The Galactic Bubbles have Burst: Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

310x358 cosmic aquarius jug Firstly, thanks go to Cat for sharing a link in another article to some very important new scientific information about the two Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) bubbles having finally burst and are now massive out-flowing Energies pouring out from the GC. The Great Mother’s water has broken, and she gives birth, anew…

I’ve been waiting since December 24, 2012 — the day after theThree Days”, Expiration Date, Shift Point  for something BIG to manifest physically within the physical dimension to reveal physically what already happened energetically during the Three Days/Expiration Date/Shift Point at higher quantum levels and dimensions. Remember that everything manifests at the top first and then works its way downwards from there, with the physical dimension being the last one to finally manifest what’s happened in higher levels and dimensions.

Most people need tangible physical proof to convince them that something has indeed happened, has indeed changed dramatically and is now physically pouring forth like cosmic Aquarian waters from the jug of the Milky Way GC. And of course, no matter how the heavens ignite themselves and morph magically before our eyes via photographs from scientists from around the world, there will still be throngs of disbelievers concerning the end of the Mayan Calendar, the entire evolutionary Ascension Process, entrance into a new astrological Age, the Three Days Expiration Date and the intimate connection between all that and the Milky Way suddenly spewing forth GC black-hole energies unimaginable. Don’t let small minds put a damper on what you know and are living and feeling yourself.

A link to scientific information about the bursting of the galactic bubbles and current out-flowing of GC energies will be included at the end of and outside my Copyright Notice. Part of the caption below the image in that scientific article (see link at bottom) says:

“Image Caption: The new-found outflows of particles (pale blue) from the galactic Center. The background image is the whole Milky Way at the same scale. The curvature of the outflows is real, not a distortion caused by the imaging process…”

The reason I copied that one sentence in bold is because it’s very important and the reason why I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing the Milky Way GC energies flowing outward like a massive cosmic waterfall, much like Niagara Falls, for the past two years. First however here’s an old article with photo about the Milky Way galactic Bubbles the scientists discovered in 2010 before they burst (on or shortly after the Three Days — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12).

Secondly, here’s a recent article from me about this massive Milky Way GC out-flowing of energies that we, humanity, Earth and our solar system have been inching our way towards over the years but aligned, conjuncted on the Three Days. This event is quantum and has already happened on day one of the Three Days –12-21-12– and continued happening throughout the remaining Three Days and has and is still happening and being felt by humanity in varying degrees. It will continue to be felt by humanity for a long time so relax and adapt into IT because IT is life and reality inside the 5D frequency range of the Age of Aquarius and vastly higher frequency, higher consciousness, High Heart, high creativity Aquarian Unity energies.

When you view the photo of Niagara Falls I used in my “12-12-12 Through 12-21-12” article, please keep it in mind and heart when you view the new photo in the scientific article of the Milky Way’s two burst GC Bubbles and how the outflowing GC energies now resemble slightly curved, outward flowing energies like cosmic Aquarian waters pouring out of the cosmic jug (GC) — plus how it somewhat resembles the photo of the gushing, falling waters of Niagara Falls.

There is and will continue to be so much to talk about concerning these new cosmic GC energies that, finally are physically visible for all to see, and hopefully many more to feel and consciously be increasingly aware of. This is just the start of… everything… and we’re all still making incredible ongoing adjustments internally and externally to what we’ve been through via the Three Days including everything that’s continued to happen since December 24, 2012, and will continue happening. I’m going to say that again in hopes that it really sinks into everyone’s Hearts and Awareness; this is just the start of everything so relax into IT all and give yourself whatever “time” you need. We’re all in NEW territory and it will take some “time” for all of us to get our bearings and better understand what’s happened already and is still happening.

Since December 24, 2012, when one of our atomic clocks jumped two days into the future, and another atomic clock did the same thing two days after the first one did it, I knew we (humanity, Earth, reality etc.) were IN some very NEW and very different space and experiences and that we didn’t have a good or large enough understanding about what we had just gone through via the Three Days.

Since 12-24-12 I’ve been paying close attention to everything; my dreams, other people’s dreams, what’s happening in my physical body, in other people’s bodies, with my and other people’s consciousness, weird anomalies and other phenomena and so on. From my perspective the transformative energies that were the “Three Days” only continued on 12-24-12, and the next day, and the next day, the next and so on. From my perspective IT has not stopped just because we exited out the other side of the Three Days. IT has continued and I suspect will continue for a long time until we’ve so adapted, adjusted to IT that we no longer notice IT anymore.

My brain is fried today (not like this is a new event!) and the inner ear energy sounds are roaring inside my head which only adds to the cosmic GC energies I feel pouring into my Crown chakra and top of my physical head and into my spine and body. We are living Light antennas embodying these NEW GC out-flowing energies (and more) which are and will continue to improve us in very dramatic ways.

For the past week I’ve been repeated hearing in my head and emotionally feeling in my heart that profound and truly great chorus from Joni Mitchell’s 1968 song for Woodstock. It is:

“We are stardust, we are golden, and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

You might enjoy, especially if you’re an original Hippie First Waver as I was/am, listening to her song done by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young again now with the entire Ascension Process, the Three Days Expiration Date, the Milky Way GC Bubbles, and finally the rupturing and dramatic out-flowing of GC (Aquarian) energies on the physical level. It is these grand evolutionary GC energies from Source that are helping us get ourselves back to the garden.

Denise Le Fay

January 3, 2013

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121 thoughts on “The Galactic Bubbles have Burst: Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

  • Hi Denise and All Here:

    First and foremost, Denise, I’m sending the vibes that you are okay and your Mom, too. It’s unusual, at least for me, how quiet TRANSITIONS is. If it’s because of ascension flu, I totally understand, as I’ve been so down and feeling sick lately, not to mention that my mind is totally blank, almost to the point of where I have to keep reminding myself, “I’m a Starseed, I’m a Starseed.” It seems like I’m forgetting everything I’ve learned except for the symptoms. The bubble has burst and I have no idea what I’m waiting for. It’s become a challenge to get up and keep going. This extreme disinterest is new for me and I hope it ends soon.

    Cat, I hear you about boobs getting bigger. For me, everything is getting bigger and cerainly wearing a bra is extremely uncomfortable, not to mention I’ve been eating less, gaining weight, and spending extra time in the bathroom. If this is spiritual pregnancy, my heart goes out to those who’ve had the physical experience.

    I miss you all here and wish I had some really uplifting dream or something, anything, to report, but I’m in a void, treading water, and exhausted. Love, B.

    • Dearest Barbara,

      I relate to a lot of what you are sharing. And like Akhilleus, my nipples (blush!!) are REALLY sensitive lately.

      I’ve also been nauseous. At first I thought it was coffee. I had an intuitive feeling I would need to give it up at some point (been off it since Friday). But last night and right now I’m nauseous again! Not a pleasant feeling. I’m not sure what to eat anymore. It changes day to day, moment to moment.

      And I relate to the extreme boredom with the “usual” stuff. I’m tired of playing computer games and watching movies. And yet, there’s nothing presenting itself to replace it. It’s not “time” yet, as we’re all being smooshed and expanding and molded and remolded and all that on so many levels. I call in the Light everyday, and yet it’s harder to remember that feeling of Bliss I had for Nov/Dec and some of Jan.

      I see things changing around me, and within me, and that’s good. I do my best to keep focused on that, to remind myself that this boredom and “non-direction” is only temporary. Denise’s reminders are always a loving and helpful reminder of that too.

      My therapist is even noticing the different changes and asked ME (!) how to cope. Among other things I suggested to “go with the flow” as best you can. To know that the chaos and upheaval is only temporary, and she acknowledged that yes, even though it is chaos she recognizes things are moving in a better direction than before. And she’s recognizing “instant manifestation”, to which I offered “mindfulness” and meditation, to be sure what you’re wishing for is what you’re truly ready for because it’s happening much faster now. It’s really cool to have these conversations with her!

      I too have found the silence at Transitions strange, although at the same time I’ve been feeling we’ve all needed to “be still and quiet” too. And that’s ok =)

      I wanted to chime in a “me too” Denise, that I thought I had cleared out most all of my “stuff”. I’ve been recognizing some more residual stuff surface in the past few days. I’ll have to look to a deeper level to it as I’m sure it’s deeper than what it appears. Thank you for this discussion.

      With Much Love and Light,

      • “…And I relate to the extreme boredom with the “usual” stuff…

        Chrysalis & Barbara & All,

        I too have struggled with my rapidly waning enthusiasms over old things, places, activities etc. that I used to really enjoy doing or going to. For the past 7 or 8 years everything, every place that I used to like now holds ZERO interest, ZERO desire. Over the years this was weird and at times hard to be losing so many of my old favorite things and places and activities etc. and not having new things replace them. My world has been shrinking dramatically in many, many, ways for the past 14 years to the point that it’s pretty obvious that I’m most likely going elsewhere…eventually. There’s simply very little that this world holds that’s interesting or exciting to me anymore because I’ve outgrown it. Many of us have and it’s called Ascension. 🙂


        • Dear Denise & All,

          It’s reassuring to hear about you and others feeling as I do – no enthusiasm for ANYTHING these days. It’s been months like that for me – the only thing I take an interest in is the process we’re in! My “old favorite things and places and activities” generate the same lack of desire and it’s disconcerting.

          Life is also bringing up pieces of my past for another look. A situation that I had buried long ago (broken long-term friendship) came back to haunt me until I faced what needed to be faced. I remembered the joy and acknowledged what was good. And what I contributed to my friend’s life that enabled her to achieve her dreams.

          It’s a difficult place to be for us now – anticipating a different world but still physically here. Detached from most of what’s around us and not really knowing what’s around the corner. Any insight on this process is much appreciated.

          Thanks, Denise, for keeping the light on.

          Blessings to all, Thelma

    • “Hi Denise and All Here:

      First and foremost, Denise, I’m sending the vibes that you are okay and your Mom, too. It’s unusual, at least for me, how quiet TRANSITIONS is. If it’s because of ascension flu, I totally understand, as I’ve been so down and feeling sick lately, not to mention that my mind is totally blank, almost to the point of where I have to keep reminding myself, “I’m a Starseed, I’m a Starseed.” It seems like I’m forgetting everything I’ve learned except for the symptoms. The bubble has burst and I have no idea what I’m waiting for. It’s become a challenge to get up and keep going. This extreme disinterest is new for me and I hope it ends soon…

      I miss you all here and wish I had some really uplifting dream or something, anything, to report, but I’m in a void, treading water, and exhausted. Love, B.”

      Barbara & All,

      Thank you Barbara for saying this and giving me an opening, a place to address why I and TRANSITIONS has indeed gone VERY quiet over the past two/three weeks or however long it’s been. (If I don’t mark things down on my calendar, I don’t have a clue how much “time” has past or not past. The NOW Moment is becoming easier to float in and just BE now. Also, I’m working on an article which I hope to have published soon. This morning I had to get the oil changed in the car, go grocery shopping, so hopefully I’ll have enough inner fuel to work on this article today! If not, tomorrow, but this whole month is a busy one for me. Just wanted everyone to know I’m workin’ on it and haven’t disappeared or closed TRANSITIONS. 😉 )

      Okay, back to your very correct perception about TRANSITIONS being abnormally quiet lately. In a nutshell here’s what happened and why. 1-1-13 arrived and I knew I, we were still in the “Life Review”. How could I tell? Because I kept suddenly finding myself RE-hashing some old emotional wound with my son or one or both of my parents etc. Since 1-1-13 it’s been a constant Process of having to look at, feel, deal with and then fully release every remaining piece of inner stuff n’ junk I still have after all this Inner Work that’s hangin’ me up. No biggie really after what all I’ve already transmuted since 1992.

      On top of the “Life Review” continuing for us all post Shift (12-21-12), I suddenly also had some new Ascension symptoms manifest on 1-1-13 also. This told me that I/you/each of us have moved into NEW Ascension territory in 2013 and these “nine months” are for us to make adjustments, address some inner issues, make corrections, and release, release, and release some more! All of January my gut/stomach/diaphragm felt worse than it ever has since 1999 when the physical Ascension Process started! Another adjustment.

      And then, as we all know, in January 2013 certain people were impulsed lets call it to come into TRANSITIONS and write Comments and correct, police, “gate keep” me, you, each of us Forerunners who’ve been living the Ascension Process for years and years already and know what the hell is going on! I knew before I wrote that particular article about “food/eating/digesting and Ascension” that it would light a huge fire under the Food Police and mind-controlled people who believe they know what I’m talking about, what each of us Forerunners here at TRANSITIONS are talking about in Comments etc.

      It was the timing of the Consciousness Police, the Food Police etc. showing up at TRANSITIONS that was telling. It was 1-1-13 and many people are not coping well at all with the changes that have/are/will be taking place since 12-21-12. Even more people don’t understand that Forerunners (meaning Starseeds, Wanderers, Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Pathpavers, Wayshowers, Indigos etc.) exist and have been working our inner/outer butts off for decades and that doing so has not been easy, comfortable or safe planetary Work that throngs of humanity are deeply grateful to us for doing! We knew it’d be this way before we came.

      Anyhoo… because of all of these things and more (some of which I talk about in this upcoming article), I intentionally decided to energetically unplug TRANSITIONS long enough for the Consciousness Police to go away. I simply stepped back energetically from TRANSITIONS and turned the unseen energy dial way, way, down here so that no one could feed off of the energies of others or myself. Parasites and mind-controlled people won’t be indulged or enabled here, and this aspect of the Shift is and will be very hard for many people. Minds and Hearts must open now to allow more “reality” in and for many this is extremely difficult if not outright impossible at this point. Food is much more than only what people shove in their mouths, and like it or not, it’s time for certain people to learn that truth.

      I’ll try to get that new article up asap because I’m trying to cover a bit more in it about what we’re (meaning the Forerunners primarily now) experiencing since 1-1-13, and will be for most of 2013. It’s an ongoing “Life Review” Ascension Process and we’re deep IN it and it’s all perfectly normal for now. ♥


      • Looking forward to the next post, Denise. I hadn’t even noticed that the comments on the food thing were no longer open. Food? Been there, done that. Didn’t even want to go there. So I didn’t. I knew that it would be a hot-button issue. Glad I “stayed away” from it all.

        An now about another comment that you made on the thread below this one…

        I forwarded your comment to inho1213 and Cat about their “pregnancy symptoms” to an Ascension buddy. His reply back was great, and he gave me permission to share it: “WTFO??? Now I gotta expect some kinda temporal pregnancy thing?? Great. Guess I need to stock up on pickles and ice cream and hope the grid doesn’t drop to melt my cones!”


      • Hi Denise and friends at TRANSITIONS:

        Thank you, Denise, and all, for your comments and so very helpful replies to my mired-in-cement situation. Karen Bishop’s recent post assisted too, bonus, and thanks, Denise, for posting it. I like very much the idea that we are at the point of plateauing having reached the end of the line here in 3D, but still on hold before we plunge into 5D. And as for Life Review, a little while ago I mentioned a dream that I had that I was trying to untangle, I did after light bulbs went on about the Life Review, so here’s the dream.

