Another Look At ‘Chaotic Nodes’

Here’s a Tom Kenyon Hathors message from 2009. Sometimes an unshaken look and unruffled emotional feel back over old ascension information means more today because we’ve been living it for many years. Sometimes re-reading older articles, posts and messages is of greater help and insight today than they were when originally written and originally read.

Don’t fixate on the 2009 date because we’ve been living in and through increasing and worsening ‘Chaotic Nodes’ constantly for many years now and this will continue for a while longer. Make a mental note when you read what the Hathors said about possible catalysts such as solar flares, bacterial and viral mutations, ecosystem distress, severe fluctuations in weather and weather patterns, the potential lack of food and water, increased earth changes, financial instability, and political ineptitude creating more within greater Chaotic Nodes. We can relate to every one of those things the Hathors listed in 2009. We’ve been living all of those things and more very intensely since Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started in January 2020 and it’s not over yet.

Anything in Tom Kenyon’s Hathor message that’s in bold was done by me to draw attention to it. Thank you Tom Kenyon and the Hathors. ❤     Tom Kenyon » Hathors Archives

Denise Le Fay

February 26, 2021

Chaotic Nodes

April 27, 2009

“Any energetic system that shifts to higher or lower orders of coherency passes through chaotic events in its journey to a new resting energy state. Your earth is no exception to this.

With this in mind, we anticipate a planetary increase in chaotic events. By this we mean that a large-scale chaotic event(s) is near. We call such events, “Chaotic Nodes.” They are a precursor to geometric progressions of chaotic events, and you are at the threshold of such a node.

Chaotic Nodes are actually crests in quantum wave potential driven by the interaction of many energetic domains simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at water as a metaphor for what we are discussing, and then we would like to extrapolate this to your world situation.

When you boil water, the molecules that comprise the water (which are made from the bonding of atomic hydrogen and oxygen) speed up. This is unseen by you because this domain is too small for you to see. But if you touch the pot, you will feel warmth. As the heat continues, the water molecules move around even faster, bumping into each other more often, creating even more friction. Some of the water moves into a faster rate of vibration and changes its nature from water into steam. If you touch the pot at this point, you would describe it as hot. Indeed, it would burn you if you kept your hands on the pot of boiling water too long.

Prior to the application of heat to the water, one could say that the water resided within a certain energy domain, which you could measure via its temperature. As the temperature increases, due to the application of heat, there is an increase of chaos as the water molecules start moving more rapidly.

Now, if water molecules had the human characteristic of resistance to change, then they would find the increased heat and the resulting chaos difficult to contend with.

When the water reaches boiling point, it enters what we call a Chaotic Node. This is a shifting of energy state, and if you look into a pot of water just before it starts to boil, you can see this.

At first there is a trickle of bubbles up to the surface, and as these reach the surface of the water, steam is emitted. At first you will see just a little bit of steam, but as the entire pot of water reaches the boiling point, you will see what is called a “roiling boil.” At this point, the water is very turbulent and a lot of it starts to change its energy state from a liquid (water) into a gas (steam).

The point we wish to make here is that a Chaotic Node is similar to water shifting to a roiling boil, in that it (water moving from being hot to a roiling boil) is a sudden shift that is inherently volatile. And once a Chaotic Node manifests, it is very difficult to predict what will happen next.

If you were a single molecule of water in this roiling boil that just entered a Chaotic Node, you would be hard pressed to know where you might be at any moment. You might be at the bottom of the pot and suddenly find yourself driven up to the surface by rapidly moving convection currents. And in a swift unanticipated moment, you could shift your energy state from water to vapor (steam).

This is a metaphor, of course. And we are not implying that you are as simple as water. But the principles of Chaotic Nodes apply to all energy systems including both your energy systems and the energy systems of earth.

As we said, we anticipate that you are at the cusp of one such Chaotic Node. And there are any number of factors that can start the process. As we said earlier, Chaotic Nodes are driven by the interaction of many energetic domains simultaneously. And there are a large number of possible catalysts, including but certainly not limited to, increased solar flare activity, bacterial and viral mutations, ecosystem distress, severe fluctuations in weather patterns affecting the availability of food and water, earth changes including volcanic and earthquake activity, financial instability, and political ineptitude in managing world events.

When a Chaotic Node arrives on your time line it is likely that several of these factors will escalate and interact with each other in ways that cannot be anticipated.

