Milky Way Galactic Center Evolutionary Bubbles & Outflows

 Fermi GC bubbles 2010 360x640

November 10, 2010 photo of the Milky Way galaxy with two “Fermi Bubbles” protruding from the Galactic Center (GC) black hole. Photo deliberately rotated vertically by me.

GC burst bubbles 416x617

January 2, 2013 “Giant Outflows” discovered coming from the two recently burst Milky Way GC “Fermi Bubbles”. Photo also deliberately rotated vertically by me to match how I’ve repeatedly clairvoyantly seen this mega evolutionary energy event since January 2011 from out in space.

Niagara Falls

Photo of Niagara Falls. As close an image to what I’d clairvoyantly seen of massive white colored Light energies pouring outward and downward from the Milky Way Galactic Center that Earth and humanity would soon be entering.

Aquarius diamonds   aquarius jug reduced size

Glyph of Aquarius and its energy waves. Cosmic Aquarian jug is the Milky Way GC “black hole” where the NEW Aquarian energy “Outflows” come from that then pour down on Earth and humanity.

crystaltriplecrown1  crownheartcrystal1

GC “Outflows” pouring down into humanities Crown Chakras and activating the evolutionary Shift into our HighHearts and a higher frequency fifth dimension

yin yang disintegrating800x672        triality sign 800x672

dissolving Duality consciousness and reality and births Triality, Unity or HighHeart consciousness and physical reality.

800x800 change difficult message  change for the better

Change, evolution, ascension is always difficult and scary but in about nine physical months, here comes so much BETTER.

Denise Le Fay

January 20, 2013

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93 thoughts on “Milky Way Galactic Center Evolutionary Bubbles & Outflows

  • oh denise, I saw an image and it reminded me of you and this post, i’ll link, hope it works.

  • Hey Denise – I apologize for the many posts this morning. I’m reality hopping I guess and I’m here for this moment! But just want to quickly say – if you take this photo of the milky way – in it’s bursting position – and turn it sideways (or right side up, however you want to think about it) it almost looks like a new earth forming.

  • oh – one more mention — 2 of my clocks (older ones – spinning pretty ones – wedding gifts) lost time this week

  • oh Denise, I must share my last dream (a few days ago). wasn’t really a dream – kinda one of those drifting off naps in the middle of the afternoon. I just thought it was a mommy issue I was going through (age 54 and STILL going through menopause!) letting go of my kids stuff…. As I’m nodding off, the bedspins start and I see two images behind my closed eyes – the first is a very vivid face of a baby with an orange fire like glow that gets sucked away so fast it makes my stomach spin – the next another baby with a red glow, which disappears the same way. as soon as I got up I called my 3rd child because – well – I freaked a little bit. she was fine. weird, i thought. now i understand why it was only two images (?) — (I’m new at this)

  • Just so you know Jane, you are not alone. I have been having this happen repeatedly with my own sister, my mother, my niece……it’s like we are no longer on the same radio station or speaking the same language. I might say “please pass the salt” & what they seem to hear is “you ruined my life you fat ugly cow!” That’s what it seems like! And the more I try to clarify or clear it up, the worse it gets. It started happening around ’06 actually.

    • Elila, Denise and All
      It is somewhat comforting to know that other people are having similar troubles to what had recently cropped up between my daughter and her dad and me. She visited here yesterday, and brought up the subject of Lance Anderson and his doping, cheating at the Olympic Games Bicycle Races, etc. She began shouting about “needing more retribution and punishment for the horrible things he had done, the lives he had runined, etc. in general. Not at ALL like her!
      H and I quietly said Armstrong had certainly done wrong and ha suffered consequences, losing medals, prize money, being barred from more racing, and he and his family humiliated publicly. We felt the media was going on about it far too long, as if they had a reason to build up some big vendetta against him. It was being way overdone, and everybody was sick and tired of it by now.
      My daughter became even more angry, and kept on in the same vein. I wondered if she was going through some private turmoil in her life, unknown to us, and felt a need to project her frustration and anger at us.
      After she left, I began to consider whether we had done or said something to bring this on, but could recall nothing__ we’d actually all been laughing and having a good time just before she brought up the subject out of the blue, as if she had some “mission” to bash the guy.
      Today, as I was writing for the Newsletter, I realized that I had had a huge spiritual breakthrough just 2 days prior… an understanding and balancing of attitudes and fears that had covered nearly a thousand years of lifetimes. I’ve noted in the past, that when I have had an important change in consciousness, my vibrations go up, and people close to me sense this, don’t understand it, and sometimes feel they no longer know how to respond to or approach me in the same old way. This frightens them, and can anger them. A few people have actually dropped me as a friend within a few weeks with nothing occurring between us to cause that.
      This has never occurred with a family member to this extent before, and my daughter and I had become closer than ever with our discussions about spirituality , community service, unconditional love and Oneness. She really surprised me__ it was like seeing a totally different person!
      I’m not sure how to handle this, but will just keep loving her, contacting her oftener and just listening to what she wishes to share.
      Eager to know how the rest of you handle this, and hoping things work out for the highest good of all concerned. Sorry it got so long…. Hugs, Marilyn

      • Jane & Marilyn,

        First, Jane, that is exactly the sort of interchange I have experienced with my own sister & others! It IS maddening & when it started, I had no IDEA what was happening & it was like quicksand–the more I struggled to fix it or clarify, the worse it got! I felt like I was in some parallel universe or something–maybe I was! Marilyn, to be quite honest I have learned (the HARD way, of course, LOL) over the past several years since this particular phenomena began to be extremely careful in conversations. I actually have pretty much quit talking a lot of the time & just listen instead. At least now I know what is happening & I’m not losing my mind! Hang in there gals, at least we all seem to understand one another here, thank heavens!
        Hugging back, Elila

        • Dear Elila & Denise,
          Thank you for you comments. Yes, I, too have “stopped talking” much of the time. Even with my husband and sons, for they either “dont hear me” at times, or they look at me after I’ve said something, as if I’m speaking a foriegn language. It’s humorous in many ways, but gets frustrating at times, for when it happens often, I feel I cannot be “my true self” around them. I understand what’s going on, but there are no lighworkers around this community, so I am sometimes saddened by having to “go it alone” on The Path. This is why I so appreciate and love you dear folks, and feel more “alive” when I read your blogs, Denise, as well as the Starseeds, etc., replies and comments. Thank you all so very, very much. Hugs, Marilyn

        • Jane & Marilyn,
          Oh wow gals, this is really something! Jane I feel that my sister cares for me very little personally too. Like dealing with me is simply too taxing & strange for her so she avoids it & merely tolerates me! I also used to join right in with the sarcasm but no longer can be bothered with that particular energy. I often feel like family members are responding to the “old” me, a person who really no longer exists.
          And Marilyn–wow, so often I finish speaking and the person is just looking at me blankly like i just grew another head or something, & I’m talking about my best friend of 20some years! & my mother in particular doesn’t seem to hear me at all, no matter how many times i say the same thing or how many ways i manage to explain. I have also been accused of talking too much but i’m finding i have to be so explicit & descriptive to be understood at ALL–& that TAKES LONGER! Now though I’ve reached the point where i’m much more comfortable being misunderstood or even not joining certain conversations at all–i haven’t the energy & i have bigger fish to fry! Jane, I’m with ya girl–can’t wait for this to be over!

        • Jane,

          How did you create that little emoticon face? That’s so great and I’ve been hoping there was a way we could use more emotions in Comments. Yours is so cute and was just wondering how you did that?


        • Oh Jane! I laughed out loud when you said your sister especially does not want to let go of being the sensible one- “its her throne” –I am LMAO! That is so spot on for me & my sis/family too. They want me to still be the “messed up” one so that they can feel better! Thanks for the clarity & the laugh! x0x0x0

  • Jane,

    I’ve noticed more people in general (and loved ones) having big gaps in their understandings and also in their perception of how much “time” has past between when they said or did something and now. It’s wild, and often highly frustrating to me but I understand why people are experiencing this. Today has been rather weird with time slips and other anomalies happening. This may be how the nine months just are?!

    I’m glad your text message just disappeared so you didn’t have to read it and then transmute that junk too. 😉

    ♥ Hugs,

  • “it feels as if there’s not enough oxygen to breath” : could this be related to the fact that I currently have bronchitis? Bronchitis, together with ascension symptoms, is not pleasant.

