March 2021 Inner Body Freeze

It’s not difficult to feel how much higher frequency and more intense the 2021 solar plasma energies, other GC (Galactic Center) waves and pulsations, and entirely higher octave Phase 2 evolutionary ascension energies in general have been so far this year. January and February 2021 have felt like we’re constantly navigating up entire flights of energy stairs faster than we ever have or could before. That is wonderful, but it’s also incredibly intense on our physical bodies and CNS (Central Nervous System).

From around 7 AM this morning, March 1, 2021, I’ve had that ascension symptom of feeling intense inner body freezing cold. Remember in Phase 1 of the Ascension Process when it was primarily intense inner body heat “hot flashes”? It’s now an inner freezing cold that nothing helps warm you up, just like nothing reduced earlier ascension caused inner body heat. You simply have to live through it, embody it, and be permanently changed because of it time after time after time. It’s after 5 PM as I quickly write this and I’m still feeling the inner body deep freeze — and this is the longest I’ve ever experienced it.

The accompanying higher and higher pitched inner ear sounds of constant squealing, and/or the two-toned higher and lower sound tones pattern, and sometimes now a third layer of inner ear sounds stacked on top of each other is the old inner ear “Morse code-like” rapid clicking. All of which are side effects of us being in these higher octave 2021 Phase 2 solar plasma windstorms.

These periods of embodying the latest incoming 2021 solar wind plasma has been causing the inner body freezing cold side effect to last longer each time they happen so far this year. Expect anything with this. You know when you intentionally charge, code or “program” one of your quartz crystals to do something specific? This same process is happening to us and our NEW crystalline physical bodies and inner crystalline grid systems and Diamond HighHearts. These solar plasma winds and other comic energies and Light are “programming” us with more NEW higher energy patterns, codes, templates etc. and this is often felt as longer and longer periods of severe inner body freezing cold, along with body weakness, exhaustion, need for more sleep, inner ear sounds and additional tones and sound patterns. Again, expect anything from here on out and take extra care of yourself and your physical body. These are energies that are higher in frequency with NEW qualities and abilities than anything we’ve experienced before. If you’re very sensitive to them too, then be prepared for much if not all of March 2021 to be energetically intense in multiple ways… not unlike January and February were. No fear, just more naptime to embody.

Denise Le Fay

March 1, 2021

GOOD NEWS, IT’S MARCH: Look at these data. March is the most geomagnetically active month of the year. (October is a close second.) Why? It’s the Russell-McPherron effect. During weeks around equinoxes, cracks open in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind pours in to fuel geomagnetic storms. Today is March 1st and, right on cue, the strongest storm of the year erupted. Read on….

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Surprising forecasters, a moderate G2-class geomagnetic storm occured during the early hours of March 1st. “The sky literally exploded over me with a gyrating green ribbon of color,” reports Harlan Thomas, who sends this picture from Kananaskis Country, Alberta:

“I also caught the conjunction of Mars and the Pleiades,” says Thomas. “They’re converging for a close encounter on March 3rd.” Note: They are right here.

What caused this storm? A significant crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field, and remained open for more than 5 hours. Bright auroras spread across much of Canada and Alaska as solar wind surged through the opening. According to our records, this was the strongest geomagnetic storm since a G3 event in May 2019.

More auroras are in the offing. Earth is entering a high-speed stream of solar wind flowing from a southern hole in the sun’s atmosphere. This should unsettle the geomagnetic field and ring the Arctic Circle with green lights for another day or two. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.” — News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids

49 thoughts on “March 2021 Inner Body Freeze

  • Dear Denise,

    I’m having the weirdest dreams these days. Very active in them (so active that my mumblings keep waking my husband) but cannot remember anything when I wake up. I just know they’re immensely significant and “things” and “events” are advancing rapidly, both on personal and on global/galactic scale.

    Interesting times are upon us 🤔

    Love and HHhugs to you and all ❤️❤️❤️

    • I can definitely relate to the dreams on steroids (hi Jain Lee & eleanor)!
      Several, literally 5 or 6 in the last two weeks, dreams about loading up and helping others load up onto a rocket ship to leave. Doors closing. Ready for takeoff.

      Thank you Denise and HHLifers for sharing 💚


      • hi diana!
        i also get the strong sense of the imminent rise and takeoff.. many signs, hints in past weeks. amazing! ❤❤❤

  • hi denise
    thanks for this. i recall that the hathors’ concept of ‘chaotic nodes’ was impressed on my mind years ago when i first came across it. it made much sense i thought. coming upon it here again, i am reflecting on the countless peaks and depths that have been traversed since then. how that phrase would be differently coated yet could convey the same or similar meaning.
    Like the notions of ascent and descent. in relation to incessant HF energies that often literally knock me out – i feel i see them go up, come down, ascend, descend. always in perceptible layers of 3 or 4 and so on.
    There was this dream I had some days ago that i feel now was meant to crystallize something that asks for conscious acceptance.
    I dreamt that I was having a dream in which i woke up and at that point I the conscious aspect woke up bewildered as her waking felt like one seamless continuation of her waking up in that dream within the dream. So dreams within dreams and awakenings layered awakenings. And that which is Constant gets clearer clearer then pure?
    How sacred, magnificent and beautiful the Dance of Life is and what an honor it is for Self to create her distinct steps of it alongside such majestic Other-Self in form.

