2013: The Species-wide stage of the ‘Weighing Of The Heart’

“Denise, I keep on reading from you and the Commenters (thank you for keeping your site going), I barely talk or write at this point but I’ll ask, if you feel like giving an example of what you said here, about imagination and high heart and creating a future – something that I (and maybe others) would be able to understand better, because I’m thinking maybe there could be a way I haven’t considered…
It’s like, for example, I’ve been feeling a lot of pain that I can’t afford (and am not that interested) in going to doctors to “fix” (because I know they can’t really heal it), but if I imagine the body part entirely whole and perfect, the pain tends to stop, but nothing physically changes, it’s still visibly a mess and the pain still comes back. Logic and linearity have flown out the window a while ago, and I do feel these doors to the imagination more open, however very near zero has changed on the outside, and like some others, I’m having those moments of that sort of bitterness about the way life has been all along and wanting to even stop imagining something better.
If you do feel like giving an example of “how” (doesn’t seem the right word) one can do this, that would be great. Either way, thank you so much for being around.
Heart hugs to you and all.

Kaisa – July 6, 2013″

Thanks Kaisa for your great Comment question. ❤ It helps me to focus on this topic more closely, plus it provides an ongoing conversation under this article for those who might be interested in discussing this topic further in Comments.

I too have been doing this very thing Kaisa mentioned in her Comment above for the past three years now, and in 2013, it’s reached epic proportions of frustration in many of us with amplified confusion as well. I said recently elsewhere that 2013 has been far more difficult for all of us than 2011 and 2012 combined! Let’s be brave and talk about why that is.

No one was more frustrated than me when I realized that 2013 was an extension year for humanity with the Ascension Process. 2013 has been an extended gift period from Source/Divinity/”God”/All That Is so that more people would have the opportunity to deal with whatever it’s been and/or still is that they individually need to work on within themselves.

Remember how the prophesied ‘Three Days of Darkness’ turned out to be something VERY different from what it was claimed to be many years ago by certain people? Remember how it turned out to be what I call the living Life Review that took place over December 21, 22, 23, 2012, and everyone went through it then whether they consciously remember it or not? This alive Life Review was very similar to what we all naturally go through at our physical deaths and we experience a higher level, zero ego involved, brutally honest spiritual energetic Life Review with our Higher Self and Source Divinity — or as the ancient Egyptians called it, the weighing of the heart.

That was what we all went through during December 21, 22, 23, 2012, or the Expiration Date as I’ve called it. We went through a Process during those days, nights, hours and minutes that were very much like what we go through after our physical death, but, because we’re “ascending” and taking our physical bodies with us, we went through this alive Life Review process while in our physical bodies and incarnate on physical Earth. That’s a rare and very big deal.

So what happened next within this ascension related process our IN PHYSICAL BODY Life Review? What happened next was 2013! And, 2013 has been broken up into the increasingly intense and developing Three Trimesters corresponding with the first three seasons after the 2012 Expiration Date and living Life Review. Said another way, these developing and increasingly intense Three Trimesters in 2013 are the equivalent of us incarnating in another life to intensely work on whatever it was that was revealed to each of us while we stood before Divinity with our Higher Self and had the rare, no frills, brutally honest, ascension related December 21, 22, 23, 2012 living Life Review.

What’s highly interesting to me about all this is how it’s a species-wide and planetary-wide Process that’s very much like many of the ancient’s mythological life/death/afterlife/traveling through the “Underworld”/working hard to get it right/ and eventual rebirth cycle stories. But, it’s all of humanity living through this stage of the Ascension Process while in-body at whichever stages everyone is capable of now that is. There’s those Stair Steps again. And Earth is simultaneously living through this Evolutionary Ascension related Process just as humanity is, because we and Earth (and well beyond too of course) are intimately connected energetically.

We have been and still are in 2013 living through the death/weighing of the heart/journey through the “Underworld” afterlife/difficult and compressed Inner Work phase which will help us reach and energetically match the NEW and vastly higher frequency that we’re about to realize we’ve been newly born or incarnated or ascended into. Pretty cool to be individually and collectively living the great mythological stories of old now in these physical bodies in this physical Ascension time wouldn’t you say?

If you view/review just 2013 so far from this perspective, it goes a long way in explaining why life and reality has been such a flaming pain in the everything for most everyone this year! We’re doing our best in 2013 to quickly deal with whatever it was that was revealed to us individually in the Three Days of Darkness’ species-wide ‘Life Review’ so we individually create as clean a slate as possible for ourselves which prepares us to finally emerge out into the NEW with a matching internal frequency.

I realize that this was a long and roundabout way of answering Kaisa’s question, but I felt it was time I laid this information out in this particular way now because once one gets beyond the gasp and shock stage of it, it actually makes a lot of sense and makes the rest of the Sacred Journey before us easier.

So this is why many of us are not YET able to physically manifest to the degree we’d like to; we’re not quite there yet is all. We’re within the Ascension Process doing the last-minute, nitty-gritty and highly amplified hard Inner Work phase now but we’re so close to being ready to cope with, to handle being able to manifest quickly and intentionally within the physical realm. There’s great and very NEW responsibilities that come with being able to quickly and intentionally manifest in the physical, and 2013 is us working very hard to get there and quickly at this point.

I am old enough now that, like Kaisa was saying, I’ve either got to buy into—emotionally, psychologically, and financially—the old patriarchal world systems to supposedly help my aging physical body, eyes, teeth etc., or, I hang in there and do this difficult last-minute Inner Work and energetically reach the point where I’m capable on all levels of “fixing” and/or “healing” and/or Consciously Creating my reality, body and all, on my own. I’ve been a ‘System Buster’ all my 61 years so I’m certainly not going to fall back into the old lower world and consciousness at this point! Just keep doing what you’ve/we’ve been doing in amazingly amplified and compressed ways in 2013 so far, and what we’ve worked for and towards all along will be realized by each of us. This Ascension Process, plus plenty of positive higher assistance is fully physical now in 2013, so hang in there and don’t drop the ball at this late date in this great and amazing spiritual evolutionary process.

Denise Le Fay

July 19, 2013


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91 thoughts on “2013: The Species-wide stage of the ‘Weighing Of The Heart’

  • To wolfke74:
    I suffered from infection after infection. Doctors were unable to help (antibiotic would work for a couple of days and the infections would come back). I found the trouble was an allergy. The only thing that works for me is Drixoral–it completely knocks out the infection. Unfortunately it is no longer sold in the U.S.; but, you can order it from Canada. Good luck to you.


  • Thank you Denise for so much insight. I have been struggling for weeks now, infection after infection, but I lost all hope in the normal doctors, but I don’t know what else to try, so I keep on going to them. Also I have intense nights where it seems I have been shifting in and out what it feels like dimensions. Like it looks like the same room but it feels so different, I feel it I am not in the same dimension.

    Thanks again for this article that is helpful in some degree.

    Love lisa

    • “…Also I have intense nights where it seems I have been shifting in and out what it feels like dimensions. Like it looks like the same room but it feels so different, I feel it I am not in the same dimension…”

      wolfke74 – lisa,

      I’ve been experiencing this since about 1995. Some of us are able to sense, see, feel, perceive when we’ve encountered another (because there’s many of them) minor split or shift out of one level or density layer of “reality” and into another one. And then there’s also those times when some of us are able to feel or perceive when we’ve crossed another (because there’s many of them too) timeline into a different one or a NEW one. Because all this and more is going on, it’s hard sometimes to know exactly what’s happened, but it’s usually a mixture of all of them and more! 😀

      I’ve been very consciously aware of this incremental shifting process out of the old “reality” since 2010, 2011, and 2012, and into this 2013 transitional state we’re still in now. But, this year I’ve been repeatedly seeing, feeling, perceiving that we’re about to pop out on the Other Side of all this into the very NEW “reality”. The best way to gauge all this is by how ones own consciousness is changing. 😉 The two are intimately and directly connected so pay attention to the ongoing shifts and changes internally as they’re a great gauge in how much the external is and/or will be changing too.

      I know many of us are on the cusp with the old doctors/healing business and the NEW being able to fully and intentionally Consciously Create what we want for ourselves and that includes our bodies of course. We’re still deep in transition with all this but I’d suggest you work both sides to help the body now; go to the doctor for antibiotics for the infection, but also use your ability to Intend and visualize and See your body easily and quickly transmuting whatever it is that’s needing it now either physically and/or etherically. Utilize both the old allopathic methods if really needed, but also use your own Higher Awareness and Higher HeartMind to Intend and Consciously Create a healthy, integrated physical and etheric body/bodies.

      Hang in there and know that you’re doing a great job with it all. ♥

      • Hi Denise, thank you so much for this reply. I am amazed you have time to reply on such an extent. I have to balance my life between, kids, husband, blog, work and doing now drawings for a fairy book. With me, this shifting started to happen when I was 7…seeing things appearing out of nothing and it when up and down through whole my life, But now it is even more intense because now I am also doing daily meditations with a lot of people, everyday… thanks you so much for this. I just wish for a world where we all experience joy and health and no everybody respects and love each other.

        Sometimes I want to give up, but every time I look at me kids, I know why I am here for.

        Hugs to you to Denise
        We live in such a wonderful time, I won’t want to miss any second of it


  • Denise,

    My understanding of these things is limited; however, I believe that Amazon.com gives each publisher the option to enable one-time lending/borrowing or not. A reader cannot lend every book he or she has purchased through the site for this period of fourteen days. I believe you will be able to specify your own terms.

    • balsamicmoon,

      Thanks so much and I’m learning a bit more every day about all this. Gone are the days of publishing only in physical book format! More Age of Aquarius signs. 😉

      Gratitude Hug,

  • hi – just wanted to say I have had weird tastes in my mouth off and on for years now – and food sometimes doesn’t taste like it should/used to – also get phases of bleeding gums – but haven’t got gum disease – then I sometimes get a craving for something sweet or protein or whatever – am v sensitive to smells – and also to loud noises etc etc which can make me jump violently and is a source of great amusement to anyone watching me !!
    since march I have had a bruised feeling right at the bottom of my spine so its really uncomfortable to sit on anything hard – thought I had actually bruised it but it hasn’t gone off and it seems to link in to my left hip – have had painful neck/ back/ shoulders for years – tried the usual route of chiropractors etc etc and no one did any permanent good except charge me lots of money so gave up – when I try to find out whats going on I get that is a past life issues clearing but seems to be taking its time so am not sure if that’s correct!! I get its when I had a tail that got damaged – hmmmm ! something to do with dragons –
    I get moments when I get severely off-balance or I get v shaky and wobbly – when I go into crowds my whole face changes and it sort of drags down so I look v old – which I guess is because I pick up so much crap and odd energy –
    also all i seem to do the last few weeks is damage my feet by dropping stuff on them and bruising them so much I cant even walk – sprained my ankle – hurt my toes – narrowly escaped severe injury when I dropped a carving knife yesterday and I just missed my foot !!! not sure the significance of that – unless I’ve just got excessively clumsy – a few weeks ago it was my hands I was beating up !!!
    I guess the worst thing atm is the dark forces who keep trying to make me do stuff like put a curse on someone who has hurt me – that type of thing – you know the voice in your head that nags at you – to fight wrong with wrong – which I wouldn’t and don’t do ever – but they just dont get the message and keep on trying to make me do something out of character – irritating – have to keep telling them to “go away” – I hate this mind thing the most out of all the ascension related stuff I have had to deal with –
    would be interesting to know if anyone else has had similar experiences –
    years ago I thought I was a healer – I have no idea what I am now !!

  • To Morgean. Hi. I find that if something keeps “coming back” that maybe it is not finished or their is some aspect to the circumstance one has not seen.

    I knew my father’s wife was “strong” in powers much later in life and as this awareness crept in, and I think the other night culminated in realizing that the experience with her maybe went beyond the surface of the family “stuff” that happens between people….. which somehow led me to think that maybe on some level she had “cast” something upon me and/or into me to an unusual degree. I mean words are powerful enough, a magic all their own, but I think some people maybe carry over abilities and who knows what all from other lives just like Denise could access parts of self that had ascended in other lives.

