The Mid-2012 Amplified Physical Pains

I’ve talked about how intense mid-July through around mid-August 2012 was for me physically (I’ll explain why I’m accentuating that word in a moment) in another article. In another article I’ve also talked about my clairvoyantly Seeing the “Frequency Fences”, energy barriers, and literal prison camps the negative Aliens have constructed in 2D (the dimension of the Elemental beings and Elements) slowly being broken up and dissipated throughout 2012, with all blocks down there being totally removed by late summer of this year.

In response to my article Polarized Thinking of “Sudden or Gradual”, some readers have written Comments and emails mentioning how severe the pains have been physically for them too this summer and/or autumn. Because many are going through this now and more will over the last important three months of autumn up to the 2012 winter Solstice, I thought we needed to talk a bit more about why many of us have been and/or are experiencing some very amplified, specific and extreme pains in certain areas of our physical bodies at this late date within the Ascension Process.

I’m writing the word physical in bold because I want you to really, really get that we’ve reached the point within the 25-yearlong Ascension Process where everything has reached the physical level in all ways. Many of us have had or are currently having second dimensional (2D) Elements and Elemental beings and energies removed from our bodies. Needless to say, this phase of the Ascension Process in mid-2012 (and forward) has been very painful physically. No fear please, just some more knowledge about what you’ve been living and going through already and why. Knowing the whys to these unusual things always makes them easier and quicker to move through.

As I mentioned in another article the negative extra-dimensional Aliens have used, manipulated, hijacked, distorted, stolen, displaced, trapped and held captive many beings—both 2D elementals and 4D dead humans—and energies from different dimensions to affect and control living humans in the physical third dimension (3D). As we slowly struggle and work our ways through and out of this multidimensional nightmarish tangle the Negatives have created, the different beings and energies from 2D that were implanted by the Negatives to negatively affect and better control us are being removed, freed from our bodies and returned to their natural dimension. They’re as happy about this as we are to have them out of our bodies finally! [See A Lightworker’s Mission pages 34–37 about a lucid dream teaching I had in 1975 or 1976 from a childhood Guide about 2D Elementals being in our bodies.]

Because of this monumental and very positive change many of us have been and/or are feeling the very intense and physical pains of having certain hijacked and trapped 2D elements and/or Elementals released from our physical bodies this year. (I’m talking about the elements and Elemental beings that Team Dark intentionally kidnapped from 2D to insert into 3D and our bodies to better control us and reality here. I am not talking about the natural “organic” elements and Elemental energies we all have within our bodies. What the Negatives have done to many of the Elemental beings and both living and dead humans is profoundly negative and completely “inorganic” to all of us to borrow a Lisa Renee term.)

This is yet another aspect of the profound multidimensional distortions and manipulations that the Negatives—Team Dark as I’ve called all of them—have done to multiple species in different dimensions. But some very high, very positive, very grand Beings and Forces (the Cosmic Cavalry as I’ve called them) have been working to escort everything and everyone back into their natural dimensions over the past few years, with this process being extremely accelerated and physical throughout all of 2012. This is a big and very important reason why the physical pain in the physical dimension has been so severe this summer and into fall for some people. It’s a very positive thing actually, and the pain of this does end so hang there if you’re experiencing this now and know that you haven’t done anything wrong or missed something that you needed to transmute, clear, and return to a level of neutrality.

These severe and sudden 2012 physical pains have been this strange and intense phase of having a lot of help from On High in removing and escorting the hijacked 2D Elementals and elements out of our bodies now. It’s a good thing in other words even thought it hurt like all hell! This 2D business is naturally connected to 3D physical and the 4D Astral as well so there’s been A LOT happening on multiple dimensions and in our multiple energy bodies to correct these evil deeds done by the Negatives over the eons. As the “Frequency Fences”, energy barriers, and Negatives’ prison camps within 2D were dismantled via these very positive Higher Beings and Energies this year, so too were the hijacked elements and Elemental beings placed within our bodies by the Negatives against everyone will, are being removed and returned to where they belong now in 2012. Why? So that each of us is vibrating with as high a frequency as possible before we encounter the final threshold crossing or alignment download of 12-21-12 (or there a bouts).

I just wanted to let those of you know that have gotten hammered by this latest very positive but painful change that it’s not all you or not something you did wrong or missed or overlooked etc. It was 2D elements and Elemental prisoners being freed from your body/bodies and returned to their natural dimension now and why.

I also want to mention to any who need to be reminded of this, that what’s left of the Negatives/Team Dark have been getting very clever lately with ways to divide and conquer you and whoever it is that’s closest energetically to you now within this Ascension Process. They are frantic and trying all sorts of subtle tactics (unless you’re really familiar with them and how they work) to suppress or derail you or your loved one/Ascension buddy partner etc. in late 2012.

What I’m saying is to be REALLY honest, REALLY discerning and aware, and REALLY vigilant with your energetic protections, whatever they are, and pay attention to any subtle thing(s) you may sense but are interfered with so you ignore it or forget it. Don’t ignore it, talk about it immediately with your loved one/Ascension buddy partner so you both are consciously aware of it and have externalized it within the physical. You’re a Lightwarrior so do not allow the old negative divide and conquer tactic of Team Dark to work on you and yours during these important final Ascension Process months. And don’t be tempted to lay down in the road and take a long nap now that we’re only five feet in front of the Finish Line as we speed towards the 12-21-12 (or there about) Wall of Light! Team Dark is hoping many of us do and they’re trying different last-minute tactics (some very subtle so really pay attention) on many of us who are so exhausted to do exactly that.

Denise Le Fay

October 2, 2012

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74 thoughts on “The Mid-2012 Amplified Physical Pains

  • I’m actaullity still experincing heighted levels of physical pain, almost my whole body is in just constant physical pain. It’s bad enough I just want to go numb physically, and if I didn’t know about the shift and the fact that I can reawaken my ablity to consiously manifest what it is I want I wouldn’t have stuck it out this long with all that pain (I’d probably have developed a pain pill habbit to go with my choronic pain and created more problems for myself). I hope that this pain will have stopped before 2013 because I can’t handle this indefinately, whatever the cause.

  • Lots of different symptoms for me: ascension flu, crazy dark guided people doing crazy dark side stuff to me and mine… but then good things/people have valiantly tried to balance out all the bad crap and people, so there’s the plus side.

    One thing I have noticed lately though is a rather large number of older people, some not so much older than me, but mostly in their 70s or 80s are hospital bound lately and are being told to get their affairs in order.

    I’m wondering if anyone else has seen a surge in people dying or about to die? I can only think that it is some sign of ascension. Perhaps people choosing to check out early and avoid the rush? Or perhaps some may be checking out because they are returning to 3D and don’t want to be here during ascension? (I can imagine this scenario for a couple of the people I know.)

    Thanks for all you do Denise, I love this community!


    • Debora, glad you notice older adults and what we do. This older than dirt person is exhausted. I have been on the front lines for 40 years and I truly want some others to PLEASE step up and take my job. PLEASE! Clear, clear clear my personal stuff and in meditation and night, move this mountain, clean this ocean, help this wheal and it goes on and on. Please step up and take my job, please. I am not sick, but wonder how much longer I can keep up my work!?!
      Thanks to all of you who are doing the required energy service to heal us all. Denise, you are a true goddess for the help you give us all.
      Tons of hugs to everyone, Gwen

      • Hi gwennm, I notice the elders for two reasons, there are many in my sphere and I’m about to cross 60 in November and have felt like a crone (in the positive “wise woman”) for years … Ascension was new to me a couple of years ago (except as some fodder for science fiction). Through Transitions I’ve been able to piece together the difference from what I’ve perceived as my path and what my path has actually been. All I can say to you is that we can keep going as long as it is necessary. I am hopeful that is sooner rather than later! (((<3))) to everyone. Thank you Denise, as always, for keeping this community going.