  • Nice seeing the images as a post, to see how you perceive. It’s funny tho, I see images and movies too, but linear words seem to calm down the little-human-mind. Maybe a left brain type of training.
    (and sincere humble thanx for the links to Karen B and CA)

    About the time thing, years ago I remember telling my guides how their timing sucks. The other day I was very unhappy and I begged a higher presence to come and take a look at how things don’t change down here, at how immovable they feel, and I felt this huge deep Presence coming closer and observing, and I was trying to explain to it how it feels as a human to have even another day like this, it’s like for a butterfly that would live, say, 24hours total, to remain trapped for 5minutes, it would be a reeeeally long time. Not sure the big Presence got it tho, cause it’s still same nothingness. My pleas went unheard, it seems… 😦 I feel very frustrated, having the same day repeating itself again and again for years and the inability to move out of it, or to even see beyond it. It’s like fog right now.

    Yesterday was my birthday and I had a feeling that I do have something to celebrate but I can’t tell what, and, for the second year in a row, I got a neat gift from the higher beings. But at the same time to have people around congratulating me for the life I feel is no longer mine and the person who is no longer me, even tho all evidence points to me being wrong… it was sad, I felt sad nearly all day.

    I realize you are writing an article, so maybe you are saying something about it in it, but I’ll ask, about this time thing, because Karen B said “things” are not in place, and I don’t understand these “things”. I’m not asking to explain what she might mean, but the time thing itself confuses me. I know it’s not something wrong with me because I feel like the “air” is on “stop mode”.
    About a year ago I had a severe allergy because of air pollution and something like a day or two after I got better, I was walking a trail alone and I felt my head moving around looking for something, and there in the middle of nowhere, on top of a little rock, there was a box of allergy meds. In a way I was amazed, but it was a few days too late, you know? So… seriously? Do you have any clue why time is so… distorted? if that’s the word. Why isn’t now really now? Is it the density? I’m wondering, any input might help.

    ok then, kisses and hugs to everyone you guys and Denise.
    and sorry for any whining and bitchiness from me.

    • Kaisa,

      Happy Birthday. ♥ 🙂

      Things are not “in place yet” and won’t be in the physical fully until, I suspect, the Fall Equinox (nine months post the Shift of 12-21-12). We’re still VERY much in transition. The Expiration Date’s (12-21-12) been reached, the old patriarchal systems and Team Dark are no longer in control of earth/humanity or much of anything else from what I can tell to date, but we’re not yet fully separated from the old world and its systems. The Shift has happened but it takes some more linear time for IT (the GC Energies I mean) to reach all the way down to this level of density/physicality. And even after IT does, things will still unfold, yet faster and easier than ever before in physicality despite how shitty and insane things are today in this world. The patriarchy is dying as we speak no matter what BS is being presented out there now. Keep your Heart/eye on what you want…not on what you don’t want! You don’t want to get sucked (or sidetracked) into the very world and things that you hate or dislike so keep your Heart/eye/focus/intent on what you want now and KNOW it will manifest when the time is correct for it to do so. We’re so close now.

      I can’t remember now where I recently read or hear someone mention this particular Ascension symptom — of it suddenly feeling like there was NO oxygen or very little oxygen in the room. I’ve experienced this Ascension symptom repeatedly over the past 5-6 years now I think it’s been, but it was great hearing someone else (which I could remember who said this!) mention this weird and uncomfortable symptom.

      It happens when we take another step up those Stair Steps and enter into a NEW and empty (at that moment) energetic space, and to use in those moments it seems like there’s not nearly enough oxygen to breath and feel comfortable. Thankfully this sensation doesn’t last long but it surely is uncomfortable and unnerving when felt!

      The “distortions with time now” have to do with us being very much in transition post the 12-21-12 Shift (actually it was the whole “Three Days” worth of Shift). We’re no longer locked/anchored into the old earth world and its timeline, nor are we yet entirely locked/anchored into the NEW ascended earth world with its timeline. Because of this many of us are perceiving more time anomalies which is natural for where we are now in the nine months transition Process. Added to this is the fact that we’re becoming increasingly consciously aware that we are in fact multidimensional beings and that we exist and function within multiple dimensions simultaneously which means our beliefs, our concepts, our understandings about “time” and linear time space consciousness etc. is evolving into multidimensional and increasing quantum awareness, consciously. Fun times ahead! 😉

      (Note: my atomic clock corrected itself this morning, 24 hours after it jumped to 3-3-13 which is great cause I don’t have to buy a new clock! Just wanted to follow-up that this happened this morning.)


      • Denise, I don’t know if we are thinking of the same post but the Jan 13 Hilarion post over at Oracles & Healers mentions the oxygen thing… (gosh now that i have opened my mouth & joined this wonderful conversation I can’t seem to shut up! Everyone keeps saying things that make me say “MEEEEE TOOOOO!” LOL)

        • That’s probably it elila. You must have emailed it to me recently? Sorry, I can’t always remember everyone’s real names and their “user” names too.


        • I can’t imagine how you WOULD be able to remember all the names! But it was not me who emailed it. As a matter of fact, I have no idea how I ended up there myself as its not a sight I was previously aware of. Maybe it was Laura Bruno’s Blog that linked me to it? Not sure how I stumbled on that one–more synchronicity!

      • Denise, sorry for taking a bit to respond, I’ve felt very silent somehow, I want to thank you for your loving answer, especially about keeping my eye/heart on what I do want so I don’t get sucked into lower realities. I’m seeing now how I am the Eye that sees me, my own focus, and how to have my vision diverted from my self love and well being costs me greatly. You did help ❤
        And since there's pretty much nothing that interests me in the old world, I'm feeling again very determined to enter matter and understand it and reconnect it, not sure if it's useful or useless but I'm very bored and it seems fascinating to go thru these final stages being conscious of what's playing.
        Lots of hugs,

    • Kaisa & Chrysalis, just saying i can relate BIG TIME to the “Ground Hog Day” effect, as I have been referring to it…the same day every day, not being able to focus enough to read, spending too much time on the computer because of it & to entertain myself & pass the time & then not being able to sleep because the computer messes with my EMF…….knowing i’m meant for SOMETHING big but feeling no pull or inspiration towards ANYTHING……yet…..I keep saying to a friend that these last few years feel like the longest layover at a cheesy airport EVER–LOL

      • Dearest elila,

        Thank you for joining in on the conversations! Welcome!

        Oh my gosh, that was such a great break in my day! I broke out laughing about the longest layover at the cheesiest airport (going to nowhere fast, right?!!) ever! LOL!

        Of course, that belly laugh (sorry all, I actually am one of the ones who doesn’t have the buddha belly at the moment, however thinning hair since the 90s!) was on the heels of Denise’s from her “hair falling out and ascension” article: “I won’t do so as a 60-year-old, overweight and half-bald Earth Angel!” Can’t believe I still have hair; it’s sooooo thin yet sooooo long because I don’t feel like cutting it (I do it myself). Although you know, Denise, the Tibetan monks (even females) shave their head and they’re pretty happy LOL!

        Thank you SO MUCH for the laughter in these “can’t do anything except ride it out for now” times!

        With Much Love and Light (and Laughter!!),
        Chrysalis… ready to fly…

        • Chrysalis–my hair is also long & thin & I cut it myself! Hope i don’t end up looking like a Chinese Crested…..

        • Chrysalis–
          Gosh I’m scattered today! I wanted to say YES (actually i DID, right out loud)–you totally GOT the “going to nowhere fast” that I meant! & by the way i actually DID shave my head for 10 yrs, down to an inch, so the hair loss was less noticeable & i didn’t realize how bad it was getting until I grew it long again!

      • dear elila, agreeing with Chrysalis… — the longest layover at a cheesy airport EVER — 🙂 you made the wait sound funny. thank you so very much!!
        kisses and hugs

        • Kaisa & Chrysalis–
          I know right? If I didn’t still have my sense of humor I’d have gone mad long ago (& bald!). Thank you for welcoming me so warmly–the more time I spend here with you all the better I have been feeling these last several days since joining the conversation. And Chrysalis, I too laughed out loud at Denise’s description of “fat, bald & 60” because I have worried about the same thing!!! Good grief what will we all look like when we finally stumble out of this awful airport lounge?(you KNOW the one I’m talking about, the one with lots of goldenrod yellow & avocado green & old standing ashtrays that no one is allowed to use but they are still THERE– LOL)
          Sending love & hugging back, Elila

        • Hey, gals…. “Fat, Bald and 60 (add “80”).”.. We’ll be the new Pillsbury Dough-girls! Hugs, Marilyn

  • Just wondering how many of us posting here do not/have not given birth and perhaps because we had to hold that type of energy to have enough to give birth to this new time. Sorry I really don’t have the earth words to explain what I am trying to say here.

