The Disappearing Darkness

I’ve experienced plenty of negative supernatural things throughout my lifetime that I didn’t include in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010), but feel should be shared now as the old lower frequency Duality disappears. All these negative Team Dark aliens, entities and inorganic distortion systems have diminished since 2011 and 2012, but some are tenacious and linger, fighting to survive the Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds. In 2019 we’re in a profound acceleration of these negative beings and their old Earth distortion creating control systems being energetically dismantled by a variety of natural evolutionary Light energies, Waves and pulses, numerous multidimensional Team Light beings and some of the aspects of you reading this. People need to consciously know how severe and pervasive the negativity has been in our current lifetimes during the Ascension Process on Earth. I’m sharing some more of my personal Team Dark experiences because they’re amazing, shocking, interesting and educational despite the negativity and suffering they’ve caused. This is where we’ve been with Duality, not where we’re evolving into Unity, so as you read please remain neutral in all ways. It just is what it has been and this is us evolving beyond that level and frequency range of the disappearing old cycle. Also, these two big trigger years below explain why Team Dark has increased they attacks on most of us.

  1. With the start of 1999, the Sun entered the Photon Band of 7D Light, which is why many of us were energetically triggered to begin the Ascension Process on the physical biological level that year.
  2. With the start of 2013, the Earth was finally fully within the Photon Band of 7D Light year-round, which is why it’s been as it has post December 2012.
  3. In 2019 to early 2020, the evolutionary energetic separation from the old lower everything into the NEW higher will reach the final breakthrough breakaway point.

Because of the unaware Team Dark reversal spin talk I’ve gotten from some people online since 2003 after I’d shared personal experiences with these negative entities and aliens, I need to say this. One of the main tools of the trade that Team Dark has always used is reversing, inverting what is organic and true into reversed inorganic “spin” distortions so they can use it to preserve themselves. When you denounce Source you create a situation where you have to parasite from other living beings—like humanity—to sustain yourself because you’ve intentionally disconnected from Divine Source and those natural life-sustaining energies.

For many years a lot of people believed that if I or anyone was having negative encounters and experiences with Team Dark—negative aliens, many of their lesser creations, negative AI devices, devils and demons and lesser entities etc.—it was because there was something “wrong” with me, with us or something we needed to be doing or not doing etc. In other words, these people have falsely believed that if someone is experiencing attacks from nonphysical aliens and entities then it’s entirely because of you. Some people don’t even believe that Team Dark has existed, that’s how good a job they’ve done on humans and human consciousness. 

If you or I Volunteered to incarnate on physical 3D old patriarchal Earth during the Ascension Process to transmute density and negativity and replace it with organic, Source created evolutionary Light, then know that you, me, we of the First Ascension Light stuck out like crazy in what was total Darkness on physical Earth. In other words, we glowed in the Darkness that was Earth and still do and because of that Team Dark saw us, felt us, recognized us and knew why we were incarnate on Earth in these lives during the Ascension Process. They knew immediately who and what we were and why we were here now, and from their perspective we’ve been Enemy # 1 from the first moment we incarnated. It took me the first few painful decades of this life to figure this dangerous fact out. It also took me a while to figure out that the more Light you incarnate with and increase from that point forward on a totally Dark controlled planetary system, the more potential you have to transmute and remove very large amounts of negativity, density, negative residual energies and timelines. Others with much less Light or no Light at all cannot do this so they pose no threat to Team Dark beings and their agendas. Many Volunteers, Starseeds, Lightwarriors, Bluerays etc. have been repeatedly attacked by Team Dark beings and their AI devices because we’ve always been a huge threat to them, not because we’ve done something “wrong”. See the reversal, the inversion, the flip spin about just this by unaware humans? See the lack of greater awareness in those people who shame and blame you for being attacked? See why I’ve gotten angry at times with people who’ve unknowingly drank the Team Dark Kool-Aid and preached shame, blame and lack of “love” at those of us who’ve been doing our ascension Mission Work while being attacked because of it? Being attacked by negative nonhuman aliens and entities is one thing, being attacked by unaware humans is in many ways even worse because they’re who we’ve tried to help all along.

“Ooh, dear Denise, please do write an article about healthcare environments. 💖  I’ve worked for the NHS (in an administrative role, not clinical) for ten years. I find it fascinating, but the more that time goes on, I am very aware of the darkness, and your comments about this made me shudder. It’s something I’ve known deep down but denied, as I always wanted to help people, but i don’t think it’s really helping working somewhere that keeps people locked into their misery…”   Charzi

This Comment by Charzi was on another article in response to my sharing a bit about what I experienced when in a Nursing Home visiting my mom in 2014. Thank you for it Charzi. ❤

Before I share some of these negative experiences it will be helpful to know that I was born with the abilities to clairvoyantly See, clairaudiently Hear, empathically Feel, clairsentience Sensing of others energies and emotions etc., and claircognizant Knowing. What makes being “psychic” even more interesting has been the Ascension Process. Not only have my ESP abilities from birth slowly evolved due to the unfolding Ascension Process, but what I’ve perceived and how has also changed repeatedly because the dimensional Veils have been nonexistent since 1998–1999. This has been weird, confusing and highly interesting from my perspective because from birth my ESP abilities took place in the 3D patriarchal Earth world frequency that existed before the Ascension Process began. Then they existed on the physical plane when the Ascension Process began, then dealing with the evolutionary journey from 3D physicality into and through the 4D Astral, then finally reaching the 5D frequency range where we physically are today. With conscious ESP and Higher Awareness abilities, those evolutionary transitions from one dimension with its frequency and inhabitants into another and another has been extraordinary, and at times confusing to physically live through and witness minus all the old familiar dimensional energy Veils and borders.

It was 2013 and I’d taken my mom to her female eye doctor to have her eyes checked to get an updated prescription for new lens. I’ve always hated doctors offices, medical labs, hospitals, Big Pharma, pharmacies, and pretty much all things patriarchal “medical”. If you’re clairvoyant and carrying a good bit of Light then you’d hate them and more too. The eye doctor’s office was packed as all doctors offices always are and I was doing my best to not be affected by the negativity, noisy organized chaos and the physical and etheric filth in the place while I was stuck there waiting. After a bit the male doctor that worked out of the female eye doctor’s office as a plastic surgeon, who was her husband from another country, came out of his work area and immediately locked in on me sitting there in the packed waiting room. I’ve experienced encountering Team Dark in the physical many times but evidently this was the first time this human male doctor had physically encountered someone from Team Light. I thoroughly enjoyed his unexpected shock and dismay and the shoe on the other foot type Ascension moment. I instantly knew who he was and he sensed what I was and it got intense very quickly. He froze in place and stood there staring at me with that deep unrestrained bottom-of-the-pit hatred that only Team Dark has when someone of Team Light is present. It’s impossible to express their absolute hatred of Team Light and of humanity in general.

I sat there energetically radiating and telepathing to him and his etheric alien Reptilian puppet-master who I could clairvoyantly See above him, that I wouldn’t take any crap from either of them. (Whenever I’ve found myself in the presence of Team Dark physically and/or etherically, I don’t go into fear but automatically into Lightwarrior mode and am deeply empowered. This is not a conscious linear thing or intellectual intention on my part but an instant automatic response and I’m very grateful for it.)  I telepathed that I was willing to fight to the death right there in front of everyone in the office if necessary. After I expressed my Energy Signature I immediately began clairvoyantly Seeing images and Feeling the emotions and physical sensations that this human male plastic surgeon AND his Reptilian handler got from performing physical surgeries, mostly on female humans. It was the perfect profession for this human male and all others like him that are owned and operated by negative aliens and/or other Team Dark beings. These human doctors are nothing more than “middlemen” between the human patients and the nonhuman, nonphysical negative aliens and other entities that feed off of them and their surgeries, blood and pain.

The images they showed me were of the human plastic surgeon cutting open women’s faces, breasts, bellies and such and getting aroused and intoxicated from physically butchering female humans and males too. Both human surgeon and alien Reptilian were inflicting physical pain on humans, mostly female humans which was even better because they are so deeply hated by Team Dark beings. The doctor got to physically cut and carve on females and energetically feed his blood-lust and desire to butcher humans plus get paid a lot of money for his “services”. He grinned maliciously at me after their visual and sensory Energy Signature was sent to me and I smiled slightly back to let him know that I was already very aware of all this. After our telepathic exchanges the human surgeon retreated back into where he’d been prior and did not come out the remainder of the time I was there.

Another common experience I’ve had many times was when I’d have to take my mom to the lab for blood work. Like doctor’s offices, these places are always packed which only makes the whole experience even more miserable. Because lesser negative entities have a great energy blood-lust, they’re typically encountered in almost all medical labs, hospitals and other places where human and animal blood and pain is. This includes tattoo and piercing parlors etc.

