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I’ve subscribed to Barbara Marciniak’s quarterly newsletter, The Pleiadian TIMES since 1995, and I’ll always get them because they’re just so great. In every quarterly (one comes on or around each Equinox & Solstice) issue there’s a long channeling by Barbara Marciniak from her Pleiadian group that is always really great and helpful in navigating these crazy energies and times.

Each issue also has a seasonal astrological report by an excellent astrologer, George Ward, who is intimately familiar with Marciniak’s extensive Pleiadian information which makes for a great combination.

Each issue has an article by Terri Saunders, an Herbalist and Nutritional Consultant and Certified Natural Health Professional. Her articles are also very helpful and insightful.

All in all, the Pleiadian TIMES is something I would strongly suggest to everyone who’s ever read any of Marciniak’s four channeled books and felt aligned with them. Check out Barbara Marciniak’s TIMES link below for more info and prices. (I would not be suggesting this unless I already know much of the material myself and know it to be very high, undistorted, and correct.)

Here are some random channeled Pleiadian quotes from The Pleiadian TIMES Summer Solstice 2009 issue. Things in (bold brackets) are my inserts.

Denise Le Fay

June 23, 2009

“…Now, from an astrological perspective, Pluto’s passage through the sign of Capricorn from 2008-2024 will have the effect of destroying all ruling systems and structures riddled with corruption and decay. During these years humanity will meet their delusions and denials head on and eventually realize that, like the seasons, things change and, like the seasons, growth and renewal are part of Earth’s golden legacy…”

“…Throughout the summer and autumn of 2009, a second phase of severe systemic breakdowns is hovering for a landing, as many trillions of dollars in bad debt threaten to overwhelm world monetary structures. There will be more ballooning deficits, extensive spending cutbacks in programs and services, higher taxes and more restrictions on your lives as many of the systems you rely on simply vanish. Public trust has dissolved, and people are consciously and unconsciously pulling their energy away from the mass thought forms and agreements that have sustained modern civilization. Greed, treachery and deceit and all kinds of crazy, crazy scheming have been eroding society for a long, long time, yet the extreme levels and current displays of mismanaged energy demonstrate extraordinary states of delusional thinking, and this is not a good sign…”

“…Rolling waves of failures will have a massive effect on world society. Even as jobless rates increase, overly optimistic forecasters continue to assure the public that recovery is just around the bend. If you were in charge of public stability, would you tell the truth, when the masses are already at the edge, restless and ripe for revolt?…”

“…In the bigger picture and looking ahead, the real revolutionary, reactive energy will hit the ground running faster than you can imagine, during the spring and summer of 2010. At that time, social upheaval and seething anger will rise to the surface around the globe in escalating outbursts of emotional intensity. Frustrations will be directed toward the people whose duty it is to oversee and maintain stability of financial and health institutions and the safety of food and water. People are feeling confused and depressed, and unfortunately, there is a distinct possibility that more pandemics will surface. People are not only suspicious and distrustful of governing systems, they are exceedingly distrustful and suspicious of their own bodies, which does not bode well for maintaining health and personal well-being. In Darwinian terms, a process of natural selection is occurring; more to the point, it is becoming more difficult to live in these times. A new awareness is needed for humanity to survive all the confusion, and as it so happens, it does indeed appear that help is on the way…”

“…Among all the planetary turmoil, many agendas are unfolding. Dispersed everywhere are millions of people with galactic consciousness who understand that life thrives throughout the cosmos and that thoughts and beliefs are the foundations for building reality. The Galactics, who are naturally imbued with abilities for telepathy and precognition, are here to make order out of chaos. Intense energies from the Sun will help clear away some of the so-called debris that has prevented the Galactics and the rest of humanity from really feeling and understanding their mental capabilities…”

“…The very best way to manage your own energy during all of the turmoil and change is to take charge of your life. Slow down and take more time for simple pleasures; make minimal use of all electronics; banish the TV; eat and sleep well, and immerse yourself in the healing sounds, sights and vibrations of Nature. Be fully present in the now and have the foresight to be prepared. According to Mayan calendars, the current Age of Movement or Change that began in 3114 B.C. will close on December 21st, 2012, when the Mayan Long Count Calendar ends. At that time, the commencement of a new cycle of renewal will begin.

“…Looking ahead, the electronic bubble will last only so long, and the potential is great that the Sun, along with other cosmic forces, will eventually fry Earth’s satellite systems…”

“…Thought forms, like gathering forces before a storm, are being fiercely fueled now by public discontent…”

“…This summer marks the beginning of a great restoration of these skills (precognitive and telepathic) as the Sun works to clear the way for a transformation of all biological systems. Even so, more and more people may lose the home station, as they are unable to sort through the multiple realities they are tuning into. Be prepared, look ahead and be able to sustain yourself. There is no need to live on the edge; you can plan on thriving during these times of transformation. Remember, your intentions must be backed by real action; refrain from fooling yourself, for delusions and bubbles will pop in a big way this summer…”

“…In 2010 and 2011, you may see a colossal systemic breakdown of the electronic world, a floating bubble of delusion and denial. There is a price to be paid and consequences to be faced for what is made and created in the physical world. The consequences of the electronic delusion will shatter many minds, so we advise you to fortify and strengthen your nervous systems…”

