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Hello again!!! Hello to Everyone here and boy do I feel you. Thank-you so much for your helpful reply’s to my last comment/question. I do have more questions and would like your guidance again, please.
It seems that many of us lightworkers/starseeds/wayshowers etc., have been moved around, suffered all these symptoms and wondered if we were going crazy, have been alienated by those still asleep and overall have felt that we do not belong anywhere and have no idea how to proceed into the future (the last two resonates strongly with me–I do not want to speak for others) , yet HERE WE ARE trying to figure it all out. With all that going on in our lives, for some us now going on 20 years, it seems that most of us have another issue to deal with and no one really talks about it, so I am going to ask you to please enlighten me/us on the topic of financially struggling just to survive. I read a lot of sites and those asking this question, rarely get an answer of any substance.

I mean really on top of everything we are going thru, with barely enough energy to put a sentence together, (again my issue). It has been just baffling to me that no matter how hard I work, no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I meditate on it and ask for guidance by my higher self and my spirit guides–I cannot break free from it–in fact it just gets worse and the hits just keep on coming and like I have indicated, it seems that the majority of us aware of and/or working on ascension are going thru this. Please tell me/us why? I am doing something wrong?

I take responsibility for my beliefs, mainly that our planet’s money structure is designed to fail due to greed and power issues and mostly because the Dark Ones just print money to keep control of us. Zeitgeist and all that. I am just tired of it and I really would like a detailed answer to why we must continue to financially struggle. I am exhausted, like many of us here and I don’t know how much more I can take. Thanks for listening. Take Care, Love, Peace & Light to all,


This was a Comment written by Valerie about a month ago or so. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this Valerie.

The greedy money and ascension business… Those of us who’ve been living–transmuting and embodying–the Ascension Process the longest are the ones who’ve had the hardest time being able to earn money to survive each month. It’s nearly impossible to go through the many ascension symptoms and maintain you’re old ways, habits, awareness, ego, level of consciousness, ability to talk, think, write and actually make sense, not to mention hold down a job and act like you’re NOT living the Ascension Process! Just with the mind/intellect and ego dismantling that the Ascension Process naturally causes makes it nearly impossible to remember your name or what year or decade it is, so how in the hell is one supposed to go to work every day and earn money during all this? It seems a cruel and unusual punishment doesn’t it?

We set up pre-incarnational situations for ourselves so we could live/embody/anchor the Ascension Process in 3D physically but not end up having to live under some freeway over-ramp or starve or freeze while doing so! At that level we had a pretty good idea of what we were getting ourselves into (kind of) before we incarnated or reincarnated in these current lives and time and we covered our physical butts (in multiple ways) to help us be able to do what we Volunteered to do here on Earth now. But, as we all know, doing something in dense physicality is a very different thing from planning to do it from those non-physical higher dimensions!

We Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers Volunteered to come to 3D Earth physicality now to provide an energetic way out of the madness and negativity that physical life has become over the past few thousand years. We came to carve a Path of Light out of the darkness and negativity, the greed, insanity, distortion and vampirism. We Volunteered to incarnate physically and “go where Angles fear to treadto help humanity and all life on Earth and Earth herself and so much more. We did not do this to perpetuate or improve the Goddess/females/feminine/Earth-hating patriarchy and their negative, corrupt systems, one of which is money and how it’s been used to control and derail humanity.

In most of our cases we’re living through our Ascension Process doing all we do, and for the most part, barely getting by financially. Many of us created pre-incarnational spiritual living arrangements and working conditions with certain other people and/or mates who would help us and/or financially support us while we do the Alchemical transmuting of the old and embodying of the new first. (I’ve often suggested to people who’ve questioned me about this money problem while struggling with the Ascension Process, that they try to share living expenses with someone — roommates, family, friends etc. — they can tolerate and trust while they themselves transmute and embody the ascension energies for humanity.)

It’s amazed me how there was, and still is in some circles, a big push by some so-called spiritual teachers/writers/lectures to learn how to attract wealth and/or abundance while the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process has been happening (1987–the end of 2012). Again, we’re not here to fix or improve or get the patriarchal greed monsters to share the wealth with the entire world, or to master learning how to attract or manifest money/abundance, or to continue making a living from selling our 5D spiritual knowledge and products in old 3D ways. We’re here to carve an energetic and consciousness Path to a vastly higher and better way for everyone, and sooner rather than later, money will NOT be in the picture at all because we’re evolving beyond it.

The obvious difficulty is that we’re existing within the biggest and most miserably wonderful cosmic CUSP period that’s ever been! Like Valerie says, living or surviving the Ascension Process is enough on its own, but needing to earn a living at the same time is nearly impossible for most of us. So how does one live with a foot in two worlds and dimensions that are profoundly different from each other? We’ve all struggled with this issue since our individual biological Ascension Processes started.

There are numerous reasons why each of us experience whatever it is that we have concerning not having money or enough money to live during the Ascension Process (1987–the end of 2012). Instead of discussing those reasons, let’s focus on what’s coming, which I hope will make the current financial suffering, difficulties and limitations we’ve all experienced in one way or another a bit easier to deal with until we don’t need to any longer. Amazingly it’s 2012, and the bad stuff/good stuff is accelerating and becoming impossible to ignore by everyone around the world. From what I’ve sensed so far, we’ve got the rest of 2012 to transition while the insane, dead-end patriarchal systems devour themselves and each other on the world stage. Unfortunately, these old corrupt patriarchal systems and beliefs must become so extreme, so severe and so blatantly negative that greater numbers of people are finally able to see them and let go of them so that sweeping changes in consciousness and reality happen. Add to this the good stuff–rapidly evolving human consciousness, the completion of the 25-yearlong Ascension transition and past Evolutionary Cycle–and we’re quickly heading towards a world reality where money isn’t needed for anything. We’ve still got some ground to cover between now and “heaven on earth” arriving, but because it’s 2012, this collapse/transition/manifestation is happening very quickly so hang on and hang in there in whatever creative ways you can produce now.

Because this global monetary system is a 3D based system it can’t and won’t exist in a vastly more evolved 5D world and consciousness. So until we reach our goal, which is closer now than ever before, find a roommate or housemate or family or friends etc. that are willing to help you with your monthly living expenses. If you can move in with someone or have them move in with you then do so and everyone contributes what they can to the monthly bills. As more and more regular people lose their homes, jobs, vehicles, plus as gasoline prices soar (and everything else because of gasoline prices) in 2012, far more people are and will be forced to create different ways to live without certain things and join with family and friends to share and create in new more unified ways. At first this may seem like a negative situation but it’s the transition into High Heart or Unity Consciousness manifesting within the masses and society at the close of the twenty-five yearlong Ascension Process.

If I didn’t cover all the aspects of this topic you wanted to talk about Valerie, we and the other readers can continue this topic discussion in Comments.


February 22, 2012

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  • it is september 1 2013……i have been struggling for years. for the life and soul of me, i can NOT understand why my ‘higher self’ can not and do not believe in me as i do in it. i say that because i know i have contact and communications with it, i know it knows what i am going through. why do i still need money??? why cant i just be? i am tired of this. money is keeping me from being where i dream to be….that is physically away from a sleeping individual that i no longer can be around, yet their vampiristic tendencies make them want to be around me. i have demanded what i want. if i could afford it, i would simply move away. but i can not afford it because for me money is scarce and it is getting worse and worse. so when 9/21/13 get here, i am sure ain’t shit going to change….thanks alot higher self.

    • Hi pbreezie,
      I am in that same financial boat as yourself. I also have a friend who has once again lost her homebase and is in temporary residence and I was sharing with her that we need to Trust that for the “Cause” we have been involved in for so long we are finally heading towards it’s “Effect” which is where many of us will finally see a change in our individual circumstances. I also just responded to another comment on here from Hope and mentioned that her namesake is another virtue that I am currently drawing from. We have maintained Faith for all these eons, seem to always manage to pull up some Hope and now in this final lap, we are at Trust! Faith, Hope and Trust! I thought maybe knowing that others are in the same boat as yourself and sharing my view on drawing inspiration from these 3 virtues may help. Gee, I Hope(lol) I am not becoming a “Fluffy”!

  • Hi 🙂
    I had a lonely ride ‘ till now. Reading this wonderful explanation is music to my eyes. It´s been so hard to explain this to “regular” people…
    I feel so much better with this kind of webbsites… I hope you come back soon, Denise.

    Kind regards from Chile,

      • Oh, I´m sory. I know what you´re talking about… (you´re probably thinking: no, you don´t… Lol ) ha… well, much Love and Light for you, recover soon!

        Hugs 🙂

  • Hi Every one I just want to say you have told my story( I thought I was writing it.So much has been said there is no since in me repeating it ALL.I will say thank you all for your stories. I also have been on this journey since early 80 and I have had many things to over come and like most had no support and still just the weired one.I always thought I was a lightworker but after reading this I do not know maybe a starseed or wayshower Not sure hell with my luck may not be any thing.I can certainly relate to can’t work (I have been in constrution clearing trees and digging dirt) With the economy that Industry has been off I am glad but that doesn’t do any thing for me making a living.I just want it to be the 5d I have worked hard learning different modalities and want to help people heal them selves But I have not been able to get any thing like that started where I live they do not believe in any thing like that for sure (you know he not right in the head just stay away from him) haha.I can go on and on but it has already been said by other on the sight.

  • Hi and thanks for this wonderful site:)
    I have been a teacher for 10 years and I must say that it has been really tough. I have often swifted jobs, because of being bullied my co workers. No matter if i had been right, they will gather in a group against me. I have looked inside to see, if I had some victim energies, and yes i have dealt with this, but I am a starseed and hyper sensitive, pick up vibes, that people often do not know they have..
    How do I transform my work situation? I know i am operating in a 3 dm and I don´t expect that they change, but rather me becoming more “thickskinned” or best: to attract something much better.
    I have a feeling that there might be some ” resistance energies ” like energies who won´t accept the new earth and that we are under this “spell” in many 3 dm workplaces, so there might be some interesting tools to help me and probably others.

    • “How do I transform my work situation?”


      I’d suggest that you continue to transform you…and the work situation will change, in one way or another, because of that.

      Know too that in many cases during our Ascension Process our external environment will become increasingly irritating and uncomfortable and this is due to US changing or evolving and sometimes WE are the ones who need to change jobs, move or whatever. Because of the changes we’re making we eventually are no longer a close enough frequency match to that external job, place of business, location, home, neighborhood, city etc. and WE are the ones that need to move to some place or situation that’s a closer energy match to where we currently are. Of course the other side of this is discerning whatever it is in us that needs some transmuting and/or better understand to deal with the frictions we encounter with other people, co-workers, neighbors etc. etc. Typically, it’s both of these two things. 😉

      I would suggest that you do not allow anyone to bully you or try to intimidate or manipulate you at your workplace at all. They need to see that you won’t allow them to mess with you emotionally or energetically etc. I’d rather the unaware people around me think of me as someone who doesn’t play those games instead of being in the old 3D victim/victimizer polarity consciousness BS. And as far as those “resistance energies” and people you mentioned, the whole world has been and still is that to a great degree. All unaware people are functioning from within that energy and consciousness, and this is why anyone who exists outside of that lower frequency comes into constant contact with resistance in multiple forms. This is just the way this Process works now.