I’ve gotten bitten a few times while waiting in the corner for the lab technician to draw blood from my mom. Both times I felt a sting and instant itching in my inner wrist or the top of my hand and a tiny bump would manifest physically where I’d been bitten by the nonphysical parasite. That’s how infested these places are with nonhuman, nonphysical hungry parasitic entities swimming around like sharks waiting for someone to throw out more human chum for them, which the lab techs do day in and day out. Just being in that physical space where these negative parasite entities are for ten minutes was all it took for me to get bitten, and I put energy protections up around each of us before we leave in the car yet these types of things often still happen.

As many of you already know my mom was rushed via ambulance at 3:30 AM August 2014, to a hospital in another town that did heart bypass surgeries. They were going to do the bypass heart surgery the next morning just before noon. The speed of all this let me know it was a very serious situation. After a lot of freaking out on my part, I figured out where this hospital even was and got myself there around 10:30 AM. I’d never been on an Intensive Care hospital floor so it was a very strange and severe place for a Seer Sensitive to experience. Once I got into the surgical prep room where my mom was, I clairvoyantly Saw three tall Lightbeing Angels energetically holding the space around her at her head in that typical triangular formation; two flanking on each side and slightly behind the one positioned slightly forward. I instantly knew Seeing them that it meant she would survive the triple bypass surgery.

A half hour later the surgeon entered this prep room and the moment he saw me he looked surprised. I don’t know what that was about or what he saw but I immediately knew he was the surgeon because there was this dead Caucasian male in his late 70s or 80s with an etheric string-like attachment to this living physical surgeon. The dead man was etherically tethered to the physical surgeon and constantly floated along behind him up near the ceiling like a balloon on a string. I Saw this and said, “Hi, you must be the surgeon,” and we shook hands and he confirmed he’d begin doing the heart bypass on my mom in an hour. Three Lightbeing Angels and one dead human male attached to the surgeon like a balloon floating behind him constantly. I was surprised it was only one dead human attached to the surgeon because usually it’s more.

After this brief meeting and exchange with her surgeon I couldn’t get out of the hospital fast enough. I made a wrong turn driving home and ended up in another city. My unseen higher team yelled at me to turn into a Walgreen’s store that was right there and go in, which I immediately did. Just inside the door I was confronted by a lovely gay man “angel” the moment I entered and asked him, in tears, if he could tell me how to get to the city I lived in. He told me to go down the road that Walgreen’s was on—good one my higher assistants—and I’d end up back in my town. I hugged and told him why I was such a train wreck and that he was “my angle for the day” which made him cry. It was lovely and I’ve never been so grateful to a stranger than I was in that confused and lost moment of exhaustion. I returned to the hospital the next day and every other day after that while she was there, which was only seven days.

Next up was recuperation time in a Nursing Home for my mom after her triple bypass. Only two weeks after her triple bypass she had a stroke in the Nursing Home and was rushed to another hospital that specialized in strokes. After four days there she was transported back to the Nursing Home where she stayed for three full months. Keep in mind that this all happened in August through November 1st 2014 when she was released and I brought her home.

I’ve been in some truly horrible locations in the lower 4D Astral and this Nursing Home was comparable to that. It was that actually, meaning this physical Nursing Home existed in 2014, in the 4D Astral plane and frequency and I was nowhere near prepared for three months of having to go there for two or three hours every other day to bring clean pajamas for my mom, brush her teeth, make sure she drank enough water while I was there and so on. I’d arrive and walk into the center of that large building to where mom was and after spending two to three hours in that energy it was all I could do to physical walk my body back out and get outside and to my car. The density of that place was so extreme that my physical body would feel crushed by the heavy lower Astral frequencies and general negativity there and nearly cripple me to the point that I could barely walk out of the building and energies. The moment I was outside I’d feel the crushing pressures start to reduce but it would take the rest of the day for me to recover from having spent two hours in there.

When clairvoyantly Seeing and empathically Feeling things etc. has been the only life you’ve known, you get exceptionally good at ignoring the dark stuff that’s been everywhere constantly in very amplified ways since 1999 due to the start of the physical level Ascension Process. It’s there, you See it, you Feel it, it knows you can See and Feel it and you continue on like none of it is there but it very much is. Many of us have had to do this to survive the 4D Astral and old 3D Physical dimensions and worlds intermingled as we transitioned through them to reach higher frequency 5D. It’s literally been a case of humanity and Earth traveling through the fourth dimensional Astral plane for the past many, many years. Not so much fun for us but heaping piles of it for the Astral inhabitants. Look at the tourists everybody, dinner is served and we didn’t have to go anywhere to get it! 

The point I’m wanting to make is that the Nursing Home and so many other physical places existed at that time in the energy level and frequency that was the 4D Astral plane. There was no energetic Veil to keep the 4D Astral from the 3D Physical and vice versa, they both were mixed together for most of these past Ascension years which is why the paranormal quickly became the normal in the physical world.

The Nursing Home where my mom was kept for three months in 2014 existed physically in the Astral plane. I haven’t been back in that place or any hospital since 2014 so I couldn’t say what condition they’re in today, and I’m not going to check! I know that my bank has improved greatly since 2013, and it too physically existed in the Astral plane for many years like almost every other place has. So as an ultra Sensitive, going into the Nursing Home and spending two to three hours there just about did me in. As my mom improved I shortened my time spent there to two hours only and would go every third day to visit because I required that much time to recuperate from having gone there.

While in the Nursing Home I clairvoyantly Saw, heard and felt low-level 4D Astral entities feeding off of the human elderly people there. I Saw some of these nonhuman entities crawling all over patients beds, up the walls and across ceilings of the many rooms, and crawling over the patients physical bodies in bed and in wheelchairs laboring to get into the human’s physical bodies. Some of them were trying to dig their ways into the human patients heads and other body areas and so on. Many of them looked like emaciated black monsters while some others were more developed, strong and individualized while others less so. In other words, there is, or has been, a massive and complex hierarchy of Team Dark aliens and lesser beings and entities. Imagine the absolute worst and you’ll be close to some of what I Saw taking place every minute I was in that Nursing Home. Imagine classic hell-scapes and you’re very close to the truth of these situations we’ve all been going through for many years as we’ve evolved our ways through the 4D Astral to physically reach the fifth dimension with our physical bodies.

Changing directions with this topic, I want to conclude with my latest extremely painful physical attack and why it happened. It began around February 6–7th 2019, and took a full eight days and nights before the intense physical pain stopped. This was faster than the previous time I experienced this same type of attack in late 2015. I mentioned that attack when it happened because I’d never experienced an attack like this, plus it happened while I was looking in a magnified face mirror plucking my eyebrows so I saw it happen. I didn’t see it take place this time but it was an identical experience as the 2015 event. It sounds weird and strange but let me tell you it was incredibly painful physically and took the majority of strength I had to get through. Extended periods of nearly constant severe pain exhaust and weaken you quickly which is what this latest event did. I’m still not back yet and know that I just have to get it together because there is NO downtime anymore. There is only the next Ascension related event and it’s only a couple of hours away now in 2019!

We’ve all heard about those old beliefs about why people cover their mouth with their hand when they yawn. It was to keep negative entities out so they wouldn’t rush into their physical body when you had your mouth wide open yawning. Sounds like an old wives tale from long ago until something similar happens to you! I wouldn’t have believed what happened to me, twice now, unless I’d physically seen it happen in 2015.

A tiny pinpoint size of white colored light suddenly came flying into my view in the magnified mirror I’d been looking in from my left side. It traveled fast horizontally above my upper lip and below my nose level. Once it reached the area directly below my left nostril it made a sharp turn and flew upward into my nostril and then into the flesh of the top of it. It was about three hours after this that it started hurting in that exact spot in my nostril and by the next day the entire left half of my nose was red, hot, swollen and incredibly painful. This same thing happened to me again in February 2019, but this time it was my right nostril and I didn’t see it happen. By the next day my right nostril was red, hot to the touch, swollen and growing in size. The swelling this time was worse than it was in 2015 and it went up to my eye and down into my jaw and the right gland under the jaw. This time it made me feel sick and greatly weakened and of course the physical pain was extreme.

Before this happened I was already in pain from the latest NEW Light energies blasting away inside my head, eyes, skull, brain glands etc. but then this attack happened and I’ve spent ten or eleven days in February just doing my best to survive ten minutes at a time. I called in my Ascension Angels as I call them, repeatedly, to help me with quickly healing and removing this attack wound and any residual etheric and physical materials it may have deposited in my bodies. I also wanted to know why it had happened, again, and in 2019 and what I perceived about this was complex, multidimensional, multi-Selved, galactic and universal and all due to the Ascension Process and massive Separation of Worlds that’s roaring along right here and right now.

