How Long Are You Going To Self-Doubt & Play Disempowered?

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Recently I clicked on a link which led me to another link where I watched a short video of a woman explaining what happens to her when she channels. She said she has no conscious awareness of what’s happening and being written while she’s channeling and writing down the channeled material. By her own admission she tells the viewers she’s completely unaware of what’s going on when she channels, however, she says she knows with absolute certainty that she channels God—with a capital G—as in The All That Is, as in Divine Source. She knows she channels God and that IT is a “he” because she called IT “him”.

I have news for you. Some very high frequency nonphysical beings cannot get that close to God—with a capital G—and survive direct energetic contact. But you believe whomever and whatever you want.

Channeled material is only as elevated and accurate as the individual human receiver is capable of reaching at the time. The lower the human’s personal frequency range, the lower the quality and accuracy of channeled material. This is why some channelers hearts are in the right place but their channeled information is often wrong or partially wrong and repeatedly. The higher the human’s personal frequency range, the higher the quality and accuracy of channeled material. The point however is that people increase their inner frequency rate enough to be able to directly access Higher Awareness themselves. When this is achieved there is no need for anyone or anything else to do so for them. The non-physical channeled middleman, the physical religious leader, the guru, the new age group(s) are not needed. When enough individual energetic sovereignty has been reached, it changes everything and continues to do so the more one embodies.

There’s various ascension teachers/writers who continuously invent more programs and products to sell on their websites to keep money coming in. I’ve seen some of these people create new programs and products to make money by using certain other ascension teachers/writers terms and names for certain ascension related things. Basically they steal certain ascension teachers longstanding term, terms, names etc. but their information using certain others terms and names is distorted or altogether incorrect but it goes up for sale on their sites and blogs. Some people in the ascension community put together new products and programs to sell and don’t know or don’t care that what they’ve intentionally created is incorrect information. What does truth and integrity matter when there’s more money to be made? More followers to collect? More consciousness to redirect, hijack, confuse? But you believe whomever you want and purchase their programs and products if you have so little faith in the natural Universal Ascension Process that’s present, been happening all along, and is free.

There’s websites created to promote the site owners, and in some cases their new age and/or ascension related products. Over the years some of these online sites have become what I call Pay-Per-View sites where you have to pay to read the site owner’s articles, join the site’s private inner group, read or write comments or access the site’s private forum.

People that spend a lot of energy, time, and their own money on their websites and write information intended to help readers should not do so for free. For the time being we all still need to make money each month, plus we should be reimbursed for the higher level information (Light) we directly access ourselves and put together in hopefully coherent written linear format for readers. I am not exempt from this. I decided years ago that I would do this by Donations only however and intend for the best. But you do what you honestly feel is the right thing.

There’s those parasitic websites whose owners don’t write themselves, don’t channel, don’t have the ability to access Higher Awareness themselves so they use ascension teachers writings and other’s channelings to have a website, collect readers/followers, and grow their popularity in the online ascension and/or conspiracy communities.

Years ago I did my best to justify this parasitic behavior, and often Intellectual Property copyright infringement, with some of them in the online ascension community as a “nice way” to have different ascension teachers writings and channelers channelled messages in one convenient online location. Over time this practice became increasingly obvious that it was only certain people’s writings and certain channelings being used, quoted and promoted on these websites and blogs. The site owners only quoted certain ascension teachers and never others, which is their right. However this has lead to what it’s lead to. No need to elaborate on this as everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about. But you believe and value whomever and whatever you want.

I’ve backtracked some of my articles to certain websites and blogs over the years and discovered those site owners had put their donation button into my articles they’d quoted to make money off of what I had written. And I am certainly not the only ascension teacher/writer that these types of parasitic actions have been done to. On and on and on all of this crap—and more I didn’t mention—has gone the entire time I’ve been writing online about the Ascension Process. Honestly, I thought more people would have evolved beyond this negativity, greed, tactics, parasitism, Service to Self consciousness and actions, continued focus on external fixes (no matter how expensive) instead of natural and free internal evolution, and blatant Intellectual Property copyright theft but obviously I’m wrong.