“…With the World Wide Web, humankind has created a massive information network that is reminiscent of the old psychic web of telepathy. However, in the electronic web of intrigues, you must be able to discern the difference between truth and disinformation. With so many choices on the Internet and so many contrary views, people have lost interest in sorting out the truth, preferring instead to be entertained. This is an unwise choice when the speed of living is accelerating…”

“…Big innovative and groundbreaking dreams about the future are now taking shape in the mass psyche. Even though such dreams are still hidden away, they are gaining momentum and will soon manifest in the waking world. In the dream state there are plans within plans to counterbalance the invasion of the outrageous new (man-made) technologies. Eventually different thought forms will clash and collide in a storm of chaos and turmoil, and all around the globe people will be challenged to choose peace, cooperation and innovation to build the new reality. In some places, many people will go mad because of fear, delusion and withdrawal from electronic addictions. When you lose control of your mind and attention, you vacate your body and are vulnerable to nonphysical entity possession. Unfortunately, there will be many desperate people, just moving around in a trance, with little insight or understanding of their circumstances…”

“…We advise you to be prepared for living in a new landscape of the mind and the world. Honesty and integrity will prevail; however, self-determination and self-discipline are prerequisite to the rights of freedom. During the great recess, telepathic skills will advance, and the real inner-net will surface.…”

“…The great recess (now) is an opportunity for humanity to slow down and reorient to a new way of life, to develop and apply skills that will be useful for building a new reality…

“…We are asking you to make a big leap in awareness this summer, grander than ever before. Focus your awareness in your body and allow your body to gift your mind in a higher cosmic merging. If you make these investments in awareness over the next few moons (summer months), the rewards will truly be beyond your imagining. The higher mind and the physical form are in need of integration, and as your perceptions are enhanced, you advance new possibilities for everyone. The game plan for the nanosecond, the years from 1987-2012, is to raise human awareness out of the dark ages of ignorance and separation and into the fold of a galactic family. A new dawn awaits you and even though you have much assistance from various cosmic sources, still it is up to each of you to decide how to use your imagination, willpower, willingness and mindfulness to determine the most favorable course of events…”

6 thoughts on “The Pleiadian TIMES

  • Denise,

    Profuse thanks for your entries. Can you tell us why the information in The Pleiadian Times does not extend beyond 2009? Thanks and with every blessing,


    • Hi Derek and thanks for your kind words. 🙂

      I’m not real certain what you mean about The Pleiadian TIMES not going beyond 2009. If I’ve misunderstood your question, just try me again OK? 😉 The Spring Equinox 2010 issue will no doubt be very interesting and further cover the recent huge increase in Light/energies, and how we and our consciousness is currently evolving even faster now that we’re in what many of us are calling Phase Two of the ongoing ascension/evolutionary process.

      I pulled out my Dec. 2009 issue and have it in front of me now and spotted a few statements by the P’s about 2010 and 2011. And remember their important term, “the nanosecond in time”? The years from 1987 through 2012? From my perspective, the P’s (Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadian group of beings) have always talked about the years beyond 2009…and what mega important years they are! I would love to quote every page of the P’s channeled material in each quarterly issue, but that’s just not fair to Barbara and Karen Marciniak, and The Pleiadian TIMES isn’t expensive at all really. I do however try to introduce more people to her and the “TIMES” because it is such great material in my opinion.

      If I’ve massacred your question, just let me know.


  • Hi Dennis,
    I’d been reading your blog’s for about a month, someone from website posted your blog there and ever since, I’d been coming here a lot and reading your materials and I really like the way you write… with humors and makes me laugh!
    I want to say… thank you for sharing your wisdom with us and I also share few of your blog informations with and it gets possitive respond from people! 😀
    Saying… Hi to one Pleiadian Soul to another Pleiadian Soul! 😀

    • bunnyfawn – Karoline,

      Hi and I’m so glad you’ve joined us here at TRANSITIONS. Thank you so for your kind words. I’m glad I’ve been able to make you giggle too as we all need to keep our sense of humor during these amazing but difficult times. Thanks also for sharing my writings with other like-energy people at I need all the extra angel help I can get. 😉

      Hugs & Gratitude,

  • Hi Denise,

    Wow, this is welcome news. The telepathic abilities and the inner-net, very nice…. 🙂

    I wish I had full telepathic contact with you now, got so much to talk about and say/think, or is that visualise?! 😉

    I hope my ‘wings’ are strong enough to let me fly above all the upheavals over the next few years…..

    Love and gentle hugs,


    • Stu,

      Yeah the physical WWW or Internet is an external manifestation of humanities inner psychic/clairvoyant/telepathic abilities…that they’ve not used in Ages. It’s also an external symbol of the Akashic (records) or a location where all information is stored.

      It’s been hinted over the past many years that the coming higher solar and cosmic energies will indeed fry or permanently disable all the lower vibrating man-made technologies that’s orbiting out in space. But, the big switch-over will be that humanity evolved/ascended energetically back up to being able to fully use their own telepathic “inner-net” once again. This is how it works on dimensions above 3D; everyone is so aware naturally, that there’s no need for external communication devices like what humanity has been used to in the lower consciousness, world, dimension and reality.


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