2013 Revised Edition of THE TEMPLE OF MASTER HOTEI

Update icon  August 7, 2013

Despite the absolute worst ever, seemingly unending, most excruciating, agonizing super slow-motion June/July Mercury retrograde from hell — combined with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all retrograde in July 2013 too — I’m happy to announce that the 2013 revised edition of The Temple of Master Hotei: A Unique Past Life Memory is finally on the market.

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My reason for paying for and putting myself and others through this 2013 book revision project was because I desperately wanted a new cover on this book, plus I wanted to make minor changes to the interior formatting such as chapter titles, their positions, paragraph spacing and other such formatting aesthetics — not make changes to the story itself. Because I’ve never been happy with this book’s original 2008 green cover (it was the best I could do at that time), during the late winter months I discussed with my artist sister about her painting new front and back book covers for me. We both believed that I could complete the interior revisions, and she the new covers by the start of summer of 2013, so off to work we went. I completed my work on the interior revisions of the book by my self-imposed deadline, as did my sister Yasmeen Harper with the two wonderful illustrations for the new front and back covers, as was the book designer with his part of the work on June 20, 2013. There were however other screw-ups and delays that I’ve had to watch play out at their own snail’s pace.

Aside from all that’s involved with any book project such as this, a totally unexpected higher dimensional surprise happened with it during late May and early June 2013. That surprise was some higher dimensional information suddenly came in from three ancient and beloved old friends and Soul family members who each had a little something they wanted included in this revised edition of The Temple of Master Hotei. I had no earlier sense, no feelings, no impressions or higher perceptions that this was going to happen with my 2013 book revision. I believed—there’s the joke—that this 2013 book revision was about what I wanted to improve in it, but I discovered in late May and early June that some higher dimensional Others had very specific information each of them wanted me to add to the second half of the book’s Introduction. Just when you think you know what you’re doing and why, the larger picture comes into better quantum focus via higher dimensional reminders from three higher dimensional friends for both myself and the book’s readers. You gotta love how They timed this one!

No one was more surprised by this unexpected addition of information from three Higher Dimensional Beings than me. I had no intention of revising the book’s Introduction, however Master Hotei, Divine Consciousness, and lastly my old 5D male Pleiadean friend had very specific and highly interesting tidbits of information that each of them insisted be added to the end of my original Introduction. Like I said, I was totally unaware that they would come in like this with small but important information (for me all three messages were reminders of things I already knew but hadn’t even thought about adding to this book) they clearly wanted added to the revised Introduction of The Temple of Master Hotei. I was ever so happy to have all three of them show up like they did and when they did to remind me of a few things that needed to be better understood by me during the Second and Third Trimesters of 2013, and by more people now. I won’t spoil their information added to the book’s Introduction here, but I had to share that each of these three higher dimensional Beings and Group Consciousness came through to me individually over about a two and a half week period between the end of May and the first ten days of June 2013, with very specific current life and time Ascension related information for us all.

I’m doing this book revision project step-by-step because each type of formatting costs me money to do, but I wanted those of you who’d rather buy the book for your Kindle or Nook or iPad, iPhone or iPod to know that it’s now available in those formats too.

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The 2013 revised edition of The Temple of Master Hotei  is now available in Paperback and Ebook formats at all storefronts or can be ordered from them.

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Thanks so very much everyone and enjoy.  ❤

Denise Le Fay

July 25, 2013

37 thoughts on “2013 Revised Edition of THE TEMPLE OF MASTER HOTEI

  • Dear Denise
    I am always in awe of your capability of remembering your past lives so vividly, so elaboratively that you could write an entire book on this. Would you share any particular meditation technique/s with the readers to access one’s past lives the way you do? Can anyone acquire special gifted ability which perhaps you have naturally. The thing is I am also very keen to delve deep in my past lives the way you do. I have been reading your blog for more than four years now and many of your ascension symptoms and occurances match with mine almost at the same time when they happen with you which gives approval and validation to mine though I am exactly twenty years younger to you. It’s my keen desire to follow your methodology to access my own past lives. May be others like me are not as naturally gifted and talent as you in this area. would you please help us some way in accessing our past lives? Best regards, Revital71

