Things Are Not as They Seem

April 2014 will go down in my personal her story book right next to the Divinely epic Three Days event of December 21, 22, 23, 2012. Seriously, April has felt that intense, that life and reality altering as the Three Days where. We individually and collectively have, once again, been changed, evolved into something very NEW and improved, even though it doesn’t remotely feel or look like it at the moment. Quite the contrary actually.

euw waiting But once the April 2014 cosmic energy tsunami dust settles a bit (don’t expect much settling however because we’re in the NEW now and it’s just going to be different), more people will come to realize how much sweeping change—by change I mean improvements—have actually happened. I’m acutely, and at time frustratedly aware however of how much it doesn’t yet look or feel or behave out there in the physical world like anything positive has happened at all, but please know that old patriarchal structures, beliefs and controller type people are being deconstructed and removed from their old positions of “power over others” etc. It is happening even though it doesn’t entirely look, sound, smell, act or feel like it 100% yet.

Know that the two things are happening simultaneously and it’s taking some time to unfold in this physical dimension. All things considered, it’s unfolding VERY quickly actually, but more patience is required from the Aware folks around the world. The unaware folks will get with the NEW higher frequency programs eventually, but you and I must not mistakenly think or believe that these changes (improvements) are not happening because they’re not manifesting fast enough for our liking within this dimension. Any faster and the wheels might pop off of a lot of things and people so please hang in here with me and know that everything is unfolding now and very intensely, like I needed to say that.

The cosmic Plutonian Street Sweeper is, as always, arriving on-scene shortly after each of these cosmic energy tsunamis to sweep away the latest collapsing, expired patriarchal trash & Co. These people’s time running this planet and humanities consciousness has expired, they just don’t know this fact yet. Some crusty patriarchal bastards do but are carrying on as usual, pretending all this isn’t really happening, but it is, and they’re falling by the wayside faster than ever before despite their best nasty efforts. View with your Higher eyes; feel with your Higher Heart; sense from your Higher and greater level of perception and you’ll know that these global changes (improvements) are indeed happening in 2014 faster and more completely than they ever could before. Also, give the cosmic Street Sweeper time to do its job too and clear away the old corrupt, rotting, greedy and deranged trash-heap.

After thousands of years of intentional disempowering of humanity by Team Dark, it’s going to take some major Divine interventions and “fixes” to help humans get back into the higher frequency Divine groove once again. And, one of those Divine “fixes” is us Forerunners starting to now live, move about, create, function, exist etc. as NEW empowered Beings in human bodies. We are the NEW Human Angels that are and will be helping humanity by embodying the NEW in all ways ourselves first. For we Forerunners to do this NEW level of Ascension Process work, we must use our Higher tools and Higher Consciousness ourselves and stop habitually looking outside ourselves for answers, solutions, insights and so on. Remember, ‘We are the ones we’ve waited for’, and we are ‘the Second Coming”, so this is where we must start using and trusting our own inner Higher abilities and stop waiting for or expecting someone else or something else to come and do it for us. We are the NEW help, plus we’ve got tremendous Unseen Higher help (from Angelic Lightbeings and positive ETs) assisting us now with our NEW roles and their NEW roles with us in the NEW energies of the NEW earth world reality etc.

If you don’t fully trust yourself with this yet, perceive whatever you can on your own first and pay close attention to what you perceive, how it felt, how it happened and so on. Then if needed, confirm what you’ve perceived on your own first by reading other trusted people’s Ascension writings/books etc. to get any validation/confirmation that you need now to bolster YOUR self-confidence with your own Higher abilities. It’s time to discover just how much YOU are capable of perceiving now on your own as an empowered NEW Being in a physical human body. This is where many of us Forerunners are now in 2014; discovering how powerful we actually are individually as embodied Beings of Light and Love within the NEW. Fear not, just educate the parts of you that doubt this within yourself because this is a fast way through this confusing phase we Forerunners are going through this year.

I feel like I’ve been in a car wreck!

Throughout April 2014 my physical body has hurt and felt sore and bruised in weird NEW ways for a variety of Ascension related reasons. The cluster of large/medium/small earthquakes around the Ring of Fire we had in April have caused me and many of you, amplified aches, pains, pressures and tensions in our bodies and amplified emotional anxiety. But despite all those many earthquakes—some of which were big—very few people died because of them thanks to a lot of Higher Overseeing being done by Angelics and other higher dimensional Beings. We Forerunners have tremendous Unseen assistance now, as does Earth and most all else, so even though these earth changes must happen in 2014, they’re unfolding with as little death and destruction in this timeline as is possible.

Over the decades I’ve observed some of these Higher dimensional Beings intentionally work with physical dimension earthquakes and redirect, relocate the energies of some of them so they’d happen as they needed to, but not kill as many as they would have if they’d happened in huge heavily populated cities. It’s quite amazing to witness how easily and quickly this is done by positive Higher Beings to slightly adjust certain events that need to happen within the physical dimension, but have them harm as few as possible.