        • Thank you Debora, right on, somehow we do keep going. What a blessing to have Denise to keep us all informed. Hugs and love, Gwen

  • Hi Everyone!

    I’m new here, having found this site recently as I researched something I’ve sporadically experienced since early March 2012. What happens is an ice cold sensation in the area of my solar plexus and I feel quite ill, like I have the flu. It usually happens when I am out with a group of people. I’ve been trying to create a new social circle after every major relationship in my life changed, leaving me very alone……but now I get that! I’ve recently joined a spiritual group and don’t have any of the aforementioned physical problems associated with it so I’ll stay with that for socialization. No one there is openly talking about ascension and/or the symptoms in the group setting…..or at least not to the gatherings I attended however I expect they are discussing it privately amongst themselves. I found all the ascension info on the internet. Sure is nice to know what is happening as I’ve been quite confused by it all.

    Without getting into the detail, I’v also experienced problems with work for $ and occasionally volunteer work as well. One job I was at as a temp, was offered a permanent full time position but had to quit just because the physical drain was too much from a very negative person who worked there. It was making me feel so ill it was difficult to drive to and from work. It helps to understand it all. It’s been frustrating, especially with losing so many relationships and changing my residence. Ironically my “new” residence is my old residence… childhood home. I’m grateful that I’ve been allowed a soft & safe place to land following so much upheaval.

    I too have found it difficult to get out of my own way. Again, glad to know I’m not alone.

    Denise, thank you for all your work. Your website has significantly impacted my perspective!



    • “What happens is an ice cold sensation in the area of my solar plexus and I feel quite ill, like I have the flu. It usually happens when I am out with a group of people…”

      Trish R.,

      Hi and welcome to TRANSITIONS, I’m glad you’ve found your way here. 🙂 If interested, read through my Archives, especially the articles under the TOPIC Ascension Process & Symptoms.

      We sometimes feel certain Chakras/physical areas on our bodies have changes in temp like what you’ve described. For a few years I’d feel (physically, to the touch) a perfect large circle of cold on my chest area…right at the Heart Chakra. This was due to different energetic Ascension-related changes happening there at that time. I’ve also felt the same thing at my Solar Plexus Chakra and that whole area would, to the physical touch, turn cold in the shape of a perfect circle. The flip side of this is experiencing “hot flashes” where tremendous heat radiates out of certain chakras/physical areas on our bodies both front and/or back/spine etc.

      And yes, the deeper into the Ascension Process we each travel, the less and less each of us is able to, literally, be around anything and/or anyone that vibrates at a lower frequency range. It’s actually painful and makes one sick, terribly uncomfortable, under a great energetic pressure, and just plain icky feeling in every way! It can be people, places, activities, belief systems, foods, drinks, buildings, landmasses, chemicals, and on and on. This is why everyone who lives the Ascension Process finds themselves having less and less interactions with other people and old favorite activities; they simple make us ill and affect us like they’re toxic, which they actual are. And, as we continue increasing the frequency and Light within us and our bodies and consciousness, the less those people and places want us around them too! It’s a mutual repulsion due to radically changing/evolving differences in energies, consciousness, density, and amounts of Light. It just is what it is and it’s not “personal” even though we typically take it that way until we figure that out too.

      I have to add that it sounds like you’ve done really well with these major changes so far which is great. Know too that the only topic at TRANSITIONS is the Ascension Process. 🙂


  • Morgean,
    Ok the green-eyed monster is coming out in me because you have access to a medicine man AND sweat lodge. Oh so good for you.
    I to was wondering why I have not had any (much) physical pain in the past couple of weeks and like you was thinking I was off path. But now am just grateful for the break and will enjoy for as long as it lasts. As for being lonely, I have abundance of family and still feel that way more than I would like. I do have one good friend who I can talk to.
    Thanks again to all who post here, it helps a lot.

  • Hello, Everyone,

    Like Morgean, I’ve been pulled into the 3D work world lately and it’s just eating me up and spitting me out. A small job led to a big job and it’s eaten up all my time, so I too feel like the ascension process has slowed down considerably. I finally crashed and burned this week and took a couple of days off to recuperate. The job is also a perfect way for the dark ones to mess with me as I’m working with groups of people every day. I’ve always been really responsible in work, but I’m just not interested in finishing this job and all the nonsensical paperwork (busy work) that comes with it and is keeping me from my own projects. And the exhaustion and joint pain is too much. And today the whole right side of my head is in pain– sinuses, ear, back of head, forehead. Very tired of it. It’s really hard right now to stay on track. I’m glad, Denise, you’ve opened comments up again so that I can connect with others here– it’s helping.

    Love and hugs to all!

    • Oh Cat, my heart goes out to you. I start work next Tuesday with the federal government. It’s been a job just getting this job and I am not exaggerating. I even got a call and email last night (friday at 4:30 pm) about some more paperwork they need me to bring on Tuesday. I’ve been trying to tell myself this is just 3d insanity and trying to stay the observer. Hoping to look at it as a paycheck (which I desperately need right now) – go in, do my best 8-5, and go home – the entire time shielded. However, I know too well that doing this takes energy in and of itself. I put a countdown on my phone today for Dec 21.

      And I guess I was asking for it as I said I was feeling pretty good physically. Must have sent up a red flag b/c today I ache all over and have a sore throat. DIdn’t sleep last night and wondering how one works and goes through this.

      I’ll be watching for your posts Cat. And agree – thank you so much Denise for opening up comments; I count on this blog to get me through. I realize it is difficult/impossible for you at times. We all need time off. Maybe we can figure out some way to keep it going when you are not able to. I’ve put my thinking cap on and will get back to you.


    • ” I’m glad, Denise, you’ve opened comments up again so that I can connect with others here– it’s helping.”

      Cat & Morgean,

      I’m glad I’ve felt better myself so that I could! This past summer was so over the top painful it was shocking to me, and for me that’s saying something!

      Three days ago I felt some old “Ascension Flu” aches and body pains and body chills, headaches, head pains and pressures on the top (Crown chakra area) and pushing down the front (Brow chakra area, and all around the whole brain). My body has always registered solar energies — flares, CMEs, storms, winds etc. — which are actually higher frequency energies issuing from the Galactic Center (GC) outward throughout the Milky Way galaxy and to our Sun which then directs it very intensely to Earth and humanity. My body reacts to these energies as “Ascension Flu” symptoms, but also with increased pains and pressures in the head, skull, brain and brain glands etc. The past three days this business has started up again after a nice long period of quiet. Oh well, Cosmic and Solar surf’s up again everyone so get prepared!

      I honestly do not know how you two (or any other Starseeds/Lightworkers) are able to be employed out in the world now, as opposed to working at home as I do. Seriously, I can barely get the monthly shopping and other necessities done each month these past few years. Even bodily grooming things have become hard to keep up with over the past three years and with time disappearing in increasingly larger chunks lately, I do not know how any Starseed/Lightworker could do what you two are doing now.