    • Hi eleanor,

      I also recall (hazily) a dream few days ago that had something to do with “choosing” and as you said “conscious acceptance.” Yes also to waking up in a dream within a dream following the “conscious acceptance” dream, meaning I was very aware that I was dreaming and then woke up from it just to enter another dream, all the while aware I was still dreaming. You worded it soooo much better.

      @Diana —Hi, this is gonna sound strange but you mentioning closing doors jarred something related to my response above to eleanor. As I was leaving one dream for another (“waking” up just to enter another dream), I did so by closing a door. So constant closing of doors in this one fluid dream with a dream within a dream. The theme seems to be “the end” and “leaving” for both our dreams, but yours seems so much cooler with the rocket ship.

      • hi jain lee!
        thanks for your reply especially as it made me look deeper into my use of ‘conscious acceptance’ of a truth that i have already awakened to and i even had a mystical experience of years ago —– that of the eternal “I” , that individuated piece of the GOD One Divine Mind Consciousness etc. that is one’s core and essence sans any HF title identity or personality .My conscious acceptance of such truth means my making of an active choice to BE THAT moment by moment through whatever multidimensional roles and tasks i have and whatever vessel I inhabit. Trial and error, and practice practice practice😊
        Im really grateful Jain Lee for your leading me to a very impt insight. ❤❤❤Thank you!

  • Dear Denise, thank you for all your help to me. Maybe you think I’m a dick. Sometimes I think I am. I just don’t always know how to say the “ right” thing. I saw that you put my real name out there. Can only think that you think I am part of td. Don’t think I am but know I am slow and low. But I’m working on t so push your light toward me please

    • Katie,

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. I did NOT “put your real name out there”. I don’t know what your real name is. If your user name is “Katie” then that’s the name I use when writing a comment to you or anyone else — I copy the name the commenter uses.

  • I have been reading every post since Transitions was active, but I have not posted much. So often the posts from others, as well as yours, Denise, validate what I experience. I was activated in 1999, but looking back, I was always in touch with Source and my Higher Self, with some psychic ability. I wanted to share a dream I had in the early hours of 3/3. In it, I was driving a little red sports car, with a destination in mind. I stopped for a break, and when I got back in the car, my 16 year old grandson was hanging onto the outside of the driver’s door! He pestered me, trying to get into the car and I kept pushing him out. I even tried “wiping” him off the car by driving close to a truck! He was tenacious. It was annoying, but I kept my cool. I finally had enough, stopped, and asked some women (strangers to me) I did not know if I could spend the night at their home. They agreed. I went through a metamorphosis in their home–I became very aged and lost my memory! I could not remember my grandson’s name, and when a granddaughter showed up asleep in the same house, I could not remember her name either! My grandson showed up to look after her, and I did not remember him. It was distressing. However, after a while, I became youthful and was back to normal with my memory intact. My son and daughter in law showed up to get their child, and I left in my car, without further interruptions. Later on, I dreamed I was at school, and had just finished an exam. I milled around with other students looking for my grade to see if I passed. I am a nurse, so when I saw “critical care” listed next to my name without a grade, I asked someone what it meant. I was told it was the highest grade given and means I would be working in critical care next semester. So, what I took from this is that I was being attacked in my first dream by TD, overcame it and was able to move up a stair step. Later, this was validated by the “exam” results, ie, I passed the test! So cool I had to share.

  • Dear Denise,

    As I write to you from under layers of down comforters and quilts I want to thank you while I have the chance, for continuing to write to us, addressing the vast array of symptoms we’re all adjusting to. The tenacles of TD are so deeply fixed here, that I’m looking to relocate, plus a person I am related to made a final hate explosion so horrific that I was able to severe the individual once and for all. Thank you for hanging out with us, hanging on with us, and for allowing us to learn, here.

    Love, as always, Cali Flower

    • Good for you Cali F. ⭐ ❤

      Ever since Phase 2 of the AP started in January 2020, more and more of us are HAVING to live our own personal Separation of Worlds & Timelines with every person we’re still dealing with (family, friends, mates, neighbors, co-workers etc.) that are NOT a vibrational match with us/us with them. Wherever there’s a mismatch of higher/lower energies, consciousness, focus etc. with any loved one, family member(s), adult children etc., we’ve been HAVING to completely end our connections with people that are NOT at the same frequency rate and level that we now are. Since 2020 this has been happening more strongly than ever before and in 2021 it’s become mandatory if we want to continue our personal Ascension Process or Embodiment Process. In other words, the Separation of Worlds & Timelines has been happening to each of us personally in our own ways since the Divine Cease & Desist Order (and pandemic) began over a year ago. We are farther into the Separation of Worlds now than most realize yet but it’s rapidly becoming increasingly obvious that we can no longer remain with or tolerate or suffer or endure or put up with anyone that is not now evolving at the rate we individually are.

