Duality Consciousness Thinks “Sudden or Gradual”

I occasionally go online and ask my Higher Self, “What do I need to be aware of right now?” After asking I’m usually impulsed to go to some web site/blog site — even one that I may not know exists yet am quickly and easily led to it. I do this when I sense and feel Ascension-related beliefs, concerns, confusions and questions building in many people out there. To help me find and connect with what I’m feeling, I ask my Higher Self to led me to whatever information it is at whatever web site/blog site that I need to be aware of in that moment to not only aid me with what I’m feeling, but to hopefully help other people as well.

I did this the other day only because I’m feeling escalating concerns and questions (plus plenty of other things like fear, guilt, anger, resentment, doubts, confusion etc.) building energetically in the fields throughout 2012. What my Higher Self immediately led me to was some information talking about what evidently has been termed “sudden or gradual” by I don’t know who all, nor is it important where I was led to find this material. My article about this “sudden or gradual” question is NOT an attack or insult directed at anyone, any group, or any web site or blog site. Years ago I had these same questions myself about how in the world the Ascension Process would unfold, how humanity and Earth would transition through the December 21, 2012 Expiration Date, what will happen after that date etc. We’ve all pondered and questioned this plus many other Ascension-related hurdles we’ve had and still have to clear over the past thirteen years or so.

I didn’t read much of this information that I was led to by my Higher Self, I really just needed to see those words — “sudden or gradual” — to understand some of what I’ve felt in the field energetically so I could write this article about it…from my current level of awareness of course.

The information I was led to was about the confusions many are having over whether the Ascension will happen “suddenly” on December 21, 2012, or if it will happen “gradually” over many years after that date. The second I read those two words “sudden/gradual”, I thought how typically they show Duality/Polarity thinking and awareness. I certainly understand why many people perceive things this way because they’re still using the old familiar duality tools of awareness where everything is wholly one polarized way or the other polarized way — either/or, black/white, sooner/later, “sudden/gradual”. Confusions (and wars etc.) arise with this tool of awareness because much more is always going on than what polarized thinking can perceive.

The answer to this important question is really so easy, simple, normal and natural if you can function from Unity Consciousness instead of Polarized Duality Consciousness. That is not me bragging but sharing how easy this is once you’re able to, even just a bit, elevate (ascend) your awareness out of the lower frequency Duality range and up into higher Unity, or as I’ve called it, the frequency range of High Heart consciousness. From that higher level of frequency the entire either/or, black/white, sooner/later, sudden/gradual polarized duality issues and consciousness are easily seen to BOTH happen! Yes, BOTH “sudden” and “gradual” are how this Ascension business is going to happen…as I’m currently able of perceiving of course.

You see, the Ascension Process has been happening for the past twenty-five years with some Starseeds, Lightworkers, Wayshowers doing it first, incrementally year after year, Wave after energy Wave, transmuting and integrating density and duality within themselves for humanity, Earth and many other-dimensional Beings as well. Stair Steps remember? These Stair Steps have been absolutely necessary even for the Starseeds/Lightworker/Wayshowers. First Wavers, Second Wavers, Third Wavers etc. are Stair Steps themselves. This Ascension Process HAS been happening gradually” from our perspectives on Earth in physical bodies down in the difficult Ascension trenches, but it’s been happening amazingly quickly from higher dimensional levels and perspectives outside of linear time.

There had to be a Group of Starseeds/Lightworkers/Forerunners who would live the Ascension Process first as the way to embody and insert it in the physical dimension for the rest of humanity that would begin it themselves at later dates. Growing numbers of “regular” people (by “regular” I mean people who don’t consciously know anything about the Ascension Process, the astrological Age change, the end of this Evolutionary Cycle, the 26,000-yearlong precessional cycle completing now including many others all completing in December 2012 etc.) have been living the Ascension Process for many years too, but they haven’t consciously known what they’re going through and why. So whether a Starseed/Lightworker/Wayshower or “regular” folk, this Ascension Process has been happening gradually” since about 1987, but in those all-important and absolutely necessary incremental energy Stair Steps.