  • Hi Denise,

    I just kind of stumbled across your WONDERFULLY HELPFUL blog a few days ago and have been completely absorbing all your posts about 2013. I’ve been “ascending” now since 2006,and oh my, what a long strange trip it has been! I’ve had many of the same difficult symptoms that you and others have reported, but also some INCREDIBLE positive changes have occurred as well. My worst symptoms are having experienced a DEEP sense of lonliness in living in a world in which I don’t relate, and that holds very little interest to me. I can become PROFOUNDLY world weary! As time has progressed, I can feel an overwhelming sense of homesickness as well as an intense desire to leave the planet as if I’m a foreigner to this place. I feel so sad to be here at times, and that so many here are sick, and just want to stay in my peaceful oasis of a home. These feelings have been the worst of my ascension symptoms.

    I’ve also experienced some astounding positive transformations. Here are some of the more remarkable ones:

    I feel an incredible grounding energy running through my legs that literally pulls me into Earth. My footsteps become firm and steady when walking, and I experience ZERO fear.
    Energy comes in through the top of my head, and it feels at times like invisible surgery being performed on my brain.
    With the head energy activity, my communication skills and intelligence have DRAMATICALLY improved. I am able to speak extremely fluently and concisely. My vocabulary has greatly improved, and I receive ideas quickly and communicate them effortlessly. At times, people listen intensely to me.
    There are times when I seem to have some sort of masculine energy presence like a warrior or something similar that merges with me. People become very submissive and at times even nervous when this essence is present IN me. I feel ZERO fear when merged with this energy. It is a strong but benevolent energy that discerns BS, and people immediately sense this.
    There have been a handful of times when I am vibrating with extremely high consciousness, and my eyes have a healing effect on people. During these times, people will lock eyes with me and they seem transfixed. There seems to be an intense love and compassion exchange energetically. When I am in this state, people OFTEN comment that I have beautiful eyes, and some will start talking to me and sharing their problems. My eye doctor looked in my eyes during an exam, and started crying a few years ago. It was absolutely surreal and took place following an intense period of healing and “upgrade” for me. A few days before, I saw a silvery energy cord above my head for several minutes with a frightening blurry spot in my left eye that lasted for a few hours with a debilitating headache that followed.
    There are times when I am buzzing with Lightness! I now understand the scripture “the Kingdom of heaven is within.” The 3D realm seems so dull and tiring compared to being in this LIGHT state of higher perception!

    I also was astounded when I read your post about the 9 month extension period. Back in late November, I felt energetically seeded (as in energetically being made love to!) and intuited at the time that it was an energetic pregnancy of sorts. This summer has been marked by PROFOUND exhaustion, but that has recently subsided a bit.

    Denise, I feel that I am S L O W L Y moving towards integrating and holding more and more of these higher energies with the accompanying energetic “upgrades.” A dream a few years ago indicated that my eye energy will be of service in healing others. At times, I find it SO incredibly hard to ascend higher and higher, but than still have to deal in the lower 3D realm. Like all of you, I so look forward to being able to hold the higher energies ALL/MOST of the time and being able to help others to do the same!

    I’m so sorry for posting off topic 😦 I just wanted to write you and didn’t know where else to post. Your blog has been a godsend to me on the heels of a very DIFFICULT last several months. So much of what you have written has helped me to make sense of what has been happening in 2013. I was literally pleading with Spirit to send me some help in my dark hour last week, and along came your blog with some accompanying wonderful Light energies in my body this week.

    Thank you Denise and congratulations on finishing your book!!

  • Thanks for the update Denise, have now downloaded the new version onto my ipad and have started reading ………. I will post a review when I’ve finished the book. I feel so blessed to be able to read a book this way, paperbacks being too heavy and unwieldy in my ageing, crooked hands 😕 I have an adjustable stand/case which sits nicely on my duvet 😆 ……..back to the book 👀 💞

    Much appreciation and hugs 💫

    • Hope,

      I’ve had to quickly get up to speed with what all these e-readers/tablet devices are and so forth because I work from a desktop and didn’t have a clue. But I’m really glad I’ve been able to get The Temple of Master Hotei formatted for ALL e-readers/tablets etc. so anyone can read the book on the device that best suits them. 🙂 I love paperbacks but my hands get achy from holding them while reading too. I may eventually have to buy one of these Kindle things and figure out how it all works. 😉

      Looking forward to your Book Review. ♥
      Gratitude Hug,

  • Hi Denise,
    Just wanted to say that your new cover of the book is v v cute but i also must add that i had found the earlier jade green version very enchanting. Goodluck !