      Ask your Ascension Guides to help you both with having to go to your money earning jobs every day, and do your Shielding protections very carefully…like I needed to tell you two that! 😉 Things will continue changing energetically and physically the closer we get to the final Expiration Date of Dec. 2012. But protect yourselves as best as you can daily/nightly and REST and SLEEP as much and as often as you need to.

      Because over the past three days I’ve felt some old negative tactics/tools trying to happen in my body, I told my Ascension Guides last night that I needed them to energetically work on my body/bodies while I was asleep to permanently remove any and all Negative implants, attachments, energy siphons, etheric devices, tracking monitors etc. etc. in any and all of my lives and bodies across time and space etc. I woke up this morning feeling much better so remember to talk to your Ascension Guides and tell them what you need them to help you with now — and this one of having them remove any of the Negatives etheric hooks and other devices in us while we’re asleep and OOB really works very well.

      ♥ Hugs,

      • Hi Morgean, Cat, and Denise: Believe me, I know what it’s like to have to go back into 3D work to eat. After three years of trying without, I ended up in debt and booted back into the job scene. Now, I work from home and that is a tremendous advantage when one is as sick as a dog from ascension symptoms and Denise is absolutely right that asking for help from our Ascension Guides and protecting ourselves are both essential, but if this helps here’s how I am dealing with the sheer grind and utter stupidity of “working for a living”. I have decided that I am making 3D holograms. 5D is right around the corner, but 3D will carry on for those who need it. So I’m doing my best to bring love/light into the work that I do so that perhaps in the field in which I work (law) 3D won’t be quite so chaotic for those who decide to ride that 3D frequency for a while. In other words, I tell myself I’m working outside the box, and that it’s my job as a Light Warrior/Starseed to build 3D holograms for those who stay in it. It’s not been easy, but my thinking has helped me get through the worst of it, and as Morgean says, me, too, I believe December will be the proof in the pudding and who knows, maybe then we’ll love what we’re doing! Hope that makes sense and I hope it helps. Love, B.

        • Hi Again: Sorry that I’m posting again so quickly, but I’ve just emerged from a short meditation and asked about work and how it can be made more easy for those of us who have been abruptly put back into the 3D work scenario. Here’s what I learned and I wanted to let you know, and I so hope it gives guidance. My HS indicated that work is the same as the process that we have been going through with respect to relationships. So, for example, I think many of us, and I know this is true for me, no longer have many 3D friendships that were a big part of our lives for years, but have found new friends who are in synch with the ascension process and I am so thankful for that. With respect to work, what we find ourselves doing now, and again for example, my line is law, then we will find ourselves doing much the same thing in 5D only in a much more loving, supportive, and honoured environment. Strangely, I have always been drawn to law and I love it, it is the having to be part of law the way it is practiced now that is hard to bear. It may be that in 5D I will still be in law, but it will be oh so different than I can comprehend it now. I’m thinking that part of our contract here is to learn as much as we can about those fields of work, that may seem destestable because of the environment in which we must learn it here in 3D, is because the 5D frequency we are about to enter will need it, not the adversarial way in which it is done, but as the bringing-together way it can be done, regardless of the field of endeavour. And again, I hope that makes sense and I hope it helps. I can only believe that I have been thrust back into work in 3D because what I learn will be of need in 5D. And if I’m wrong on that, then the alternative is even better! Love, B.

  • I’ve been having these weird vibes since about the start of October, and have been searching all over the internet for others who may also be experiencing the same. I have started having migraine headaches again which is something I don’t generally suffer from. But in regards to the ‘weird vibes’, it is a nagging sensation that makes me want to throw up. Just a hunch that the energy in the air doesn’t quite feel right. It’s just a really omnious atmosphere that I cannot ignore. I should mention that I experienced a similar feeling three days before the Japanese tsunami hit and I actually spoke about it on facebook and described the feeling as ‘feeling like theres going to be a massive tsunami soon’. My friends were gobsmacked when it actually happened. This feeling is different in some ways though. Its on a greater magnitude and the problem feels ‘man-made’ rather than of a natural origin.

    • “… But in regards to the ‘weird vibes’, it is a nagging sensation that makes me want to throw up. Just a hunch that the energy in the air doesn’t quite feel right. It’s just a really omnious atmosphere that I cannot ignore…”


      I typically feel whenever there’s a big push by Team Dark/the Negatives within this world and dimension to try and insert or start something to grab (further control) as much of humanity as they can during the Ascension Process. I felt this again around Oct. 1, 2012 as a heavy negativity and foreboding in the air and space everywhere. A couple days later I was impulsed to watch the Presidential debate on TV on Wednesday, which is something I’ve NEVER done before. Anyway, that’s when I saw and realized that’s where the negativity I’d been feeling building was being inserted into this world through. What I clairvoyantly saw watching it was amazing — the Negatives fully took over one of the debaters and he basically channeled their energies. It all needed to be televised, heard and felt by the masses (and seen if you knew what to look for like his eyes, and could see the energies around his body/aura) and so, it was allowed by the Light.

      This too is part of the overall positive Ascension Process even though it often seems to us who are far more aware than the masses like we of the Light are getting our asses beat by Team Dark! I shared all this only because I know that it — the Presidential debate and no doubt the others coming too — are where and why there’s been a big increase in negative energies and events in our world working overtime now to do what they do to humanity/earth. Most Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos and sensitives feel when this happens so I suspect it’s what you’ve felt too…at least in part. No fear. 🙂


      • Yes, I definitely felt a change in this 3d atmosphere, very palpable, and the migraines-which I seldom get, came back-I can see them and sense them around, and they are working frantically to do whatever they can to bring more fear, and negativity…..and unfortunately, I felt into panick mode-like I have not in a while….is good to read this blog so we can inform ourselves better as to what’s really happening. This has helped me manage to handle all of what this crazy week brought to all of us. Much love to everyone in here,

        Diana irene

  • @ Jane: about the “sexual dreaming”… I too am having them. Not in the sleep-realm. In my daydreaming realm. It seems this time of year… because it’s October, I’m habitually daydreaming of sex adventures with my ol’ characters… all multi-dimensionally. I experience no shame/guilt/etc. I’m just staying neutral while observing the ol’ feelings that usually go along with them.

    Does that make sense???

    I remember Denise mentioning about the perverse sexual encounters last year October. I sense it has to do with Scorpio. Not sure but can’t put a finger to it. I am supposed to be Scorpio… and yet 3D sex/marriage/romance/etc have eluded me. I’m more inclined with 5D… where multiple relationships with no jealousy because of genuine trust/transparency/telepathy/and being whole is the new normal.

    So Jane… you’re not alone. 🙂

    Hugs to you,
    Lou Ann

  • Hi Denise

    Thank you for your ongoing messages – I really enjoy reading them and they do help my understanding of what is going on.

    Just FYI – the term is “divide and conquer” which really has a different meaning from “divide and concur”. Just thought you should know J


    Sandi Wilkins

    • “Hi Denise, recently discovered Transitions and finding it very interesting.

      Hope you don’t consider me a grammar nazi, but:

      Concur means agree.

      Divide and concur?

      Methinks you meant “divide and conquer”, a whole new meaning (and pronunciation) 🙂

      Okay, thru picking nits. All the Best to you in this challenging time.


      Aaah crap! Thanks for this Jim H. I kept looking at that word yesterday and it didn’t seem right but I just couldn’t figure it out at the time. Yes, I’m known for creating new words…and not even knowing I’ve done it until after the fact! 🙄 I’ll correct them and thanks cause that’s a terrible mistake.