So when and how does the “sudden” part of this come into play? It comes into play fully once humanity and Earth transition through the two remaining energy portals in December; the triple as in beyond duality 12’s of the 12-12-12 portal through the end of the 12-21-12 Winter Solstice portal. I sense the period from 12-12-12 through 12-21-12 is actually one extended portal of completion, exit, and Shift Ascension point for all of humanity (meaning the humans that are ready and willing to change and evolve/ascend now) out of the old Evolutionary Cycle and its lower frequency range of life, reality and consciousness within greater Density and Duality. Simultaneously it is the “sudden” Shift Ascension point for everyone out of the past Evolutionary Cycles and systems, grids, magnetic field energies, human and planetary energetic blueprints, Collective beliefs etc., and total entrance into a higher frequency world, reality and consciousness within Light and Unity in a higher frequency dimension, in a different timeline that begins within a very different Evolutionary Cycle.

Once humanity has traveled through the December 2012 ending and completion of the old Evolutionary Cycles within Duality Density and physically entered the new Evolutionary Cycles and matching Earth world in a frequency range of Light and Unity, all of humanity will have “suddenly” Ascended whether they’re consciously aware of it or not, and, despite the fact that it took eons and multiple lifetimes of work and plans within plans within plans across time and space to “gradually” be able to manifest within physicality!

Another aspect of this “gradual” belief or question and confusion is that once we’re all on the other side of December 21, 2012, not every single human alive will have “suddenly” ascended/evolved into a full-fledged, all-knowing, fully functioning multidimensionally aware Light-filled Human! Remember those important Stair Steps? The humans that were ready, willing and able (if only slightly because that’s all it takes) to evolve out of Duality Density will “ascend” at the Expiration Date (12-21-12) but, they will continue learning, growing, creating and evolving within the new higher frequency Evolutionary Cycle and the matching frequency Earth world and systems and new Unity or High Heart energy blueprints etc.

Thankfully the tremendous developmental and consciousness gaps between humans incarnate on the higher frequency Earth will NOT be as extreme and severe as they were on the old Earth of greater Density and Duality. Having souls/people with extremely different levels of personal spiritual development and life focus forced to live and work side-by-side will no longer be the case in the new Ascended Earth world and Evolutionary Cycles we’re evolving into at the end of this year. The consciousness and developmental gaps between people will be much less which will make life and reality far more comfortable, relate-able, peaceful, equal and unified in a 5D High Heart way for everyone worldwide. We’ve been seeing this manifesting already in 2011 and 2012. Different developmental levels and Stair Steps will still be present on the new ascended Earth but they all will be existing within the same 5D High Heart range developmentally and vibrationally which will make all the difference in the world for everyone everywhere!

On the new ascended Earth ALL of humanity will “suddenly” be existing within a higher frequency world with its matching higher frequencies and planetary grids, its higher frequency energetic blueprints and rules for the new Evolutionary Cycle within greater Light and Unity and so on. The global rules, systems, beliefs and focus etc. will have “suddenly” changed to the majority of unaware human masses, but due to those Stair Steps, they will all have the time to “gradually” continue evolving and learning more about what’s changed and why; how to adapt to and understand their expanding consciousness and all the amazing perceptual changes that naturally come with it; the disappearing of Duality Density; the ending of planetary parasitic existence and consciousness; ending of egocentric existence and consciousness; and the continued expansion into increasing Unity and Light within themselves individually and collectively as a new 5D Group Consciousness planet and species and so on.

Many of us First, Second, and Third Wavers will be the new planetary Spiritual Teachers, Guides, Consultants etc. to the human masses that have ascended but are not yet as knowledgeable, developed or consciously familiar with what Unity and Light is and how radically different life/reality/consciousness will be from what we’ve come from in the old lower frequency patriarchal world of Duality and Density. Many of the Indigos will be the ones creating, building, organizing, directing, running and overseeing all the new higher frequency Unity or High Heart systems and structures around the planet.