I perceived some other higher dimensional galactic Selves of mine with plenty of long-term interactions with Team Dark aliens, which wasn’t new information to me as I’ve been consciously aware of two of them most of my life. However, it was how all aspects of ME and Me and Denise me are currently Embodying and unifying in these NEW-to-all-of-us ways that I found interesting, even though it hurt like hell from my end! Make more conscious unification’s with more of your aspects across time space and dimensions and these weird so-called “anomalies” make a lot more sense. This is both about Unity and Unity consciousness and reality and about “First Contact” which isn’t going to be like anything we expected it to be. Just like December 21, 2012, and now in 2019, we’re living it all but these aspects of “us” don’t yet have the much larger picture clearly in view yet but we’re getting there fast now.

Long complex story short, is that what happens in higher dimensions with the many other YOU’S is now immediately felt and experienced in multiple ways “down here” on physical 5D ascending Earth by this aspect of YOU/You/you. Growing Embodiment and unity and unity consciousness. I got attacked for some things a couple of my other Higher Selves did eons ago in another part of the Galaxy but because Denise is the aspect in physical ascending Earth reality, I got attacked by Team Dark. All aspects of ME, Me, and me are all ONE after all and the Embodiment Process is bringing this overused and greatly misunderstood term into very real nonlinear fact for more Volunteers in 2019. Much more of this to come so be open, flexible, empowered even when flat on your back recuperating from whatever wherever, and know that this is just a small beginning of our NEW lives lived in these NEW higher unified ways. This attack was seriously debilitating both energetically and physically and yet when I began to perceive the larger more complex and multidimensional state of affairs concerning it, I was mildly amused and informed the other ancient Higher Selves aspects that they owed me one for taking this nose hit for them, for us all. 😉

First Contact is with the other Others that in this case are other aspects and Selves of YOU, You and you all getting increasingly re-connected with each other which is going to provide a very NEW and different perspective for all aspects and all Selves. This too is part of the current Separation of Worlds and much of it is taking place right inside of you and your physical body and the other aspects and Selves that are you too. The more we Volunteers, Bluerays, Starseeds, First Light Team etc. Embody, the more the Separation of Worlds happens both internally within each of us and externally in the physical and nonphysical worlds linearly and non-linearly simultaneously. My head feels like beams of Source Light LOVE are cutting into it as usual, my HighHeart is expanding and thumping again and my back is screaming so me and my war-torn nostrils are going to get horizontal for a bit and float in it ALL with Source and smile gently. It’s all very good. ❤

Denise Le Fay

February 19, 2019

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73 thoughts on “The Disappearing Darkness

  • I thank you so much, Denise. Over the years, more times than I can count, I’ve been going to ask you a question or advice; before I’m able to do so, you answer. Often, very small comments you make to others speak to me profoundly. It goes also for the other on this blog; they speak to be deeply before I think to ask. We are so connected. I love all of you so much.


  • Thak you podvig for your reply. We all have a limited understanding even after all these years. And it really doesn’t matter anyway. Whatever dark forces are or where they are from they cause us great anguish but we are ascending above all that and they will never be able to hurt us again.

  • Richard,
    (I’m not speaking for Denise, this is just my 2 cents, OK).
    That theory/belief, that dark beings, creatures, entities, ‘things’, whatever, are just parts of ourselves, I can fully understand, because to a certain extent, and at a certain stage on the path, it’s true. It’s when you first determine to advance, and raise your frequency, that all the hitherto-unrecognized crud nesting inside you, shows itself, as you say, it’s desperate for its survival, it sees its food source going away, and it panics! 😀 They will attack you with whatever they’ve got, to try and demoralize you and stop you continuing. (In my opinion, this is where many of our fellow starseeds fall, the surplus as Denise says, that parachuted down into occupied territory with us, some of them couldn’t make it past that point of what happens, how incredibly nasty life gets, when you resolve to evict the gunk in you.

    BUT, there is also darkness ‘out there’ – not part of you, not some aspects of yourself, but external crud, negative beings attached to and using others. And they hate those of the Light.
    So, you might say for instance, that – to use a quick example of the top of my head that’s known to all – Pontius Pilate and the dark beings pulling his strings, were just ‘some shadow side of Jesus’; and I could name many more light-carriers who aroused the hatred and the attacks of Team Dark.
    So it’s not ALL ‘your stuff.’

  • Boy oh boy, light yesterday and today. I did not think to call it energy though it is, it’s practically visible light… and so much of it! So dense, for lack of a better word!! Feels like my head is filled with marshmallow swirl, memory brain doesn’t work in intervals, still I’m alert and assertive while swimming through dense light. I thought today that self-care needs new elevation. I wanted to share with you and others, if they are dealing with marshmallow brains, too. It all makes me so happy and it’s scary too at the same time! Odd combo. Hit bed hard yesterday. Tired of TD ugly sexual imagery inserts in AM too. So done with it and that.. Fighting back, though super woozy. Much love to you and All!

  • I am always thankful for this courageous Lightwarrior who speaks of things no one has the courage to.
    This explains why I cried all day long while I was hospitalized and will never go back or trust the system again.
    The plastic surgeon explains why serial killers get aroused. My question is this is not a human thing, we don’t do that right? We’ve been indoctrinated and our DNA manipulated with reptilian stuff, is that why some humans are this psychopathic, why there is pedophilia and why humans began to eat animals/blood/flesh? I don’t remember humans naturally being this depraved in other planets, only in those controlled by reptiles (from my past lives).
    Thank you so much Denise. God bless you.

  • Denise, so grateful for all that you do. I wish we lived closer. Somehow I know we would be the best of friends. You have helped me so much. As probably many feel the same way! Love sent your way!

  • Dear Denise
    I have been on a spiritual path for 20 years and about 15 years ago I experienced the first download of Divine energy/force. I was completely unprepared and floundered not knowing quite what was happening. It was compounded by two other things going on at the same time, one being the veils were lifted and I was experiencing all sorts of psychic phenomenon. The other I was being attacked by the dark forces at every opportunity.
    Sri Aurobindo calls them the adverse forces they try to stop the seeker progressing on the path. They are very real as you can attest to but are also useful to the seeker to experience as to know light from dark energies. My Siamese cat was seriously freaked out at the time and refused to come up to my bedroom he had seen and had enough of them also. Your articles about this subject can be a very real help to those experiencing these forces. Signing off now but may the force of light be with you all! Maureen

  • Yes in my opinion dark entities do attack ius from a 3d perspective and I have the scars to prove it. But my interpretation is a bit different than has been expressed here. In my opinion the dark entities ate really aspects of ourselves. The darkness that is being bought up because of the higher vibrations entering our bodies. These aspects are fighting for their very survival because they won’t ascend with us.

  • Dear Denise
    I have noticed that the crystal state of our bodies is intensifying. Only this morning the small intestines and large intestines are now so pronounced almost protruding out of the skin of the stomach and have become so hard, rocklike that the thought crossed my mind that it is not surprising really, we are giving birth to the divine, a new golden race, a new golden age. Also the transfiguration of our bodies has begun in earnest.
    This spiritual warrior knows the battle is already won and although tired and worn down by the journey the end is in sight. Maureen

    • Thank you once again for this article. It has taken me a few days, to absorb. It turned on the light… bulb…. OH!!!!! So that was team dark!!!. That, and that. Being empath always been aware, of gift of seeing light, means seeing dark, as well. Not to the degree Denise, as you…. just aware, in hospitals, negative entitys, and need to keep, golden guard up… i was attacked, via my familly. Having just been gassed, by nazi, as young child, knew i had come back, quick, as important life. Mum tried abort me, using same chemical, nazi,s used. She mentally ill!!!! Again, because she a bit sensitive, but not enough to deal with her stuff. They went woopital, in Germany, where my sissy conceived, and she picked up entitys… mucked up her life..cause this just post war, under the vibe, of nazi, team dark………….. . Coming out girls boarding school, completly naeive…. met black magicians, who had good go……had ghosts, pushing me down stairs.etc… learnt how to clear spaces, for self, and others, ie building…. during ascension,cos i dont get out much, it been by suprising peeps, ie chiro practor, dentist. Recent a nurse, had come house, take blood for diabetes test. ( which i have healed) such negative being… i wont do that again… have blood test… after yr article…. if we wernt all sane, going through ap, and able to share comments, vis Denise site, we may have thought we were just paranoid.. i am longing for time, my light get so so so bright, nothing can come near. Lost 2 more male freinds, one who ph asking for pray help for his partner, then couldnt stand the light, all old pariachal ego patterns reard their head… otherwas old freind who wanted to visit. (Guard up!!!!) Said we could reconect via email as ap i bedridden. Imediate, just the same patriarchal misogynist claptrap…
      So apreciate, yr site, and contact with others.
      And your wonderful articles. Thank you Denise

      • I’m a nurse at a large hospital. Every morning when I walk in I always need to watch for negative energies. I just try and do the absolute best for my patients and am their advocate. Otherwise I try and avoid all the negativity of the rest of the place. It gets harder everyday. But I do it! Denise’s articles and every ones posts help me. For that I am grateful! Thank you everyone!
        P.S. Somehow I know that I am protected in that place so that I can do my work with my patients.