        I have to be at a very important meeting, the biggest meeting of my life, and I am to take the equipment to record it as it must go “on the record.” I have about 20 minutes to to set up my equipment and take my seat. I rush into this huge, and I mean, huge, round room and already the people are all there. At the front sitting in a semi-circle are at least 20 or more judges all dressed in their black robes, wearing their white wigs, and they look very serious and very stern, but they are immobile, and I realize I can get my equipment set up without upsetting anyone. In the centre where I am to sit there is a huge table with all sorts of other equipment on it and I crawl under the table with the cord to plug in my machine. There are already numerous plugs in the electrical bar under the table and only one space let for my plug, yet everytime I try to plug mine in, it won’t stay and keeps falling out. I realize this isn’t going to work, I still have time (really, the urgency in this dream was very evident) and I start looking around for another plug. I look up at the ceiling and way, way up at the top is a lone plug. I know that I’ve got to get up there and plug my cord into that socket and the only way up there is to climb a very high and unstable looking vertical stand of speakers, like those big box speakers with woofers and tweeters of the 60’s all stacked on top of each other. As dreams go, I’m on the top one and I look down and I am really, really high above the floor, while at the same time I’ve got my plug at the end of a long extension cord and I’m reaching up to plug into the socket in the ceiling, when the top speaker I’m standing on starts to wobble and I think oh, no, the whole stack is going to fall over and I’m going to fall with it. Meanwhile the judges and people below seem not to notice that anything unusal is going on at the ceiling. Then as I start to lose my balance, my arms are flailing, I sense and see beside me this wonderful light with hands and arms in it. These hands and arms reach over and steady me and the speakers and I knew they wouldn’t let me fall, I was safe, and I reached up to plug into the socket, and I woke up.

        Could be the judges were my “life review panel”. Sorry this is so long, but it was such a vivid dream and since that dream is when I really got disinterested in all things 3D.

        Thanks again, Denise, and all here. It is so good not to be alone. Love, B.

        • Dear Barbara,

          Thanks for sharing your dream – it’s wonderful when dreams are this clear, isn’t it?

          It appears to be about your “life review panel” as you mention, but the part where you need to “plug in” at a HIGHER level may be about the need for you to view your life events from a higher perspective and not from lower mind. And you will get help in doing so. “You” are powering the presentation and you need to do so from higher levels – maybe to see the learning in each situation and what you offered others as well.

          Just my two cents!

          Blessings, Thelma

  • Hello, Denise and all,

    Okay, I have an even weirder question than usual: are anybody else’s boobs getting bigger? Mine appear to be growing and are tender and achy like they were when I was 12. So strange– I’ve never been pregnant, but this certainly fits the image of a growing belly and the boobs to match. Please tell me I’m not going crazy!

    Love and hugs to all,

    • HI Cat!

      I am in a male body, so I don’t have boobs, but I do have a condition similar to yours. My nipples have been swollen and tender since some time in 2011, just like they were when I was going through puberty. The condition has subsided since several months ago but has not completely gone away. I believe re-balancing of hormones in the body is a part of Hieros Gamos (Sacred Marriage).


      • “I am in a male body, so I don’t have boobs, but I do have a condition similar to yours. My nipples have been swollen and tender since some time in 2011, just like they were when I was going through puberty…”

        See what happens when I leave this place for a while? Weird sex talk! I’m tellin’ ya! 🙄

        I’m joking Akhilleus ♥ and Cat ♥, I just couldn’t resist this conversation. 😉

        I think what everyone needs to keep in heartmind now (this is a new word I’ve created for humanity post Shift to more accurately describe the ascended/evolved NEW High Heart consciousness and seat of focus 🙂 ) is that not only does the old typical Ascension symptoms mimic menopause — which must be really weird for males! –but now post Shift (12-21-12) we’re all, male and female, “pregnant” with ourselves!!! So we’re the pregnant female BUT we’re also simultaneously the unborn “baby” during this nine month period (12-21-12 — 9-22-13). I’m not surprise really that integrated males and females are both experiencing these types of weird hormonal changes now. Our entire endocrine systems in the process of major changes now and will most likely be this way all of 2013 (and for others beyond).

        Hang in there everyone and USE these nine months to feel and deal with whatever old emotional and/or belief stuff that comes up for you/me/each of us. My “Life Review” never stopped because we got beyond the 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12 “Three Days of Darkness” as some have called them. My “Life Review” has continued on ever since and I know it will until I/you/each of us doesn’t have anything left in us that’s holding us back in any way. That’s what this nine month “pregnant/baby” period is for. My god I thought I’d already dealt with the majority of my inner stuff because I’ve been working on it consciously, intentionally, since 1992 but NO…there’s more crumbs that I needed/need to be aware of, feel, and then fully release.

        Group ♥ Hugs,

  • Dear Denise and All Here:

    Absolutley wonderful discussion going on as always and I thank each and every one of you from my heart, and especially Denise and Chrysalis for understanding and responding to the dilemma in which I find myself and perhaps others do, too. I had a rather entertaining and puzzling dream last night which I’m still untangling, but for now I wanted to let everyone know that Lisa Renee has posted. And no surprise, I read this post as a huge confirmation, perhaps in much more technical terms than I can understand, but neverthless a huge pat on the back for the work that Denise and the Wayshowers do. Again, thank you, and I’ll get back to you when I’ve “unpuzzled” the symbols of my dream! Here’s the link to Lisa:

    Love, B.

  • Hi Denise and All Here:

    I know I’m commenting a lot and I’m thankful for this site and for like-minded Souls. I read and re-read Denise’s posts, because what I need always jumps out at me when I need it. And today it is:

    “I’m going to say that again in hopes that it really sinks into everyone’s Hearts and Awareness; this is just the start of everything so relax into IT all and give yourself whatever “time” you need. We’re all in brand NEW territory and it will take some “time” for all of us to get our bearings and better understand what’s happened already and is still happening.”

    For the last rather long “time” I’ve been waking up each morning, slowly opening my eyes and “yup, still here”, still floundering, still physically being pounded by head pressure, five-sense changes and nausea, still doing a “job” to eat, still haven’t a clue what to “do”, still, blah, blah. It’s like I’ve been put “on hold” on what I realize is the most important telephone conversation of my life, and the party at the other end has said, “Hang on a minute” and not returned. I refuse to hang up! Does that mean I’m still looking “outside of myself” for the answers or that I just don’t recognize that I am being asked to “co-create” something in this present Now reality that I don’t feel a part of. “On the planet, but not of it.” I’m not sure I even know what co-creating is and whoever or whatever the “co” part is, that he/she/it/energy is still asking me to “Hang on”. Is there something/someone outside of me “in charge” of the “time” that I need? And if so, could I have some “action”, please, for the good of All That Is? Thanks for listening, Love, B.

    • Dearest Barbara,

      I would equate the situation you’re talking about with this: we (all of us) have been handed this new “toy”. We have no idea how it was made, what it’s purpose is, how to make it “go”, or any of these things. We’ve only just gotten this “toy” out of the box. We don’t have the words (yet) to describe what it is. It’s beyond anything we could comprehend within our mental understanding.

      For myself, I’ve been “checking in” to ask for guidance almost everyday. “What do I need to be doing?” “Is there something different I need to do today?” and other such question are posed, and I hear/feel the same reply: “Just BE for now”. There’s nothing “required” to “Do”. All we need to do right now is “Be”. This is something a lot of us are not used to putting into practice. We’ve all had a lot of practice at “Do-ing”.

      My sense is, that at the right moment, like all the other things in my life, something will “shift” into a new way/direction. I don’t have to “Do” anything except “Be” open to the possibilities that are presented to me everyday. It reminds me of what my therapist has said when nothing was coming up for me to “work on”: “The plateaus are just as important as the climb. It gives you a chance to acclimate to the elevation. Without given time to acclimate, you could become ill, or you may not be able to cope as well with the new information/changes”.

      We’re heading into new (old if you want to look at the Big Picture) territory as far as our experiences here on this side of the Veil. We all need time for our physical and energy and mental bodies to acclimate to all the changes. There really is no reason to “rush”, because remember, time is relative. Clocks and the sense of linear time must fall away from our awareness to become acclimated to Now time, otherwise it may cause us to go a little buggy from the whackiness of it all.

      When you’re “ready” will be different from when I’m “ready”. It will happen when we’re acclimated. Have you noticed, when you look back at something in this life, how if “X” never happened, then “Y” might have either gone completely over your head or might have thrown you way off the track? All these seemingly little and small things add up to our stepping stones to get us acclimated for the bigger things.

      It’s like I said to my best friend when she “decided” for her New Year’s Resolution to become a vegetarian: “You really didn’t just ‘decide’ to do this. You’ve been trying it out in increments over the years. You’re ready now to make that choice and it’ll be much easier to do.”

      Try and be patient with yourself, and know that your Highest Self knows what the best way is to have you acclimated to the New way of Be-ing.

      With Much Love and Light,
      Chrysalis… ready to fly…

    • “…It’s like I’ve been put “on hold” on what I realize is the most important telephone conversation of my life, and the party at the other end has said, “Hang on a minute” and not returned. I refuse to hang up!…”

      Barbara & All,

      Hi you. My head/Crown area (and down into my neck, spine etc.) has been Embodying massive higher energies too and constantly from January 1, 2013 on. I sense it’s just going to be like this for however long it takes for those of us who Embody the NEW energetic blueprints for humanity.

      Like I’ve said before, Phase 1 of the Ascension Process was the really, really difficult, painful and dangerous part where we transmuted and integrated density duality. Now, post the Three Days (12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12) Expiration Date and Shift Point, we have been and still are Embodying The NEW Energetic Blueprints for the whole planet and species for the NEW Evolutionary Cycle. No small feat this Phase 2! (That plus getting the rest of humanity to realize that the old negative is permanently gone, gone, gone from this earth world and that they must now make MAJOR personal changes with pretty much everything!)

      This is why the head/skull/scalp/eyes/sinuses/Crown chakra and even down into our necks and spines are hurting and feeling tremendous energy pressures; like living Receivers or Antenna we are receiving, embodying and literally anchoring the NEW ascended, unified, tremendously higher Source frequencies and blueprints/templates and grounding them into this dimension and earth world for humanity through our bodies. Humanity will evolve into these NEW ascended blueprints over time, but the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Embodies etc. are the ones in physical bodies that have done the Ascension related prep work so we could embody these NEW higher energies in and through our physical bodies first and not have them destroy them. This is why it may seem like you’ve been put “on hold” right now; it’s only because we’re embodying A LOT of NEW blueprint energies and this requires a lot of resting, sleeping, being very kind to ourselves and our bodies as they take on these amazing and potent NEW energies. This is also why the most writing I can do this month so far is in Comments! I’m exhausted and the head pains and roaring energies inside of my body require I nap a lot and take it easy.

      Hang in there and let this unfold as we all wait seemingly “on hold” because soon we’ll start feeling the positive effects of these NEW blueprint energies in our bodies, consciousness and external reality. Then the fun creative NEW stuff will begin. 😀


      • Denise and all who are experiencing extreme extremes…..

        I want to encourage all of you, because I am seeing something unfold in my life. So here I am, sharing what I am experiencing, hoping to encourage you!

        I have a period of time (hours, days, weeks……as long as the process IS), where my entire body feels like it is being pushed through cement, and especially my head, eyes, sinuses, spine are so out of whack, I barely know my name. The fatigue is bone crushing, as I feel myself curling up like leaf on the ground. Fried. Dried up. Dying.

        THEN! No matter how I am feeling, I force myself up to get moving when my guidance is urging me to do so (OH MAN PALEEZE I don’t know about this!!) … ( and THE best way for me is to go to the gym, work out, and BREATHE deeply)…….MOVEMENT is an important key to get the Chi moving! As a result, I am beginning to feel these HIGH surges of energy that remind me of what is was like as a child. I go and I go, without getting tired, and I am amazed what is transpiring. It is effortless. It is incredible, pure, clean, High End Energy that is surging through my body like an unstoppable waterfall. There are times I am in such awe of ME and what is happening, that I feel such overwhelming gratitude bubbling up inside of me.

        I am finding space between time to get to 5D, I do not know of any other way to explain how I do what I am doing. The space here is massive and what I am accomplishing is blowing my mind away. How long do these episodes last in 5D? I do not ever know this. But, it seems when there are huge CME’s I go crashing down, unable to function, once again being squeezed through cement.

        BUT!!! The most important thing…….5D is really here. We have to understand how to get there, how to work with It, and how to meld with it. It’s Miraculous. Some day this is going to be the norm, this High End Energy, flowing effortlessly, with us creating with ease with thought, intent, and through our actions. Wow wow wow, the visions that keep coming before my eyes in what is transpiring now……..just wow.

        Also, those who are immediately connected to me are changing from 3D concept to a higher level. Even my animals are morphing into a more evolved species. What I am seeing with my own eyes, I struggle putting into words describing because this is the first ever I am witnessing what I am, both on a personal basis, and with those who are closest in my life. WE all are really really evolving!

        Hang on, and I say this to myself as well, because I do not know from one Moment to the next what is about to occur. Just hang on, and know, really know, no matter how terrible you “feel”, that everything is coming together for a Higher Purpose and we really are still on track for the Ascension Process to continue.

        Re-member, movement is a key to get the Energy to begin working for you!

        With many hugs and sincere heart felt concern for all who are struggling,
        I AM Amy, your Sister in Light

      • Something that I have noticed with these new energies and “faster” time is that my animals are becoming hungry faster. A few other people that I know have noticed the same thing with their pets. Makes sense.

        Animals aren’t constrained by clocks, but they do pick up on our own timekeeping. This hunger that I have noticed is something new. I think that it is a couple of things that account for this. “Time” IS moving faster. They need extra food just as some of us sometimes do. This new hunger could be one or the other or a combination of both.

        So I feed sooner, or I am adding extra food throughout the day. Also, please remember if we need rest, extra water etc. for ourselves, our best friends do, too.

        • Nikkoale, you are right on, 100%, about the animals. When I need more water, I see they need more, so I add water to their food, and I make sure there is fresh water at all times for them. I have seen them slow down on their food intake, then turn around and eat more then usual. They are doing a LOT of resting, especially on the days I do, and when I take my “recharge naps” I find myself surrounded with many of my cats. THANK you so much for pointing this out about the animals. ALL is changing, and yes, this includes our animals. Hugs, Amy

      • I just want to say thank you to Denise, and to all of you in this conversation. I have always looked forward to reading Denise’s posts, but only in the last few months started coming here to read them and seeing all the conversations in comments-which are really very like MANY more posts of wisdom and help to be accessed;-)

        I have been experiencing the head-ears-neck etc pain thing too and thinking it was something physical, so helpful to know what it (most likely) really is.

        I wanted to share two experiences I have had in the last few days that normally would be negative but are now different, partly from reading all of your comments here.

        First I’ve been involved in a “discussion” in two places about the gun issue, both places are lightworker/spiritual growth based forums and yet the tone of the discussion was mostly FEAR-either fear of guns or fear of government taking all the guns.

        I was trying to explain the “third way” as I usually do (as in let go of all the fear and come together to move forward, which will completely foil the cabal’s plan to generate all this fear and throw us all into enmity and confusion) and as usual getting slammed for it.

