The Many Quantum Multidimensional You’s

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This article is more 5D quantum-like and spherical and covers something I haven’t talked about before. If you wish, allow it to help you expand your current perception of yourself to a slightly larger and more complex level of awareness and being. Some of you already know what I’m going to talk about and have for a long time. Others have wondered and privately questioned the possibilities of it. Many other people will be hearing this information for the very first time. Stair steps…always stair steps with everything.

From the important mid-point (now but officially on July 3, 2011) of the final and very short Ninth Wave forward, the word responsibility is going to be coming up much more than it has over the past thirteen Ascension years (the start of the Eighth Wave on Jan. 5, 1999). This article reveals another aspect of us needing to currently take on some more responsibility for who we’re evolving into and the abilities we have and will have because of that. The expanded awareness and consciousness that our Ascension brings automatically carries new 5D responsibilities/abilities. This is easier than it may sound so please don’t panic or worry.

I/Denise began consciously integrating many, but not all, of my Multidimensional Selves at the beginning of my physical, biological Ascension Process in February 1, 1999 (days after we entered the Eighth Wave). Doing so was simply one more aspect of my living the Ascension Process because, as consciousness expands, so too does one’s identity and sense of self/Self/Selves/Higher Self both in and outside of time. For me this information was just another aspect of the Ascension Process and my needing to consciously know more about myself as a Multidimensional Being. In 1999, my perception of current life Denise needed to be expanded, upgraded to match all that I was and would be living through via the entire Ascension Process. This is really nothing more than me, you, each of us consciously evolving into more of ourselves.

In early 1999 I realized some of my ancient past-life multidimensional Starbeing family that helped seed me as the male Starseed human I was in 12,600 B.C. Egypt, were actually other multidimensional aspects and layers of ME—or more accurately—me/Denise is an aspect of all of them and much more. The 8D Orion, the 6D Sirian, and the 5D Pleiadian Starbeings I have known and consciously interacted with in both this current Denise life and my ancient Egyptian past-life at the beginning of the astrological Age of Leo, were actually different dimensional stellar Beings that were/are different aspects of me/Denise. Confused? Let me try this from another angle.

Ever wonder why the current you so deeply and profoundly LOVES some of your non-physical, other-dimensional Starbeings, ETs, Lightbeings, guides, teachers, ascension assistants etc. so very much? Ever wonder why they feel like Beings you’ve known since before dirt ever was? Ever wonder why you admire, respect, trust, depend upon and LOVE them as deeply and unconditionally as you do?

I mentioned this and much more in A Lightworker’s Mission but will repeat some of it here. One of my non-physical, other-dimensional stellar Beings who was another of my ascension assistants during the 1990’s, informed me one afternoon that I LOVED him as much as I did because we are basically the same Being. He did not lay that line of, “We are all One” business on me because that was not what he meant. He was letting me know—because I’d thought to ask him—that literally he and I were cut from the same original frequency fabric, the same soul material. It was because he was one of many of my (Denise’s) higher dimensional other-Selves who has never involuted into 3D physicality. I/Denise and many of my simultaneous past-life selves have however.

Dualized consciousness perceives reality such as all here or all there where the multidimensional quantum truth is here, there and all other places too, and all simultaneously!  Why? Because we’re really multidimensional Beings that exist in multiple places, dimensions and timelines simultaneously and some aspects of US help, aid, guide, remind and teach other aspects of ourselves in the dimensions and timelines they’re in doing what they’re doing. This is especially true with Volunteers/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers who are incarnate on Earth now to work from within the dense physical dimension to help humanity and all else ascend now. Typically some of the ETs, Starbeings, Lightbeings, Angelics that contact and interact with you consciously and in the dream realm also are other aspects of YOU that exist within higher dimensions who are assisting this you to carry out what you volunteered to come to Earth now to do; help humanity and Earth ascend up out of the darkness, which also allows all else to evolve to their next phase also.