“Mea colpa. King Kamehameha colpa.”  — Technical Boy, American Gods

My Embodiment Process

Personal computers and the Internet are really great and very helpful in so many wonderful ways but they’re also used by many to do bad things that affect everyone in a variety of bad ways. I’ve thought a lot about these things in connection to the Ascension Process since I started writing online about it in 2003, then only at TRANSITIONS from 2007 through 2013, then at HighHeartLife from 2013 to today. Because of the continued negativity, egos, greed, online moneymaking hustling, lies, distortions, dishonesty, lack of integrity, and lack of true Higher Awareness by many in the ascension community, I’ve had an increasingly hard time continuing to write about the Ascension Process since 2014. Every year since 2014 it’s gotten increasingly difficult for me to do so amidst so much growing NOT ascension behaviors and distorted information by so many.

My nearing completion Embodiment Process leaves zero space within me (or anyone living it) for these low frequency actions and Service to Self behaviors and consciousness by others. The energetic gap is too great; the disappointment and frustration too much to deal with daily. I have to continue on ahead by myself like I’ve done at all previous levels and big shift points. If you’re living this too then you also have to continue on ahead by yourself, like it or not.

The more you grow the more you know. What automatically comes with increasingly knowing (I do not mean old lower frequency intellectually) more is you are increasingly less willing or capable of tolerating all old lower frequency people and all that goes along with them no matter who or what it’s coming from or working through. Higher and lower cannot co-exist in the same space isn’t a clever ascension one-liner, it is a hard fact.

Here’s another aspect of this energetic hard fact that sometimes temporarily goes a bit pear-shaped or seemingly so.

The more Light and NEW energies, NEW codes and higher frequencies that you embody, your doing that automatically, instantly and continuously vibrationally increases the overall frequency rate on Earth, in humanity, in our solar system, in this galaxy and beyond. The higher your personal, individual, internal frequency rate or ‘light quotient’ becomes, the same thing automatically happens externally simultaneously.

Our ongoing embodying of these increasingly higher Light energies daily now is us incrementally manifesting NEW Earth day-by-day, energetic embodiment hammering-by-energetic embodiment hammering. We are the living Separation of Worlds unfolding physically. We are the living manifesters of NEW Earth and NEW realities unfolding by our continued embodying of more and higher NEW Light energies. And you thought you just felt achy, half sick, angry at and repulsed by the unaware people, their negative actions and greed, and that you’ve been quarantined since January 2020!

Let’s briefly go back to Phase 1 of the Ascension Process so where we are now in Phase 2 hopefully makes a bit more sense. I’m talking to the Volunteers here, and specifically the First Everythingers.

When some of us began the Ascension Process physically in 1998–1999, we did so within a totally dark, negative, dense, controlled Earth world. We started in that darkness and negativity, intentionally incarnate in the physical like invading aliens into a foreign hellscape planetary prison. Our camouflage — our physical human bodies.

We energetically Worked so hard and long to slowly break through the energetic planetary negativity, density and frequency fence from within that dark system to get the process of ascension on physical Earth started here. Being first to begin energetically, vibrationally freeing a planetary system and its inhabitants by entering it with the intention of incrementally embodying greater and greater amounts of Light energies from within it to energetically override it all and remove the negative “landlords” is almost beyond description. Almost beyond doing yet that’s exactly what’s been accomplished.

As we Worked our ways through Phase 1 (1998 or 1999 thru December 2019) and the other Volunteer Wave groups were energetically activated one after another to begin their part in all this, we were making a serious dent in the global density, darkness and negativity. Remember all your many years of vivid dream reminders of your Volunteer Soul Contract to “clean up the most filthy public bathrooms you’ve ever seen”? Aah, the universal glory of planetary ascension Lightwork shit detail. 😉

I’d said multiple times years ago at TRANSITIONS how as a First Everythinger Volunteer I’d become so used to keeping my head down and constantly Working The Ascension Job that it was sometimes easy to overlook how much incredible progress we were actually making year after year throughout Phase 1. I was often too exhausted, extremely energy sick and in severe body pain to stop Working and lift my head to see just how much darkness and density had been transmuted and transcended by us in Phase 1.