      Sandi Wilkins,

      Yes I know, Jim H. already pointed my mistake out to me. And I do know, intimately, what divide and conquer means, AND, I do also know what the word concur means.

      Blessings to you too Sandi Wilkins,

  • I am so scared recently because I was doing really well and feeling spiritually connected. I have dealt with addiction for the past 10 years or so and I recently had a relapse. I am feeling so hopeless and like I will not progress anymore. I have gone through long periods of sobriety, the past three years have been challenging but I was doing great for 6 months until that old dark whisperer came back into my head and I relapsed. I am afraid that I am not going to be able to transition, that I am not there. I have been going through many changes since 1997. I have had so much of the ascension symptoms (fibromyalgia, increase in psychic, ect.)most everything else you speak of. Even as a child, I was drawn into the spiritual (not religious) side of life on my own. I relate to what a lot of people say on here but maybe I haven’t done enough work. I am feeling really down about this. I really do not want to stay here. I have had dreams about going home and wake up homesick. I would appreciate any comments.

    • moeZy99,

      Don’t beat yourself up about the relapse — just deal with it immediately and get your butt back in the Ascension saddle once again. That’s what I do every time I encounter some little something that throws me personally back into some issue that I still have. Tomorrow transiting Saturn enters Scorpio which is REALLY going to highlight this type of thing for everyone, no matter what our individual issues and/or addictions etc. are. The focus is shifting to total and permanent resolution of our individual issues now, but, we’ve got tremendous energies available to help each of us to deal, heal, transmute, integrate, and release whatever it is that we may need to so this Process can and will happen much more quickly than it even did before. USE IT, take advantage of it (Saturn in Scorpio) to resolve…whatever.

      Be strong, be wise, be YOU.

      • Thank you so very much for replying! I want this! I have felt the “push” to just let go and do it in the next few days..I guess at some level I am feeling that transit. It is the physical yuck of withdrawals I horribly dread. I want to feel (spiritually, emotionally as well as physically)) the way I felt before this relapse (it happened about a month ago and TD has been surely feeding on me because of it..I know!) I am going to do some deep prayer and meditation. I am feeling hopeful again. I so desperately want out of this heavy place. When I was young, I was so far from ever wanting to pollute my body with anything. Somehow, after several wrong choices, I found myself one day to have crossed that line into addiction and it has been such a struggle at times. I can’t believe I ever became this way. I do not want it. If I signed up for this, I really want it over! Thank you, Denise. I hope this may be of help to someone else out there who is in the same boat as I am.
        Peace to all.

    • moeZy99, be kind to yourself. We are in time of change and chaos. Go back to your 12 step meetings, get support and keep your light bright. We all make mistakes and correct and keep moving up the mountain.

    • moeZy99,

      Like the rest of the responses ~ try to be kind to yourself. We all slip and revert to old behaviors; I think what is important is to learn from them and then move on. I know that reverting to substance abuse/use can be more detrimental than other slips/vices… but the relapse happened for a reason ~ yours is to figure out why, learn, and change. And don’t beat yourself up if it happens again. That said, as a substance abuse therapist, I will add (and you already know this) to figure out what your triggers are and when they happen again ~ strengthen your mind and force yourself, if necessary, to do something different. It may be this exact strength and determination that you need to learn and grow from and will make you all the more strong in the future and a great inspiration to others. Best wishes, Morgean

  • Denise,

    I know I’ve not commented for a long while – but I’ve been reading. As always, thank you for everything you are doing, especially under these difficult times. I always appreciate your posts and the comments that follow.

    Can I digress for one moment – as I’m not sure where to post this?? But, just wanted you to know the past few months have been crazy – but you may remember I was ‘laid off’ and was feeling drawn to four corners area – well I’ve landed in four corners area of NM from Georgia. It’s been a crazy ride. I’m going back into 3d work and very concerned about it – but I had crashed and burned royally and ended up sofa surfing with no money and no work. So, I’m excited about a check coming in.

    Closer to topic – I am a bit concerned that I am not feeling too bad physically at this time. Part of me feels like I truly paid my dues the last few years – so I’m getting a well-earned reprieve – I wouldn’t have been able to work if a job was offered – but there is concern I’m falling behind in the ascension process and since that is the entire point of this lifetime, it matters. I’m having great dreams and dreams of letting go, moving on, but I read some of the experiences of others here and wonder if I’ve put the brakes on somehow. I suppose this is my ego fucking with me – but I just want to throw this out there. Is anyone else feeling the same? I was beginning to have some other dimensional experiences prior to this move and going back to work – but it all seems to have slowed way down now. Any thoughts advice from you and/or the Transitions Family would be very appreciated.


    • ‘… I suppose this is my ego fucking with me…”


      I’m SO proud of you for making this amazing change in your life and moving to where your Heart has been calling you to. Well done you! ♥

      I think you’re just thinking too much about it all and not giving yourself enough credit and room for these big changes you’ve gone through. Things will settled as you anchor into your new location and open in ways that will amaze you…and all of us I suspect!

      The other part of this could be what I sometimes feel myself and that is that over all these years of intense physical suffering (due to the Ascension Process) I’ve gotten used to the physical pains. When I have days of not feeling Ascension related pains it’s…weird. Gawd the adapting and adjusting just never ends! 😆 Remember too that we’re all standing on slightly different energy Stair Steps, as is normal, and because of this we all experience slightly different things, symptoms etc. at slightly different times. We’re all heading in the same direction and that’s what’s important.

      Congratulations again on your brave move to NM. Be proud and enjoy and pay attention to whatever shows up in your new life.


      • Hey Denise!

        Thanks for the feedback. You are right about getting used to some of the pain. I have been dealing with pain in my abdomen for quite a while and have gotten used to it. Also, recently, some upper back near top of shoulders/neck pain. I truly am used to this stuff so haven’t been thinking much of it. Thought/worried about the abdominal pain when it first showed up ~ and wouldn’t you know I kept seeing these cancer advertisements on the television that kept documenting the exact pain I was feeling ~ so I decided then TD was out for me and turned off the TV and decided the pain was ascension related. Since then I quit thinking about it and sort of have been ignoring it. And, it has subsided but it not gone completely.

        Thx for the congrats ~ I love the beauty of NM but I don’t know a soul here and it gets lonely at times. I begin work on the 9th and seem to be a little more spiritual people here (working mostly with American Indian population) than what I was living with in the bible belt. We have a medicine man on staff and we have a sweat lodge and about an acre that we are growing herbs and vegetables on. So, I’m as excited as I can be to be about going back to 3d work ~ UNTIL DECEMBER!!

        Love to all here, Morgean

  • hi denise…
    on 17th july i met with an accident my right hand was seriously injured its not yet cured..i was hospitalised for 55 days it is healing slowly….why it happened not geting?please let me know from 75days i not gone out…

    • “hi denise…
      on 17th july i met with an accident my right hand was seriously injured its not yet cured..i was hospitalised for 55 days it is healing slowly….why it happened not geting?please let me know from 75days i not gone out…”


      Sometimes when we have an accident, it’s to literally stop us, slow us down so that we HAVE to deal with other issues we’ve been ignoring for whatever reasons. Accidents force us to change whether we want to or not and to sit still and deal, feel, think about, look at whatever it is that we’ve tried to run away from. I would suggest that you use this time to honestly review your life, your choices, your situation etc. in an attempt to learn whatever it is that your Higher Self is trying to get you to be aware of and change now.