    I could not even begin this work, or to have awareness until I could totally understand that what happened was just all her own perception and desire and had nothing to do with me. Yet, I’d ask myself, WHY AM I STILL ANGRY? well, “was”, now : ) What was the “hook”?
    I think there are the onion layers and whatever happens in all lives together happening NOW. Plus, in my “healing” I included all timelines and lifetimes together! Also I considered that maybe the dark used her to get to me as well as that she may or may not on a soul level serve TD. I lumped it all in my recipe : )

    I sure feel different and lighter!

    Hugs to all : )

  • Dear Denise and everyone. First I want to tell you Denise that I notice you are able to interact more and I am so glad! I am so grateful for the validation aspect to help me see I am not way out in left field! I and I appreciate all the feedback from my fellow stair steppers! I could not really rest well that first night of the healing but last night I just conked out, and if I didn’t have to go to work today I’d still be sleeping! I feel all kinds of sensations in my head.

    Have a great day everybody! 🙂

    • Edith & All,

      I wanted you to see this recent article about Chiron, ruler of Virgo, turning retrograde. It’s a great article and very accurate info about Chiron and Chiron retrograde. What you’ve just been through with your childhood stepmother name wounding business is very much about Chiron and it turning retrograde probably around the exact time you started going through this particular Inner Work Process.

      I have Chiron conjunct my Sun so I’m very “Chirotic”. One of the common titles for Chiron is ‘the wounded healer’ which I thought you’d also enjoy knowing right now. 😉 Anyway, enjoy the article as it sounds like you too are very “Chirotic” and are highly sensitive to Chiron in general.



      • Hi Denise. It seems a zillion years ago when I read that book. I then HAD to have my chart done to know where Chiron was located, etc., and I can’t recall anything about the book or my chart! 🙂 I’d like to re read it now with the perspective from the last 15 or so years later, or maybe longer. I know I enjoyed it very much. I turned away from remembering my chart because it was clear that there was no love relationship partner in it for me. I remember THAT clearly. I said, “Never?” and she, the astrologer, just shook her head. I wanted to forget it and so I have! IT was not a wonderful reading. It was the hardest one I have ever had and now it is no where in my conscious memory.

        I read the article you provided and the one about this full moon. To me this moon article and Chiron article go hand in hand.

        I am still deeply tired but it is a good tired, a time to deeply rest kind of tired. I dragged myself through work on Monday. Today was easier but it is just gone 8 and I am Past ready for sleep.

        As for people using the word compression a lot lately (and I have not read cosmic awareness yet….am too tired to concentrate)…. it’s funny how I have thought I don’t get it, I don’t see it, I don’t relate to that description. Later on I realized it is because I am so used to feeling compressed for most of this life! It’s like this is “normal’ for me. I reach these points where I am filled to bursting or compressed and I MUST go forth into “it”… in order to go through it and out of it… no matter what, like I did with my thoughts about the name thing EVEN though I hear so many say to focus only on the now; or it’s not 5th dimensional; or “you don’t need to do that any longer you can lay it down and just walk away”. or “just focus on the light.” Well, I can’t do that! I must pick, poke and press it, I must look at it, I must ask why. I want “to know”. I am always being “told” this is a waste of energy and NOT empowering. Or that I am energizing what I don’t want or no longer want. and then THAT becomes something to figure out too! and I LIKE doing it for the sake of perspective and perception even though I also believe that ultimately those ideas, those things I fancy I figure out are but temporary thought forms and beliefs just like all others and will one day be shed, no longer necessary, true or valid for my life expression.

        Now I also know, understand and realize that one can go overboard and out of balance with what I do and I am sure I have been there too! Often! 🙂


        • Thank you for mentioning this transit, Denise. I actually asked myself aloud yesterday, “Why are these wounds resurfacing now, ones that I thought I had outgrown?” I never seem to remember to consult astrology for answers, anymore, but I manage to tap into the energies anyway. I suppose that is the point! 😉

          “It seems a zillion years ago when I read that book.”

          Is the you’re referring to Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets by Barbara Hand Clow? I have this title on my Kindle; due to publisher restrictions, I can loan this title to one person for a duration of 14 days. Would you like to read it again? I have a few natal connections to Chiron in my chart, primarily square to my moon, but I have a feeling it is more important for you to connect with this information now than it is for me. I don’t do readings, but I’d be happy to take a quick look at your natal chart and tell you your Chiron sign and house placement, aspects, etc. I don’t know if you’d feel more comfortable e-mailing your natal data (exact time, date, and place of birth) to Denise who may forward it to me, if she doesn’t mind, or if you’d like to e-mail me directly at In2Netting@gmail.com.

        • “…Is the you’re referring to Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets by Barbara Hand Clow? I have this title on my Kindle; due to publisher restrictions, I can loan this title to one person for a duration of 14 days…”

          balsamicmoon – anyone,

          I’m getting ready to pay to have The Temple of Master Hotei formatted for Kindle, Nook, ipad and all the rest of them, but I had never heard of this before. Someone whose bought an e-book for their Kindle, Nook etc. can share that book for 14 days? Is this just an Amazon/Kindle thing or is this a normal thing with all e-books and all other e-readers? Does anyone know about this? How does this work for the people with Kindles and/or Nook etc. Gads, just about the time I get all the knots untangled I discover some more. 😕

          If anyone can give me any information about this I’d sure appreciate it because I want to know about this before I pay my publisher to format my book for these e-readers. And I was going to do it in a day or two so any info will sure help me. Thanks everyone. ♥

          Gratitude Hug,

        • Hope,

          Thanks so much for your help with this. I’m working with my publisher today to get this type of formatting started on the book so this info helps me a lot.♥

          Gratitude Hug,

  • Edith (Denise with your permission)

    I have just come across a video by Eckhart Tolle on ‘Abandonment of Life’ on the website Spirit Library which may be helpful to you. Maureen

  • Just want to interject–Dr. O.T. Bonnett’s book “Why Healing Happens” published by Ozark Mountain Publications is a wonderful book on this subject–Dr. Bonnett tells it like it is and even debunks his peers and their collective on keeping things in the “ranks” and not letting people know they are also responsible for their healing and can do it without help in some areas. Dr. Bonnett is a marine doc who later was a member of a clinic in which his peers did not believe in “alternative” methods–just pills and operations–this is a good read in understanding how the body works and functions to keep itself healthy and promote its own healing and avoid disease (like Kryon says–you need to inform ALL of your body and let the cells and the body do the work of maintaining itself and promoting healing).

  • Oh, Edith, it is my understanding and belief that you are named by your soul. What happened to you as a child is cruel and incomprehensible. And all the “pretty/ugly” comments surely only added to the hurt. There are meditative techniques you can use to speak with (comfort child, yell at stepmother…) your inner child and with your cruel step-mother. This helps tremendously. I just read other comments about being “stripped to the bone” and your identity was “stripped from you”. I can relate as my mother did the same – only in a different way. And the family not stepping in……..

    Hmmm, interesting that I see this comment this morning and my reaction to it is strong – I just processed with my mother yesterday AND with my family for not standing up for me. I’ve processed this for years and thought it was over. I’m trying to decide if these are remnants or if I’m picking up new shit just surviving here, or if I’m processing for other lives too. I’m trying to be the detached witness and neutral observer, but must confess lately I got off track. Today, is a new day, and a more empowered day. Today, I will stay detached and neutral.

    BTW – George Kavassilas has a couple of new interviews posted that had a few good tid-bits. Most of his stuff tends to repeat itself but these are worth a listen. Also, for fun, wanted to share with anyone that hasn’t seen the movie Cloud Atlas – I just started it last night – it’s 3 hours long – but so far worth the watch. All about past/present/future lives and how we draw to us the same souls to us – a story told in a very interesting way. An interesting reprieve for all Lightworkers 😉

    Thanks Denise for all you do! I love you.
    Best to all here, Morgean

  • Hi Denise and Everyone,

    What a timely blog, it’s touched on everything that I’m feeling right now.
    Is anyone else going through another ‘life review’ ? As soon as the big water trine kicked in; I felt another ‘life review’ and it wasn’t half bad. I was able to see where I had grown and changed and healed. I was also able to see what was really upsetting me as well…(another stair step to climb).

    When I realized what was really bothering me; ( before reading this blog) I said to myself that I felt as though I was in some ‘under world’; blocked into going into the world that I really want to be in. Has anyone saw themselves living another life? The life they really want to be living; doing what they want to be doing; and being with the people they want to be with (even if they haven’t even met these people yet ? ). I have. It’s caused me both ecstatic joy and tremendous pain. It was like a mixed blessing that began around 2006 and has come to me on and off periodically over the years. The last time I experienced this was end of 2011-beginning of 2012.

    It’s on the thought mental plane, emotional feeling plane, and the vibrational plane. I see it; feel it; hear it; sense it; witness it and yet at the same time ‘experience’ it as well; and experience it on those levels as if it was ‘real’…meaning ‘physically’ real, but alas it is not my ‘physical’ reality. The physical reality I am in right now is totally the opposite. I didn’t make this up. It’s not a planned conscious fantasy controlled by me. It’s just something that happens. Like I’m privy to see something that exists someplace else ( a life) with me in it. I don’t consciously control this experience. There are components to this other life and to the people in it, that were out of my conscious awareness and were delightful surprises !

    Some one sent me an article the other day that said something to the affect that where the mind goes, the body will follow ( something Denise you’ve said here in your blog)…well so far that hasn’t been my experience. The majority of me is ‘over there’ where ever ‘over there’ really is, but my ‘body is still here…ug.

    I know so many people who say they are done with this ‘present’ life situation and that it feels unreal to them and they know they don’t belong to this anymore; or belong here anymore. But no one has ever shared with me that they got glimpses of a place/world/life that they do belong or feel they do belong in. So this past ‘life review’ of the past few days has really brought this up to the forefront and to my attention. Nothing of the past or the present of this ‘physical reality’ that I’m in feels real to me or really bothers me (even though my present situation should bother me and cause me anxiety and fear…it doesn’t).

    What’s really upsetting me is that I can’t seem to get ‘physically / with my body’…into that other life. I know that dwelling on this, or becoming upset, frustrated, depressed, angry or whatever other negative emotion I muster up… will open a door for a team dark attack. I don’t want to even go there! Thanks for letting me get this out. I don’t often share this, least someone thinks I’m totally nuts! I’m not. I’m just so frustrated and confused at times…and the other times I feel so lucky to even have had this ‘glimpse’/’experience’.

    Love to all and thank you Denise for this wonderful article !

    • “…It’s on the thought mental plane, emotional feeling plane, and the vibrational plane. I see it; feel it; hear it; sense it; witness it and yet at the same time ‘experience’ it as well; and experience it on those levels as if it was ‘real’…meaning ‘physically’ real, but alas it is not my ‘physical’ reality. The physical reality I am in right now is totally the opposite…”

      Pat & All,

      I too have experienced what you’re talking about or what I think you’re talking about. 😉 What I think your talking about and experiencing is your growing conscious awareness of the fact that you are a multidimensional being existing in multiple dimensions and timelines etc. simultaneously.

      This is another of many NEW higher awareness abilities and responsibilities that evolving humans will (some are already) have to adjust to; being increasingly consciously aware that they exist in other places on other dimensions I mean, not just exist in other “past lives” on physical earth, and all this is happening simultaneously. I personally have experienced this increase dramatically for me since getting beyond the 12-21-12 Expiration Date, which tells me that it’s going to be a growing topic; that and quantum or what I call Spherical Consciousness as opposed to the old lower frequency of linear consciousness.

      Every single time I’ve had any fully awake, in-body contact with any higher dimensional Being(s), ETs, Group Consciousness, Divinity etc., AND every time I’ve been asleep and out-of-body and had contact with any higher dimensional Being(s), ETs, Team Dark, demon, negative entities, Group Consciousness, other Starseeds, Starbeings, Divinity etc., in both cases those interactions, those communications, those meetings both pleasant and highly unpleasant carry an energy of clarity, intensity, undiluted energy, “realness”, and highly amplified life-force that nothing in this physical world comes close to matching. Why? Because it can’t, or more correctly, it hasn’t been able to due to the profoundly limited and restricted consciousness, energies, awareness and everything else that was “normal” for humanity prior to the Ascension Process. That however is currently, slowly, changing because you/me/each of us and eventually all of humanity in this timeline and reality will have VASTLY more Light in them, their physical bodies, and in the earth world reality they live on. In other words, the ascended earth world that’s an energetic match to humanity and their bodies and consciousness etc.