Then Phase 2 began with the start of January 2020 and the Divine Cease & Desist Order was given because of that and we all were abruptly put in what at first seemed like only the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine lockdown and financial and supply chain chaos. For the First Everythinger Volunteers it was an enormous reverberating Divine message informing us that we’d completed Phase 1 and had abruptly begun Phase 2. It took many Volunteers half of 2020 or longer to fully receive that Divine Cease & Desist information and begin making mandatory personal changes. For mass humanity it seemed like it was a physical pandemic and financial upheaval; a rude, obnoxious, lingering interference to their personal daily and nightly habits, hedonism, greed, addictions, need to socialize and physically be with same consciousness others and remain in lower frequency human herd groups, and of course their personal freedom. If you’re greedy, hedonistic, addicted, violent, patriarchal, Service to Self social animal/butterfly, you haven’t been free since you chose and/or were suckered into those lowly frequencies, consciousness and negative Earth prison activities.

Because of the Phase 1 to 2020 Phase 2 ascension shift, our focuses, energies, specialties, individual ascension Work Orders etc. graduated to the next higher and very different level and phase of the Ascension Process. It took me a few weeks in early 2020 to override the human pandemic chaos noise—which was and still is physically real in that there is a deadly virus running rampant across Earth now. Once I got above the global human pandemic fears, lies and distortions roar, I perceived what was going on from a higher level, and it wasn’t and still isn’t today about only one thing but many. Higher NEVER does only one thing at a time but multiple things quantumly for the simple fact that we are multidimensional beings that exist in multiple levels and in varying degrees of energetic density, frequency and expression. Higher does ALL at once for all layers, levels, dimensions, worlds, frequencies and individual expressions.

What I first perceived in January 2020, was that a very important Alchemical energetic tipping point had been reached within the Ascension Process. It was time to lift our weary First Everythingers heads and take a good look and feel around to discover that the “filthy public bathrooms” were as clean as needed and we now had to shift ourselves to Phase 2 levels and agendas.

Phase 1 was, for the First Everythinger Volunteers, energetically Working within a totally dark, negative, profoundly dense controlled patriarchal Earth world. It was us literally against the entire world and human population.

Phase 2 is, for the First Everythinger Volunteers, extremely different because Earth is now only in and of the Light and still evolving, still ascending. The old everything and everyone has zero power or control over ascending Earth and ascending humanity. We’ve gone from total darkness, density and a negative controlled Earth to total Light, much less density, and a truly free NEW Earth world and we’re only one year into Phase 2.

Because of these massive and impressive energy changes made throughout Phase 1, in Phase 2 (2020) I was perceiving the importance of the First Everythinger Volunteers to “stay at home” so we could do the Phase 2 energy Work of driving, steering, maintaining the highest direction of ascending physical Earth physically delivered to NEW Earth HOME level. Translated this meant we were, and still very much are needed to energetically navigate ascending Earth from ascending to full, 100% ascended NEW Earth. For that to happen in Phase 2 we’re needed to “stay at home” so we all can soon always be at HOME on NEW ascended Earth. What at first looks like a great uncomfortable restriction, a pandemic con job, a patriarchal power grab hijacking is actually Divine and a tipping point separation where we who are ascending are and those that aren’t, won’t, don’t want to now are going elsewhere.

Said another way, instead of us doing Phase 1 public bathroom cleaning for mass humanity across time, fighting off nonphysical Team Dark beings and physical human Portal People, Phase 2 needs some of us to now Work from and with the Light that ascending Earth is, is currently within, and from what each of us individually have personally embodied so far. We’re no longer needed to fight off monsters, transmute humanities residual etheric atrocities haunting old lower Earth, single handedly push energy boulders of Light up mountains to free humanity, Earth, the solar system and more.