        This time tho, instead of being overwhelmed by the frustration and feeling horrible (being asperger/autistic, communicating with people is not always easy, and often results in them being angry and unkind and me retreating with hurt feelings, confused and frustrated) but this time even tho I had some of the same feelings and frustration I recalled this conversation and the one from the post before, and realized its not ME that is being rejected/beat up verbally etc, it is the challenge to their worldview, it is the change and shift itself they are angry at, I am just doing what I’m meant to do, trying to make it all work and learn myself.

        Somehow it was lighter for me, and instead of ruminating for days on why I can’t relate to anyone or vice versa I have been able to laugh at the ludicrousness, and feel a lot more confident that the people who are disgruntled are just a stair step behind, they will get here in their own time and its all ok.

        The other experience I’m still not quite processed and maybe some of you might have something similar to share that I will learn from.

        I’ve been a lifelong activist and often encourage people to do the on the ground out in the streets work to change the world. Even tho I’ve been mostly bedridden for years now, I still feel very driven to get out and do that sort of work-even tho its never been fun for me.

        Being social is uncomfortable, and being physically ill, getting out like that is a huge strain and physically uncomfortable as well as requiring a long, often painful recovery period when I am useless(unable to take care of myself properly)

        Despite all that I’ve always felt like the work needed to be done and since so few were doing it, it was a responsibility I would not shirk-and indeed I would be a hypocrite to always ask others to get out and get involved if I stayed home, sick or not.

        #IdleNoMore international day of action was Friday, and having been really ill lately I had not planned to organize or go out to anything, but the day before someone asked if there was anything going on locally. So since there wasn’t, I immediately set something up-and so felt that I had to go so if anyone else showed up they would not be confused, or disappointed.

        Obviously last minute organizing is poorly planned and not wise even if you are healthy-not enough time to get the word out etc but I went, sick as a dog, alone since the friend who pushes my wheelchair had to work. I made a banner at the last minute, even got to the place on time.

        It was hot out, and polluted. Not only did no one show up, no one passing by seemed to care at all. People looked at me with almost identical expressions they use when looking at the mentally ill homeless people in our town sitting in wheelchairs on the side of the road as I was(tho they don’t have painted banners!;-)

        I felt stupid, but not just the normal “duh! shoulda planned ahead more!” stupid but like my whole focus in life had been foolish, that I had been forcing myself to do something because it was moral and good and right to do but it was miserable for me, and it suddenly hit me all at once.

        I’ve never focused on myself, on having fun or doing what I want, always on completing the mission “saving the world” making things better for all suffering beings.

        I used to think that was good,that it needed doing and even if it kinda sucked being me, it was a worthwhile life.

        Suddenly it seems foolish, like I am not really doing any real good since I don’t have a talent for it (I have a talent for organizing, planning, motivating people etc but the actual in the street actions, interacting directly with people etc not so much)

        That all I did sitting there was teach myself this lesson because it didn’t really wake anyone up, or bring about more support for IdleNoMore, or change the world.

        I don’t know if what is hitting me is a trick, or an awakening. I don’t know how I feel other than open to the possibility that I’ve actually been wrong, that it is possible to do what I enjoy AND help make the world better, that pushing myself is just as stupid as my husband tells me it is.

        A lot of activists and people I admire (like Derrick Jensen)get frustrated by the people who just meditate and pray to make things better-they feel that is selfish and absurd-and maybe I was listening to them more than myself, I don’t know.

        Right now I just feel like a blank book, like so much I was sure about before is now questionable and open to change.

        I don’t want to be selfish (“service to self”) and useless, but I don’t want to be pointlessly miserable either. I suppose it will all settle out and become more clear as “time” goes on;-) but I just wanted to share in case anyone else was having similar odd experiences, and to say thank you with all my heart to all of you, and especially Denise for creating a safe space to be open with a community of like-minded and caring people like this.

        It is more valuable than words can explain-in a society that uses the coercion of punishment for being open and different to keep us all so angst ridden all the time.
        Love and Blessings,

        • Dearest ohnwentsya,

          I can relate to what you’re talking about. For so many years I’ve been what is termed an “armchair activist”, meaning I sign petitions and keep informed by 3rd parties on the internet and not tv about what’s going on in the world, yet not attending rallies. That has been my way to keep connected with the world at large. Because for many years, PTSD and energy reserves being so low kept me living at the bare minimum (daily things, laundry, groceries). Being social has been exhausting for me, as I’ve been also dealing with a LOT of internal issues over the years, not to mention PTSD symptoms. So a large part of my life is lived in my apartment, with the computer being my window to the outside world.

          There was an ebb and flow of, “Why can’t I go out and DO something? It’s easy to sign a petitions, but I should be doing something MORE.” and “I need to accept where I am and what I’m capable of doing at THIS POINT in my life. It may not always be like this.”

          The past few months have changed radically for me. I no longer have fear in my life to keep me caged in. However, I recognize I still have something keeping me close to home, though not in the same way. I’ve been waiting to finally go out and DO something to help others, yet the guidance is to just rest and wait. I was on the verge of a mini fit about this, then I recognized something: How can I go out and help others in the way I’ve been dreaming of if I don’t have the correct tools in place? I don’t fully understand the new energy changes going on within/without me, and they’re still on-going. You can’t drive a new manufactured car off the assembly line before the engine and brakes are fully in place. So yet again, I need to be patient with myself with the knowledge that I will get to that point, just not right now.

          I wanted to offer a thought to you: if all of us actually went out and protested, and got involved, who would be there to feed the animals? to watch the children? to have food ready to eat? Who would be there to see from the “outside” a greater picture of are we going, is it in the right direction with this action?

          I know it’s been quite a challenge for us “home-bodies” not being able to fully participate like the vast majority of people. It’s been a struggle for so many years for me. However, I recognize that if I had not had this time and opportunity to do all this inner work, it might have taken twice as long, or I might not have gotten to this point at all if I had had to be out in the world. This inner work has freed up and allowed Love and Forgiveness and Compassion to shine through. I don’t believe it would be selfish at all for you to give care to yourself. If anything, it would keep your Light from shining to its fullest if you didn’t. It is ok to set boundaries, to offer your talents, yet only within what you’re able to do. To push yourself beyond what you know your limits to be (at the moment) is not very loving for you or for others. You may find a brand new direction that wouldn’t open to you unless you make that choice to stick to a loving boundary for yourself.

          I would agree that your perception that this was a lesson for yourself is true. I had a recent situation where I worried and couldn’t let go of something. And very quickly I realized, “Wait, it doesn’t matter how this goes, my truth and my voice are still valuable regardless.” And I realized that this helped me see that it’s preparing me for all the times to come when people choose not to listen to me, or outright reject, or get in my face angry at me. It doesn’t matter, because I am my truth regardless of those reactions. YOU change the world by honoring your Light and Love, by honoring your Truth.

          I hope this helps. It feels like a mish-mash of words and I really don’t wish to reread it. Linear reading is such a chore these days. Sorry Denise! I know that it’s more of a struggle for you as well!

          With Much Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        • (((HUGS))) to you, Chrysalis. Your words stirred me deeply for the spoke of my Life experience, not your circumstances, yet the outcome has been the same. The past 19-20 years of my Life I have been so separate from the World, yet in that very situation, the opportunity for me to turn my eyes inward knocked. Today, I AM reaping those years of being alone, beginning to see changes manifest in the physical. I too am so ready to “fly with wind”, but, just like you said, I don’t understand fully the changes within me, and in fact, the changes are still in process. So, how can I possibly be 100% effective if I don’t know the entirety of ME? That doesn’t mean I remain passive. Uh uh. I do what I AM guided to do in all aspects of My Life, but the BIG Dreams I have, have yet to unfold, for I AM still in the “manufacturing plant” having new connections made, being rewired, having a full makeover. When that is complete, I will know, as you will know, and then we will be 100% effective! Patience…….that is another element in all this, and Wisdom to know when we can finally step into the shoes we long to! Until then, we move and we groove, and we do all in LOVE, practicing and putting into action what we are both learning and BEcoming. With love, Amy

        • Thank You Chrysalis! It is beautiful to read your experience and understanding. Funny how even those of us who grew up around people who did not buy the top-down patriarchal model could still so much internalize the “shoulds”.

          My Mom has always told me that the Mother would not make me wrong for what I need to do-so if what I’m trying to do is too difficult maybe I’m going the wrong way;-)

          I feel that you are hitting the nail on the head about the sort of enforced time of inner work. If illness had not forced me to be still and go inward I would have been “stuck” in the level of outer action and not really understanding the multiple levels at which real change must occur, so in the long run the “limitations” have been useful tho they never seem so at the time.

          I noticed too in contemplating the last few days, that the culture of “shoulds’ also serves to divide our energy and keep us worried about things instead of fully present in the moment where we CAN be effective.

          Also that reality isnt one size fits all-building a new world is like building a city-some people dig holes and lay pipes, another draws architectural blueprints, someone has to install glass panes and someone else polish them clean-just like your point about someone feeding the pets and people;-)

          I guess this is part of the re=formatting our consciousness into the consistent awareness that everything is flow, and process not category and box.

          Thank you again for writing and sharing with me!
          love and blessings,

        • dear Chrysalis and ohnwentsya —
          thank you so much for your deeply moving personal comments. i can indeed relate to both of your stories. ten yrs ago, my body was ‘thrown’ into a place and time unfamiliar — an athlete who ran 20-40 miles/week — to a person barely unable to walk let alone run. the pain set in. then diagnosis of bi-polar, ptsd, etc. i found myself alone in my thoughts and inner struggles.
          you both shared so much wisdom. one that stood out for me as my ‘personal mantra and journey’ were Chrysalis’ words: “I am my truth regardless of those reactions. YOU change the world by honoring your Light and Love, by honoring your Truth.” this is exactly what i learned during these last 10 yrs of ‘inactivity’. Spirit moved me to a painfully, new unknown life in order that i may grow and learn and listen. we must honor our Light and Love through our Truth. for that is the only gateway to Higher Consciousness Awareness which allows us to continue our work and enjoy the Gifts the Universe is giving all of us.
          deep appreciation and gratitude for your “Truths” and to Denise for bringing us together.

        • Dearest Denise,

          Thank you for sharing the link to your article. I actually hadn’t read it (or many of your other articles) yet. It was actually a wonderful reenforced reminder that these “accidents” and “limitations” do have a purpose as I’ve always felt. Especially after my latest move; once I had most of the essentials unpacked and was working on those loose ends (paperwork, change of blah blah), the pain came. And after tests came more pain to the point where I could no longer get around by myself by foot and bus. However, this “ruptured disc” time allowed me the time and space to truly explore the “home run” of the Ascension Energies and fully allow them to come through. It’s always nice to get an outward confirmation though, so I thank you for that.

          And thank you so much for the belly laugh!: “Lo tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall not tarry and build a summer cottage!” That just totally cracked me up (and still is!)! You may tire of hearing thank you so often, yet truly, for those who know me, I don’t say anything that I don’t truly mean from my heart. 🙂

          With Much Love and Light,

          Oops! After I finished posting, I realized I had a slip of the fingers! I have/had a “protruding” disc, not a ruptured one. Although what I figured from that is that the Light ruptured through me, as an outcome of the protruding disc down/inward time. Hmm, interesting.

          With Much Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Ooops — i got too excited and hit the ‘button’ before finishing my thoughts. Sharing is soooo easy for me here Denise. The details of my story were essential to sharing with Chrysalis and ohnwentsya and their very very painful journeys. My intentions were of that only — not to boo hooo myself. Just Truth.

        And, one big moment I MUST SHARE HERE. Having totally accepted my journey as given, I accepted the pain which crippled 95% of my body 3 months ago. Barely able to walk, I ‘ran into’ an amazing man.

        Story: it was an early sunday morning. decided to do a load of wash (I know — wait — hold on!!). went to laundry facility on my floor — busy busy. went down to first floor (which i had only done once before) — busy busy. Standing at the elevator bank on the first floor, the #3 flashed before me — go up to the 3rd floor??? No — I never to that. within a split second, my finger hit 3, i stepped off the elevator and walked into the laundry room.

        There he was — just standing there with a presence that spiritually slapped me in a way never before experienced. He was quiet, peaceful, gentle. His eyes grabbed mine. I said ‘goodmorning’ — he smiled ever so slightly saying ‘goodmorning’ — his eyes ‘beaming’. I was drawn to his Spiritual Energy. We began chatting. Actually, I asked — he shared — I listened. Never once talking about myself, my family, or any personal situation I was experiencing.

        Now, you must know that at this point in my life, I could NOT stand more than 30 seconds without the aid of a walker, and even then, pain was intense.

        Time was non-existent. As he shared, I felt glimpses of ‘time’ — but not linear time-3D. I also realized I had been standing talking with him for a long period of time — not knowing exactly. But as soon as those thoughts came in, they left me and once again I felt I was in another time and place.

        All of a sudden, he quietly stopped talking. Walking over to me (couple feet), he looked into my eyes and said “Today is Your Day”. UNBELIEVABLE ENERGIES SURGED THROUGH EVERY CELL OF MY BODY. I said ‘what???’ ‘no???!!!!’ He asked: “do you believe in Jesus Christ?” yes yes yes — he is my savior
        “do you believe Jesus Christ is your Savior and Lord?” yes yes yes with all my heart
        “i have been told by our lord that as of this moment, your pain is healed — you will never experience any physical pain from this moment on.”
        What are you talking about — I never…..He stopped me: listen, your pain has been healed.
        At that moment, I realized that I had been standing for hours without pain.
        He also shared that healing would come to my family – specifically my sick father and brother. also, that my sister is ok.
        Crying with gratitude for my father and brother’s healing for which I had prayed for.
        I said wait — I have….
        He quietely stopped me: repeating your sister is ok.
        After a few more moments, he left. You see, I have 2 sisters — both dead. One from suicide 10 yrs previous, and my other sister (soulmate) from murder in 1982.

        My sole intention of sharing this unbelievable miracle in my life is quite simply this: I had never prayed for relief of any physical pain I experienced, no matter how crippling. I accepted and turned it over to Divine Universal Wisdom. My prayers were always for my family. As far as I was concerned, that was my life and would be until release from this world into dimensions beyond my conception. I am still pain free. However, THERE IS ONE CAVEAT — should I begin to ‘slip and slide’ along my journey at any point – the pain ever so slightly comes to me to which I close my eyes, and pray to my savior, my healer — ‘i believe in your healing touch – pain – no more’ and any pain immediately leaves my body.

        Incredible I know. And a long story. Hope it makes sense. To reread and edit is most likely quite impossible at this time.

        thank you everyone for listenining caring and sharing. love love love light light light spirit spirit spirit joy joy joy DANCE DANCE DANCE.

        • Karen, your story encouraged me more then I can put into words. I quickly slipped into my computer room to (((HUG))) you and bow to you in deepest gratitude. I wish I could read all the stories and words here, yet my life is so full. This computer is wonderful…..but I do look forward to the day I can just close my eyes, contact the person I want, BE THERE physically with that person, and tell them all that is in my heart.

          Bless you, Karen, and all others here, whose Journeys have been death defying. I love all of you, and finally know, I have begun to find those I have searching for all of my life!