As we view it, there is a high probability that you will experience other Chaotic Nodes in the next ten years, with increasing intensity and frequency (meaning that there will be an increase in their numbers).

From the vantage point of a being who wishes to reside in lower energy states and its attendant lower states of consciousness (i.e. your average human), the arrival of a Chaotic Node is not an easy thing to contend with. This is because all types of unpredictable events and relationships will arise as the chaos reaches a crescendo point. Many people will tend to mental and emotional instability in the face of a Chaotic Node. This is a result of their perceived reality collapsing.

Indeed, in the coming years, many facets of your individual and collective realities will be challenged.

From our perspective, this increase in Chaotic Nodes is both an inescapable aspect of energy-state physics and a requirement for your shift into higher dimensions of consciousness.

This will be a challenging time for many as the world they thought they knew morphs (changes) before them. But it is also a period with immense potential for accelerated evolution (meaning a shift into higher dimensions of consciousness). By higher dimensions of consciousness, we specifically mean an awareness of time and space that is simultaneously not confined by these perceptions. At present, humanity is keenly aware of its material existence, but not so aware of its existence in other realms of energy (dimensions). When the bulk of humanity experiences the existence of other realms of energy collectively, it will enter a Golden Age.

But alas, you are still in the birthing process of this and have not yet been collectively born into this reality.

Some individuals are making this shift, even in the midst of increased chaos. In fact, if you are prepared, these Chaotic Nodes can actually assist you to shift your own energy states to a higher order. The result of this shift in consciousness is that you will become more creative when dealing with new and novel situations. And shifting to an energy state that is of a higher order (increased coherency) will allow you to directly experience your transcendent nature, which is beyond the constraints of time and space even while you live an embodied life.

Our advice during Chaotic Nodes is to engage the Holon of Ascension as often as possible. This will shift your energy state and allow you to pass through the chaotic elements of your reality more graciously and with greater fluidity, allowing you to more likely be in “the right place at the right time” rather than in “the wrong place at the wrong time.” In point of fact, from our view, there is no right or wrong place to be. It is what you do with what presents itself to you that matters.

As humanity collectively begins to pass into this imminent Chaotic Node, expect more of the unexpected than you could ever imagine even in your wildest sci-fi movies. Engage the Holon of Ascension often. Shift your own energy. Move up the ladder of consciousness.”

The Hathors April 27, 2009

Thoughts and Observations from Tom

“Although this message deals with physics, I think it is pretty self-explanatory. And I certainly think the water metaphor is apt, because if nothing else, the “heat” seems to be turning up, so to speak.

After receiving this particular message, I did ask the Hathors to clarify their statement that this Chaotic Node was imminent. My experience with higher dimensional beings is that they have a very different sense of time than us, and what may seem like an eternity to us, is but a blink of the cosmic eye for them.

And so when I asked for clarification, they said that as they view it now, there are multiple domains of increasing chaos that are interacting in new and novel ways. Thus predicting when the exact moment a Chaotic Node will manifest on our timeline is, necessarily, variable.

Let’s take a look at this Hathorian concept by picking three arbitrary domains. First is our biosphere. Due to global warming, whatever the reasons, wild life is being threatened due to loss of habitat and food sources. This threat includes a whole host of species, from the Lemurs of Madagascar who are under so much stress some have stopped reproducing, to polar bears who are losing the ice that was their territory, to whales that are losing food sources, to even certain types of trees that have stopped producing oxygen. This is just one domain we could loosely call our ecosystem.

Then there are the ever-increasing weather anomalies that are wrecking havoc all over the globe.

What we, the human species, seem to forget is that we are part of the ecosystem. We may be at the top of the food chain, and we may be the dominant species in terms of being able to affect the environment around us. But if the stresses affecting other species are so intense as to affect their reproduction, then are we next?

Indeed, some strong studies coming out of Canada indicate that the use of certain plastics, such as are used in plastic baby bottles, seems to be affecting the reproductive ability of boy babies. There is growing evidence that as some of these male children mature, their reproductive systems are failing them. Will we follow in the steps of the Lemurs?

And so we have here, for the sake of discussion, three interacting domains: 1) the ecosystem itself, 2) erratic weather patterns that are stressing plant and animal life, and 3) our technological civilization that seems to be radically affecting the other two domains of ecology and weather (not to mention the possible reproductive ability of its own male children—at least in Western industrialized nations).