First Everythinger Volunteers are now needed to Work the Light, direct the Light, hold, maintain and Consciously Create anew with, in, and from the Light to complete the ascension of ascending Earth into becoming full and complete NEW ascended Earth. The more we embody, the more this and many other wonderful and very powerful things happen and manifest physically. The more you embody, not the more you buy of ascension related products and programs that claim to help you do this. Do you really need to pay for someone to tell you how to sit in the Sun and absorb what it’s radiating? Do you really need to pay for someone to give you lengthy details on how to feel from your HighHeart? To exist from your HighHeart? To intend and Consciously Create from your HighHeart? If you honestly believe you do then purchase as many people’s products and programs as you can afford. If however you honestly do not need to do that, then maybe an occasional donation to someone like me might be appropriate. But you do what you honestly feel is the right thing to do.

So you can buy more and more ascension related products and programs and so on, or, you can truly help the whole Ascension Process and everyone by embodying the continuous NEW higher Light energies into your physical body. You can help all of us and the entire Ascension Process by shifting your focus from external to internal. From believing you need to pay someone else to instruct you and walk you up these natural energy stairsteps to just doing it yourself. Read, study, learn more yes, but in the end the ONLY thing that honestly changes and helps you and everyone else is each of us continuing to embody the NEW higher Light energies and codes. You can now go direct internally, all on your own, which Phase 2 is going to seriously push everyone no matter which level they’re now on increasingly into. We’re in “it” now even though it may not look or sound or feel like it externally yet. That noise you hear is the old doing its best to not die off and permanently disappear. It’s the grotesque rumbling sounds the patriarchal human dinosaurs make in their final frantic greedy moments. Pay it no mind, stay in your HighHeart and Work the Light.

Denise Le Fay

March 12, 2021

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BE AWARE OF THE PERMANENT CHANGE TO MY COPYRIGHT. Copyright © Denise Le Fay & HighHeartLife, 2021. All rights reserved. Use or duplication of my articles, posts or other materials is strictly prohibited. 

48 thoughts on “How Long Are You Going To Self-Doubt & Play Disempowered?

  • Thanks. I’ve been in so much pain with headaches plus nausea. but, I’m strangely very happy, The more so as I’m increasingly distanced from the world around me. Everyone I know wants to go back to their old life. I don’t. I want to find what’s ahead — I can hardly wait. You know, I feel so much love for you, Denise, and everyone on this site. Wow.

    • Gerry sometimes it feels like I am in a pressured cooker. I still don’t know how I survived February but march hasn’t been a walk in the field either. My dreams are more intense too.

    • Hi Gerry, since last Friday episodes of an aching feeling in my heart, pain there and between my shoulder blades and upper back which I have had before but seems especially often these last few days. I am more tuned in though, to my symptoms, because I have a long history of being an empath and do a number of things for myself energy-wise to keep those symptoms from escalating including drinking water frequently. That said, I have noticed also there seems to be a difference in my empathy these last few weeks since about mid February… difficult to describe but there is less of an intense edge to what I feel from other people and I am finding it easier to be neutral and just walk away, so have been thinking the new intensity of symptoms at my heart and back is more about opening and integration of the Equinox energies instead of being bombarded by other’s energies of fear and anger as in the past–a very welcome change indeed. Just my thoughts about what I am experiencing which may be entirely different than yours. HighHeart hug to you, and happy spring Denise and everyone!

      • Yes it’s ongoing HighHeart expansions and embodiments PennyM.

        They typically increase during solar transmissions, also “power days” such as equinoxes and solstices or “gates” as some call them, for a good while before and after. But now in Phase 2, it’s a case of — anything can happen at anytime no matter what! 😉

        • From —

          “A CME IS COMING: On March 20th, the sun launched a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space: movie. It wasn’t aimed directly at Earth. Nevertheless, we might feel its effect on March 23rd when the storm cloud is expected to deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

          A WILD WEEKEND IN THE MAGNETOSPHERE: The first hours of northern Spring were eventful. First, a solar wind stream hit Earth’s magnetic field. Next, a crack opened. Then, “an amazing display of auroras rocked our world,” says Todd Salat, who watched the light show from Trapper Creek, Alaska:

          “As we entered the equinox on March 20th, the auroras spiraled out control!” he says.