      • I could quote this entire answer Denise! It’s very on point as usual. Since last year January I began to lose contact almost 90% of people in my life, including my closest friends. In terms of ascension process we were never on the same page since apart from two of them having some kind of knowledge rest never understood my life or the things on my path. I love them but our separate ways are getting even more obvious now. The thing is, this feels natural almost. I don’t know how to explain it. Five years ago something like that would hurt me so much. I kept all these things to myself for years because I knew they didn’t believe the same things. But now this separation comes so natural to me. I hope that makes sense. Love and warm hugs to everyone.

      • Hi Denise and all: I keep coming back to this paragraph of yours and about how the split is unfolding in very personal ways. I am experiencing a lot of conflict with a particular person.

        My observation is that first of all, we must be at a tipping point because I feel like I’m on about to step onto a brand new timeline without this person.

        Second, their usual playbook of tactics is ineffective but they still try them anyway which is interesting.

        Third, the usual conventional advice about dealing with them is equally ineffective — I can’t just pick up and leave because of the pandemic (although I suspect that is about to change) and so I feel like I have to fight them back or there will be real world consequences. Logic says it would be better to pack up and go to avoid more of this, but it’s just not possible.

        Fourth, I have become so attuned to the patterns and now I notice there is a predatory aspect to them — this person has been baiting me for THREE days waiting for me to react.

        Fifth, I finally did react and I used their own savage attacks against them, which doesn’t feel very 5D to me, and also it seems very scorched earth. The other person is literally devastated because they were expecting me to crumple into a heap of tears and instead I unleashed hell on them.

        If anyone has any other insights or observations, I would appreciate hearing them.

        I am especially curious about this “trap” we’re in with the pandemic/quarantining and the financial issues but at the same time we’re splitting with these people. This makes no sense to me. I am sure it’s not supposed to make sense because there’s some process happening at a higher level but I’m hoping someone will speak to this. Why are some of us stuck in this position without any way out? I know it’s at least part of an ancestral pattern, some interference and manipulation but isn’t the AP and the split supposed to get us away from these people?

        I know it’s an inside job but I can’t help but feel like I’m missing something.

        • cespringer & All,

          I’ve been working on an article and hope to have it finished soon now.

          “My observation is that first of all, we must be at a tipping point because I feel like I’m on about to step onto a brand new timeline without this person.”

          You are, we all are. This is why I wrote and pushed so hard all of 2020 about how everything had just shifted into what I call Phase 2 of the AP. It is also why the Divine Cease & Desist Order happened with the start of 2020 too. All of those things, those NEW ascension shift changes were and still are to aid each of us ascending with the full-out, hardcore, currently happening Separation of Worlds. Not just talk or wishful thinking but actually happening now. It’s just doing so as all previous AP things have, in incremental stairstep fashion so we physically survive and Earth/Gaia doesn’t crack or blow up in the Process! It’s just MUCH faster now that we’re in this higher, more extreme faster energy and level (Phase 2).

          “Second, their usual playbook of tactics is ineffective but they still try them anyway which is interesting.”

          Yeah, I know but it’s their only incarnational playbook. They aren’t and won’t change, evolve, ascend now so they stick with the ONLY thing, the ONLY tools in their patriarchal low frequency toolbelt and they don’t work on higher frequency individuals.

          “Third, the usual conventional advice about dealing with them is equally ineffective — I can’t just pick up and leave because of the pandemic (although I suspect that is about to change) and so I feel like I have to fight them back or there will be real world consequences. Logic says it would be better to pack up and go to avoid more of this, but it’s just not possible.”

          Yeah, me too. We are NOT suppose to run away anymore like we have repeatedly since the AP started in the physical in 1998-1999. I’ve sold homes and moved three times since 1999, and due to another toe-to-toe, eyeball-to-eyeball, female Light warrior showdown I had yesterday with a classic elder (80-something) white male patriarchal psychopathic misogynististic fuckwit in my carport, I took out another massive chuck of old patriarchal density and like consciousness. I will not move to get away from them anymore and neither should you cespringer or anyone else that’s truly, honestly ascending vibrationally now. Phase 2 of the AP is all about THEM now HAVING to be the ones that must move to escape us and the NEW. Those of us capable of doing collective purging/transmuting/removing energetically have been, again, which is another sign that more major NEW higher Light and energies etc. are about to arrive physically here on Earth and be embodied by those of us capable of doing this too AT THE SAME TIME AS the energetic purging removal Work we’ve been doing all along. I’ve Worked a very long time to finally have “the shoe on the other foot” with all this business. It’s time to push them out of our ascending NEW — not us running away and searching for a “safe place” to live our ascension lives.