      Heal well on all levels, not just your hand. 🙂

    • Shiva – along with D’s advice – you could look at what right hand signifies for you – for me it often is the representation of “giving” – as right side is your masculine side and left feminine – left hand representing receiving. Are there issues around anger re: giving? Not giving as much as you’d like or want? Giving too much? Just suggestions… Morgean

  • an experience i had last night in meditation… there was a group of light beings around me (2nd time this week, same beings) and it felt like they were welcoming me over to their side. It reminded of how they gather to welcome you over when you die, but i am not dying… So I asked them and they said that ascension is that close and that the veil is that thin that they are welcoming me. i just came out of it amazed and in awe like wow its really happening and it really is that close!

  • Dear Denise, it has certainly been a wild “ascension” ride…It seems to me that of all the bothersome symptoms, the sore skull and tenderness on my crown right side have been the most difficult to deal wit…i long to live “heaven on earth” and i can see we are almost there…Thank you for the information your loving posts provide all of us “Lightworkers”…
    eternally grateful for all you do…e*

  • Dear Denise,
    As one experiencing the dreaded physical pains to the Nth degree lately, I am so grateful for your recent article. I’ve had some “sneaky attacks” on my website now and then, but nothing I couldn’t fix, although I have to check it over all the time to catch what they’ve distorted, turned into gibberish,or just plain eliminated.
    I never have nightmares, or anything of that sort, but these past months have had some odd things happen in the middle of the night. For example, only a few nights ago, I woke suddenly about 4 AM__ lying on my back with my head on the pillow, to find a HUGE DOG in bed with me… also lying on his back with his head next to mine on the pillow. I shouted, “Whoah” out loud, and it disappeared. I just had to laugh and laugh__ The look on the dog’s face was like some “royal person” posing for his portrait. Whatever was responsible, I just thanked them for a good laugh in the middle of the night.
    As for the Elementals, etc. entering and leaving our bodies, I had an unusual experience of that years ago, and put the episode in my online web-book: entitled: “The Space Warp.”
    Thanks again. It has been so wonderful to find you and all the Starseeds and their most interesting comments. I feel I’ve found another “family”.
    Love & Hugs to all, Marilyn

    • “… I woke suddenly about 4 AM__ lying on my back with my head on the pillow, to find a HUGE DOG in bed with me… also lying on his back with his head next to mine on the pillow. I shouted, “Whoah” out loud, and it disappeared. I just had to laugh and laugh__ The look on the dog’s face was like some “royal person” posing for his portrait. Whatever was responsible, I just thanked them for a good laugh in the middle of the night…”

      Marilyn La Croix,

      😆 That was hilarious! It’s great that it didn’t scare the tar outta you! Too funny… Like I’ve said before, it’s time to expect the unexpected! 😉

      I too have been seeing and hearing a LOT of other-dimensional bleed-throughs and anomalies over the past couple of months or so. This seems to come in phases of a lot of things, beings, entities, light anomalies and so on being more active than at other times. Just like all of the other Ascension symptoms, this too is an indicator that I/you/each of us have yet again moved into NEW energetic territory.

      Thanks for sharing this and glad you’ve connected with us here.


      • Hi Denise and Marilyn: Loved your dog experience, Marilyn, and Denise, thanks so much for your good response to my nasty nightmare yesterday. Just wanted you to know that last night I had a dream and it was so good I’d like to share it here. After having attended a wedding and saying goodbye to a lot of 3D friends, I’m wandering around in the pouring rain in a city, again trying to find my way home. Suddenly in front of me a 1955, or vintage thereabouts, purple Thunderbird car stops, a lady who looks just like me gets out, picks me up in her arms, plunks me in the car, and admonishes me quite sternly, saying, “I will take you home, now quit fussing!” Woke up this morning feeling once more strong, rejuvenated, and raring to go! Love to everyone here, B.

  • I’m new here and so happy that I found your website! My fibromyalgia has been awful this year as well as the process of getting treatment. I’m much more aware of most things than I used to be but you are right about them being very subtle. Time to up the awareness even more.

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

    • One more thing. I stumbled upon this issue a few months ago and didn’t really give it much thought but it’s come back and is worrying me so maybe this is another subtle way of draining my energy….and it is working. It seems like all of the sudden people are very concerned about rh- blood types. Obviously I’m rh-. I’ve read that people believe we are reptilian, fallen angels, evil and then their is the polar opposite of the spectrum which is rh- is “special”. I really don’t like putting labels on myself or other people whether they are perceived as positive or negative however, it’s concerning that so many other people are getting worked in to a frenzy about this. I’m far from perfect but I’m also far from being evil. I don’t even like hurting the smallest of insects let alone hurting another soul! I really hope this is just a distraction & another way the dark ones are trying to divide and conquer.

      Thank you again 🙂

      • Terri,
        I and my whole family have 0 rh- blood. We are “universal donors”… i.e., anyone can use our blood as a transfustion. The Red Cross phones each of us before every drawing, and gives us an appointment… they are so eager to get our blood type.
        I heard recently that 0 rh- blood indicates your body’s ancestors were from the planet Mars, and a million years ago when Mars destroyed its atmosphere in a war, many of them left in spaceships and came to Earth, settling in an area of Lemuria so long ago.
        So you are “special” in some ways… everybody is. But in no way are we “evil” or “cursed” or any of that dumb stuff. Enjoy… Hugs, Marilyn

        • I have decided it’s in my best interest to stop looking at that information. There are so many differing opinions which come from information that has been manipulated over the years in my opinion. Like you said, all of us are special and any one of us can chose to be in the light or in the dark. I chose light. Thank you. (((HUGS)))

  • Spot on Denise. I can almost smell them and know when they are on to me. it’s like they can actually see me on the move. They are soooo predictable, soooo totally boring and sooooo tricky in the way they operate. It’s like you have to really get into their mind in order to to know how to outsmart them. I have become quite self-righteous in the process and it feels good. I will not allow them to take me down vibrationally and if that means being and seeming to be smug, then so be it. Again, just what I needed as a source of confirmation. Thanks. K

  • Thank you dear Denise for your comforting update on all the fysical pains we experience…one by one individualy,,,but darlings do not forget too..that “theire” actions….do wake us up too, to recognize our Own Subtle Energies,more to Our Own Light to transmute those frequenties and strengthen our Lightbodies……
    Even…holding them and call them EVIL
    belongs to theire frequenty of Judging
    that we have to understand and transmute into the NeutralZone of Unconditional Love…That realy IS our Source of Be-ing…at least this is my experience so far..
    Hearthug for all of US
    In Love- Truth- and Freedom,

    PS. My comment is not ment to critisize…but I realy feel that it IS very important NOW to strengthen our Lightbody to become able to bear and carry the Truth of Love into all our dimensions and beyond…..

  • THANK YOU once again Denise for having the extraordinary courage and GUTS to write about the dark stuff that so many people gloss over or ignore.

    My hubby and I have F-I-N-A-L-L-Y become adept at recognising the dark attacks. Just like Cheryl shared above, when Team Dark start playing their games of interference, we start verbally attacking one another for NO reason (SO not how we usually relate to each other). But now it seems one or both of us will suddenly go “Hang on. Is this an entity attack? (Actually to be blunt we call them ‘little fu#kers’!) And then we send it off to the light. It used to take a few hours to register but now it’s really quick! I am SO blessed to have a partner who sees, hears, gets and understands that!