          During the G2-class geomagnetic storm, auroras were sighted across Canada and Alaska, in multiple northern-tier US states, and 35,000 feet above the Southern Ocean. STEVE made an appearance, too.

          What caused the outburst? It’s simple: Auroras love equinoxes. Around the beginning of spring and fall, cracks open in Earth’s magnetic field–a phenomenon called “the Russell-McPherron effect.” Solar wind pours in to fuel geomagnetic storms. An unusually large crack opened on March 20th, supercharging the display.

          The same phenomenon could multiply the effect of the CME expected on March 23rd, turning a glancing blow into a nice show. Stay tuned. Aurora alerts: SMS Text”

        • Wonder why you’ve felt so retched, energy sick and deeply weakened lately? From March 25, 2021 — see the site for the impressive photo if interested.


          “CME IMPACT: A CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on March 24th (20:16 UT). The glancing blow sparked a G1-class geomagnetic storm and caused electrical currents to flow through the soil of Norway. Arctic skies were mostly cloudy, but some auroras shone through anyway. The storm is subsiding now. Aurora alerts: SMS Text

          AURORAS OVER AN ERUPTING VOLCANO: The last time a volcano erupted on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula was almost 800 years ago. So consider this a 1-in-800-year shot: “On March 24th, I photographed the Geldingadalur volcano with auroras dancing overhead,” reports Christopher Mathews.

          Breaking 8 centuries of quiet, the volcano erupted last week on March 19th. Lava oozing through the ground was bright enough to see from Earth orbit as incandescent fountains illuminated the dark landscape.

          Mathews immediately began planning his photo shoot. “The night the Geldingadalur volcano erupted, I began scouting locations for this shot,” he says. “There were good auroras over the weekend, but cloud cover blocked them–a huge disappointment. Last night an unexpected snow squall appeared, blotting out the sky and even the eruption itself–another heart-breaker. But then, around midnight, the skies cleared and auroras promptly lit off over the volcano.”

          We won’t have to wait 800 years for the next shot. Historical accounts and ancient lava flows show that whenever Geldingadalur has experienced a significant uptick in seismic activity, intermittent eruptions follow for 100 years or so. This eruption could signal a re-awakening.

          “It was a magical sight,” says Mathews, “one I took especially to heart because it happened to be my birthday!” Talk about birthday candles…”

        • Thank you Denise, ❤️ and wow about the CME info and the magnetic field opening up to accept it. No wonder the pain between my shoulders and at my heart sometimes feels like a sharp cracking open! It’s my own CME light show! HH-hug to you and everyone. 😘

    • Gerry,

      That’s a big yes from me but in all honesty, I experience AP and EP symptoms and side effects constantly. Some periods are much, MUCH worse than others but for me personally, I live with these things continuously and always have since all this started.

      Another big aspect of this however Gerry is that for a month or longer (can’t remember now) there was a steady increase in earthquakes around the Pacific Ring of Fire mainly but with a few others in other locations too. There was a few bigger ones recently with numerous aftershocks that by themselves were in the 5, 6 and 7.2 range. Then on the March 20, 2021 Equinox we had a cluster of earthquakes all around the Ring, including a small one where I live. My point is that if you are an Earth Sensitive — which everyone is slowly becoming due to the Ascension Process (AP) in general — you are most likely also feeling and being affected by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions etc., even weather changes caused by the AP. The more sensitive we become due to the AP, the less unaware we become to everything and everyone everywhere.

      Personally I’ll get increasingly fidgety, anxious and just plain uncomfortable in my skin as the energies in Earth build and build BEFORE an earthquake or quakes physically happen. My physical body registers the building pressures and tensions within Earth BEFORE quakes as inner tensions, pressures, stress and anxiety. Once the earthquake happens physically my body instantly relaxes, feels better and the anxiety is gone. If however those symptoms continue AFTER an earthquake or quakes that means they’re not done yet, more are coming because the energies in ascending Earth haven’t fully been shifted and dispersed.