      Because of this Ascension Process and the ongoing spiritual growth of each of us, this great divide, this great gap between how it’s like being in physicality and how it’s like not being in physicality is reducing greatly now and some of the normal results of this are more and more of us consciously realizing, seeing, feeling, knowing that they are multidimensional quantum Beings and are consciously able to intentionally tap into those other selves and their abilities etc. to use in this timeline, this body, this “reality” and so on. This is just us evolving into more of our selves/Selves/SELF. 😉

      I got lost a bit in this but wanted to add that because we’re still deep in transition with this Process, this reducing of the great gap, to this version of us in physicality and in physical bodies now, this “reality” seems to us oftentimes like it’s vastly less than the higher dimensional realms and beings and selves we do remember and/or are in conscious contact with even now. Everything “down here” so to speak as tremendously paled in comparison to the higher more energy filled levels and dimensions. This is why this world and “reality” has felt fake or unreal and lack luster to many of us who are higher dimensional Starseeds that volunteered to incarnate into 3D physical reality to embody and anchor the Ascension Process in this dimension and timeline for humanity and everything else too. This great flat disappointment that this world has been for us will, is changing due to the higher Light that’s been brought into this dimension and earth world finally.

      I hope this made sense as I sort of ran all over the place with it.

    • Dearest Pat,

      Yes, I do relate to what you’re describing. I wrote about it briefly here in Comments. Since the end of 2012, I’ve seen/experienced just a moment of that other/future Self of ME. I can describe parts of the house (MY house… I live in an apt. right now), I know that there’s a garden that’s free for everyone to share, and I have a healing practice in my home. I’ve had that “full senses” of that moment in future/now time over these months.

      Denise just helped me recognize that I Am a Healer right now as I am. If I can take it a step further, I also realize that I’m at the beginnings of my full capacity of an energy Healer (beyond polarity into the realm of Triality). I know my energy is a soothing catalyst for healing (even just this morning, my presence inspired the yoga teacher with which poses to use for the class… she wasn’t clear and had no idea until I arrived… and she had been thinking of me as well). Many in the class felt much better with their aches after this inspired class. I digress… so my point is that while we can experience our future selves in the Now moment (at fleeting moments), we are also learning in our Now to vibrationally match that Self. I hope this makes sense.

      And I see another future Self as well… they could be within the same timeline, or criss crossing.. the point being, I do understand this experience that you’re describing. While it is, I feel, important to energize and align with that Self, it’s also important to focus on our Now to allow for as much healing and releasing as possible. It’s a lovely dance =)

      These days I feel like I’m here, but not really here. The energy is overwhelming my senses at times, where I’m not really seeing/not really “here”. I catch glimpses of others as we interact, and am more rooted in the moment when there’s a truly loving/compassionate connection. It’s like buildings and roads aren’t truly there, even though I see them… I feel that they aren’t real in a way. I can pull them into more focus, yet I just go with the flow and am content to take moments and areas just around me. It’s challenging to explain.

      I hope this helps, this connection. I truly understand though.

      Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Dearest Chrysalis,

        Thank you for everything you’ve just said here. You are a healer! Just by sharing your experience; you’ve helped me. Since this has been going on; I’ve never met anyone (and believe me I’ve contacted a lot of people about this); but never met anyone who actually experienced it. Oh, they blog about it and talk about it; but they themselves haven’t had the experiences.

        I also have to say that when it happens, it can last up to 4 months to only 2 weeks.
        Each time it does happen it seems to grow; and seems to become more intensely ‘real’ too ! New people come in, and just as a real life here, new layers and levels with new situations and circumstances are added. It does have a ‘life of it’s own’.

        Also too. This is very important. No team dark, archons, or ‘ghouls’ as I like to call them; exist there. It’s when I come out of the ‘experience’ that they attack me. This is where Denise, you and all the people here, and Lisa Renee help me. I have to constantly take back power over my mind and claim my ‘space’. Eventually the attacks subside, as the feelings of the ‘experience’ recede. But it’s no picnic.

        I am in the ‘now’. I’m in circumstances that demand that I be in the now and concentrate on putting my life back together; but this is by no means what I experience “over there”. I’ve come to believe that what I experienced is what Denise refers to as planet A/B (I think I have that right? )…whereby duality does exist but is not tampered with by the ghouls. Everything is a healthy contrast whereby people co-operate and they do so in harmony and balance in win-win types of situations.

        I get the feeling that this is how ‘duality’ was first intended by Prime Source Creator.
        A delightful discovery of each other and a respect for differences and balancing out those differences in harmony; discovery/learning ; and co-operation.

        If you are so inclined, I would love to speak to you about your experiences and not take up all of Denise’s blog here. I don’t want to place my e-mail out in pubic, but I’m sure Denise has it. I just changed it to a more secure email in lieu of all the spying going on. So you have my permission to ask Denise for it and She has my permission to give it to you. I would love to hear from you; if you have the time.
        Many Blessings to you and to all here.

  • Hi Denise. 2 hours later! I believe I’ve got it! I finally feel at peace.

    I was in bed saying my prayers and seeing the light and my thoughts turned back to the issue I wrote about. I suddenly saw it differently. I saw how I was hanging on to the energy of that false name. I saw that I was mistakenly attempting to accept it. I “suddenly” viewed it as a false persona of energy laid over me and on me…. a separate “thing” with substance. This gave me the idea of how to cleanse the false identity off me and out of me on all levels plus whatever came along for the ride while it was incorporated into my being. The fact that it was in a sense my actual name had made it confusing. I hope I am making sense.

    I felt like I was grasping my way through the dark in terms of not being certain I was going about it the “right” way. But I sure felt energy tingling all through me and afterwards I Felt like I was simply ME. Just me. And of course this helped release more false beliefs about me about being unacceptable being ME. Edith was already acceptable being Edith!

    I then was able to realize that Edith and my pet name are one and the same person. I thought I had lost her, but it was just the loss of the connections, no energy. …. maybe like the thought form all things tend to be, maybe in a way as the energy and connections to the word/name went unfed, well in a way she did die with no love and attention to keep it going. Her name was Toop. Short for Toopy or Toopie. No one could tell me how that name came to be by the time I came to wonder about it. I no longer feel embarrassed that my name was once upon a time Toopy.

    Being able to write about this here really helped it all come together for me. I still hope to not sound insane!

    Hugs to you Denise. 🙂

    • Edith,

      When I read and published your Comment last night, I was too tired to respond to you then and I kept getting the impression that I HAD TO WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT MORNING (today, right now) before I responded to your question. This is why I was impulsed to wait; you were supposed to discover the answer on your own and that is exactly what you did. Very well done you! ♥ ♥ ♥

      “Edith was already acceptable being Edith!”

      EXACTLY! 🙂 But the issue with this was that you made this realization right now which did so much to 1) free you from the past and 2) empower you in the Now Moment and 3) help you know that you are and always have been an aspect of “God”/Source/Divine etc.

      The Ascension Process is about us evolving into knowing on a conscious level that this is a fact and that NO ONE and NO THING can change that fact. We can forget it, put it aside for a while, can ignore it, can fight against it but in the end we’ve each got to come Home a bit more and that entails consciously knowing that we are and always have been an aspect of Source. 😉 I’m so, so proud of you because this one was a super-duper biggie issue but you did so great with it all.

      And also, there is no “right way” really. The best “right way” is with sheer determination to evolve no matter how scary that is to the current version of ourselves. 😉 The heartfelt, heart honest desire to evolve or return Home or return to “God” or to return to peace, love, empowerment individually is always “the right way”. 🙂

      ♥ Hugs,

  • Hi Denise. I am flat seeking insight here from you and anyone reading this.

    Today I thought and felt I needed to face an issue, have a healing. This is an old story in my life. One I could not let go entirely. I think what happened back in time was a powerful thing that had a magic in it in a negative manner. Usually when I puzzle over something like this over the years and it has been most of my life, I find that there is a solid reason.

    When I was young my father’s 2nd wife came into my life… I was 3. At one point I was forced to live with them and I feel pretty certain she felt forced to tolerate me. I no longer recall if I was living with them or not when she took this selfish action but what happened to me on a feeling level was devastating.

    Denise, what is the power in a name? It must be quite powerful. I had my relationships with my father’s family, aunts, uncles & cousins, along with family friends. MY family. I had a pet name from when I was born. This woman was selfish I realize now and everything was about her and what she wanted. There came a day when this woman decreed that everyone was FORBIDEN to continue to use my pet name. Not only that, she also demanded that I be called a name I had NEVER been called! Now yes this was a name made up from the name on my birth certificate incorporating my first name Edith with my middle name. She let me know that she found my name “ugly” and that this way of using my name was “pretty.” ….. back to the moment of her decree to no longer be called by my pet name. I felt a sudden tearing and a ripping away from myself. It was like a death or loss of energy. I became a stranger to everyone. I felt lost and alienated to everyone and to myself because I forced by the loss of one name and the forcing upon me of another name, I no longer even felt like “me”. And can you believe EVERYONE obeyed her!!! That’s how powerful was her influence. “I” ceased to exist.. that is how it felt. And then I think I became ” split”. I had to be about 8 or 9. Because I went home to my mom where I was still my pet name and Edith, my TRUE self.

    Today I let out my anger about it. Also because of this vindictive person I became a resentful attacking person, albeit a passive one. In seeking healing about this I had to look at this strong psychic attacking self that was born in knowing her. She was dominating.

    I had thought that at some point I would find peace about this, but it seems that I needed to love and accept this dark side of me, after all it was the best I could do at the time! I don’t feel my healing is completed but I believe it will or I can trust it is.

    I Do want to hear from you or anyone about the name thing. I am seeking something here and I’ll recognize it when I read it, if not here then I believe it will come along some how some way at some other point in time. Thank you so much.

    • Dearest Edith,

      I have a heart-response that I want to share with you. I have gone through at least 3 names in this life… birth, adoptive, and one of my own choosing (these were legally changed at different times). I can certainly say that the adoptive name, when I left that family and cut ties, was completely “charged”. It carried a yucky energy; the feeling of it was slick and black and possessive (owned as in property, not as a person). So every time I heard the name, just someone calling another on the street, there would be an energetic “charge” that would cause a repulsion and wanting to run from within.

      In my life experience (in this lifetime), there were actual splits within our spirit/soul. So yes, I can attest that names can carry power/energies, from where they originated. Several parts within me even changed their names after a time… of their own choosing, which helped them feel empowered.

      Now, this is not an easy matter (as any internal work is!). It sounds like you’re doing the work as you’re able to: identifying the situation with this woman, how you were treated, etc. The farther you can go within this situation, the more you’ll get to the root of it for you. My feeling is that it’s very important for you to call back this split part of you, to embrace her, to help her feel safe and secure and loved once again. It feels to me that this piece is imperative to the overall healing of this situation. Like I said, this is not easy to do, as I know you already know. And I have confidence that you will be able to do it. You deserve to be loved and whole again (as we all do in all the little and big ways… lifetimes all the way to Ascension-wise).

      …and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to spell check this thing! lol! It really shows me I’m coming from the heart, by-passing my mind. Hang in there… you’ll make it.

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Denise, I want to thank you so very much for writing all you did, it does help. I totally heart you ❤

    I see me/us sitting in rags on the shore of a new land after being tossed at the sea for years, lifetimes, and the new world showing itself more and more, seeming so exciting… and yet, there I/we sit barely able to move, mind blown away, no direction to go but within.
    In this midst of shaking off all remaining debris, I think I'm seeing how timelines work, this non-linear way of creation, seems like just dropping a manifested reality, unattached, and slipping into another until it's firm in place, like putting on different clothes. Seems so simple, yet so strange. And of course, the simplicity of being spirit embodied… no insecurities allowed.

    For me lately it's been a lot about teeth and bones breaking and aching, plus visions of elephants and buffalos and a strong need for the color red – can't get more grounding than that. Nearly had my skull cracked this past week, blood leaking on my forehead (I'm ok) – the message from CA you mentioned in a comment, it helped me seeing that it was probably due to a past experience, to a passive-suicidal feeling connected to hitting my head, feels less threatening to my life now.