      Be strong, be wise.

  • Hi, I have just discovered this site and so far, of all the 2012 / Ascension sites this has been the most helpful and accesible (easy to read). I am in the middle of another Big Wave, my 6th in just over a year. The process really kicked in for me in a new breath taking way at the beginning of 2011 – though I have spent my entire adult life preparing for it. I had a really abusive family and was kicked out of home in 1989 (aged 18) while in the middle of a terrifying emotional break down and struggled for years on every level. I was in complete isolated confused ‘darkness’ as young adult but somehow, with sheer determination and a deep inner knowledge that there must be a way through, even if I couldn’t see it, I found my way to the other side.

    The reason I am writing now is because the most recent wave is all about money and my life’s work. (The previous ones were letting go of a major relationship and the limiting childhood fantasies I had around love; finally letting go of my abusive step mother/family members who I have been trying to ‘sort things out with’ for YEARS; a (second) polapsed disc which led to a week in hospital and emergency spinal surgery; then coming off the pharmesutical drugs which sent me flying into an emotional wall unlike anything I have experienced since 1898; and that was just my 2011! : #

    Then in Jan this year a really difficult ‘on off’ relationship unexpectedly came back into my life after nearly five years of being apart (we first met like a bolt of lightening on the last venus eclipse in June 2004). Somehow or other we seem to be making progress, changing patterns even though I was absolutely convinced they were carved in stone which is why I walked away. However, I am so ‘in it’ (the acsension process) since my spinal surgery in Sept 2011 that I find his energy INCREDIBLY difficult to handle and I keep wondering if this is another relationship I have to let go of. (If we weren’t making progress right from the start I’d never have got involved.) And now MONEY has come up (again).

    With my 2011 waves – I just surrendered and let go and it was actually an incredible magical release. On the surface they were all painful, traumatic scenarios but while I was riding the wave I felt simmultaneously ecstatic and completely loved by and At One with the Universe between the outpourings of grief, rage, shock and bewilderment. It was really trippy stuff!! Somehow, I had absolute faith that I was going to be OK and I WAS completely looked after by the Universe, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    But with these two 2012 waves I feel confused because they seem to be about moving forward in a new way rather than about simply letting go of and/or walking away. I really don’t know how to handle the energy of either my relationship or money, because I know I have to ‘let go’ (if there is one thing I have learned its ALWAYS about surrendering!) but I can’t seem to figure it out so I am swinging from one extreme to another. In my relationship, one minute (yes it changes by the minute/hour, not days or weeks) I know with absolute conviction that we are meant to be together and build a life together then the next I think I HAVE to let him go. But then I simply don’t have the energy or motivation to leave/ end it!! It is incredibly confusing…

    Then money… sorry it has taken me so long to get to the point but, well I needed to write about all that! I am an intelligent, educated, professionally trained 41 year old woman who has NEVER been able to hold down a job or earn a decent salary. I am a qulaified teacher and life coach and yet seem to be happier being a part time domestic cleaner or waitress because I simply can’t tolerate the pressure, bullying, heirachy or demands on my time/energy. So, over the years I have been on and off various benefits, or done odd jobs and temporary work just so I can have peace of mind and remain connected to my SOUL. But I always felt like a failure because the rest of my family earn money with no problems at all. I always attributed my money difficulties with low self esteem and post traumatic stress caused by all the abuse I endured and felt I had to ‘get over it’ and prove I was worth more. But over the last few years I started to think no – I am just not interested in having sociaty’s vampires getting access my life blood (try school teaching for being squeezed dry!!)

    But then I have never let go of this idea that if I valued myself, I’d have more money!!!! Therefore, if I can’t earn a decent living (even though I am absolutely fine with what I have got and rarely actually really struggle) I must still be undermining myself in some way. I came to the conclusion that actually, if my material needs are always met (which they are) and I am happy with more time to reflect/create/dream/process then why does it (my lack of a decent salary) bother me so much?

    Then a week ago I had a dream about winning a lot of money through the lottery. I have had two dreams before about winning money which I followed and actually won money for so, naturally when a lottery dream came up, I followed the guidance. I didn’t win and it bright up LOADS of stuff for me during the week I was preparing myself for it. I saw the money as ‘lottery funding’ for my creative projects as I am so inspired at the moment but am being limited by a) needing to earn more to live on b) not having the resources to finance all the creative ideas I am being inspired by. But, no mney came and then I read your article last night and I thought AH!! So I am MEANT to be poor… But I still can’t help thinking if I had more self worth, was more ‘in the flow’ I would have more money because all money is is a flow of energy, a symbol of resources. It isn’t BAD in itself, it is what we do to get it and then what we do with it once we have it that counts and where the problems seem to occur. I am great at manifesting what I need when I need it and I have no attachment to how it comes. But money to expand my life, make me more effective in sharing my creativity with the world? I feel completely blocked. And on top of all that I have gone into that reclusive, physically drained, can’t be bothered place that means I just can’t be bothered to do what it takes to make any money!!

  • This is very important information and puts my heart at ease reading it.
    I have been “forced” to live with my mother and sister for the past 5 years and have been feeling bad about it, imposing all sorts of judgements on myself.
    It’s great to know that I am not alone, even though I couldn’t read through all the comments.
    And to know that there is a family out there, that I am not alone in this and that I have not gone mad in doing what I have been doing.
    With much love, Nik

  • I think it’s quite a paradox that we need to be living with others to help us with money issues, because in this exact ascension time we have a huge need to be alone, away from other people… I’m living it, struggling because I’m being forced to live with others, and this is no good for me or my evolving process, and the same time stuck because I can earn no money to survive for myself.. months trying and I can’t focus on getting a good job

    • Hi Lucy, Yes, it is quite a paradox. I have lived alone for many years now and at times it is difficult but being alone has been the best thing for me. I would probably not be spiritually where I am at now. I have known for many years, too, that money will not be in existance in the new earth and could never figure it out, the big need to acquire mega amounts of money. I just wanted a nice house. I grew up very poor. I worked and paid my way since I was very young. By age 12 or 13 I was paying for almost everything except food. I never made much money even though I have a good college degree.

      That being said, after reading Denise’s article and Inelia’s plea, I really have been thinking this over. I agree with so much of what we are all saying here. But, I felt like I needed to do the meditation Inelia suggested on getting to know the energy of money and that she considered it an elemental. For years, I tried different things to increase and release my issues with money. Thsis time I was able to connect with money as an elemental energy and the energy is female and she came to me as a young girl of about 7 or 8 years old and she wears a green jumper and is very close to the elemental earth. Later this afternoon, I started getting that if the financial system does collapse too early, this would cause greater hardship to billions of people on the planet. The 3D financial system is not good but having none at all right now would be devastating. This transition is not to cause trauma, there will be times when it will happen and the energies need to adjust but the desire is for smooth transitions. For me, I am going to have an open mind about money right now and continue to meditate on this and get to know the elemental of money. When I came into this life cycle, I had no relationship at all to this energy form, so I made a judgment and I know this caused my lack because I never allowed her into my energy field. Most of my time now is outside of 3D constructs, but I still am required to pay for basics to survive. So I will get to know the money elemental and I am stopping my condemnation against her. The lower vibrational energies usurped and twisted her energy into causing harm. So I thank Denise and Inelia to wake me up to something I still needed to look at.

      I am not saying that I am working at getting more money into my life like the famous law of attraction. That was not my intent. i just wanted to meet this energy and be in harmony with it. Thanks all for this beautiful discussion.

      • Hello, Peg,

        I loved your response. Your meditation on money as an elemental let me experience her directly and it was a wonderful experience. I found her to be very loving and she kept hugging me and tickling my neck. Very playful. She makes me happy. Well, you’ve allowed me to embrace money as a very lovely and positive being as well. I think she likes to be recognized as she is. And thank you to the person who suggested this meditation for my part as well.

        I can’t say how often I go into a store these days and forget about paying. lol It seems like the conversation is the important part of the interaction/transaction. I keep telling people that we’re heading to a moneyless society and I’m just ahead of the curve and things will catch up with me later on. Hey, I’m doing my part to spread the word in a very subtle way!

        Love and hugs to all,

      • Peg,
        Wow, reading your post is exactly what I am experienceing, I also went to Iniela’s site and did the money meditation. I realize also that I caused my lack of the elemental of money by my judgements. I do not desire THINGS, just the ability to pay for the basics when really all along I have been taken care of. When I wrote my original post I was in the middle of fighting AZ unemployment , my mother was taking care of me and I was at the end of my rope. Everyone here added to my lesson and I am so grateful to all of you and to Denise for having such an open conversation. 3D still has ties to money in every way and I so wanted it all to collapse so we could move on but your right –that would leave billions more suffering . There is a process and I must honor the process and not let my ego and little self get me all worked-up. Transmuting and clearing is what we are going thru for a reason–it amazes me on how much more there is to clear in me and for the world to clear. But here we are in 20 12–we made it this far!! It is crazy because I am here but not and that is challenging to me–I am getting used to it but I am not quite sure what to do on this end and I have no idea what I do on the otherside–it feels as tho I am just holding space. I feel Spirit always and I have progressed on the money stuff and even got to pay my Mom back some. And Spirit keeps directing me to learn and process but at the same time to just get used to just being. Which is weird for me–it seemed like I was always doing and just going in circles. I don’t know if that makes sense but it is how it feels to me for now. I haven’t done much since October–had to stop the work I was doing. Now wondering what to do from here on out. We are now in charge of creating our reality and that is another challenge. I am rambeling on–still having a hard tiime writing. Again Thank-you to everyone here for all the great ideas and thoughts. Love to all, Valerie

  • Hi GiGi, your comment really triggered me to remember when I released the last imbalances from my feminine energies. I, too, would always wear makeup and dress nice, back then I used to work in an office. Then, the ascension started. The years of continually being in the fetal position, weakened muscles, and for me excellerated aging, all that comes with this. This past year or two I would look iin the mirror sometimes and be so disgusted with how ugly I was. And, then other times, I would look with compassion and love, offer words of love and encouragement. Then around the 11:11 I saw my divine masculine other in a waking dream. So I thought I was ready for this final balancing of these two polaries of the feminine and masculine within my body. Well, on a Saturday I was watching the movie “Agora” (2009, stars Rachel Weisz as Hypatia, a Greek mathmetician, this was right before and during the destruction of the Alexandrian library). I cried for a half hour at the end of the movie, then; I went into the kitchen and took my toaster oven flat baking pan and proceeded to hit it on the edge of my sink. I bent the hell out of it and had to take a rubber hammer and pound it back into a pan again. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to this pan (second time I destroyed it). All the rest of my anger that had not been cleared yet over the suppression and enslavement (distorted masculine structure codes) of the feminine came out. I cried for all the pain these false structures have caused women, the immense damage to both the masculine and feminine. I did not think it would have been much because I had been 99% in balance/zero point swinging only slightly to the right or to the left within my energy field. So I was amazed at the strength of this release. I feel free and when I go into the bathroom I no longer have that anger, disgust when I look in the mirror. I may wear makeup on one day a month and that probably will stop too but when I am not looking the best I can at least love myself and have compassion.