      Having said all that I’ll add that this too is just another aspect of Phase 2 — greater increases in energies, tensions, stresses both physical and emotional, and constant states of CHANGE which makes everyone tense and unnerved. Deep breath, release, continue… ❤

      • Yes to the chest/back/heart pains a lot more intensely the last week or so. And that nervous, jittery, restless feeling Denise described – and the super intense dreams like Tuba said. It’s been pretty special physically here lately 😏

        And a new symptom for me: a very strong feeling after doing a menial or common task, of “well thank goodness I’ll never have to do that again” – and a feeling of gratitude for never having to do that waste of time task — and then I realize, well hell, I do have to do that boring shit still. And I feel very disappointed.
        It feels very strange.

        When I poke my head out of my cozy highHeart bubble and look around, I am flabbergasted at how totally insane crazy world it is “out there”. Thank “the old gods and the new” for Denise and y’all HighHeart Lifers!


    • Hi Gerry. Yes I’ve been experiencing extreme symptoms. Severe ‘Buddha Belly’ which is not relieved by anything, which is impacting my digestion. My solar plexus feels exceedingly full. I did have extreme fatigue which lasted for weeks, but that’s getting better. And a myriad of other symptoms to boot… on/ off neck pain, joint pain, skin rashes… aaarghhh!!!

  • Thank you Denise for confirming my lifetime of distrust in anyone trying to make money out of ‘spiritual knowledge’, although I have spent plenty on yoga and taiji in the past! The ‘business’ has become more and more insidious with youtube and ads etc. Anita Carrieri 💖

  • Thank you Denise for keeping me on the straight and narrow and remind me to stay away from all the myriad of unnecessary distractions that are along the path.
    I lost my job the day of my birthday just about a week ago for expressing my opinion about the vaccines. I should have realized that some people are not ready to think differently. It was a shock at first but now a relief as I can see how I´ve been “towing the line” for too long. It will be a new start to get away from those that only listen to Big Brother and all that that implies.
    Wishing you and everybody else here and on The Path the very best.

    • Happy late Pisces Birthday Nick. ❤

      Freedom of speech — obviously depends on what one is speaking. Aah the old dying patriarchal world we all want gone yesterday. Sorry you lost your job/income and I hope, let's all intend it, that the jerk idiot that fired you did so because it's time for you to have a much better one elsewhere that's a closer match to you.

      When the old negative in whatever form, person, group etc. puffs up and get's all up in our business more so than usual, it's ALWAYS because another very big and important AP energy uplift push is about to happen. In this case it's all of 2021, all of March, the March 2021 Equinox, the current head splitting and HighHeart expanding plasma and GC Light energies flooding in etc.

      From the March 20, 2021 Equinox through to the December 21, 2021 Solstice (9 months — 9 months everyone) we’ve got to complete what we’ve been doing since the start of 2020, embody constantly, hold the higher space and direction of ascending Earth and more, because the start of 2022 will be with total Divine Mother Feminine NEW within EVERYTHING on Earth. Nine months before that gets fully “birthed” physically on Earth for global humanity, which means it’s going to be a super fast and intense year (nothing new there!) with the escalation of the Separation of Worlds — aka suddenly getting fired by some jerk idiot etc. because he/she/they cannot energetically and physically go where we’re going now. Sometimes when we get pushed out of the old lower club, it’s a big Birthday gift in disguise. 😉 ❤

        • Congratulations nicckcas! Thank you Denise for keeping me and all of us seeing the “positive” in everything, Nine months . . . we can DO this people!

  • Thank you Denise, I needed this reminder this week. Even though I see New Earth and the overlapping happening of it within me, it’s been challenging this month living in the chaos. Its really intense out there, yet It feels like it’s about to break any day, I can feel the pressure of it in my body. Thanks again 💕

  • Thanks for this post, Denise. Because of all that I have learned from you and your writings, I’m living the AP/EP journey precisely as you describe it here – just WITH MYSELF and without the help of any other “thing”…no rituals, no ceremonies, no crystals, no talismans, no processes, no channelings, no anything outside of me…as organically and non-synthetically as I know how. Like Magda and Jain Lee and all the other Commenters here, I “second” all of their statements and I nod my head in agreement with everything you’ve (and they have) written.