    Good thing is that I'm finally feeling/seeing my body from the inside, couldn't do that until days ago. Feels warm and like a real hungry baby soaking on food. Red blood feeding on spirit force. Some long term pains disappeared and then came back, they seem to come and go at will. My mind is currently confused. Oh well.

    Thank you again for writing on this and allowing more sharing, especially when things become so physical and therefore potentially scary. I'm now sometimes feeling that the more in-body I feel as the spirit I am, the calmer I get, and the closer the new life seems. In a way it's difficult cause I'm really trying to hold on to that feel but I'm pretty sure by now that self-honesty counts way more than mental clinging 🙂 Trying to relax then. It should be ok.

    Much love to you and the other beautiful people. Cheers to not dropping the ball!

  • Hi Denise, If you don’t mind my asking…what happened to the comments section of your previous post??

    • “Hi Denise, If you don’t mind my asking…what happened to the comments section of your previous post??”

      Marie jude,

      I deliberately closed Comments on that particular article.

      If the Comments on any article become negative, attacking, or mean etc., I close Comments to stop the negativity, not let it build, and not let it effect or pull in other people. Also Comments are not always on for every article I write, but all-in-all I try to keep Comments open because everyone benefits from the sharing and reading the exchanges of information/Light. It helps people tremendously to hear about other people living through the same weird Ascension symptoms, difficulties and struggles, AND the very positive changes and improvements as well that they’re experiencing. 🙂


  • Right, firstly sorry about this because I’m going a bit off topic! But I’ve had some negative experiences the last 2 days and wanted to get feedback. I’ve also had a few intense experiences thrown at me and believe them to be important life lessons so would appreciate some feedback from yourselves 🙂

    Firstly, I was giving this reiki attunement to my parents yesterday, because I recently got taught how to do it.

    (yes I know you shouldn’t need to rely on this type of stuff – but it seems to cause relaxation/balancing/helping to dig up emotional issues – been training with it since last year, so it’s like a ‘tool’ for me).

    The reason I bring it up is because when I did the attunement to dad…I felt the presence of positive spirits come very close to our bodies to help. At the same time I felt some really dark entities sort of…like 10-15 feet above our head in an overlapping realm ‘attacking’ us (from astral). They were fighting to get in and stop me doing what I was doing. They had a lot of hostility about what was going on. I was trying to create a sort of barrier or push them away but they seemed insistent to attack us. Overall this attack ended in failure because they were not able to get close to us!

    Then I slept and woke up just now today with the most intense, horror dreams.

    It went roughly like this. I was walking around the astral world in these towns and various busy places and suddenly I went to this public toilet and this tramp looked up at me and threw his dirty hand (which came out of the urinal) and smothered it over my face/mouth. I was so shocked, and the guy followed me and tried to attack me while laughing. I totally freaked out over this, I was about to cry! (while dreaming – it felt like he had got dirty water/polluted-ugly frequencies and smothered them into me!)

    Then it just got worse…this black guy (no judgement…I’m trying to just explain how it manifested during the dream), this guy started to literally teleport about in front of me and he was emitting this devious trickery like he was up to no good. He somehow started to ‘attack’ my body and make me feel fear, which progressed to terror.

    This just got worse and suddenly I was in my home with other people, I told them about this guy and they suddenly panic and try to ‘clean’ everything the guy might have touched like it was cursed…and while they’re doing this in a panic, So they acted like he was really bad and was cursing me or something.

    The black guy just teleports into our bathroom! Right when we are in the bathroom. Just in front of me like there is NO escape because he can always teleport to me to freak me out. He sort of was grinning deviously like he wanted to play a really nasty joke on me, or cause me harm.

    Then he touched his hands/fingers to my heart/chest area and I felt a cool feeling there like he was trying to block it or put something bad into me 😦 I got really scared and as I tried to pull up I woke up…my chest area still felt cool and I felt unhappy as if I was being ‘interefered with’.

    I’m sorry to post this up but it freaked me out to levels of ‘terror’ I just don’t get in real life. Real life is all fine, it’s dream-time where I get a lot of night-terrors. This is not the first time it’s happened. But this is the worst time. I don’t know where else to post it where I’ll get some serious answers!

    That’s all for that topic, the next topic is…well, I think it’s partly resolved already, but…I suddenly got obsessions out of the blue for a couple of things.

    From my past experience, the obsessions come because it’s part of a test or life lessons for me! I have to face up to a situation because I need to learn something from it.

    I got attracted to this guys advanced ‘energy training’, which I feel would be very powerful and useful, but his energy was very bright, soft but also slightly seductive… I mean for some days I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He talks about high level energy blockage removal and about how aliens and negative entities place blockages above our crown chakra and in our bodies around the root chakra to stop us from forming union with our higher soul. Everything he said fits in with what I’ve learnt the past 3 years and experienced, and I genuinely get the feeling he’s doing something good.

    But if that was all, why would I need to get obsessed over it?

    Anyway my obsession (although temporary and calmed now) was pretty destabilizing for me. after talking with someone I came up with the following:

    This could be testing my lack of patience (wanting to rush or get things quickly), this could be testing if I can keep myself grounded and centred when faced with very powerful energies of others.

    I don’t feel dependant on it, more like I felt ‘hey, I want those sets of tools!’.

    I just wanted to openly admit my sudden ‘chaos’ where obsessions and night terrors seem to be attacking me from all directions! Totally destabilizing my mind.

    I know deep down that we all have inside of us, whatever we need to resolve our own problems, and that we need to learn our lessons and improve ourself. However certain tools and certain well informed people can help give little hints to us to help out!

    On a side note: I bought this type of crystal called kunzite because one of my teachers said you can put different frequencies of energy into it and it will maintain that frequency. I tried it and it works really well – so I feel since yesterday a white glow of higher frequency energy coming out of this stone I have on my desk. I know first hand that this type of energy can form protective barriers and simply ‘push’ astral entities out of the way. Perhaps this is why I get attacked during dream-time, when I’m not protected? My room has this Really bright, peaceful feeling.

    And just now…when I said that…I felt the presence of a dark entity who is watching me…who is the same one from my dream! Oh my goodness. It’s not the darkest I have ever felt…it’s like the devious/joker type, but it’s STILL dark. This dude lives for causing havok. So why has he come to me now?

    Last night I had a wonderful experience of feeling deeper union with this golden light above my crown and then intuition came down. Then I get the night attacks!

    So you lovely girls/guys and denise on here can see how unbalanced I’ve got in such a short amount of time 🙂 Incredible!

    Feel free to ‘pull to pieces’ in a constructive way, my text, my comments and write ANYTHING USEFUL back to me? Thoughts, feelings and I want to work through this madness.

    I feel as if I am being tested all over the place all at once right now. Even more stuff has happened but it’s more trivial and I’m less concerned with it right now.

    Thanks for reading, I rarely write a type of comment asking for help like this!


    • “…I feel as if I am being tested all over the place all at once right now…”

      Jamie – starlite,

      You are sweetie, and even though it’s brutal n’ nasty, it’s actually a great sign that you’re making huge progress right now. The Shit Squad (my apologies everyone, that term just erupted from me and I’m leaving it in here cause I find it funny 😆 ) aka Team Dark always show up and tries to take you out when you’re getting close again to making another major evolutionary Stair Step forward. They are like an Initiation at the Gate. Now here comes the really important part about all this. Eventually these 4D Astral attacks, beatings, assaults, hijackings, and kidnappings etc. etc. stop because YOU evolve or “ascend” beyond the frequency range of Team Dark. Not figuratively I mean but literally evolve beyond the range, the reach, the influence of Team Dark. Once you’ve reached that level, Team Dark cannot directly, face to face, one on one interact (attack) with you, but they can and will still try to get at you through other humans that vibrate low enough to be used and influenced by Team Dark. Eventually even this too will end because YOU have evolved even further and cannot be messed with in any way by other humans being manipulated by the Negatives.

      “…He talks about high level energy blockage removal and about how aliens and negative entities place blockages above our crown chakra and in our bodies around the root chakra to stop us from forming union with our higher soul…”

      Last week I was in bed one evening with the lights off doing my nightly protection routine. I’d gotten to the point where I was envisioning my aura as brilliant white Light expanded out a good bit when suddenly this gray colored glob of something suddenly rushed me. It didn’t feel terribly negative to me but it pissed me off nonetheless for rushing in on me like it did. I immediately telepathically told it that that behavior was not allowed and I increased my energy field and attitude 😉 and pushed the thing out of my space. It hasn’t returned. But, my point in sharing this recent experience was what you said quoted above. As soon as I punched out the size of my aura this gray blob thing appeared and rushed me but was aiming for my crown chakra area. When it did this I noticed a small black dot above my crown chakra area and this gray blob thing was protecting that black dot from me pushing out my white Light aura. Little fucking astral ticks I swear!!! 😡 I’m so done with any and all parasites.

      But, despite all this drama and astral fireworks, I was instantly, permanently, and most importantly easily able to cut this Astral tick off from that part of my energy field and its not returned. Last year or years ago this would have been a viscous, debilitating battle to near death and I still wouldn’t have been able to get that Astral tick pried off of me/my energy field(s)! THAT is how far I’ve come; THAT is how much more the Light is here now; and THAT is how much quicker and easier it is now to move through these 4D Astral Underworld tests or Initiations! And all THAT means we’re really close to coming out the other side of 4D Astral and being in 5D full time finally. 😀

      So… when you Jamie were doing Energy Work on your Dad recently, just like when I was plumping up my aura with white Light before I went to sleep last week, we both got attacked by some nonphysical 4D entity that was trying to stop us from doing what we did. They try to not only stop us from working with Light, but they simultaneously try to steal our Light Energy to use themselves for food or fuel because they’re parasites and steal from others what they cannot produce themselves. And in your 4D Astral dream — which was an Astral attack — that negative entity that took the image of a black male, he touched your Heart area and tried to steal some of your Heart Energy for himself because he’s a parasite and this is what parasitic astral beings and entities do. Don’t feel bad over this and don’t feel or think that you “failed” or “did something wrong” because you didn’t. What happened is that you were attacked by a 4D Astral entity in both cases and you are learning A LOT from each event and that is great and increasingly empowering for you.

      Also, the ‘slightly seductive’ thing with that other male teacher you mentioned could have been another more mild attack attempt by some Astral entity because they work through the love, romantic, sexual, emotional energies we have too. Just another possibility however and it sounds like you dealt really well and very quickly with that derailment tactic. Very well done you! ♥

      If you want any more info about any of this just ask as I’m very knowledgeable about getting ones butt kicked by Astral entities! 😆 😉


      • Thanks so much for the comment! Very detailed and helpful 🙂

        I laughed at the ‘Shit Squad’ comment. I can’t wait until I (we all) evolve far enough above all that rubbish. It’s a shame because if I was literally conscious and floating into the astral I think even though I’d still feel scared, I’d know I had some power and would blast those beings away – but since I was in dream-land I was extremely vulnerable! (In dream-time I’m not aware of what’s going on and don’t feel powerful at all, emotions feel too intense and I seem to lose all consciousness of who I am or what I’m doing – which sucks!).

        What advise to you have about protecting yourself in dreams? Or should I just let it happen for now.

        No wonder that dude wanted some of my heart energy – lately I’ve been kicking out a huge quantity of energy from my heart. It’s almost like my most powerful energy centre or my point of focus in my body IS the heart chakra. I can tell there is a very potent energy there!

        So the issue with the astral blockages and ticks, is one of working with our own energies to increase the power and amount of light energies (working with earths new energies or meditation) until we’re strong enough to push out the astral crap?

        I can’t wait for that to happen! A part of me really want’s to have this huge bright aura the size of a large room which can make people feel better. My friend says I do this already on a smaller scale.

        About the guys seductive energy, after I worked a few things out about it, I stopped feeling seduced by it. The training in question…I lost my obsession for! I may still be interested but it’ll find it’s way to me in future if it’s needed. The important point is my attachment to it has vanished.

        I’ll come back here if I get more astral questions or other similar questions.

        I’ve noticed some expanded awareness lately, such as being more aware of people’s aura’s and the energies which pervert physical places such as houses, rooms or social places….Slowly, ever so slowly I’m evolving (thanks to those bursts of heat energy which are doing something every now and then to my pineal gland!!!).


        Jamie 🙂

      • Oh how it’s been an odd situation. I converse with a guy about qigong a lot via email who is a friend. He actually said he was testing out a non-local healing on me at the very same time I was having the nightmare!

