOT work anymore because we’re constantly evolving into something NEW and very different. I wake up often feeling more tired than when I went to bed the night before! Much of this has to do with the fact that while we’re physically asleep and out of our physical bodies a whole lot of other things are happening in us and all of our energy bodies and our physical body. Most of us are doing all sorts of Work while we’re asleep and out-of-body that’s all Ascension related. Combine all this and it’s no wonder we’re tired feeling many times when we “wake up” in our physical bodies. That old belief about needing to get 8 hours of sleep each night no longer applies to evolving humans. Make needed adjustments with this and take naps during the day whenever you need and know that this is normal for what humanity is going through now with the Ascension Process (AP).

      The sense of “coming down with something” but never actually getting physically sick with the flu or a cold etc. is what we call the Ascension Flu. It makes you feel achy, weak, half sick with flu-like symptoms but it is NOT physical flu or anything else but energy related. It makes your bones ache, gives you the chills, makes you feel sick but it’s all caused from embodying greater amounts of and also higher frequency amounts of Light energies into your physical body, self, consciousness and all else. I’ve lived with this since February 1999, constantly for many of those early years, but over time it happens less often because I’ve adapted and adjusted to my having Embodied more and more Light energies into myself and my physical body.

      The other aspect of all this is that the more higher frequency Light energies we Embody due to this natural evolutionary AP, it makes us feel like we’re literally vibrating inside our physical bodies and this happens because we’ve Embodied more Light and that causes us to vibrate faster and at a higher frequency than we were capable of before. And Kristy and everyone else reading this, that Process of Embodying greater and higher Light energies into us IS us becoming increasingly Crystalline! These are the different energetic, evolutionary Stair-steps humanity is going through and experiencing in their evolving from carbon-based 3D dualized beings with matching consciousness and external reality, to, Crystalline-based 5D and higher Unified beings with matching consciousness and external reality. ❤ ❤ ❤

      All of these seemingly different and disconnected AP symptoms or side effects are intimately interconnected and how one AP symptom unfolds naturally into another one and a higher one and on and on it all goes as we each go through these living Alchemical Processes of compressed evolution AND a full dimensional change because of it.

      Now I totally get being frustrated by all this and not having old lower frequency life and reality be available anymore, plus feeling like utter crap 99% of the time and all the rest of it, but, this is life on Earth now and it is beyond rare to even be here now to directly experience it physically. Everyone has the option to choose a much lower frequency Ascension Timeline Earth World than the highest one, and many will do exactly that unknowingly and knowingly. The choice is up to each one of us as to how high, how evolved, how Ascended we want to be and Work towards that right now. That choice is here now in 2017, in the physical dimension like it never has been before, so I strongly suggest to everyone reading this that you choose wisely despite the aches, pains and related difficulties and inconveniences. If you want to be “energized and motivated again” then you, like each and every one of us, HAS to do THE WORK on yourself and your thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions and so on to Embody as much Light as you can so you’re as Crystalline as you can get. That is the magic formula to this AP and EP (Embodiment Process) for every single one of us. ❤

  • I am feeling this here in California at night and it wakes me up completely sometimes. Since I only know this is happening when I wake-up with it, I don’t know if it is happening all the time. But I wake-up and feel it, and then just lie there feeling its incredible strength and power. It is a rhythmic beat beat beat and then a longer beat of pulsing vibrations everywhere but I feel the intensity in my chest like a heart beat but with the aforementioned unique pattern. The intensity is stronger than my heartbeat, and it really feels alarming sometimes, because it is a stronger “heartbeat” than the normal heart AND it is not symmetrical but is a pattern. I have been looking for answers and found your blog, but I am really wondering if this could be related to HAARP programs or maybe just the exponentially increasing RF waves being used today in technology. Or maybe a military application. Have you tested a faraday type surround net/cage to sleep in, just to test it out this theory? I really want to believe that this is part of a process of human ascension but I am skeptical. Still, your message is a beautiful one and I am going to focus on that being the truth because the alternative would be truly concerning given the rapid growth in tech signals being emitted for everything we use. With LOVE & PEACE from So.Cal.. -KC

    • Kim C.,

      What I’ve written about this Inner Body vibration and the evolutionary Ascension Process Rewiring of the human body, brain and central nervous system and much more, is NOT a ‘theory’. It is caused by this current and very normal and natural Universal evolution.

      I understand that for many people early in their Ascension Process it’s easier to believe that some if not all the weird body sensations they’re feeling must be caused by the negative global patriarchy. They have indeed caused tremendous suffering, intentionally, to humanity and most all life on Earth but the Inner Body vibrations and Rewiring Process is caused by evolutionary energies much greater than them. They’d prefer everyone believed it’s them causing all this, and that’s something you should reflect on. The negative global patriarchy–both physical humans and nonphysical nonhumans–are not and never have been and never will be more powerful than Divine Source and the great Evolutionary Cycles created by Divine Source and the Milky Way Galactic Center energies, solar energies and more all currently radiating/transmitting natural evolutionary Light energies.

      I hope you’ll continue reading my archived articles here because they’ll help you to better understand all this until, and this is the really important part, until YOU have enough Higher Awareness and discernment of your own to know whether information is true or not. 🙂

  • Dear Denise,

    I am in a bit of a conundrum. I was poisoned by pyriodine over many years. Many doctors had no idea. I also have inner ear disease and deafness with horrific tinnitus that fills my brain.
    My neurologist assure me I do not have nerve damage from the pyridoxine. I am in terrible burning pain and buzzing throughout my body with severe anxiety.
    I am trying to be calm and let my body heal but I feel I have lost all coping skills. The drugs they try to give me make me sicker. I am very sensitive to medications and most give me ill effects…most in the brain.
    I exercise daily but feel I am in a hyperdynamic pattern that I can’t get out of. I am starting acupuncture. Trying to meditate but hard with constant pounding noise in my head. Even with massage therapy, I feel “shorted” and restless, like it is never enough to help me. Fearful of leaving my home now.
    When I do buzz up my spine, I try to relax and realize that this is good but it is very very painful for me. Trying not to be fearful but it takes over.

    Feeling like caged rat running in circles

    Karen J

    • Karen J,

      I’m not familiar with pyriodine, plus I’m not a doctor so I can’t speak to that. What I am familiar with however is the Ascension Process, physical pains from before it and physical pains caused by it, by this natural but highly compressed evolution we’re all going through now.

      My inner ears ring almost constantly now and this is another common Ascension symptom. It has to do with vastly higher frequency Light Energies that humanity/earth/solar system is now in (7D Photon Light) constantly and that new-to-us Light Energy affecting our entire bodies, brains, central nervous systems, cells, DNA and everything else. It’s like we’ve been struck and are “ringing like a bell” and most of us hear this as inner ear ringing and/or buzzing etc. I’ve lived with this for so many years now that I’ve adapted to this constant racket inside my head and it’s just part of life now.

      The other thing I’ve got to say is that you’re using, like so many people do, old 3D pre-ascension tools such as acupuncture, massage, meditation and so on. Now I’m not saying those old school tools of lower frequency 3D are “bad”, I’m saying they’re not up for the job because they’re not potent enough for humans that are evolving into fifth dimensional, not third dimensional beings. (I need to write an article about this.) They do help to release tensions and whatnot, but they just don’t produce the energetic and physical results they used to because people are literally vibrating higher than them now. So, use them ONLY if you honestly benefit from them in some way, otherwise I’d suggest you let them go.

      What I’ve discovered that works for me when it’s all just way too much and my body, mind, central nervous system and being feel like they’re on serious overload, is that I HAVE to sit down and do absolutely nothing for as long as it takes me and my body and nerves to relax. I lay down or sit back and relax and let go, release, get into my HighHeart NOT my old lower 3D mind/intellect/ego and just let what’s happening to happen as I sort of “stand back” from it all in these ways.

      These higher frequency Light Energies come into us via the tops of our heads/crow chakra and travel down our spine and fill our central nervous systems to what often feels to us to be the breaking point! Then all of those Light Energies need to run back through or into and through our HighHearts — that place/space in the center of your chest up high above your physical heart — where all that NEW higher Light Energy is housed and circulated by us. When we do this, all that pressure and pain and noise and static etc. stops because we’ve got the right energies running through the right NEW, higher tools within us — our HighHearts — and that makes most of these pains and pressures stop. Why? Because we’re in alignment with them, whereas using all old lower frequency 3D (old school) tools, beliefs, methods, practices, including our own minds/intellects and egos simply are not big enough, complex enough, strong enough to properly embody and run or circulate such profoundly higher frequency Light Energies. This is why you ‘feel like a caged rat running in circles’.