  • Dear Denise,
    I apologize as a don’t know what category to put this question.
    You have written about having experienced your prior and/or parallel lives. What is the nature of that experience. Do you “remember” or do you have a “now” experience within that other body/existence?
    Last night I merged into another body. While it was an amazing experience, I was frightened that I might not get back. I believe that fear made me come back. (I hope I’m making sense.)
    What happened there? Could you please comment.

    Thank you,

    • “You have written about having experienced your prior and/or parallel lives. What is the nature of that experience. Do you “remember” or do you have a “now” experience within that other body/existence?
      Last night I merged into another body. While it was an amazing experience, I was frightened that I might not get back. I believe that fear made me come back. (I hope I’m making sense.)
      What happened there? Could you please comment.”


      To better grasp this topic and many others connected to expanding consciousness, people must allow their thinking patterns, their minds, their habitual way of looking at “reality” in a strictly LINEAR way and also in a strictly DUALISTIC way and evolve into much, much more than that. This is, and will continue to be for a very long time, one of the NEW tools of perception and the NEW “reality” things that most people are/will be having to get familiar with. It’s actually really easy once one has relinquished the death grip on Dualistic thinking.

      Dualistic thinking or consciousness is always an either/or sort of thing. People think that something is all this way… or they think it’s all that way. They think in black/white sort of dualized extremes, which was what the old 3D physical frequency range used to be, but due to the Ascension Process, people are evolving beyond that very narrow band of frequency and consciousness range and beginning to now experience growing Spherical Consciousness or Quantum Consciousness instead of the old 3D Duality Consciousness. Because this is one of the big NEW and very important topics, I’m going to be writing about it a lot now that we’re in 2013.

      Back to your questions. I, Denise, have “remembered” some of my “past” lives. I have also shifted “my” perspective and “time jumped or timeline jumped” so that my Denise awareness in this timeline and life became an observer to the other personality that lived in whatever “past” life I was viewing and feeling etc. I’ve also stepped completely into one of my “past” life selves or more correctly, my Denise sense of “self” disappeared for a while and I was wholly one of my “past” life selves with Denise simply not in my field of awareness for a while. I’ve also perceived Denise and many of my other “past” life selves from a higher perspective where it seemed that I was simply viewing a larger field of all of the different aspects that have incarnated into earthy physicality across physical time.

      So you see, none of this has to do with an either/or or black/white Duality consciousness in LINEAR time, but with Spherical or Quantum Consciousness that exists outside of linear time and space. It exists in the Eternal Now Moment and I’m increasingly (especially since entering 2013) now perceiving more often from what I call Spherical Consciousness in quantum time.

      Let’s use this analogy: you have 800 channels on your TV and all 800 of them are playing simultaneously. The 800 channels represent 800 other timelines, 800 other “past” lives and/or parallel lives and/or current lives and/or future lives. Point is that they’re quantum and are playing simultaneously and continuously. The TV channel with the movie or program that you’re currently watching now represents this version of “you” in this timeline in this current “life” or incarnation. But, as we evolve, we’re increasingly able to perceive more and more of those other channels playing on the TV constantly. Because we’re evolving, our consciousness and central nervous system and Rewired Brain halves and our current sense of Self etc. etc. is more capable of coping with, of handling, of pulling in more of those other “channels” with their other programs (your other “past” lives and selves) and not become imbalanced or lost or threatened etc.

      What’s actually happening is that our sense of self is evolving and able to consciously incorporate more of the other aspects or other “selves” of our Greater Self that are incarnate across time on physical earth in THIS body and personality in THIS Ascension timeline. (Gawd this is so much more complex than this due to the Ascension Process!) It sounds to me like you experienced one of your “past” lives briefly and you did it from the perspective of that other self and in that other or “past” life body in its timeline. And then what happened? “You”, the really tricky part is defining what “you” actually is! 😉 returned to this current life and Gerry body and personality in this timeline. You changed TV channels for a brief few moments is all. 🙂 There’s so much more beyond this first step so relax and get used to your sense of “self” and “time” and “reality” shifting, tweaking, relaxing, bleeding through, and perceiving multiple “lives” and “selves” in multiple “timelines” all at once from a larger, higher, expanded space of awareness/consciousness.