        He went into great depth about how he was using these methods and could feel merged into my aura, was putting various elements of qi in me to rebalance me and how I was freaking out and confused about it.

        He said he felt it was HIM in my dream doing those things to me (the man splashing my face, and also putting a cold finger in my heart), but it manifested badly because I got scared since I didn’t know what was going on.

        During the dream I felt like a little kid undergoing a scary medical procedure or being ‘interfered with’ without knowing what the heck was going on 😦

        So he said what was wrong with me were my elemental energies were out of balance, I had a lot of fire in my heart but not enough water so he said he put a lot of water (and wood) qi into my body!

        I can confirm that later that day and since then I’ve felt a lot more yin and more balanced. I think a part of me was holding onto the heart energy because it was pretty exciting to have excess of excitement in the heart.

        He said I freaked out because he appeared to me in the astral/mental plane and I didn’t know it was him. Then he said I started acting like a child and asked many questions. He said he sensed many positive entities surrounding me too and that I should talk to them sometimes, but I don’t get telepathy so much any more so it’s difficult for me.

        He also managed to tell me a bit about what my real bedroom looked like, and the type of floor which I had.

        SOO I have no idea if this was what happened or a psychic attack, but certainly I felt a psychic attack when I did energy work on dad (the entities which were trying to ‘attack’ or prevent the healing so that was really obvious – but I am lucky because when I meditate or do healing work I always pray for help and I seem to get it. Whenever I pray to the universe or the guides, they come to give me a white glow in the body and usually get rid of bad stuff for me).

        Anyway, this is just open for discussion, I don’t know if it’s the right thing to mention on your blog or not!

        Also I had quite an intense dream involving what I perceived to be you! (denise). But I had this dream some weeks ago. I left a comment on here and then fell asleep right away. In the dream I had, I was surrounded by a sea of energy and I was disembodied, but I felt peaceful like a bit of seaweed in a sea! Then I saw this bright white light and I thought ‘Oh it’s denise!’, then I sent you a bit of my energy, which looked like a glob of white energy. It went to you and you added it to your own energy and ‘created’ something. Then the thing which came out I remember feeling a great love for.

        It was such a strange but fun dream! Also then I woke up after that dream and felt my whole body buzzing with the energy of yours…or the energy which comes from your blog inside my energy body!!

        I’m hoping I get more interesting dreams, perhaps there will be some out of body travel later in future. Do you have a guide for ‘safe out of body travel’ or something like an ‘idiots guide to soul travel’ or something? What was it like ‘dummies guide book’ haha.

        So my friend did say he sensed positive entities around me, and sometimes I do feel good presences so I guess I should be thankful. it would be nice to get a hug from a high frequency being!

        • “…He said he felt it was HIM in my dream doing those things to me (the man splashing my face, and also putting a cold finger in my heart), but it manifested badly because I got scared since I didn’t know what was going on…”


          Did you, have you given this guy your permission to go messing about with you and your energy bodies while awake and/or asleep? If not you’ve got a problem because NO ONE has the right to invade another person in the way this guy is doing with you. Also, NO ONE has the right to astrally or while awake “remotely view” which is actually entering another person’s house and take a look around. There are rules and etiquette with these sorts of things and far too many people know nothing about any of this and just push their way right into other people’s bodies and homes, bedrooms and so on and it is not right and there are consequences to doing so.

          Now if you’ve given this guy your permission to work on you and your bodies energetically like this, well you’ve got another problem in my personal opinion, and that is that YOU are not doing the work you should on yourself but handing that power and responsibility over to someone else and that can get VERY dangerous for you or whoever allows other people entry like this into their body/bodies. I cannot caution people about doing things like this strongly enough! The very cosmos and the galactic center, the sun, and Divinity are here now pushing each of us, helping each of us to evolve/ascend now… we don’t need some other human to try and do this for us because they cannot. Period. Nor should they. Period.

          Sorry to be so harsh about this but this is not good in my opinion and I strongly suggest that you stop allowing this guy or anyone else to do anything like this to you, your physical or energy bodies ever again. Just a strong suggestion however, but if you do tell this guy that you no longer want him to do anything like this to you anymore, I want you to honestly pay very close attention to how things play out from that point on.

          Be wise, be safe, be strong,

        • Starlight/Meg/Denise,

          I completely concur. My first impression upon reading:

          “…a friend. He actually said he was testing out a non-local healing on me at the very same time I was having the nightmare!”

          was this is a Huge red flag situation. He was “testing”?? Did he not have your permission? Just because someone is a “friend” does not mean that they can try out new energy stuff on you just because. I still ask my best friend of almost 10 years as I approach, “Is it ok if I come into your energy?” She always replies, “You know you always have my permission,” and STILL I always make sure to ask Every Time. It is a respect thing, at least that’s how I feel about it.

          I’ve personally had someone mucking about in my energy… they always HAD to know what I was thinking/feeling… even before I was aware of it fully. It took me a long time to recover from that spiritual abuse. And it was spiritual abuse, because I wasn’t allowed to have my own head space, nor my own energetic space! We all know the unspoken rule: You wouldn’t just walk into someone’s house to see what it looks like, would you? So why would you mess around in another person’s energy?

          And he KNEW that you were “freaked out”. If he truly respected and honored you (he ought to have had your permission first of course), at the point he would’ve Known to apologize and back away… to Stop. You even remarked:

          “I felt like a little kid undergoing a scary medical procedure or being ‘interfered with’ without knowing what the heck was going on”

          That is exactly what we’ve been brainwashed with all these years from Team Dark, in this lopsided polarity. Don’t ask questions. Submit. It doesn’t matter if you’re scared because those in power “Know what’s best for you”. If you wish to continue a friendship with him, I would have a dialogue with him about this very thing. He KNEW how you were responding, and yet did not have the spiritual maturity to know he had to Stop what he was doing and respect your space.

          I know I came late to this response, and both Meg and Denise pretty much summed it up very well. Still, I needed to speak from my personal experience with spiritual abuse, and how this cannot be tolerated. This is a Huge and Important lesson on having Sovereignty over your own Self. We’ve been pushed down with fear for so long, and now is not the time to continue to allow it to happen. Now is the time to embrace the Truth that we all have so much Love and Power and Strength within each of us.

          I share this not to put you down, not to lecture. This is a sharing of my past experience I’ve had to overcome. You deserve to have your own space for your own journey, within your own time frame and in your own way. I say this out of the utmost respect and Love… and if anything, this is what I wish someone could’ve seen and would’ve said to me when I was in that position. Be gentle with yourself and trust in yourself.

          With Much Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        • Thanks! Uhm…well…to be honest I didn’t give him permission. I didn’t even know he was going to do anything to me! So then he apologized and said he’d warn me in future.

          I wasn’t asking for anything like that or expecting it.

          What sort of punishment do you get for unauthorized entry such as that? What are the rules.



        • “Thanks! Uhm…well…to be honest I didn’t give him permission. I didn’t even know he was going to do anything to me! So then he apologized and said he’d warn me in future.

          I wasn’t asking for anything like that or expecting it…”


          Thanks for sharing the truth about this Jamie, I had the sense that he did not ask you for your permission about any of what he did and that is a big karmic NO NO.

          There is such a thing as psychic trespassing, etheric breaking and entering, astral invasion, etheric peeping Tom’s etc. etc.. Just like we would not leave our physical doors unlocked at night and risk some jerk getting into our house, the same is true on these finer levels of reality and consciousness. People do NOT have the right to enter our houses via “remote viewing” or intentional traveling while out-of-body and so on. People think that no one knows what they’re doing on these levels, in these ways, and that is not true. There are consequences for entering into someone’s space/home/bedroom etc. uninvited such as this guy did even if his intentions were “good”. Stair Steps, even with this issue and I’m talking to the “guy” here if he’s reading these Comments.

          Thanks again Jamie for being honest about this and I’m glad you’ve learned what you were supposed to from it all. I hope “he” has too.

        • Don’t worry he’s taken a look at the comments and is sorry for causing a trouble! We both felt we learned a thing or two about this after the experience.

          I felt apathetic last night from too much ‘yin’ energy, so I prayed for my guides to remove the energy he put in me and put me back to normal. Within 2 minutes my energy sort of flushed back to how it used to be, I realized my natural energy felt yellow like light and red like fire internally, which gave me a lot of much needed energy! This just feels ‘right’ to me, like how I’m meant to be.

          I also felt quite disoriented but that is because my psychic sensing of whats happening on a deeper level is increasing. My brain could suddenly sense more of the energetic’s around me, including a powerful feeling of what my own aura was like.

          I felt as though my own aura was comprised of different ‘ego’s, different spirits, perhaps 5-6 of them. These ego’s do not leave when I ask them, they seem to be living under one roof (body).

          I’ve read that in the course of the spiritual process, these selfish ego’s which often have different agenda’s from each other – slowly purify until they can merge back into the inner spirit, at which point they become harmonious. At the very least they feel like parts of me, It’s just the first time I’ve felt them as separate egos!

          Thanks for telling us some of the rules about how to treat people in the astral. I take it there is a lot of ‘free space’ out there where all types of spirits can meet and communicate, and then there are personal spaces and consideration of free will choices?

          Back in the past when I had more spirit communication, even some of the darker spirits would try to get my ‘permission’ so that they could interfere with me, so even they were trying to abide by this type of rule with me.

          I’m not looking to rush off into the astral, but it might happen spontaneously in future so I want to prepare myself for it.

          So the general rules would be, defend your psychic space (aura/room), respect other entities free will and living space (no spying).

          I sometimes feel I need a spiritual rule book, like ‘how to be a good astral space citizen’ or something like this!

          Thanks for taking time to explain some of this to us.


        • I have to say, it seems like your friend should be asking your permission before trying stuff out on you. Seems like it manifested badly because he is not being respectful. Seems like he thinks he knows you better than you do. Then he tells you that you reacted badly??? Just doesn’t sit right with me.

          I have a friend that is like that. Spiritual ego. Thinks he knows better what’s right for other people. Don’t get me wrong, he has good intentions. But he tries to impress me with his experiences. He is very attached to helping others. It’s all subtle. I just see it for what it is, I listen to his stories, but I don’t get sucked in. I let him do his thing. What’s really interesting, he recently had a psychic tell him that he is not ascending yet, he is staying here to help. He is a person who loves to stir it up, get people would up about a topic. Just this morning we were talking about how that’s why he is staying, cause he is having too much fun with the game.

          To me your dream was giving you a more accurate portrayal of your friend. I don’t like to think of people as “bad” vs “good” but if it was me I would be more aware of what’s going on. Putting you down saying you acted like a child seems like a big red flag.

          And hey, if this resonates with you, great, but obviously I don’t know enough to know if my reaction is applicable. Might be that it reminds me of my friend 🙂 and that’s all.


        • “I have to say, it seems like your friend should be asking your permission before trying stuff out on you. Seems like it manifested badly because he is not being respectful. Seems like he thinks he knows you better than you do. Then he tells you that you reacted badly??? Just doesn’t sit right with me.

          I have a friend that is like that. Spiritual ego. Thinks he knows better what’s right for other people…”

          Meg & starlight,

          That was my immediate response too; negative ego doing more damage to another person and the other person not knowing that this can even happen to them.

          Group Safety Hug,

        • To jlcmom, yes I still feel kind of uncomfortable about the whole thing. If you want my opinion he definitely was ‘trying’ to help, doing what he felt was right for me…but it just felt too invasive and a bit personal.

          I’ve been feeling very confused lately, and right now, I feel like my head has been put inside a blender and is all over the place. I feel very ungrounded again and lost, like who to trust and not trust. Not a nice feeling!

          I would love to say how well I’m doing but…I’m messed up. It’s not just the dream-healing but also other things playing on my mind too! Imagine having thoughts and obsessions which develop very rapidly over a period of days, taking up a lot of thinking time, then crashing suddenly and leaving you feeling burnt out and wondering what is going on.

          I don’t remember asking for these obsessions, they hit me like a truck and then die down and I am left thinking ‘well what the heck was my intuition about and what is just me being manipulated by some dark, unseen force!’ It’s left me struggling to have any trust in myself!!! Ugly feeling.

          hug all Anyway he said he viewed these comments. So I told him to view them again.