So both “sudden or gradual” are true but with plenty more going on simultaneously that’s always existed beyond the range of duality and duality consciousness. The playground is getting larger because our consciousness is.

Denise Le Fay

September 26, 2012


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  • Haha,

    Lovely post. All is coming together nicely. Many have asked me too on the same subject and I always answered that your experience is individual when it comes to the Shift/Galactic Alignment.
    Being very multidimensional, I am at loss with words to describe what I see/feel/am. So I smile and laugh – All is Well. Perfect. Beautiful. One.

  • Namaste Denise and all off you readers

    What I have notice over the years is that the to worlds exist on the same time.But is is realy rare to experience That. Last week I had again a experience on that level, when I was cooking .There was a soft music on my record -player whit a mantra:: Christ in Me. In the living room the Tv was on,my friend was watching the news. There was a intense silence coming in my. I notice the mantra and at the same time I was hearing the noices from the news. I had a deep experience how the two worlds where there at the same time and I was in the middele ;,just observing whitout any mental justment.
    Later on the evening suddely my heartchakra opend and a deep bliss off Love and acceptence was flowing in. It was so overwelming that tears came out and a deep Love to all the worlds expanding over my body and surrounding. I was feeling that there is no differents : Only one Live! Its that we experiience the differents in oure daily mental make-up.( I will sell my head!)
    When that blessing experience comes, there is always a cleansing proces underneth, I have notice over te years. .Because when Light comes down in some deep nerve layers,nadi, some of the past informations and universel old experience will break open.(just what happen in the first stages in kundalini) to be renewd by a higher living-“ïnformation”.After such a experience the veil of Maya slowly drops down,and one fals back in the ordinary conssioness. ,Only you dont forget and know why you are here on earth!
    The next day without inner warning I had a confrontation ( like a earthqauke) with some one about some personal feelings and opinions. It showed my where I had to stand fore and what I had to let go.
    It showed my clear how to bring thise inner seperation worlds in unity and to accept where one has to keep his/her inner ground and self-acception without any justment to the opposit point.,where ever that point is!!.

    Slowly I experince also when my soul is going to a”personalt”transformation and when there is a transformation in the soulgroup. But in the ultimate coutcome its for Al.

    PS It is difficculty to write in Englisch ,I hope you still can read the comment!

    with Love ,Dhyana.

  • Dear Denise,
    Thank you so very much for this amazing article. I just completed the September 26th Newsletter, explaining how we have been going through a Gradual evolution of consciousness over the past years, and within this time period, have also experienced very sudden “Turning Points” that gave us a quick “Shove Up the Evolutionary Ladder.”
    And here you are, verifying all this for me as well. Bless you! I’ve recently had another strange occurrence__ finding a 1991 item in an old journal of mine, that told of our study group’s weekly meetings changing. Instead of doing each one of Edgar Cayce’s “Search for God” Lessons and related experiments in consciousness, we discovered that WE HAD ALREADY DONE THE LESSONS AND THE EXPERIMENTS IN THE PREVIOUS WEEK’S MEDITATION!
    Following that discovery, I received a 5 page long channelled message… Palm Sunday, 1991, that related exactly what would be occurring as we completed our Final Shift in December, 2012. It also suggested we would be “CREATING FROM THE FUTURE”… which is the name I gave my website with my online book April, 2006.
    These 20 days from September 26th through October 15th, are the Mayan Calendar Core Days, when “The Past meets the Future.” Strange things are happening. I have an aloe vera plant near my computer, which has been singing to me late at night, with voices like children’s choirs, and when I close my eyes, I see human faces… in technicolor… and moving, as well. They are nor people I know or have ever seen, and not sure why I’m seeing them.
    Yes, August was a very exhausting and painful month, as I know others have experienced as well. I, too, am so very eager to have this over and done with. Love, Marilyn

  • Thank you for speaking to my Heart, as my mind wobbles with these concepts 🙂
    Sending Hugs of empathy. CFS often presents in “waves”, of feeling better & worse – hoping this is a worse wave that will wash away sooner 🙂

  • Thank you, Denise, for a great explanation.