          With all my LOVE,
          AM Amy

  • Hi Denise and all,
    Been reading and want to check in. Wonderful article and comments. I find myself on planet A/B, part of me still wishing I had fully ascended to planet A. That said, I sort of knew this is where I was heading – for now. There are a small handful of people I am waiting for and being with – namely my son, daughter and two grandchildren. Well, my pets too. I need to know we have the ability to ascend together before I leave them. Anyway, I had a reading with a woman that channels – she came highly recommended. I listened to my friends session before I spoke with this woman – her session was two years ago and most all of it has transpired. I got really good vibe from this woman. I have opted against such in the past, after experiencing channels that IMO were not very clear. Well, she was quite clear, I believe. Anyway, my reading was really sort of out there for me – and I began to question it – even tho much of it really appealed to me. One bit of channeled info was about my work – and this woman saw me transitioning into working with children that are autistic and horses. Long story short – while this has been sort of a goal of mine, I have always been directed into working a a therapist in the substance abuse/mental health field. So, I get approached the other day by a women almost begging me to come and work for their program which utilizes animals and therapy – horses and autism among other things. Many alternative healers utilizing energy healing and alternative modalities. This came from ‘out of the blue’ so to speak. None of the processing and programming and visualizing to get this to manifest – it just came to me – all I had to do was BE – open. Amazing. I don’t know what will come of this b/c I am very happy where I am right now. Which is amazing as not long ago I was just stuck in a void – no matter what I did I was destined to just be – literally stuck in my house and on the sofa (and computer). I now know I died to that past and that time was needed and spent tying up all the loose ends. Well, most of them, anyway. Life is good right now; not perfect, but really good and flows easily. The worry is gone and a sense of peace prevails. Even at work, the residents are talking about the amazing sense of peace they have there. Yesterday, a resident just started crying, stating she wasn’t sad, just touched by the peace. Sorry, if I’m rambling, and not sure how to express how I’m feeling – it is new to me yet known at the same time.
    Much love to all and to you Denise for all you do to keep this forum and home for us running smoothly, Morgean

    Hi Denise. The above link might also shed some further light re the Holy Spirit. I was surprised how much the article spoke to me and cleared up some mysteries, AND the fact that once I made some connections and asked for Mother God aka The Holy Spirit to please manifest for me inside of me in the manner discussed, well I felt it happen! I can’t say that I KNOW I am whole brained now or whatever, but I felt things. I look to th day when I can KNOW some things too, not just “feel” them and wonder.

    as far as my sense of days I am always lost because I work in retail, but during “those” days I was so lost I couldn’t grasp what day it was when customers needed to know to place an order. I felt strongly disoriented to say the least.

    I have not been conscious of any life reivews but then I have often thought this whole mostly sucking life has been one!

    Lastly I loved that you were free to say you “didn’t give a flying fuck what you think”! to that obnoxious reader 🙂 Thanks for the big smile.

    My life does appear to be mostly flowing along with smoothing out the areas that got away from me like impulse spending, debt and learning to be kinder to me. I am still so amazed how kind and wonderful life is to me now. I just suck it in and embrace it to my heart. Perhaps a lifetime of deprivation will do that to a person! Makes one feel mighty grateful 🙂

    Hugs to all!

  • Awesome post Denise, thank you. I feel the change, I know that something phenomenal has transpired. Miracles and Manifestations. Profound dreams by myself and others around me. It feels new and limitless.

    Much love,

  • Hello Denise,

    I’d like to ask you to read Karen Bishop’s post of Jan. 6, 2013 and share with us your interpretation of “those who were ready attached to others who were not…..”.

    Thank you, Denise, you’re an angel for doing this,

    • Gerry — Denise left a comment that I think could address this in the previous post (Dec. 29, 2012). I just read it, and if you go there, and look for her comment (in the comments section, not the post, although she addresses it there, too) about stair steps and fore-runners/Firstwavers.

      For me, I had a very interesting summer/July 2012 where a life I had led for four years abruptly ended, I moved from Europe back to the States, I left a husband behind, not knowing the status of our relationship, and have spent the past five months in a legal wrangle to try to reunite with my 7-year-old son whom I have not been able to see for four years.

      I arrived in the US August 1.

      So, I understand intimately what Karen is writing about here. I think, as I read it, she is saying we were ready to have a major flip into the light because so many of us were ready to do just that, but (and this is consistent with what I have read from her from 2007 forward) that we have waited for others to “catch up” and get on the bridge, get on the staircase — we were in soul contracts or agreements with others to be their companions or in relationship with them specifically for helping them (mostly by simply our energetic presence with them — not even by anything we said or did, although being in this process has been very challenging to my relationships and sometimes it was by more “direct” means. For me, this was true as I built to the summer of 2012, and tensions were at an all-time high, like Karen says with “cut-offs were experienced that were even experienced in the form of individuals being unusually rude and cruel to those who had helped them so that a break would occur”. I experienced this.)

      My husband was one of these — I was (still am?) in a contract to help him be on the bridge/staircase, and he got on it. He’s not a Firstwaver, but he is a Lightworker that needed a “push” from another Lightworker in his soul group (possibly his twin flame, aka me, but I don’t know if I believe that anymore…) to get on board. In addition, Team Dark has delayed my being with my son, and made it a debacle it was not supposed to be on a certain timeline that was in operation until 2007, when it altered (for me — maybe for others, too; I’ve read about various changes that happened at that time, and again, it is consistent with what Karen Bishop was writing at that time). We are supposed to have an opportunity to heal the relationship. It was supposed to happen much, much earlier, but the timeline was altered in order to allow more to “get on board” and with that, it led to this situation for me.

      So, for me “those who were ready were attached to others who were not” means that I have these two relationships in particular where the situation, circumstances, and soul/being of the person were not ready to be on the staircase, but because they are critical members of my soul family, I have waited to stay to help assist them by being in relationship with them, to be ready to get on board and get on the stair case/bridge. To Ascend.

      I am so grateful to Karen for her work — her explanations always exactly synced up with whatever was going on with me in a very uncanny way. Denise took over the process of explanation and learning to read the “signposts” for me when Karen stopped her newsletters. Also from Denise, I had my eyes opened to Team Dark and how they can and do operate in these situations. All of this has turned out to be exactly where it needs to be, but there have been adjustments, sometimes intense and big ones, along the way.

      I hope that my experience fits with how I see this statement that Karen made. Maybe Denise or others have input, too.

      Calliope the Muse

      • Dear CtM:

        Your comment has helped me tremendously, thank you. I cannot understand why I continue to be in a relationship with my partner of 17 years, when he and I have so very little in common, especially when it comes to the Stair Steps. Three times I tried to leave and three times I was put into a position of having to return. I’m at the stage now where I accept that there is something “bigger than me”, going on, but it is still very difficult when I know that when I’m on my own, my energy is so much higher and optimistic, but when I’m doing the “wifely” thing my energy is…. well, it is just not there. I become robotic, smiling and carrying on, pretending that all is 3D-just-fine. I know that Denise would say this is not a relationship, and I am aware that it is not, I just don’t know what more I can do to change it without putting myself into the street. I am definitely not talking “victim” here, but I do know that the funds would be there if I’m meant to move on and the funds so far are not. I’ve made the adjustments and need to come to terms with my own inner freedom regardless of the situation in which I find myself. And this is an extremely personal revealing, which the Capricorn in me says, okay, that’s enough! But I do love you, CtM and Denise, for revealing your truth and therefore making it possible for me to speak mine. Love, B.

    • “Hello Denise,
      I’d like to ask you to read Karen Bishop’s post of Jan. 6 and share with us your interpretation of “those who were ready attached to others who were not…..”.
      Thank you, Denise, you’re an angel for doing this,


      Sorry it’s taken me a bit to respond but my head has been killin’ me since 1-1-13 and I’m having to lay down and rest after the work I have to do. My recuperation time is getting longer after I’ve done some physical chore like going shopping. It’s pretty obvious that I am, that we are, still in transition from the “Three Days” event and that this stage of The Process is probably going to continue all winter (and longer for many). 😕

      Of course I can’t say absolutely what Karen Bishop meant by what she said in this post you’re referring to (1-6-2013 “Expanding”). I do know however that Karen and some other Ascension Teachers have wanted to wait, and wait, and wait for as many other people as possible to finally decide to get on the ascension train so to speak. I know from some personal experiences I’ve had over the past few years on the Inner Planes with other incarnate and NON-incarnate Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers and Starbeings etc., that when needed, we have meetings at higher dimensions to discuss potential changes and/or tweaks that might happen or need to happen or will happen later on down the road within the Ascension Process. This is not as fantastic as it may sound at first believe me! It’s like being called to a “meeting” to discuss important business and that’s what we do; we hash-over different probabilities within the Ascension Process and the potential results of those probabilities etc.

      Point is, that at a few of these types of meetings in years past there were a lot of incarnate Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers etc. that voiced a strong desire to wait longer in hopes of drawing more people into the ascension process. Many of these incarnate Starseeds/Lightworks at these higher dimensional meetings were referring to humanity in general and not family members or husbands/wives or their physical children and so on. They wanted to wait for more of humanity to increase their individual light enough to be naturally pulled into this process. I personally have zero memory or awareness of any Starseed or Lightworker etc. who wanted to wait because of some personal reason such as being “…ready but were attached to others who were not…”

      But, just because I have no personal memory or awareness of this doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been the case. Personally I don’t believe that the Ascension Process was held back or sped up because of us incarnate Starseeds/Lightworkers. Yes we each had a say in it all but in the end it always came down to The highest and best for All scenario.

      I did enjoy what Karen said in the very next sentence however. I’ve experienced this many, many, times since 1999; strangers, neighbors, friends etc. saying and/or doing something really mean and nasty which only helped propel me forward and out of their reach energetically…which was the whole point to the seeming cruel and rude behavior and/or words by them at the time. Sometimes the “bad guy” is our thrust-block and the situation is more about us and not them! 😉

      If I didn’t cover your question just let me know and we’ll try it again.


      • Denise,

        Just wanted to affirm what you said about the meetings. For me they have really intensified in frequency since December. And they are so clear and sequential and make so much sense. Easier to remember than ever before, blending over into 3D even more than they used to. Conciousness is almost starting to be like one continuous thread. There’s a bunch of different groups having meetings. Most of us attend several groups. We are so busy! Guess what? This happened recently: a huge advance, a huge step forward. We did it! One group leader said for that group, there’d be no more meetings or updates for a while. So we can reflect I guess.

        Thanks for letting me say the obvious. Please feel better soon. You are so appreciated.

  • Hello Everybody,
    Denise__ another wonderful article! Happy New Year to you, your Mom and all you dear lightworkers. I just finished listening to Kryon’s progam. Remarkable! I, too, was shocked to hear about another possible 18 years of “work”. Then I realized I’ve been doing this for over 200,000 years__ so what’s another 18? I’m 80 now, and may not make it to 98, but when I think of the marvelous miracles that are going to be popping up over the next days, months & years, I can hardly wait.
    I had a really hard time over the December Shift days, with the huge blasts of energy, but I also reached states of extreme Bliss and Oneness with Creator, Galaxy and Universe in meditations. I, too had several Life Reviews__ hadving to cover numerous past lives dating from 240,000 years ago, as well as the childhood and youth of this one. As an astrologer, I’d done this many times before, but this time, I came out of it realizing that all the fear, the pain, and the sense of non-acceptance were GONE at last! Not only for this lifetime, but when I thought of the past lives, i could not even accessed them except with hazy images and fuzzy impressions. What a blessing!
    And the information about the “Galactic Bubbles Bursting” and sending that energy to the enire galaxy, just about blew me away. So many marvelous things are occurring now, that there isn’t time or room to describe them here. My recent Newsletters tell much, especiall the January 1st issue, and the one I’m working on right now which should be out around January 15th. They both include experiences that are definitely related to the predictions put forth by Kryon in his Dec. 2nd program, so I don’t think we’re going to have to wait all of 18 years for them to manifest. If interested, please go to .
    I want to express my gratitude to you, Denise, and to all you wonderful people adding your amazing comments. This area we live in here is filled with wonderful, heart-oriented people, but few are awakened to what is really going on, or where we’re headed in the future. So conversations about spiritual or metaphysical matters are pretty well nil. I do appreciate my contacts with all of you, and love to hear what you and yours are experiencing. Love, Marilyn

  • “Part of the problem I have with Kryon is he can, in my view, be somewhat condescending and his occasional remarks about how 3D we are, or how linear we are, make me grit my teeth.”

    LOL!!! I so agree with this statement, Barbara!!! Earlier in my process I used to lap up Kryon’s channelings. Plus, once I learnt they offered seminars on cruise ships (and they still do), I ran for the hills! 🙂

  • Hi everyone!

    I’ve been a bit quiet on this one, a tad bit frustrated with “none”, but I figured such name has got to mean something, so I’m thinking none, you have questions and comments that may be skeptikal to some of us, but I admit that I too was just like you once, and like someone suggested ask your angel and guides, I did that too and it did work for a bit but the angels and guides wanted also for me to do my own homework and look within for answers, I promise that if indeed proof is needed because of whatever reasons, as Denise says the 3D brain language, here is pretty much dead, however my immediate response to YOU as a human being that you are, was to give you a hug and say “we are all one,connected through one” and I understand why you would want proof, because you do not understand yet, and that is OK. Proof, hmmm you want proof, proof is truth and you carry it in you, it all comes down to what we already know, keep searching…YOU will find it, the easier job is to just read answers and the truth others give you if it resonates?? But you will probably question the other anamolies, beings, truth and so on, so why not give yourself the answer?!? Denise, has always said, discern….discern…and if it resonates to you, great!

    Denise, I admire your perseverance! And I admire your “THAT’S ENOUGH WITH THIS SHIT, LET ME TELL YOU” lol


    NOW, can I share after all that, my interesting thought about time?!? I swear I have no clocks in my house, the time on my cell is always 3 mins ahead or behind even in both my car lol, my daughters is always off and my “fiancée” now (in 5d lol) his skin watch has notice. I have Tvs that aren’t connected to any type of cable or antennas so I don’t watch tv, I don’t listen to radio just pandora, soooo to me I have no time, and I believe it’s Sunday, right?!? Yes I’ve renamed my days too, often I tell someone “oh its such and such day” but to them it’s another day! Lmao

    Oh and both my daughters are homeschooled too. So time as far as number wise goes we have none. My guy works at night and gets off in the morning! I sleep here and there but i rise when the sunrises!! Im suppose to plan my wedding and I’ve contiplated putting on the invitations “from sunrise to sunset, whatever happens within that “time” it justs happens” lol I guess I could say “ceremony at noon” oh boy…I’m cracking up as I type. Anywho….I live in the now and in the moment. 😉 love you all including you none!


  • Hi Denise and All Here:

    Heads up, Sun is loaded with sunspots, some are flaring, and will be flaring. Denise has the link to the right on her site here. Check it out. Don’t think I’ve ever seen so many areas “bubbling”. More “Age of Aquarius Galactic Bubbles!”. Upgrades/photonic info packets heading our way! Love, B.