          “Fifth, I finally did react and I used their own savage attacks against them, which doesn’t feel very 5D to me, and also it seems very scorched earth. The other person is literally devastated because they were expecting me to crumple into a heap of tears and instead I unleashed hell on them.”

          Sometimes ONLY using scorched earth tactics, language and verbal intensity backed with I’d rather kill you than let you do this shit anymore energetic intensity is the ONLY thing that those types of people and consciousness understands, hears, registers. I did this with the old white misogynist bastard that did the only thing he’s capable of with females yesterday. I saw it register in his eyes briefly that I meant business with him and what did he do? He ran away to a male neighbor across the street and told him I was “hysterical”. Classic patriarchal male move. So yeah, it’s time we fight them away and out of our ascending realities, not us retreating, moving, running away etc. Nama-fucking-stay mofo. Sorry, had to say it.

          “I am especially curious about this “trap” we’re in with the pandemic/quarantining and the financial issues but at the same time we’re splitting with these people. This makes no sense to me.”

          I’m going to try to include this in the article I’m working on now. It’s taking me longer than usual because it’s very high, very low, very all of that and more and we’re still in it and still Working in, on and through all of it. All of 2021 will be like this, with each seasonal quarter only getting more intense, faster, higher and more strange than the previous ones!

          Thanks for your great comment cespringer and congrats on not fleeing but staying and fighting. You did good, you did right. ❤ ❤ ❤

        • Oh soooo grateful for this conversation between you, cespringer and Denise. I have been through this kind of ringer and thankfully my living situation (and/or I) shifted (lol hate to say anything in case it changes back) into something much better. I have also been noticing that the things I’m encountering like a little news, social media posts, characters in shows I’m streaming etc don’t have the same ability to push me like they used to. I have been reminding myself fairly constantly that it’s an inside job, but just now I was sitting outside in the sun saying out loud that I know that, I just need some kind of sign. Thank you two for being the sign! As always, looking forward to the next article.

        • Thanks Denise, WOW! Please forgive me in advance for the novel I just wrote here 🙂

          As I split away from this person/these people in the AP process I am also unraveling a lifetime of being groomed to be codependent with family members. The way my childhood was structured kept me mostly away from the narc I’m dealing with because of divorce, but the other parent and spouse weren’t exactly emotionally healthy.

          I started reading at a very early age and I also started counseling in the 2nd or 3rd grade. I had a lot of supportive people outside of my family of origin as a child (Girl Scout leader, teachers, etc.) and reading so much helped me have a perspective that I might not have otherwise had. I am not especially worried about getting out of here per se, but the conflict has been surprising.

          I am also having a Pluto opposite Sun transit which is like mining deeply hidden nuggets of truth. As you know, Pluto is a heavy hitter but he’s running out of time, so the damage he can inflict at this point is limited because everything has already been torn down. The transit will be (mostly) over at the end of 2021 and there’s just nothing left of my old life. So it seems like he’s making me pull up the toxic weeds (below the surface) by their roots and ripping those out too, so they don’t grow back.

          So, I’m redefining my boundaries and figuring out where the line is between compassion and being a doormat. I appreciate your clear responses and validation as I go through this transformation that I don’t entirely understand yet. I appreciate your mature feminine wisdom and leadership. And I’m just fascinated by the intersection of the AP process and my own astrology and transformation. I’m sure I’m not the only person experiencing that.

          Also, ILOL’d at your comment, “Nama-fucking-stay mofo.” You should put that on a t-shirt and sell it!


          Ps. 10tinbluebirds, I’m so glad my comment and this discussion helped you too. xo

  • Thank you for letting us know about the 3/3 (this year? 2021?) Mars (newly in Gemini) conjunction with the Pleiades! Should be easy to get communication from our people there! Thank you for the reason March and October are so Earth energy intensive. Living in the Deep South that has already had some days in the low 80’s I look forward to the deep chill and will endeavor now not to panic when I get to enjoy it. Thank you.

  • Dear Denise,
    As always you come through with the explanation. I’ve had the inner freeze stuff going on for years, but yesterday was, as you reported, an all day affair. During the just-previous climate-cold in the mid-section here in Kansas, I was “less” cold than I was yesterday when we hit a high of 63. I have west facing windows so my place gets toasty with heat gain. I kept checking the thermostat, but no. Not “cold”. Wrapped up all day in my big fuzzy blankie and even at times shivered!

    Now, I’ve had the ear tones for almost 30 years now, so I tend to “ignore” them, but as I read your article last night, I thought, “oh yeah, they are louder.” So, lots to look forward to over the next couple of days. All this and a real world appointment for the vaccination… which I’m still not sure about!


    • “All this and a real world appointment for the vaccination… which I’m still not sure about!”