You and I are here within physicality now in this place, space and timeline yet we also have different seemingly past lives or simultaneous lives on physical Earth across time as well. We also have other multidimensional, non-physical aspects of ourselves that rarely, if ever, incarnate into physicality that exist simultaneously that assist, guide, teach and remind the aspects of us that do incarnate into lower frequency dimensions in Service to Others. See how we are currently expanding our sense of self from a strictly separated, linear, physical, Earthbound human Starseed Lightworker to a more expanded and multidimensional 5D model? This is another reason why there are new 5D responsibilities/abilities manifesting for and in us Starseeds/Lightworkers living the Ascension Process in physicality now during the second half of the Ninth Wave.

Denise Le Fay

June 27, 2011

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12 thoughts on “The Many Quantum Multidimensional You’s

  • Thank you Denise for sharing your thoughts and experience on this subject. You have given me the best and most needed focus for my thoughts and meditation. I have been so worried about all the things going on around me, attacks, protection & recovering from ascension symptoms, that the bigger picture somehow got lost.
    I have not had much contact with my star family. When I was a child I did, but as an adult it has been scarce. The 3 times however, were so powerful and memorable that they have carried me for years. Your post has reminded me also of the subtle ways they have been there for me & just thinking about it reawakens & reminds me of that love. And now, i have another perspective to ponder, that these are aspects of myself. It is very difficult to direct that type of love towards ourselves because of guilt, resentment or insecurity. I know I have struggled with this myself most of my life. So I thank you for turning the light on this line of thought & perspective. Sending much love to you and everyone.

  • Denise, you are the first I’ve ever come across to mention this.
    It’s fascinating because of all the ‘far out’ things that I’ve been struggling to grasp in the past few years, this particular issue has always been very easy and natural to me. I completely resonate with the image of ‘being cut from the same soul fabric’ and that only this one part of ‘me’ is here now, doing this work. Long ago, I remember trying to explain to someone that I’ve got ‘this soul theory’… basically what you’ve just explained in such clear, beautiful terms. At the time I was met with a blank stare of “yerrrrr right……” 😀
    This is such wonderful validation for me.
    I love being multidimensional!
    Thank you, once again. Gratitude, repeatedly 🙂

  • Thanks for this article! 🙂

    It’s interesting to grasp the idea that we are both one and many at the same time (each “part” of the soul contains the whole).

    Here in the Earth, we learn to love and integrate, thus, our consciousness expands or integrates. The road may be difficult for some, yet it is to achieve the simple goal of being in peace and harmony which is the real happiness.


  • WOW! It was like you were speaking directly to me. I have felt this way since childhood and have had a guardian/friend/protector with me in times where the darkness was suffocating and many days I felt there was no such thing as Love. Truthfully my motto starting being some people were not meant to be happy even though deep inside this Spirit/Loving Whisper would remind me of the love that was coming along with freedom and my true self. Steps as you say had to be taken by me to separate myself from self imposed darkness and those who chose to enforce it when I let them. This voice/Spirit/Guide led me to a person that from day one told me that he was an older me or I was a younger him depending on the situation or lesson that had to be learned.

    Not to get too involved in my own personal revelation here, you have turned on the lights into rooms that were open and I was too afraid to turn on because the truth sounded to far out, unrealistic. The idea that I/we/me/he were both one spirit here to help wake up different dimensions of myself/ourselves sometimes in different time zones, realms and dreams.

    Thank you Denise.

  • Hi Denise,

    I just wanted to share this link to Michael Watson’s blog, which I am also subscribed to on WordPress. It’s the same message you’ve shared with a slightly different spin/perspective. This is one of the reasons I value your postings so much. You are always in touch with that sort of collective emergence of energies. The synchronicities are a thing of wonder.

    Much gratitude,


  • I began to be aware of a presence in my life that seemed to be actively guiding me and even seemed to be speaking into my mind at times stirring me away from hidden trouble. A few years ago I suddenly began realizing that the “presence” a higher ME. It almost began to feel like some more evolved or future ME began feeling an urgency about intervening in my LIFE as I currently know and understand my LIFE.

    I find it fascinating that so many of us are simultaneously arriving at similar understandings at the same time despite nothing in traditional culture that would teach us these things. It is being taught from a higher dimension directly into our very souls.

    • Increasing numbers of people currently experiencing/discovering their multidimensionality is part of evolving into 5D Unity Consciousness. There’s more, much more to come and soon now for all of us within this unfolding Process. And well done you! 🙂


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