    Thanks so much for sharing GiGi and Denise and everyone here. I believe that the Divine Masculine balances on May 20.

    • “…Well, on a Saturday I was watching the movie “Agora” (2009, stars Rachel Weisz as Hypatia, a Greek mathmetician, this was right before and during the destruction of the Alexandrian library)…”


      I had never heard of Hypatia and the full-on birth of the patriarchy at that point in time until I watched this same movie a few months ago. I was so disturbed by it, by what was done to her, that I HAD to turn the TV off. I still haven’t watched the rest of the movie because it was just…so…painful… on so many levels.

      For decades I’ve had a “past” life memory of this same type of thing happening to a fellow Lightworker. The horrendous murder took place in England and was about mid 17th Century. I was female and with my uncle and we both knew this black male who was I believe from Persia. Every time I saw him, he was always dressed in the most exotic and beautiful Middle Eastern fabrics and headgear. My uncle and I were Lightworkers or “occultist” as was this male Persian, and as usual, we all were undercover with it all.

      In my past life memory this male Persian was surrounded one day by the locals and the mob grew violent and did the same thing to him as was done to Hypatia. Problem was that my uncle and I were there and witnessed his murder. At one point he saw us and telepathed to me to not fear, remain quiet and leave and to remember that it was and I quote, “…just his body.”

      The Light has been ripped to shreds, burned at the stake, tortured, bludgeoned, etc. since the Dark took over this world. We Lightworkers have had these wounds, fears and even hatred to face and transmute within us and it’s not been easy at all. Like I even needed to say that! 😉

      I loved your story about beating the patriarchal hell outta your sacrificial baking pan. We all can relate so thank you for sharing that as it was really important.


  • Denise,
    You noted in your response to Kit about “freely sharing” This opened to something I have read before, possibly even in one of the many comments to this post I know one person who has come up with some guidelines to help us through the times but is asking a very unreasonable amount of money for them. I have sent a note letting this person know how I feel about it. I find it very sad as I enjoyed and learned from this persons posts I think sometimes the ones needing the assistance most are not able to pay. My first spiritual teacher took whatever someone could give in exchange for her help. This could be a candle, herbs, or some homemade food. She always said there needed to be a balance for the exchanging of wisdom I did tell this person that I know they are a part of God as we all are and wished well.
    Thanks for allowing these comments as I know we all benefit.

    • Sunny,

      There are a couple of sights I go to that require money to participate and I plain just don’t have it at this time. Partly due to the ascension process. Partly to due with my own money issues – though I’m starting to look at them as non-issues – as my lifelong way of rebelling against the system. One site states if you don’t have the money to participate in the offerings, well it just isn’t meant to be for you at this time. Maybe in the future.?? I completely understand the metaphysical concepts underlying such a statement; I am a metaphysician. Yet, I think there will be no money in the future, so therefore, that service/gift will never be available for me. That is ok. I do believe it is not meant to be if it doesn’t happen elegantly and easily. So, I give as I can to those like Denise, that allow me to give as I can. She and others (few tho they may be) know they will be taken care of and trust we here will do as best we can. As well, people such as Denise, are implementing the new ascended reality and that I will support. That said, all is changing now and as part of metaphysical properties, we have collective agreements that make some belief systems difficult to rise above. As part of the ascension process, things are changing and the entire money issue is one of them. I would like to see those of us that are aware start offering our services for free or for barter or whatever other new ideas you might have. I’ve always offered Reiki for free or for a love-based donation (though few have taken me up on it) along with the option to pay a suggested price. I’m planning to remove the suggested price completely and offer it for free or donation just to experiment and see what happens. I have an online retail store and have begun implementing some changes that are leading in this direction – I can’t give away product at this time but I have provided some incentives to help those that want to buy.

      I don’t know, I’m rambling now, but it seems if this person is not open to an exchange of energy, she/he is not living what they are teaching? I get if you have a product that cost you to make/deliver – at this point we are still using money – but a service is definitely something that can be bartered, etc. I go back to my Russell Brand example – of giving a free concert, asking others to commit to 2 hours of volunteer service (giving back) but beyond that no strings attached – just everyone operating from their high heart and knowing that as we give others receive and give back in what ever way they can and to whom ever they want to. Faith in the belief that what we give will come back to us – maybe not in the way we want or demand – but it will come back. Love to all here, Morgean

      • Morgean & All,

        Has everyone seen what Inelia Benz has recently written about money and our changing the consciousness around it? This is, what to me is an in between step out of the old 3D patriarchal blood, sweat n’ tears greed/fear/control etc. money consciousness, into elevating these old money belief systems into the early stages of a fifth dimensional, High Heart world reality. I totally understand that most people need this particular stepping stone with money and money consciousness and that, for a while we’ll still have money but it will be VASTLY improved from what it’s always been. It will be equal and fair and open etc.

        But, having said that, I also know what’s coming after this and it is a more complete 5D world and consciousness where money isn’t even needed because humanity has evolved so dramatically that they’ve outgrown the need for it. But…baby steps are needed for most, and I know I often want us all to get to the really fun level sooner rather than later. Stair steps as always.


      • Dear everyone…..just a thought….perhaps we have (unconsciously) skinted ourselves to prevent ourselves falling prey to all this myriad of super-can’t-do-it-without-this-crucial-help programmes. We don’t need programmes – remember we have spent years undoing all the programming….surely not simply to be replaced with someone else’s programme at the last minute?????

        I really feel that we don’t need to learn how to live in 5-d. Once the 5-d energy is fully in place we will have no fear of ‘doing it wrong’, as there will be no fear and no wrong. I feel that these types of programmes originate from 4-d (where these dark energies reside – in fact a recent new programme flagged this by having 4 and D both highlighted in the title) and they carry the actual intention of keeping us in 3-d, no matter how lofty they sound. Anything that says it is unique, necessary, crucial, urgent, has trademarks, creates timelines, says it will make you the first teachers, and costs money is clearly not in synch with 5-d.

        I know this perception doesn’t make being impoverished easy, but I feel we are helping ourselves by being broke. We can’t be tempted to buy any form of distraction, be it a new programme or a new car or a new pair of jeans. We need none of it and all our pitiful income goes on real 3-d necessities, like food…..oh! roll on 5-d where I see food as an enjoyment, not a necessity!!

        Thank you, Denise, for this meeting place and the effort you put into it. I’ve only just found you today, so will be looking at some archive material, for interest.

        Love to us all, Gail

        • “…I really feel that we don’t need to learn how to live in 5-d. Once the 5-d energy is fully in place we will have no fear of ‘doing it wrong’, as there will be no fear and no wrong…”


          Absolutely, and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂

          Also, the Indigos are finally coming into their own and they’ll be doing A LOT of the rebuilding and reorganizing etc. of the new ascended 5D planetary systems for global humanity.


        • Dear Gail, I do like your input very much and agree with what you are saying as I feel much the same. You are wise and obviously facing the challenges with deeper knowingness. Keep up the good work.

  • Dear Denise and all
    Many thanks for the support I’ve received about my comments esp. from ole rear guard and Edith.
    I wish I could be eloquent and succinct in my explanation of what is happening to me right now but it just took me five minutes to form this sentence.

    I feel the light within me with a strength I have never experienced before but with it comes the panic, anxiety and feelings of inadequacy.

    I feel myself using this life situation that I suddenly find myself in to dissolve past pain bodies (and present) and transmute them into light. I have seen the brightest most glorious light in my meditations twice now (i usually see light phenomenom but this is different) and I still fear that I am too late or not up to it.
    I have read your blog for years Denise understanding the physical manifestations of the ascension process but only partly grasping (or not at all to be honest) the unity aspect. I believe that I am now ‘being’ that unity consciousness or at least beginning it.

    I realise that I may sound a little pathetic at present but I need your support, all of you, right now and I am sending mine.
    Much love Kit

    PS dreams about time scales of six weeks to six minths – anyone else?

    • “…I have read your blog for years Denise understanding the physical manifestations of the ascension process but only partly grasping (or not at all to be honest) the unity aspect. I believe that I am now ‘being’ that unity consciousness or at least beginning it…”


      It often takes me a long time to get the words typed and out too so don’t feel bad for that. During bad phases I frequently reverse letters when I type so I have to keep removing them and typing them again to get them in the correct order. Pain in the brain… 😆

      Throughout 2012 this Unity, High Heart Consciousness and energy/reality business will be fully implemented into the NEW 5D Earth, the NEW 5D Earth grids, our NEW Rewired grids within our bodies and brains, and everything else. This means that all of us, plus all of humanity, will be dealing with increasing amounts of this NEW Unity (as opposed to the old 3D duality or polarized energies, consciousness and reality) High Heart energy and consciousness REPLACING the old duality consciousness/reality.

      In super simplified terms, this means that humanity will soon be existing (and being) within a world (fully with the start of 2013) where Unity is the deal instead of Duality/Polarity. Just think of what that really means! No more black/white, good/bad, male/female, positive/negative consciousness and matching reality and world! Instead of that–what we’ve lived and suffered in all of our lives up until 20102–the world will have humans who want to freely share with other humans and honesty and trust will be the new normal. There’s so much more to 5D societies than just this but this should give you a sense of what’s coming this year and next and so on. The Dark Days are ending this year and being replaced with Unity in individuals AND within everything else. Good times I tell ya, good times comin’. 🙂


  • I SO enjoyed reading this article and ALL of the comments here. Hi Denise! I love your interactivity with everybody. I’ve never commented here but I have been reading your articles on and off for about a year or so.

    Btw… I seem to have a case of what Lauren Gorgo has referred to as AA= Ascension Amnesia…seriously. I am having a real hard time remembering my journey yet I know it happened. Do you know anything about AA?

    Anyway, as I read the comments I thought about sharing a bit of my story to possibly give some encouragement but after reading everything here I feel that the purpose of me coming here wasn’t necessarily to give this time but to receive.

    I must say Steve that I especially enjoyed your story, your attitude and your energy. It really touched me. Thank you.

    Keep the faith everybody!

    • “…Btw… I seem to have a case of what Lauren Gorgo has referred to as AA= Ascension Amnesia…seriously. I am having a real hard time remembering my journey yet I know it happened. Do you know anything about AA?…”


      I’ve said before that soon we won’t even remember our going through all this pain and misery that is the Ascension Process. This was one reason why I super quickly wrote A Lightworker’s Mission in 2009; I knew I’d begin forgetting past important stages within this process and felt I should document it before it fades away completely. I have memories of truly horrible years in my Ascension Process that I try not to think about because my heart hurts and I feel sorry for that woman who went through those severe symptoms and related things. It’s almost too much for me to remember so it will probably be a good thing for me to leave those memories behind. 🙂


      • Awww… I love you Denise and hugs right back at you.