    I have been having an amusing experience of being frustrated and satisfied at the same time. The personality is totally fed up with the waiting and is beyond caring about anyone catching up or not. At the same time, I can be serene and smiling because I know (see and feel) all is done, and “soon” I will be able to bring this joy into the physical, and finally start PLAYING to my heart’s content. 🙂

    “Sudden” is when you ascend (to the next “level”) and gain a greater perspective which gives you an aha moment. In the Now moment, physical/energetic processes at all levels are occurring “gradually” all in their own “time”.



    • “I have been having an amusing experience of being frustrated and satisfied at the same time…”

      inho1213 – Akhilleus,

      I know this weird feeling very well. It’s not been easy for many of us sitting, existing, waiting on the Great Cusp of two worlds and two dimension and two timelines etc. etc. There is peace and relaxation and total surrender on the one hand because you know it’s a done deal already — but on the other hand it’s a frustration having to STILL stand and wait with our crotches straddling the fence because it’s not quite time yet! Soon, very soon now however.


  • Denise & All,

    What a clear and potent message that comes at a perfect time – when we are all so weary and unsure how this will pan out. How do we get from this messed-up world, with humanity in the state it’s still in, to a 5D world of peace and harmony, in 2-1/2 months?

    Denise, you’re right, it HAS been gradual. Apart from the past 25 years of our ascension process, we spent lifetimes leading to this point. (I am becoming aware of having been a priestess, monk & a healer.) At a higher level, we knew this point of transition was approaching and we did all that we could to prepare for it.

    When I questioned my Higher Self about what I could do to help now, I was told to “absorb and radiate pure Light and Love because more human hearts need to open.” Then a week ago, I expressed my doubts about the Shift because everything in this world seems to get worse.

    The answer from my H.S.: “So it must, for the momentum to build til the opposing energies reach zero-point. This has been a very lengthy battle for the return of Light. The struggle now ends for the Light is finally spreading in 3D.”

    Everything I know at a deeper level tells me you are correct when you say “the period 12-12-12 through 12-21-12 is actually one extended portal of completion” for those who are ready. THIS IS IT, folks!

    The suggestion from my Higher Self: “Do not get attached to anything in your world. Whatever you truly love will come with you – but you must release it all to make the final jump.”

    Lots of Light & Love, Thelma

  • Hi Denise, your post helped me to understand some of the questions I had on my mind. 😀

    What I also wanted to ask you if this http://www.cosmicchannelings.com/blog/what-will-happen-2012-ascension is a correct and reliable source of information and an accurate representation of what’s going to happen? By the way, it also mentions those that there will be two timelines. And finally, I feel as if I have lost most of my connection with the 3D world and systems (lost quite some friends too but I feel that its right) and I have been feeling greatly geared towards leaving school and focusing totally on clearing myself and raising awareness in others and totally living the path of service to others. Should I fully embrace it (the school leaving) ? Thanks a lot. 🙂

    Love and Light,

    • AK,

      I clicked on your link and started reading that channeled message and then realized how long it actually is! I’ll have to read through the rest of it later and respond to your question about it then.


      • Yup, it’s quite long. (Take your time :D) And could you please comment on my other question too. Thanks so much.


        • “And finally, I feel as if I have lost most of my connection with the 3D world and systems (lost quite some friends too but I feel that its right) and I have been feeling greatly geared towards leaving school and focusing totally on clearing myself and raising awareness in others and totally living the path of service to others. Should I fully embrace it (the school leaving) ? Thanks a lot. 🙂

          Love and Light,


          You know that only YOU can decide what you want, need, or desire to do now. Having said that, don’t forget that you can do both. You can go to school or work or whatever and simultaneously experience the Ascension Process and being of Service to Others. There’s plenty more change and chaos coming as the old patriarchal structures, beliefs, systems etc. all disintegrate because they simply vibrate way to low to even exist within the ascending/ascended world. Because of that traditional schooling will also be going through major changes, as they already have been with the money problems/costs.