      You don’t need to worry about getting lost or getting stuck in another “past” life body and time because “time” simply doesn’t exist the way we believe it does in 3D. It’s much more complex and flexible and we’re just starting to evolve into being able to better understand and experience all this and more. A person can shift into an “altered state” of higher awareness and from their perspective tons and tons of “time” passes, but, from someone else’s perspective that’s in so-called “normal” consciousness it only seems to them like a few seconds of time have passed. I’ve experienced this so many times over the decades so I know that “time” simply doesn’t exit outside of 3D like it does IN 3D.

      In May and June 2013 when those Three Higher Beings came through and wanted me to add a few things to my Introduction in The Temple of Master Hotei, I also perceived a big chunk of Higher Awareness about “past” lives and “linear time” in about three seconds perceived an entire book about this topic that I could write next. 😯 Because my consciousness is expanding around my sense of self and linear time into increasing Spherical Consciousness in quantum time, it makes sense that that’s what I’m perceiving now in 2013 so far.

      Hope this helps and know that this is very normal for what and where we are now in the Ascension Process.

  • Congratulations Denise! At last! Your journey with this edition reminds us of a protracted birth where you think you will never come to the end of it. (Sounds a bit like Ascension, doens’t it?) We imagine you feel like a huge weight has been lifted and now you can concentrate on the next project. The new cover is absolutely adorable! We are looking forward to reading this wonderful book. Love and hugs from Downunder

    • Callista & Will,

      It’s so great to see and feel you both here at TRANSITIONS. Thanks so much for popping in here like this.

      Doing this book revision now in 2013 was indeed a protracted birthing process at multiple levels but it finally burst through fully and anchored into physicality on July 25-26, 2013 and I certainly do feel greatly relieved. There’s so much more going on behind this little book than what me or anyone else who reads it would guess! But I did what I set out to do, plus a few higher dimensional friends and family came in too to add what they wanted included in 2013 which was just wonderful. When this happened with the three of them, I became aware that there’s much more unfolding with this now that we’re on the other side of 12-21-12, and that we all have our parts to play in it over time. Exciting NEW ‘next project’ stuff indeed! 😀

      Thanks again Callista and Will for popping in here, and thanks also for all of the very helpful information that you two bring to the rest of us from Cosmic Awareness. ♥ ♥ ♥

      Gratitude ♥ Hugs,

  • Hi, Denise. Congratulations on the new edition! For some reason I always felt I should hold off on buying the book. When you announced that you were revising it I knew why. 🙂 I ordered it this afternoon. It will be shipped on Monday, and I should have it by the end of next week at the latest. I’ll definitely write a review for you. Again, congrats!! Heart hugs!

  • I just ordered this and am super excited to read it. I love the new cover as well. Thanks for letting us know it is now available!


    • I am so bummed! I got the book this evening, and it was the original version. (Not that the original book is disappointing, I don’t want that to come across the wrong way!) I was so looking forward to reading the new part. I have been trying to deal with some rather severe carpal tunnel which just came suddenly this past week. (I have never had it before, except mild tingling when I was pregnant.) I was excited when I saw the UPS guy come, eager to jump right in. All I can say is Phooey! I am going to re-order it now. I hope no one else is experiencing interference in getting the book. (I know you had a lot of interference on your end, getting it out.) In the meantime, I am going to enjoy reading the original.
      Mary L.

      • “I am so bummed! I got the book this evening, and it was the original version. (Not that the original book is disappointing, I don’t want that to come across the wrong way!) I was so looking forward to reading the new part. I have been trying to deal with some rather severe carpal tunnel which just came suddenly this past week. (I have never had it before, except mild tingling when I was pregnant.) I was excited when I saw the UPS guy come, eager to jump right in. All I can say is Phooey! I am going to re-order it now. I hope no one else is experiencing interference in getting the book. (I know you had a lot of interference on your end, getting it out.) In the meantime, I am going to enjoy reading the original.
        Mary L.”