Some of you “Earth Sensitives”—which most Forerunners are because where does one end and the other begin?—were probably in varying degrees of physical and emotional pain from the amplified earthquakes caused by the NEW April 2014 energies. On an important connected side note — there was a huge past trauma in the collective that was finally cleared during this 5th Cardinal Square/Cross of Easter week, April 2014. That residual collective trauma was originally caused by a major deadly earthquake in Mexico/Mexico City in 1985. Estimated death toll from that 1985 main earthquake was 10,000, but some believe it could have been as high as 40,000 people.

  • pre-event quake – 5.2 May 1985
  • main quake – 8.1 September 19, 1985
  • first big aftershock quake – 7.5 September 20, 1985
  • second big aftershock quake – 7.0 April 30, 1986

Because I clarivoyantly saw and empathicly felt this 1985 8.1 earthquake in Riverside California in a very public way, I’ve been extra aware of the great lingering psychic and emotional scar and trauma that earthquake left upon so many people in Mexico. As the earthquakes escalated around the Ring of Fire throughout April 2014, and we traversed the intense energetic gauntlet of Easter week 2014, I asked for Higher assistance to (among other unrelated things) fully remove the 1985 Mexico earthquake and massive death traumas still within the human planetary collective so that old energy and fearful thought-form would not recreate another massive earthquake in Mexico and/or the surrounding areas during April 2014. The potential for this to happen this month existed, but I’m happy to say that this 1985 earthquake trauma energy has been removed from the collective. Many past things, energies, contracts and residual events have been permanently energetically removed from the human earth collective thanks to everything April 2014 brought in. There’s going to be adjustments needed because of these huge improvements and things everywhere are reeling at the moment because of it. It’s okay though, just stay in your High Heart in this timeline and ride these NEW waves of change.

This is another of the many reasons why the Forerunners must now learn to discern what is theirs; what is not theirs but is coming from other people who you’re feeling and/or being effected by in some way(s); what’s within the Collective that’s being reactivated by old and/or current human fears that you then feel in your body and/or emotionally. Work your NEW Higher tools of perception fellow Forerunners, because you’ve got the Higher abilities to perceive what’s going on and why and do something positive about it all for All.

I cannot believe those greedy patriarchal bastards are still getting away with what they are!

How is it that some of these foul greed-monster humans are still getting away with intentionally hurting, harming, wounding, stealing from, suppressing, lying to and utterly disrespecting other humans at this late date? But, take a second deeper look/feel and see that they really are not getting away with it now.

I’m going through this one myself in April (again) with some heartless old patriarchal Boy’s Club guys as I know many of you have been too. As much as it hurts, repulses, infuriates, discourages etc., it’s part of this Ascension Shift Process we’re living through now. I’d like all these negative greedy human toads to get with the Higher Program… or turn to stone and get the hell outta our ways… but there it is. We’re having this overlapping period between the old negative patriarchal ways and lower consciousness, and the incoming NEW which those people cannot comprehend one little bit of course. So there’s clashing and hair-pulling and hearts being broken for the 2,486th time. Whatever, just get back in the saddle again and carry on because as you and I both know their time has expired and this is them dragging their greedy, stubborn feet for as long as they can get away with as they steal everything from everyone they can for the last time. This frustrating phase will NOT last forever however so do your best to not get wounded, discouraged, enraged, depressed or have violent fantasies about offing all those greedy, cruel, unaware jerks. This has been and still is very difficult work at times, with heaping piles of cruelty from the unaware, but continue to steer this whole business from your Divine High Heart.

Expect the unexpected with the weather now

We all know that the weather has been weird and severe for the past twenty-five-plus years already, but, now that the NEW energies are here and flowing through the NEW grids, there’s going to be some further adjustments that will play out through amplified weather anomalies everywhere. I’m not telling you this to cause fear or panic or any negativity whatsoever. We Forerunners work transmuting other humans’ fears and panic. I’m sharing this information only so that you know from a Higher level of awareness that this is why there is and will be (for a while) another amplification and that the weather will reflect this.

Since April 28th solar eclipse, the winds have been howling here in SoCal around 60 mph with guts even higher. My next door neighbors roof is blowing apart even more than it’s been since 2013, and chunks of it are bouncing off my car and house and surrounding neighbors property. I’ve needed to reinforce my Unseen protection around my property to keep it safe from other peoples flying lack of responsibility and debris. Where is he? Probably drinking and sunbathing at some coastal resort in Mexico. It’ll cost him more to replace the roof than what it cost him to buy that house, and he does not like having to dip into his Hedonist Funds for anything other than his hedonist events. Such is the gap of this Shift.

My reason for sharing that tidbit was to show how this disintegration of the old negative is happening, and in very personal ways for many of us, but how this is part of sweeping away the negative and the implementation of the NEW in its place. There will be some causalities, some damage, some pain, some frustrations, but in the end, there will be the NEW Light Love and that’s worth it, even in those moments when it doesn’t much feel like it.

HighHeart Hugs of Love,

Denise Le Fay

April 29, 2014

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