  • so i check out the pic, not so inpressed, neat but no magic bananas for me
    what got me was the math, and i failed math 3x in high school
    BUT even i can figure if we are 30,000 light years away from the GC and the “outflows” extend 50,000 light years from top to bottom then we are affected by them, i agree that they are not harmful, (just the opposite) and was happy that note was included twice, all the better to keep the fear piece out of it
    what was MOST interesting to me anyway was the part about star power…… hehehehe……now we starseeds are receiving power,,, WOW….WHOOPEE….OMG…… shaking in my boots with excitement
    Welcome to Eden, children…… wish i could remember when i made comment seems like a hundred years ago but probably spring or summer………..anyway I have always felt/believed this NOW this ending of time as we have known it was the begining of just that bringing earth back to the eden it was intended to be
    a song has been in my head on and off for,,,,,,,, i give up
    anyway///// it’s the end of the world as we know it
    PEACE LOVE JOY JOY JOY TO ALL YA’LL HERE and a big hug to your mom Denise, hope she is doing well and tears of thanks to you for keeping us together here

  • Hello Denise and all lovely souls here,
    I haven’t been commenting for a while, but following your experiences whenever have been able to. It has been wonderfully validating all along. Especially everything that has occurred since 21st Dec, and now this cosmic outpour… and this last post, {{{thank you}}} Denise! I’m crazy happy even if with a grim headache, occasional nausea and what have you. I rejoice in all the anomalies too, grinning at all the signs, and yesterday… twice I burst out into floods of tears for nothing, tears of JOY! Like seeing finally behind the veil and knowing it’s all REAL now, we’re on our way finally, it’s all so miraculously wonderful! The feeling has literally been like “Had I known it will be like this, I’d never have worried!”
    The funniest anomaly for me has been people’s puzzled expressions when they come across oddities. For example, I’ve not before been off my food or certain food items as much as now. I cannot drink coffee any more (sigh), so the other day when I popped into a cafe to get a quick take-away lunch, when I opened the door I had this fervent wish “If only I could still drink coffee, I’d really like to be able to have one now!” So having ordered my lunch at the counter, I was in my thoughts for a few seconds, then realised the cafe assistant was at the coffee machine making a drink instead of packing my lunch. I was like, “Erm, hello, can I have my food please?” He looked surprised and said, “Yes, of course, I’m just making your strong cappuccino first.” I said I never ordered one. His face said it all, obviously my wish must have projected just like I had told it to him directly, he was thoroughly puzzled and ended up telling me I don’t have to pay for my lunch and it to me for free! This has since happened to me twice in cafes, the assistants just making me coffee without me ordering one! (Looks like it’s taking a while to clear coffee from my system…) Also, seeing certain number sequences is still carrying on for me. I’ve come to regard them like a friend – however awful day I may have had with however many doubts, when I suddenly have a glimpse of a clock at 11:33 or 22:22 or similar, it’s like a confirmation from behind the veil that I’m still on right track. Warmly assuring!
    I’m also rejoicing in the changes I see crop up every day. Negative, hidden crimes being exposed to the Light around the world, and Light taking care of it – where before the dark would have revelled in consuming the Good, the Light now shows its strength! Hidden agendas here and there coming to be made right, I read something like this every day now, seemingly ordinary news but it’s completely different this time. Social media does unite people in this Light-spreading task, previously hidden terrors are made conscious outside the mainstream media which would like to silence such things, now the news travel and people can add their own Light to the healing circle. I find so much hope in this! It IS all changing! Ordinary humans ARE beginning to show their innate compassion. I’m simply so grateful to be living through this very time now.
    Denise, you continue to be such an inspiration! Wishing you all the most fulfilling year, connecting and uniting ever more in Heart Light. Great to be onto the next leg of this path with you all.
    xox – millie

  • Hi Denise and All Here:

    Absolutely wonderful discussion going on here at TRANSITIONS as always, thank you! Just a quick comment to say that it seems my “five senses” are being recalibrated all at the same time! Used to be one would change and then another, but today, around both eyes is a tightness and some literal tunnel vision is setting in; my taste buds have gone metallic; my hearing is in over-drive so that everything I hear sounds amplified (some sounds actually hurt); my smell has disappeared entirely, and my touch seems electrified, not to mention that my brain feels like it’s been “asploding” in bits and pieces. Dreamed a “shit dream” last night and it was awful, but you guessed it, along comes this amazing woman who takes a look and in the blink of an eye, the room is cleared and clean. Breathe! Go with the flow, Neutral Observer, et cetera et cetera! So very much happening and so very much love to all here, B.

    • Hi, Barbara! Wow! Another person with symptoms like mine. ME TOO! All of the above!
      My taste buds are not only metallic but I think they died, and I especially get bent out of shape when I cannot taste my mint chocolate chip ice cream. Now, that is a bummer! Can’t smell for being so congested. Dang!

      Ears??? The waterfalls is so loud at times I just want to clap my hands over my ears and shout ENOUGH! I don’t remember……there is the brain fog……but someone one here mentioned very high tones…..Yiveh! HIGH? Opera high and above! Ouch!

      Speaking of sound, I “heard” music coming from my pipes today in the house, just ordinary sounds but they sounded like “toning” to me. LOL

      And time, can’t be sure exactly when this happened… memory has just about had it….but about one month ago, my computer jumped ahead one hour in time and all the emails I both wrote and received, were clocked at 2 hours behind “real” time. Confused? LOL The next day, everything slipped back into “norm”.

      At times, the energy from my hands are so potent, my special needs cats, who know to come to me for adjustments, avoid me like the plague. They look at me, and they say, “Uh uh, Mom, no way are YOU touching me Now!” Too funny! I swear they SEE the energy. They are always looking over my head to “see” what is coming down into my crown chakra, or either, what energy I am emitting.

      All this from one who doesn’t even know what a brain is anymore……ROFLMAO! And the really neat thing, I don’t care! I am just rolling as best as I can with the “punches”. I am about to start studying quantum healing and I say…….good luck to me! Right!

      And today, ……hmmmm……I tripped over the shit bucket and cried buckets of tears. Must of have been left overs from all of this lifetime’s grieves that I um thought were over and done with.

      Are we having FUN yet???? LMAO!


      • PS….I just want to say to ALL here, and especially to Denise, that I am SO grateful to have found this website. Before I “stumbled” on it, whenever I would talk about these “weird things” that happen to me all the time to even my friends, I wouldn’t get any kind of confirmation. It was as though I solely was the “weird one”. I just about did cartwheels when I began reading here. I’m in good company here! LOL

        MUAH and much love to all of you!

  • “Since December 24, 2012 when one of our atomic clocks jumped two days into the future, and another atomic clock did the same thing two days after the first one did it”

    can you please provide proof of this?

    • none,

      No I cannot provide you with physical proof of this because, after waiting about 30 hours to see if both of the atomic clocks would automatically correct themselves — which they did not do — I had to manually correct them both.

      I do not lie about the things I write about nor do I exaggerate or enhance them either for the simple reason that I don’t need to. The anomalies, phenomena, higher frequency events/Beings/energies and other things simply happen and always have.

      I’m sorry but TRANSITIONS is not a place that caters to the 3D left brain intellect of old; it’s a place where many of the other things and layers of “reality” that exist and happen are written about, and sometimes further discussed in Comments such as this. You might also like to read Cat’s recent Comment where she shares about her computer clock doing this same thing too recently. 🙂


      • i have no problem with the reality of a changing world. i do have a problem with people deluding themselves, if they deliberately take others in their fall.

        you misinterpreted the redorbit article: those outflows have probably always been there during the mature stage of this galaxy; those outflows have been recorded by human instruments before; it’s only just recently that we have a better recording of it.

        you misinterpreted the working of an atomic clock. which is funny, because it borders on the quantum realm, which you purportedly know well. your ‘atomic clocks’ are only receivers of a signal of an atomic clock. it is a sheer impossibility that your clocks suddenly drift that much, and i find it highly unlikely that your local reality bubble drifted that much from the rest of the world. because atomic receivers, such as yours, are digital precision instruments, they sometimes feature internal logging of oddities and impossibilities. if your clocks really where that much adrift, you should send them to the manufacturer, to have those logs published publicly: it would give this world physical proof of Change.

        time is an illusion, causality likewise. and most of mankind is particularly good at fooling themselves.

        wish you well.

        • “…you misinterpreted the working of an atomic clock. which is funny, because it borders on the quantum realm, which you purportedly know well. your ‘atomic clocks’ are only receivers of a signal of an atomic clock. it is a sheer impossibility that your clocks suddenly drift that much…”


          “It is a sheer impossibility that your clocks suddenly drift that much…”

          In your world that’s probably true but that is not what happened to my two clocks and I don’t give a flying fuck whether or not you believe one word I say. 😀

          That was your last Comment at TRANSITIONS, I hope it was worth it to you.


        • Denise- Please don’t waste your time and energy on someone trying to pick a fight with you when there are so many of us who love and appreciate you! XOXO, Michelle

        • I fully agree with Michelle, Denise. BIG HUGS to you and for ALL you do for ALL of us! People like none are deeply scared for their entire “reality” is being rocked and blown right out of the water! And thus, the ugly head of “ego” rears trying to protect what no longer IS.

          I LOVE YOU, Denise! Sending you Love to both you and your Mom!

        • While I have a different way of understand what you preceive, with my journey starting in 1996. I do appreciate the information and that you taken the time to communicate your thoughts and feelings and take this enormous risk…they were very reassuring the first time I visited this website…which is some time ago. I’ve not responded to any thread because of the hostile presence on sites on this like this. I do not understand why they can’t go their own way (if they were content with their view of reality) and leave us alone with our perceptions, varied as some may be, to share and commune cause many of us are on similar paths. In general I am too empathic to deal with these caustic energies, but I have been attacked today already by these kinds of people so I’ve nothing to loose right now.

        • This might be superfluous since Denise has already dealt with the rudeness aspect but this inspired me to notice the why of something that has always bothered me but I was never able to enunciate. Culture being a shared perspective, it seems some people often feel the need to be gatekeepers of culture-like the people who want to make laws enforcing their religious beliefs.

          The comment above was an attempt at gatekeeping-at discounting others lived experiences in favor of a prescribed and ossified view of “reality” (that being the only word, according to Robert Anton Wilson, that should always appear in quotes 😉

          Being AS and a big science nerd growing up I used to fall for gatekeeping and then feel really upset and confused. Indeed there are people who use the general lack of knowledge of some things like science to con people and that can be a problem (like selling fake Native ceremonies to unsuspecting but sincere seekers-degrading indigenous people and sometimes killing the naive as at that sweatlodge incident a few years ago) but sharing our perspectives and experiences is not conning people.

          Even if some people who are not far along in exploring their own internal knowledge “follow” what Denise conveys about her experience, they are not being conned, they are choosing a path of learning that feels true and comfortable and alive to them.

          For almost as long as I have read Denise’s work I have been very grateful for her ability to be clear about her own awareness and experiences and tell people who gatekeep or degrade her to take a hike. I used to be intimidated by people putting down my experiences and telling me I was wrong about them, I didn’t believe I was wrong, but I became much less able to speak freely and feel comfortable.

          A while back when people were saying that we could not be experiencing attacks from team dark because ALL dark beings had been removed, I was able to copy a passage from Denise’s post and tell someone-see? its not just me!

          People who are not from a minority of any sort might not recognize this but it’s something some of us have had to deal with all the time-if non-white, or disabled or from a non-western culture, constantly being put down and told our experiences aren’t real or possible. Tho now I think of it-if you are female no matter what else you are or aren’t you’ve probably experienced it!!

          I am sorry it takes me so many words to say anything;-/ but I just wanted to say thank you to Denise and to all of you who are co-creating this new world of respect and freedom and openness, because this ability to own our experiences and not be put down is hugely important.

          My husband says men control the world by whining and even tho that sounds funny-it pretty much sums up patriarchy. (if you include the tantrum like nature of violence in whining especially 😉
          Thank you for not letting the whiners and gatekeepers control your space!

        • ohnwentsya,

          Firstly I want to Thank You for those honest, brilliant, correct and insightful words. ♥ Gratitude for every word, for every hard-earned bit of your personal understanding and wisdom. ♥ And you could not be more right about being female, anywhere on Earth, in what’s been (but is no longer) a totally patriarchal world for thousands of years. It’s going to take many people, especially males, a while to make this Shift…if they even can which many won’t and will exit their body and/or their minds long before they exit their bodies! There are unfortunately, always seeming causalities when “reality” changes via natural evolution.

          Anyway…I wanted to thank you for what you said, what you know and who you are because of it all. 🙂

          Gratitude ♥ Hugs,

        • Denise, for the win.

          I love you, I really do! Thank you for making a firm response, and then KA-POW, gone. Doesn’t happen often on other sites and one reason I appreciate this one so very much.

          Thank you. 🙂 Thank you for keeping this an energetically protected space.


        • “Denise, for the win.

          I love you, I really do! Thank you for making a firm response, and then KA-POW, gone. Doesn’t happen often on other sites and one reason I appreciate this one so very much.

          Thank you. 🙂 Thank you for keeping this an energetically protected space.



          Thank You for that…and I totally got every coded and not said word in your Comment. 😉 I greatly appreciate your — AND EVERYONES — support when I/TRANSITIONS/and all of us here get occasionally assailed like this.

          One of my big longstanding grips is that, if we the Forerunners don’t draw a line in the sand and stop coddling, stop “enabling”, stop giving the wingnuts a soapbox to preach their mental and emotional sicknesses from, then who will? Nothing will change if we the Forerunners don’t demand that things change, that the insanity stops here (as in this case I mean), and if we don’t prevent or not allow those who are not ready or able, from entering into places that they’re not ready or able to cope with vibrationally or in pretty much any other ways either. Harsh but true and needed if higher consciousness is going to become the new “normal”…the new “sanity”.

          Again, Thank You Calliope the Muse and EVERYONE else for your kindness, and more importantly to me personally, your honest expanded understanding. ♥

          Gratitude ♥ Hugs,

        • Denise,
          Thank you for providing a clear example of how to fearlessly express truth without being intimidated by ignorance/arrogance. A great lesson as I am one who am always trying not to offend but with certain people in my life I cannot help but to offend due to their gatekeeping of reality. I concluded that I would not discuss certain subjects with them, as they have no right to approve, monitor another person’s perception. But now I see it was my dumb attempt at peacekeeping with bullies. Adios is the correct response. We must remove ourselves from the ever increasing friction felt when around such ones who are so determined to control others. You are my hero.

        • “…But now I see it was my dumb attempt at peacekeeping with bullies. Adios is the correct response. We must remove ourselves from the ever increasing friction felt when around such ones who are so determined to control others. You are my hero.”


          And you mine for your higher, expanded insight/understanding. ♥

          I learned long ago that, like trying to talk sanely, honestly, maturely etc. with a drunk or someone high or someone mentally and/or emotionally imbalanced etc., it just doesn’t work because they do not have access to the same perceptual tools, levels of awareness and feelings. Period. They will eventually… just like you/me/each of us have been working our spiritual butts off to do ourselves. Stair steps and real Inner Work.