As the changes in these domains increase at an accelerated pace, chaotic elements naturally arise.

Take for instance the recent snafu at a major university that emailed acceptance letters to thousands of students that had actually been rejected—a chaotic element at work albeit clerical in nature.

What the Hathors are saying is that there are so many domains interacting with each other at the same time, the rate of chaos is increasing.

As a result, little chaotic elements are at play and interacting to create larger chaotic elements. When you have enough large chaotic elements interacting, you have a Chaotic Node. And that is what the Hathors are alerting us to.

So back to their word “imminent.” When I pressed them for a timeline, they said that they see a high probability of a Chaotic Node manifesting anywhere from a period of several weeks from the day they gave the message (April 27, 2009), up to nine months or so. But they insisted that this was only an educated guess. The volatility of the times makes it impossible to say with certainty when “the pot will start to roil.”

The point they are trying to make is that chaos is a natural part of the evolutionary process and not to be frightened by it, but instead to use it as a means to further accelerate our own personal evolution—regardless of what those around us might or might not be doing.

There is one other thing about their message I wasn’t clear about. What did they mean when they said “political ineptitude in managing world events?” Well it turns out that the term has a larger context for them than I thought.

For them, political ineptitude includes the usual human stupidity, greed and ignorance, and when you add this to the mix of chaotic world events, you have a combination that could and would likely make things worse.

But ineptitude, for the Hathors, also includes nefarious and evil-intent on the part of the “shadow governments” of some countries to intentionally mislead the people and in some cases, actually manipulate and control human destiny. The Hathors specifically used the word ineptitude in referencing the shadow governments not because they are clumsy or unskilled, but because the behaviors they are currently choosing (i.e., to control and manipulate) are leading to their own devolution. And in spite of their cleverness, they are on a dead-end path.

So all of this is part of the mix, which to use a good French term is like a mélange of the good and the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The soup is on, and the heat is definitely turned up.

What each of us does in our collective pot will certainly be a show worth watching.

Lastly, whatever comes out of the cosmic kitchen (so to speak), I can personally vouch for the Hathors’ comments about the Holon of Ascension being a powerful way to shift consciousness.

Ever since they gave me the Holon of Ascension, I have been experimenting with it in all types of situations. And I must say that it is remarkably effective at shifting my own energy state and perception even when I am feeling funky, fatalistic and generally negative about the world, my life and the human condition.

But the only way for you to assess if the Holon of Ascension will be as powerful for you as it is for me, is to try it for yourself.

Click for a complete description of how to engage the Holon of Ascension.

I suggest you take it for a spin and see what happens.

You can hear and/or download a free audio recording of the Planetary Holon Meditation that took place on April 5th, 2009 in Seattle, Washington. Click on the tab that reads Planetary Holon Meditation in the main menu to the left.


21 thoughts on “Another Look At ‘Chaotic Nodes’

  • Magical March!
    Just today…I’ve detached from a particular chaotic node. I have been going down with another’s victim victimizer role play …I detached super quick. I’m now relishing in how fun it is to quickly discern, detach and demonstrate better energy. So now instead of wanting to avoid the other I’m inviting her chaos to see how quickly I can completely absolve myself.
    I am definitely feeling the multi faceted diamond edges surrounding me right now.

    • I’m so glad it’s good for you ic. For me not so fun. Hope I get to your level. Love to all high hearts. Kate bee

  • Kathy and Denise – I, too, live in Texas. No Electricity, no water, etc. I mean no offense to anyone but a friend and I were talking. She said this past year was one from Hell. Then said “And this week Hell froze over”. We both laughed so hard – first time in months for that kind of laughter. I don’t know but since Hell has now frozen over – it seems I can survive just about anything! I wish you and yours all the best.

  • Thank you for the Tom Kenyon article, Holon Meditation info. So funny to read from 2009 thinking – oh you don’t EVEN know!!! Thank you for the reminder of what the ascension symptoms are and what is happening to us. Hanging on and hanging in.