        OMG! When I read this part where you referred to yourself as “that woman” I could totally relate and it reminded of me something that happened recently

        “I have memories of truly horrible years in my Ascension Process that I try not to think about because my heart hurts and I feel sorry for that woman who went through those severe symptoms and related things”

        Very recently my sister sent me a picture of myself from my birthday brunch that my family threw for me in 2008 and I was already well on my way in the process by then but I had yet to experience the WORST and the DARKEST most HORRID part of the process. Heck, I was actually still wearing make up, getting dressed in clothes other than sweats, wearing heels, and doing my hair back then.

        The feelings that came up for me when I opened that email and saw that pic of myself was such disgust AND empathy. I felt so sorry for her and I was mad at her and it was as if that girl wasn’t me and I wished that I could warn her of what she was about experience… my stomach cringed for her and a tear came to my eye as I felt so bad for her and her stupidity for VOLUNTEERING to embark upon this journey and take on these tasks. I wanted to scream at her to wipe that stupid smile off her face or if you knew what you were about to go through you wouldn’t be smiling fool! I had mixed feelings.

        And now even though I am not out of the woods in my estimation I am beginning to forget that pain and the process and when I do remember something that happened… there isn’t any or much pain associated with that memory. I have yet to look at that picture again.

        I guess that the true test would be to go back and look at the pic again to see what thoughts and emotions would resurface.

        This AA is an interesting, pleasant and yet an off putting phenomena but what comes to mind is a verse from the book of revelations in the bible where it says that Revelation 21:4

        ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”
        Revelation 21:3-5 (in Context) Revelation 21 (Whole Chapter)

        On the down side….The only reason that my lack of memory is bothering me is because I actually want to help others who are newly awakening and ascending by sharing my personal story and experiences to offer some encouragement and relativity.

        So I felt really inspired to start my blog a day or two ago but as I was attempting to blog that is when I really noticed that I can’t even remember anything and I feel out of touch.

        I can’t relate to the hustle and bustle of the fear based 3D nor can I remember much of the 4D awakening and clearing or the dark arts training so is this 5D? The new me? It’s an indescribable feeling of peace and neutrality while still being the same physical circumstances that I’ve been in for years.

        I thought that I’d be a Bridger but how can I relate if I can’t even remember?

        So needless to say that my blog is a convoluted mess of various unfinished topics. It’s set to private until I figure it out.


      • Denise,

        “I have memories of truly horrible years in my Ascension Process that I try not to think about because my heart hurts and I feel sorry for that woman who went through those severe symptoms and related things. It’s almost too much for me to remember so it will probably be a good thing for me to leave those memories behind.”

        It’s good to hear this spoken of because, especially in the earlier years, I was actually mentally, emotionally and physically traumatized by this process – and that is not an overstatement. I’ve even had to deal with issues of feeling abused and even on some level victimized by this process. I have cried tears for the woman who went through that and felt angry and protective of her. I would not want any part of my Being hurt like that again, ascension or not. I thought maybe I was the only one who felt that way or had that experience, but apparently not.

        I have forgotten a lot of it, but fragments of those traumatic ascension experiences can still creep up once in a while. Sometimes I’ve felt the need to apologize to the parts of me who went through those things, because it was so awful – and I feel some pain in my heart now as I write that, so I guess I’m still not totally over it.


        • “…It’s good to hear this spoken of because, especially in the earlier years, I was actually mentally, emotionally and physically traumatized by this process – and that is not an overstatement…”


          Many of us (I know I did) actually had/have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from some of the severe things we went through with our energetic ascension work. I went through a few years after some of the really horrific years where I then had to heal and transmute my wounds and anger and PTSD stuff! Like the Process isn’t enough on its own but some of us have to clean up and transmute secondary traumas caused by the first traumas! It’ll all be over soon now so be fully willing to let go of all of these ascension related battle wounds and scars too. 😉

          Gratitude Hugs for what all you’ve done for All,

  • hi, me AGAIN. I am writing because I feel so appalled. Denise I discovered another website that values your blog, by the way. In this website I read about a channel that is supposedly channeling Arch Angel Michael and it all seems to be focused on space ships and such and is happily leading people astray. Naturally I had to look her up and read for myself what she has to say as well as what she channells. This part is from her own lips about her self and The part that got me….. I did say in earlier posts that I like to be fascinated!….. is that when this woman talks about her initial intro to this so called council of love, that she was TOLD by these beings of love and light not to read anything! EVER! That “they” would instruct her about everything she needs to know! OMG!!! This poor woman! And she obeyed! The other thing that miffs me is she says all her stuff is “Heart based”. Anywho! Just saying, folks, just saying. I guess it is a forum for learning and discernment on this planet. Free Will! Love is not controling! At least not in my book. Thanks again!

    • “hi, me AGAIN. I am writing because I feel so appalled. Denise I discovered another website that values your blog, by the way. In this website I read about a channel that is supposedly channeling Arch Angel Michael and it all seems to be focused on space ships and such and is happily leading people astray. Naturally I had to look her up and read for myself what she has to say as well as what she channells. This part is from her own lips about her self and The part that got me….. I did say in earlier posts that I like to be fascinated!….. is that when this woman talks about her initial intro to this so called council of love, that she was TOLD by these beings of love and light not to read anything! EVER! That “they” would instruct her about everything she needs to know! OMG!!! This poor woman! And she obeyed! The other thing that miffs me is she says all her stuff is “Heart based”. Anywho! Just saying, folks, just saying. I guess it is a forum for learning and discernment on this planet. Free Will! Love is not controling! At least not in my book. Thanks again!”

      Edith & All,

      *^$#^%#! I just lost my reply to you…yeah, read between the lines here everyone…I’ll try this again.

      Thanks for not sharing the website here.

      For about the past three years I’m occasionally impulsed by my higher awareness to suddenly follow my nose online so I’d find certain channeled material because I needed to see it for myself and know that it exists out there and who’s channeling/writing it etc. I find websites this way, which always amazes me, but it’s important that I’m aware of this negativity and who’s being used (via channeled messages primarily) to spread false, negative, anti-human ET/alien agendas and unfortunately, there’s plenty of them.

      Last year this happened to me again and I suddenly found myself following my nose online to some website I didn’t know existed. What I found there was a well-known channel/author who channels ET material that he believes is positive but is just the opposite from what I’m able to perceive. In this public material by guy #1, he’s talking and also responding to questions coming in from his readers and those questions were also displayed publicly too. This other readers question comes up publicly and he/she publicly states that he/she doesn’t know who he/she is actually channeling and wants guy #1 to tell him/her who he thinks guy/gal #2 is actually channeling. I’m reading all this with great glee because it’s all public and hopefully SOME readers of it will finally realize the grand BS and negative alien agendas with these types of channels and their material.

      Well-known guy #1 informs new channel guy/gal #2 that YES, INDEED the group of ETs that are giving information to you are of the same group of ETs that give me information. He knows this because he said they just told him this was the case. So, new channel guy/gal #2 is content with this answer from well-known guy #1 and believes he/she doesn’t need to question who is giving him/her channeled info any further and all is perfect in channeled ET land! That was what I was supposed to see in current time when it happened last year between these two particular human channels who both channel what they believe are positive ETs. Unfortunately however, what they both channel is negative, anti-human, false light, alien agenda bullshit with about 2% truth thrown in to bait and keep as many readers as these Dark alien beings possibly can.

      Because I’ve had a lot of interactions with both the Light and the Dark non-physical beings, ETs/Starbeings, etc., I’m very familiar with how both groups of beings and the energies in and around them both feel, how they function, how they interact with humans and so on. This is why I’m glad I’ve had the horrific experiences and attacks and face to face battles and conversations I have with negative aliens and other Team Dark members because I’m able to FEEL the energetic difference between the Light and the Dark without either group even saying anything! Gawd if only everyone could do this for themselves, the negativity and insanity on Earth would end in a few days.

      Any negative being can say they’re so and so archangel or so and so ET or ET group etc. and if the human whose able to hear them clairaudiently cannot tell who they’re really hearing and communicating back and forth with, then that human who channels that negative alien anti-human information is doing their fellow humans a great disservice obviously. And with the Internet, these negative channeled messages that claim to be positive ETs and/or positive angelic beings etc., can circulate around the world instantly which is exactly what the negative aliens want during the Ascension Process.

      A real being of Light will NEVER tell you to do or not do something because it goes against the Freewill Law here. Period. They would NEVER cross that line and then have to deal with the consequences of having done so. They know better and simply do not tell humans what to do or not do. They will make suggestions, they will guide, they will drop hints and clues, they will assist us but always with the hope that the human connects the pieces for themselves because that is far more important to beings of Light than anything else. Beings of Dark however constantly tell humans what to do and not do because they don’t give a shit about Source’s Freewill Law or humanity. They believe themselves to be “gods” so they believe they can do whatever they want to humanity and Earth. The worst part in all this is how many humans blindly, unquestioningly, unthinkingly just follow Team Dark’s every word.

      All this opens the door for me to finally talk a bit for now about how the negative aliens have seriously amplified their anti-human agendas in 2012. What’s been bad with these types of situations for many years already and so many people channeling negative aliens/ETs who claim they’re positive beings of “Light” –ETs, Starbeings, Angelics, Archangels, Galactic Federations etc.–has in 2012 reached a whole new level of intensity (desperation) and determination from Team Dark (both the non-human, non-physical aliens plus their possessed physical humans on Earth) and we all must be vastly more aware, discerning, and safe because 2012 is going to be a real battleground with these negative alien beings and all of the new tactics they’re using now because they know human consciousness is evolving/ascending so they’re pulling out the big guns to use against humanity…except these big guns are non-physical! Much more about this new 2012 topic to come in articles as soon as I can get at them.

      Thanks Edith for bringing this huge and important topic up right now as it and so-called “disclosure” and plenty of other false light information and channeled materials are going to increase dramatically in 2012 and people need to be aware, wise, discerning plus protect themselves.


      • Hi Denise, I sure appreciate your reply. As I become more sensitive I now am understanding certain warnings a strong healer friend of mine would ALWAYS ask me and I would kind of brush over it as I really didn’t get it. She would ask me about the energies in what I was accessing online (or places I visit in person), even if it was just FB. I’d think, “I don’t feel anything negative in FB!”. For the first time as I was accessing that site I mentioned here earlier I began to understand as I felt myself attuning to the energy of whatever it is that energetically supports that information. Let me tell you it made me sit up straight and I Got out of there as this awareness was brand new for me! Yet I had always felt at home with other sites and flowed into the energy but never made this connection! I think I have a lot to learn before I can safely stick my nose where it might not belong without proper protection! As a matter of fact I know my guides have been attempting to help me understand this very thing for YEARS because I love to read dark books. Talk about hints and clues! I was still bound back then and I gave up books like those by Stephen King, but I couldn’t keep away from all the new paranormal werewolf vampire stuff thru the years, espeically as “not all monsters are bad” and I am attracted to the romance and magic! I couldn’t do it because it did not make sense to me as to WHY or HOW not reading such books would be of help to me ! An aside comment is that I eventually realized not too many months ago that I was attracted by the story book magic because I was not willing to open to my own magic and that I was frustrated. I realized I wanted to be powerful, a powerful woman, in divine love of course. Once I admitted this outloud my life began to change!