    • I decided at a young age that I did not want children. About three weeks ago I had a larposcopic hysterectomy because of medical reasons. The doctor said there would have been no way to save uterus as it was. In two years, I went from having three uterine fibroids to up to ten. So I feel it was never part of my journey to have children.

      For the last nine years, I have been having my Kundalini Awaken. Its currently at my Throat Chakra and its trying real hard to get to my Third Eye Chakra. I feel that part of my calling is to help others through Kundalini Awakenings. I am also interested in learning Reiki to help others heal.

      So you are not the only one that feels this way.

    • Sunny,
      Hi! I have been wondering the EXACT same thing as you. I waited all through my 20’s & 30’s and beyond for a feeling of “wanting children” but it just never happened–so I am another of the ones (I notice at least 3 mentions here) who have not given birth. Since the whole ascension thing started i have felt like “no wonder I never had kids”–its just not what i came here to do i suppose. And I am just blown away by the number of gals here talking about how their weight is in the belly –just like pregnancy! I have gained weight at other points in my life but it was always more or less evenly distributed, now it is almost all in the belly & as another commenter stated, I’m not judging or exaggerating, simply observing, that I easily look 6-8 months pregnant, depending on the day. It keeps changing!

    • I am the aunt of 8 and the sister of 5. I am the oldest by 3 1/2 years. So I have got a lot of experience with raising children, just never the birth process. One of the best parts of my job at the DV shelter is getting to be with children. I make it my mission to get smiles and laughs out of them. One other thing I really love is when I come across a child crying in a store I go to them and try to get them happy.

  • Dearest Denise,

    Thank you so much for sharing the link to Karen’s article. It really put words and a voice to some of my feelings. I get sick of still sitting in front of the computer, playing games when I can’t read anymore, watching shows/movies when I can’t focus on words or games. And yet, there’s definitely that in-between feeling. That I KNOW this is actually temporary now and not the usual past patterns for me. It’s a relief AND it’s really annoying. To have a vision, even that partial vision, of knowing THAT’S what I want to do with my life, and still be sitting doing the same stuff is a bit frustrating. It helps tremendously to be reminded that it’s actually different, really, that it’s actually temporary this time, really and truly. And if that’s the case, I can live with that 🙂

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Hi Denise and All Here:

    Thank you for posting Karen’s latest. And yes, exactly, nearly every word in Karen’s post is relevant to what I’m feeling, being, et cetera. Just wanted to mention that I had a fabulous dream last night (thank heaven for “active” dreams). Another group of people (you/me/us/others) meeting to watch a stage presentation. We realize we’ve got to make a choice about how to proceed. Do we want to watch the show or be part of it? Those of us who decide to be part of it file off to the back of the room where some really happy ladies tell us that to take the “course” of being part of it will be $13! I think, oh, oh, I don’t know if I have $13, but look in my wallet and of course there is one ten-dollar bill and one three-dollar bill (!), and I happily give the lady my $13. After that those of us who have paid our $13 go down a very, very steep circular staircase and back into Earth reality. There was more to this dream, but suffice to say it was nice to be asked if we wanted to carry on! And apparently we do, so here’s to us and TRANSITIONS and all those who are carrying anchors! Love, B.

    • “Hi Denise and All Here:

      Thank you for posting Karen’s latest. And yes, exactly, nearly every word in Karen’s post is relevant to what I’m feeling, being, et cetera. Just wanted to mention that I had a fabulous dream last night (thank heaven for “active” dreams). Another group of people (you/me/us/others) meeting to watch a stage presentation. We realize we’ve got to make a choice about how to proceed. Do we want to watch the show or be part of it? Those of us who decide to be part of it file off to the back of the room where some really happy ladies tell us that to take the “course” of being part of it will be $13! I think, oh, oh, I don’t know if I have $13, but look in my wallet and of course there is one ten-dollar bill and one three-dollar bill (!), and I happily give the lady my $13. After that those of us who have paid our $13 go down a very, very steep circular staircase and back into Earth reality. There was more to this dream, but suffice to say it was nice to be asked if we wanted to carry on! And apparently we do, so here’s to us and TRANSITIONS and all those who are carrying anchors! Love, B.”

      Barbara & All,

      Thanks for sharing this dream Barbara as it sounds very important for us all. 13 is the NEW blueprint energies coming in more and more so we’re going to be having NEW symbolic messages, dreams, anomalies etc. with numbers and time and so on.

      I’m going to use this space to share what happened, again, this morning. I shared briefly about how two of our atomic clocks jumped time; the first clock did it on 12-24-12 and read 12-26-12. Then our second atomic clock did the same thing on 12-26-12 and jumped forward and read that morning 12-28-12. I shared about this experience and then “none” lost it over this experience and got all testy about it.

      Well, here we go again with this same business. We woke up this morning (1-22-13) and the one atomic clock reads 3-3-13! This time it’s jumped two months forward…not two days! This clock is reading the correct hour/minute/temperature etc. but the date reads 3-3-13 Sunday. Hum. 😐 Is this a NEW post Shift anomaly? Time will tell. 😉

      Okay, back to the message of your “dream”. The easiest way to wrap one’s brain around these NEW blueprint energies is to use the symbolism of the “12 Apostles”. Add “Jesus” and you have that magical 13 energy that exists outside or above the dense physical dimension. In other words, we are now embodying the 13 energies which are really “Christ Consciousness” or “Krystic” energies etc. etc. Because of this, I’m not too surprised that “time” and clocks are displaying certain anomalies! I expect a lot more so-called anomalies to start happening, especially once we reach the March 20, 2013 Spring Equinox and more of these higher energies/blueprints begin anchoring into physical reality. (This is why the old negative Team Dark “powers that were” spread the great lies/disinfo that 13 was dangerous, evil, unknown etc. and should be avoided at all costs. 🙄 )

      I too have been getting more strongly that it’s up to me, it’s up to you, it’s up to us to start getting the hang of Consciously Creating and Co-Creating what we want. Your dream is saying the same thing I feel. We’re waking up to this fact and getting used to our NEW abilities now and tomorrow and the next day, week, month, year… 😉


      • Thank you, Denise, for your fabulous response. And your atomic clock slipping into 3-3-13, wow, that’s a biggie for sure. Time jumping and I’m really getting excited (again and at last) about what’s happening. I remember the Hathors mentioning time-line jumping and I’m counting on knowing when the opportunity presents itself to just go ahead and jump! Like when you heard your two Light Beings say “Go!” at the supermarket and wow, you went for it! Just one final note about my dream, one of the questions we were asked before making our choice whether we wanted to take part in the “course” was, “Do you want to work in the office or in the plant?” I thought a wee bit about that and then I “heard” that the plant pays more so I chose the plant, paid my $13, and headed down the stairs. And I’ve got to add that yesterday and still today the head/ears pressure has finally lifted. Thanks, again, Denise, for your super response. I sure hope my dream(s) help others and as above so below. Love, B.

        • “…Just one final note about my dream, one of the questions we were asked before making our choice whether we wanted to take part in the “course” was, “Do you want to work in the office or in the plant?” I thought a wee bit about that and then I “heard” that the plant pays more so I chose the plant, paid my $13, and headed down the stairs…”

          Barbara & All,

          OMG I just LOVE and so enjoy the fun of Higher Awareness speak or symbols or clues such as in your dream! Too funny, too great ♥ ♥ ♥

          Here’s what your dream sentence above means to me…but everyone discern for themselves as always please.

          Doing THE WORK is exactly what we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Pathpavers etc. have been doing all along, but now in 2013 to choose either “in the office”, which to me sounds like do ya wanna do THE WORK from HOME? meaning higher dimensions, or do ya wanna do THE WORK from “the plant”? which sounds to me like on Earth as we’ve been doing in and through our physical bodies. So, do ya wanna continue doing THE WORK in 2013 (you’ve paid your $13 fees already) mainly from the Higher Dimensions, or do ya wanna continue doing IT in 2013 from and through your physical body? Or how about both? 😉 😆 Just too great!

          Here’s a link for any who are interested, to Cosmic Awareness’ latest channeled message done today, 1-22-13. It’s really good and covers a lot of the topics we’ve been talking about in Comments recently. It hasn’t been transcribed yet so it’s only available in audio. If you prefer transcribed, it’s usually up in a couple of days it seems. But, I suggest listening/reading it because it has a lot of good and accurate information about what we’ve just been through and are still going through during these nine months of individual “gestation”.