          And, like Calliope the Muse said in her great Comment about this, that you get to a point within ones Inner Work where you can feel energetically exactly if a person is or is not embodying higher frequencies beyond dense duality and left brained ego consciousness only. You can feel it and you know because there is zero ability to lie or con someone whose developed themselves beyond dense duality ego intellect. As the months and years pass more and more of us will be experiencing this wonderful new ability to feel or read energies and know instantly who is and who isn’t etc. etc. 😉

          ♥ Hugs,

        • Denise,

          I am just getting around to reading the comments on this post now. I just wanted to say thanks for leaving this comment in because it opened my eyes to see how much junk you have to deal with to keep Transitions a nice environment for all of us. I’m sure there have been plenty comments of that nature that don’t get published because you are protecting this space.

          Thanks for providing a nice shelter for all of us! 🙂

        • Mary L.,

          Thank you for saying that.♥ It does take more work and time for me to keep this open cyber Sacred Temple space a sacred temple! 😉


      • Denise, my apology for this late response to such a dynamic integrative moment for Transitions.

        Your strict adherence to your Mission as well as your constant vigilance to “keep this open cyber Sacred Temple space a sacred temple!” is quite obvious with your initial reply to “none”: “I do not lie about the things I write about nor do I exaggerate or enhance them either for the simple reason that I don’t need to. The anomalies, phenomena, higher frequency events/Beings/energies and other things simply happen and always have. I’m sorry but TRANSITIONS is not a place that caters to the 3D left brain intellect of old; it’s a place where many of the other things and layers of “reality” that exist and happen are written about, and sometimes further discussed in Comments such as this.” Standing in your Truth, Truth, pure and simple.

        100% support in your next reply to “It is a sheer impossibility that your clocks suddenly drift that much…” : “In your world that’s probably true but that is not what happened to my two clocks and I don’t give a flying fuck whether or not you believe one word I say. That was your last Comment at TRANSITIONS, I hope it was worth it to you.”

        And Denise, you are totally correct: As the ‘Forerunners’, we must stop ‘enabling’ and pull the soapbox out. As Forerunners, we move through this Universe seeking and demanding change. Why not demand it here? Insanity must be stopped at the gate for those ‘struggling’ souls who wish to do nothing but muddy the waters and create a negative and hostile atmosphere.

        But not here thanks to you Denise.
        Your loving, endearing spirit brings continual light for our journeys. much gratitude.

        ps any comments about ‘none’s obvious lack of identity????

    • Hi, none. It is not up to Denise or anyone else to provide “proof” that such things can happen. They just do. If you are skeptical, ask your own Angels and Ascension guides to prove it to you. They will.

  • Over the first three days from the 21st I felt an extreme love in my chest , almost unbearable actually, but lovely. Then my husband and I felt extremely tired for two days. Now there is a more, even, feeling of love. Today when sitting I had a feeling that one of my legs had stepped into a cloud, it is very hard to explain. Like my leg was floating? quite amazing. More to come I have no doubt!

  • Hello, everyone,

    I’m happy I could be a catalyst for this discussion. I, too, had a quantum leap yesterday or the day before (who can know any more what day it was? LOL!) I sat at my computer and knew roughly what time it was, but it was about an hour and a half off on my computer and I think the date was off as well. My watch was the normal time however. Very strange.

    I was up pretty much all night on Dec. 30 and have seemed to alternate between being up most of the night and then sleeping for 10 hours the next night and waking up tired. Last night I had this outpouring of remembered dreams that were all journeys of some sort and made me think they were all the same landscape or connected in some way by the way they all tumbled out one after the other before I could write them down. Or a dream review?

    I’m still feeling anxious at the computer in the pit of my stomach (no, the computer is not in the pit of my stomach!)– strange– it has been going on for a few weeks now.

    Will look forward to more interesting and unusual events in the future. Still very cheerful, but taking it slow here in northern Alberta.

    Love to all,

  • Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    Another wonderful explanation from Denise that allows (me at least!) to make more sense of my experiences. If you are experiencing a range of things instead of having just landed into bliss on the 21st, then please check out this post! She also has links to neat visuals re the outflow from the Galactic core-interesting stuff even if you think ascension is a bit odd 😉

  • Appreciate the explanation Denise, after the 24th I experienced that jump, relating to the Atomic time! That jump threw me off!, When I got up Saturday, I thought it was Sunday!, I didn’t realize that until later that afternoon. I understood the difference between, not so much that I thought it was Sun. instead Sat. but an actual feeling of a quantum jump! at least that’s what it felt happened!

    • “…but an actual feeling of a quantum jump! at least that’s what it felt happened!”


      Exactly! Things have felt many times since the Three Days, very much like we’re continuing to do these quantum jumps into the NEW. Great stuff huh? 😉


  • Kaisa,

    1-1-13 my Mom woke up and wanted to watch the Rose parade on TV (some ridiculous CA tradition :roll:, I’m just no fun at all! 😆 ) but she had a severe case (again) of head spinning’s as we call them. When she gets hit hard with them as has been the case since 1-1-13, she’s bed-ridden and nauseous and it’s really bad. Typically it takes her about 3-4 days before it eases up. Today is the first day she’s able to walk and not barf. Gawd can you imagine being in your 80’s and being affected by these Energies this way?

    The AM hours of 1-2-13 I didn’t sleep all night and my cat acted differently all night too, so I knew something big was afoot energetically. It felt to me like the Earth was being pushed, moved by some massive energy to a new location…literally. It was a very weird sensation that I laid in bed all night feeling, as did my cat evidently. So, to read what Karen Bishop had to saw about this was a nice confirmation. And then of course was the 1-2-13 photos of what’s happened/happening with the Milky Way Galactic Center! Now I know why it felt to me that the Earth was being pushed, moved to another location; it was/is energetically. ♥

    Thanks again Kaisa for the link reminder for us all.
    Gratitude Hugs,

    • Much much much love to your mom, she is a tough lady to handle all this. And love to you also, it isn’t always easy to have someone we love feeling ill, especially from being fried by universal forces that doctors can’t treat.

    • I don’t know if this will help your Mom but I get that head spinning deal too and the homeopathic called Nux Vomica is a miracle for me, also when I dont have that ginger is not quite as effective but makes the whole thing much more bearable and less likely to get all the way to barfing-horrible. It seems that anything that affects the water balance in the body combined with that incoming energy wave thing is what sets it off. Like coffee, or too much salt on food(tho too much sodium can be countered by taking potassium because those two are what makes the cell-pump in osmosis work, when they stay in balance the body is better able to stay centered with changing energy apparently). you dont need to post this, I just wanted to share the info in case it helps her, I can’t imagine how awful that must be for an elder, as it is nearly unbearable anyway. ;-(

  • Thanks for your artikel Denise. I wish everbody a Happy New illuminate Divine era .Some personal expierence aroud 25/12/12…… For the second time I had a full conscious experience in the body cells(one I had one on the end in 2011 and now on the end of 2012) Thise time a waterfall started streaming from my right leg up trouhg my full body upwards. .I was seeing inside my body that I was standing in a landschappe . I strated walking up the path on a montain. On the top I seen a sun slowly coming up behind mysty clowds. It was a intense expierence ,specially that I was complety aware without sleeping or dreaming. The blue partikels I notice for some time become more and more blue clowds .
    Well thise words I like to share.Pitty my Englisch is not so good that I can fully express myself!
    with love Dhyana (NL)

  • Denise- Thank you so much for this message. It helps more than you know to have my experiences validated (I’m sure I speak for many others when I say this). In regards to your reference to waterfalls, I often think to myself that I feel like I am at a Water Park….sometimes I’m climbing up the steep stairs to the top of a water slide (feels like I’ll never get there and it’s tiring and sometimes the climb is hard on my body), then I feel like I’m waiting for such a long time to take my turn (and wondering if I missed something), then when it’s my turn to “take the plunge” I do so with a mixture of excitement and “yikes!” over the unknown awaiting me…..when I’m through with the “ride” I find myself quickly climbing another set of stairs for another ride :-)!!! Much love and appreciation for all that you provide for us! Michelle

  • Another very validating post, Denise, thank you, and thank you, Cat, for sending the link. The pressure in my head and the roaring in my ears, along with some very high-pitched toning that I would have thought only a dog could hear, have gone on unabated now for the past three days. The first thought that leaped out at me when I saw the pictures in Cat’s link was that the two bubbles could very well be the auric fields of Planet A and Planet A/B. The “two waves” dream that I described in my previous comment now seems in line with what’s happening. Last night I was in and out of sleep and everytime I went back, I returned to the dream I started. It was a very busy dream. I didn’t recognize anyone in it, but wow, were we working hard! I woke up this morning with the word, “connection.” We were “connecting” energies is the only way I can describe it, literally like taking one “grid” link and connecting it to another, like electricians do. There was no pressure in this dream, only the sense that we knew what we were doing, we had a certain time limit to do it in (no-time maybe?) , and that the job would be done. While I was awake, the roaring in my ears would happen in spurts that were so loud, they sent shudders down my entire body. And finally, I sent that exact Joni Mitchell song to another website early last week after singing it for days! This comment is brain fogged, my apologies! Love and gratitude to you, Denise, and all here, B.


    Check out what Kryon (link above) says regarding this phenomena of the distortion of the Milky Way and the procession of the equinoxes in the main channel (The Next 18 Years). I was reading your post this morning and had been behind in listening to Kryon’s posts and talk about Koinky dinks! Hope you and the others enjoy this one!

    • “

      Check out what Kryon (link above) says regarding this phenomena of the distortion of the Milky Way and the procession of the equinoxes in the main channel (The Next 18 Years). I was reading your post this morning and had been behind in listening to Kryon’s posts and talk about Koinky dinks! Hope you and the others enjoy this one!


      I finally listened to this Dec. 2012 message from Kryon and it was exactly what I (and many others 😉 ) needed to hear today. Thank You very much for sharing it with us all here. ♥ It’s an important message that confirms a few things that I’ve felt for a number of years but did personally NOT want to be true. 😥 Mainly it was what Kryon said about approximately another 18 years POST the December 21, 22, 23, 2012 Expiration Date/Shift Point. Our almost immediate reminder (“none” and others elsewhere) brought this fact home for all of us. No rest for the weary…

      “…energies coming from the Galactic Center cause time distortions…”

      Kryon said only a couple of minutes into this message. Who ever would have guess that! ❓ 😮 🙄

      Thanks again Theocacao for the link to this particular Kryon message. ♥

      • “It’s an important message that confirms a few things that I’ve felt for a number of years but did personally NOT want to be true…”

        Dear Denise and Theocacoa,

        I just finished listening to Kryon’s message and I confess I am thunderstruck and disheartened by the idea of another 18 years. I, too, do not wish that statement to be true! I have understood for quite a while that the Mid East contains a profound energy portal, which, as Kryon says, once opened will enable inter-galactic communication, and it is that energy portal that is the real reason for the incessant warring in that area of the world. I have understood, too, about inventions being “delivered” to us, that autistic children are quantum, and I have rejoiced at the idea of five continents, five currencies, freely open to everyone, but another 18 years?! So many of us have been financially burdened and ridiculed for our willingness to take on the work we volunteered to do for Planet Earth, and I will never ever regret that, but another 18 years!? I will be 81 years old in another 18 years and I had not even considered what the consequences of that might be… I am not afraid, I am tired and physically exhausted from having to hold the Light and battle the Dark. I truly don’t know what to say… I was not expecting to have the wind knocked out of me and I am speechless! Love, B.

        • Barbara,
          I cannot access videos/sound files so I can only comment on what you and others have mentioned about it. I feel like Kryon, along with many other channels are giving us the status as they see it right now-as the possibilities and probabilities are currently lined up. Much as Cayce’s prophecies have changed over the years so too can these current “status reports” be altered as we move forward.

          I’m no longer a child;-) but am autistic and spent some time early in college in a quantum physics major (before discovering there were like 3 jobs actually using the exciting parts of that;-) The most significant thing about the quantum and newer physics is that nothing is as solid or “set in stone” as we once thought.

          Everything that exists is part of a system, and every teensy subatomic particle has a whole pile of possibilities in each nanosecond- “choices” it can make of what it will do. If you expand that out to the trillions+ of them in each person and expand the nanoseconds out to days and weeks it’s pretty easy to see how things really can shift suddenly and unexpectedly.

          Each person who awakens adds to the uncertainty, otherwise known as chaos-and despite chaos bad rep with most western thinkers;-) it is the best of all states for those who want to see rapid change, because from chaos things tend to re-coalesce into a higher frequency of order, ie a more elegant solution to whatever drove the system into chaotic state.

          I too was dismayed by the idea of another long wait to see any real change, which is why I spent so much time thinking it out.

          I also think maybe predicting 30 years or 18 years when there is a chance of things getting to some greater degree of change within maybe 3 or 5 is giving people a cushion effect instead of the zoom and crash of the “any minute now-huge changes will manifest” school.
          If we think 18, keep working and see real transformational stuff in a few years we will be happily surprised.

          I could be wrong but a year or so ago I thought Kryon was saying 30 years, if he has gone to 18 now–we are improving! If that rate of improvement continues- we lost nearly half the time in a year or two-so in another year maybe it comes to 10 years out, then by two years from now it could be 6, 3 years from now it could be just 3 more, at 4 years only 1-so almost back to Inelia’s 2017 prediction, not nearly as daunting I think!

          Not sure if that helps you feel better, or if it even goes with the actual message;-/ but I so loathe that feeling of overwhelm that comes from holding on knowing you can do whatever it is for just a little longer and then to find out its going to be quite a lot longer.

          The Intention Experiment did get proof that the larger a group focusing intention and prayer on something that it is very possible for them to have real physical effects. Another, done by a fim-maker last year took the intention experiemtn premise and got many of us around the globe to focus on getting it to rain at a certain time on a certain day in a place in Tunisia, in the Sahara where it rarely rains and definitely not at the time and day specified.

          He went there with a film crew and the day was bright, dry and warm but as the time approached, clouds formed and rain fell right on time. I don’t know when he is to release the film but it was filmed, I believe the film maker lives in Germany.

          Anyway the main point is-if we can make it rain in the Sahara with maybe 100,000 or 2000,000 people sending intent-how much more likely that the billions praying for peace and abundance for all on Earth will be successful?

          Especially re the money factor, please check out Charles Eisenstein’s The Gift Economy it is free to read online-I don’t know if it would be rude to post a link here but it comes right up on a google search-the book is also on amazon and I think the link is there as well for his web site where you can read it for free.

          Many of us are building the money free or not money focused economy already right now and it is cocreating abundance and better lives for many right away. It is not perfect yet-the more who participate the better it gets! (Transition Town initiatives are another great place to look for those kind of connections locally-local time banks and exchanges, permaculture groups and things like freecycle that help you improve your own situation while also helping others)
          Finally Yes! magazine also profiles positive changes that are currently happening and people who are making positive change in their communities-it is such a mood booster to read(also free online!) as well as inspiring tons of good ideas.

          I hope some of that cheered you up a bit, and that as we all work together in so many ways, we find day by day that the time scale for the big events no longer matters anyway because we will all be living in abundance, love and beauty already!

        • Yes! Yes! Yes! Exactlly my thoughts, feelings and omg I’m just crying because I just commented on here in lieu that I also would encourage the mood. And I said if this doesn’t get approved someone please comment my word in a way it’s understandable! Lol oh my!

          Al smiles!