      Quiet, privacy, silence, rest, physical stillness, mental stillness, getting in and remaining in ones HighHeart, getting in water (show, tub, pool, lake, ocean etc.), and getting in Nature all help us to ground this very, very high NEW Light Energy that is now the normal, the 5D normal on earth. All of it is run through our central nervous systems which is why we often feel super “wired” but super tired at the same time! We’ve got to adapt to these NEW higher frequencies so we don’t “fry” and end up on the evening TV news for doing something super horrible! 😉

  • Hi Denise! I’m excited to find your article as well. I’ve been noticing a buzz or hum that seems to be in a cycle, it’ll stop for like a second or two and start up again, for the last four months now. It started when I was on a VisionQuest in the desert with NOTHING around, so I was sure it was in me! (Hummingbird came by to buzz me that it was true). But I only hear it in that time before I wake up in the morning as I am becoming conscious. . I’ve been trying to see if I can control it with Breath but it but it is not responsive to my breath. I have metastasized breast cancer, but I am not getting worse at the rate the doctors think I should, and I am determined to get better with natural alternative therapies. I am wondering if you think This rewiring has something to do with my illness? And do you think it can help my healing? and if so, is there anything I should do to support that? It seems Like the buzz is in my head. I don’t have any pain or other symptoms from it. Thank you for your website I’m going to continue reading! I tried to look it up and I would see posts about fibromyalgia and anxiety etc. and I don’t feel like those are my problems not feel like those were my problems!!

    • Lauri,

      First of all, I’m not a doctor. Secondly, stop trying to do anything with this inner body buzzing, vibrating, shaking even please. It is, as you’ll discover if you continue reading my older articles here, normal, natural evolution or what’s been called “ascension”. Our physical bodies and energy bodies (and everything else!) is changing very quickly now due to this evolutionary Ascension Process. This is Universal so no fear. 🙂

      When I first began feeling this inner body vibration many years ago, I’d lay in bed and analyze the three seconds on, two seconds off vibration. It did this for years and then changed into being “on” longer. This like everything else in the evolutionary Ascension Process is a process that takes time to build and increase in us so expect this sensation to move around inside your physical body and eventually up in your head as well. Also know that it will increase in strength to the point that, at times, you’ll feel like you’re shaking slightly internally. This is us increasing the amount of higher frequency Light Energies we can embody physically month after month, year after year.

      Due to all this profound natural evolution humanity is now going through, you’ve got to be very careful of what your doctors tell you about your current cancer situation. It could totally disappear tomorrow if, if you know in your Heart and Soul that you are an aspect of Divine Source God and have the god-given right to be totally healthy. Doctors are in the business they are so you’re going to need to use them for whatever you need BUT also not give them your power and consciousness etc. They do not know that humanity is evolving now so they carry on with business as usual. You know what I’m saying. Use the doctors when you need them but other than that, you are changing, evolving dramatically right along with all the rest of humanity now. Let that do what it is! 😉

  • Thank you for your reply! I will most certainly keep reading your blog/s!! Thank you again!


    • Dear Denise! Hi again!

      Yesterday I happened to stumble upon one article that I will share the link to below, and I was wondering if you could help me sort out my confusion in regards to how it adresses electrical buzzing or feeling of radiating in chestarea.

      I had my buzzing a couple of years prior (!) to my spiritual awakening (that happened in august of 2015), and I mistook it for being sideeffects from a medicine I was taking at the time. However I quit my medicine at the time of my awakening, and the buzzing continued and so I had to start wondering what it was all about. I came across your website a couple of months ago and thankfully had my answers that I was looking for. Now I suddenly get new info from the article linked to below. Also I followed the article to the website, and more confusion was added… There is very much contradicting info out there. It is sometimes confusing, and since I am Swedish I am trying to navigate my online research on spiritual awakening/ascension mostly in a foreign language, which certainly doesnt help.

      If you could share your opinion on this article I would very much appreciate it. Like many other people I am barely functioning in my daily life, due to severe burnout and difficulty in concentration, also my former social self gone and I live in great isolation due to not being able to be amongst people – amongst many other physical symptoms. So. Any and all things that can be of help is much appreciated! ❤

      Link to article:

      Thank you Denise!
      Much love from Sweden

      • Evalevalove,

        Okay, I suffered through about four paragraphs of the article you shared and as the vast majority of information on the Internet about the evolutionary Ascension Process is, it was totally distorted in some parts, and totally incorrect in other parts. In other words, it was not helpful at all but highly unhelpful which all of these sorts of info really are.

        Very briefly — far too many people (like this article showed) use old models, old tools, old beliefs with this current Ascension Process and the two things are completely different! Humanity is evolving far beyond the old tools and models of the past so to try to fit what’s happening now into some of these old tools and methods — Eastern or not — is not only NOT needed but simply confuses what’s already highly confusing to most everyone.

        This current Ascension Process is a natural evolutionary process for humanity, Earth, our entire solar system, our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond that too. None of this needs to or is required to be run through, applied to or used with old past belief structures because they’re not high enough in vibration nor are they complex enough to accurately match the current NEW higher evolutionary Light energies, evolving human DNA, evolving human Central Nervous System, evolving brain halves and so much more. We’d never use second grade primary school tools and methods when we’re in collage and this is exactly what many online info tells people to do and it is completely wrong and even harmful.

        I strongly suggest that you continue reading through my articles here at TRANSITIONS, especially all of them under the category of Ascension Process/Symptoms/Kundalini so that you can become familiar with this process and its many side effects/symptoms. The other thing everyone HAS to learn is the higher awareness ability to discern things, people, information, places, statements etc. Discernment is the ability to almost instantly feel, sense and/or know when something or someone is wrong, lying, negative and so on or if it’s positive, true and undistorted. This natural ability comes with evolving via this Ascension Process but it takes some time, self-honesty, and paying attention to how you respond to things, people, information etc.

        Back to the issue at hand. The evolutionary Ascension Process is happening and there’s nothing really that one needs to do other than be willing to be changed by it. In other words, 98% of the stuff on the Internet about the Ascension Process is so distorted — intentionally or unintentionally — as to be basically useless, or at worst, harmful. If you doubt all this just go outside and look at the Sun. It’s a different color than it was 30, 40 years ago. These higher Light energies are automatically doing to humanity all they are and an open heart and honest desire to evolve, to change for the better, is all that’s required from all of us. ❤ All the rest of it is either intentional or unintentional distortions and confusions to again, either intentionally or unintentionally make this evolutionary Process more difficult for people. Ignore these sorts of convoluted, distorted, ridiculous incorrect materials and FEEL for yourself what's what and whose who with all this. Keep reading, learning and expanding. 🙂

  • Dearest Denise!

    I am Writing to you all the way from Sweden so please forgive my english.

    I came across your article by coincidence and it just feels wonderful to finally get answers to what I have been going through. What a sweet soul you are, sharing your wisdom and patiently and kindly answering all the questions that have been posted here. I have been reading the questions/answers aswell and find very much valuable information in them. Thank you! ❤

    I too have these electrical vibrations, mainly in my chest area, it has been going on for about three years now, slowly escalating. I wake up at night – sometimes many times a night, and feel like there is electrical light buzzing and pouring or rather radiating out of me. It feels like it starts somewhere deeep inside of me that is almost deeper than my physical body would allow for, and then it radiates all around my chest. It has been off and on, and differing in intensity. Some nights its so intense and other nights it is more mildly. Also I often wake up with a mild headache and feeling exhausted and tired almost as if I have been working really hard all night. It is a different kind of tired, not physical and not mental either. I dont know..

    It is only these past days that I finally came aross your blog by coincidence, and came to understand what it is all about and it is the most happy and most confusing news at the same time.

    I have felt that there is something really, really off and wrong with this world ever since my early teens, but I just could not seem to figure out what and I never seemed to find any other people that see things the way I do. Now it seems as if more pieces to the puzzle are starting to fit and my whole worldview is starting to make sense. I cannot wait to lay the whole puzzle and to understand what is going on with the World and to finally see the whole Ascension come to pass ❤

    Thank you so much for being who you are, Denise! What a loving and sweet soul you are! I love you and I thank you for helping us all lay that puzzle and continue to understand the great Ascension-process we are all in! ❤

    • Eva,

      We are invisibly led to certain information at the exact moment that we’ll benefit and grow the most from it. I’m so glad you’ve been led to TRANSITIONS because it has a Library of Ascension Process information, symptoms and other related topics so there’s plenty of archived information here to help you put these lifelong pieces together now. I hope you’ll keep reading even though most of my article here are older, but this is exactly why I’ve archived them for people like you. 🙂

      Love you back, Denise

  • Namaste Denise,

    Good Morning & Love from India.