      Deb & All,

      To get COVID-19 vaccinated or not is a personal decision I feel. I said last year that I don’t let strangers inject anything into my body for any reason and I’ve felt this way all my adult life. Like I’ve said before, it’s hard enough on our bodies dealing with all the inorganic Piscean Age manmade chemical crap in the water, the air, the soil and of course the food. And now there’s the Aquarian Age electronic manmade energy waves filling the AIR constantly and affecting all of us too.

      I shared last year that I’d caught another strain of COVID in 2005 from taking an elderly neighbor to the ER. It was really bad and damaged my lungs which I’ve energetically Worked hard on to clear and heal ever since. This 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is serious, and the older you are the more differently you look at all of these pandemic vaccinations, mask wearing and social distancing business. If I caught COVID-19 now it would probably kill me and so, I wear masks when I leave my house and I stay away from people, but I have anyway since the AP started.

      Honestly, I don’t trust or sense that if someone got the vaccinations that they’d better off for it. I understand that getting the vaccinations is supposed to, supposed to keep one from getting seriously ill and needing to be hospitalized but all this is happening now because of the AP. This is another reason why I recently quoted Tom Kenyon’s Hathors 2009 message now in early 2021. Lots and lots of strange unexpected things have been, are and will continue to happen because of where we’re at now within the AP and the Separation of Worlds etc.

      I bet not much of this is helping you decide about whether or not to take the vaccinations Deb! Sorry about that. :/ Honestly, do whatever it is that YOU feel, that YOU believe, that YOU sense is currently the best thing for YOU and your physical body now and to hell with everything else. I’ve got some dental work that needs to be done but with the way my body has felt all of 2021 so far, and taking into consideration that it’s not the best time to be repeatedly hanging out in a dentists office having some serious dental procedures done during a pandemic, I’ve got to come to a decision about this. These are the times and energies we’re all living in and we each have to honestly consider how our body would cope with whatever we put it through this year. Does everyone remember January and February 2021, and these two days into March?! They were unbelievably intense. I’m wiped out already so I’m hesitant (currently) to put my body through anything else that’s painful and debilitating. Just be honest with yourself over any body related things in these “Chaotic Nodes” and Phase 2 higher levels of energies we’re embodying. ❤

      • “To get COVID-19 vaccinated or not is a personal decision … it’s hard enough on our bodies dealing with all the inorganic Piscean Age manmade chemical crap in the water, the air, the soil and of course the food. And now there’s the Aquarian Age electronic manmade energy waves filling the AIR constantly and affecting all of us too.”

        Thank you, Denise, for this entire post!! My sentiments exactly on the vaccine. I stopped getting flu shots 15+ years ago because of the dreadful side effects. Whenever I even think of getting any of the vaccinations out there now, I cringe. So, I’m masking and distancing, etc.

        Thanks also for the reminder of Tom Kenyon’s Hathors 2009 message. I’ve felt a strong connection with his/their work for many years and love the “timelessness” of theirs and your work. ♥️♥️♥️

      • I am concerned that we will need a vaccine to travel. I currently live in Italy but my children and grandchildren are in the Uk.

        Like many the ascension symptoms seem to have accelerated over the last few years.

        Without being presumptuous perhaps we could organise a regular meditation/connection practice?

        • “Without being presumptuous perhaps we could organise a regular meditation/connection practice?”

          I know a lot of people think and feel as you do about this Anita and my response here is directed at everyone of them and not just you.

          BlisSandra has created her new age church meditations every Sunday for people that want this sort of thing. I absolutely do not and feel such activities perpetuates disempowerment in individuals which is the opposite of what the AP is all about.

          Simply put, if one does their Inner Work via these AP energies and continually embodies these NEW higher Light energies etc., one of many of the natural evolutionary side effects of doing that is that you automatically become vibrationally connected with other people on Earth (and elsewhere) that are of the same frequency and development that you are. It’s 5D and higher consciousness and what causes it is individuals equally empowered within themselves energetically. A NEW “Group” (in this case it’s a NEW Aquarian Age Group) is automatically formed because some Individuals each reached a similar frequency range, aka “Light quotient”, within themselves individually. THAT is the only Group of empowered self-sovereign Individuals I want to get together with.

          This happens automatically Anita and is NOT something that’s external and needs to be created, advertised and promoted. It is internal and entirely individual.

      • Next day P.S. 🙂

        Feel I need to say this everyone. Just because I didn’t publicly say that old dying patriarchal Big Pharma etc. doesn’t intentionally put god knows what negative shit in vaccinations and everything else does not mean I haven’t always been aware of the fact they do and always have.

        I haven’t talked much about this aspect of the old dying patriarchy and Team Dark because too many people fixate on and obsess over all of that and NOT on the Ascension Process and the Separation of Worlds. Enter QAnon and Orange Co. etc. etc. etc. and all those people that took that bait and missed the entire point. That’s how easy it is to be intentionally herded off an ascending timeline and on to a descending one.