  • Remarkable, isn’t it. The absolute accuracy. No heat, no electricity, no water, no phones, no connectivity. It all happened and it was stunning – as in stun gun full power. “You know what to do.” kept echoing as a reinforcing nudge to go deeper within. The Ineptituders were giving it their all which left nothing to do but shinny up the pole. Neutrality was an almost natural and necessary reaction. “Each separate dying ember wrought it’s ghost upon the floor.” Edgar Allan Poe

    • kathy, are you in TX? If so are you and yours okay? OMG. ❤

      The old patriarchal greed is going to continue being repeatedly lashed by these higher energies/Light/codes until all of that consciousness and those sorts of greed actions are completely gone. This is part of these many, many Chaotic Nodes crashing into each other now. We all need to expect the unexpected as we traverse these volatile old endings and make our ways to higher NEW everything. It's just part of the AP on the physical level.

      • And it’s not just Texas… although that was a stunning exclamation point. Everywhere has had a bad case of the crazies this month, this year … 😨 personally, locally, nationally, globally Thank you Denise for your valuable guidance. Because we need you here with more upheavals to come. ❤

      • Yes on TX. OMG is right. It was the experience of full force patriarchal greed coming undone, baring its teeth, being exposed but carrying on with its death grip on everyone else’s life force. It was a cold the electricity has managed many times before. The much forecasted storm was used as an excuse and a camouflage by the Grid Masters and their comrades. They plundered and then simply threw the switch. The Avarice-induced suffering is still acute and completely avoidable. Came through it but definitely felt the energy of an ending to an old, rotten-to-the-core CONSTRUCT.

        • Wow kathy, I am, we are glad you’re safe after how dangerous that severe cold storm was.

          I wondered a couple years ago when the electric co. here in California began cutting off the electricity when the winds started blowing as a way to prevent downed power lines causing fires, or more fires, during windstorms. They claimed it was to prevent more fires in CA and I don’t doubt it was but they did it primarily to prevent being sued by homeowners whose houses burned due to downed lines in really high windstorms we get here. Ever since the first electric co. started doing this a few years ago, the others in the lower half of CA do it now too. The winds start blowing and chances are your electricity is going to be turned off for who knows how long.

          Everything is broken beyond belief in this country — except the military war machine — and utilities get turned off to prevent companies from being sued instead of upgrading everything. It’s a very sickening time here as all the greed and corruption dig in to we the people for every last dollar they can get.

  • Hi Denise….as usual we are in sync. I have been working with the Hathors since a 2018 QHHT session. I reread the information on Chaotic nodes last year as I worked with the Hathor Material. Consequently I ordered Tom’s books of channeled material from the Hathors and discovered that the Hathors had already shared much of it with me. I was just not fully aware of where the information was coming from. I began working with the exercises the Hathors gave to Tom Kenyon for the brain. They have helped me navigate these energetic waters immensely. I have also received very interesting downloads about the evolution of our light bodies as they move into higher dimensional frequencies. Your reference to this article is quite timely. Tom Kenyon recently suggested using a Holon meditation at this time. It has been very powerful for me as are all of his meditations and sound healings. So I too highly recommend his work at this time. I would also like to THANK YOU for the information on the ENERGETIC HARNESS IMPLANT that you recently posted. I have been suffering since last October from shoulder, neck and mid-back issues that correspond exactly to the placement of that implant. The pain and discomfort have been quite acute. I can always cope and adapt to things if I better understand the ENERGETIC source. So once again my gratitude for your sharing of this information.
    Much Love, Light and Peace,

  • Thank you, Denise – definitely feeling and seeing the ‘roiling boil’ and chaos in my little corner of the collective. Like Tuba, I’ll be listening to the recordings and continuing to do my best. With thanks for you and all you share ❤️❤️❤️

    • sue-bell and all,

      Whenever I quote the Hathors it’s because I personally relate entirely to what they are saying. I’ve listened to some of Tom Kenyon’s amazing sound recording over the years and they’re wonderful, but for me personally it’s the Hathors words, their information aka Light that’s helpful. I just felt I needed to clarify this because some will think that the “answers” are in the sound recordings and not focus much on what the Hathors said. ❤

  • Dear Denise,

    Thank you for this article, this month -it seems to me-has been a monster whirlwind of Divine Mother testing us for “let’s just see how sovereign you’ve really become.” Then threw us into the grinder. So many endings and transformations, including my relationship with my self/Self/higher self, as well as with others.

    I was also drawn to the Hathors archive by Tom Kenyan this week. I remember the Hathors mentioning synchronicity as one side effect for those on the ascending path during this chaotic node we’re in.