    I also appreciate your reminder Denise about continuing to be vigilant about protection, as we have noticed if we forget and step outside without protection (or even stay in!) we always get ‘hit’ by a nasty energy eg frantic, careless driver or cranky shop assistant or whinging customer. We even keep one of Lisa Renee’s clearing invocations in the car and usually remember to say it when we get home. It works a treat! We also have many days where we do not even venture out unless we absolutely have to. I’m sure many of you can relate to this!

    It fascinates me how those little sneakies try all sorts of things to keep us distracted: physical pain, headaches, tummy upsets, emotional upset, interrupted sleep, arguments…the list goes on and on. Our default setting now is “Is this a nasty entity?” We’ve set up this thing where we automatically ask each other: ‘Have you picked up something?’ 8 times out of 10 the answer is yes! The other 2 times it’s usually energetic shifts, light pouring in and activating us.

    Also thanks for reminding me about the 2D beings who have been cleared off. I had a series of meditations a few months ago where I observed and supported trapped souls being released. It was very specific eg WW1 soldiers or 2D elementals, and then I saw your postings about this-great confirmation thanks. The JOY they feel when released is so beautiful. It always make me tear up and I feel my heart expanding…such an honour to be a starseed at this moments!

    Thank you for saying:

             <em>"if you’re experiencing this now and know that you haven’t done anything wrong or      
            missed something that you needed to transmute, clear, and return to a level of neutrality."</em>

    …and reminding us all that it is NOT something WITHIN us we need to clear, but rather stuff we are transmuting because of the work we do!!! Thanks for voicing this-I’ve NEVER seen it anywhere else. I am tired of reading “We need to process more of our stuff!” ‘cos I was DONE a few years ago and know it! And so are most iof not all of your readers I would imagine! Everything since then has been other people’s stuff which is my work. Thank you for getting that…and for reminding us that we are just about to cross the finish lone of a VERY L-O-N-G marathon!

    Thanks also for the reminder of : “I AM GOD, I AM SOVEREIGN, I AM FREE”. Had forgotten that one. Am going to put it up in my home now in prominent places!

    You are a gem and a sweet shining soul Denise Le Fay. Thank you for creating and providing this safe and revelatory space for us all to play and learn.

    Hugs and smiles and deepest appreciation,
    Kathryn xoxox

    • “We even keep one of Lisa Renee’s clearing invocations in the car and usually remember to say it when we get home. It works a treat! We also have many days where we do not even venture out unless we absolutely have to. I’m sure many of you can relate to this!”


      What a great and wise idea! Thanks for sharing that. ♥

      Yes, everyone’s “default setting” should be to immediately check the edges of one’s etheric protections to see if some Team Dark bastard has dug its way back in…again! 😐 Well done you and your husband with Mastering this one. After enough beatings from them we finally figure it out! 😉

      I’ve meant to Thank You for sharing about you Seeing some WWI soldiers, along with other 2D beings and Elemental beings, all being released, removed, freed from some very dark, very old places in 2D recently too.

      ♥ Gratitude Hugs,

      • Thank you Denise and everyone for sharing, what works and what isn’t quite working yet, but we will get there. It is so good to see the help I need. You are amazing Denise and have so many readers who are too. I get so much help from your posts.
        Heart blessings, Gwen

  • My journey has been long and arduous, the first 20 years I had created a family situation that was the nightmares of my past lives.

    I don’t think I realized it until a few years ago. I saw all the darkness and insanity I ever want to see.

    I walked out at 20 not having a clue what I lived through. Divine intervention follow me for many years and set me on higher ground. This cycle was to come back and revisit me at 38, no earth in my chart until then. I entered into the underworld and fought every darkness and shadow that persued me, then I was insane.

    The last 3 years the story wove around me again, this time I was awake and aware. I truly don’t know how I survived, everything was taken from me again.

    For me, in the last 2 years I was not frightening entities attached. I was fighting darkness in people(who I had worked for) in such a way I would be traumatized when they finally attacked me. The only way to get me was to take my means of income away, I am still surviving.

    A friend and I have been laid up for 3 months with physical pain, bones, muscles, tendons’, legs and knee’s. How I see it is this, it is the healing energy going deeper and deeper. Not fun, but understandable. I told my friend last night we are on the threshold I can feel it, even if I have to crawl over.

    Denise I have felt a deep respect and honor for you as you have made your way through this maze of insanity. Thank God I do not have to battle now, it’s enough to keep breathing when one just barely makes it to cook a meal.

    I feel in a state of surrender.

    You have helped me a great deal in the past, when I did not know what to do with the darkness. I think “they” realized this woman can not be brought down…and moved away. Boy that is a statement, and true.

    See you on the other side.

    Wayshower and teacher,

    Love Cheri

    • Thank you for having the courage to heal and keep bring more light and love to yourself.
      Be kind to yourself, hugs, Gwen

  • Thank you, thank you, as always, and this post coordinates with other things I have noted around the blogosphere about the pains of the past few months. I had a very vivid picture of the 2D elements and elementals being released with these pains, and had the realization I think that is what was going on with my darn shoulder in July and August. Last week, and the week before, I just could not get any physical momentum whatsoever, and oh my, my lower back!! Something released over the weekend, however, and while I am not 100% I am notably better as of yesterday (although don’t even get me started on the energies that were swirling around on Oct 1st and causing havoc! LOL! It just kept coming, from the time I got up until the time I went to bed! Incredible…).

    A quick note here, and this is not a criticism at all: I am a former English teacher, so that will explain what I am about to write. And I also very much understand how this kind of thing happens in these times, and have much empathy.

    It is “divide and conquer”, not “divide and concur”, which interestingly enough means to “divide and agree.” LOL! As in, “I concur with what you are saying!”

    I got to thinking about all the times I make slips like that, and sometimes there is a deeper meaning there. I was wondering if we could make anything out of the slip and perhaps gain some wisdom from it. Like, is to “concur” what we really need to do with one another, instead of being divided so? I know you were speaking of what Team Dark is trying to do, but perhaps the message in the slip there is what we need to be doing!

    Anyway, I kind of thought it was a cute slip. Hope you don’t mind my bringing it up. You can take the English teacher out of the classroom, but… you know the rest, haha.

    Well, I think that is all. Thank you for opening comments again. It is so, so, so nice to be in this protected place. I can feel and know all of the work that goes into you protecting this place, and I am deeply grateful. I am deeply grateful for the people who respond here who are so insightful.

    I look forward to reading more comments and seeing where people are at.

    As for me, as I mentioned, something has released as of yesterday in that crazy energy & starting with the Harvest moon on Saturday. Maybe it is finally being free of some of the 2D beings and their being free of me. 🙂 I kind of pictured the little house elf from the Harry Potter series, Dobby in this. House elves, in the universe of Harry Potter, were beholden and enslaved to their masters until presented with an article of clothing from his or her master, and then they were set free. I pictured a bunch of elementals with my socks on! 😀 Maybe I should go to my sock drawer and see if any are missing…

    Love to you, Denise!