    My continuing and priceless thank-yous to you…and with deep and inexpressible gratitude. HighHeartLife, indeed!

    • Hi Raymond

      It’s good to “see you”. I understand what you mean about the external crutches. Especially the channeling. I have always avoided it due to seeing so much dark. It was something I was always afraid of because I don’t think you can ever be 100% sure who is rocking up to speak through you. I also never liked the idea of someone/something else having control of me. I have had enough issues throwing out all the crap from inside me and transmuting , without that as well. Although I draw in the way I do. It’s never a channelled thing. It’s more a view of something greater and vaster than me. I have looked too close at times and got burned. But that’s because I made myself a promise that I would “see” as much as I could with my “waking” eyes. I don’t think I could ever see the whole picture though because it would blow my mind. I am also painfully aware of my limitations when I have drawn – of time and talent to render. The lack in me that fudges the lens. There is that phrase about seeing “through a glass darkly”. I have always thought that is what we do. We perceive and experience through the “mud” of ourselves. Like all of you here I have spent a lifetime clearing that mud so I can see and be better. I am still clearing and suspect that process will never be quite over.

      Much love 💜💜

      • Hi Magda…and warm greetings to you! I, too, suspect, that no matter how un-muddied and pure our vision and full-sensory we become, there will always be MORE to wipe clean, like a windshield wiper…becoming..ever more pristine, ever more translucent and transparent, ever more unfiltered and unvarnished, ever purer in motive in our appreciation for everything everywhere despite appearances…because, after all, we here have worked very very hard to be of pure heart and to wipe our personal slates clean of all of our false, perceived shortcomings…We truly are transfiguring, and not “merely” transmuting…

        May you continue to move forwardly in every way and on every level, and I send you much love wherever it is that you call home,,,

        • Thank you Raymond
          I love your wipers analogy. My window shield feels a little grimy still. But that’s ok.

          Much love to you. It is an amazing journey. And I love the fact that here in the comments it is ok just to be.

          💜💜 Magda xx

  • Thank you Denise for this article. I often wondered just how so many “teachers” had the gall to charge for ascension guidance. Of course the joke is on them, they have no business with ascension at all, they’re focused only on their “business.” I’ve never paid too much attention to channelers either.

    I think it was at this point in my journey that I’ve stumbled onto your blog, at this point seriously confused and highly suspicious of yet another “teacher” touting the miraculous properties of powders, potions, devices, crystals, lessons, sessions that they sell for a low low introductory price and myself wondering “do I really need to buy this crystal?” I think your article at the time stated that we ARE becoming crystalline. It was so synchronistic and so perfectly stated with no b.s, that is —YOU are all you need for this, keep going, you got this.

    I remember thinking this woman is IT, she’s the ONLY one out there who’ll tell us the TRUTH, without charging anything and donation based only. So thank you Denise for BEING what YOU are. This journey couldn’t have been easy for us without you.

    I wanted to chime in about how my role has changed since Phase 2 started. I’ve always felt I had the transmute, clear and clean job, including the shitty public bathroom detail and feeling every low vibration of fear, anxiety, worry and hate of the collective. Now however my role has definitely changed, now I’m an anchorer of my own Light that I need to build and contribute to the growing Light of everyone else. It’s seriously weird (yet refreshing!) to stop feeling every single low emotional wave of the collective, and especially as a triple Pisces.

    I’ve never related to the overly simplified job title of “grid worker” or “light anchorer” before but I get it now, what that means, how ridiculously hard it was to get to this point (for me) and how grateful I am for the chance to fulfill my mission with greater and greater innerstanding each passing day. I couldn’t have done this without you Denise and everyone here sincerely sharing our journeys.