        • Hello, everyone,

          I listened to the Kryon piece and have to say I was very disappointed with it, but for different reasons than mentioned here. Did anybody else think Kryon sounded like an Evangelical preacher? I don’t get saying the churches cannot keep up to the changes while speaking in a style that comes out of, I believe, southern churches. It is a disconnect for me. And as I have never been part of this emotional, wink-wink, nudge-nudge, we’re on the inside track and others are not kind of language, I find it offensive. For that reason, I think there is some interference from the channel and that his background and ideas are coming through. For that reason, I am not putting too much stock in what he says. 18 years sounds too long to me. I feel comfortable with 2017 as a target area, because, with the way we’ve been going, we’ve far exceeded any expectations, so I’m with you ohnwentsya. I don’t think I’ll listen to him any more. Discernment, right? And for every person that may be different.

          Also, ohnwentsya, I am also a big fan of quantum and astro physics and have spent some time studying it as a layperson, so with somewhat limited understanding, but the fact that things can happen randomly at the quantum level would affect each and every aspect of our lives has not been lost on me. I think most scientists are timid about approaching the possibilities inherent in this fact and so do not advertize it. Also, what Kryon said about communicating with trees and animals is already a way of life for many of us here and has certainly been so for shamans of every culture for thousands of years before us. So, a lot of what he said was, like, and so… to me. I’ve lived in other cultures for many years of my life and know there are many other ways of thinking and believing in things– where south and not north is where everything faces, where time does not exist in a language, where the mind is in the heart area, for a few examples. Sorry, I’m still contemplating this all, but it’s not so revolutionary to me, what he said.

          Okay, good night all and big hugs to you all.

          Love to all,

        • Hi ohnwentsya:

          Thank you from my heart for your kind, thoughtful, and articulate reply. I hear you! Probabilities/timelines are there, choices to be made, and the 100th monkey is indeed right round the corner. Part of the problem I have with Kryon is he can, in my view, be somewhat condescending and his occasional remarks about how 3D we are, or how linear we are, make me grit my teeth. I dreamed last night, in line with Kryon’s “entanglement” comments, that I was badly tangled up in blankets and sheets and struggled like crazy to free myself. I did eventually, but it was hard work! I’ve bounced back from much worse than my initial response to this channeled message and I’ll surface again. In the meantime, I thank you for your caring and thank Denise for providing this opportunity to reply. We have some extremely high-energy people here at TRANSITIONS and I’m going back to the 9-month pregnancy scenario. Nines everywhere! Love, B.

        • Dearest Barbara, I too was extremely shocked to hear we have another 18 years to slog through. But, then I stopped. Why, if I am learning how to BE Master of My Life, should I embrace what KRYON is saying as Truth? Why should I swallow this hook, line and sinker? My answer….I will NOT!
          I create My Life, and no one else. The whole point of this New World is to focus on the Now, and to have my eyes focused on 18 years from now, is ludicrous. NOTHING is written in stone, absolutely nothing. I make my own reality, and I will not fall into despair because another one from “spirit” spoke “truth”. NOTHING is static, and I believe we have proved that by avoiding all the catastrophic predictions that supposedly were going to happen. Did they? NO! Why? Because of OUR LOVE and our committed dedication and determination to have in our lives and in the lives of ALL, LOVE and PEACE.
          What is MY Truth for MY Life? That is all that matters to me, and nothing else. WE as a Family of Light, have had the carrot in front of our noses way too long, and if you think about it, what is the outcome when we can never seemingly reach that carrot? Discouragement. Heaviness. Hopelessness. (Does this sound like something that spirit would do to us? I have come to my own conclusions on that one!) I will NOT fall into that trap, and I urge you not to either!
          From now on, as I have in the past, I question everything I read from the “other side of the veil”. Much of what has been read, I did not see unfold. Yes, many of the messages encouraged me, assisted me with My Life as I continued to create in the way I want to.
          No one is going to put limits on My Life. No one. I don’t care who that person is, but I am here to tell you, I am walking as Master, ME, and I will not loose my momentum regarding that Truth!
          In my opinion, we have ascended, as has Gaea! Now it is up to us to figure out what our new Gifts are, and how to create as the magnificent Masters we all are! Don’t allow anyone to discourage you! This world is tough enough as it is, to add to it. Stay up, stay above in the Higher Dimensions, and TRUST that ALL is good and perfect in every way! Above all, have FAITH in YOU!
          In humbleness and in Truth,

        • eternityeagle & Barbara & All,

          Very well done eternityeagle! I feel exactly the same way about this “18 more years” business from Kryon. Also, Inelia Benz and Cosmic Awareness have all said (and no doubt others I’m unaware of) that there’s more time with all this Shifting, Changing, TRANSITIONS 😉 business… which I’ve sensed myself for a while already but personally was not happy about it ONLY because I’m so freakin’ exhausted and in such pain.

          For years I’ve said that the Part 1 of the Ascension Process was really just the prep work phase with all this. It was us Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers transmuting everything that needed to be transmuted and cleared so that we (and Earth) could embody increasing amounts of Light without it killing our physical bodies and/or fry us and drive us stark raving mad!

          Phase 2 of the Ascension Process, (the Conscious Creating and further teaching phase) for lack of a better term at this moment… will be about us Forerunners continuing to be Forerunners or “First Wavers” which means that we are NOT in my opinion utterly locked into Kryons or anyone elses “18 more years” of this. I do believe that humanity has more years of this Shift to adjust and adapt to — not to mention the total dissolution and removal of the remaining hardcore patriarchy people still in positions of power over the masses (and many of these stubborn dumb asses will have to literally die-off because they refuse to change in this life. Fine by me, the sooner the better for the rest of humanity!

          But, the bottom-line is for us Forerunners, exactly like you said. 🙂 We will be learning much more about Consciously Creating and Co-Creating and we will be doing it first as we’ve always done with the different Ascension phases. So everyone else who got pissy and frustrated over anyone telling us that we have more time/years of this Ascension related business to get through as I did, then KNOW that it is true but it is also not set in stone for you/me/each of us who have been First Wavers or Forerunners all along. We will move through these post “Three Days” Expiration Date months and years in VERY different ways than the rest of the masses will just as we did throughout all of Phase 1 of the Ascension Process. 🙂 Don’t anyone forget that we’re many Stair steps ahead of the masses with the Process and because of that we will be living and feeling and reacting differently than them… not to mention us getting increasingly better at Consciously Creating. 😉

          Group Hug,

        • “Don’t anyone forget that we’re many Stair steps ahead of the masses with the Process and because of that we will be living and feeling and reacting differently than them… not to mention us getting increasingly better at Consciously Creating. ;)”

          AMEN! Way to go, Sister of Light! Hi 5!

        • About Kryon and “18 more years,” thanks “eternityeagle” and Denise for articulating your own Truth.

          I truly believe we are in Part 2 of the ascension process as Denise has stated, where we are co-creating the New Earth. I have felt a greater Lightness of being after December and a greater detachment from 3D density, as if I am farther removed from it.

          About Kryon’s credibility, I revisited the original site (channeled by Lee Carroll) to remind myself why I haven’t taken this channel too seriously in the past. Under Questions and Answers with Kryon, I found my answer.

          “Kryon” states there is NO SUCH THING as dark entities on this planet and the only battle we have been in is with OURSELVES!

          I quote:

          “The only dark forces on this planet are the ones created by Human beings and their old energy ways.”

          “You are directly responsible for all of it – all the negativity, the slavery, the horror, the religious wars, and the test of Earth. There was nothing gone “sour.” It’s simply the energy of the planet – the denseness and the imbalance that produced a consciousness where you got to experience all your many lifetimes… It’s Humans at their worst, and this is darkness defined.”

          A criteria for me to take any channel seriously is whether it acknowledges what we have been up against. There’s been a lot of interference, even at higher levels, that skews messages (mixing them with truth) to confuse and dishearten readers.

          So I would take any “18 years” or other prediction with more than a grain of salt!!!

          A page has been turned, we are now much freer to co-create with Gaia as her frequency rises and we should begin to FEEL much better (in spite of the chaos around us as lower density continues to dissolve) because the higher energies have lifted us out of the muck.

          As Denise so aptly said, we are the Forerunners/ First Wavers and are experiencing this reality in different ways than the masses.

          I believe Gaia has slowed down her shift so that more can get on board the journey back to Oneness – but we are in a different energetic place now and just holding the Light will help It to do its work.

          A heart-felt thanks to all of you for hanging in and helping to bring us to this point!

          With love,


      • Hi and hugs!

        You know, I had read something a couple of months back that immediately I got a download of more time. of light in battle sort if speak, and that it would be just fine (my download not to say it applies to everyone I suppose) and so as I was reading I began to shake inside, cry on the out however I just knew right there and then I said to myself, me and I, that “time indeed is illusinal, so years and years to come can really be anytime!” that’s my belief no fantasy thinking at all it just clicked to ME! Now, as I said before I’m in no rush to leave town here but indeed feel I have, I have no proof of where I’ve gone at times and really no verbal, emotional and even text way of explaining it. I have theory’s of how history is on the verge of repeating itself, I SEE how the “TD” as we know it are trying to not have some and all of us ESPECIALLY the young to hold on to all of what we know is just plain PHUCKED UP (duality, black and white and so on) all the cool things we once thought was cool are coming back but WE know the inner meaning of it all old movies, music idols (I can’t think of examples for some reason right now) but its mostly how the MEN are not real with each other AUH! the scene in grease how Danny and Kinicky (sp?) hug and immediately they hug off each other, I witness my 20 ur old cousin and my 31 year old guy say “hahaah how gay!” a secound later they both looked confused and said “no but seriously how come we can’t do that man, girls do it all the time?!?” and then they started sharing experiences and it became normal. It was soooo amazing and at the same time disgusting to hear them say it! But I see it all the time how men are confused and thirsty for truth about being men! Movies are now coming out releasing SOME truth about what we all ready know, but still left brained struck, only leaving them confused and scared, yes scared.

        18 years looks and sounds far and exhausting, I know. And like I said earlier, love love love…. I’m aware im young, I’m aware i don’t speak or text smart, but one thing I hold dear to my existence in this “whole” is that I can be part of changing illusionary to something thing much sustainable true and loving. There’s a force out there, in here that prevents And blocks from WE CAN CHANGE THE WHOLE” we are the present-dents of our existence! That’s right we are presently denting the old to new and fuck the system and their laws and rules, yes I’m a evolutionary a strong believer and will go up to bat for my planet, wether im neo from the matrix or will smith in independence day!


        There’s a lot of auto correction this gadget makes and I’m not puttin my energy into texting properly, if we can read backwards, I believe we can read anything no matter what lol.

        This is what I read, and I was guided here as I always am and is how I found Denise

      • This channeling business now is making me feel like saying: you know what, disembodied being? I know what I know what I know. I may not fully be thru the veil, but nearly. I know we are the ones who came here to embody darkness and remember light and clear darkness and embody light and we are doing a terrific job while still so close to the world of horrors, and questioning myself does not help me in any way. So at this point, I much rather listen to the voice of my higher self, who is Me The Wise, and get myself thru this, ASAP, right freaking NOW, thank you very much.

        And I’m loving to read here and see we are pretty much on the same page, with so many different colors of expressions, like some type of rainbow wave, whether we say words or stay silent. Pretty fascinating. I rather read from you guys than any being who is not living thru this. You keep it real, all of you.
        And humanity in lower stair steps… it feels to me, sort of like I was the nanny who is now (happily) unemployed cause the kids need to move on their own.
        Time for us to feel loved and whole and start creating some solid magic with our Presence. Still figuring how, tho 🙂 Any tips?
        I’m strongly feeling like being a closed energy system. Like a bubble or torus or merkabah, something very compact with light and… self respect, perhaps.
        Seems like respect has been the word of the week 🙂

        btw, Karen posted yesterday. I don’t think she’s sending emails about her updates tho.

        and btw again, lately sometimes I feel like writing here and then I start and feel like they/you already got the message and there is no need for me to send words, and someone else will write the words this time. And it seems it works. Very cool.

        Precious hugsies to all,

  • All the things you speak of I am also experiencing. My message yesterday morning was about rippling waves and the message, “not yet, not yet…” It was in process, but not finished.

  • Sorry to be one of the negatives…Upon reading the article, my understanding is that this is a newly “observed” phenomenon and not a “new event” happening. Scientist now have the equipment to get a better explanation as to what was “previously spotted” . Read the article again.

    • I don’t think it matters that it was already happening-we’ve been crossing the Galactic equator since 87. I think this photo and the responses are more about us noticing and interacting with the phenomena. Sort of an opposite analogy would be how you can “have” cancer for years but you don’t experience the cancer, your emotional reactions to it, the treatment etc until the cancer is “discovered”.

      I used to explain things to my parents when I was really little about how there was SO much more going on in the universe but we were/are limited by our sensing equipment, whether that is just our physical senses being limited to certain ranges (like the light “spectrum”) or our tech level-we can only perceive and experience and become aware of things we have the equipment to receive.

      This was the right moment in our collective awareness to become aware and experience this phenomena, so we serendipitously got some tech that allowed us to do so, right on time;-)

      The Universe is doing all that is does in huge time scales, and everything that is going on relates to ALL things as all are connected. We just relate to things in the ways we are able to at any given moment-sometimes that falls together beautifully for a collective WOW! like this. The humans of Earth are working up to a collective perception of themselves and one another.

      some of our tech, like the internet, seems well suited to helping that along. Becoming aware thru other tech of this Galactic outflow right around the prophesied end of the age just seems like another one of those conveniently placed coincidences the Universe is so often sharing with us;-) (or we are so often co-creating for ourselves!)

      Incremental date and clock based time is just a construct we made, but we seem to use it in this way a lot, to synchronize collective experience for whatever reason.

      • I love how you explain how clocks and calendars are used to “synchronize the collective experience,” ohnwentsya. A terrific observation! Thanks!

        I fully concur with your comment to Sharon.

        • “I love how you explain how clocks and calendars are used to “synchronize the collective experience,” ohnwentsya…”

          Nikkoale & ohnwentsya,

          That is exactly what clocks and calendars of 3D do to humanity; they help HOLD the energetic blueprints/templates for that cycles of learning in place for humanity within that specific frequency range. This is also why we’re now having more anomalies with “time” and clocks etc. as I’ve described with our two atomic clocks on 12-24-12 and again on 12-26-12. It also explains why people like none want to know more about all this and why these anomalies are happening. It’s because we’ve Shifted, Evolved into a level of learning that’s not nearly as locked into place as heavily as the old 3D world and reality and consciousness was. Because of this Shift, there’s going to be continued “anomalies” with clocks etc. and also our perceptions of “time” as an ONLY linear thing. This is us easing our consciousness into increasing levels of quantum or as I’ve called it, Spherical awareness. 😉


        • Funny thing is that I actually do have proof of one of those anomalies that “none” wanted “proof” of. I can’t share it because it involves cell phones (and I don’t want the numbers posted on the internet). Last May a friend sent me a picture of a sunset on Sunday immediately after she took the picture with her phone. I got it right after she received it and noticed that my phone registered that it was received on the next day, Monday evening. We texted back and forth about it, and the dates and times on those were correct. I got the idea the next morning to forward that to my computer which showed the correct date and time on that email. Then I put my cell phone with the “future” message next to the screen and took a picture with my camera, showing the discrepancies. 🙂

        • “It also explains why people like none want to know more about all this and why these anomalies are happening.”

          you should stop assuming so many things.

          people who actually worked on transcendending themselves, have it largely figured out by now. what about you? people who actually grasp, and can handle, the changes used primarily logic and meditative work. why? because even in far-fetched multidimentional perception, there is structure and order. your body needs to be able to handle different spectra of energies, but without an understanding it will be useless. you would be an unconsciouss tranceiver, like the majority of organic life nowadays.

          once again, the funny thing is that clocks, calculation of time and calendars are among the things that will certainly not show any signs of Change. they will be outdated, though. think about it. if you grasp that, you might transcend your limited reasoning.

          since you are devoid of real logic, you’re nothing but an animal with capacity for fantasy.
          you are a prime recipient of the mind control beam, deluding an entire generation into passiveness while the world is indeed Changing. if you continue like this, you will be purged and recycled, like the majority of humankind.

          you had lifetimes to built up an extended awareness and subtle bodies, but you choose living in a fantasy world.

          please stop promoting your own delusions. you are hurting others’ progress.