          Eeee…I hesitate saying this because the decision is up to you and only YOU. But, 🙄 I sense things will be changing SO dramatically and rather quickly from here on out that most of the old patriarchal “higher education” systems are dying as we speak. For them to survive the Ascension Shift they’ll have to embody and reflect Higher Consciousness. The second question about this is, will they even be needed? 🙂

          I suggest you ask your Higher Self and your Ascension Guides to help you with this choice and ask them to help you know, see, understand better about it all now.


    • AK, Funnily enough I happen to be reading the “Cosmic Awareness” information only yesterday, but I didn’t have enough time to read the entire channelling as it takes up quite a lot of time and energy. I re-read it today and a lot of it, I feel, is pretty sound and would suggest it as an article worth considering.

    • AK & All,

      I’d never heard of Cosmic Channeling.com before you left the link and asked me if I thought the information is correct or not. I didn’t read all of it yet, but what I did read is very accurate based on what I’ve experienced and what I’m aware of to date. Over the years I’ve written articles about many of the same things “Awareness” talked about. (When I have more time/energy I intend to finish reading all of the material in this link.)

      So yes, it’s very accurate information about the whole Ascension Process, the separation of worlds or “planet A” and “planet B” as “Awareness” called them, and everything else that I read so far. I’m certain the rest of that information is just as accurate and great as what I have read so far. It’s some pretty great and undistorted information which is RARE and was a real joy for me to read. Thank You for sharing it with me/us here.


  • Denise, thank you for this. A friend sent me a link, via my Facebook page to your blog, and what you wrote is beyond powerful. I think I AM still processing all of it. Thank you so much for this.

  • I appreciate this commentary, Denise. Your perspective on ascension makes sense to me. My own way of resolving the conflict of “sudden” vs. “gradual” has been to think of the ascension process as evolution, which comprises a continuum of both sudden and gradual change.

    It also makes sense that those who are aware of ascension and the energetic changes are more in tune with the process and are more likely to notice the shifts in themselves and their world. From the point of view of the average person who is not aware of it, ascension is going to be a subtle thing and may not be immediately noticed. I suspect that the human race will by and large not notice or be able to appreciate and make sense of the changes until some years down the road.

  • How can humanity all ascend? Is it not depending on where they are at?
    Great post!

    Sent from my iPad

    • “How can humanity all ascend? Is it not depending on where they are at?”


      Absolutely correct. It all depends upon the level of frequency each person is vibrating at internally now as to which world and timeline they find themselves existing in today, tomorrow, and so on up to the Expiration Date. The people who still want to experience and create/learn within duality density and NOT take advantage of these current Ascension Energies and Shift point, they aren’t and won’t vibrate fast and high enough to vibrationally exist in the new higher frequency Earth world and timeline…and there’s nothing “wrong” with that choice.

      The people who are today and will be tomorrow and next week, next month etc. able to embody these higher frequency Light Energies within themselves (and believe me when I say that it’s amazingly difficult to NOT be evolved by them!) are and will be the ones existing within the new ascended higher frequency Unity and Light Earth world and timeline. All of this is literally about different levels of energetic vibration or frequency and the matching worlds/consciousness/focus/learning’s/creations etc. that EACH of them has. They’re different Schools of Learning and Focus that exist in different dimensions and layers and timelines is all. 🙂


  • Thanks so much Denise,

    Yes YES it makes so much sense now: even my own way of thinking is becoming multi-dimensional. I was wondering how in hell’s name would the rest of Humanity catch up with the rest of us at the fore… what with all that is STILL going on globally… and I DO sense all of this is both sudden with a shock & shake… AND a gradual with no-drama & fuss…. all at the same time. Yet I didn’t even know I was sensing it. Even daydreaming about the possibilities of 2012 and beyond is no longer the old-fashion linear way… of having a beginning, middle and an end to this story. In my daydreaming… I or someone else would “reverse”… “move forward”… jump out of the dimension/reality/timeline just to see the whole picture… and then go right back in… with either the same role or with a twist to it… just to make things aright and continue on learning how to speed it all up… instead of having it be prolonging so damn much. I swear to you that my daydreaming is so very important. I can’t explain it properly. Yet I sense it in my cells that even daydreaming about me and others like me, helping others along this Ascension is very helpful. It has the same or close effect to that of sleep/night dreaming… working on the “Time-Weaving Basket”… with the no-doing yet highly effective Goddess “doing”.