        *&@#% *&^%$’s this really pisses me off! This is exactly why I wrote that post about how this book would be available soon but to wait until it was on the market with the new cover etc. I was worried that this might happen and I so did NOT want anyone to experience this. I am very sorry Mary L. Where did you buy the book? If it was Booklocker.com –my publisher– I’d let them know about it because like some of us were talking in Comments under The Compressed Zone article, some people are loosing it now in 2013. One of the people at my publishing company has seemingly lost it and did some things with my book revision project that caused huge delays and screw ups etc. I let her know that I wasn’t happy with it all considering I’m paying her/the publishing company and she attacked me! The world is going mad and falling apart.

        I waited and waited and waited so I’d be absolutely sure that the NEW Revised Edition of Hotei would be the version on the market and this still happened. Again, I’m very sorry Mary L. that you too have been affected by this. If it’s any consolation, I’ve put close to a couple thousand dollars into self publishing this one book and making these changes to it, and I’ll be lucky to break even on it at some point in the future! 😆 However, I know that there’s more going on underneath all this and I know it has to do with the NEW manifesting after the Expiration Date of 12-21-12, so it’s a win despite the interference, delays, and additional monetary costs. ♥ 😉 You will enjoy and benefit from the Revised Edition and its higher energies Mary L. 🙂

        Gratitude Hug,

        • Oh, Denise, you do NOT need to apologize at all! I know this was not your fault! I bought it from Amazon.

          Thanks so much for going through all of this to get this new version to us. I know it will help me. I can feel your energy in your comment, and it gave me a little boost! 🙂

          Big Heart Hugs,
          Mary L.

        • Denise, I looked on Amazon.co.uk to check out their info on the new revised edition, they are showing the new cover but advertising the publishing date as 10 October 2008. Lower down the page there is a question – “did we miss any relevant features for this book” , I took the liberty of informing them that it is a newly revised edition for 2013 – hope they update their info accordingly. Are they trying to dispose of old stock by not changing the new publishing date ? ……..hmm 😕

        • Hope,

          Thanks so much for doing that with Amazon. ♥

          My books are what’s called POD books – Print On Demand which means the printer has the manuscript and whenever a paperback book order comes in from anywhere, they print the book at that time. If only one book is ordered, they print only one, if ten are ordered from different places, they print ten copies at that time. Because of my paperback books being POD books, I think it was just another retrograde screw up. As soon as my revised edition was the ONLY manuscript the printer had, then there could be no chance of this mistake happening.

          Thanks again for your help. ♥
          Gratitude Hug,

  • Hip, hip horray! I have waited and now I can purchase. I loved the teaser sooo . . . much and could hardly wait . . . Happiness and blessing dear Denise! Thank you for all of your hard and loving work for us to receive this beauty.
    Cj In Gratitude

  • Congratulations dear Denise! I love the cover and the lighthearted opennes and sincerity that emanates from the new design of your book. Absolutely lovely!

  • Thank you so much! Your path is much appreciated and welcomed. I’ m glad we have joined together at this time.

  • Hi Denise,

    Congratulations on your revised edition. I myself have worked in book publishing–editorial in various capacities for over 20 years, and am always thrilled when a great book is released. I read your sample chapter of little 7 year old Ivory One and could really see the whole scene and I felt his pain and curiosity and I just burst into tears because it was so real.
    Thanks for your contribution during this last month of retrograde and also that ominous supermoon, and I look forward to purchasing your final book soon.