          If you want my intuition about this, I like to put up my stories and thoughts up here on the blog because I genuinely feel like I get a balanced response (one often wiser and makes more sense than my own). Something that my own mind can’t seem to come up with too well lately…

          Once again, I know Justin was trying to help balance me 🙂 But I do wonder what type of cosmic rules there are on invaded entry to ones personal space and such?


        • OH MY GOD. Right, I was just feeling so confused like I mentioned in my last post – and then it hit me all at once like a steam-train! Thank god for that.

          It’s not only about my friends healing, but also about the meditation course I was temporarily obsessed with, and also another mystery person online who I suddenly got overly attracted to (too sudden…too powerful).

          I’m being tested for the following lesson: It’s seeing if I can support myself, balance and ground myself into the earth and not be so swayed by the powerful opinions and trivialities of others. I’m being put in situations where I’m focusing a lot on others, either trying to give them some of my personal power or rely too much on them for answers to any problems or questions I have!

          It’s such a heavy test and has been thrown at me from all directions – all at once! Intensity high volume!

          Phew. Okay now I need some time alone to ground myself.


  • “the return of hot flashes every half-hour or so, profound exhaustion and the absolute need to take daytime naps. “

    Yes, me too Denise …….and burning in the soles of my feet …… lots of sweating too ( we are having a heat wave in England) more Fire energies helping to release !

    Yesterday 20th, had a meditation, the first in ages, got a ‘download’ to do with heart energy, more synchronicity when reading your new posting. I also felt the Lion energies again, but this time they were connected directly to the heart 💖. I was amazed at the new feelings in my heart centre, they were strong and clear, not heavy and achey as they have felt in the past. I had a ‘download’ of new colour energies/frequencies which seemed to have some connection to timing ????? could this be the monthly 20/21 count of the trimester period.

    Also listened to the latest CA info last night ‘The Compression Zone’ which always helps somehow.

    Oh, gosh ……. just remembered, we are on the threshold of entering the Lion frequencies of Leo, and the Lion’s Stargate of 8.8 , which rules the Heart ……. how amazing, writing this comment has uncovered the meaning of part of my meditation …….. how absolutely amazing is that, why didn’t I see that yesterday, duh.

    ‘The Weighing of the Heart’ article is perfectly placed in Astrological ‘timing’ ……. and in the House of Joy 💞

    Thanks so much Denise ……… Perfect timing as usual 💕

    • Hope,

      😀 Very well done you! ♥ Don’t ya just love when those higher dimensional kinsfolk from 5D Pleiades and/or 6D Sirius or beyond come in so strong like this… and the best part is when we consciously connect the dots and see it all! Yes the rest of July and much of August 2013 is going to be, this year, just as different and NEW as all the previous “downloads” from other sources and locations.

      Thanks also for mentioning that Cosmic Awareness has something new up at Rainbow Phoenix website. (There’s a link everyone in my LINKS section to Rainbow Phoenix.)

      ♥ Hugs,

  • Denise, thank you so much for all the time and work you contribute to the community, I know it has benefited me greatly. Thank God I found this page before the ascension date so that I could utilize this time. It all rings true. Things have become increasingly hard since the life review. A new condition appeared in january that prevents me from doing yoga, the sanctuary for the chronic pain I already had. I continue to search for answers and this site strengthens my faith that I will find them amid the lack of modern medical expertise. Perhaps we all just need to dig deeper… Cheers to finding the root of our obstacles.

    With much love and peace,

    • Dearest Rob (Robert),

      I can certainly empathize with you about being prevented in doing yoga at this time. Since last year in August, I was dx’d with a protruding disc in my lower back…. I had left hip pain really bad. I was able to finally get relief from aquatic PT, and then was hit with a sciatic pain on the opposite side (right). I tried alternative treatments and while it doesn’t radiate like it used to in February, it’s still there and painful. I was told by my pt and massage therapist that yoga was not good for my condition (protruding disc), and had resigned myself to never being able to do it again which was so sad.

      However, something in me was prompted to do some research online and I found testimonies from instructors who found their way back from back injuries With yoga. Intrigued, I found an instructor and went to a private lesson just last week. My favorite pose is downward dog and I have missed it more than I can tell you… however “it’s not good for the disc in my lower back” I was told. Well, my instructor rigged me in these ropes connected to the wall so I was completely supported… and I got on my hands and my knees bent, and I stretched from the wall on tip toes to the tips of my fingers and it was the most blessed feeling I’ve had in years. I felt good, and my body felt good, it remembered how it felt. In all these new positions that were supported, my body responded quickly. The instructor was surprised because usually she’d have to explain the intricacies sometimes 10-20 minutes before people would “get” it. My body and my visual interpretation “got” it immediately.

      I can’t say I know what your new condition is, and I won’t ask. I share my story with you to let you know that others cannot tell you what you can and cannot do… especially within the Old paradigm. Find an experienced guide in yoga. It may be possible within limits for now. I’m realizing that even with these 2 classes I had last week, I do not necessarily have to go back to class. My body can tell me at home just as well what it needs and what’s not ok. It’s nice to have the outside guidance, and I’m recognizing it’s not necessary if I want to trust in my own wisdom/Self.

      YOU have the answers within you. Ask within what is the best course of action for YOU at this time. The answer is there waiting.

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Hi Chrysalis, thank you for sharing your story, it is inspiring. I am so glad you were blessed with the relief of downward dog again. I know how painful the thought can be of not being able to practice something you love and I hope/know that many more blessings await you.

        I believe you are right, if one listens to their body and intuition they cannot go wrong. I have trouble accepting no for an answer and I am going to keep trying, like you said, within limits. Maybe I will even find a yoga therapist. Our paths do not sound so entirely different. I was diagnosed with a bulging disc in my lower back in October of 2011. Yoga made all the difference but this January I developed pain in my right hip that prevents me from the therapeutic positions I was accustomed to. I am going to begin downward dog again. I never had a problem with it in the past, and I’ll take it slow.

        My new mantra that came to be the other night is “I am a chrysalis of evolution. A cocoon of transformation.” Let us remember that when life is tough and as we look within. Thank you.

        With love and light,

        • Dearest Rob (Robert),

          Thank you for sharing the mantra that came to you. It brought me to tears, and still does. It’s such a testament to where we are now, all of us doing the inner work, as we climb the interwoven stair steps.

          Our paths do seem similar in the back disc/yoga areas. I’m glad that sharing my story with you has given you hope. I got up waaaay early for me this morning to attend the yoga class of the instructor who I saw privately last week. She (and I find other people lately) had been thinking of me, not expecting me, and was happy I was there for her class. She told me after class that she had had no idea of what kind of poses she was going to bring the class through… until I showed up. Then she had a clear idea. Apparently, a few others from the class that were hanging around afterward, thanked the teacher profusely because what we did in class was really beneficial for them this morning. Even within my physical limitations, (tearing as I type this), I’ve brought healing for other people. The teacher spent time talking with me after the others left, how I absolutely can do yoga… modified “for now”. I was tentative with a few poses, held back (listening to my back/spine)… and there was one modified/using props pose we did where I actually cried. It was such a beautiful release in all ways.

          So yes, I would definitely listen to your instinct and see who it leads you to. I’m not familiar with all the modified poses, or different ways of doing them and so the classes and instruction helps a lot. As well, the teacher encouraged me to just “play” at home, see what feel right/good for my body. Thank you so much for opening this dialogue, and I’m delighted that it’s been inspiring for you!

          With Much Love and Light (Namaste!),
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Hi Denise and all…there’s something I still don’t get…after this nine month period, do the energy downloads, thus clearings/cleansings actually come to and end? Will the ascension process end or will we still be experiencing ‘ascension symptoms’?
    Sorry if that has been answered a million times…

    • “Hi Denise and all…there’s something I still don’t get…after this nine month period, do the energy downloads, thus clearings/cleansings actually come to and end? Will the ascension process end or will we still be experiencing ‘ascension symptoms’?
      Sorry if that has been answered a million times…


      That is a very complex question and would take pages and pages to go into. I’ll try to condense the info for you and all here.

      The question is asked from a point of awareness of linearity and the Ascension Process is anything but linear! It is quantum and multidimensional. The difficulty for many people is how to get from the one to the other in their minds, their consciousness and because of this my answer, and some other people’s and channeled Beings answers, may sound contradictory but they’re not.

      You know how I always use the term Stair Steps? Keep those Stair Steps in mind while you read this please. Also, keep in mind that there is not only one earth world reality and timeline that’s experiencing this current Ascension Process but many. Now, because Source/Divinity/”God”/All That Is is so creative, as are we which are aspects of Source/Divinity/”God”/All That Is 🙂 , there are multiple timelines with multiple earth-like worlds and plenty of others that aren’t like earth at all, and they ALL are in the Process of moving through this current Ascension Process. Each of these different earth-like worlds with their appropriate timelines are for the souls/people who want or need or desire to learn within THAT particular earth world and timeline. Some souls/people still want and/or need or desire to live in a physical world where wars, violence, and power over other people still exists so they have the opportunity to go to THAT earth-like physical world and continue living and learning within that level of awareness and energies etc. Other souls/people who desire and are ready for a more balanced, individually empowered and sane global society will go to an earth world with its timeline that has that frequency range and level of consciousness etc.

      The easiest way to comprehend all this is to visualize in your mind’s eye one road leading to a point in that road where many, many multiple roads all offshoot from that one single road. Those multiple other “roads” are actually other earth worlds and earth-like worlds with their different timelines for all the souls/people that need a variety like this to choose from. Next hold in your higher awareness that these multiple earth worlds and timelines are themselves different Stair Steps and that they each are functioning within a slightly different time than the others. Now add to this mix the different souls/people who themselves are each at different levels of individual development, different levels of soul focus and so on. Realize that all this is happening in quantum time and not a single linear timeline or “road”. More advanced souls can intentionally “time jump” or shift from one of these many different earth worlds with their timeline to ANOTHER earth world and timeline and so on. (Some more advanced souls/people/Beings/ETs have done this sort of “time jumping” all along and actually come from what people call “the future” and they intentionally slide back down vibrationally into our current “now” to talk to us, share information, get information or updates on how things are progressing or not progressing and why etc. etc. etc. Sorry, I got slightly off track there but this is how reality actually is; souls/people/ETs/Beings are multidimensional quantum beings that can and do function in multiple realities, multiple timelines, multiple dimensions, multiple “lives” simultaneously.)

      Where the hell was I? 🙄 So no, for many souls/people the Ascension Process will seemingly continue, at least for a while. For other souls/people it will begin to wind down slowly over “time” and they will increasingly see the NEW higher frequency earth world build around them. In other worlds in other timelines there will be increasing negativity, disasters, growing power over the masses and all sorts of much worse and greatly increased global negativity. In other worlds and timelines some souls/people will seemingly “ascend” and disappear from view, from awareness and from memory of the people who knew them before when they all existed in the pre-Ascension earth world. Before anyone freaks out over that, keep in mind that the majority of people can’t remember their dreams or their past lives so this forgetting of other people isn’t as harsh as it may sound at first.

      The Ascension Process and its symptoms will eventually end–as in wind down not abruptly stop overnight–and this will be experienced by individual souls/people depending on where they are and how far they have or have not gone in the Process. Hopefully you see that this is not about one single abrupt and complete cutoff date or day, or about one single earth world and timeline, but about many of them and each of them doing what they will in the timeline or time frame that’s time-coded for each particular earth world and earth-like world. Some souls/people will experience the Ascension Process and its symptoms changing and/or ending for the most part at the completion of these Nine Months; other souls/people will continue experiencing them for quite a while; and other people won’t experience them at all.

      It’s because of these multiple “roads” and choices of realities and worlds that exists right now mere inches away from each of us that’s why many Ascension Teachers have been frantically and repeatedly telling people to be mindful of your mind, be conscious of your consciousness, be aware of what you’re thinking about and what you’re mentally and emotionally focused on now because that will only help pull you towards and into a matching frequency world and timeline! No fear, just more responsibility for everyone now because of these across the board changes taking place now and the rest of this year.

      I hope I came close to answering your questions Jane.