          Gratitude ♥ Hugs,

        • Dearest Barbara and Denise (and All!),

          I just wanted to chime in on the conversation here. This morning, I believe I began to understand the whole “time jump/shift” thing as I’m sitting here reading your comments. A lot of times when I’m out doing whatever, there’s the usual dissociating like, did we pass such and such already? That’s not the case this morning. I had like almost snapshots (hmm not quite it either) happen. I went to cross the street (somewhat major one) and saw the car angled out, from the road I was coming from, as if it was going to turn right. I finished crossing the road, looked back when I was safely on the sidewalk, and saw that the car was not angled to turn right, and it proceeded to turn left onto the road I just crossed. And I FELT that I had jumped between two “somethings” to get me safely across the road. And then I was a block ahead on the sidewalk, and then another, yet it all seamed together. This just doesn’t make sense in words, yet it felt like that’s what happened.

          Not to mention I also had a manifestation last week happen =) I REFUSED to walk all the way to walmart to get a battery for my smoke detector. Physically I can’t walk that far yet (still working on PT). The corner store didn’t have one. I kept saying a mantra to myself “I REFUSE to walk all the way to walmart. There’s GOT to be some place else around here for me to get a battery.” All of a sudden I looked up and saw a car part store! No traffic (mid day here) and I was able to cross easily in the middle of the road instead of all the way to the intersection. They had ONE left of the size I needed. And the manager told me another store called him wanting all his 9V size batteries, “…but for some reason, I felt like I had to hang onto one.” I laughed and said to him, “That’s because I needed it. Thank you!” As I was close to home, my back started to hurt, so I was able to stay within a safe zone physically as well =)

          Also, where the dream are concerned, the ones I recall there usually seems to be a mail truck in them. One of the first ones I received a package with a “key”; the later ones I see the truck delivering yet I have the sense the “information” hasn’t been opened and read yet. The bit I remember of last night’s is there was a pregnancy, and I think it was a part of me who was pregnant. Yet it’s like I was relating it as a story to someone in the dream that “so-and-so” was pregnant… when she was 9 years old. I know, sounds bizarre, yet I skip over the “years” part and I’m left with 9… 9 months. Anyway, the mail delivery aspect of it I find really interesting, about information being delivered to people.

          Thank you for listening/reading.

          With Much Love and Light,
          Chrysalis… ready to fly…

      • Hello, Denise and Barbara,

        Well, here we go again! I just love when the group coalesces on topics and we just have one comment after another adding something else to the conversation, a slightly different point of view or bit of information. It is how we are becoming one of those unified groups. And aren’t the ones like nonney (as I like to call the little 12 year old dear– Hey, Nonney, Nonney, Nonney, Hey Nonney, Nooney-o)) just standing out like sore thumbs? They can’t understand what we’re talking about and they can’t keep up and they’re trying to stuff us into their square little boxes but we’re spirals and multidimensional, so we’re never going to fit! lolol
        Anyway, I’ve been waiting for a chance to talk about another time anomaly I had last week. I don’t really have many clocks in my place–just the ones on electronics and a battery-operated alarm clock. Last week the time changed on the alarm clock completely– both the regular time and the time for the alarm. I waited a couple of days to see if it would change back, but it didn’t, so I changed it. So, get this, the time was 13 hours ahead of the real time (or whatever behind time)! And the alarm had gone from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. It really kind of freaked me out.
        Now, it seems that I am here in this group to bring perspectives from Asia from my time there– with the Soo Shim symbol which Denise used above and also with the number 13– which I’ve mentioned in comments before. In Mongolian culture, the number 13 is a lucky number. I’m trying to figure out why these symbols are prevalent in that part of the world and the opposite here. It’s not like it’s not corrupt or human or anything else that life is here. Maybe someone here can help me understand the message I’m receiving through this.
        Ah, it’s all so fascinating how this works!
        And yes, my belly looks pregnant, although I was always a rather skinny to slim person. And I go from being ravenous one day and eating all day to barely eating anything at all the next day.

        Love to all and big hugs,

    • Hi Barbara, Denise, & All!

      Thank you so much for sharing that dream (Barbara). It sounds exactly right, and the $13 fee is so correctly funny. As I said a couple of days ago, I don’t mind working but I want to have fun doing it. Obviously, I like to work in “the plant,” but I would really prefer to work both in “the office” and “the plant” while consciously knowing the details of both operations.

      As far as co-creation is concerned, I realize I have actually been doing it within my small sphere of “influence,” but silently. In the time I’ve been forced to be back with the family (cooking, doing chores, and sleeping in the living room), every member of the family has gone through quantum leaps of evolution, and one of them has woken up enough to recognize me.

      I believe Co-creation will be a lesson for all of us, both Starseeds and Earthseeds. Most of us still carry our egos around to varying degrees. Race, gender, etc. are still huge attachments for everyone except a tiny few. For me personally, I have always done it alone in my incarnations on Earth, and I get extremely irritated and annoyed when working with anyone not in complete harmony with me. So, the “course” of Barbara’s dream is also quite correct.

      Cheers to All!


  • Hi Everybody!
    Denise, you’re so “right on” as usual. Thank you so very, very much!
    Last year, 2011, I lost 25 pounds, but in 2012, I gained 10,back, although I stayed on the same diet plan as the year before! My daughter, and 2 sons have also had weight gain and struggle with it this past year, in spite of diet and more exercises.
    I always had “no stomach” to my figure, except durng the 3 pregnancies years ago, but the last few years, I’ve got a “fat belly” so prevalent now in our society, and I “feel pregnant” a lot of the time.
    I can hardly stand to eat beef or pork, and don’t want much chicken or fish, either, as well as have given up milk many years ago__ just have some yogurt for breakfast and an occasional small slice of cheese.
    Other days, I am “hungry for something” , but never can find what it is. Seems I yo-yo back and forth between wanting to stuff myself with some unknown food, and other days, even forget to eat because I’m so busy doing the things I enjoy.
    I’ve been having some really strange things happening with Time and Space… at first in dreams, but now it happens when I’m wide awake and in daylight with my eyes open! Too lengthy to go into here… am putting some on the next Newsletter.
    Are any of you lightworkers, starseeds, etc… having similar things happening to you or around you?……. Hugs, Marilyn

  • I really love these images. They make me think in expanded ways. I used to go to the art galleries in Washington (DC), and I’d get high off the paintings–it’s the only thing that brought me peace and sanity.

    I can relate to the emphasis on the crown chakra, too. Mine has been tweaking since the 3 days in December. I’ve had periods where it does that. About 20 years ago I had a time when my crown chakra was so hot I used to put cold wash clothes on it, and, I’m not kidding, steam would rise off of it when I put cold washcloths on it. It was constantly hot/burning, and I had scabs on my head in that area all the time. I had brown, crusty goo coming out of my belly button, too, at the time.

    Honestly, I know how people are feeling that they have reached their limit, but I’m like: The hell with it. Whatever happens, happens, and I’m going to make sure I’m good with myself and my Maker because I don’t have any control over how this all is going to shake out in my life, only my part in it. So I feel I have to be “good” in how I’ve responded, in how I’ve acted. Can I respect myself, and can I look in the mirror at my reflection? Am I presenting myself as a victim or a self-empowered woman?

    My experience has been that the Creater/the Truth presents itself in its assistance at the very “nth” hour at the exact moment it is meant to. I’ve been at the very precipice many times, and I think I am about to fall to my demise, and something always saves me, but not until I am at the precipice. Usually my inner self redirects me before then, but when my judgment is off, something is always there to help.

    Fat? Fat? People want to talk fat lately? It’s too long a story for me to talk about even, but yes I’m fat, and I’ve got arthritis in my feet and hips, so being fat is like torture. What finally seems to be helping is that I am taking an Edgar Casey iodine concoction, and doing healing work on myself. And the person who talked about the Tai Chi: Yeah, I just ordered a subtitled video on that. I felt compelled to do that. Tai Chi spoke to me energy-wise.

    I look at the “ferma bubbles” and I love the pregnancy associated with it. It’s empowering. The line in the middle must be a “pencil dick” because we have had our fill of the “patriarchy” definitely. If anyone is offended by that, don’t be, because I’ve more than earned the right to feel that way.

    Today I am hearing that Niagara-Falls energy clairaudiently. It’s definitely still there. I feel like I am gearing up to be a fearsome Goddess today. Hear the roar of the Universe.

    A quote from Peace Pilgrim: “When you hear of any predictions of disaster there’s a reason for it. The reason is that you are to throw the entire weight of your positive thought in the opposite direction.”