    Calliope (aka Karin)

  • Denise,
    I NEED YOUR HELP. I ran into your blog this summer….Since late November 2011, I have been harrased by team dark. After my awakening in January of this year-I had a kundalini rising-I felt them attached unto me-I feel in terror-I see 3-5 reptilians following me and hooking unto me physically, astrally and etherically. Sometimes I see greys entering the pictures. They like to implant me-and have created many traumatic situations-Im guessing throughtout my life, or other lifetimes, but specially 2012-they are very aggressive and mindless. I have declared my self sovereignty, ask for help, meditated, but nothing seems to remove them, like they are stuck with me,inside a cage or grid like its their full time job to keep me down, sometimes I get anxious specially when they hurt my pineal gland…..I work with my guides and higher self, but I want my freedom back. What would you do? What do I have to do to be free? This last month I have been working on severing soul contracts and asking GOD to protect me, I sometimes feel so much peace, but dont know if thers ever and end to this. HELP

    • Help is right on Irene, but we do get help. I am God, I am Sovern, I am free does help.
      be kind to yourself, love, Gwen

    • irene, bless your heart, i am in a constant state of siege too and have been for years. if they’re trying to keep you down, it’s because you have a big bright light and they know we’re here to end their reign of terror. i hear lots of voices, constantly, and some possession going on, horrible, and i hear them refer to us as “you Divine people” in a tone of utter disgust and hatred. we’re revealing their “shenanigans,” as lisa r. calls it, as well as doing all this transmuting and transiting of lost souls and such (we’re doing SO much!!!) … so that when their time is done, they will most definitely not get to fold their hands in their laps and say, “who, us? we didn’t do anything! we were just minding our own business!” well, we are not going to be their business any longer.

      it’s very hard to get through. i cannot bare it another second. my body hurts, i’m traumatised and in shock even after all these years of it.

      i’m not really helping, am i … i have sessions that help ease things up a bit and help me understand what i’m going through. i’ve had two sessions with lisa r. in 2011 and am currently listening to them over and over and surviving basically by telling myself that (1) it’s for a purpose; and (2) it will end and what comes after will be beautiful, and it will all have been worth it.

      but for now … sending you lots of love.

      staying in the NOW moment, zero point, helps some when you can manage it. finding that core that is still you, with all your delight and beauty that those dark fuckers are putting so much effort into dampening, to put it mildly, ouch, right? you’re still you, and you’re Divine, and we’ll get through this somehow.

      infinite love,

      • thank you katrina, the encouragement goes a long way, trust, specially this week, has been tough, much love ,a nd thank you nfor sharing your experiences with me,

        diana irene

  • Fifty Shades of Gray. Anyone else get the larger con going on with that book? My feeling it was to draw as much female energy to the lower charka to keep us/them from assending. Maybe I am way off base with this as well as off subject but this is what I was lead to write here. I refuse to watch or read anything with sexual or violent content. On subject, just today my best friend was hurt by something I said to her. Not anything bad just my tone and frustration about something with my family that I took out on her in a very small way. I feel her hurt and she has not returned my phone call to say I was sorry. So yes again Denise you are right on with what the dark is up to. Thanks sooooooooo much. PEACE

    • Faye/sunny, I totally agree with you. to me shades of gray is completely from the dark ones.
      May shades of bright light and love prevail for us all. Hugs, Gwen

      • Thank you, Denise, as always. You are truly a treasure. ♥ The following is not on topic, but I feel compelled to reply to Fifty Shades of Gray being from Team Dark. I actually believe the opposite is true. In my unlearning this year, I’ve researched sacred sex as being part of our Divinity. It can’t be forgotten, that kundalini energy is also very sexual energy. I’ve read (and personally believe) that sexual energy is actually the most direct connection to Source, which is why it has been perverted, and made into something that makes us feel guilty and ashamed (THAT is the work of Team Dark). Our journey to ascension is about balancing the male/female energies within us and also in humanity ~ sex is a major player in this. I haven’t always been what I would call a sexual being, but since last 11/11/11 I’ve been enjoying sex in a brand new way. I just read an article about Divine Sexuality that says “the more we evolve, the more sexual we become.” Suppressing sex actually makes us a more aggressive and violent species (which Team Dark of course wants). Sex is gateway to manifestation, creation and our Source Energy. So, to me, Fifty Shades has been a conduit of sexual energy ~ ALLOWING women to feel sexual again (BDSM aside). I read the trilogy and really enjoyed it (NOT my usual sort of reading!) and my husband absolutely enjoyed the benefits too ~ we are a more cohesive team because of it. The bottom line is that it’s a LOVE story, the couple are TOTALLY HONEST with one another, and in brings sex into anyone’s life who reads it. I think it’s a GREAT thing. ♥

        • “Maybe this isn’t appropriate to comment on but I have never been interested in sex, and am still not, except for in my dreams (of late) – they have been EXTREMELY sexual, and often what society would call perverted. I am craving it..with odd people too. In the dream I want it but as soon as I wake it’s gone but I feel ashamed of what I have dreamt, too ashamed to tell anyone! Almost every night and day this happens (day naps) – alongside the nightmares that a normal occurrence now. Jane 🙂 “


          There’s two main possible reasons for this sort of amplified sexual stuff while dreaming at this time.

          1) A lot of people simply register or interpret increased Light Energies, vital Life-force energy as “sexual”. The reason for this is because humanity has, HAS lived and focused in the bottom three chakras and frequency range for that cycle and level/dimension etc. This is currently changing (evolving/ascending up to the next higher three chakras and frequency etc.) and will continue to very intensely the closer we orbit into the Energy stream pouring from the Galactic Center in Dec. 2012 or there a bouts.

          2) The Negatives have often used the energies that humans have and radiate in very low ways that to us feel and seem “sexual”, especially in dreams. Our energy, the energies we emit through emotions and beliefs, our vital Life-force is all just food/fuel to Team Dark/the Negatives. If they can make us feel dirty, guilty, ashamed, lowly, fearful etc. also, then they’re just that much happier about the whole business!

          They are the real vampires, parasites that use humanity to feed/fuel themselves and their creations and agendas. But as we evolve/ascend out of this frequency range and those bottom three charkras as the main perceptual lens on reality, the Negatives are getting frantic and stealing or trying to steal our energies in any way(s) they can now. One of those ways that’s very easy for them is while we’re asleep and OOB dreaming. The fact that you’re having increased “nightmares” now too indicate to me that you have been under attacked and energetically fed on by them. I’d suggest you do the 12 D Shield every night before you go to bed and use any other protection method you like also (if you feel the need to) to energetically protect you and your bedroom/house while asleep every night. It’s time for all of us to be very protective of our energy/Light and not let these horrid parasites steal from us any longer.


        • Hello everyone,

          Jane, Denise, Lou Ann, thank you for bringing this subject into discusion. Recently, after having several sexual dreams in one night, I put the same question to myself: could there be some TD attacks or is it something related to recently arrived energies that need to be anchored into the body? I don’t know if it’s correct but I somehow feel that these energies could be rapidly processed and integrated in the body when having sex.

          Every time I have a dream of this nature, I force myself out of the dream feeling a little ashamed although I know that I don’t have to feel this way. This I think is somehow related with the fact that I don’t have a partner and oftentimes I felt this was the case for having those dreams, because of not having sex in the 3D world.

          @Denise – Thanks for the advice to protect before going to sleep. I was thinking the same, to see if the dreams are repeating.

          @Jane – I resonate with you when you talked about the 5D relations. Maybe this was the reason for not engaging in a 3D relationship. I feel that I could love each and every being the same. But when you say that sentence to a close friend or family, they understand you don’t care about then, not that you want to share your love with everyone not making any distinction. Steve Rother gave a beautiful channeled message in June this year, about unconditional love.