  • Denise,
    I just have to share this, it made me smile. 🙂
    I was thinking about you today, and how valuable you are to us. (If I could make a donation to your site I would, but I can hardly scrape my rent together!)
    As I left my home to go to work, I thought: ‘I’m so glad Denise is there. She knows a lot. It’s because of Denise that I’m feeling calm and confident today, and that I can get through 2019, “We can do this”. I really value her.’
    I reflected on what it would be like if there were no Denise, if you didn’t exist. ‘If she hadn’t been helping us all this time with her knowledge, information and support, I’m pretty sure a lot of us would be fumbling around worriedly, some of us would probably not even be here! She makes a real difference.’

    At the exact moment I was thinking this, a long white truck passed in front of me, turning right. It was from a lighting company, and on the side was a big slogan. “Lighting from the ground up.”
    This was such a perfect synchronism, that I broke into a grin! 😀

  • Finished reading the newer posts. Came this feeling of being swathed by this ethereally warm, comforting Presence, it is hard to describe.

    I know I AM in rarified company.

    You beloved Denise, such a stalwart of indomitable grit and clarity, what an honor to have known you.
    Other “comrades” too. Those drawn to this sacred space that you have so lovingly created for Us/All.

    Spirit bows to Spirit. In awe. In homage. In love.

  • I do believe that 2020 is the watershed. (Interesting that we talk of ’20/20 vision’, isn’t it? The enhanced spiritual abilities will be heavily attacked by the desperate Team Dark, eg they are planning to upgrade technology, with 5G, in such a way as to keep everybody in a hypnotic state).

    I was shown I had an exit point in the last year. I was fine with that – it’s been a long haul, yes yes, take me home! 😀 Instead I had a close brush with death, but didn’t die. I was told it had been blocked. Apparently they need as many of us as possible here on the ground at this time. When I wondered why, I got shown, and heard, over and over again: ’19 to 20.’ As if apparently this is the big time, the most significant year, we HAVE to fight it out now. (Like others here, I got heavily attacked this February, I have had my etheric perception messed with, I am not a happy bunny, but I will stick it out).

    To those who feel like throwing in the towel and checking out (which is totally understandable; hands up anyone here who has never had a screaming ranting tantrum about being abandoned down here in pain, in what feels like a ‘non life’) – do you know *why* it’s so hard? Because so many people did check out! They threw themselves off cliffs, or ended up in psychiatric institutions, or on drugs, or turned to work for the dark. I don’t blame them for not being able to cope with the pressure ….. but like an army with bodies littering the battlefield, it’s meant that the rest of us were left to carry the can. Like others here, I have lost SO MANY people who fell down, went off track, or just left. Every one who checks out, means that the burden is heavier on those of us still here! Imagine having to look down at those still struggling on the earth, and knowing you bailed out. How horrible would you feel? So I personally will not abandon my post.

    • Exactly and very well said Podvig. ❤

      I said many years ago at TRANSITIONS about how there were quadruple the number of Volunteers — Bluerays, Starseeds, Light realm beings, Angelic realm beings etc. — incarnate now because we all knew before we all "Volunteered" to drop Light to incarnate on Earth that many of us would fall by the waysides. There was no shame or guilt about this high probability, just a 1000% knowing that it was a very real possibility for every one of us. Most of my physical blood family members, all who were/are Starseeds, have fallen by the wayside during their incarnations during this incomprehensibly difficult time on Earth in physical bodies. I'm the last Volunteer in my physical family line on both sides which also makes me even more determined to fulfill my many reasons for Volunteering.

      YES, YES and more YES about the ’19 and 20′ message you perceived Podvig. I’ve tried to express just how PROFOUNDLY important 2019 is and that in many ways for many of us Sensitives, Bluerays, Volunteers, Starseeds etc., 2019 is more energetically intense than 2020 will be for everyone else. Typically most of us feel the impact of the NEW higher frequency Light energies, codes, DNA etc. well BEFORE they actually arrive on the physical level, which is why by the time certain things and dates (like the upcoming March 2019 Equinox and others too) arrive it has little to no impact on many of us. We’ve already embodied and Embodied those particular NEW Light energies well before the external physical level date.

      2019 is this in spades for we Sensitives, Volunteers etc. By the time we reach January 2020 — which in old school numerology is 2+2 = 4 and 4 in old school has to do with the material world, manifestations within it and so on. But in this Ascension case 2020 being a 4 energy, it’s happening at and within the NEW Earth which means the NEW material world manifestations will be of NEW Earth and not old lower Earth. Words fail how profound and wonderful 2019 and 2020 actually are.

      Some big physical clues about these profound 2019 to 2020 dying of the old and in with the NEW business is shown by Uranus entering Taurus in a few days and how that will change global consciousness over money, finances, what humans believe is of value and valuable etc. And, the USA presidential elections in 2020, Brexit hitting go in March 2019 and on and on and on as Saturn and Pluto move all year closer and closer to that EXACT conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020. Saturn and Pluto are conjunct all of 2019 which we’re feeling and being effected by too of course but the moment they reach EXACT conjunction which is 22 degrees Capricorn on January 12, 2020, Earth and humanity will hit a wall of Light, move into it and become changed for the better from that point forward. The past negativity and Team Dark etc. etc. etc. crap will be removed fully on the physical level at that point. Sensitives will, as usual, be experiencing this throughout 2019, well BEFORE January 2020. Everybody see all those 2’s and 4 energies but in the NEW Earth world and level? ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Have to agree with Podvig and Denise, thanks for that great conversation. Seems to me that TD is trying to mess with our 3D five senses especially smell, sight and sound. I’ve had a couple of ‘nose-hits’ in the last years and I remember the first came with this sudden smelling of wood burning, which Denise mentioned at TRANSITIONS. The second one came a couple of years ago almost immediately after I started smelling the scent of wild roses in my apartment… then bang… nose gets hit and I have the scars to prove it. And yes, me too, Podvig, in the summer of 2017, I got my invitation to bail out… sudden strength hit me, I kind of fogged over and I was able literally to make it to shore… but I’ve got to admit I was darned tempted to just let go and sink. But here’s what keeps me going… as Denise says:

        “First Contact is with the other Others that in this case are other aspects and Selves of YOU, You and you all getting increasingly re-connected with each other which is going to provide a very NEW and different perspective for all aspects and all Selves.”

        That line, Denise, covers my TRUTH as a Volunteer and an Arcturian Starseed, and because of it I’ll take the hits knowing that soon… literally SOON… as Barbara Hand Clow might say, “The Cosmic Party of the Age of Light begins!” Much love to all here. B.

      • Dear Denise and Podvig
        Again thank you both for your comments… its like I have a team pushing me on!
        A few years Back I had one of my deep visions with an old teacher…I had seen a massive earthquake (which could be transformation ) and was told and felt that I had chosen to stay.
        2020 is a special number to me..the 0’s suggesting divine protection and the 2″ the master builder)22)

        • Hi Denise, In light of the discussion about 2020, I think this is interesting: From the last chapter of Bringers of the Dawn, Chapter 22, The Galactic Tidal Wave of Light: “It is our intention in delivering this final message in chapter 22, the final chapter, to use the vibration of the number 22, a master number….Where it seems as if things have been scrambled, that scrambling has created its own order. This order is being summed up in this final delivery under the stamp of 22.” (pg. 240) They purposely ended the book with chapter 22 and seem to be saying in a read between the lines kind of way that 2020 is it: “chapter 22, the final chapter.” Debbie

        • debbie c,

          I bought every one of those books when they were published but it’s been a long time since I re-read them. I’d forgotten about the 22 chapter thing so thanks for this reminder.

          Yes, between the 22 and the 4 energies at this NEW level for NEW Earth, things are going to be so different. Another reader Commented recently that the EXACT Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on 1-12-2020 happens at 2:22 if I remember correctly.

  • Dear Denise,
    Like many others..I have deep respect for you and the light that you shine.
    I have had many attacks recently…even the swollen left nostril. My back is out of whack, buddha belly etc. Although I have only seen the dark entities a few times, I definitely feel and sense whats going on. It seems to me that many things are unravelling right now, and most are losing the plot! AND I am hopeful our day will come…soon please.

  • You have my deep sympathy, Denise. I’ve seen these things plenty of times, but not as powerfully and clearly as you do. I don’t know how you managed to endure it through all your life, especially when you can’t even ‘talk out’ this kind of stuff to most people, as they either think that, as you said, *you* have the problem, or they go into deep fear, or they flat out refuse to believe it.
    (Did your Mom, in her more lucid days, understand and believe you?)