    Best regards,

    • “…Congratulations on your revised edition. I myself have worked in book publishing–editorial in various capacities for over 20 years, and am always thrilled when a great book is released. I read your sample chapter of little 7 year old Ivory One and could really see the whole scene and I felt his pain and curiosity and I just burst into tears because it was so real…”


      Oh that was so great, thanks very much for saying that.♥ The whole book is full of 5D Heart things, energies, teachings, humor, and much LoveLight which, amazingly, is very tangibly present in the book. Hotei and the boy are there and the reader can easily feel them and the energies and exchanges happening between them. Not a sales pitch but the truth and why I’ve spent so much of my money on publishing/fixing/adding to this particular book; there are higher powers at work with it. 🙂

      Gratitude Hug,

  • Congratulations Denise! 🙂 The book cover looks beautiful and makes me want to open it to read what’s inside! I will be purchasing it when it’s mobile ready. YAY! 😀

    Love, light & peace,

  • Bravo, Denise, Master Hotei, and Jade One! Well done you and you and you, and how super that you had unexpected and very welcome visitors arriving to add to the Introduction. I know the process almost did you in, Denise, and I am thrilled that you have DONE IT! And the cover is perfect, the colours are calming, yet vivid, the facial expressions inviting, while exuding the mutual respect for one another that was so cherished in the Master/Student relationship. Love the colours and the background, thank you, Yasmeen! Whoopee, celebration time, and looking forward to having my very own copy. Thanks for all you do, this is BIG! Love you and you and you, B.

    P.S. Yesterday, I had a visit from a scarab beetle and boy, did that help with the first chapter! I had no idea!

    • Thanks so much Barbara for everything. ♥ It was a hell of a birth process to be sure but there’s reasons for that too and timing is everything as they say. 😉 Who knows what those three higher dimensional Beings are up to even with the delays and struggles I went through with the publisher and printer.


  • Big congratulations!!! I really like the cover! It is going to be a must read for me too! Can we have an online party for you? I’ll make the cake!

    • “…Can we have an online party for you? I’ll make the cake!”


      Yes please, I need one, thanks. ♥ 😆


  • Hi, Denise,

    I love the new cover! You look so sweet and open. Is it Yasmin’s work?

    Love and hugs to you,

    • Cat,

      Yes my sister Yasmeen Harper did the watercolor paintings of the front and back covers. I had complete input on them this time because, after the original green cover that I was never really happy about, I wanted the new cover to be exactly how I wanted it to be down to the colors, clothing, shoes, hair, positioning, expressions on faces, absolutely everything. I’m really happy with it finally and Yasmeen did a great job.♥


  • Have read the ‘taster’ chapter, and can’t wait to buy the new version book for my ipad. Well done on completing your ‘marathon’ Denise, you really have some staying power. 💞

    • Denise, will ‘A Lightworker’s Mission’ be available for ipad in the near future ? this is such an easy way to read and purchase, soooooo happy that I can read your revised book soon ….. bring on the party 🎉 🎈 🎁 🍹 🍰 I’m happy to celebrate with you whatever the occasion 😃

      • Hope,

        I’d love to be able to have A Lightworker’s Mission formatted for all E-readers but at this point it would cost me a lot to do it because of 25 illustrations and other clip-art images in it. Text is easy and fast whereas images and anything other than text costs, costs, and costs more! I’ll have to wait until I can afford to do it to this book, but I really want to have it available for Kindle, Nook, ipad, ipod, iwhatever they all are also. 😆


  • Dearest Denise,

    Thank you for all your hard work, and making it through all the stumbles and detours to bring this to fruition. I’ve been waiting for this news of the revisions to be complete. Hopefully I’ll be able to order your “new” book in a couple weeks!


    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Chrysalis,

      Thanks so much dearest. ♥

      It was brutal with the publisher trying to manifest this revised edition during a Mercury retrograde, along with a few other planets retrograde too, during the Third Trimester no less! I can’t say how relieved I am that this part at least is finally done. All I need to do now is get it formatted for all e-reader devices.

      If you read it and enjoy it, please consider writing a Book Review for me okay? 🙂

      Thanks again,

      • Dearest Denise,

        I can feel from your words your “beyond relief” at having finished… finally. 🙂 You did it! (happy dance)

        I will be honest… I bought “A Lightworker’s Mission” towards the end of last year and I’m only through half of it. For some reason I can only read really slowly through it; and I get kind of sleepy. I don’t know if it’s the energy from the book/words conveying new ideas to me or what. I don’t find it difficult to understand what you’re writing about, it makes sense to me… it must be the energy somehow. So if your new book is anything like this one, I’d consider writing a review, if I’m able to finish!

        Although sometimes reading article after article these days/months taxes my brain. Just mark it up to the rewiring process I guess. So I just wanted to let you know this, ok?

        Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

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