        There is another website I have longed laughed at because of the sheer absurdity but it appears to have a huge influence. It is comprised of people claiming they are the incarnation of the masters such as DK for instance. Then this baldish dude holds up the drawing of The Tibetan and attempts to kind of smile and I suppose we are to see the connection, that this is now DK in the flesh! And there is this woman avatar who alone is responsible for the sacred rose energy upon the planet and her followers must send their prayers THRU HER to have sufficient power!!!!! OMG. It just dawned on me that she must be eating the energy sent to her. I had to forcefully break away from that one because I was like a lookilu at a horrible accident and couldn’t look away!

        Lastly I have to say I have been there and done that probably more than I realize, but the one I do realize is my fun and fascinating days in the 80’s when I fell for the ASHTAR Command and they were going to come and rescue us! Ah me. Maybe it is kind of a right of passage! God bless us all to come thru this craziness and manipulation. I sure look forward to your updates and information regarding the subject. I feel safe reading it thru you at this time. Your site feels neutral. I notice this with certain info, like when attempting to read the books by the Tibetan, or the Dione Fortune books (her novels). It is the absence of, is it feeling?, it feels empty to me and I was not comfortable because no emotions were incited in me…. does this make sense to you, my experience. I am wondering if this neutrality is what keeps it harmless? Anyhow, thanks again so much. Things are happening faster inside of me, or so it seems/feels!

        Looking forward to more from you Denise!

        • Edith,

          Firstly, congratulations on this because it’s big! Be proud. 🙂

          Here’s a link to an old article about some of my learnings with this same issue. And gawd knows I’ve pushed the issue!

          I think what you’re feeling at TRANSITIONS is how it should always feel everywhere. 😉 When we feel push and pull or tension and egos etc., all that is lower frequency stuff where the Light is…just…normal and neutral feeling with no BS in it at all. To me the Light feels like Home, or like oxygen, something so normal and natural that one starts to not be aware of IT.

          Again, congratulations on FEELING and discerning energies on your own. Don’t forget how they made/make you feel inside as this is a big new way of perceiving and it has nothing to do with our heads or intellects.


        • Denise, you have given me a lot to ponder. A lot of dots are connecting. I just never understood it is all the same thing. Like I was watching a documentary last night on women serial killers thru the years and I Felt a little sick but I ignored how I Felt. Yet, way back during my classes and in my awareness I understood what was going on, but I obviously did not understand that it does matter.

          The other issue about feeling what I feel when reading is tougher. Sometimes I have felt uplifted, I mean a positive uplifted attitude fill me when I read things, vs the excited fascination. Other times I feel a downflowing like when I discovered the goddess. Now just because it is a down pouring thru the crown does not automatically mean it is ok either, but it felt ok to me, but that is not the same as knowing. ANd of course I was open unawares because I was reading a website!

          Back in the day when I read all the Seth books, the authors name just left me, but the original Seth Material from the 70’s, I also noticed the absence or emptiness and it confused me back then. Oh! Jane Roberts.

          I think I am beginning to see the difference between the inner ME and the outer. I feel kind of overwhelmed. Last night when I went to bed I felt a need to get centered and wanted to focus on the Christ within me, there is only now, etc. I felt such an intense rush throughout my body, like something whooshed up out of my heart and began coursing thru my blood. Only the fact that this had begun from my heart stopped an all out panic, but I was scared enough to ask for help. The only thing missing from this rush was a pounding heart or I would have thought I might need medical help! I did not get a good night’s sleep! I feel sure this lasted like an hour!

          Writing to you has helped me focus a lot of what I Think about. For quite some time now I have been thinking about the inner ME vs the outer or channeling energies. I have not sought after channeling because I don’t think of it as ME knowing for myself. Also I want to access the goddess/etc… from within now, but I don’t know yet how to discern the downflows from above either. Like I feel a lot as I write to you now. What just popped into my head is that some of what I feel does have to do with ascension changes happening in my body.

          I think I am now seriously, with newly gained awareness making that turn Denise, that turn towards ME, a u turn so to speak.

          Lastly I am grateful that the group I did participate with in the 80’s / early 90’s was all about what was then noted as “conscious chanelling” from the christ level as opposed to mediums who let entities in thru th eir solar plexus. And the whole entire point was to connect with our own souls, but so many of us got distracted by the notion of talking to these Teachers and connecting with THEM. They did emphasize free will at all times. And the other strong focus was on clearing the subconsiuos patterns and becoming aware of the ego/personality/belief system.

          We can only understand from the level of our own perception at the time we are learning about something. Back then I Formed a strong perception about what I thought inner connection looked like as well as what channeling looked like and was sure I was not a part, that I “couldn’t” do it. Plus I thought there was some magic bullet, like I will remove The Pattern and my life will be all better.

          As good as my group was there was lacking a foundational groundwork, a basic beginning from which to move forward…… well, I digress. Thank God it is a beautiful day and I Get to go out and work! I need to get away from all this for a bit. My “stuff” waits for my days off and then hits me full on adn I Had 3 days off! It’s always been like this too, so I never can get anything done at home!

          Love and hugs to you Denise!

        • There is a couple things I would like to comment on and hopefully I will be able to remember these things long enough to get it down. First, these thing all happened during the same summer. I read Delores Canon’s book and was struck by a section that talked about the woman reconnecting with her star family, I think it was her father from her home planet. The woman just cried and cried for love, homesickness, how difficult it was to be here in body, how heavy and slow it is, and so on. A few months later, I forgot about it and woke up one morning just crying like a baby and remembering what just happened in the night that I had been reunited with my father from my star home. I was not blessed with remembering seeing my family member at all, I just woke up and realized that I had been crying while I was sleeping and then woken up and realized what happened. This was a beautiful moment for me and I feel blessed that I was able to connect even though the emotionalness of this was quite painful.

          In another event that summer, I started a new spiritual group that was doing a Sunday spiritual gathering. Long story short the group was allowing one woman to minister to her congregation and I felt strongly against this and spoke of this to the leader and some of the individuals that coordinated things. They looked at me like I was the devil. I’ll never forget it. I broke my ties with them but I found out that they had already hooked into my energy field. It took a good month for me to get them out of my field. I could actually see in my third eye these three women standing in grey robes just looking at me. Their energy was so sticky. I couldn’t figure out why they were not leaving. I tried several things to clear them. One of the things that tripped me up from clearing them more easily was understanding what unity was. I had read and heard from many people that we would be forming pods or groups to help each other spiritually and for during the three days of darkness. Well, I still don’t know about what is going to happen during that time and I am not sure anyone really does yet. I have and continue to know and understand my personal sovereignty and my sovereignty in relation to others.

          The next thing that happened towards the end of that summer was three entities came into my third eye vision and stayed there for days and days. Two just looked at me and a third had her face turned away from me. This was a male and two females wearing robes. This is a weird part too is that I saw them clearly but I could not tell you what the facial features were on the two facing me looked like. At first, I felt like they were neutral but since they were there so long and did and said nothing it got to be creepy. My third eye vision was so clear and strong that I could see them clearly with my 3D eyes open. Normally, my third eye vision is clearer when I have my eyes shut but not always like when someone from spirit really wants to reach me they can. Finally, I just requested that they leave. Then again, they wouldn’t I called in my help etc. and got so angry that I cussed and screamed at them to leave. And this experience is not my willingness to be in or around darkness but my struggle was with my fear of missing what I needed to do as a part of my spiritual plan to be here. So I am thinking what if this is my father and mother from my home planet? Here I am kicking them out. I know now that if these spirits were higher frequency beings then they would come back and retry connection at another time.

          I do not have all the answers but I am seeing more clearly how the earth 3D program fell. Most of us star seeds come in here with our higher hearts open and just wanted to be and do good. One of my learning curves was not trusting spiritual groups from the get go. Learning to protect myself 100% of the time was not something I was used to, probably none of us were ever used to. But here, now that more of my gifts are stronger with the work I did and places like this to openly discuss without judgment so, for me anyway, I can review and really get clear on the dark forces. For me I feel like my process has been that I get a nudge from higher self and then I start looking at me and what is going on, and then I begin to actively scan and look within articles, newsletters, books. I am not saying this is right or not, this is just what I do. For me, this is one of my frustrations with dealing with ET’s, my higher self, guides, and even the many visions, fireletters and glyphs I receive. I don’t know what that glyph of a die with the five dots on it represents so I have to go seek and seek. So many out there are saying “I have the answers” and even some of the writers I respect are coming up with some really specific stuff like “this is from Archangel Michael” blah, blah, blah and I did not get any load booming voice shouting the name Michael when the glyph came at 3 am in the morning after they woke me up and I closed my eyes again. Sorry, I guess my frustration is noticeable there (and I have no idea if that glyph is associated with Michael, it is just an example). But, this is what has been coming up for me now and, should I clarify what I received as a vision, waking dream, sound, light envelope, etc from what I am intuitively getting? I personally feel that none of us are a clear channel yet or have our higher self fully in our physical bodies because none of us are glowing yet. My intention is to access the highes frequency information I can. I notice, for me, that when I read these newsletters and articles I feel aweful first because I am not getting that clear of information as they are and then the jealousy kicks in. Now, I know the obvious is that I need to clear a little more of my ego and work on knowing and living as the divine being I am. So what about beyond that in discerning the source? When, those of us that write, and I have done what I am bringing up here (again my intention was to bring in the higher wisdom), are we not relying on someone else who may or may not have had direct experience. I would love to hear what you guys are thinking about this. Again, I too, do not want for desire to hurt anyone but to bring in the highest information we can so we can create from this place also.

          Much love and light to all.

        • “…Their energy was so sticky…”

          Peg D.,

          Your description is perfect and highly accurate. Lower Astral entities and energies always have this feel of repulsive stickiness to them. When you feel that, know that you’re dealing with lower level Astral entities which means they’re not “nice” positive beings/entities/energies and you need to protect yourself. Soon none of us will have to deal with 4D Astral anything.

          So no, in my opinion these two beings were NOT positive beings at all. Stellar family or beings of the Light would never cause one worry or fear or be so menacing like those beings were you experienced. Evolved beings just don’t act like that at all.

          You’re totally right about how the majority of Starseeds incarnate into lower frequency dimensions with their higher frequency Home ways still in them and typically get bashed about a while down here in old polarized 3D insanity land! We have a very hard time understanding or relating to the “normal” negativity, behaviors and belief systems down here and the natives don’t take well to us either. They typically see us as weak, stupid, easily manipulated etc. What a trip huh?! Sigh… but the times they are a changin’ now and the shoe is definitely on the other foot finally. 😆


  • Hi Denise and Everyone. This comment is just me and about my little experiement I wrote about earlier. I had written that while buying a cup of coffee at a gas station store I had an instant experience from the heart with the concept of me working there.