    Hugs to all us Goddesses and Gods. I’m the fat one, but I love me because I’m juicy and I’m beautiful.

  • “Thank you so much Denise. So, you are seeing September as a time of relief (for those struggling) rather than March, as others are seeing? Or will gradually improve over the next 8 months? x”


    Stair Steps remember? 😉 As much as I personally wanted the Big Shift to all happen on my Dec. 23rd birthday, it’s gonna take a bit more time before the Big Shift shows up fully in this physical world and level. Whatever… 🙄 😉

    In a nutshell here’s what I’m perceiving about this today:

    1) The Three Days (12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12) quantum Shift Point happened.

    2) A short time after that the Milky Way GC “Fermi Bubbles” burst on 1-2-13 (from our physical level that is) and those massive Energies have been flooding the galaxy ever since. It’s going to take some more time for those GC Energies to physically manifest fully within this physical realm/world and I suspect that’s where the nine months come in with all this.

    3) The next Stair Step within this phase of the Ascension Process will be us getting through these winter months of rest and introspection, adaptation etc.

    4) The next Stair Step will be the arrival of the FIRST Spring Equinox post Shift which I suspect will be packed with Phase One let’s call it of the incoming NEW energies/blueprints for us, for humanity, for earth etc.

    5) The next Stair Step will be the arrival of the FIRST Summer Solstice post Shift which will carry another layer of the NEW energies/blueprints/changes or Phase Two let’s call it and so on.

    6) The next Stair Step will be the arrival of the FIRST Fall Equinox post Shift which is the nine month milestone from the 12-21-12 Shift Point. I sense that the GC Energies pouring forth from the burst “Fermi Bubbles” will fully and completely arrive within this physical level and I also sense that that’s when the really obvious more physical Separation of Worlds as I’ve called it will begin. Cosmic Awareness calls this Separation of Worlds the manifestation of “Planet A, Planet B, and Planet A/B”.

    So you see we’re still in the Ascension Stair Steps very strongly up until the September 22, 2013 Fall Equinox. Things will “Shift” once again then… and we’ll just go on from there. 😉


  • Dear Denise,

    Thanks for the gorgeous visuals – great images and colors! I GET it but I still hope there are some noticeable changes before 9 months. I am very excited about “the birth.”

    About the “food” issue, I’m in hungry mode again after fighting off a cold. Keeping the weight off is a constant struggle. I feel that more body movement has also become important so have taken up tai chi and chi gong recently. It helps to relax the body and allows the energies to flow through.

    Looking forward to your next article, whenever you feel up to it!

    Blessings to all, Thelma

  • Hello, Denise,

    I see how you're trying to get the message across visually, like you see them.  It's appreciated.
    So, the symbol you used for unity consciousness is very familiar to me-- I saw it all the time in South Korea on hand drums and fans.  It was one of the most common symbols there.  Even the colors are the same ones you used.  I looked it up and it can be a variation of the tai chi symbol called Sam (3)-Taegeuk in Korean or, in Tae Kwon-Do, it is called Soo Shim (Water Mind).  Soo means water, clear, and calm and shim means heart or mind.  (The mind is in the chest in Korea.  It was always interesting to me that they thought with their hearts.)  It's about adaptability and transparency and going with the flow, which is a very good way to think about this next little while, I think.  It can be translated as "to be like water," "to have a clear and calm mind," "to have a clean heart or clear conscience."  Water flows downwards, so is a symbol of humility but not weakness for water is powerful.  When I saw the symbol, I was going to comment right away, but I thought, No, give it a minute and see what it actually means that you recognize this symbol of Unity Consciousness.  

    Pins and arrows for change– sounds about right today. ;{

    Love and Hugs to everyone,

  • At the inauguration luncheon today- Senator Schumer showed a picture of and made mention of the Niagra Falls. I think it was the same one you posted.. Do you think it means anything?

    • “At the inauguration luncheon today- Senator Schumer showed a picture of and made mention of the Niagra Falls. I think it was the same one you posted.. Do you think it means anything?”


      I doubt that the Senator consciously knew/knows about any of this, however, people are often used by higher positive powers such as ones own Higher Self, to do or say or show something to other people that works as a trigger for them.

      A “black” man (President Obama) who is actually Mulatto — half-black, half-white — is far more symbolic and meaningful than if he had been only a “black” man, an African American man. That would have been more of Duality; white Presidents and finally a black President etc. But no, President Obama is Mulatto which is symbolically representing Triality ▲ the NEW ascended “Unity” (duality integrated creates a third higher frequency and thing, person etc.) which exists as a third thing above the frequency of Duality — positive/negative, black/white, male/female etc. etc.

      Add to that the fact that President Obama’s second term formalities are happening on Martin Luther King day is another clue for humanity… and also a snub to the dying negative Old Boys Club — the global elite patriarchy. Try as they have to kill off the Light in whoever showed up in this world embodying IT, they have failed and are now going the way of the dinosaurs. :mrgreen:


  • Yes! Eight months to go! I was a caesarian birth and have no children, so in keeping with the famous line in Gone With the Wind, I must say, “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies, Mizz Scarlet”, but I will send the high vibes for this great and wonderful event. Thank you, Denise, the picture is getting clearer by the hour! Love, B.

  • Denise,
    I always enjoy your articles but I have a ? on this one. I have never been a mother but I do know that when the water breaks, we are about to see the newborn, no longer in gestation.

    To be frank, being a starseed for half a century, I am already very very very tired. Cannot imagine another 9 months! The momentum is already wearing out……quickly!


    • “Denise,
      I always enjoy your articles but I have a ? on this one. I have never been a mother but I do know that when the water breaks, we are about to see the newborn, no longer in gestation.

      To be frank, being a starseed for half a century, I am already very very very tired. Cannot imagine another 9 months! The momentum is already wearing out……quickly!



      Believe me, I hear ya… I’m beyond exhausted too and have been for many years already. However…and this topic is in my next upcoming article so we all can talk more about it once I’ve published it. We all have to remember that IT, the Shift and all that happened, started because of IT has indeed already happened at higher dimensions/levels/states of being etc. As is always the case, it simply takes some more time for what’s already happened at higher levels to reach all the way down to the physical and manifest within that level too. That is what’s been happening or unfolding since the Three Days — 12-21-12, 12-22-12, 12-23-12.

      Many have felt and are continuing to feel these massive changes since 1-1-13. From post Shift through to the Fall Equinox in Sept. 2013, all of us will in our varying degrees and ways be feeling and dealing with whatever remaining inner/outer changes, adjustments, releases etc. etc. we each need to make. So, from one perspective — the quantum one — IT or the Ascension has already happened, but from our current physical perspective IT is “coming” in about nine more months from the Shift Point. I know this is a difficult concept for many to grasp and it’s difficult for me personally to express in typed words well…but I keep trying. 😆 Anyway, we’ll all discuss this topic in Comments on my next article about these changes and us in physicality having some more time before IT fully and completely manifests within this physical realm and world etc.


  • I love this. This really puts it into a visual I can grab onto. I’ve always been more visual. It transcends the 3-D thinking process and stays with me. Really nice images.

    • Caroline K.,

      Many if not most of Starseeds, Lightworkers, Indigos etc. are naturally geared towards visuals as the way to communicate instead of linear, spoken, and horribly inadequate words. When we view an image, photo etc., we see but we also emotionally feel, know from a higher level of awareness, sense, imagine and take in far more in an instant than we do with words. That is the way most Higher Dimensionals communicate; through large, split-second-long chunks of transmitted and/or telepathed knowledge/emotions/insights/visuals/understandings/feelings simultaneously. ALL sense perceptions and plenty more all expressed and perceived, felt, known in an instant. Now that’s exchanging information! 😉

      I also wanted to tell everyone that this photo article is NOT the article I was promising I’d publish asap. It is coming next…or that’s the plan at any rate!


      • Thank you Denise! I know you must have said this at some point elsewhere, but this is where I understood it. I have always told others that I don’t think in words I think in pictures (sometimes stills, sometimes short movies). While I am very facile with words and an ability to create word pictures, the thoughts always start with what I call “snapshots”. BTW, did you notice (I’m sure you did! 🙂 ) that the giant outflows picture looks like two sonograms? Amazing. This also puts me in mind of 2001 A Space Odyssey… at long last!!! How many of our so-called “science fiction” stories have turned out to be some form of preparation for this time we are in NOW!

        Much Love! Much Light!!!