    I pray you have a blessedly awesome day.

    I have been experiencing subtle body vibrations since the past 9 years. By the blessings of God & my Guru, I was initiated into ThetaHealing meditation in July 2015. Since then, these vibrations have become more pronounced. I experience them through out the day & night and am grateful to the Universe for this gift.

    I just wished to share an experience with you & request your guidance on it. Since the past one month, my body involuntary shakes very vigorously when I sit down in meditation. During meditation, my body shakes intensely but very rhythmically from the hips to the head & in the reverse order. I am a little anxious about this new development even though, I feel that it is only the next step in my Ascension. When I am not meditating, I can feel my body vibrate very profoundly but the shaking does not occur.

    I would love to hear what you feel about this.

    Respect & Gratitude,

    • Gunjika,

      It sounds to me like there’s something blocking or reducing the natural flow of Light Energies trying to move through you, through your physical and energy bodies. It also sounds like Kundalini rising up and down repeatedly, creating the rhythmic undulations in your body. There’s nothing “wrong” with any of this so long as you’re continuing to release whatever the Kundalini energies brings up and out. This is a cleansing Process that brings up old karma, old beliefs, old emotional wounds from this life and past lives as well so there’s a lot of old dense stuff being brought up to the surface and burned away by Kundalini Fire. Let it, release it, don’t limit any of this with old beliefs and so on. This change that’s taking place in you will naturally change you, your consciousness, your heart etc. Let it, that’s why it’s happening. 🙂

      Also learn to trust yourself more because you are an aspect of God/Source/Divinity. ❤

  • Hi,
    I have been experiencing this phenomenon since March 2014. In the last few months, it has become painful for me, my muscles seem to be tensing up against it, particularly in my shoulders & neck. I do yoga, meditation, don’t drink, do drugs or smoke. The vibrations are most intense when I am immobile, & they seem to be most of the time now. It is so telling when it stops on occasion, it’s as if someone has flipped off a switch. Any more information/insight you can give me would be appreciated. Namaste, Susan

    • Susan & All,

      I’ve been sensing that it’s time, once again, to write another article about this particular Ascension related side effect with some updated information. I’ll try to get it done asap and publish it here at TRANSITIONS.

      Everything you mentioned Susan about how your physical body reacts to or is affected by these higher Light Energies is the same that mine has for many years. My spine especially (think antenna with this because that’s what it actually is) feels the increasing energetic pressures sometimes and also in my spine at my neck and down to between the shoulder blades–aka the HighHeart Center. The Light Energies pour down into us this way and these changes often are felt by us as tremendous pressures on our spines, muscles, joints, chakras and pretty much everything else for that matter! 😆 And you’re right about when the Inner Body vibrations stop for a second or two, it almost knocks you over because you didn’t realize just how intense it had been until it stops for a second! All this is “normal” for The Process. 🙂

      I’ll work on that NEW updated article as soon as possible.

  • Hi Denise – I too, am happy I found this information on your site. I thought my nervous system had gone crazy! Alberto Villodo (Shaman) talked about humans being downloaded with new information coming from the universe at a workshop I attended in 2011. I literally feel a vibration in the center of body. It travels up and down. But, mainly focuses on one area before moving the the next. But it always begins in the center of me (it feels like it’s dead center on my nervous and endocrine systems). I haven’t been able to sleep. And, when I do sleep, the vibration wakes me up. This morning it was very strong – I thought the whole bed was vibrating, but it wasn’t. It was just me! With these new frequencies does my body require less sleep? I’ve been trying to force myself to sleep with herbal sleep aids. Should I just stay up and meditate? And, lastly… do you have any books or upcoming events that cover this information? Thanks so much for your guidance and support.

    • Andrea,

      I too am glad you’ve connected with TRANSITIONS. I have a second (newer) blog that you may be interested in too called HighHeartLife.

      I’ve been feeling the inner body vibrations and even so intense sometimes that they come close to shaking, since around 2001 or 2002 I think it was. It’s still going today, in fact we’ve just gone through another large Light Energy increase over the past week or so which has caused my inner body vibrations to increase once again. (It’s our Lightbodies literally increasing their vibrational frequency rate and spinning faster and faster and higher and higher.) And yes, as much as I’ve always loved sleeping, we’re needing much less of it (and food and other old lower frequency things like them) now due to our ongoing embodiment of more and more higher Light Energies. This Ascension Process is an ongoing Stair-step process so that it doesn’t kill us, doesn’t destroy our physical bodies, psyches, or overload our central nervous systems. We all want it tomorrow but this Process takes some time in physicality and even at that we’re moving through this faster and faster than many thought we could. 🙂

      I have two books available which you can check out in the Sidebar area. I think you’d find A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution interesting now. And The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory is equally, in my opinion of course 😉 a very special book bursting with Master Hotei energies. I’m currently working on a third book but it’ll be a while before I get it finished only because so many other things require my attention now.

      Welcome to TRANSITIONS and to HighHeartLife and happy reading. ❤

  • Sir,
    I am feeling internal vibration like electric current in top little finger and thumb of right hand twice or thrice a day…what does it mean

  • Hi Denise,

    I am lucky to find your column as I have been longing for the question to be asked, I did Vipassana course way back in 2005 June and the day I sat in course and they told me to watch breath, I started feeling vibrations in the whole body and it was blissful, it continued whenever I watch my breath, I asked the instructors also they told me not to give any attention to that, this happened thereafter since then in all retreats, I did it excessively, due to which it I was very focus and lost sleep for 6 months as I could feel vibrations throughout body so unable to sleep due to excessive energy, then I left watching my breath as it was hard for me to imagine life without sleep, I have lost my focus and memory since 5 years, gets angry at stupid things, high mood swings, increased sensuality and anger, confused now, lost faith altogether, I realized that I can start and stop this feeling of vibrations at my will, whenever I am tired or having anxiety I do watch the breath and vibrations in whole bodies continues and I get peace of mind, feel light and energetic, I becomes quiet and go in meditative state, I saw few small red dot like boils in my body also, off late I started the process of watching and raising the vibrations at my will, Still not sure what is this all about as I feel my whole personality has changed a lot and I still did not accept the change, should I continue to raise the vibrations, would it change the situation or it would lead to excessive amount of energy which again would lead to loss of sleep, Please guide me as I do want to go in meditative state and be peaceful, at this point of time I am still confused..

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi Denise, I live in Puerto Rico and been experiencing the vibrations for little over 3 years now. It started only on my feet and eventually ran threw my hole body. For almost a year it had stopped, and about a month ago, right after doing ayahuasca for the first time, it happened again once, it was really light. But last night it came in a real strong way, that I have never experienced before. I had to get up and started walking around to shake it off. Standing I could feel how this event had drained almost all my energy. That worries me. To Lexi, yes some times it comes with the view of entities, most of the time this aren’t nice ones.


    • speartorres – Pedro,

      This higher frequency energy Rewiring Process is not “draining your energy”. I understand how one might think that but that’s not what’s happening energetically. We feel exhausted because we’re literally having the amount of higher frequency Light Energies entering us, our bodies, our nervous systems, our brains, our hearts etc. increased dramatically. THAT is what, from our perspective, feels like we’re tired, exhausted, weakened sometimes and so on; we’re simply not used to embodying and operating on such an increase of Light Energies in these physical bodies, but we’re adapting.

      Also, this inner body vibration and/or shaking from such a huge increase of energies in us is happening constantly. I don’t feel it constantly anymore as I’ve adapted to it but I know from other methods of perception that this inner body vibration or shaking happens constantly and it is becoming our NEW “normal”.