    You wrote,
    ‘ we glowed in the Darkness that was Earth.’
    Yes, I saw that sometimes! Once, when I was being HAMMERED, at work, at home, everywhere it seemed I attracted unconscious puppets who were just conduits for lower entities, portal people, I felt so dazed and exhausted, every day was spent trying to dodge their attempts to take me out! – (it was around 2007 – 09, when the astral crud was at its worst in my opinion – – I was wondering why I was being so persecuted, and a spirit being at night showed me myself. Out of body and high up above the earth, the being said by way of explanation: ‘Look at you. You’re all lit up like a Christmas tree!’
    We looked down, and I zoomed in on my sleeping body where I lived, and you could see the sparkling white light coming off it, it really stood out! I totally understood then, why I, we, were such targets.

    I too have had the look of pure hatred, from a stranger, who knew who and what I was, and I knew instantly who and what that individual was, too; it was noticed by others around us. Sometimes people say things like, ‘My ex’s new girlfriend hates me’ …. but this was faaaar beyond any human kind of personality hatred. It’s an instant recognition, and it was 24 years ago, but I remember that look of pure hatred vividly even now, it left me shaken for days!

  • I am currently being crushed into the ground by very heavy energies. It is very uncomfortable and I am having trouble breathing. At the same time I keep experiencing a sharp, stabbing pain inbetween the bones of my left foot. I feel very weak. I am a church organist but I just can’t do it anymore: I’m too ill from all this shit. They might leave me alone for a day, but then it’s back to the pressure cooker for more pain. All the happiness in my life has just drained away, and I am filled with horror at the thought that this is now my life. One thought keeps coming round again and again, and it actually fills me with peace and a little happiness. It’s the thought that I can end this insanity by dropping myself off a local railway viaduct and no one else need be involved. I no longer care about the feelings of those I would leave behind because I am in sheer unremitting pain, physically, mentally and emotionally. God is indeed a cosmic sadist, and I have come to realise his indifference to human suffering through this experience at least, and how wrong these silly old men in their dresses are who preach to us about ‘God’s love’ on a Sunday. To be honest, He doesn’t give a flying fuck about my feelings or my pain. I have prayed to be given a rest from these crushing energies, but it’s fell on deaf ears. His little project has put me on anti-depressants twice since 2013, when this shit started, and I am relying on codeine to get through the day. It’s either that or take to my bed. Oh, did I tell you that all this shit has led to periodic episodes of self-harm as well?
    Team Light? Team Dark? Well if it’s true, God is shitting on His own side.

    I’m running out of patience with this. I want out.

    • Paul,

      I and some others have been living this and worse since 1999 and we’re still here doing our best to evolve beyond all this and not kill ourselves or someone else.

      I’m sorry you’re in such pain but this is compressed evolution and it hurts especially when coming from the extreme depths of density and negativity that humanity is. And it’s only going to be incredibly intense from here on out and believe me when I tell you that we all are (and have been) struggling with the now CONSTANT increases in higher and higher frequency evolutionary energies. I keep editing myself so I’ll just end this here and say, suck it up and grow into a higher level of being, awareness and personal responsibility along with the rest of us. Or not.

      • Well said Denise and Paul no-one could fault you for what you have said which is true from your prospective but this great work is too important to stop and you are to important for it to stop and it among stop for you or anyone else whether or not you end your physical life it will still continue and you will continue to be a part of it.

      • Hi Paul,

        The thing that helps me most when I am overwhelmed with pain or grief or having to feel these energies (supremely hateful, violent, and misogynistic “Tourette’s” anyone?) that often throw me into the wall and scream hateful things as I am transmuting them is to remember this is helping humans, animals, the planet, and more.

        An almost harder thing to endure is living with the amount of suffering here; it’s impossible not only to not be aware of it, but to not feel it. So even though I’ve often thought of suicide over a lifetime of this, it would be impossible for me to exit by my own hand when there was still something to be done to assist in cleaning up this mess of atrocities.

        Further, it’s helpful for me to remember that much of what I “feel” (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, dimensionally, etc) is the specific energy pattern I’m transmuting, and will pass once the pattern is neutralized. ALL of it is awful, but passes. Because of how intense it is, I do my best to not take any action, make plans, or talk to anyone while this crap is going on. I’m better at this than I used to be. 🙂

        Another thing that helps is I do not take any of it personally and do my best to not focus on my own “misery”; there are always unlimited beings here suffering much more than I am (“medical” experiments on animals; holocausts; torture; the list goes on). I came here to do this, and I do it.

        As a very inspirational movie (to me) said, “there is good in the world, and it’s worth fighting for,” and “they were elves once” (as Denise quoted awhile back). OK, onward.

      • I have deep compassion and Love for Denise and for Paul. A dear friend of mine – a First Everythinger and Lightworker for decades – has expressed herself similarly to Paul on numerous occasions. She is certain her physical body is shutting down, one system and one organ at a time. She can no longer stand the relentless pain, suffering, and outside interference. She finds herself time and again in situtations from which she must flee. She is fed up with the whole thing, and like Paul, just wants out. Then, suddenly, she is gifted in beautiful ways and embraced by those who understand and “get” her. The whiplash effect continues, yanking her back and forth, which in itself may be exacerbating the physical body discomfort. It has become harder and harder for me to stay close to her — as I am focused on maintaining a balance/neutrality as I go about my own Inner and Outer Work.

        Isn’t one of the core components of Ascension that we can “die” to the 3D world while still retaining our physical bodysuits? Or, we always have the choice of opting out and moving on, so to speak. Blessedly, my AP/EP has been less centered on the physical body than the emotional – though my ascension resume includes an inexplicable rollover car crash and resulting TBI, an online smearing by a dark operative, a cantankerous relationship for over a decade with someone I was certain had been created in an off-planet laboratory so as to be both wildly irresistible and quite successful in keeping my focus off of my Higher Service. Add to that a “psychic rape” (I know no other words to describe it) that shut me down, damaged my marriage, and left me unable for decades to secure myself any semblance of a “living wage.” I have worked diligently (though not always elegantly or comfortably) to accept personal responsibility for these and other circumstances, knowing that at some level that may remain inaccessible, my SELF/Self made choices that I agreed to. Like many here, I frequently ponder, “I volunteered for THIS?? Really??? Survey Says: Yep!

        • Well said rachel and thank you for sharing some of your profoundly difficult and dark experiences so honestly and openly. ❤

          Old cycle Duality is a ****** to transmute to higher Triality — that ‘whiplash effect’ you mentioned — but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. Some days, hours and minutes are far worse than others and sometimes we all need to bitch n’ complain and have ourselves a little Pity Party about it all. Gawd knows I’ve done this many times to get through what I was internally and externally struggling with at the time, but once I’ve gotten through that highlighted transmutation segment it’s back in the Ascension saddle full-force again.

          I Volunteered to do this so feel an obligation to fulfill that for myself, my SELVES (Embodiment) and for ALL else and ALL others. Other people like Paul who’ve earned the right to be physically incarnate on Earth now during this Ascension Process and all that goes with it for deeply complex soul reasons I’m not aware of, typically have a very different take on all this crap and misery, pain and insanity which is completely understandable. That plus ego and how ego perceives all this crap and misery, pain and insanity adds another huge layer to the individuals Ascension Process and their moment to moment perception of it. Ego perceives it all as an unfair, undeserved attack while Higher Awareness knows it as The Only Path and Only Mission now.

  • Thankful to you Denise and everyone else here for sharing. I’ve had my share of seeing dark beings entities and also sensing them in others. It’s not something we can openly talk about to others or they look at us as ‘crazy’..I’ve never fit in with birth family so I’m okay at this point cause I know I was meant to go this mission alone now without them as Ive healed all parts of me it also heals them too even at a so called distance of no contact. You talking about separation of worlds makes so much sense to me now and a lucid dream I had at 11 yrs old (1984) before the Harmonic convergence..I’ve always had deep lucid dreams and mistakenly thought everyone did..this one dream has stuck with me like it was yesterday and never could figure out til you talking about seperation of worlds..In my dream I am running around trying to get everyone I love ready for Christ to return and the time christ was returning was 9:00 pm..and my mom wasnt ready etc my dream jumps to so many people floating up in the air in an open field and I apparently floated up too cause my dream jumps to me being in this so called up place and everyone there is smiling waving and hugging each other and really felt like peaceful heaven. I mentioned this dream to my grandmother back then and she said it was a sign that I was saved..bless her but we know we don’t need to be saved..I feel it was a glimpse to prepare me for the separation of worlds. 9pm..9 representing completion. Floating up representing lighter/crystalline bodies..christ returning representing christ consciousness. 💖

  • Hi Denise. Oh, boy. Just read from the Cats Editors on Schrödinger’s othercat blog, “ready for takeoff” (and others). Reminds me of your reference to taking off like a jet plane full steam down the runway. My feel too w/ the anxiety and anticipation. (In the meantime we’re ” being peppered with wave x energy “.