      • Wow. Yes, you did, thank you so very much for the lengthy reply. It is still somewhat confusing and hard to get my head around but you did answer my question. Not what I wanted to hear though. xx

      • I wanted to comment about the “disappearing from view” idea. I have been thinking about this since reading The Celestine Prophecy last week — at the end the group cannot be seen by those who are pursuing them, until fear takes over and their vibration is lowered.

        All this sounds crazy, but I have experienced myself disappearing, and at least my experience wasn’t in such a dramatic situation, but it very clearly happened/is happening.

        I have spent a lot of time with a specific couple in the past, but it is clear to me that we are headed for different timelines. Over the last couple of years, we just don’t see each other very much any more. When we are together, I feel like an alien among them. Like we don’t speak the same language, have nothing in common. For a while it hurt my feelings, because it was so clear they had zero interest in me or who I am or what I am thinking or interested in. But as I started understanding what was going on, it doesn’t bother me anymore, I don’t take it personally. They just cannot exist where I am. So, in that way I am slowly disappearing from their lives.

        BUT I have also been at their house, having a conversation with one of them, who stopped in midsentence and turned and walked away. The behavior made no sense if you are in the 3d mindset, but it startled me, and I recognized it as an instance where I just was not understandable or relatable to that person, and the interaction just stopped. It really did feel just like I became invisible.

        I also realize that I “cause” a similar phenomenon quite often. If I chime in on a conversation, make a comment that comes from a higher vibration, many times the conversation just dies. So much so that in “real life” I many times refrain from commenting because it feels like interfering. (I listen to my heart/inner guidance to decide whether to engage, and feel like I’ve gotten better at knowing when I’m going to be helpful or not.)

        Anyway, all this is just my way of experiencing this, something that seems crazy on the surface (disappearing, becoming invisible.) But experienced this way, it makes sense to me.


        This post and the comments have been really great to read today. Just what I needed, to feel less crazy and alone!!

        Love to all –


        • Meg,

          That was a great Comment that very clearly defined the oftentimes emotionally painful process of outgrowing our friends, family members, loved ones etc. during the Ascension Process.

          Sometimes one person will move way ahead and the other or others won’t but one or some of the other loved ones do eventually catch back up with us and reenter a close enough frequency range that the friendship and conversation can continue. But, more often than not, one person moves very far ahead of those other people and the gap becomes too great to continue the friendship or any meaningful conversations and so a split has to happen. Each in his/her own time.

          This whole business about disappearing from physical view, from memory, from awareness is exactly the same as the different ranges of frequency that science talks about. There are ranges of frequency with sounds, with colors, with energy waves etc. and for humans, what they can physically see/hear/perceive of those wide ranges is actually very small. This is the same situation with those of us who are evolving at tremendous speeds right now (despite it feeling to us like it’s taking forever!) in comparison to those people that are moving through this Ascension Process on much lower Stair Steps than where we are today. And then there are those people who aren’t ready to do any of this now and will do it in the far future.

          We’re all on different frequency Stair Steps, but because we’re so deep into this transitional process now in 2013, some of us have been increasingly becoming near impossible to deal with by those people who are not moving forward now… and vice versa! 🙄 The energetic gap and the consciousness gap between us and them is reaching that breaking point where the elastic has been stretched as far as it can possibly go and so it breaks and then you have two things that go in their very different ways. That is how the Separation of Worlds & Timelines is, will happen; elastic stretched to the point where it breaks and then there are many pieces, many different worlds and timelines, inside of just the one we all had been crammed into with each other! Guess how that alone will improve things and make things vastly easier to deal with for everyone? Everyone will stop irritating each other just because the range of frequency between us all has been stretched to the breaking point! It’s gonna feel great! 😀

          Because this frequency, consciousness, and energy gap is so extreme now in 2013, those of you who are vibrating very fast and high but still have to get in your car occasionally, I strongly suggest that while sitting in your car in your driveway you put up a big honkin’ energy field around your vehicle so the other people functioning in–and that means driving in a slower frequency range of being and consciousness than you–can even see your car! Driving has been a real trick these past few years because of this growing gap between people so always put some protective energies around your car and big bright SEE MY CAR sort of energies too so people don’t drive right into you!

          Thanks again Meg for your great Comment as I’m sure it will help many others. ♥

        • Dearest Meg,

          Thank you for sharing this observation. It stayed with me today with something I experienced.

          A younger couple came to the bus stop where I was waiting, talking about (of all things!!!) manifesting. The guy was telling the woman what she needed to do to manifest, and she kept asking, “But how does this work? How do you know?” etc. I couldn’t hold back any longer and jumped in… basically to start with looking at all the ways you already have abundance in your life, and what you are grateful for… how it will help to open up the flow of more abundance (and to question everything, see what feels right). She seemed to really latch on and understand it better in this way. Anyway, the moment I stopped talking and went to see if the bus was approaching, it was like I wasn’t there. They went back to talking, just the two of them, like how they were before I spoke up. I know they weren’t ignoring me; it felt like I gave them the idea of how to proceed, and then we were separate again. Rather odd feeling.

          The other thing I noticed today (even now) is that when I focused on my “other senses” to see what I could pick up about anything, my ears HURT. Now, I have extremely sensitive physical ears to begin with (I can hear a pin drop on carpet if it’s quiet enough), but this was like a tidal wave of noise. I had to shut it off immediately. I could sense thoughts and feelings and actions of so many other people. Sorry for this image, but it felt like my ears would bleed because it was so loud! Right now my ears and face are hot… but more it’s my ears. And at the bus stop today, I felt like I had to shout over the traffic to be heard by another person, and vice versa. That’s a new thing for me as I can usually hear them without much trouble. I guess my hearing is getting an upgrade!

          Thank you again, Meg. I truly appreciate it.

          With Much Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Dear Denise I can’t tell you how helpful I find this website and the comments posted by other energy workers. Often when I am in a quandary over some energetic symptom or mental/emotional problem someone usually posts an answer which is exactly what is needed or a response to something you say. So helpful helps to keep me sane. Maureen
    PS although body feels like it is falling apart I feel such peace, joy and contentment that one balances the other out!!!

  • So much Gratitude and Honor. . . to all of you. Your power, wisdom and divinity is evident within every word.

  • Hi Denise. I have been constantly reminded that my goal is to remain detached or become detached and neutral. What a trip. I was shown that I was still invested in struggle, hardship, and fear. I found I was easily being swept into the Obama thing most passionately. But I kept asking myself and noting my issues even while caught up in things. I began the process of elimination as I thumbed through the beliefs that were obvious and used my techniques to release them. Also one other biggie is feeling angry and put upon when things happen that “shouldn’t” and become a mess to untangle when dealing with others. I become so self righteous and blaming!! All about being a victim I think. So these 2 areas were in my face to release. I also note that I constantly feel the question, “what do I do?!!” Shouldn’t I be doing something to save myself??? Am I suppose to just sit here? So it’s like as the false world falls apart around me I need to be able to just observe and TRUST. Believe. Create. Keep connected in my heart to 5 D and the higher frequencies no matter what.

    • “… I was shown that I was still invested in struggle, hardship, and fear. I found I was easily being swept into the Obama thing most passionately. But I kept asking myself and noting my issues even while caught up in things…”


      THAT is so important I can’t even tell you! As long as we’re deaf, dumb and blind to “our issues”, we’re stuck. But, once we become consciously AWARE of them or even of one of them, that’s when we really start to get ourselves free from the traps. As long as we’re paying attention to what and why we’re doing or not doing certain things, we’re intentionally working on “waking up” more and more and honestly changing ourselves and our awareness/consciousness.

      Everyone must ask themselves and their Higher Self when needed, What’s in this that’s for ME to learn about and/or change within MYSELF now? That’s what’s really important; what you/me/each of us need to work on within ourselves… not other people. Very well done you!

      Yes, we Forerunners are the ‘Keepers of the Frequency’ to borrow Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians great term. It’s those of us who’ve done the Inner Work and are already embodying the NEW higher Light frequencies and High Heart etc. that are the ones keeping the frequencies, anchoring the NEW higher into this dimension and timeline, showing the Way, and maintaining the NEW for ourselves and all others coming in behind us.


  • Thank God you posted this message which is the one bright spot in my day. Seriously I hope this life gets better soon, the pain and anguish is too great.

  • Hello, Denise and all,

    I have three things to talk about which are quite divergent aspects of this.

    Here’s one perspective on this transition, which speaks to me.

    What we are going through at this time reminds me very much of a shamanic calling and initiation. (I know you don’t anything that sounds like religion, Denise, but bear with me.) A shaman is called, as we all have been, usually undergoing a shamanic illness until the call is answered. Generally, no one wants to answer the call, because it is a very difficult way of life, but the alternative is terrible sickness or death. Then during the shamanic initiation the flesh is stripped from the body until they are just a pile of bones. From that point, the person begins to rebuild themselves. That is just the beginning. There are several levels of initiation beyond that beginning.

    I see what we are going through as very similar to that process. We are being deconstructed only to begin to put ourselves together again in a completely different way so that we can work in other realms and dimensions with the spirits and beings that exist there. I can do without the hierarchy of shamanic traditions and the silliness of neo-shamanism, but the core of what is happening is strikingly similar to what we are going through.

    I always see shamans as the astrophysicists of the spiritual world, working in multiple realms and dimensions. But it’s only the beginning of what we are doing here. Where we will end up will be far beyond what they shamans (or physicists) do.

    Then, the last three days, I have been working with some artists in a process of flow and tuning in and respect that I see as the embodiment of the way we will work together in the future. They had some ideas and I drew an image and we put it into the space and then constructed and deconstructed it some more and moved in and around it and made sound in it, discussed what it brought up in continually deeper conversations over the next days, all the while listening to each other, allowing each one to do their work, one taking over from the other or contributing another angle or drawing. It ended up being a model for the cosmos and for writing and for administrative work. There are so many levels and dimensions to it, but we’re slowly and quietly working through it in multiple ways. I feel so blessed to be able to do this work at this time with real live people (except one is cyber!). I just see it as an indication of how we will work together and interact in the future. And it’s amazing!

    Finally, Denise, you will not be surprised that I latched on to your description of going to the Underworld. Someone close to me died recently and I had been estranged from them for several years. They decided not to do the Life Review, to try to avoid it and stay a spirit on earth and continue their destructive ways. It ended up becoming clear to me that I had a responsibility to deal with the situation (through a number of coincidences that happened 2 and 3 years ago). I had to wait a number of days/weeks for all the pieces to come together, but it happened at the exact moment it was supposed to and the situation is completed. So, resist as we may, we are going to have to face the Life Review and it is amazing that we are doing it in life and working through all these issues now. What I learned through that process is that we are so responsible for everything that we do in this life, even if we try to hide it or no one believes what we have done. The heart cannot be hidden.

    Sorry this was so long. These were things I had to say right now.

    Love to you all,

    • Dearest Cat,

      Yes, I feel what you’re saying. I’ve learned some about shamanism and experienced it some as well. And I completely agree that the work we are doing is “beyond” the “traditional” shaman calling and initiation. The “traditional” is based within the “Old” parameters and doesn’t fully encompass the full journey back to our SELVES.

      I just wanted to let you know that I hear what you’re saying, and thank you for sharing it with us.

      Much Love and Light (and Heart Embrace if you wish),
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • Cat,

      Your description of being stripped down to the bones to be rebuilt all over again, is exactly what my life has been like since January of 2001, when I was 14. I started developing several debilitating health problems that unfortunately persist to this day (though I’ve learned ways to cope physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually). Most of how I viewed myself was stripped away, to where I felt like there was barely anything left. I felt like the families beloved dog, old and sick, just waiting to be put down. I realized the only way to survive without literally going insane, or giving up entirely, was to start putting myself back together piece by piece. To me, life isn’t like a box of chocolates, it’s like “the classic block-stacking, stack-crashing game of Jenga”. (Players take turns to remove a block from a tower and balance it on top, creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses)

      When the process started in 01’ I was a half played game of Jenga, of average height and stability. My health problems kept stacking the blocks in increasingly precarious ways until eventually only the first few layers of my block tower, my core or foundation was left. Most of the blocks that represented how I viewed myself slowly came back, sometimes only by pure will power and blind, stubborn determination. Yet this time they were a lot more stable after rearranging themselves. Some blocks where restacked in unexpected ways, such as what I would have previously called upside down, while others I traded in for an altogether different block. The parts of me I never truly was, or no longer suited, didn’t come back. Or one could say where never really there to begin with, such as place fillers for the blocks that had already been removed during the game.