    With HighHeartfelt gratitude, ❤️❤️❤️

    Jain Lee

    P.S. I’m loving the bonus side effect of having zero fear because of “knowing”

  • Thank you so much Denise. I just want to echo all that’s been said so far in comments. You are the bravest, most honest and the best 💖💖💖
    Thanks for writing what others cannot or dare not

    Much love as always to you and everyone here 💜💜
    Magda xxxxxx

  • Oh my gosh Denise this was so so so good! Then again you always nail it! I love those buy buttons btw 😂
    About 20 years ago a Turkish writer who originally was working in a big advertising agency -lol his job makes sense- wrote a book claiming God with the capital G came and talked to him about quran, explained him how people got it wrong and how it was actually a book on love and peace. This was such a long time ago and I am phrasing it but you get the picture. At the time I was reading everything I could find and that included channelled messages. He said they talked over the computer like a chat.
    I never believed in religion. I was born in a muslim family but they were relaxed about religion. When my father explained İslam to me, my tiny self said “that doesn’t make any sense”. My teens years was hard. I know that goes for almost everyone but looking back I understand better now. That feeling of being in the wrong place since my birth got only multiplied in my teen years so I was always trying to find “the book” would help me with the answers. So for about two years I read about religions, not just islam but all of them only to come to conclusion that they weren’t for me.
    Anyway long story short, when a Turkish guy said God talked to him I rushed to buy the book. Nope, something was bothering me but I ignored that gut feeling and read two more books he wrote. Over the years I witnessed him growing an ego alongside with his followers. They went from “how good” to “this is the only truth”. By the time I was already long done with the whole thing. Reading your post took me back to those days. It’s like traveling around the world only to come back your home and realize you had the answers all along. Not many people were saying channelled messages may not what they claim to be. Cameron Day was the only one I remember saying that years ago. Reading back your old blog I saw you also said that. Rest was so happy to invite these beings to their bodies. Thank you for always being true to yourself. Have a great weekend ❤️

  • Thank you Denise for a spiritually “sane” article! One that I am fully in tune with having spent my life cleaning a lot of dirty dunny floors (Aussie slang there) with lots of “rescue” work going on. Tired, fed up, longing for what I know how “it” should be – I now wait patiently holding the “energy”, communing as best I can & so thankful that I can now go through the days without being sideswiped by the negative toilet dwellers all the time! (We have sideswiped them!)
    My following is within what is in my heart, always has been; one interesting thing that helped me keep away from the “I know more than you people” was a saying I read “don’t follow me I’m going down my own pathway” – I love the idea of my “own pathway”.
    Now to finish my amblings, I would like to heartfully share with you a simple “thing” that was given to me with much joy this morning and that was the understanding totally of who & what I AM with being led to acknowledge & say “I AM Heaven On Earth”; here to embody totally “Heaven” here, on earth, in our bodies, NOW !! We are all the new Heaven……
    Nothing more, nothing less and guess what ? It was FREE, didn’t cost me a brazoo….
    Thank you once again Denise for your input, there are many of “us” out there who read, listen, understand & do not feel so alone because of it. God Bless to you…..

  • Thanks Denise!! I’ve gone from cleaning the public bathrooms to cleaning my own. Still not pretty but such a relief. Hoping to get to the point where bathroom references disappear completely😂
    I feel oddly hopeful and so appreciate your clarity on the gift of forced isolation. So many that claimed to have faith somehow missed the opportunity to live it when it really mattered. Faith, like courage, can only be manifest through challenges. Living UP to the challenge of “stay at home” with courage, through faith, was the clear message I received. For those of us that lived in the trenches it actually felt better…at least I was seeing brand new ground, even if that meant it was just my old self. Still punching the AP clock but now, metaphorically, self employed😉
    The other message that’s been imbedded in me, that I’ve actually said out loud to any number of people is, “we are not victims” and we need to stop acting like we are”!! Lightworker Handbook page 1.
    Each time you posted over the past year, I’d feel grateful knowing my internal guidance system hadn’t lost its center. It seems like so many had. At this point, I’m refusing to even consider someone else’s roadmap. I will not be taking the long way home.Thank you as always for all you do. Words can never convey how grateful I am.

  • You’ve brought me to my feet, cheering! Thanks for this rousing reminder of where we’re at and what we’re doing. If I weren’t so tired, I’d be wildly excited. Nah, I’m wildly excited anyway. Love you, Denise!

    • Thanks kimdenise for that and throwing gratitude kisses at you from a horizontal position too! The intensity of these Phase 2 energies is something else. ❤

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