        • “you should stop assuming so many things.

          people who actually worked on transcendending themselves, have it largely figured out by now. what about you? people who actually grasp, and can handle, the changes used primarily logic and meditative work. why? because even in far-fetched multidimentional perception, there is structure and order. your body needs to be able to handle different spectra of energies, but without an understanding it will be useless. you would be an unconsciouss tranceiver, like the majority of organic life nowadays.

          once again, the funny thing is that clocks, calculation of time and calendars are among the things that will certainly not show any signs of Change. they will be outdated, though. think about it. if you grasp that, you might transcend your limited reasoning.

          since you are devoid of real logic, you’re nothing but an animal with capacity for fantasy.
          you are a prime recipient of the mind control beam, deluding an entire generation into passiveness while the world is indeed Changing. if you continue like this, you will be purged and recycled, like the majority of humankind.

          you had lifetimes to built up an extended awareness and subtle bodies, but you choose living in a fantasy world.

          please stop promoting your own delusions. you are hurting others’ progress.”

          I know I had said yesterday that I wasn’t going to publish another of your Comments none, but this revealing gem everyone else needs to see for themselves. 😀 Nothing else needs be said because your words say it all. Thank You none for making this particular learning and insight for everyone else reading these Comments SO easy to see and understand for themselves. You’ve succeeded in helping everyone here, including me, but in the exact opposite way you intended. 🙂


        • Ha!! So interesting. I know that person’s energy signature & from another site. Fascinating. Re: this, from Denise: this revealing gem everyone else needs to see for themselves. Indeed!!

          So amazing once you can see it, and feel the energy pattern it leaves, plus the distortion and twisting peppered with a truth here and there, just enough to sound intelligent and convincing, but interlaced with insults or negativity throughout. So interesting to see the vocabulary for what it is, and the specific words that are chosen for a very intended effect. Thanks for letting that one come through, Denise. That was helpful!

          Wow. “They” are out in force right now. I just read this as linked into another site, and to me this information (along with what I have read here and directly experienced for myself) really accurately describes for me what is happening, and why it would be coming out in force right now, too. It also explains the previous posts here and why I along with others were brought so low in the time frames that it happened.

        • Thank you Nikkoale! I was raised sort of in between two cultures so I noticed that a lot of what is taken for granted as “reality” is just a bunch of agreed upon things. I never thought of time as linear, I always thought the idea of the “arrow of time” was bizarre-everything rotates, planets, stars, atoms-what would make this time thing behave so differently than everything else? 😉

          I agree with you, Denise, on the ways the Shift is sort of forcing the awareness of the non-linearity. I think some of those sort of things have been happening all my current lifetime, but people were always told whatever happened to them wasn’t real or it was explained away.

          I am so grateful to my Mom’s generation for cracking apart that cultural wall of suppression, for coming together in so many ways to validate one another’s experiences and refuse to be told what they could think about, or talk about.

          Now we even have scientists like Rupert Sheldrake who show how the things that have been suppressed and denied actually work. Brains are amazing world filters-the tricky part is we seem to be writing the “user’s manual” using the flying by the seat of the pants method 😉

        • Kindred spirits, ohnwentsya! My concept of time has been spherical, that “they” have it backwards. The past is what we can see. The present is what we feel in the now moment. And the future exists inside of each of us. And that was validated in a way recently by one of my Ascension guides when he referred to my waking state as “history”.

  • Hi Denise. I have read that today 1-4-13 is THE DAY spoken of, “when the moon is in the 7th house and jupiter aligns with mars”….. that there will be ginormous influx of the feminine energies. It was also suggested to still be savy about protection. Flower essence yarrow was mentioned… I’ll use it at work today… sometimes way simpler than visualization work that you can do. Plus prayers. I just feel so tired again, would rather sleep today, but must stay awake for full shift at work.

  • Oh btw! My partner on the three days, he kept dreaming the same dream, where he stood tall, I was by his side and he says he was looking at planet earth blue as can be and it looked healthy, he was an awe he says, same dream all three days.

    I also dreamed about pregnancies. And I have been eatin like crazy! Cravings of all kinds of things, no, I’m not preggos…lol But interestingly enough my boxer Doba is!!! No I’m not a breeder, I just let nature take its course.

    I’ve been gettin these pressures pinches on my right side of my upper head too! Anyone else? Extremely cold now I was super hot before but now I’m freezing!

    It is all to amazing! I love it.

  • Hi Denise and all;

    I read this earlier as soon as you posted it, and I just cried lol I was happy oh sooo happy. For a while now I’ve been feeling like I’m being pulled in many directions, in a good way, often I truly do feel I am in two places a the same time but I’m aware visually of just one. Oh my!! This is just incredible that talkin about what i think is slim to this excitement. I agree that a lot of people still will be “uh saaay whaa? The pic is photoshopped! Blah blah blah this is as real as it gets! Sooo much jnformation by you, so much insight that has been given to us trough you, Denise I just love ya! Do you ever get those moments of “ha! I knew it, I’m NOT hallucinating my truth!? When obviously everything that comes out is Ohhhhh soooo, on point with your enlightment?

    I’m listening to Woodstock and its just great! Tears of joy!

    Love yah’ll

  • giggle

    Dearest Denise,

    I read the information in the article diligently, tried to think about how this information impacts my daily existence in the moment, LOVED the Joni Mitchell song (I was born in 1968, and am the child of Boomers — not hippies, unfortunately — but resonate with those days in which I was born), and then opened up the link to the “Geysers Caught Pouring Out of [the] Milky Way’s Center” article (after checking in on the old images in your previous post you linked in), and this was the first, startled expression out of my mouth when I saw the photo there:

    “F*ck!!” (It was said in an awe-ful voice — as in “full of awe” and very surprised!)

    Holy cats. That is REMARKABLE.

    I laughed a little about the “no danger to us” part in that article. No, no danger to the earth, per se (except that these guys don’t believe in an electric universe and how much something like this form of plasma charge could change things for the earth as all the systems are intricately interconnected by electromagnetics). But I did think a lot about how this energy will transform our DNA, our emotional and etheric bodies, etc. etc. etc.

    Wow. How encouraging. Like you wrote, it is nice to have some physical proof, and whammo! There is some nice confirmation right there: GEYSERS of energy from the galactic center, lol.

    As for feelings, today, and in the past couple of days, I feel like I am in a barrel going over the Niagara Falls! Tossed in the barrel and flying over the edge! Things feel very tenuous, and like I want to move forward, but don’t know where, and somewhat want to invest in a life here on earth, but it does not materialize, or my desire to really plunge into living here in this current existence as we have known the status quo is just feeling done, but I have to keep moving forward (with that waterfall, but stuck in a barrel). I am in a most precarious situation since this summer when my life was literally upended entirely in a six week period, and I moved from Europe back to the US, and have had to face legal , financial, and employment challenges in which I am still embroiled, and all the while also leaving a husband behind, not knowing if we will stay together or not…. It is critical that I find a job in the next 10 days or so (lol — talk about a crazy timeline, but push has come to shove), and yet I feel like I am exiting this dimension! So how do I even move forward? I go through a lot of motions right now, but really have no freakin’ idea what is where and which end is up, and yeah, haha! Definitely the in the barrel and flying over the edge of the precipice! Wheeeeeeee! barf (lol)

    Of course, I am using my Ascension toolbox, so I am doing okay — I’m conscious of what is happening in many ways. Since the 31st and moving into the energy that is behind the date 1-1-2013, and what that does for me psychologically, I feel a greater positive energy than the difficulty that was the 12-12-12 to (for me) 12-27-12.

    But then a few times a day, i find myself shaking my head, saying, “What on earth is next, and how do I cope with having one foot in this world and one foot in the other? How do I cope with being in this barrel tumbling in the falls to who-knows-where (except maybe the water at the bottom)?”

    It takes a lot of faith and trust right now. It’s a bit nerve-wracking, and the imagery in this post of a geyser of energy, of the roaring falls and outpouring of water from the jug, well, yes, I definitely feel it, and feel I have just been dumped out of that jug into I-don’t-know-where.

    Sure, it is a little bit fun in being able to say, “Wow! What a wild ride!!” but it also feels scary, too, and I cannot possibly imagine where this ends up.

    My solution so far is to deepen into the “NOW” and present moment as much as possible, and stay as calm as possible. I mean, if I were really in a barrel going over a waterfall, that is pretty much what I would have to do in that case, too, huh. I try to envision a positive-feeling future, but without specifics because I just really don’t even know where I feel like I am right now! (Besides in the barrel!)

    But it’s a freaky ride, and I keep wondering if I crash at the bottom. I also wonder how long the ride is going to be, and really resent time right now (time, as a concept and construct, that is).

    Sorry to write a book, it is just that these thoughts have been in my head all day long, and then seeing this post and all of the imagery of flowing water and waterfalls and geysers seems to have me flooding on to the virtual page. 😉

    I love the input that others share here in reflection of your articles, so I want to see if anyone is also feeling this “I’m in a barrel going over the falls” feeling.

    Thank you. ♥
    Calliope the Muse/Karin

  • omg……i have had the very same joni mitchell lyric in my head for the past week…….freaky!………we definitely need to get back to the garden.

    • If this is wacky, I’ll take it, thank you. I awoke this morning, cracking open one eye to “test the waters” so to speak, LOL, to “feel” what the “energy” was telling me. I’ve come to dread many mornings, for my “feelers” sense the heaviness and yep, here it comes, another challenge day.

      Not so today. Stillness. Effervescence. Calm. Happiness within. Contentment. Wholeness. Equilibrium. The “white noise” in my ears is now a pleasant song, decreasing from a roar. I giggle. Then I laugh. I laid there looking forward to this day, with excitement as I used to as a child. There is a lightness to the very air, and even though it is overcast and grey here, I feel like the sun is brightly shining!

      A New Age has been birthed! I have waited a L O N G time for this! I just want to dance and kick up my heals for the pure JOY of it! Even my husband who still refuses to acknowledge the changes that are happening, his whole demeanor today is “light” versus “chin on shoes”. So……something is definitely up! LOL LOL LOL

      Smiles, and so much love and peace,

  • This morning I wrote to a friend: “Last night I must have been getting some major downloads of info. Every time I roused from sleep a little bit the ringing was SO loud and the sound pulses were steady and regular coming straight into my crown chakra.”

    Lots of other stuff resonated with this article, too. Thanks, Denise!

  • Well finally an answer to what my “dreams” about pregnancy have been about (I am well into menopause)…and two days ago, in the dream I was told that the “water had broken”…how very interesting and validated by science…are there new pictures of the “galatic bubble”?

    • On Dec 15th I had an unusual dream of giving birth (since I am menopausal). Not only that but I talked to 2 other women friends the following week, who are menopausal and had a ‘birth dream’ about the same time as myself. We all thought it was strange. Here is my dream….”I was giving birth and a male/female (yin/yang) asked me if I was crowning yet. The baby inside was turning around and around while crowning. It was symbolic of giving birth to my crown chakra. My sister was breastfeeding my baby (nurturing) but I said I needed to provide nurturing of my own to my new baby.” ps. Following this, I had an intense pressure sensation (from Dec 18th-25th) in the middle of my forehead. 3rd eye activating?

  • …and interestingly I just posted Joni Mitchell’s very line “we are stardust, we are golden” on Facebook a week ago! Roz

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  • Dear Denise,
    Thank you for this post. I am so excited! On January 1ts In the morning I saw the sky was shinning like the Northern Lights. It was amazing ! I am so happy! Today my whole body was shaking from cosmic energy , it was like a gentle waterfall all day, so much pleasure !
    Peace , Light and Love

  • I had a waterfall “dream” the other night, and after we all went over the waterfall, into the warmest softest water I have ever experienced in a dream, we were “paddled” (???a sorting process???) and then shown ourselves, we were transparent, and then sorted to our proper spots and off we went!
    Before I read this today, I had an entirely different take on the dream. Now I see the issues I am facing and to get my butt in gear and chill out! Which I did know from the dream but was choosing to ignore…. 😦 getting there.

    Thanks Denise…I do appreciate it. Even when I see my own reflection different than I was choosing to see it. Still magnificent but a bit goofy too.

  • i appreciate your post very much. i have slept sporadically if at all… in my dream state, my body disintegrated rapidly into small dust particles that would swirl in formation of the symbol of eternity whenever i chose to leave one plane and enter another….forming my physical being just as quickly when i arrived at my destination… this was not a dream…this was a memory… a re~membering of whence i came…. my meditations are deeper where… colorful aura surrounds everything my {th ❤ rd} eye looks upon. your post brings added comfort. ~namaste~ allow me to share ~

    "Good Day … Welcome to Flight # 2013. We are prepared to take off into the New Year. Please make sure your Attitude and Blessings are secured and locked in an upright position. All self destructive devices should be turned off at this time. All negativity, hurt and discouragement should be put away. Should we lose Altitude under pressure during the flight, reach up and pull down a Prayer. Prayers will automatically be activated by Faith. Once your Faith is activated you can assist other passengers. There will be NO BAGGAGE allowed on this flight. The Captain has cleared us for takeoff. Destination GREATNESS." -Author Unknown

  • OH, Denise, THANK YOU for this information! I am here on my computer only on a very brief break, and so have not gone into depth to all the links you have, but you can be sure I will!

    I have only a “moment” to comment on the tinnitus. Mine has become SO loud, with the frequencies seemingly broadened, or with more tones in the sounds I am hearing, especially so since 12.21.12. It so hard to describe. The “tones” remind me of a rapidly moving river, or a waterfall. When I consciously merge with these “tones” in meditation, or rather dive into them, by doing so, they take me to heights unprecedented. In fact, I was “told” that by diving into these “sounds” we are hearing, we will attain BLISS into the Higher Dimensions.

    Now, I say, the “trick” we all have to learn is how to stay in the Higher Realms ALL the time.

    Bless you, Denise. My head as of this writing is about to compress and my ears are about to drive me bonkers at the level I am now hearing. They actually physically hurt at this moment, resulting in “pain” within my head and behind my ears. Great Scott! The pressure! Wowza! So, you are in good company! LOL

    With so much love and gratitude,

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