        It’s more fun to get all lathered up over the profound negativity that’s been EVERYTHING on Earth for thousands of years and go on violent rampages. The personal Inner Work that the natural evolutionary AP demands of humans is far less fun, exciting, fame and fortune creating. I’m censoring myself. We know how bad it’s been — the point is to not linger in the valley of death during the time of ascension but wake up and get the hell out of that lowly frequency. I hope this translates as I intended. 😆

        • There is no need for bunch of us to get together/organize a meditation or connection practice. The only thing we all need to do now is get inside ourselves, find our inner sovereignty and get to our center, the zero point, aka divine neutrality. There will always be distractions (including the chaos nodes we’re in) to divert us with fear, hate and despair.

          I think Denise has spent more than enough time (and has been supernaturally patient) to tell us outright that THIS IS ON US; follow your inner guidance, become divinely neutral and seek answer only from your higher self. Only you are responsible for your own ascension. There are no guides, no answers outside of yourself. Become sovereign.

          Be honest with yourself, if anyone thinks we all need to get together for meditation or need medical advice on vaccines, or seeking guidance outside of themselves on any matter, then that person is not doing the inner work necessary to pass through the eye of the needle. And that ascension window that will ultimately take us to corresponding worlds is rapidly closing.

          The answers are within. The truth is within. All that we seek is within.

        • Hi Denise and All Here,

          Thanks so much for re-posting the Tom Kenyon/Hathors message from early 2009. I remember reading it when it originally was released, but much like the many many many nuggets (ingots, really!) that you’ve written throughout the years, so much deeper an understanding often comes in hindsight. From my perspective, here’s a nugget/ingot from your article “Stresses From Repeated Timeline Jumping” of 2015:…“What this has taught me is how responsible I really am for where I end up, from moment to moment now because so many different timelines are easily accessible to us now…”

          I have chosen to make my personal AP/EP journey THE focal point of my incarnation. This is requiring me to focus on EVERY detail of my day-to-day life. When I do this, I recognize that being able to have hindsight, insight and the foresight that arises from both, helps me to create my unique total vision of the “talk” I want to “walk” each and every moment. For me, being able to take responsibility for my moment-to-moment creations (and observing where I still make other things/people responsible for the arc of creation of my daily life) has become almost like an evolutionary imperative.

          I know many people here are living with the same intense level of focus that I’ve (briefly!) written of here. You have helped “get me there” more than you could possibly ever know. Because January/February have passed and early March is still ongoing, I’ll just say that, like many here, those months may have been the most difficult ever since I consciously understood that I was undergoing an AP/EP journey back in 1999. However, there have also been many moments during these last 60+ days that have been ones of “awful” beauty! I have only you to thank… after all, at this point, I suspect that many people who observe the total ecology of the daily life that so many of us here live, say to themselves that “we” are living on another planet, tee hee! If they only knew…

          Anyway, dear friend, I send you and All Here so much love/Love/LOVE. It has been so difficult, and yet Onward! am I called to declare…Thanks again.

        • Thank you, Denise, for your reply re my comment. I agree about self sovereignty etc. I suppose after feeling hermetically sealed this last lockdown in Europe, I was wishing to connect names and faces to people that resonate,not establish a social network ( struggling to find the right word). The (karmic) culture here in Southern Italy is ‘medieval’! And I forget the ‘modern’extremism elsewhere currently on this planet. Thank you Denise.
          Anita 💖

        • Anita,

          The other day I watched a few episodes of a new TV show, Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, only because I like him as an actor. (As a Sensitive I normally don’t watch things like this because I See and Feel and Know more than I want to of other locations and peoples etc.) It was something to see such deep ingrained behaviors, habits, traditions, beliefs and proud stubbornness of many Italians at their absolute refusal to change in any way, like that was a good thing. It was unpleasant to see and feel and I’m not saying Italians are the only folks like this because the whole world is. Humans don’t like change, especially older cultures, patriarchal cultures which they all have been. Your comment about the culture where you are being medieval is true just as it is most everywhere, and that makes for some serious misery, danger and volatility due to the current Universal Ascension! The pandemic is maybe making some more sense to more people one year in, yes?

          At any rate, I understand what your deeper desire was with your suggestion. I too want physical friends, or so I think I do. I may feel very differently if it were to happen tomorrow after 23 years of having to separate from unlike others to live the AP and EP. It IS happening now — this Separation of Worlds — and eventually we’ll find that there’s only individuals with higher frequencies, HighHeart, Higher Awareness in our world and none of the others. We’re deep in this now everyone. ❤

      • Denise and All, Thank you for the input, Denise, I appreciate your thoughts on this. Ultimately, I decided to take the shot. That said, I’ve had “issues” with Big Bad Pharma for years. I refuse a certain antibiotic because of the raging damage it did to my spouse and I still believe that it lead, at least in part, to his early demise. But, I’ve also had that same antibiotic and it didn’t do to me what it did to him. So from that experience I draw that everyone reacts differently… of course all this assumes that there isn’t some Team Dark folks in there mucking with the mixture… no doubt some are. OTOH, what if COVID was a Team Dark concoction and Team Light is fighting it with the vaccine? I want to believe there are Team Light folks working from within. So, I’m taking the chance. I’ll keep everyone posted.