  • Thank you Denise for sharing with us your experiences of what you see and experience in the astral planes. I cannot see them but can sense when something negative is around usually at work or like you have mentioned in hospitals, doctors surgeries and other public spaces too. I avoid doctors too I much rather use herbs or self treat instead.

    Yesterday, headaches, neck and shoulder pain and stiffness, back and leg ache, nausea and exhaustion, went to bed to lie down at 6.30pm and didn’t get up again till 7.00am the next morning LOL!

    Has anyone else experienced any time anomalies? Last Saturday I awoke at 6.30am, went downstairs and put the kettle on to make tea then switched on my laptop to check my emails. The clock on my laptop said 7.00am and every other clock in my home said 8.00am! I checked again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming or imagining things and sure enough the times were still different, so I went on the internet to check the time in the UK “now” and it said 8.00am so the hose clocks were right the laptop was wrong.
    This has never happened before I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this as well?

    Love and hugs to Denise and everyone else who visits here too. 🙂

    • Ditto another UK time anomaly here this morning Megan, I got up at 8am (by my iphone alarm), but downstairs my kitchen clock said 7am, immediatley thought it very odd that the clock would lose exactely an hour between the time I went to bed and got up and wondered if the digital clocks had gone forward for spring time already – obviously not, so simply pushed the little hand to the 8, expecting it to lose time again by now, but it hasnt (rarely has) if it had been because the clocks batteries were low it wouldn’t be the right time now (which it is to the minute) 10 hours later.

    • Megan & Lynda,

      I’ve had two atomic clocks that have many times displayed the wrong time and oftentimes also the wrong date, sometimes from 1-4 months. I’d wait to see if these atomic clocks would self-correct at midnight and they usually did. But I’ve witnessed one or both of these atomic clocks jump linear time, sometimes by only a couple of hours on the same day but other times by many hours, minutes and months into the future every couple of months for a decade or so. When it first started happening I used to write a journal note about it and the day it happened and what time and date it jumped to but it kept happening over the years so much that I stopped doing it.

      I’ve talked multiple times over the past decade to expect the unexpected and to be prepared for many more anomalies and phenomena etc. to happen at any time. Being 2019 and the Separation of Worlds happening fully now in the physical level, these time anomalies and all sorts of other phenomena should be expected by all of us. Old reality is disintegrating while NEW higher frequency NEW Earth and NEW humans are anchoring into it both internally and externally. Be prepared for anything this year and next everyone. ❤


      Today is February 22 — 222 energies — so this linear time anomaly shouldn’t surprise any of us. That plus there’s more NEW Light at higher levels coming in now and for the next few days, which is prep for the March Equinox coming soon.

      • Denise and Lynda, Thank you for the confirmation that I am still sane and haven’t lost the plot LOL! Things are definitely getting very strange round here! I’m so glad that we can share our experiences here it really does help to keep things in perspective and keeps us grounded as these energies accelerate. Hugs to all from Megan 🙂

  • You’ve got it Michelle

    The rainbow bridge fakes and fluffies exist to navigate our way through to the true reality of the process. Otherwise known as “distraction”.

    Like many of us I had to make my way through and I thought there was something wrong with me. Did not trust my instincts enough, felt guilty and less than. Oh boy did I finally get it though. It’s purpose is to entrap and disempower light-workers.

    The fortune many have made out of evil deeds, while the true and authentic ascensions guides (and there are not many of those) live in to say the least “minimalist circumstances”.

    Quite frankly I too would like to name and shame many of these people but the reality there is we just keep on with the energy work we are doing for higher outcomes anyway. Just be grateful to have arrived at this level of awareness because it is a game changer.

    Denise you are at the “top of the tree with this work” and have waited many years for recognition. So many lifetimes of training for this role. Know you are honored by me.

  • I can’t write much right now as I am getting lambasted again today with some incoming energies causing MAJOR dizziness, nausea, head and ear pressures right now. This is very strong and pronounced energy coming in right now so it’s hard to think clearly. I believe what you write Denise about feeling, seeing, and sensing what you have. My goodness, just think of what the Nazis did or how slaves were treated here in the US and just those two horrid examples alone (and there are many others) show what an insane distorted place this planet has been up until now brimming over with lunatics, weirdos, and maniacs! Of course, the lunatics are still alive and well as we read about situations in the news everyday with people going bezerk and doing the craziest things.

    Maybe this recent buzz about Bundy with the movie/tv series about him plus other high profile cases in the media lately (ie those situations involving the murderous CO males) are this distorted garbage coming up to the surface of the collective consciousness. If it is in someone, it amplifies and now comes raging up to the surface, maybe??? It seems every week or so I read about some male going absolutely bonkers and taking himself and his female partner and sometimes child out, and it is so violent and horrendous in how they carry it out. I think I read somewhere from another ascension teacher something about the Bundy movie and some other similar cases being back in the spotlight lately as part of the final purging and cleansing of this horrible low distorted male energy. I hope that made sense…signing off needing to lay down with this dizziness and head pressure! Anyone else feeling this strong incoming energy today??

    • Most certainly Colleen, it seems if we have a “quiet moment” with these side effects, it’s only about 10-12 hours and we’re hit again and on and on and on. Get horizontal for as long as you need. ❤

  • Denise, of all of the ‘Ascension Teachers’ that I have come across, you are by far the most real. Thank you for being open, honest, and for speaking about the nitty gritty parts others completely disregard. I cannot jive with those who speak only about rainbow bridges and 9D photon light. There is so much more to this than that. It’s an absolute shit show personally and collectively that we are here to clean up and you do a great job of covering it all. Thank you again!

    • “Denise, of all of the ‘Ascension Teachers’ that I have come across, you are by far the most real. Thank you for being open, honest, and for speaking about the nitty gritty parts others completely disregard. I cannot jive with those who speak only about rainbow bridges and 9D photon light. There is so much more to this than that. It’s an absolute shit show personally and collectively that we are here to clean up and you do a great job of covering it all. Thank you again!”

      That means more to me than you can know Michelle, Thank You, deeply. ❤ ❤ ❤

      I've been considering writing a "Part 2" to this article about exactly the things you said in your Comment. It has and still is indeed ‘an absolute shit show personally and collectively’ and in my opinion it only makes it that much worse when this aspect of this universal Ascension Process is not honestly discussed. I’ve never said this dark side needs to be fixated on, chewed on endlessly, cried over, egoistically attached to etc. but it sure as hell needs to be addressed. It’s insane to not look at the biggest reasons why the Volunteers are incarnate now.

      • You are very welcome! I certainly hope that you do write part 2. Knowledge is power and ignorance is not bliss. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge to help empower all of us and gratitude to everyone doing what you do to make this shift possible!

    • Michelle, I was going to write a comment very similar to yours. But yours was so well expressed that I just want to say I totally agree with you, my thoughts exactly. Thank you Denise.

  • God Bless you Denise and all you have and are currently experiencing. I related to much of what all you have shared. This particular week has been very challenging for me as there has been so much planetary purging & clearing it has woken me up in the early hours and having a barrage of fear move through my form for hours. The hardest part is not attaching to all of what goes through, but press on and know and trust it stops as we begin to see clearly through the maze. I’m in total Faith & Trust for 2020 and having this coming to an end. We have all worked for decades through much pain release & doubt clearing for ourselves as well as the collective. Thank you for Your Continuied Strength & Service, we Sincerely Love You & send You our Light & Love Regularly. ✨🙏✨💗✨😇✨Anna j w/Azul

  • Hi Denise,
    First of all, eternal thanks to you for all that you have done / are doing / and are experiencing for all. I for one am very grateful to you, and to the other light warriors who visit here. xoxo!
    I had to chime in to corroborate your plastic surgeon experience, though at the time I had no idea I was here to hold the light (late ’90s), or to be aware of Team Dark and its creepy members. The story is that my boyfriend back then fell asleep driving home from second shift, crashed his car and split his lower lip on the steering wheel. He was quite concerned about having a scar on his lip for some reason. The nurse said Dr Patel the plastic surgeon would be in soon, and he was the best, how lucky my boyfriend (named Michael) was, etc. So I’m sitting to the side, still a bit strung out from getting the call and rushing to the hospital, but generally OK. The doctor comes in and starts stitching up Michael’s lip. In the middle of this, he turns to me and calmly says, “Are you his whore?” My knee jerk reaction was to start to laugh because I thought it was some sort of weird joke, and Michael’s eyes widened, but dear Dr. Patel held my gaze with a very smug look on his face and I realized he was just being a jerk. He knew he had us over a barrel because he was in the middle of stitching up Michael’s lip, so really, was either of us going to challenge him to explain that comment? Then again, I was just too surprised to make head or tail out of why on earth he would say something like that to a complete stranger, under those circumstances. He just sneered and went back to finishing up the stitching. Of course the admiring nurse was not present for this little show.
    I haven’t thought about that episode lately, but when I read your post today — I had an “a ha” moment. On the plus side, he did do an excellent job. His pride won out in Michael’s favor on that score. What a creep though! I wish Yelp was around back then so I could rat out the rat! 😉
    Thanks again for *everything* and for letting me share my experience.
    Lotsa love,

    • “…So I’m sitting to the side, still a bit strung out from getting the call and rushing to the hospital, but generally OK. The doctor comes in and starts stitching up Michael’s lip. In the middle of this, he turns to me and calmly says, “Are you his whore?”…”

      Thank you Laura for sharing your experience with those human Team Dark doctors and their lust for cutting open and sewing up humans, and their incredible hatred of females. This is why Divine Mother/Feminine has been removed, suppressed and horribly distorted so profoundly the thousands of years the negative aliens & co. hijacked Earth and humanity; if they disconnected from Source they absolutely hate the Divine Mother/Feminine creator aspect for ITS ability to create etc.