    It’s all coming clear now… like it’s right in front of my nose as a bee ON my nose… but I’d have to look right square at it to SEE it.

    “Many of the Indigos will be the ones creating, building, organizing, directing, running and overseeing all the new higher frequency Unity or High Heart systems and structures around the planet.”

    That would be something… as I am in a VERY humble position and state right now. In my mind’s eye, I “see” it… I daydreaming & visualize it day and night… yet in physicality I have no fucking idea of the how/who/what I’ll have to become to help Humanity in that light. I’ve been in this Dark Night of the Soul for so damn long now that… it’s going to be something when “it” happens. Humbling yet something….

    On another note: is it okay to ask here… what Mars in Sagittarius has in store for us? I googled about it yet… none of the materials fit well with me. They had nothing Ascension related… and if they did, it just didn’t click with me. Hope this is not off topic… but I find even the planetary alignments before the big hit in December… are toying with me to pay close attention to them as well.

    Hugs of great gratitude for your timely writing… which I’ve been eyeing out for in anticipation.

    Lou Ann

  • Dear Denise:

    You have filled my heart, thank you. I, and I’m sure so many others, have been just about ready to call it quits. And now you solve the dilemma. Of course, sudden/gradual and oh, so brilliantly you have described the coming recognition/joy of Unity/5D living. As a result, for the first time ever I am feeling ready to step out and speak my truth in love, without fear, and take up the teacher role. In the past few weeks I have felt torn between needing to stay here with Gaia and wanting to go home to Arcturus. The physical pain has been severe, but the spiritual doubt even more wearing. Your words make total heart-opening sense. Thank you for always being here for us. I so hope your own ascension symptoms are now easing. By the end of this year we will indeed be living our love. B.

  • Hello, Denise and all,

    In my life, some things have come to fruition all at once and have come in the form of money, which is helping me live.  The issue with the last (hellish) place I lived ended with me getting a settlement (I tried working within the 3D world for 5D issues and it worked in my favor!); my family has finally, after almost 2 years, provided me with some money I was owed, and I suddenly got a couple of jobs that pay very well and will put me in good stead for a time.  Unfortunately, they're completely consuming and exhausting and very 3D, so that has been an interesting experience after being away from it for so long.  Oddly enough, another enlightened soul I know in town is also working at the same job at the same time, so I'm thinking that this organization needs a major shift!  Last Wednesday, the 19th, I got to work and fell suddenly and completely ill and had to go home and sleep for a few hours (was that the day of the square?) and the same on Saturday the 22nd, so I'm getting a little bit of time to do some processing, but otherwise, it happens at work, which is crazy.  The other day, I was dizzy and expanding and it was intense and I was having a conversation during part of it.  Wild!  

    I haven’t spent too much time thinking about December, but I’m noticing bigger and brighter spots of light, so I’m expecting something to break through before long. Something felt about to surface the other night. Sirius the lion is coming up for me lately, so I acknowledge it, but haven’t so much time to spend on quiet meditation on it, but the acknowledgement and a moment of absorption seem to be pretty potent at this point. I’m really not expecting anything sudden and am just going with the flow as I move along here.

    It’s good to interact with you all once again and I hope we will get that chance more often in the future.

    Love and hugs to all,

  • Thanks for the post! You explain the gradual and sudden well.

    The techno/info world has a good term for that building energy: trending.

    I was on a website a couple of weeks ago when I read a comment by someone who complained that none of the dire predictions that she had read about over the years had been coming true and she was disappointed. I’m paraphrasing.