          Thank you

        • ” I feel that I could love each and every being the same…”

          carpathiananonymous & All,

          I loved that sentence you said and here’s why — because it is High Heart or “Unity” Consciousness and being which is what 5D is about. We will feel this “Unity” with all other lifeforms, human, animal, Earth, ET, etc. from our High Heart Center because IT is and will increasingly be THE ascended platform, center, and primary lens on reality for humanity now. Not the lower three chakras (survival, ego etc.) as was the case in the old lower Earth world we all incarnated into in these lives/bodies, but the ascended, NON-polarized, High Heart chakra Center. This difference is nearly incomprehensible for most people today but very quickly it will become the new “normal”.

          About all the “sexual” feelings and/or dreams some are currently having. Because we’ve come from (have been working to literally evolve/ascend out of) those bottom three chakras, energies, consciousness, density, dimension etc. that I mentioned above, we’re still interpreting most increases in Energy/Light within us and our bodies as “sexual” when in fact it’s just increased Energy/Light within us and our bodies. 😉 We’re still in the process of shifting, evolving, ascending our primary lens on reality from our bottom three chakras in greater density and duality, to, vastly more Light with much less density, no more duality but now “Unity” or High Heart Consciousness and being and functioning and perceiving everything from our High Hearts instead of our guts (Solar Plexus chakra) and the other two chakras (and perceptual lens on reality) below it.

          When we have increased Energy/Light and our God-given natural Vital Life-Force energies flowing through us and our bodies — due to the Ascension Process AND the fact that we’re evolving beyond the frequency range of the parasitic Negatives/Team Dark beings and humans constantly stealing it to feed themselves etc. — that sudden increase we’re feeling in Light/Energies in us is often interpreted by us as “sexual” energies and/or feelings when they really have nothing at all to do with sex as we’ve known it. Anyone ever had Heart Sex/Love with someone who was a fifth dimension or higher Being? I have and it’s so perfect and so wonderful that it makes the best physical “sex” or “love making” seem terribly limited, dense and coarse and that was me being polite about physical sex! You’ll have to trust me on this until you’ve experienced it for yourselves everyone!

          ” I feel that I could love each and every being the same.”

          We can and will and we’ll do it from our ascended High Heart Centers and Consciousness and state of Being from our 5D Hearts and not our 3D crotches, egos and emotional needs! 😀


  • Denise, bless you, bless you, bless you. I am so thankful you somehow find the strength and energy to share and write. Thank you. Exhaustion doesn’t seem strong enough for right now. Sometimes I tell myself, Good job Gwen, because that is what I want someone to say to me. So I tell myself. Thank you for sharing, sometimes I find hope of going on in your writing. Much love and heart hugs, Gwen

  • Hi Denise,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have just made everything seem so much clearer and yes now I can see the subtle things that are and have been occurring between me and my lovely husband its like we literally verbally attack each other for no apparent reason and when we come to our senses we just look at each other and say “what was that all about” then we apologize to each other and give each other a big hug. I will be much more aware now of this occurring. There are also other things that have been happening or not happening too. Once again Denise thank you, you have helped me to see things differently and much more clearly.


    • Cheryl G.,

      I’m so glad this has helped you and your husband realize that we’re all used, manipulated by the Negatives to divide and concur, start fights, create doubts, emotionally wound each other, make one or both physically sick and on and on and on. They’ll even attack our beloved pet(s) to cause us emotional pain, worry, fears and get the humans fighting and unhappy etc. To become aware of these things it requires each of us to be brutally honest with each other and very discerning about everything and everyone.

      (Lately the Negatives have been mentally interfering with my 82-year-old Mother’s remembering to take her daily medication. She’s always remembered to take them so this was a new tactic by them to try and make her very sick or dead…which would directly affect me in multiple ways, and also what I do as an Ascension Teacher etc.) It’s really been something lately with these dark bozo’s but we all need to realize that their world is falling apart now and because of this they’re getting really creative!


      • Recently Christina Lunden talked about our “Achilles heels.” Mine is my dog, a working canine. In the past couple of weeks in my dreamstate I have seen the imps that are attacking him, which have caused the onset of a career-ending eye problem, which will eventually render him blind. My dog has been under attack in other ways, too, over the past couple of years but not with such intensity. I have been unable to stave off this attack.

  • so glad to read this.. the Fibro and chronic fatigue has really really picked up this summer/ fall but REALLY hurting the past couple of joints feel like i am a 110 year old woman! my arms, shoulders, hips and legs feel like one big ache.. so glad to hear many are going thru this.. but wouldn’t not wish this on anyone!

    thank you for all your insights Denise.. it certainly is helpful….

    warmest regard ,



  • Hi Denise: Thank you from my heart. You’ve hit the nail on the head again. Physical pain in my hips yesterday evening just as bad, if not worse than ever, plus painful tightening between the shoulder blades, dizziness and nausea. Then last night a nightmare of such vividness, it was very frightening. In my nightmare I could see where I needed to go in the distance (home), and I followed a couple who said they would show me a “shortcut”. That couple was a decoy, who led me up some stairs, a sharp landing to the left, and into a room where I was captured by a very dark couple who took great delight in telling me what they were going to do to me, pretty gruesome, to prevent me from going home. I woke myself up out of that, oriented myself, and fell back asleep only to go right back into the dream. Yikes! BUT this time I approached the woman and began to make love to her and she was very happy about it! So methinks that was me clearing some more of the grunge from the D’s and although today I am fatigued, I am rejuvenated by your article and know that we are so close now, we must stay with the process, though it will probably get a little frantic as the final battle is waged. This much I know, we will be home by the end of the year. Love to you and thank you again for your very timely and comforting post. B.

    • “… I woke myself up out of that, oriented myself, and fell back asleep only to go right back into the dream. Yikes!…”


      I’ve had this happen many times over the years/decades too. It’s taught me to remain awake for a while after I’ve escaped a lucid “dream” attack, because, the Negatives are often right there waiting for us to fall back to sleep (get OOB again) so they can pull us right back into their activities again. I’ve woke myself up, got up out of bed, went to the bathroom, got something to drink, watched some TV in the middle of the night all to break this sort of interdimensional connection ONLY to go back to sleep an hour later and have the bastards right there still waiting for me! Sometimes it works and other times not.

      Team Dark that’s still around are getting really, really, hungry so they’re pulling out all the stops and trying all sorts of stunts, tactics to feed off of us (and anyone else) so we’ve GOT to be really protective of our 1/8th of a tank of daily energy fuel and not let the Negatives steal or con one precious drop of it from us.


  • Hi Denise!

    JUST yesterday I kid you not I had a very ugly disturbing “perverted” vision that was just horrible! I kept saying “go away” and did say “I am free, I am soverign” and sure enough it did. It kept wanted to come in but I just had to keep fighting it off. Visions, are trying to be used on me and yes it IS VERY SUBTLE! I was watching “on any given Sunday” and of course it has sexual content, so my experience is that TD is connecting it to what I 1. Hear 2. Watch so that I can say “oh it just because of what I saw the other day” and like you said, forget about it. But its not! They are trying hard! More then ever now I feel the urge to be out and live as oppose to being in and be in fear that I’d be attacked or whatever it may be. Being out is a reminder that I need to share the light as oppose to be home and cuddle with my own light sort of speak. For me any way. Thank you Denise for this post. I appreciate it as I appreciate you.

    Hugs to you!
    (oh and yes I am more discerning now 🙂 )

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