    This is the first time I have “stepped out” just to see what it is all about as my “mind” was not involved. (My mind was not involved in wanting to live this life either!) So today I ventured out for a walk and stopped by the store and asked if they are hiring. They are! Hmmmm. I don’t know what to think about it, but I accepted an employment app and had a lovely chat with the manager.

    I tell you it is really weird to be stepping out like this, but my goal is to be able to discern and follow the Most High within me, and not my head so much bye and bye.

    I understand that we get moved about by spirit having our energy placed here and then placed there. I am sure there are purposes I know nothing about should this come to pass. On the plus side my mind can see I’d save a lot in gas money! As an Aries I like change after awhile, and the work sounds interestesting, but beyond that I don’t know and I am willing to be ok with that just to find out what’s up!

  • Denise, Really sorry you got this sinus/head pain stuff that’s going around. Hope you feel
    better soon. Count me in on whatever it is, had it last week bad, left side to the right side.
    Came on like someone flicked a switch, then went away the night of the Moon, Venus, Jupiter alignment. Tylenol w/caffiene and a wet, nuked washcloth pasted to my
    face was the only relief. Pain so bad I’d make coffee and put face in the grind holder smelling the vapors. Not trying to be funny, desperate times call for desperate measures.
    Take care.

    Concerning the money/material aspect it’s been a life theme for me. Up’s and down. Just have to say to if I had to jump into the dark abyss with an empty rice bowl, I couldn’t ask
    for better spirit companions than Denise and ALL of you here on TRANSITIONS. We
    have some spiffy rice bowls, yep I got mine at the Dollar Store. If that breaks I’m going
    for a half coconut shell, more Earthy. 🙂

    Edith, great insights, calming. I agree each is on their own soul path/initiations/stair steps. I can be likened to mother hen, not appreciating “intentional” deception” causing the chicks to loose faith of what they know is true in their heart. I do think the articles from other Sites/Authors are valuable, not trashing the messenger, just an aspect of one particular message/info. Now we’re striving for critical mass, when a fox comes in the hen house, this old bird gets defensive. Hate to see people hop off the train when they are so close to the station, this I believe happens when false light is misinterpeted as Divine light. Peace & Smiles to you. 🙂

    Kit, You have my prayers for sure, and don’t worry about being up to any challenge. You wouldn’t be reading/commenting on Denise’s site if you didn’t have the “Right Stuff”
    By reading your posts I think you have spunk! 🙂

    Valerie, like you I wonder how I can contribute more when everything seems controlled. We know the internet (though a two edged sword) is a part of the matrix. So consider everytime you post you are entering your thoughts/words, transfering energy from your brain and heart. It goes into the decaying old matrix, reaching others, causing coded imprints. 🙂 Controllers use it to influence the masses like the media/tv. Likewise each word from a Lightworker/high heart is helping to knock out the old, feeding the new energy/matrix. Thus explains the move to control/censor or shutdown the internet. Words and thoughts create.
    We’re in a game.

    Love/Hugs to All

    Ole Rear Guard

  • Hello Everyone!

    Thank you, Denise, for this post, and thank you all for your comments.

    The money problem has been very frustrating for me, too. The only “solution” I found so far is to keep on keeping on and raise my vibration, transmute all my emotional gunk, find out what I am, and be still and know that I am OK.

    It has become clear to me that “abundance” is irrelevant. One is on Earth for experiences and lessons. If you are on a specific mission, then all material needs are (usually) provided for you to complete your mission. If you are born into money, your lesson is to learn to share. However, things don’t always work out as planned here on Earth. Many missions go awry, and many are aborted because the supporting cast in your movie can’t remember their parts of the script; you may also have forgotten to remember to play your part in your own and others’ movies. This is business as usual on Earth. So being limited by lack of funds is something we always have to be willing to deal with. It sure is frustrating, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. So, “abundance” is irrelevant. “Letting go so as to receive greater abundance” is irrelevant. Experiences and lessons are relevant. (And unity consciousness sees “abundance” and “deprivation” as non-concepts.)

    For me personally, the frustration has been extreme. I’ve stomped my foot and thrown hissy fits because I am not able to do what I know I am able to do. But, as usual, my intuition is years ahead of my personal self, and the rest of the human race is mostly still not even ready to wake up. I cannot yet start the “doing” part of my mission. The best I can do is still at the energy level, quietly transmuting twisted 3D negativity into clarity. I know that so far, every need has been met for me to do exactly this — including tricking me into situations I would never have chosen for myself. 🙂

    I hope you know, as I do, that Ascension for Earth is happening because you are here. 🙂

    Much love to all,


  • Valerie and Denise comments: Yes, I agree and remember that this ending cycle is about this particular earth 3D program is ending. All those wanting to continue in 3D will be allowed and be reincarnate within other 3D programs. All that is ok and there is no judgment. Don’t worry about those who are still participating. The new earth grid is set and is running so all of us who are ascending above 3D have more energetic/light support than ever. However, I know it is difficult to operate at higher frequencies within a 3D environment. That is why we all need to balance our energies to zero point or neutral nonattachment. Once the grid is fully operational on 12:12:12, then the 3D grid will further dissolve. The 3D system will not have a power source. Until that happens, those that have inklings of there is a better way will try to improve using 3D polarities, but these fixes will not work as they still reside within polarity of a 3D system. All higher solutions at this time for those ascending, is to balance your energy fields of masculine and feminine energies to zero point or neutrality. We have to remember we are not here to solve earth’s 3D issue, because there is no issue. Earth’s 3D learning cycle is complete and she is ascending. As long as we hold our light, we are helping all those getting caught in 3D (those choosing to ascend but get stuck every once in awhile) will be able to realize that they got stuck and be able to return easily because the light is being held consistently at the higher frequencies.

    Once I decided to ascend and this is available for everyone freely and without charge, I began receiving sacred geometric light coded envelopes, or codes that opened up different energy pathways within my field. As these new pathways opened, I cleared all lower frequency energies, including dark attachments etc. I had experienced spontaneous kundalini, which is very powerful and mind blowing beyond belief of which I new nothing about. However, I was guided and protected beyond belief also. Also, as the kundalini (seen as two snakes climbing up the spinal column) flows all polarity is cleared and dealt with. Once this process completes the kundalini (seen visually as two snakes) energy program converts to a DNA spiral or light body encodements. The ascended being then has three vertical light sources: a tube of light that runs vertically and encases the physical body from shoulder to shoulder, then there is the DNA spiral and the prana prana tube that is about 2″ wide. The physical body is fed not by the false matrix of 3D but by light and is then allowed to begin the process of opening and practicing the new tools and skills that are available to those with ascended or for humans the 12 strand DNA. Just to make clear, the physical being is 3D has three light sources too: the tube that runs veritcal and width from shoulder to shoulder, the two snakes of postively and negatively charged energies that some refer to as the masculine and feminine energies, and the prana tube. The 3D program is visually represented by the equal length cross where the vertical energies of the God/light source is cut off from the being. The path to ascension then becomes how to then reconnect or open the light pathways.

    Sorry, I could go on and this is information you all have but felt compelled to write it. Love to all. Hopefully it is worth saying again, for me anyway it gets clearer each time instead of staying in the esoteric.

  • Denise,
    Hello again!! I do hope your eyes are doing better and your feeling well. I hope it is okay to comment on some posts again.

    I too feel that I would like to comment on Kyles and Old Gaurd’s and now Emily’s posts. Wow, I can’t tell you how all 3 of them touched on what I would have liked to say. I am still tounge-tied and feel like I am going to be inarticulate forever as I understand internally more these days. I hope you get what I am trying to say. Either way on my previous posts I seemed to have let my little self and ego try to communicate what my HS really means. It is so easy to fall into the trap of the ego and use a similar instance going on in ones life and get side-tracked like I did and do–all the time. Trying to process it all.

    From my original post this is what I wanted to ask; with this being THE TIME OF ASCENSION, why does it seem as tho there are much more of those engrained in 3D political/monetary/governmental systems than lightworkers/wayshowers ect? How do I/we fight the Dark when they have all the cards?AM I/we supposed to fight the dark? I know I do because I am constantly under attack inside but outside? By that I mean they must know this has been coming–they have all EVERYTHING from money -religion-politics-power. They have everything to achieve their goals and most of us of the light haven’t even woken-up yet and do not have much of any assets to fight them with. And if I am and others are just getting used to our stair-steps how are they going to be ready to Transition? How is all of this enslavement ever going to end? Shit , I wish I could speak.
    I know this 3D is an illusion. However, observing what is going on around me–all seems quiet and strange like it’s there but it isn’t. When at home and stupidly watching the NEWS, I see/know it all and it is nauseating–it is brainwashing, whats going on. I know it and watch it to see what they are up to now, I don’t know why–just something I intinctively know to do–to check them. There are so many people watching the latest sound-bite and falling for it. I know we are on our own paths and I know everyones path is perfect but the Dark knows whats at stake compared to those asleep or just waking. The Dark knows how to keep the illusion going and those still asleep do not even know that this is an illusion. How is any of this fair? How does one fight for their Ascension survival if they are so f**ing powerful and have come here to Earth ions ago and screwed with our DNA and enslaved us? How do we free ourselves from that? Thank-you again for listening to me. LovePeace&Light Valerie

    • “Denise,
      Hello again!! I do hope your eyes are doing better and your feeling well. I hope it is okay to comment on some posts again.

      I too feel that I would like to comment on Kyles and Old Gaurd’s and now Emily’s posts. Wow, I can’t tell you how all 3 of them touched on what I would have liked to say. I am still tounge-tied and feel like I am going to be inarticulate forever as I understand internally more these days. I hope you get what I am trying to say. Either way on my previous posts I seemed to have let my little self and ego try to communicate what my HS really means. It is so easy to fall into the trap of the ego and use a similar instance going on in ones life and get side-tracked like I did and do–all the time. Trying to process it all.