    I felt compelled to comment, which I had never done on that site. I explained to her that they often hadn’t happened because the timeline has shifted, and as Lightworkers we are oftentimes just a step ahead or even half a step ahead of the “shift.”

    I think the shifts happen “suddenly” but they can be so subtle as to seem “gradual.” I hope this makes sense.

    For instance, after a shift people might watch favorite reruns of an old show and it somehow seems “different” — it’s a show you have watched many times, yet there are things that you don’t quite remember about it. I know that this has happened to me several times in the past year.

    And then there are the big things that some of us Lightworkers do remember about major Ascension shifts because we’re there holding the door open, so to speak, so as many people can shift from that timeline as possible. Once the door, or portal, shuts, most of us don’t carry the memory of that timeline with us. And what memory we do have seems only as a dream.

    • “I think the shifts happen “suddenly” but they can be so subtle as to seem “gradual.” I hope this makes sense…”

      Exactly correct Nikkoale and makes perfect sense. 🙂


  • Denise, THANK YOU so much for sharing with clarity! It helps so much to read what you have shared here, it coordinates with the issue of how I was turning this puzzle around in my head, and shows me once more that things are moving from “either/or” to “both/and” — a shift I have been observing in my own life for a little over 13 years, too. 🙂 There is much ado about everything as we narrow in on the end of this year in the calendar of linear time, and keeping my head on straight in calm and balance has been challenging (especially as that light wave continues its sandblasting, as you put it! Whew). This helps a lot. You have put into words what I was sensing inside, and it is good to read your thoughts and inspiration on what exactly is going on. It makes me breathe with recognition and relief.

    I am hoping for a somewhat sudden energy recovery period soon after the window of 12-12-12 to 12-21-12, however. I am tired of being tired, and it is pretty bad right now. All of the momentum of my 3D life seems to have ground to a halt (and had been slowing or dissolving intensely during the past four years with a kind of culmination in August for me — of everything completely stopping). In fact, there seems to be no “sudden” or “gradual” for me right now, haha, more like “completely immobile.” Somehow, I am managing to be fed, clothed, and sheltered, so these most basic of things is covered, thank goodness. I am grateful. The Internet keeps me connected to others as people and events seem to enter Stage Right and exit Stage Left as I wind up the final threads of the integration work I am doing. Certain gatherings of family and friends seem to be happening at just the right time to have closure in that area, too.

    But other than that, I wait, for the most part nearly physically immobile. Sometimes even typing is an effort! I know you know about this kind of thing all too well.

    It seems like on the one hand the time between now and early December will FLY, while at the same time so much has ground to a halt. I feel like I might just limp across that threshold on my knees, while I would like to at least walk there, if not run! The amount of frequency I’m carrying feels completely off the charts right now, and I keep wondering when the levels will simply make me go “poof.”

    Climbing all these stair steps has really made me yearn for something sudden, and yet I am also trying to prepare my mind for lots more gradual, and be okay with that, just in case there is not anything truly visibly different after December. I’d sure like there to be! But I think that is just the feeling-so-full-of-frequency that is talking.

    Like going through childbirth, though, a woman passes from the increasing difficulty of being pregnant with that kid, to helping the kid exit (the “transition” period I keep feeling we are in right now), and then there is difficulty of the newborn in arms and the learning curve that is with that new phase. But at least it will not feel there is a small watermelon trying to exit my body through a much smaller space between my legs, which is what I feel in my energetic body right now! I would like the baby to be out, please. (And that is the much more polite version than what I can feel myself thinking many days!)

    I know by logic that the only constant is change, so I don’t think I will be squeezing this watermelon out forever. I am deeply hoping for a big shift or change, however, as holding this level of everything (energy, integration, reframing, etc.) is completely consuming at this point, and does not seem sustainable at present levels. I shall explode, I tell you (lol). Watermelon will be everywhere, just like Gallagher smashing watermelons on stage! Not a pretty thought, heh!

    Thank you again, Denise, and huge love to you. Thank you for knowing when to come and write and just what to write when you do it. I am very grateful to you and to the ones that help you in your role here on Earth.

    Calliope the Muse

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