  • Wow. I got the sense or feeling reading this and responding to the images, “We’re here. It’s finally here.” The “pregnancy motif” has been in my consciousness since 2007. I always thought it was an image more for my personal life; over the past few months, it has moved into a corporate, planetary shift in my mind. It’s interesting to see what is in this post and feel it confirmed from you, too, Denise.

    So, we have about eight more months to go. I can do that. That time frame is do-able. I can accomplish what I need to in that time-frame. It actually feels just about right.

    Having gone through a couple of full-term pregnancies and births, I do resonate very much with the imagery of gestation and birth. I know what the before-during-after is of that kind of event, and how life-altering it is to have a new baby. To become a family of three instead of just two.

    I love that.

    Here’s to our continued success in gestation. Here’s to a successful birth.

    Just curious: has anyone else put on a bunch of weight in the past couple of months? I’m ballooning out, and have already made SO many changes to my diet in the past nearly-four years (no gluten, no dairy for almost four years, no meat for one year… I’ve been thinking I need to do no coffee and no sugar — again — and no rice, but other gluten-free grains instead, but before I go taking out more stuff, I am thinking through other possible causes. I’m sick of eliminating foods from my life). I guess I’m saying it is not like my diet needs some kind of major overhaul because I am not being careful with my diet. There could be other factors, but suddenly it occurred to me, “Wow — this happened, of course, when I was pregnant.”

    I’m wondering if any other Lightworkers have been padding up and bulking out a little this winter, maybe more than normal. Is this a mirror of “as above, so below”? Or is it just wintertime, I’m sedentary, and eating too much, haha. Maybe a bit of both. Just a little weary of going through yet another period in life where the clothes I have are too tight, and I am wishing I was my smaller size again (but being thankful I am also not the bigger size I was. Can I get a holla on how this goes? LOL!).

    Thank you, Denise. As others have mentioned, the non-word, but imagery-visual bent that things are taking on is so in tune with where I have been in my head for a while now.


    • Calliope/Karin,

      I have packed on a few more pounds over the past four months or so despite the fact that I can hardly eat, digest, cope with much of any food at all at this point. FOOD! DAMN, I’m so sick of it too and post Shift the whole eating and what I can now eat has changed once again. This is such a big and important change and topic that I’m going to write an article about food/eating etc. post Shift, what and why and so on.

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Dearest Denise, Marilyn, Calliope, Morphqueen & all the rest of you beautiful, aware, sensitive, AMAZING women,

        HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH!!!!!! So many times over the last few months I have been frustrated far beyond my limits & was so tempted to end my simple “spectator” status here & post a comment BEGGING for anyone else to tell me if, on top of all the other symptoms of ascension discussed here (of which I have experienced most of them), if ANYONE out there has been struggling with FOOD & WEIGHT!!! I am jumping up & down that this finally came up & I AM NOT CRAZY/ALONE!
        I have been happily raw vegan for 4 yrs now–not struggling to be raw–just easily BEING raw, because it just felt right & i honestly love it & love the food. It was easy too because I lived in Florida with lots of fresh fruit around–neighbors let me pick from trees, etc. All the produce in the stores felt dead to me & I never felt as good eating it when I had to as I did eating from the local trees.
        Then suddenly I had to move out of my condo & ended up (unwillingly) in Michigan–life was unravelling rapidly! Certain family events had me eating foods I was definitely not used to & i found myself gaining weight. Around the same time i was also experiencing great difficulty digesting just about anything! So in an attempt to lose the weight (I had been a very easy & comfortable size 2 for 4 years & was now closer to a 6–SQUEEZING into my clothes…)& to alleviate the digestive difficulty, I started eliminating foods one by one until i was left with ONLY fresh fruit! I also started running daily, which was the only way i’ve ever been able to lose weight in the past. Well, it DIDN’T work! After 8 weeks of fruit & running I still could not lose the weight (& its mostly around my midsection, making me look pregnant, just like the rest of you! If you google “buddha belly ascension”, some interesting things come up, btw). I finally figured i must be overrun with Candidiasis or something & embarked on a 21 day fast. Well that finally did it & i got to spend the summer my slender self. Then suddenly after Thanksgiving, I started experiencing bizarre food cravings through the roof! I could NOT PHYSICALLY STOP MYSELF from gorging on pizza, macaroni & cheese, brownies–all foods i would never even CONSIDER before!! I never had CRAVINGS like that in my life, that completely took OVER my life! So I ballooned up again—severe edema, buddha belly, the whole gamut! Just like Marilyn, I find myself hungry for SOMETHING (wandering helplessly through the grocery store searching for….what???)….the crazy pizza cravings etc have finally subsided I think because I started eating some cooked whole grains along with my raw fruits & veg. But its all CRAZY! And just EXACTLY as you said Denise, “Food! DAMN!” –I am so sick of trying to figure out what i can & cant eat & stay ahead of all the crazy-making cravings & not be depressed about feeling like a whale—I’M EXHAUSTED!!!! Add in all the other fun of ascension (like how it has me living at my mothers–!?!) & I don’t know how I can take any more! Oh & did I mention I religiously walk 10 MILES every day? So SOMEHOW I am a PUDGY mostly raw vegan who exercises regularly????? How is this POSSIBLE??? I am so grateful to all of you here –I have been hanging on to Denise’s words & the comments from the lovely bunch of you for dear life over this last 6 months or so. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for breaching this topic & giving me some desperately needed assurance that i am not alone. I love each of you & am so grateful that you are here and talking openly—I am passing around the big hugs to you all, the REAL kind, not the “A” hugs, LOL. Denise, I will be awaiting your post on this subject LITERALLY with baited breath! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site & I appreciate you more than I can express. XOXOXO Elila

        • Elila,

          I’m so glad you’ve finally decided to show yourself and write a Comment. 🙂 ♥

          The food eating thing and the Ascension Process…what a bitch it’s been and still is huh?

          Gawd, it’s been unbelievable for me since it started in Feb. 1999. It’s been so hard, so weird, so difficult while I was so sick and exhausted and dealing with so many other Ascension-related things that I really haven’t talked / written much about any of it in all these years. BUT, I’ve had a hell of a time with food, eating, digesting, cravings, not wanting to eat, over eating and not eating at all etc. since 1999. Then when we crossed the Shift Point and entered 1-1-13 the food eating thing reached a new level for me. Just when you think it can’t get any worse than it’s been! 🙄 Now I don’t want to eat anything because none of it contains what I want, what I crave.

          I know what it feels like to gain sustenance from Light and Love and THAT’S what I want as my primary food source once again. That time is coming, incrementally probably, after the end of the nine month gestation period, but until then we’ve all got to get a handle on this food eating thing as best we can.

          Looking at refracted Light is a food for me as is looking at pure colors and intentionally generating and feeling certain high frequency emotions. We will learn how to feed ourselves directly from Source but this is us all fumbling around with it while still In Process. 😉

          Glad you’re here Elila.

        • Oh my goodness, Denise, everything you just said—YES YES YES!!! It started for me around ’99 as well & i struggled & struggled until i just sort of ‘evolved into’ raw–that was the only time i got any relief & felt good. In FL it was so EASY to live on sunlight & laughter & a couple of pieces of fresh fruit a day! I LOVED it! Then it all got wrenched from me & I ended up here at my mom’s, freezing my niblets off in MI–literally STARVING for light & air & warmth (& not just the temperature kind). I feel like I fell off my stairstep & have BACKSLID instead of moving forward somehow. I don’t want any of this food, but i can’t stop myself from eating it–I never had hunger while raw in FL but now it is back in spades! & I have thought over & over again how this is like pregnancy….
          I also want to live on light & love & laughter & affection again–it can be so cruel here. I’m so glad I “broke cover” & spoke out–maybe it will help everyone else too? You are absolutely correct, Denise–it has been a BITCH–to say the least! I am so RELIEVED that someone GETS it–this whole ascension process has wreaked havoc on my entire life, turning it to rubble & leaving me weary & broke, & on top of it all, now fat! Ugh–when will wonderful things start happening again? I know we are all hoping SOON!
          Thank you for responding & welcoming me so warmly. Hugging back, Elila

        • Hi Denise & Elila,

          Thanks for reminding me about the nutrition in color. I used to do color therapy…duh!!… using a penlight with crystal filters and applying it to various etheric acupuncture points etc, and sometimes shining green light right thru my navel for nurturing. Energizing was using red, orange and yellow especially on the palm chakras of the hands but off the body, and pulsing the beam in/out.