      I’m still a work in progress, yet this time there are a lot less Jenga blocks missing and I’m more aware of those that are. It’s also easier to stay calm and centered, when life tries to play with the tower, that is me. Would I want to do it all over again? Hell No! However I am very gratefully for my reassembly and am more than ready to be done with this game (Mario-Kart anyone?), or at least upgraded to a way cooler version of Jenga.

      I look at it like the more stable, put together and compact our tower of Jenga, the further away from 3D we will be sling shot when the timelines split. Without those you would fall apart during the ascension process, or at least not get very far. Better luck next time. The more complete and restored the tower of you is, the closer you are to your true self and the more you’re ready for all the really cool stuff that would seem to us like magic or miracles, all the while high on the universal Source’s peace pipe! We’re all entrenched in the last third of bonus overtime now (since 12-21-12), so keep on stacking!

  • Dear Denise thank you for your latest post very timely and helpful as usual.

    I had two dreams recently both on the same night following one another.

    The first dream I was climbing a ladder against a house and as I got to the last rung or two I was so exhausted I could barely lift myself up on to the last rungs. I was shouting for help and a window opened and a pair of hands pulled me up and in.

    The second dream was I was on a cliff edge looking down to the sea below at some huge fish swimming there when a voice said these fish are man eating and dangerous. One of the fish started scaling the cliff face to eat me and I felt very afraid in my dream/scary – it felt a bit like Noah and the Whale. I was glad to awaken. Maureen

    PS my whole body at the moment aches from head to toe and knees painful.

    • “…PS my whole body at the moment aches from head to toe and knees painful…”


      Over the past few weeks I too have been having amplified body pains from head to toe, the return of hot flashes every half-hour or so, profound exhaustion and the absolute need to take daytime naps. 2013 has been and will continue to be extremely intense and transformative on multiple levels internally and externally.

      We’re all super exhausted due to all that’s changing in us, around us, above and below us but we will make the journey up that DNA ladder. 😉


      • Dearest Denise,

        “DNA ladder”

        Wow. The new heart/visual language spoke to me when I read that. I found myself seeing that this is another “layer” of the actual stair steps you refer to. As well, I was “Seeing” how each rung of DNA has strands interwoven/intertwined, so it’s not “just” a rung… it’s layer upon strand of a rung. The evolution, both spiritual and physical (and otherwise) upon the rungs of our own DNA strand/stair step. I cannot fully expand upon this in the moment. I hold it within that knowing/visual aspect, and cannot fully translate it. All I can say again is Wow at this deeper knowing about our process.

        Thank you for that little nugget of golden Light =)

        With Much Love and Light,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        • “…Wow. The new heart/visual language spoke to me when I read that. I found myself seeing that this is another “layer” of the actual stair steps you refer to. As well, I was “Seeing” how each rung of DNA has strands interwoven/intertwined, so it’s not “just” a rung… it’s layer upon strand of a rung. The evolution, both spiritual and physical (and otherwise) upon the rungs of our own DNA strand/stair step. I cannot fully expand upon this in the moment…”


          You just did dearest, you just did. ♥ 🙂

          Yes, Stair Steps in every way and every level with this Process and our DNA ladder steps we’ve been climbing like crazy in 2013, along with higher consciousness/awareness ones too. Very well done you!


  • Hello one and all. Denise, thanks a lot! I am new to this site and all the topics it talks about.I’m basically an outsider, but still…someone looking for clarity. So, obviously, this was quite a shock for me! BUT, as far as clarity goes, this is IT. I say so because recently I had become more and more tuned to the practice of consciousness. consciousness, trying to elevate it to Consciousness. When I read your articles Denise….I can feel that transition! And the strength to carry on, on this weird weird trip we call life. How grateful we are to thee!!! 🙂

  • Dearest Denise,

    Much love to you for expanding on Kaisa’s comment. I was so looking forward to your response, “forgot” about it, and “re-membered” when I saw your new article in my email today.

    In many small moments lately, I find myself crying a few tears. No sadness, no anger, nothing I can fully describe. Perhaps it has to do with this process, touching more fully my Selves in harmony.

    Twice this week I had people say to me (not asking, stating to me) that, “You’re a healer”. The first time I paused to take it in, and replied that yes I am. The second time, I had no response except that I hadn’t found my “modality” of healing “yet”. Now having typed that I have to wonder if I was forward in space/time in the first instance, and more in the present now in the second. Whatever the case, I find myself accepting myself as a healer, the Self I see myself as. I can feel that when the time comes, and when I’m prepared within, I will know how to be and how to utilize it to heal others. I have already found one direction to take as a healer just this week, have made the first baby steps to bring it into being.

    I can see some changes I need to make to allow room for things to unfold. I will have to make more room for exploring the energies… or maybe the time will find me as it seems to a lot lately.

    As much as those close to me have been amazed at my transformation these past months, I see it happening in those around me. And I hear through them how people are amazed at “their” transformation. I feel so blessed to witness it beyond my own experience in others.

    Thank you so much for sharing your gift of words and wisdom, pulling all the thoughts and observations together in a way that we can understand on so many levels. I know that when I read what you have to share, that I already understand it, find I already know it… you put into words more clarity for what we are all sensing these days. I just want you to know how very much I appreciate it. I’m sure you tire hearing it sometimes, and yet honestly, I treasure what you share with us. As we all aspire to rise higher to meet our Selves, and as you are doing so your Self along with us (before us even), you are such a blessing to help us find a bit of clarity within the sometimes seeming insanity. Thank you.

    With Much Love and Light (and Heart Embraces),
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • “…Twice this week I had people say to me (not asking, stating to me) that, “You’re a healer”. The first time I paused to take it in, and replied that yes I am. The second time, I had no response except that I hadn’t found my “modality” of healing “yet”…”


      Each one of us that’s been transmuting density duality within ourselves (Lightworkers/Wanderers/Starseeds/Pathpavers/Wayshowers etc.) are “Healers” of others. By the very act of us working on ourselves (Inner Work) we help to improve and make slightly easier this same Inner Work for all other people that are and will be doing it. We literally help create and clear an energetic Path and show the Way etc. by us doing it first. We have and continue to “heal” far more than most of us realize and we do this “healing” NOT in the old traditional ways. All we need do to “heal” others now is to BE what we’re becoming and radiate that Light and High Heart energy and consciousness. We “heal” and we change reality now by having embodied and/or continuing to embody Higher Energies and Consciousness and simply living, functioning, existing from that NEW higher level of being and awareness.

      Thanks ♥ for those kind words Chrysalis, and no I don’t ‘tire of hearing it’, words of kindness, evolving awareness and higher understanding make it easier for me to get through the rough periods. 🙂


      • I find the more I am around family and friends- mostly males- That I am – Healing; but in a caustic way.. Could it be just that I am stirring the proverbial pot with my presence..I tend to calmly say what is and leave the situation when the men get defensive or deflective. Blessings to ALL

        • “I find the more I am around family and friends- mostly males- That I am – Healing; but in a caustic way.. Could it be just that I am stirring the proverbial pot with my presence..I tend to calmly say what is and leave the situation when the men get defensive or deflective. Blessings to ALL”


          Yes the old lower frequency and negative male “patriarchy” mind control BS and insanity stuff is very hard for most males to escape. I don’t envy your job with your male family members and friends but know that what you’re doing — just your presence and higher frequency Light Energies and Consciousness and Intention — are doing the trick. 😉 They’ll adapt and evolve or they’ll go elsewhere where they can continue the old lower patriarchal mindset until they’re tired of it.

          Stay strong and wise ♥

        • Debbie – your comment makes me think you would get a kick out of watching Naked and Afraid on the Discovery channel. To watch the interaction between the men and women is very interesting. I’ve been watching it with my husband, who says the behavior of the men is embarrassing…..but somehow watching the show mostly just makes me laugh!! Sometimes it’s just the absurdity of all of what we are going through and processing…..all you can do is laugh!!

      • Dearest Denise,

        Then I shall continue to express my Gratitude to you in all the many ways that your sharing touches me. If it helps you go that extra mile, I will definitely open my heart to you, as always.

        Bless you for the “Re-Minder” that I (and all of us that are doing this Inner Work) already Am a Healer. I sometimes get focused/stuck on that future Self of Me that I’ve “seen” for months now, doing some sort of energy work (similar to polarity, yet not… and in typing that I realize it’ll be Triality work!). I’m missing the forest for the trees. I need to stay in the moment, and know that that future Me will come (already IS), and just stay present to all the miracles of healing that are taking place around and within me. I see strangers connecting and opening up in all sorts of miraculous ways almost every day. I know (and have acutely felt at times) that just being around me is healing for others. It moves me to tears, because now I’m realizing that healing has Always been within me… it’s just been covered in layers of the Junk from illusions of who I Am Not.

        I Love You, Denise, for your re-minders and ability to help us delve deeper (and Higher) within our own DNA steps of Consciousness and Divine Evolution. This is such an expansive Love and I shall weep today (as I am now) grateful for this experience of such a all-encompassing Love.

        With Much Gratitude and Love,
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Hello Denise, Thank you for making our journey so much easier as you bust out a path for us to follow. SERIOUSLY I coudnt take it if it was anymore difficult! I really appreciate you taking the time to share this very important information with us (as always). Of course it comes at the most appropriate time. Today I did not even leave the house and barely got out of bed! Of course this year and the intensity continues to challenge/motivate me. I continue to remind myself and others that this is all happening for our highest good. Peace, Cindy

  • ‘Pretty cool to be individually and collectively living the great mythological stories of old now in these physical bodies in this physical Ascension time wouldn’t you say?’

    No one around me seems to know what it is, but they’re starting to be aware that life is becoming increasingly crazy! I’m seeing extreme events occurring to family members, testing them to breaking point physically and emotionally. I’ve been made to see my own inner weakness and continue with my own inner work.

    This truly seems to be affecting us all! Whether we’re aware of it or not!

    I can’t think what else to say right now…other than that I’m still learning, still doing inner work, and still most probably going to be making some mistakes (and learning) as I continue to investigate energetic training and attempt to fill myself with more light, and transmute more darkness.


  • Dear Denise, Thank you so much for this marvelous message, so needed at this time.

    Love, Camilo

  • Thank you Kaisa and Denise to remind me of these dynamics of cleaning the slate. Every time I transform an issue in my life another comes up. It seems even that I revise old issues I had intense therapy for 25 years ago. Issues I was so proud to have faced and dealt with. Transformed done with. But no, finer understandings that hit deep cords scraping every rest of what is left in the jar is immensely present. The sneakiest ways of how I still have to control situations, limiting cellular memories, inner children that still needed to be heard and integrated. I hate it that I am not finsihed with the process when another issue is coming up and it is at times difficult to not just push them away. And always I am so happy knowing that my slate gets cleaner and cleaner while continuing my path of self-love and care. Sometimes I can embrace not having a goal about it. Not wanting. Being in pain does not make it easier for me and I really need time to re-center when I am in pain (physical due to many operations and mental due to having been abused mentally and physically) to find how beneficial it is to not be against the pain but thankful for that deeper message that it carries. I feel that I am doing the last steps towards magic and the are the heaviest. I will do without the epidural for the birth of the child I am and will become and live the pain.

    Achara Lovink.

  • Denise and all,
    Thanks for the clarification given which makes perfect sense to my current space in time. I experienced an INTENSE life review 12/23/12 and was up most of the night. Recently I had another similar episode 7/9/2013 with sleepless, painless, serious body shaking (but no chills or fever) for hours and same “consciousness jumping” in several planes of existence. I trust my higher Self has all under control as I give up ego control. Ha! What a joke to think I ever had any! Love, Cay

  • Wow, Denise, you always AMaze me with your insight! Of course WE are walking the Path of the Soul in the Underworld. A few weeks ago I was in Teotichuacan and walked the “Path of the Dead”, how perfect. So much Gratitude to All on this journey. Lots of Love and Light,

    • “…Of course WE are walking the Path of the Soul in the Underworld…”


      Thanks ♥ and I’m really glad it all clicked for you. It is amazing isn’t it that we’re actually living the Process ourselves.

      That was great inner/outer timing with your Underworld journey at Teotichuacan recently.


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