        Lots of love and light,

    • I have been having that inner ear tiny ticking off and on for a year now and while I was not worried it is nice to know that I am not the only one. Last year, I just started dismissing most everything to ascension, transformation, growing “pangs” and then release it with no fear. Admittedly, it is a wee bit crazy sometimes but I agreed to be here at this time and I just gotta suck it up buttercup! Thank you for your determination!

      • Thanks Phyllis! I’ve been having a ticking but it’s only when I’m outside and I’ve been trying to figure out what it is!

        • I’m glad Ruth because all that inner ear racket we’ve been hearing for over two decades is caused by the constant inner energy changes, elevations, higher and higher ‘Light quotient’ we’re embodying. When the incoming AP energies go even higher in frequency, so too do the inner ear sounds (and all else in our bodies) go higher in tone and complexity. And sometimes they’re also communications. 😉

        • This is a good article. When I get the weird ear symptoms it usually means there’s a block of information coming in and my brain and body just need some time to translate it before it’s accessible for me. I don’t hear the clicking, I just get the high pitched sounds. I haven’t been observant enough to figure out if one ear means something versus the other ear. When I do experience the high pitched noises, I usually say out loud, “If you are not here for my highest and best good, get out of my ears” and if it’s a negative program being downloaded, the ringing will stop immediately.

          Another weird thing that I experienced years ago was in a club in early 20’s– the music was loud and I saw a friend having a conversation with someone across the room and I “heard” every word as if I was standing there and as if there was no loud music. I am not sure what this kind of hearing is called, LOL, but it sure is interesting.

          I also experience knowing things about people and places and things that I don’t want to know. These kinds of abilities get stronger the more I move through the AP.

          Thanks, Denise and everyone for your comments. I get a lot of out of them. xo

  • Sleepy. Like I have done a hard day of work. Maybe Tom Kenyon’s sound baths are clearing me out,too. Thank you, Denise, for pointing me in his direction. ❤️

  • Along with the sun being most active in March its also the windiest month bringing in the winds of changes.
    Big self care time.🤍

  • I’m so grateful for all the education of Ascension symptoms . I dont even know who I am any more IM the opposite of what I was twenty years ago. The hot and cold surges are off the charts. and my whole body smells diferent. And not in a good way, I think my brains on fire cause the smell coming out of my nose is atrocious. I bought an electric blanket. or sometimes sleep in my ski pants. I’m pretty sure I’m going blind. and my greasy Italian skin has dried up to a prune. These new joint pains are quite annoying. and the constipation hasn’t been fun either. Extremely off putting are the days when I actually think I’m dying, just to realize this too shall pass. Every time the Shuman resistance goes off I instantly fall asleep, doesn’t matter where or what I’m doing. I follow the alerts on twitter so I dont drive when the cosmic energy hits the earth and effects me. i have been doing the Holon meditation from Tom Kenyon and it helps immensely. I really do hope i live long enough to feel 30 again get my energy back. Lethargy is my most hated ascension symptom. everything else I can live with . Please Denise dont close up shop your all I have left now.

    • This is essentially me for the last year and half. I was doing great up until about oct of ‘19 and then bam, it was like I was hit by an energetic freight train and I’ve been pretty much exhausted/fatigued and non motivated ever since. I’ll have a few good days here and there where I feel like myself and my normal energy levels, but it’s so far and few between now that I wonder if I’ll ever feel normal again and I’m a healthy 45 year old. As another mentioned, it’s so hard to focus and concentrate on anything like this. Major brain fog and then I feel guilty that things are piling up because it’s impossible to focus on anything and follow a routine. It’s fucking awfula and most definitely the worst part of it all. I must have knew ahead of time that it would be this way in this time because I’m in a position where I don’t have to work a normal job like the pedestrians do and I thank sweet jesus everyday I don’t, because I seriously don’t know how they can can pull that shit off right now. I would last a week, max.

      I’m dealing with the dehydrated skin (probably not drinking enough water) and the going blind as well. I have to wear reading glasses now because everything is so blurry and I haven’t needed glasses my whole life. It feels like it’s 50/50 old age and these crazy energies. Some days I’m not as blind, so I know it has to do with that to a certain degree. This is also a terribly frustrating symptom.

      The joint pains are also really hard to deal with and some of mine feel like I’ve been injured from playing sports or something and I’ve never been injured. 🤷🏼‍♂️ My right knee is currently cracking a lot and just generally feeling like it’s out of place which brings a pressure that makes it feel just really uncomfortable and irritating. It just started up at random in 2020 and continues to this day. This may also be water related but who knows at this point.