          Anyway, one time last year in the spring I was really low on money and had none for food, so I went into the park, and my inner voice told me to go to a quiet area that was really green and I stood in front of a big green tree and opened my arms wide out and deeply breathed in the beauty and the green especially for about 5- 10 minutes, and felt really FULL after. You just made me remember this!

        • Before white people came to the US, Native people could run through the woods gathering energy from nature. They would run 40 to 50 miles a day. Nature is the miracle. Glad it helped you. Hugs

        • Hmmmm…just noticed my 1st comment posted at 11:12, & my 2nd comment/response at 1:12….I couldn’t have planned that if I tried, LOL 😉

        • Dear Denise, Elila and all you “food concerns” folks out there.
          I have a chapter in my free web-book, entitled “Lightworks”. It has a few paragraphs on moving away from material foods to using light for nourishment. Just scroll down to “LIving on Light”. I did it for months, but that was in a huge energy vortex area, and it has not been working here, 100 miles further south.
          Perhaps with the expanded energies after this Big Shift, we can do it anywhere.
          It has been abnormally cold here for three weeks straight, plus unshoveled sidewalks due to all the snow. Cross your fingers for a January thaw, which usually happens about now.
          Wishing you all Love and Good Luck! Hugs, Marilyn

        • Hi Again Denise:

          Sorry if I am hogging so much space here today, but I forgot to add something that is really pertinent. It is about the LOVE and for me the beauty. I was fasting due to feeling like crap–for over a week and having to work–but from home and wanting to be stronger and break my fast. a friend took me to see a performance of Paco Peno’s flamenco ensemble, the musicians, drummers, singers, dancers….it healed me, I was so filled with the joy and love, sincerity and the beautiful heart energy and geometry that I was fine the very next day, and I was kinda worried about mixing my energy in a big theatre because normally it is so draining. So I totally get how taking these inspiring opportunities whenever we can is so very important and to be discerning in all energies we choose to be with now even for short periods of time.

          Much love to you,

          morphqueen & Quincy, my Westie who is so pleased that I can play more now!

        • Dear Denise, Elila, Marilyn, Calliope, Morphqueen, and everyone else here and those commenting on food/eating issues. All I can say is I feel you all. My abdomen, also, looks like I’m about to give birth. No exaggeration – I look about 7-8 months pregnant. I’ve been battling this for years and it gets better and worse but always there. Truly, I can not find pants that fit – it is becoming a nightmare. Today, the jeans I wore to work have a waistband that came down around my abdomen and this big belly sticks out over the top – no judgment – but just to describe – looks like a big beer belly (but maybe bigger). And the eating – I lost about 15 pounds from summer to winter – couldn’t eat much of anything and really didn’t want to. Then I started craving all kinds of food – and I’ve gained some weight back. I mean, literally I am allergic to wheat gluten and soy and lactose intolerant. And most everything else bothers me too… Even water. It is very crazy making and I wish I could just get by without food. However, another issue is that food was always comforting to me – and now, when I often need comforting, I can’t even turn to food, though I’d like to – but the price I pay is too high b/c I feel so awful physically. I went to the movie yesterday and brought my own drink and indulged in some popcorn. This was my big treat for myself – then about 2 hours later felt awful and that lasted the rest of the evening. I look forward to your article Denise. Thanks, as always for all you do to keep this place for us, and thanks to all that write in. Morgean

        • Jane,

          I’m hurriedly writing an article that’s just about food/eating/not digesting etc. due to the Ascension Process. I’m trying to get it finished today ONLY because it seems that, because of all the Comments about eating/foods etc, this topic needs to be covered much better. I’ll try to answer your questions in that article and/or in Comments on it.

          But yes, I too went from not enjoying meats to eating more meat in the past 9 years than I have in my entire life! Why the big cravings for meats/heavy protein foods? Because we’re burning up all of our inner fuel doing the Alchemical Ascension transformational Inner Work! There are times when we need high protein foods and other times when we need very little so just go with the flow and eat what your body is craving and trust it when it changes to something else… like Pot Roast and Peanut Butter! 😆 My gawd it’s unbelievable isn’t it? 🙄


          You might copy and past your Comment under the upcoming food/eating/Ascension Process article too Jane if you want. Thanks. 🙂

        • “I finally figured i must be overrun with Candidiasis or something & embarked on a 21 day fast. Well that finally did it..”

          I know this is another divergence, but may I ask for more details about this fast? The reason I’ve become so obsessed with food lately is that I’m trying to eliminate candida, as well, but the little buggers are subverting my efforts. (I had no idea that candidiasis can turn systemic and effect every system of the body, including the spine and brain, until recently. It even effects moods and food cravings! Which makes one wonder, how many people currently taking psychotropic drugs or struggling from obesity actually are suffering from systemic candidiasis, and could be helped more effectively through radical dietary change? Some even speculate candida is related to autism–not a cause, perhaps, but some people report “recovering” their children or improving their symptoms through diet! It’s well-documented that autistic folk often have food allergies and other issues related to the gut, and this actually might be a higher-level sign to us all–we have abused our guts, through the degradation of natural food supplies, and symbolically, perhaps, by “ignoring our gut feelings,” but this is changing now.)

          I’m relieved Denise posted the latest channeling of Cosmic Awareness, because before listening, I could not understand WHY I have, suddenly, become obsessed with growing and preparing natural foods. (I used to have the tendency to ignore my physical body entirely, in pursuit of spiritual learning, which I now realize was a mistake. Many of us have chosen to take our bodies with us on this journey; we’re not trying to “transcend” them anymore!) Cosmic Awareness emphasizes the importance of consuming natural, unprocessed foods during this important nine-month period, so perhaps this is not quite as much of a digression as I originally thought. Mothers often pay special attention to their diets during pregnancy; why shouldn’t we, as we rebirth ourselves? And I’ve decided the “little buggers” (candida alibicans) are not accompanying me on this journey.

        • Hi Balsamicmoon,
          In response to your question about my 21 day fast–well, all I can say is that the fast succeeded in getting me back into my jeans. I have no idea about the Candidiasis. I searched & searched for answers to the “symptoms” i was having & candida seemed to most closely resemble what I was enduring so I thought well, that must be what i need to “cure”. I tried all the protocols i could find on-line & nothing helped. I ate nothing but fresh young coconut for a week, blahblahblah. Nothing worked, which is why from sheer exhaustion & exasperation I simply stopped eating (& drinking, for the first 12 days of it).
          Now I have my doubts about whether its really candida that’s the issue, or is it simply ascension? Judging now by all the responses here & Denise’s latest post on the food/eating subject, I’m more convinced than ever that all this craziness with food is totally (& temporarily) ascension related. I’m no doctor, & I don’t even play one on tv–that’s just my observation for myself at this point in “time” haha. Sorry I’m not much help on this one. Love & luck to you, Elila

      • me toooooooo…. yuck so tired of food, ready for the manna from heaven 🙂
        I watched some calves playing today, butting heads together then running away from the other kicking up heals and going in circles then back to rubbing heads together. They weigh about 250 by now. I just laughed and laughed watching them. There were 2 different pairs doing this at the same time. One of them, I call him Bambi will drink water from the hose when i am filling up the trough for them. He also likes for me to scratch him under his chin. I see something in their eyes and it brings tears, so pure they are. They are not mine, I just agreed to give them water in exchange for wood to burn this winter. Time for lions to lay down with the lambs and people to stop eating animals.

        • No judgement. My Reiki master once told me “real medicine woman eat meat” I wasn’t eating any at the time. Now sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t I listen to my body, We are all doing our best and that is good enough! Hugs to all. Gwen

        • Soooooooo sorry, i never intended for anyone to feel bad and actually was wishing I had not posted the part about not eating animals, It was as much for self as anything because i do still eat meat. I just cannot eat beef anymore because of being so close to them.

    • Hi Calliope,

      I can relate to your food/weight situation. I have had severe bloating at times, especially over the last year, looking like I’m about to drop twins! It is digestive sensitivities/changes and I believe the assimilation of the new energies, I am just coming off an unintended week long fast and normally can only eat a little fruit, water, coconut water, smoothies and soup and some greens on warmer days and very little cooked food, even steamed veggies make me feel off and lower in energy. Today is minus 20 with the windchill and I wish I could just enjoy a hot heavy casserole–no way would my body deal with that.

      I wander the aisles in the grocery store and all the food feels dead to me–I mean the produce, not the totally dead packaged stuff. I am plant-based and off all stimulants now which feels calming and I am so grateful to have noticed the profound difference of eliminating my former 1 cup of coffee. The anxiety is gone. I am very sensitive to chemicals in the food as well as in my environment and rarely eat in restaurants now unless it is an organic vegan kind of place. I grow my own veggies in the summer and feel food grown with love is the best. Oils & spices also bother me now so most ethnic restaurants are also out. 😦 I’m hoping the weight I’ve gained over my 40s will come off now that I am on this new unintended diet.