      From my original post this is what I wanted to ask; with this being THE TIME OF ASCENSION, why does it seem as tho there are much more of those engrained in 3D political/monetary/governmental systems than lightworkers/wayshowers ect? How do I/we fight the Dark when they have all the cards?AM I/we supposed to fight the dark? I know I do because I am constantly under attack inside but outside? By that I mean they must know this has been coming–they have all EVERYTHING from money -religion-politics-power. They have everything to achieve their goals and most of us of the light haven’t even woken-up yet and do not have much of any assets to fight them with. And if I am and others are just getting used to our stair-steps how are they going to be ready to Transition? How is all of this enslavement ever going to end? Shit , I wish I could speak.
      I know this 3D is an illusion. However, observing what is going on around me–all seems quiet and strange like it’s there but it isn’t. When at home and stupidly watching the NEWS, I see/know it all and it is nauseating–it is brainwashing, whats going on. I know it and watch it to see what they are up to now, I don’t know why–just something I intinctively know to do–to check them. There are so many people watching the latest sound-bite and falling for it. I know we are on our own paths and I know everyones path is perfect but the Dark knows whats at stake compared to those asleep or just waking. The Dark knows how to keep the illusion going and those still asleep do not even know that this is an illusion. How is any of this fair? How does one fight for their Ascension survival if they are so f***ing powerful and have come here to Earth ions ago and screwed with our DNA and enslaved us? How do we free ourselves from that? Thank-you again for listening to me. Love*Peace&Light Valerie”


      My brain/mental focus and linear words and typing are a jumble oftentimes too but I still push on and hope I make enough sense that people get what I’m trying to express. 😉

      Freewill. Never forget the Freewill Law here. Believe it or not souls greatly desire to come into polarity and experience good/bad, light/dark, male/female, pain/joy, love/hate, fear/bliss etc. etc. We have Freewill to learn within polarity for a long, long, long time and our Higher Self always gives us every tool we need to learn and master what we need to…but…we can get seriously sidetracked in these journeys into lower frequency worlds and dimensions. They’ve never been “illusions” to me but carefully created worlds where souls can choose to go into to learn within specific frequencies and be effected by them etc. Sure it’s an “illusion” but it’s a damned real illusion while one is in it, and that too is part of the learning and risk of entering such a polarized low frequency world/reality.

      From higher levels of being and consciousness we NEVER see things as good/bad, fun/not fun, painful or terrible and so on. We see them as look at what all I can learn if I go there! Once we’re down here it’s all tears and regret but from higher levels it is a huge privilege to come into such density, polarity and…shit. Couldn’t think of a positive word for it! 😆

      My point is that when each one is ready for a higher frequency and way, a way with more compassion and to take full responsibility for themselves and their thoughts, emotions, actions, words etc., then they will naturally seek the Light and start to move out of the darkness and polarity. Until then however, they’ll continue to learn within that particular frequency range and there isn’t a thing “wrong” with that at all. 😉


      • Denise.
        Thank-you once again for your informative reply. I really love your writing–you bring-up concepts that make me think. Thank-you…I see your point about remembering Free Will–I do forget sometimes. From my vantage point, I see alot of people struggeling and it rips me apart. I know I can’t “save” people but I can and do fight the Dark attacks on me and do what I can “out there”. The Dark is here in 3D by imposing their will on us, we must have known that when we chose to come here and learn from our higher self perspective. If the Dark has a stake in our going on with them by any means necessary–this is where I have a problem–they enslaved us for a reason–why would they let their slave race go?. How do we fight that? We are in 3D and when I referred to it as an illusion it is because I now know in the past couple of years that there are multi-dimensions and that we are multi-dimensioal beings experience experiences. Believe me I know it is very real here –that is my problem. I enjoy some of life here but not much anymore because I see we are not free and will never be free until we Transition. I see the risks we have taken that you brought-up and I did get side-tracked here for awhile. I used to love playing this game on some level but I am done and still see a void for the future. That is bothering me even tho I keep learning about Ascension and the process I am with Kyle on this one what if we are stuck here with the Dark Ones and either can’t leave or nothing happens? I know you said you will be writing a response to Kyle and I am thankful for that.
        Until then I will stay in gratitude, stay in the now moment and not project and/or create situations I no longer want to experience. I will find inner-peace and love the entire process good/bad ect. I thank all for reminding me not to get caught-up in the process. Thank-you for listening. Peace*Love& Light, Valerie

  • Dear Denise, Edith, Ole rear guard and all.

    It has begun in earnest. I can feel it inside and outside of me and discern it in all of you from your comments. We have to live in the NOW – now. I’m being given so many unequivocal prompts there is no ignoring anymore. (I’m good at hiding from myself)
    It’s bubbling up inside of me and I think from all the comments and Denises’ posts it’s the same with all here.

    I have so much darkness being forced out into the surface and so much opportunity given to me to transmute it to light.
    I’m doing my best to send light to all living beings as well as transmuting my fears to light without adding to the karmic load of unity.

    Pray for me that I’m up to the challenge.

    Much love

    • dearest kit, this does not have to be quite “the challenge”. there are tools given to us that help, and all the “stuff” and worries that you have are from your mind. And I sure don’t mean to insult you or your mind! I know how REAL it all is and how painful and scary too!

      I don’t know what your belief’s are but I hope that you feel you can ask for assistance. I like to ask the holy spirit or the goddess, or the ascended masters to assist me with that which I desire to let go and transmute. I like to use the god ray and or the violet ray. I ask for the ray I want and then ask it to cleanse me on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I ask it to cleanse my channel, my chakras and my aura. I see the ray beginning over my head above the soul star and penetrating down deep into the earth.

      You can ask to live your life with divine grace and ease. Warning! Don’t read as sparkly or fairy tale! You will still learn to be aware and “work”. You can ask to be taught detachment and discernment. You can ask to be protected while you sleep and be taken to “schools” for such topics or anything else that comes to mind.

      ULtimately you can ask for tools that will work best for you and empower you, that will be kind, loving and useful.

      So many people become prickly about “asking for help” as if it is a sign of weakness! In my opinion it is a sign of the ego/personality sitting in the driver seat most of the time! Someone who really KNOWS this won’t feel the need to make an issue out such things as they understand each being is doing the best he can on the level he is standing, and that there is a purpose for going thru whatever one is going thru at that level.

      Each person’s journey and enlightenment will take as long as it takes, and as there is a divine plan and purpose there is no reason to worry. I know we WILL worry, it is only human, but once in a while we can dare to relax and trust…. it is these little moments that will take root and grow.

      Kit, CHRIST (or whatever ID you give it) is with you right now to make your burden easy. There ARE those that surround you with love and support….. have you ever felt like crying for no reason when you have been feeling alone?…. the energy is so sweet it always brings me to tears…. I used to think I was just too emotional! No, this is not an easy trip, and yes we hurt, and if you are like me you engage in pity parties, pouting, anger, withdrawal, depression, etc….. eat lots of ice cream! But something always brings me round, I don’t know how but it does.

      Love and blesings. and if not one thing I offer appeals to you then hit the delete button because there is something better waiting for you!

      • Denise, Edith and all
        very helpful. on more than one level. I had a number of strange coincidences as the SHTF. My plumber came to fix a leak and brought me some spiritual books to read as we had discussed such issues last time we met. This was totally unasked for.
        One of the books was Eckhart Tolle ” The poer of now”. Started reading it, found it helpful and less than a week later was clearing out some CDs and found the book on CD. I had no idea that I had it. I believe a higher power is looking out for us when we’re ready for them.
        I’m going to keep asking for help and see what happens

        much love to all

  • Good Morning Denise and everybody! I am very sleepy but I feel a response inside of me regarding Kyle and Ole Rear Gards comments. I hope I can make some sense.

    Like Denise has stated repeatedly, the stair step one is on makes a difference as to how one ingests different material.

    I think we humans are facing a “lesson” about “accepting the way things are, the way reality appears to be.” You can’t pretend it is not here. Acceptance, in my opinion is an act of making peace with issues and situations. It is a first step. Don’t get all freaked that you think I mean that horrible situations and behavior are OK!

    Time. Soon. Boy have I learned that “soon” when it comes from spirit is not the human idea soon!

    Heart. I truly believe that each spiritual being MUST connect with the heart to know what path/direction they are to follow whether it makes sense to any message or belief system. I think that we are then supporting the personal and greater divine plan whether we know it or not, whether it makes sense or not.

    Discernment/observation: I think there is another lesson here. Tolerance/acceptance and OBSERVATION. To rise above duality is to aquire the ability to simply observe without condemnation. Oh yes, the word is DETACHMENT. I don’t mean to imply that I am there yet!

    And, DAMN IT, there is only NOW!

    I think that messages that create excitement, fascination, fear, and rescue, are obviously stirring up our minds/ego. Don’t get me wrong, I love to run away with some fascination from time to time! I do! However I have come to realize that these messages don’t feed my serenity, joy, or heart in any manner. If I do become reactive I use my reaction to realize I have some more old beliefs to relase, or at least realize these beliefs are in me.

    I have become aware that if I look at everything offered and I am doing it indiscriminately then I must be aware that I am looking at stuff not meant for ME. I don’t mean that all messages are tainted by the dark. If we are a “body” of God then there might be paths meant for the nose of god that would make no sense for the feet of god! Do you get me? There are the Rays. A 3rd Ray Soul will have a whole different outlook from a 2nd Ray soul. Plus that pre incarnation plan for the ego/soul to live and learn and walk it out in the life.

    In the end, I think we are all meant to go within and find that center of serenity. Find our place in the Body Of God. Follow our hearts. Grounded-ness. Balance. Face what is happening to learn, let go, heal it, accept it, love it. And above all else, let’s have a sense of humor and lighten up! SMILE!

    • Yes, we, or rather, I need to remember that I do not operate within the 3D grid anymore unless I choose it. At times, I get bored because I am not in the drama of 3D karmic energy ties. This bordem is from being done. I cleared out the old dark energy, helped the planet, watched and felt the major kundalini rise, I balanced my feminine and masculine energies, I opened my higher heart (turquoise color chakra) and the back of the head top of the neck magenta colored chakra. I am practising the actual transition when I rise up with my full lightbody intact but I am having trouble with the wierd sensation of “oh God, there is no gravity and I am going to fall” feeling I get but if I breathe through this it disappears. So, I am waiting for 12:21:12 energy point to arrive. Just the other night I saw how the back of the neck chakra, some call it the “Mouth of God” and the crown chakra work together as an energy field that is so absolutely beautiful and amazing. There are these beautiful light streams that form a sphereical shape at the top of the crown and then the soft flowing light strands of the light cascade sphereically down to then connect at the base of the skull. I may be a slow learner but I have wondered for quite awhile why I did not see the lotus flower at my crown. My crown chakra has been wide open for many, many years now.

      Most of us here are still concerned that we are participating and doing each of our parts for the ascension. For example, I was concerned that my throat chakra wasn’t opened fully. However, from this forum I found that it was open and that there was the next step waiting for me to open to, which I shared above with the energies needing to connect from the crown and back of the neck chakra. That was all the strong energy flows I was picking up in my vibrating teeth, numb gums and tongue, the tremendous energy in neck and jawline. Another example of making sure my energy is perfectly tuned to ascension is my desire to continue to give readings and having group meetings in my home. For me, I always enjoyed helping others when I was doing readings in the early days, but that all stopped in 2001. I have and continue to adjust my ego and come to terms that helping the ascension by running a group was not a part of my spiritual contract. So it was this last bit of ego that needs/needed to be gently guided to the light so that when I scan my energies there is no tug that I have not done something important for this ascension. My “job” is complete right now, unless and until I get my next step in this process.