  • Denise,

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have been experiencing this for years and sometimes it will just be the vibration and other times a veil will be lifted and spirits are literally in my room with me. I have talked to some. I had this one stand right over me and talk to me. I looked up at him and smiled and then I “woke” up. Or sometimes I will only hear them in my head. Sometimes they will be talking really fast and I get the impression they are excited that I “made it across”. Other times I will hear music and children singing in a different language. I’ve only had pleasant and beautiful experiences with this. I’m glad I read your blog. The “rewiring” process makes complete sense. I am wondering if anyone else has heard voices or seen spirits while doing this?
    Again thank you. 🙂


  • Namaste,
    I’ve had this vibrating for about 2 months now not sure.LoL I am a stroke survivor. Have short term. I also thought My cat was scratching, then thought it was my portable heater. Nope it was me,Its always in my legs. After I stopped freaking I’ve try to work with it. Now a few months before that my forehead, My third eye if you will.Creates a pressure,I seem to be able to make it happen if I think about it. It does go off if I’m reading or seeing something interesting. I have started using it as my

    While I lay trying to sleep with my 2 new vibrations I try to move them to each other. I seem to find sleep when I do.
    I am a wiccan and have been since 3-17-91. Long term still works,almost to well.So I am a spirtual person.
    Thank you so much You just got a fan.
    By the way looked up on search “inside body vibrations” This was the very first place I went.LoL
    Blessed Be may Love and light surround You and Yours.

    One more thing.Get away from that poison called flouride.

  • Hi denise, thanks for your response.av been experiencing this inne body vibration since 2010 during last year i started feeling itching and biting sensation but not severe.then since this year i could not sleep more than 5 hours some times isomnia through out the night. I even use pills to know weither to have enough sleep but the pills never work.i’v spent a lot for all this symptoms from some scam who misdiognose it with different names of diseases.before i later read your in a seriouse doubt now that driving me crazy.please am typing this from nigeria and here in nigeria no body knows any thing about ascension process and many people will be misdiognose and not knowing what they are suffering for.pleas i want to know weither this ascension process is it worldwide or is it for some countery? All my concern is about this inner body vibration that am feeling in variouse parts of my body and it has no respect to any parts of my body it vibrate almost everywhere. And there are some of my friends that are complaing thesame thing although its not painful.but some people use to scared someone they’ve even gave it a name here in internet. they named it phantom vibration sydrom.could you imagine such a language.

  • Hi thanks,please i want to understand this rewiring process better.please is there any other health problem that related to this internal vibration? Or is it only ascenssion process? Tanks am waiting for your reply.

    • Feco,

      If you are here at TRANSITIONS now Feco, it’s probably because you are indeed experiencing some of the many Ascension symptoms. I’ve written many articles about the Ascension Process and about the many symptoms it naturally causes in us and our bodies, so if really interested please read through them for more information. Here’s a link of only one of them that lists many of the most common Ascension symptoms.


  • Hey thanks for posting this I have been experiencing something similar and have been seeking some possible explanations.

    I have a similar energetic experience that pulses from my forehead throughout my torso, arms and hand. Sometimes the feeling (which does not hurt) gets so intense that my fingers move like when electric is used to manually stimulate muscles in the arm/hand.

    What I find most interesting is that I can consciously produce this feeling in a way that feels like how you would tense an obscure muscle in the body (literally that split second inbetween when you think about wanting to tense it and it happening), but instead of a muscle tensing, I get this pulsing/vibrating/electrical feeling which is sometimes nearly euphoric.

    The strength of the feeling seems to be amplified by the context of spirituality and compassion. What I mean is that when I am watching something where a really compassionate act takes place the feeling will involuntarily happen and now that I can consciously ‘tense’ this feeling, if I do it at this time it is a much more intense experience.

    In contrast, if I try to ‘tense’ when I am feeling extremely left brain or not present the feeling is very small.

    Also I just had shingles and have an intuition that my nervous system was being ‘rewired’ but it felt like it was only happening in my right arm/hand and right side of back. The shingles were on thr right side of my body so I understand that it was the feeling of shingles but still feel sure there was some restructuring of my nervous system or that a change in my nervous system caused my body to re-release shingles as I had measles as a child.

    I hope this makes sense and that you have some insight on my situation.

    Many thanks and blessing

  • Let me see if I understand. Am I experiencing the same thing? I started vibrating in my sleep about a year and a half ago. I thought the dog was on the bed scratching. I finally got annoyed and sat up to stop her, only to discover she was sound asleep. It was me! I went to Peru with a shamanic journey last year and it was so bad one night that I thought we were having an earthquake. I waited to hear people screaming. When that never happened, I realized it was me again. It has continued almost every night. I can still feel it during the day, but much less than at night. It just makes me feel weak. It wakes me up and I am exhausted the next day. I have also asked my doctors to no avail. From the beginning I have suspected it was electrical since I have always been wired a little differently than most. I have spoken to a nutritionist and was told it is the mylon sheath that has holes in it. I have been researching online and found lots of people with the same problem, but no answers. Do you think this is the same thing as you are describing? If it is the same thing, what is the purpose? What should I be doing to work with the energies?
    Thanks you for posting all of this.

    • “Let me see if I understand. Am I experiencing the same thing? I started vibrating in my sleep about a year and a half ago. I thought the dog was on the bed scratching. I finally got annoyed and sat up to stop her, only to discover she was sound asleep. It was me! I went to Peru with a shamanic journey last year and it was so bad one night that I thought we were having an earthquake. I waited to hear people screaming. When that never happened, I realized it was me again. It has continued almost every night. I can still feel it during the day, but much less than at night. It just makes me feel weak. It wakes me up and I am exhausted the next day. I have also asked my doctors to no avail. From the beginning I have suspected it was electrical since I have always been wired a little differently than most. I have spoken to a nutritionist and was told it is the mylon sheath that has holes in it. I have been researching online and found lots of people with the same problem, but no answers. Do you think this is the same thing as you are describing? If it is the same thing, what is the purpose? What should I be doing to work with the energies?
      Thanks you for posting all of this.


      From what you’ve described, and from my having lived with and through this myself since 2001-2002, I’m positive that you’re experiencing this inner body Rewiring Process that’s part of the Ascension Process. Kundalini risings are part of the Ascension Process too and repeated Kundalini energies blasting through our lower frequency dense unresolved emotional energy stuff causes this inner body vibrations. It’s all the same process happening to more and more people now and it will continue for a long time.

      After many years of living with this and feeling it day and night — and you’re right about it being much easier to feel, perceive during the night — I finally have adjusted to the increased amounts of Light energies flowing through my whole body now and I rarely feel or hear those inner vibrations. When I do now it’s when I’m half-awake, half-asleep and it’s a HUGE and constant roaring flow of Light energies through me.

      I’ve written a lot about this so if interested you can read through my past articles about Ascension Process & Symptoms. Very simply what’s happening to all of us with this is that we’re slowly taking on more and more Light Energy in our bodies and consciousness. Higher frequency Light energies coming into more dense bodies causes these types of weird symptoms and with this one it’s primarily this inner body electrical-like vibrations or buzzing. No fear. 🙂


  • Dear Denise,
    I think I am going thou the transition, but I think I am being blocked to. Please help me understand how to help myself. I have been feeling electric shocks, but they often hurt, but not all of them. I’m feeling vibrating, pulsating pressure on my chakras. I feel weird sensation of arosal. I have been learning since the day after thanksgiving, applying, and mastering in an urgent, pressing mode.( I have always had gifts but didn’t know how to handle them and smothed them; my guides kept trying to reach me) I live in a vortex area and my apt. is a bigger one. A medium said I am here to learn some more things, but how do I know if this is training or transforming. I feel more, hear more, feel energy, I hear high pitches in my ear, I talk to it and it stops. I feel energy on the outside too,.I have other things happen too, but I am being blocked right now from thinking and typing.When is the configurtion going to be complet roughly.


  • Had it for years this last month has been persistent and strong, more than ever, today was the strongest its ever been, Add that to Large amounts of heat in the spine has been interesting..

  • Hi Denise, I was curious about how you came to this conclusion of rewiring. I am wondering is it your opinion or is there some research on this? Plz respond. Thank you.

  • It started today for me. I felt it in my hands every time I went to light a cigarette and thought it was the light.. And have felt weird things in my body. It’s now in my arm.. I kinda knew and am grateful this is what it is

  • Hi there!
    I have had this inner vibration since 2009! Basically deep at my core/base of spine but it can move upwards. At the beginning there was heat but that has gone now. It ‘likes’ any spiritual type activity. I have no idea why it comes and goes, whether I am supposed to do anything or why it started!

  • Hi Denise,

    I just read your article as i was looking to find an answer to my “weird” Buzzing sensations when waking up almost every morning.