      You handled that insane moment very well as did Michael it sounds. Thanks again for sharing this with us all. ❤

  • Hi Denise, how are you holding up? I sincerely hope you’re on the mend. I’ve got a question regarding moon and Saturn; what happened to the off-planet slaves, have they been freed? Are the extra attacks on us Earthers because the food source over there are gone?

    I’ve got a head cold (which I never get), head pressures, skin eruptions, backache, heart palpitations, feet and lower limbs numb and tingly…,which I suspect will continue due to our direct alignment with galactic central sun, not because of TD (well, not all of it).

    I’ve been sensing that time is doing strange things. I feel as if I’m in and out of “time” constantly, it stops, fast forwards and sometimes there is no “time”. Every time it does that (which is frequent), it feels as if I’ve stepped out of and into another timeline/dimension. The word “merging” comes to mind.

    Also my dreams are not my own, I suspect they are from me(s) from other dimensions and past lives. It’s hella confusing right now, all I can do is go with it and ask my higher self to guide me through this and connect me to Source.

    I’m glad I don’t have clairvoyance as you do, I don’t know how I could go on seeing hell on earth all the time. You’re so so strong, God bless you and God has blessed you and us for giving you to us. Thank you.

    • “Hi Denise, how are you holding up? I sincerely hope you’re on the mend. I’ve got a question regarding moon and Saturn; what happened to the off-planet slaves, have they been freed? Are the extra attacks on us Earthers because the food source over there are gone?”

      Jain Lee,

      The worst of the worst of my nostril attack wound has drained the pus so the swelling is down finally. Gawd… 🙄

      I’ve never had Ascension related Work that dealt with other humans that have been living on other planets, moons etc. I’ve dealt mainly with removing those who kidnapped them in the first place and other Light Teams have dealt with the numerous other aspects of this situation. Because the remainder of Team Dark aliens and other entities (their labor force) that have existed below the surface of the Moon were completely energetically cleared with the January 20, 2019 Lunar eclipse last month. That one change produced many, many other positive changes on Earth and in humanity. The water on Earth was freed from those old negative Lunar energies and NEW higher frequency organic codes/energies have replaced them. This too is reflected in the water within our physical bodies so this is another very big positive release from the old Team Dark distorted past.

      I suspect that the human slaves that were taken to other locations were assisted by other Team Light humans and positive ETs, Galactics and Angelics etc. before the Lunar eclipse energy changes happened last month. There always have been so many human Team Light Volunteers Working so many different aspects and layers of the entire Universal Ascension Process because it has been and still is that vast and complex. Everything is changing for the better now and everyone everywhere has been and is very busy with their specific evolutionary Mission Work on multiple dimensions, timelines although that’s been greatly reduced a few years ago (that was and is another of my personal jobs as it has been for many of us), planets and much more.

      Many are being attacked again now because 2019 is the end of the end of the old everything basically. By January 2020 when the EXACT degree Saturn Pluto conjunction happens physically, the old distorted systems and energies etc. will be fully, completely and permanently gone energetically from Earth and much more. January 2020, and all of 2020, is the aftereffect of what’s been happening via Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn — the total dismantling of old patriarchal Team Dark physical reality of the past. Once the EXACT conjunction happens in January 2020, it’s all done and gone. Point is that there’s more negative attacks happening now because it’s known by all that this ultimate cutoff point (January 2020) is only months away and what’s left of Team Dark in all it’s forms and levels, is fighting their final fight to survive and they’re lashing out at those who are causing their loss of power, control, loss of food and fuel supplies (humanity) and so on. 2019 is THE final act for Team Dark and old lower Earth and they know it which makes this year more wild than 2020 will be!

      • Thanks for clarifying Denise. Why don’t the TD just give up and know when they’re done? Cuz they. ARE. DONE! Love you 😍

      • ” Point is that there’s more negative attacks happening now because it’s known by all that this ultimate cutoff point (January 2020) is only months away and what’s left of Team Dark in all it’s forms and levels, is fighting their final fight to survive and they’re lashing out at those who are causing their loss of power, control, loss of food and fuel supplies (humanity) and so on. 2019 is THE final act for Team Dark and old lower Earth and they know it which makes this year more wild than 2020 will be!”

        Yes, how true Denise.The past weeks visuals of grotesque forms come especially when one is reeling/trying to survive through those intense energy surges. They have even resorted to threats which I have not been subjected to except in those few times on the astral realm. Some three weeks ago — again i was in bed feeling ill from dizziness, nausea, pains everywhere etc- so my frequency must have dropped. Then came this ominous-sounding voice from my left side — “we come to take you”. This kind of blatant attack has never happened this way. And to be addressed by my earthly first name was a first…. Fear came but thankfully it was only fleeting as I did what I knew I had to do in a situation like this.

        Apparently this is also the time when many trapped souls seek help to go to the light and they know who to approach? i was with two spiritual kindreds (with highly activated gifts) in a cafe just the other day (feb 20), we were having a lovely time comparing notes of our experiences/intels. One of them suddenly stopped talking — there are beings wanting to communicate. there’s many of them, she says. Both were reluctant to do the communication. They said the presences were very strong so I had to do it. There, in the bright light of that afternoon in the middle of our cozy cafe, me in my business attire having just come from a meeting — i with my two kindreds pooled together our forces, and from what i understood intuitively about what we did — the help extended was to get the trapped beings to a frequency level where they were enabled to and could make a choice whether or not to go to the Light/Source..My friend (the one was first contacted) explained later that the beings were apparently trapped for some billion years ago in the darkness of the core or middle (?) earth.. What we need/have to do at various levels! And often without a how-to-manual to boot like in this case, and understanding at the conscious level of what was going on.. Only trusting and keeping faith in the GOD-SELF/I AM/ONE.

        Yesterday was a hard hit — severe stomach pains, nausea, migraine.. thank goddess for the respite of sleep..

        Some years back while I was going through really debilitating symptoms and I felt like I was dying (and wished a number of times that I had died) I asked my Upstairs Team, what if I had given up then? No we know you wont give up, I was confidently told. Time and again, I would be assured that I had been prepared, been chosen for, and had chosen to assume certain roles at this crucial time — which is why you are where you are and you are who you are, I would be reminded. Indeed, all of us who hold the light through the harrowing exacting embodiment/transmutation/Missions.we have to do on many levels, we hang on, we continue to hold the frequency high, higher, and higher. So yes! We have prepared Our Selves well for this time which is why we are here – Being and Living the New amidst the stench, decay, insanity,and chaos of the dissolving old. Kudos and Love to you Denise and All. We are doing IT!


    • Jain Lee
      I have the same symptoms as you at the moment. Throat and tongue are swollen also. Slept this afternoon which is a very rare thing for me. Heat packs on legs for numbness and tingling to improve circulation as not a pleasant feeling. It gives relief or disguises it for awhile.

      The weather is very strange and eerie outside highlighting the shifts and changes occurring.

      Feeling every bit of this shift.

      • Hi Lyn, the symptoms seem to subside one day, only to flare up the next. Or if the backache eases, the headache is full on, or other such combo. I’ve been really upping my chlorophyll intake as well as lemon/honey/cinnamon tea. But really, I don’t know if they’re helping, haha.
        I’ve also been drinking a ton of water. Also, feel a constant need to be near water, so am always in bathroom or the kitchen. Not for any reason, just to be in there., it’s comforting.

        Also, if you want to try the tea, go right ahead but if you’ve got high blood pressure then omit the cinnamon. It’s really delicious!

        “Feeling every bit of this shift.”

        Yeah, you ain’t kidding! I hope you feel better soon, I’m rooting for you! Ha, and me too.