    Suddenly I am “seeing” these beautiful watery ripples in the air. I know I’m seeing them clairvoyantly, it’s just amazing and I’m thrilled at the newness of this newfound ability. I so envied you and others who could.

    As grateful as I am for having come this far, I’ve got to say that this February was a no-holds-barred 50 mile firewalk through the valley of hell with bare feet to pass through the eye of the needle. It was so f’in hard and I shudder to think just how hard it’ll be when it’s the normies’ turn because THAT was a bitch.

    I love you Denise and everyone here for doing what we must.

    • “As grateful as I am for having come this far, I’ve got to say that this February was a no-holds-barred 50 mile firewalk through the valley of hell with bare feet to pass through the eye of the needle. It was so f’in hard and I shudder to think just how hard it’ll be when it’s the normies’ turn because THAT was a bitch.”

      It was, it so very much was all that you said and more Jain L. For me that very NEW intensity started when the Sun entered Aquarius on January 20, 2021 and fried every cell and fiber, every memory and emotion in my body and being constantly with no time-outs whatsoever until the Sun entered Pisces on February 18th. I then had the next 4 days — February 18-21st — of energetic quiet and then a less intense level of “it” started right back up again on February 22. And, the Sunlight was once again noticeably brighter white-silver Light everywhere on the 22nd, including every inner inch of me! OMG I’ve never experienced such intense and lengthy MUCH higher frequency energy as the days the Sun was in Aquarius 2021. That doesn’t mean more of same or similar won’t happen any minute this year, but man oh man that was rough in every way one can imagine rough.

      “Suddenly I am “seeing” these beautiful watery ripples in the air. I know I’m seeing them clairvoyantly, it’s just amazing and I’m thrilled at the newness of this newfound ability. I so envied you and others who could.”

      Congrats Jain L. and know that more of this sort of Higher Awareness perception vision etc. will continue. Expect anything and feel into it all.

      Those “watery ripples in the air” you’re clairvoyantly Seeing sound like some of not only the NEW Age Aquarian energy Waves but solar plasma waves too and who knows what else coming from the higher cosmic levels! Many of these NEW energies Seen are profoundly beautiful, then you realize they’re going into and through you and your physical body and being and all else within physicality and all these severe aches and pains hitting our old crusty whatever becomes a little easier to cope with. (BTW everyone, the only other person I’ve read mention about how super intense and difficult these particular January into February 2021 energies were was Celia Fenn.) ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Denise
        You so nailed my January and February….dear god I didn’t think I would survive it nor sure I even wanted to. It was a beat down the likes I haven’t experienced to that degree and I had thought I had survived hell already. When you didn’t post, I knew I wasn’t alone. I am grateful for the small windows of relief. And dread the hits of body destroying energies…..I know more are coming…but seriously this is soul sucking misery…..I often think F- this ascension, then know I can’t walk away bc this is what I’ve hoped for, asked for, am here for….so I throw on those big girl panties and try not to cry. Just so thankful for you and everyone here that validates WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS!

        • “It was a beat down the likes I haven’t experienced to that degree and I had thought I had survived hell already.”

          Exactly Tracy, me too, but we both know that this is what Phase 2 of the AP and EP really is — embodying continually higher frequency, higher octave, next higher level evolutionary Light and energies.

          I haven’t even been able yet to put what I experienced into words and I don’t know if I even will as some of it was personal and very difficult but necessary now. Not a drop of it was unknown to me but it was the clearest, most conscious and present I’ve ever been during one of those we’re now going to spit-shine the floors of old hell before we release it all and never look back or wait for anyone for another second! releases. Dang, brutal but reality changing, so much so during that time in January into February 2021 that it hasn’t fully manifested yet physically. It has on other levels of our being but physically it’s still coming. I hope that made sense. 😕

          Thanks Tracy. ❤

  • Hi Denise
    I’ve decided I’m going for happiness now I’ll always be kind but this is my time now God Bless you for your kindness to us all🥰💜🙏🌈🌍🌈

  • Denise thank you for sharing this message. I followed his blog for years. Interesting to see how the way I understand their messages changed and evolved. Years ago certain things was beyond my understanding.
    This February was hard. Like I was in a pressured cooker and no one was hearing my whistle. Emotionally, mentality and physically I feel completely drained. Turning inward more and more. I’ll be listening the recordings Tom K. shared and continue to do my best.
    Thank you for being here with us ❤️❤️❤️

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