      I don’t know if I can live with this ‘the rest of our lives’ – that’s 30-50 years for me potentially and that thought alone is depressing as all hell if this is what it’s gonna be like. I need to have some fun on this world again, enjoy things and be able to function but I feel like I’m hooked up to some kind of energetic torture device that just goes off at random against my will and there’s nothing I can do about it. That sucks.

      • Wizards Potion,

        I appreciate your honest comment, thanks for it as I know it helps others. ❤ We all benefit from being honest about our less than pleasant, attractive and easy AP and/or EP struggles. No one benefits when we hide, lie or try to diminish them to make ourselves seem more elevated to others.

        1) When I turned 39 (in 1991 well before the AP had begun in the physical level) my eyes instantly went from bionic vision to suddenly can only see print at arms length! The eyes often start doing this once we reach 40 so buy yourself some cheap reading glasses.

        On top of this are all those other ascension related eye and vision things you mentioned. Dry eyes, blurry vision from time to time. Mine were really bad all day yesterday, as were some severe sudden ice pick-like stabbing pains the the ball of my left foot and an hour later the right foot. Never ever have had that pain in the ball of my foot/feet so something was energetically being cleared and recoded anew yesterday.

        2) “Normal” does not exist in these, our rare lives of ascension leading the Way. Mourn for as long as you need, then accept it and get back to AP Work. ❤

        3) Brain fog is a blessing as it's been forcing us out of our old lower familiar left-brained linear consciousness into higher and higher levels of whole-brain Spherical and quantum consciousness. This is fun and great privately and not so wonderful when you're out in public and doing your best impersonation of your old lower self so people don't think you're mentally impaired! 🙄

        4) The greater the higher frequencies such as solar plasma, the more pure water we need to drink to help our physical body with greater internal evolutionary changes. I've found drinking plenty of pure water daily helps me with the overstimulation my CNS experiences when there's greater and higher plasma energies I need to embody. So drink plenty of it and get in it daily (shower, bathtub, pool etc.) to help reduce the "static" and other side effects of embodying more in higher plasma periods.

        5) The joint pains have been epic lately, and from what I'm perceiving, they'll continue all year. From shoulder(s) to pelvic, from hips to the balls of both feet yesterday, there's more big entire physical and energetic body crystalline bone/skeletal/skull changes taking place due to the increased and higher level plasma energies we’re embodying in 2021.

        When this one becomes way too much for me from time to time, get in the water, drink more of it, have a little cry, and throw Source some HighHeart gratitude for repeatedly electrocuting you to greater and higher level divinity! 😉 ❤

        6) Lastly dear WP, this isn't a life of "fun" and "normal" for any of us. I've been living all of these things and much more since 1991, then my personal physical level AP started in 1999 and it will continue the rest of my life and beyond. It is and will continue to get more intense energetically but easier for all of us to deal with believe it or not. I've been living this long enough now to be able to honestly say that. You're doing great. ⭐

        • Hi Denise & co. I’ve been experiencing severe body freezing. Not so much by feeling cold, but feeling shocked to my core, to the point where I am severely bloated (the Buddha Belly thing has come back with avengeance) and can’t digest food or eliminate it well at all. I notice this especially around my solar plexus area (or possibly diaphragm chakra.) This area feels completely full of stuff! This has been getting steadily worse since Jan 2020, but especially this year and this month has been truly dreadful. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar?

        • Sarah,

          I just wrote a lengthy reply and accidently hit some key??? on my keyboard and everything disappeared. &#@^%$&#!* 😡

          ⭐ In Phase 1 of the AP (1998-1999 through December 2019) some of us spent over a decade on fire internally from burning off a whole lot of density and negativity — ours, from our physical genetic lines, residuals from global humanity across time on 3D Earth, and in the 4D Astral.

          ⭐ In Phase 2 of the AP (January 2020 through as many years as needed) some of us are experiencing repeated periods of severe internal freezing cold. This is one of many reactions to our ongoing embodiment and vibrational frequency ascent. Once we’ve embodied the latest Light energies and gone through the integration of them into our physical bodies, cells, organs, CNS and so on the inner cold stops.

          The Buddha Belly upper belly and diaphragm bloat, expansion, swelling etc. typically happens — or more accurately gets much worse — when we are moving up vibrationally again which causes this swelling and bloat (even down into each cell), AND also when we leave our higher frequency physical spaces and residences and enter a lower frequency physical place, building, store and location.

          In other words, going higher hurts and going back down lower hurts and causes swelling and bloating. 😐 Welcome to Phase 2 LEVELS of the ongoing AP and EP everyone.

  • Thank you Denise.I had 4 days in a row of total exhaustion and my body static and buzzing.Hard to think or function..only sleep helps.Can feel very old energies going back to birth leaving as existed in the old way.Hug to you.Rosaleen

  • Cranked up heat and put sweater on a couple hours ago. Also had a short lived blast if nausea. Good times ahead!

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