    I am 27, and I cannot tell you exactly when this “buzzing” sensation started because at the beginning i didn’t pay much attention to it as i thought it was part of a dream as i am having them when i am semi asleep. Then i thought my bed was moving like a mini earthquake until I noticed it would do it even when i wasn’t sleeping at home…

    I also wake up some morning very warm following this weird electric sensation lasting for few seconds, even if my room is freezing cold as i do not sleep with the hitters on…

    It also happen when I just fall asleep , i would semi wake up with the buzz sensation and think my bed is moving and fall back at asleep…

    Can’t that be something wrong with my nervous system? What I am experiencing isn’t painful at all, when i am talking about it to people , they looking at me like i was mad 🙂 !

    Can it be a symptom of multiple sclerosis ?

    Thank you for reading me,


    • “Hi Denise,

      I just read your article as i was looking to find an answer to my “weird” Buzzing sensations when waking up almost every morning.

      I am 27, and I cannot tell you exactly when this “buzzing” sensation started because at the beginning i didn’t pay much attention to it as i thought it was part of a dream as i am having them when i am semi asleep. Then i thought my bed was moving like a mini earthquake until I noticed it would do it even when i wasn’t sleeping at home…

      I also wake up some morning very warm following this weird electric sensation lasting for few seconds, even if my room is freezing cold as i do not sleep with the hitters on…

      It also happen when I just fall asleep , i would semi wake up with the buzz sensation and think my bed is moving and fall back at asleep…

      Can’t that be something wrong with my nervous system? What I am experiencing isn’t painful at all, when i am talking about it to people , they looking at me like i was mad 🙂 !

      Can it be a symptom of multiple sclerosis ?

      Thank you for reading me,



      Why would you want or be wondering if these ascension/evolution symptoms to be something “wrong with my nervous system” or “multiple sclerosis”? I don’t think you want those things…and I realize that for many people who are completely new to the ascension information that this info is probably hard to take or understand. I totally get that and I understand the many whys of it too. But, from having lived through this same thing myself for over a decade, plus being able to access higher level awareness about these types of symptoms, energies and issues, I know it is our nervous systems, our energetic and physical bodies, and our DNA etc. being quickly evolved now all so that humanity can literally embody much, MUCH more energy/Light within themselves and not have it kill them or make them mentally/emotionally imbalanced.

      Because humanity has been brainwashed or convinced over the decades that anything happening in their bodies means a “medical professional” needs to test it and usually prescribe drugs etc. etc. I can only imagine how many millions of dollars doctors have made over the past twelve years from people with Ascensions symptoms and NO physical diseases or disorders at all! If you honestly are concerned about these symptoms, then go see your doctor. If you’re a little more open to other possibilities, then continue reading my past articles about the Rewiring Process, about Ascension Symptoms and the many other articles I’ve written about all this and more…from personal experience. No fear…greater awareness. 🙂


      • Hi Denise,

        Thank you for replying to me ! I think you are completely right, we have been brained washed and if anything happen to our body it mean its wrong and we need to get some tablets for it !
        I have read your article few times to understand it properly and make sure I didn’t miss any meaning of it. And this is a bit hard to take it without having a multiple of questions to ask in order to understand the full meaning behind it.

        I just wondered how did you figure all of this out ? When you got your first symptoms what made you think “differently ” and made you look past the medical condition ?

        What do you mean when you say that the people which didn’t “agree” the “upgrade” will fry ? Those that mean they will die and access the spiritual level? And we ( the people who choose to keep their physical body) will stay on earth but we will be “upgraded” with new capacities ?

        As we aren’t immortal why are we rewiring at the adult state of our life ? Is it to be able to pass it on to the new generation, our children ?

        Maybe I misunderstood the whole meaning of your article ?

        Thank you for you time.
        Warm regards,

  • I remarked today to a friend, who is aware of her own Ascension process, that within the past week upon awakening that I have had these all-over (but not painful) sensations of vibrating as if my body is “idling.”

    Three times I have had what I would call a full-blown “shift” that lasts for a few moments. The first two were in a dream/almost lucid state that happened one right after another a couple of months ago. The third happened about a week ago as I awakened. I could have “shifted” again, but I chose to get up.

  • Hi Denise

    I have been having this Vibrational feeling since 2007 since going through what i would describe as an awakening experience. This vibrational feeling is horrific in which i have to grind my teeth because it is so intense its has nearly brought me to tears and a breakdown in the past.
    I’ve spoken to doctors who just look at me like i am some nut case and put this down to anxiety’ I have even called out to an empty bedroom and asked this to stop.
    The reason why i have become anxious is through this vibration feeling wearing me out through lack of sleep and having to get up for work at 6am Monday – Friday.
    The vibration starts shortly after i fall into sleep then its wakes me at the same time at night around 2-3am in the morning.
    This vibration can disappear for months then return, It has started again since the start of this month January 2012.
    The vibration seems to return at certain months of the year and i do recall having having this January 2011.
    I can relate to the previous above posts from The Zen Monkey because i do have treatment for acupunture which seems to ease this a lot.
    I have read from other websites this is part of a DNA upgrade due to a transition the earth supposed to be going through into a new dimensional shift into 5D.
    Denise at times i feel like this is all conspiracy and maybes there is something seriously wrong with me.
    I don’t go to the doctors anymore as i have had blood tests over the years which all proven fine. I try not to speak about this as family and friends just do not understand and look at me as if i am mad.

    I just want this to stop denise 😦



    • “Hi Denise

      I have been having this Vibrational feeling since 2007 since going through what i would describe as an awakening experience. This vibrational feeling is horrific in which i have to grind my teeth because it is so intense its has nearly brought me to tears and a breakdown in the past.
      I’ve spoken to doctors who just look at me like i am some nut case and put this down to anxiety’ I have even called out to an empty bedroom and asked this to stop.
      The reason why i have become anxious is through this vibration feeling wearing me out through lack of sleep and having to get up for work at 6am Monday – Friday.
      The vibration starts shortly after i fall into sleep then its wakes me at the same time at night around 2-3am in the morning.
      This vibration can disappear for months then return, It has started again since the start of this month January 2012.
      The vibration seems to return at certain months of the year and i do recall having having this January 2011.
      I can relate to the previous above posts from The Zen Monkey because i do have treatment for acupunture which seems to ease this a lot.
      I have read from other websites this is part of a DNA upgrade due to a transition the earth supposed to be going through into a new dimensional shift into 5D.
      Denise at times i feel like this is all conspiracy and maybes there is something seriously wrong with me.
      I don’t go to the doctors anymore as i have had blood tests over the years which all proven fine. I try not to speak about this as family and friends just do not understand and look at me as if i am mad.

      I just want this to stop denise 😦




      I hear you…totally hear you and know that I’ve been living this myself physically, biologically since February 1999. I still today have this now mild (compared to years ago) inner body vibration. It only seems “mild” to me now because it’s finally my new “normal”. 😉 Said another way Claude, you will adapt to this Rewiring and increase of your Lightbody frequency. We are literally running higher frequency Light Energies from Source through us, our brains, our hearts, our nervous systems, our entire physical body and organs etc. It won’t “stop” in the way you’re suggesting or hoping for, but you WILL adapt and adjust to embodying greater and greater amounts of much higher frequency Light energies through yourself and your body and NOT have a breakdown either!

      It seems that some males are more bothered by this inner body vibration or kundalini rewiring process. I’d suggest you spend time in Nature and the elements to help you ground these energies through your body; spend time in water like swimming or in a bath etc. because it helps with the extra electrical energies of this rewiring process.

      Hang in there and try to not fight or struggle against this Process because it only makes it last longer! Just surrender to it and go with the flow and get used to allowing more energy flow through you and your awareness and body.


  • well, today the vibrations are really bad again. I figure that I must have some old stuff to work out, but have no idea how to help this proceed. Denise, do you have suggestions of any musical meditation etc that would help me to relax and clear away, burn off what ever is blocking the kundalini?

    it is like I am being shaken like a rag doll from the inside out. I am realising now that the anxiety that I have been trying to fight is simply the burning away, but I am so ready for this to stop. having found this site, alot of things are coming to make sense and just seem to suddenly pop in as an odd thought and then the voila moment. when this happens then the ear ringing goes to a pitch very high.

    but I am weary. do not want to take any more pain meds but the vibrations are really bad today.

    Mary Lou

    btw, I just turned 57 this past november 29. does that have anything to do with this all?