  • Dear Denise, thank you so much! Diving into your experiences, so openly shared with us….this alone feels kind of a celebration … feeling resonance is empowering too.
    Morning of 16th, my birthday, I heard somebody playing a melody with a trumpet and I just couldn’t remember the name of the so familiar song… in the evening I got a message by youtube on my handy and that was it: “The Sound of Silence”: “Hello Darkness, my old friend. I have come to talk with you again…” – a synchronistic message in this time.
    Love, Silvia

  • Denise, thank you so much for this! I am one who has been reluctant to embrace the idea of “Team Dark” – placing it into the category of wounded human beings living out their fears. But like you, I have had physical and visceral encounters with PURE EVIL which goes beyond mere human woundedness. I’ve seen both – humans who are wounded and therefore vulnerable to “team dark” energies. And I’ve seen pure evil. Only yesterday I shared a lesson on my site called “Beware of Witch Collectors” – those succubi who go after women of inner spiritual power/light and feed off of them. Your words here say it all: “When you denounce Source you create a situation where you have to parasite from other living beings—like humanity—to sustain yourself because you’ve intentionally disconnected from Divine Source and those natural life-sustaining energies.” These words perfectly describe the arrogant evil I have encountered. Thank you Denise!

  • Hi Denise, thank you for sharing your experiences. I appreciate it a lot. What you speak of, I have also seen and experienced since a child, so many experiences. I’ve seen many different forms of team dark, actually got to trick one (because of the nightly attacks, and I was fed up) into thinking I was open in my sleep… and was able to grab onto it. I’ve also seen one of them, a horrible huge ‘thing’ with countless tentacles, that was manifested via the perpetrators of child sexual abuse, and helped, with a group of others in DreamTime, to not only remove the tentacle that was still attached to me (which burned a bit when it came off, and I woke up to it still feeling that burn), but to also get it to go into some sort of ‘portal’ that it did not want to go into. Oh boy… what a ride this life cycle is. its so good to find another whom is not afraid to speak of these things. Much Love to YOU/You/you xxxxx

  • Thank you so, so much for this Denise 🦄🌟💗💓 I am very grateful to you. I am also glad, like Lisa said, that I cannot ‘see’ all this stuff, as I would have run away screaming. It all sounds extremely traumatic! Bless you! 💓
    So much of what you say makes sense, about the puppeteers! That is what I have intuitively felt about some of my encounters with colleagues and dealing with doctors for my own personal medical stuff. Gave me shivers to read that. It’s so interesting about the bites: I often come home from work with tiny bites on various body parts. How revolting. Yuk! I seriously need to change careers! 😅 something that I have noticed since reading one of your previous articles about certain buildings only being dimly lit, is that the building I work in has areas that look like the lights have gone out, and there is plenty of physical filth in the building. It’s traumatic even going to the bathroom there… I’m having to do lots of extra work there for financial reasons, so I am stepping up my etheric cleansing before and after work, but it is so draining.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and you are so brave Denise. How you have managed to stay so sane after experiencing all this is amazing. I hope your mum is doing OK these days too. I love you so much! 💗 xxxx

  • This was quite interesting to read, I am intrigued and want to read more.

    I also love how you name modern medicine as patriarchy. I always felt overpowered with male health workers (including dentists), and will seek out female ones when I have the opportunity to do so.
    And all of this makes me wonder, what really did happen to me on that operating table?

    • “This was quite interesting to read, I am intrigued and want to read more.”


      I covered some of my other negative — and positive — experiences in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010). You can see my books in the header bar at the top if interested. I’ve also written about the Dark side of the Ascension Process at my first site TRANSITIONS if you’d like to read more about this topic. Here’s a link to TRANSITIONS but specifically the Category about this topic with all of the articles in it.

      “I also love how you name modern medicine as patriarchy.”

      That wasn’t any special genius on my part as the entire Earth has been run by the global patriarchy for many thousands of year, meaning EVERYTHING has been patriarchal! That however has ended, expired and is disappearing this year and next. 😀

  • Hi Denise

    As you know from my previous comments I have been up against the dark all my life. In some ways it has seemed I was so in it there was nothing else. Except some intuition and vision that this was not it, there was a way. And to fight back.
    Last year you gave me some advice with regards to my nan who when she died had an entity that was looking for a new home.
    That attack lasted several weeks. But I am still here. The interesting thing is she had it for the entirety of my knowing her (46 years). I had got to the point when I visited (I was the only family who bothered regularly) I would sit next to her so I did not make eye contact. Because it was not her I was seeing. When she died it was awful. She was in a lot of pain but I knew she was being tormented and I did not know what to do. She did not go to a good place. Before she died- a few weeks before we had a conversation about dying. I told her to look for the light. She said “I don’t want that light”. It was confirmation to me of what I was really dealing with. I have some inkling of the hell you have seen. But thank goodness not so graphic.

    You are spot on about the entities though. I had a psychic attack about 10 years ago from a girl at a group I attended for psychic development (!!) she had an entity that targeted me and two friends of mine. It talked to me and tried to gain access. I had a week where I could not sleep. It was in my room waiting for my guard to go down and tried to get in my crown chakra. I have never prayed so much. It passed eventually. The girl ended up in a mental hospital for a spell. And the lady who ran the group….. Didn’t want to know. She did not help her. She just wanted to cover her own a***. I was appalled. The group was never the same after that for me. I could not understand how anyone could run a group and not be willing to acknowledge what we were really up against.

    Love and light to you. I appreciate you writing about things that are not palatable.

    Last week I had a night of nightmares. Fortunately I recognise where they come from and wake myself up. This was after another breakthrough. I just don’t want my energy being disturbed by that crap anymore (easier said than done)

    Thanks for reading this
    Love to you
    Magda xxxxxxx

    • Magda, Your gran not wanting to go to “that” light might not be such a bad thing. I have learned that there is a soul catcher technology operated by team dark which operates as a false light portal to trick newly departed souls into thinking they are going to heaven when really they are not. If the soul is tricked and enters this false light portal their souls are sent into a holding area their memories are wiped and then they are immediately forced to reincarnate again. So maybe on some level your gran was aware of this and that was what she was referring to.

  • Thank you Denise

    Yes I had pictured the state of our healthcare system as you described. You sense the evil and dense energies on entering hospitals, nursing homes, doctors surgeries etc. Places where egos and ignorance flourish so no wonder we have this outcome.

    I have instinctively avoided them since childhood. Same yikky energy as churches and temples for me.

    Head pressures, fatigue and flat on my back dealing with the current energies which is not fun but means more progress.


  • Dear Denise,

    You don’t know what you don’t know until you know. So thank you. Your explanation is so clear, sussinct and spot on of why team dark attacks the light. I have often felt less than for not being able to “see, hear, know”, but after your descriptions of what you see, hear, know, I’m relieved this is not a part of my contract. There are positives and negatives to each thing, and I believe I’ve had a strong light. Had many life challenges that are possible (probable) attacks from team dark. But not being able to decipher or see it directly, I just keep plodding on, trying to live a life well lived.

    My heart goes out to you for the things you’ve seen that we all no doubt experience but some of us cannot explain or fathom. Thank you for the visual. I’m grateful for my team that keeps me protected even during attacks (as I recently shared we had a housefire and no alarms went off, but amazingly my sound sleeping husband awoke and we five made it out safely.)

    Just keep moving forward in the light and together we will change the world. Much love and blessings.

  • Denise, Dear Sister, As others have said in the past, I “felt” this article coming from you today. I’ll always be EXTREMELY grateful for you pointing out to me years ago that I wasn’t “attracting” attacks to me because of something I was doing wrong or not doing right. It truly was an eye-opener ~ your explanation was the only thing that made sense and I found it not scary, but EMPOWERING. So thank you yet again.

    It was enthralling (and extremely creepy!) to read of your experiences in doctors offices, hospitals, and nursing homes (and also clearly explains why I’ve always steered clear, even so far to have homebirths). My husband visited many nursing home facilities for his mother this past fall after his dad died and felt the vibe you clearly describe here. He couldn’t get over the low energy of each place and knew this was no solution for his mother (he has since found a good senior living place for her instead). It also took him a bit just to regroup from checking these places out.

    Also, I’m wanting to send LOVE and commiseration from your latest incident. As my hand still recovers from a break I sustained after falling on some stairs (in a moment of elated Christ Consciousness, mind you!) I truly appreciated your words here: “Much more of this to come so be open, flexible, empowered even when flat on your back recuperating from whatever wherever, and know that this is just a small beginning of our NEW lives lived in these NEW higher unified ways.” As always, your candid share and authenticity is BETTER than what any doctor could have ordered. 😉


    • ❤ Gratitude hugs Kate. Thanks also for sharing what your husband felt and how he needed to recuperate after researching in those dense negative nursing homes. I always find it interesting to hear what others have experienced with these types of lower energies. I'm glad he found a better place for her and for all of you. I hope your hand is healing quickly too. What a wild ride it all is.

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