      So I am using this time to review everything of my process and checking all my nooks for darkness. The new earth grid is in place with its beautiful pentagon connecting sacred geometries and golden light being emitted. I am told that this grid is not emitting its frequency at full capacity but will on 12:12:12 when the last crystals get fired up. This is also why and a benefit of the grid not fully operational so that we each can take care of any last tiny bits of ego matrix that is/are still operating within our individual fields. So when the grid comes to operating at full frequency we will not be blasted off the grid. For me, and I have no experiential data, but I believe that we will be the ones bringing the new earth to her new “rotational field” (spirit did not let me use any other words here).

      Again, I just want to thank you all so much in being able to connect with others who are getting this higher frequency information and the removal of the spiritual isolation that I was under as per my spiritual contract as I was rewiring my body for its new light garment. I celebrate all of us!

      • Peg D,

        😯 I didn’t know the colour for the high heart chakra is turquoise. No WONDER I’m drawn to that colour. So much so that my bedroom curtain, bed spread and mat are in turquoise… besides wearing clothing (tops especially) all of shades of that turquoise/teal… and looking at book covers of the same hue. Never had a stone one to directly use it. I guess my Soul just gives me compensations.

        I googled more on it and … omigosh: Almost ALL the “symptoms” associated with the need for having turquoise is what I’m experiencing at the moment… especially with themes on independence, self reliance and creative self expression. Albeit so many of us are in great need of that too.

        This link suits me best:

        Thanks so much Peg D. ^_^’

        • Thanks Lou Ann for letting me know of your synchronicity. I went to the web site you suggested and loved it. Hugs! In love and light, Peg

  • Dear Denise re your comment ‘As of yesterday I have some weird eye pain or infection etc etc’
    The comment I am going to post here in not really applicable for ascension and money but I feel it could be useful.

    I have had the same eye problem and antibotic eye drops didn’t help.

    I have had a series of dreams – all on the same theme – running out of time.
    The latest a couple of days ago:
    I was sat in a dentists chair
    I was told the dentist was special
    He checked my teeth and said they were fine.
    He said I had the blood of a saint
    He asked if I saw the white light – I nodded yes
    He asked if the light energy shut my digestion down – I nodded yes
    He said I had a problem with my blood platelets they were clumping together
    He said it would not be picked up by the medical profession so he would record it on my notes so it would not be forgotten.
    He said my mission was very nearly over.
    and I should get my affairs in order as the light would be coming for me soon.

    Denise the reason I am posting this is because I believe their is something going on in our antibody function and some weird virus problems we are encountering. If you feel this is not appropriate please do not post on your website. Maureen

    P.S. It is the most glorious spring day here in the U.K..

  • Hello to Denise and All who contribute to TRANSITIONS. Kyle’s comments opened a door for me to share some of my thoughts which I held back expressing due to respect for
    Denise, her site and life long efforts as a LightWorker. Secondly timing was a factor, not to be criticial of prior Articles in which Denise shared from other Lightworker sites.
    I had various things gnawing at me and wanted to first clear out any possibility my views weren’t ego based. Now I’ll share what got my panties in a bunch so much that scissors were needed to remove due to so many knots. I may have to face the possibility of going bare ass till this Ascension project is accomplished or I choke on a Skittle. Kyle covered excellent issues and I will be adding to his perspective with these points/opinions.

    When we observe the channelings from GFL, Masters Guides, Guardians etc. there is reasons for red flags. We must weed through what is of LIGHT or FALSE LIGHT. History is a friend to my observations. When it was stated that Plan A was changed to Plan B by the “Guardians” it didn’t set right with me. Explanation given it’s due to the Dark corrupting the 3D-5D, grids etc. Point #1 Loose lips sink ships. These oh so wise Guardians are going to lay out the Lightworker Plan B like Geraldo drawing troop positions on live TV while in Iraq? DUH! Point #2 The Guardian’s decisions/actions for us Lightworkers in the mud, blood and the beer not to mention poverty is to benefit the Acension goal. To me it draws a parallel to the patriarchal system of Earth ,be it local ,state, federal or world parties governing/oppressing the world’s citizens. “WE KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU.” Well I have a memo to these entities real or phantoms. “NO THANK YOU”, the ONE/ALL THAT IS & my higher heart/self KNOWS WHATS GOOD FOR ME. Divine Intervention from ONE/ALL THAT IS was necessary due to the failure of “So called Guidance” for thousands and thousands of years.

    I do believe there are ET groups from various star systems which serve the “LIGHT” There are many messages coming in by those aiding the dark by throwing out baloney to stall, keep the old timeline, and mess with our heads. Like true higher dimensional beings serving the Light, ETs of Light will not advertise their plans. It’s been expressed repeatedly about the law of non-intervention by these questionable ET/Angel channelings. Wouldn’t this law also include daily/weekly/monthly news letters to us on Earth published on so many websites? This rant includes false channelings from religious icons. “Harry! We better stock up, Mother Mary’s daily news letter says she’s gonna rock Toledo with a 7.5 mag!”

    THE ONE/SOURCE doesn’t need to fit the schedules of a calendar, Nostradamus, Cayce, Revelations or New Age Oracles via ETs or false Angel messages. The end of a 26,000yr cycle is upon us, we know we are getting beneficial solar energies for DNA upgrades and we’re moving closer to the Galactic center. Was this 2012 Ascension a ruse of the dark? Maybe. But due to the tireless efforts of Lightworkers on many levels and a massive desire of so many good hearts, we’re pulling it off. 🙂 Neener, neener.

    Denise, if you choose not to post this I’ll understand. My comments are in reference to Kyle’s post and off topic concerning financial concerns. I look forward to your Article addressing his post.

    Love, Light and Hugs to All!

    Ole Rear Guard

    • Ole Rear Guard,

      Good to hear from you again . Neener, neener indeed! 🙂 (We all knew 2012 was gonna be wild n’ wooly…)

      As of yesterday I’ve got some weird eye pain or infection or whatever it is and it hurts even more trying to look at the bright computer screen to write so it’s going to take me a few days to get this new article written. I know we’ll have more great Comments on it because this is an important topic and one I’ve wanted to talk about anyway. I’ll try to get at it asap everyone.


      • Denise,

        Same here with weird eye pain. Weird eye fatigue too almost all the time. You can put down the computer screen light’s notch down a bit. It’s either under or bottom of the monitor… and/or at the top of the keyboard. It helps lots. 🙂

        Love love LOVE all comments here… most of them so far.

        I want to make mention about what this 2012’s Spring Equinox may bring for us all. It may even trigger major countries into default and then all kinds of domino effects in the money-world can happen. That I have been reading at least one article on… and I’m not so sure how realistic it really is:

        Here it is:

        Thanks to one of our family members here… who shared with us this website a while back… I’ve been resonating with it… especially with that article. I love this author’s visions and messages. I love his writing craft too. But there’s “really feeling” the message and then there’s relating this to “real reality” in this timeline. Is it too good to be true? Would it even happen this way or that way? I thought it’s up to us in the here and now moment that would have it “happen”. My intention is not to bash or attack this author at all. That’s absolutely not what I intend in any way at all. I still respect, love and honor this Lightworker and his visions. I guess I’ve been so duped and deep in this 3D Life… it would be me that is steeply blind to know what has to come… so please bear with me and my short-sighted shortcoming. But like Old Rear Guard points out… we have to weed out what’s true and what’s the Truth. Maybe it will happen… but not the way we all thought it would be???

        As for Kyle’s mention about business, wealth and money and all the things that come with it… that inspired me to point out another thing: How can one be wealthy or rich… if you need laborers/workers/employees to do the work FOR you? Most “rich” or “well-to-do” folks are employers or investors or business people and all three. To me all of them need to use other people’s money/time/energy to do the work for them. If you need outside/external sources to “get things done” in order to be “rich”… that can’t possibly be true wealth. You’re dependent on others to make you “rich”! One of the Indigos in her mid-30s shared this with a few of us and… it stuck with me since.

        To me in this point in time… true wealth/abundance is who YOU ALREADY ARE. You don’t need to work. You don’t need to “make things happen”. You don’t need other people to “make it happen” or “make it work”. You don’t need to “do” anything. Doing is too much work and wastes too much time and energy. There’s no real power in being such a busy-body. I’m seeing other people who are still busy and it’s annoying as hell. I’m still trying to figure out what happened in my recent past when I was a busy-body and that has left me tired. I have yet to see the end-results.

        Take care everyone.
        Lou Ann
        P.S. sorry for the long message. ^_^’ And I’m not sure if it’s right of me to post or make mention of anyone’s article like this. If this is out of place or would cause harm to anyone… and you’d have to not post this message… then I’m going to have to be ok with that.

        • Lou Ann,

          I’m not very familiar with this website or its author — — and because my eyes are needing to take it easy and not read all day, I only glanced through this particular article. What little of it I did read is in my opinion, correct…but like I said, I haven’t as yet read it all.

          “If you need outside/external sources to “get things done” in order to be “rich”… that can’t possibly be true wealth. You’re dependent on others to make you “rich”!”

          This type of consciousness is completely parasitic, vampiric, and is how the human elite and non-human Dark feed off of the human masses and the masses off each other. If you’ve got to take from another to gain yourself, then you’re a parasite, a vampire. Fifth dimensional High Heart Unity Consciousness gained via the Ascension Process means that individuals are self-contained energy beings who never need to or would parasitize or vampirize another being for any reason. This is what we’re evolving into now and why this transition is so difficult and confusing for most for so many reasons.


        • Hi Denise,

          Vampiric. That’s the other word I was trying to insert here… but found my already long message way too long for eye-reading already. It maybe Alexandra or someone else here who said it best: “words can’t express well what the soul wants to really say let alone properly be effective”… yes?

          Has anyone found themselves looking at items in the supermarket lately? You know… that kind of moment of bliss… where you’re looking at certain items… and intend it in another place… in another realm… in another dimension… for the price-tag to say $0.00? A few items were unreachable financially for me. But it was more than $$$. I did caught myself say “wouldn’t it be lovely if someone gave it to me freely from their hearts?” On examining an exotic-looking jam… reading its ingredients and so forth… I realize it has NOTHING to do with this fancy jar of jam. If I did have that money for it… I STILL wouldn’t buy it. But this foreign and stylish looking jam inspired me to think of 5D possibilities… where I get to create—from scratch—my own stylish jar of jam… filled with all natural REAL jam. No labor. No preparations. No extra utensils and tools. No need to grow herbs/fruits/juices/etc to get certain ingredients. I just had it fill up the jar out of “thin air”. And then… I give it away to a stranger who genuinely and profoundly… loves the gift. Same for vice versa too. It’s just this 5D way of giving that has me… the feeling of authentic giving from a someone who’s supposed to be a stranger to me… that has got me all wrapped up in yumminess.

          Denise: do take care of your eyes. I’m yet to keep on mastering at taking care of my own… especially when I now notice it’s one of the most precious yet abused and needed pair of muscles from my 3D body. I do await your comment on that article. I admit this much: I’m curious as to what you really think of it.

          With much love and gratitude to all,
          Lou Ann

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