  • Hi Denise,

    this internal vibrating started 2 weeks ago, at the beginning of December, accompanied by irregular heartbeat (very weird feeling, as if my heat was beating in a different rhythm), termporal numbness in hands (especially fingers), weird out-of-body feeling, tired neck (heavy head)…. I panicked so much, thinking that I had a mini-stroke at the age of 40 that I went to emergency. They diagnosed an anxiety disorder and told me to go and see a psychiatrist. I want it to stop!!! I panick 10 times a day, thinking that a have parkinson or some other neurological or muscle disorder. When I walk, I feel dizzy and I dont sleep well. Could it be this Ascension vibration? Or should I see a neurologist?
    Many thanks

    • “Hi Denise,

      this internal vibrating started 2 weeks ago, at the beginning of December, accompanied by irregular heartbeat (very weird feeling, as if my heat was beating in a different rhythm), termporal numbness in hands (especially fingers), weird out-of-body feeling, tired neck (heavy head)…. I panicked so much, thinking that I had a mini-stroke at the age of 40 that I went to emergency. They diagnosed an anxiety disorder and told me to go and see a psychiatrist. I want it to stop!!! I panic 10 times a day, thinking that a have parkinson or some other neurological or muscle disorder. When I walk, I feel dizzy and I dont sleep well. Could it be this Ascension vibration? Or should I see a neurologist?
      Many thanks”


      Part of your answer is in the fact that you found or were led by your Higher Self or “guides” to TRANSITIONS and information about the Ascension Process and its many super weird and often intense symptoms now. I’m no doctor and only you can know if it would be beneficial for YOU to get information (not that they’d know!) about these symptoms from a traditional doctor. I sense your symptoms are totally energetic and very positive, BUT, your discernment is what’s important in the end. Having said that…I don’t believe you have an “anxiety disorder” either. According to doctors, pretty much everyone needs drugs for some such supposed “disorder”! They haven’t a clue and their job is to push drugs so beware and be wise okay?

      Another very important part of these current symptoms you’ve said you’re having is your age — 40 — because it tells me you’re living through the Uranus Opposition now which is something everyone goes through (only once in their lives) from age 39-42 or 43. The Uranus Opposition on its own is very potent energetically, but it sounds to me like you’re experiencing those symptoms AND Ascension symptoms too. Welcome to The Party! 😆 😉

      I’ve written a couple of articles about the Uranus Opposition and symptoms it naturally triggers in many (but not all) people. The main one is the sudden activation of kundalini risings. The great news is that, no matter what age one is, when we’re individually activated by the biological Ascension Process it too naturally activates kundalini risings in everyone! 🙂 Fun times huh? I jest only to try and put you at ease about BOTH of these energies.

      You can do a Search in the TRANSITIONS sidebar area for Ascension Symptoms, Uranus Opposition, Rewiring, the Body and Brain Rewiring etc. and you’ll find a lot of information about both the Uranus Opposition transit you’re in AND the many Ascension symptoms too. Hang in there and no fear through these big energetic transformations you’re going through now. I’ve been through them years ago too and still am today to a MUCH less degree of course, and all will be well. You’ve just got some old inner stuff (stuck and unresolved emotions, wounds, fears, hates, doubts etc.) that the Alchemical Ascension kundalini fires will burn away, repeatedly, until they are no more. Relax through this Process and you’ll do fine without any drugs or a psychiatrist either. 😉


  • Hi Denise, I have been reading some of these remarks with interest but not sure if my problems is the same. Trying to find an answer. Since April of this year I have been having strange things going on inside my body. Most have stopped but I still have buzzing or tingling or vibrations inside my body. Not sure of the exact feeling but it goes up my spine and mostly in lower parts of body. Feeling is not on outside of body but inside. I attribute it to something that happen in April at work when I was working outside for 2 hours and was really cold and shivering all of that time. I think that my nervous system was compromised. Did have some problems with not wanting to eat and digestive problems but most of that has subsided but I do notice that if I eat to much I will have problems with the vibrations. I think my GP thinks I am crazy and I am not happy thinking about going to a specialist. Any thoughts from you would be helpful. Thanks

    • Ruth,

      Re-read this article about what this inner body vibration feels like, why it’s happening, and how it’s another of many Ascension symptoms. It is the Rewiring of our bodies and brains so we can survive embodying much more Light energies. Our nervous systems are included in this Rewiring process. All of our systems are. We cannot survive the transitions from 3D to 5D without our bodies, our brains, our central nervous systems, our organs, our DNA, our consciousness and everything else evolved via the Ascension Process.


  • I have been experiencing the same vibrations now for a number of weeks, its been very disturbing and has resulted in much sleep loss. I normally awaken with my whole body vibrating with an electrical energy internally, I can visualize myself as a bright light and I can lessen the vibrations but the moment I stop visualizing myself as an incredible source of pure light the vibrations start again. It can cause hot and cold flushes and an almost fever like sweat.

    I have found acupuncture can serve to soften the severity of the energy vibrations for 4 to 5 days, almost completely stopping it allowing for deep natural sleep. I focus the acupuncture upon natural body weaknesses that I have, like a broken clavicle on my right side, this seems to free blocks allowing my energy to flow properly and relax my whole system. It will be normal to awaken during the night with this vibration during this 4 – 5 day period however if I relax and adjust my posture and continue visualizing light flowing through my body it has an immediate effect and the vibrations disappear for many hours.

    I have also become extremely sensitive to rotating magnetic fields from fans and cooling systems and also transformers like those in refrigerators, televisions and computers, these things all aggravate the Rewiring symptoms for me. I originally thought that this was the cause of the problem but when it continues in quite spaces I knew this was coming from within me also.

    This has been a scary experience, literally everything for me is changing, in general I am becoming very sensitive to energy in the environment and from people around me. I do an alignment meditation each day which has served to help many different symptoms that I have encountered like anxiety. I am very glad I found this web sight, its so good to know I am not alone in this. Any advice for me you may have Denise I would appreciate, thanks for all of your effort with this sight.

    • the Zen Monkey,

      The most important thing I’d suggest to you now is to know that this Rewiring is a huge and very important aspect of the Ascension Process. It’s helping transform our bodies (and brains) to be able to safely and comfortably house vastly more Light Energies in us. The Rewiring process doesn’t happen overnight but takes years and it should NOT be interfered with or stopped. Why try to postpone the inevitable?

      I’ve lived with this inner body Rewiring vibrations for many years now and never has it ever hurt physically. It’s the one Ascension symptom that doesn’t hurt! The lack of sleep is another common Ascension symptom, and in many cases, we’re deliberately shoved back into our physical bodies from the sleep state when we’ve had as much etheric body work done as we can safely cope with that night. So I’d suggest that you stop trying to “fix” the Rewiring process happening to your etheric and physical bodies because there’s nothing “wrong” at all. In fact it’s very positive. The Rewiring is helping you and your physical and etheric bodies embody more of your KA body Light Energies. You’re vibrating internally because you are carrying and running much more Light Energies in yourself. You don’t need to visualize more Light because the Rewiring Process is helping you (all of us) be more Light. 🙂

      The hot and cold flashes are also common Ascension symptoms too as is plenty of sweating. [See my post Ascension Symptoms]


  • Thought it was gone but it’s back. Feels and sounds exactly like my phone is ringing on vibrate inside my jeans pocket. So I reach to answer it til I realize the phone is in my handbag in another room! And when I get to the phone I find there’s no indication of a call. Or in the car it feels like some heavy bass of a music piece vibrating through. This at times when there’s nothing at all similar coming from the car speakers — not from the radio or the cd player.

    • septembo,

      Nope…it’s YOU! 😉

      It is your physical body, etheric bodies, and your two brain halves being Rewired beyond polarity so you can house/carry/be much more Light and Unity or “Oneness” with consciousness that matches. The Rewiring of our bodies and brains is exactly the same process that the Earth has and still is going through with it’s Rewiring and planetary Grid system upgrade. We’ve got to have a place to live that’s a vibrational match to us and us to it. Micro/Macro and all that.


  • Had to read and re-read this one. I’ve been feeling the vibrations for years but in the previous 2, 3, weeks been feeling them in a whole new way.

    The biggest difference is that I can feel the current vibration MOVING throughout my body (below the waist). It actually feels like something is traveling around. What’s that about? It is helpling to look at your posts Denise, and also Lauren Gorgo’s June 24 one.