      • “I wander the aisles in the grocery store and all the food feels dead to me–I mean the produce, not the totally dead packaged stuff. I am plant-based and off all stimulants now which feels calming and I am so grateful to have noticed the profound difference of eliminating my former 1 cup of coffee. The anxiety is gone. I am very sensitive to chemicals in the food as well as in my environment and rarely eat in restaurants now unless it is an organic vegan kind of place. I grow my own veggies in the summer and feel food grown with love is the best. Oils & spices also bother me now so most ethnic restaurants are also out. I’m hoping the weight I’ve gained over my 40s will come off now that I am on this new unintended diet.”

        I am having very similar experiences with food; my body is craving fresh, living foods, yet I can’t seem to eat enough vegetables because, I suspect, the vegetables are “dead.” I am exploring sprouting for this reason; sprouts contain more living enzymes and nutrients than the vegetables, nuts, or seeds into which they grow. All you need to get started is a few glass jars, some cheesecloth, rubber bands, and a variety of good seeds. The best part is, they grow indoors, during any time of the year, so you can cultivate a continuous supply of fresh food. You can eat the sprouts just as they are or use them in salads and soups, or as ingredients to make living breads, crackers, nondairy milks, fermented beverages, etc. Sproutpeople ( has some wonderful free instructional videos, for anyone who wishes to learn more.

        • Hi Balsamicmoon,

          Thanks for the link. I never used to really like sprouts because they went moldy so quickly but I’ve always liked them on sandwiches… just a bit worried about getting thru the Canadian winter on a raw/cold diet. I don’t want that horrible stomach pain/bloating to return–the last time I got the “pregnant with twins” situation was after eating a pita falafel sandwich and I am careful to not eat any dairy now, but to go without grains/legumes seems a little extreme. I will try sprouting some chickpeas and see how that goes, maybe it makes them digestible if you eat just a little. Last night I placed some cukes and celery at room temperature to warm them and then filled a salt shaker with some cayenne and sprinkled a little to warm my salad. Seemed to warm me up nicely. Maybe using a homemade warmed salad dressing would also do the trick.

        • “I will try sprouting some chickpeas and see how that goes, maybe it makes them digestible if you eat just a little.”

          Yes, absolutely; the resources I’ve read indicate that soaking and sprouting nuts/seeds/grains/legumes helps removes phytic acid, an enzyme inhibitor. Soaking and sprouting make them much easier to digest.

          “Last night I placed some cukes and celery at room temperature to warm them and then filled a salt shaker with some cayenne and sprinkled a little to warm my salad. Seemed to warm me up nicely. Maybe using a homemade warmed salad dressing would also do the trick.”

          This sounds perfect. Warming spices like cayenne, ginger, cayenne, cardamom, cinnamon, and garlic have been used throughout the centuries to ignite the “digestive fires.” These traditions also regard cooked foods as more easily digestible than raw foods, but if you feel it is most appropriate for you to remain raw, you may wish to ferment the cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, etc.) because they can be difficult to digest otherwise. Fermented foods are in a sense pre-digested, so they definitely can help you in your raw food journey. I’ve found some yummy recipes online:

          Thank you, Denise, for allowing us this digression. I love to let my inner food nerd come out!

        • “I never used to really like sprouts because they went moldy so quickly”

          I’m almost done overtaking your blog with sprout-related comments, Denise, I promise…

          Yes, mold is a real issue with sprouts; this is one reason why many authors and natural foods activists recommend growing your own, rather than buying sprouts commercially. Rinsing and draining are crucial components of healthy sprout growth; insufficient drainage can promote mold, and certain sprout growing methods are more susceptible. (Unfortunately, the glass jar method I mentioned in another post is.) If you are interested in pursuing sprouting again, and especially if you wish to sprout beans or rye/wheat berries, you can buy commercially or make your own sprout bag out of natural fibers; sprout bags offer excellent drainage.

          If you happen to own a salad spinner, or know someone who does, I’ve read it’s a very handy tool to ensure sprouts are fully dry before you refrigerate them; this may help prevent mold. If not, just wait about 12 hours after your final rinse/drain to refrigerate sprouts.

    • Hi!
      I am so glad this topic came up! I have realized that even though I eat pretty healthy I still need to be more careful. This has been obvious since Christmas. I accepted an invitation to a restaurant last Sunday, had some meat and have been in bed since – aggressive vomiting, fever, blurriness etc. It’s gonna be home made veggie stuff from now on. Most of the stuff you can buy ready feel really repulsive if not downright poisonous!

      I guess our bodies are getting far more light to be able to use dense foods.
      Love and Light,
      – Aya

      ps. I love the pictures. I have begun to see some symbols myself for the first time ever!

  • Dearest Denise,

    As I was talking with my Mom on the phone, I saw you had posted a new article. I glanced at it and was a bit confused as there were more pictures than words. As my Mom was talking, I “got” two things (and I hadn’t read your article yet!): “pictogram” and “hieroglyphs”. And as I read and looked through the pictures, this further confirmed those words/feelings. To me, I can see you’re “speaking” the “new” language. Pictures are definitely speaking more than 1,000 words here.

    As we’ve been crossing the threshold of dates here, I feel we’ve all come to a tentative conclusion as you’re showing us here: that we’re still not “finished” in the way that we’ve come to know deadline=finished. We’re processing, and linking up, and opening, and stretching without the manual, without words. These are the times to Re-member our Heart. Our Heart holds the “key”, the “knowledge”, the “language”, the “direction”. We only ever need to really Know the Now. To think/wonder in the old 3D brain way will confuse and not help us. We’re still in a state of flux; and all we can do in this “time” is Be in our Hearts in the Now.

    As I write this I am seeing pictures/concepts in my heart. I cannot hold onto them at the moment because they seem to go by so fast. And that’s ok, because when I need to really Know, I will.

    Btw, I absolutely LOVE the dissolving yin/yang and the beautiful Tri-ality pictures!

    With Much Love and Light,
    Chrysalis… ready to fly…

  • Denise, this may seem like an obtuse question, but does this include all of us here on Planet A/B at this time? I keep reading about diverging timelines, about how there are many, many choices available for us after the Expiration Date as to what we choose to experience. Do we still need to navigate our way through these gateways in order to reach this “much better” state, or is the work complete, and we just need to experience it now, physically?

    Personally, I feel like I’m being torn apart from the inside–some days I naturally feel higher states of consciousness, other days I’m in the dog house energetically and emotionally. Some days I’m certain of my mission, and the correctness of the action I am taking in the physical to create a higher reality, and other days I cannot muster the energy or motivation to take another step forward on this path I have chosen, and I call myself foolish and convince myself I should just throw in the towel. I know I still have more clearing work to do, but somehow, I didn’t expect the “inner crisis” to be quite so acute after the Expiration Date, although I understand now that for many people, it only will intensify. How much risk is there of someone “getting lost” at this point, of not completing their chosen mission? I speak specifically of Indigos now, because I do feel like some shift of responsibility is taking place, or is about to. I also sense that something or several things will occur simultaneously which will make daily routines nearly impossible for many people, that the structure of society will alter dramatically as a result of this…but perhaps this intuition has been affected by recent reading–Too Much Magic by James Howard Kunstler. Do you feel such disruptive events will occur, physically, in this or other timelines?


  • Hiya Transition Team

    What are your thoughts then on astrology, if we are connected to the universe, how does this fit in?

    Thanks and Regards Michelle

  • Denise,

    Everyday for the past 2 weeks I’ve been dreaming that I’m pregnant and I wake up from feeling the pains and its just so real. I thought I understood but I’m confused now. Now, I’ve gotten these thoughts of wombs, babies and 2 nights ago I just googled “twin flames” I’m still stuck, help? Is this all related? Oh I wake up holding my tummy just as I did with my girls. Any thoughts on this anyone, Denise?


  • I find this interesting as when I have been in meditation, I have been shown birth a few times . Also in dream state a few weeks ago , I got shown twin babies in pink either end of the cot. I also have been shown energy flowing like rushing water as well as a big urn which was suspended in the air and energy was pouring from it. I got told to stand under it and use it to blend.
    Also I find in meditation I can no longer reach down as when I tried I would be propelled up into the universe.
    I enjoy hearing and reading your posts x

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