    So if this new vibration is a part of lower chakra activation, good. If it’s some other thing I just can’t seem to worry about it. I need to take a nap! That’s what’s been uppermost in mind these weeks. A nap! (Like that’s gonna happen.)

    Denise you posted that you had a thought to go northwest instead of southwest? Do you know where that idea came from? Have you made any decisions?

    Because I’m trying to track down where my my strong pull to come back to southern california is coming from. I really do like the natural environment there very much and miss it too,

    But! I do not like the earthquake energy! So what’s with the strong pull?

    There is this man down there…whew. Okay yeah that’s part of it.

    But lord I don’t want that 24 hour a day tiptoe energy – “What was that?! Is this the Big One?!” For me nothing is effective against all that frenzy, not even Mr. Wonderful.

    Maybe there’s a halfway point. Chowchilla! Or San Luis Obispo! Maybe even Santa Barbara – there’s some non-billionaires living there. I seen em sleeping on the immaculate streets.

    • septembo,

      It is moving around inside your physical and other energy bodies rewiring them and the chakras so the DNA is also rewired or reconnected. I felt this for many years as it moved slowly around inside my body, my lower, solar plexus area, upper chest, throat and neck and lastly my head. Now I feel it less intensely, but buzzing or vibrating faster throughout my entire body and head.

      Don’t worry about where to move…just follow your inner sense and intuitions about it. I can’t move anywhere right now so I’m still receptive to a location for me IF and when it’s time for me to move. My thought about possibly moving to the northwest came as an intuitive sense and not intellectual thoughts about moving. We’ve all got to learn how to pay attention to that type of very fast inner thoughts, emotions, perceptions and not dismiss them as our imaginations like our imaginations are something “bad”!

      About the earthquakes…from here on out I think anything goes anywhere. The Ring of Fire will be a hot zone no doubt, but there are going to be earthquakes where normally there aren’t any. Same with the weather now; we’re going to have different weather in locations that normally don’t have snow, high heat, tornado’s, etc. We’ve reached the point now (2010, 2011) where we should be prepared for anomalies across the board. No fear, just expect reality to be in a state of compressed transition for the rest of 2010 and 2011.

      After a decade in Phase One of feeling like I was running super high voltage through my body, mind, and being constantly, now in Phase Two (2010) I’m experiencing periods where I feel mildly drugged and sleepy. It’s super wonderful! 😀 When the energy is really strong it literally knocks me out and I fall asleep in the afternoon for a few hours. Very little physical pain during these periods, just lots of cat-naps during the late afternoon. This too is an aspect – like the hyper, mind-racing, can’t relax even though you’re profoundly exhausted – phase and we need to not fight it and take naps and sleep as much as we need during those times.


  • as always thanks denise. when this first happened to me i thought i was having like a mini convulsion , it was kinda scary this uncontrolled vibrational kind of recalibration feeling. it doesnt happen consistently with me but only when i go into deep meditation… thanks so much for your blog and guidance x

    • JAMES from Nigeria

      Thanks for this revelation of rewiring process/transition. Am actually experiencing it now, vibration of the internal organs, with other illness signs for 5 month now. Many said is anxiety disorder and others create more fear in me.

      Am happy for this release I have had today and I pray to recover soon


  • Hello!

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been dealing with involuntary “body jerking” for the past 4 years now. It all started when I began to go deeper in my meditation. I chalked this “jerking” and other sensations as a symptom of my spine aligning itself. I never knew there was more to it.

    I can feel the energy rising from the chakras and whenever I feel “block” my body will jerk as if to adjust itself.

    Thank you again for the post and I’m I”m looking forward to reading more.


    • Roy D in NYC,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve connected with the “rewiring” information now.

      Many, many people have been feeling these inner body electrical-like vibrations or even mild shaking which is due to our bodies and nervous systems being upgraded or going through this highly compressed evolution/ascension process. I’ve felt it for many years now, but much less so today than five, six years ago.

      Another thing your comment reminded me of is when we’re asleep and returning to our physical bodies from our astral or etheric dimension and body. Have you ever woken yourself up at that transition point of re-entry into your physical body with a huge jerk or twitch? It’s very common and has to do with us literally switching from one dimension (the dream or sleep state within the astral dimension or higher) back into 3D physicality and our dense physical bodies. We’re just conscious enough during this transition that we sometimes have this sort of crash landing 😉 back into the physical dimension and it causes us to jerk wildly upon re-entry.

      My point is that this all probably has to do with us being aware (to certain degrees) of our changing vibrationally, energetically, and/or dimensionally both while awake and asleep. This is us become more multidimensionally aware or conscious I feel.


  • Thank you so much!!! I thought i was in a state of Fear and I’ve been in a state of Panic ever since it started. The vibrations are deep but not painful. I always thought it was because of trauma but what you say makes alot of sense. I thought it was odd that my heart was normal but the emanations were strangely intensive.

    Thank you kindly!


    • Hi Ngoc Le and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I’m so glad you’re feeling better about the rewiring process. I know it feels very strange, but it is so important to help us all make these internal changes so we can carry within our bodies so much more Light energy.


  • i’m experiencing internal vibrations now. it has affected my digestion. I can barely eat anything now, lest i feel fatigued, lots of slight transient pains throughout my digestive tract, lots of gurgles, diahrrea alternating with constipation. in addition, my heart beat is often apparent, and often irregular. i’ve seen a chinese medicine doc who has treated me for liver qi stagnation, among other things. this has helped with many of the symptoms, but digestive sensitivity remains, and of course, lots of vibration. this started back in february with a dull ache in my forehead that began to evolve into a presence that often vibrated and at times felt expansive. In the last month, the vibrations have moved down into my interior, as I’ve described. vibrations are not painful, but they seem very disruptive. my experience coincides with your description, but you don’t mention the 3rd-eye activity or the digestive sensitivity. my vision has been slightly fuzzy too. Guess I will have to keep searching.

    • Hi Marshall and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      What you need to remember with the ascension process is that numerous symptoms – physical/mental/emotional/psychic/energetic – typically happen just like what you’ve described. Multiple physical and other symptoms will happen for weeks, months, years with different cycles of purging and then adapting or adjusting to the most recent changes you’ve gone through. It is a Process and it takes time, at each of the many levels, stages and cycles within it.

      The “rewiring” is just another of these many ascension symptoms that affect body/brain/energies and it too takes time to move through.

      One of the ways I was always able to tell which phase I was currently in was when I would suddenly get diarrhea. Normally I’ve never had that problem and yet, every time I had gone through some intense ascension phase and integrated or resolved some more polarities, that phase would be followed by a day or two of diarrhea. As soon as I had purged at that physical level, the diarrhea stops. If I have a lower emotion or thought, within an hour I will have diarrhea. Once you’ve reached a certain level energetically, there are very fast repercussions to going back down energetically!

      I didn’t mention 3rd eye activity because I’ve been clairvoyant/psychic since childhood; my 3rd eye has always been active. But yes, as the rewiring continues in your body AND two brain hemispheres (causing increasing unity within our brain), of course all of the brain glands (pineal, pituitary etc.) will be changed, expanded as well. This alone often triggers the weirdest and most intense sense of smell of things physical and nonphysical. It’s just one big party I tell ya! 😉

      As far as digestive sensitivity, I have a new book coming out in about 3 weeks which covers all this and much, much more. During the worst of my personal ascension symptoms I couldn’t eat much of anything or even drink water without vomiting. As you and your bodies transmute any and all lower vibrating energies, that also means that we usually go through periods (some people it’s shorter, other people it’s years) where lower vibrating foods, drinks, and pretty much everything else – causes us all sorts of problems. The whole food thing has been one giant pain for me for the past ten years that I have been going through Phase One of the ascension process. Only recently has this started to ease up.

      I’ve written a few posts about heart palpitations and ascension as they too are very common ascension symptoms. All in all Marshall, you sound like you’re in an intense phase currently where your body and energies are evolving and purging and evolving some more, which is typical of the ascension process. But in the end it’s your call, so keep searching if you feel you need to.


  • hi – have had the re-wiring buzz for a few years now – i notice that if i’m doing specific clearing in a part of my body i get a slightly different zzzy feeling there – it is descconcerting when you first notice it but once you get what it is about you sort of just live with it

  • hello denise 🙂 i remember distinctly when the “buzzing” started to occur, only a few weeks ago. i have been searching out sites for various reasons as to the cause. the reason many give is that it is anxiety or stress related, but i’ve had anxiety/stress/depression for years now and did not have this internal humming, or vibrating, until a few weeks ago on a specific day. anyway, a little background. i usually like to regularly visit local spots of historical interest, including burial mounds and sites, old battle sites, etc. i study the earth grid [or ley line related research] and have postulated that at certain times of year, it is possible certain locations are “activated” in much the same way stonehenge is during solstice, the reason why it is aligned to the solstice sun. using math used to calculate solstice sun location and stonehenge latitude, i approximated the time in which a local hill would possibly become “active”, a burial mound known to and used by the local indigenous folk for centuries. it is also the only hill in the whole district comprised of quartz-rich rhyolite. anyway on the calculated day, i ventured to the hill, climbed to sit under a tree near the top, and was barely there 10 minutes before i decided to leave. as it has turned out, from that moment i constantly feel a “humming” or vibrating sensation inside right throughout my body. i’m still not absolutely sure if this has anything to do with my excursion on that day, but if so, then it looks like i’ve figured out when to go to such sacred spots during the year and “surge up” which is great 🙂 any thoughts? right place, right time?


    • Hello James and I’m glad you’ve found TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I enjoyed reading your story very much and it all makes perfect sense at one level. But, we’re going to more than one level now OK? In the end however, this is your call, and I’m just sharing my understanding about your experience.

      I believe that the ancient physical location you were at was indeed a trigger for you with this inner buzzing or vibrating which is called the “rewiring” process. It’s a huge subject but you might also do a search on “Merkaba” because that too is what this rewiring process is all about. But, having said that, I’m also going to say that I don’t believe it was strictly and only because of your having been at that ancient site. In other words, I feel you had simply reached the point where you were ready for this rewiring process to begin.

      My point with all this is that I’d like you to give YOU the primary credit for this energetic, transformational, ascension related, “rewiring process” and not to any ancient sacred site. To explain all this would take me pages so I’ll just say that at this point, many people are housing (within themselves, their bodies, their consciousness) much higher frequency energies/Light than what the ancient sites could transmit. This “rewiring” process is a massive evolutionary/ascension/dimensional shifting upgrade and it is beyond the many ancient sacred sites and the past energies that they did transmit. Everything is going through this, not only Earth, and not only humanity. (Earth’s grid system has been upgraded too to match and transmit the higher frequency Light and cosmic energies etc. I talk a lot about this and why in my new upcoming book if interested in the interdimensional story about all of this.)

      At any rate, a huge congratulations for beginning this rewiring process. It will cause other wonderful changes, expansions, upgrades etc. within you, your body, and your consciousness and that will trigger or activate numerous other very exciting new things and encounters. Well done you! Just be aware that much more is coming for you to experience personally in multiple ways and on multiple levels…well outside of the range of sacred sites. 😉

      Thanks for sharing your important experience here with us all.


  • Hi Denise, My name is Ishmiel. i want to thank you for giving me another perspective on what’s going on in my body… i have been experiencing this internal vibration for the past 6-8 months. I feel it most acutely just as i fall asleep and just before waking. I have had some fear that it might be degenerative neurological disorder, but on some level I have known that my body is going through some type of rewiring… this process has been a great teacher for me but at times it, its been hard not to go into fear. Blessing to you for your support Ishmiel

    • Ishmiel,

      Hello and welcome to TRANSITIONS. I’m glad you’ve joined us all here. 🙂

      I certainly know what you’re saying about struggling with NOT falling into fear over some of the many extremely weird (ascension) symptoms and changes our physical bodies have and are still going through! I too have dealt with my fears and confusions over some of the ascension/DNA/energy changes. I try to discern what’s happening or what I’m experiencing and pay close attention to the details etc. to see if I can learn more about them…and it usually works.

      I’ve been living with this “rewiring” process for years now and yet, only two days ago, it changed slightly which I found very interesting. That alone told me that I’ve reached yet another level or phase within the rewiring process which makes sense. We all should expect slight changes and adjustments with it and how it feels inside our bodies as we house increasing amounts of Light energy within our bodies and consciousness.


      • Denise
        My name is Veronica. I was diagnosed with Meneires and vestibular migraine.
        After 3 months after being diagnoised I started to experience tingling on my face, head, neck and throughout my entire body. With that I started to experience electric shock feeling in my entire body. It can happen any part of the day, and last for minutes to hours. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. First time I slept for 12 hours or more second time it lasted 2 hours. I thought I was going to die. I am peri menopausal and thyroid cancer survivor. Could this be due to medication? Hormone issues?
        I’ve had every time test possible to find out the root issue and nothing.

        • Veronica,

          I’m not a doctor and I’m not familiar with Meneires. What I am very familiar with however is the tingling on my face especially, and the electric-like zapping and buzzing and inner vibrations. All of this is related to the current evolutionary Ascension Process which means we’re embodying greater and greater amounts of much higher frequency Light energies (and other related things such as new DNA). And it is physically exhausting and often puts us to sleep day or night because it’s often easier to go through these “upgrades” while asleep and out of our physical bodies. When we reenter them it’s like a “reboot” and we feel better for a while… until the process starts up again, which is nearly constant now in late 2017.

          I strongly suggest you keep reading about the Ascension Process (AP) and it’s many side effects/symptoms and the other related issues, experiences, changes and so on. This is natural but highly compressed evolution and doctors don’t know anything about all of this. Read about it from people who’ve been living it themselves since it started on the physical, biological level back around 1999. You’ll discover that many people have been having and still are having the same side effects/symptoms and all of them are really strange! It helps knowing and reading about other people’s experiences with the AP and makes your own process easier to go through. So yes, in my opinion your symptoms are related to the Ascension Process and being perimenopausal. I went through both things at the same time too and to make this even more confusing, many of the AP symptoms/side effects are VERY much like menopause — for males too.

        • Denise,
          You named exactly what I’ve been experiencing for the last year. I’ve been to the hospitals all over California and now in Texas.. all the test come back regular and normal. Thank you for starting your journey and making me feel not alone.
          As long as I’m not going to die from the process I’m ok with it. Because there are times I think that’s going to be my last day on earth.

        • “Because there are times I think that’s going to be my last day on earth.”

          I know the feeling well believeinfaith but it is the Ascension Process (AP) and it’s the AP working on dismantling our old lower ego, and to the ego, it very much feels like a “death”.

        • believeinfaithblog,

          I was about your age (47) when I was triggered or activated to begin the Ascension Process (AP) on the physical, biological level, and I’m going to be 66 next month. The AP is the NEW evolved normal and it — these NEW higher frequency energies etc. — will last for the rest of our lives. This is about natural evolution and not some weird random thing that’s happening now but will end soon. It will not end because it, these higher energies and everything that goes with them, is the NEW “normal” for mass humanity, Earth, the solar system, the galaxy and beyond. This is about us evolving up into these NEW higher energies and adapting to them, being permanently evolved and changed by them and so on. None of this well end and go back to the old lower frequencies, consciousness and ways that we all incarnated into decades ago. Not going to happen so just get with the evolutionary program and be willing to change over and over and over again because you are being evolved and quickly.

        • Denise,
          Thank you for making me feel I’m not alone in this journey. I’ve been tested and tested and retested. All scans and blood work comes back normal. I’m left confused and heart broken. Thinking what have I done to my body. Years of antibiotics, diet medication, unhealthy diet, drinking and smoking cigars. My immune system has been destroyed and I need to rebuild.

          This process has changed my life and altered my daily activities

        • Keep reading and discovering the higher truth about the AP and the many strange side effects/symptoms so that you’ll KNOW for yourself that your physical body isn’t “broken” or “sick” or needing to be “repaired” etc. but evolving and very quickly. If you’re old enough to remember what color the Sun was before the AP started, you’ll easily see for yourself that the Sun (and everything) is going through the AP too and that is why the Sun has evolved from the old yellow-gold color of decades ago to brilliant silver-white light of today. If people need further proof that the AP is real, go outside and look at how dramatically the Sun and sunlight has changed just in our lifetimes. 🙂

    • Joe,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

      I’m not sure what you mean by “absorption”. Are you referring to a psychic type of thing?

      This rewiring process feels much like a mild, not strong or painful, electrical current running deep inside your body sometimes. It’s not constant, but runs only sometimes and usually when we’re asleep but not always. It also runs on/off or in increments or phases of buzzing on, followed by a few seconds of feeling like it stopped, then a few seconds of vibrating or buzzing on again.

      I hope this helps somewhat – if not, feel free to try again.


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