Negative Mental Body Blocks & Interference


Before my physical, biological Ascension Process stated in February 1999, my ability to mentally and emotionally focus was rather impressive. I could easily and quickly enter an altered state of consciousness by mentally focusing on something and then fueling my intent with a specific emotion. That was all it took for me to quickly launch myself into an altered state specifically to access higher dimensional information.

Keep in mind that what I’m talking about was my reality before the start of my physical body Ascension Process. My consciousness and the energy situation was different then from what it was 15 years ago, 10 years or even 3 years ago. My point is that I was very familiar with easily and quickly shifting my consciousness and focus to intentionally perceive higher level information and retain the majority of it once I’d returned to what then was my “normal” consciousness. [See A Lightworker’s Mission]


With the start of my physical Ascension Process this well-developed mental ability I’d had all my life suddenly ended and I was mortified. Literally overnight I went from my familiar Multidimensional Traveler mode to not able to string enough words together to make intelligent sentences, or even remember the names of common everyday objects. I went through a lengthy period of years where I couldn’t read books—something I loved and could do in a day or two and retain almost all of what I’d read—because I could not mentally focus and remain mentally focused. It was incredibly frustrating, and my ego self and sense of identity took debilitating but necessary transformational blows being forced to so unexpectedly release those abilities and sense of self at that old lower level.

I eventually realized that this chaotic mental jumble and disconnect was another typical Ascension symptom; a very important one that forced my then ego self, my consciousness, and my mental habits out of their familiar level and state, and into a (didn’t know this at the time but) temporary space of utter disconnect. I went through years of not being able to mentally focus on much of anything for the simple reason that I was not supposed to be so intensely focused in that old familiar 3D way! The Ascension Process scrambled my brains and ability to think straight, focus and stay focused on what the then “me” wanted to focus on.  My Higher Self had grander plans so I was placed on temporary Ascension disconnect and intense mental and ego self scramble for a few years, as were or are most of you.


After going through these difficult Phase One Ascension-related changes, now when I mentally focus on specific positive and higher things, suddenly I can’t hold or maintain the desired focus I intended. This however does not feel like that old Ascension symptom mentioned above. I can now quickly get where I intend to mentally, create the visual mind’s eye image I want to use and actually be visualizing and Consciously Creating when, in the next split-second I’ll be thinking about trash on the side of the roads, monkey shit, off-road vehicles, biker dudes, colorful jelly beans, kids playing happily under the summer sun, cleaning the house, getting the car waxed, zebras grazing in Africa — every ridiculous lower frequency thing you could imagine would suddenly and repeatedly derail my intended higher frequency mental focus. And of course, I thought for about a year that this problem was all me. I thought I was simply not doing all I could to mentally focus on what I wanted to focus on. I figured it was all my fault and that I must be doing something “wrong”. I’m stressing this because we all do this; we automatically assume that we’re the reason something isn’t working correctly. We typically don’t consider that there may be some unseen negative source causing the mental interference problems we’re experiencing.

Then around 2008, I  realized I should pay close attention to what I was mentally focusing on and intending when this sudden and severe mental interference and repeated derailing business happened. I also compared this to when I’d mentally focus on typical everyday type things and projects. This simple comparison test was how I made this discovery.

I discovered that this new mental side tracking and all over the place crazy monkey-mind derailing happened ONLY when I intentionally focused mentally on doing and/or Consciously Creating something higher in frequency than say, the need to mop my kitchen floor next Tuesday. Of course I did this comparison testing 547 times to be sure of the results I was getting! I never publicly write about something unless I’m sure of what I’m about to present to the minds and hearts of readers.

So, here are the incredible results of nearly four years of my fumbling around trying to honestly discern why this was happening to me. I know that 95% of the time now (this will improve greatly and sooner than later I sense) when I intentionally mentally focus on something higher to help me, my body/bodies with the current Ascension Process and energies (Consciously Create), I evidently trigger some frequency device—probably within my Mental Body in another dimension—that automatically and instantly activates mental blocks and mental interference to what I’m intentionally doing and focusing on. Next obvious question is who would do this to me? To you? This one is obvious after you make the connections; it’s the Dark Ones or Team Dark as I call all of them. The why to this is equally obvious; they do NOT want me, you, us, humanity raising our vibratory rates, our frequencies, our mental and emotional energies and focus on anything higher and positive because it will directly affect them in ways they do not want. Talk about ramming your Ascending head against an invisible glass ceiling!

They have in my opinion placed or implanted some type of frequency monitor—Higher Consciousness Alarm System—to prevent me/you/us from intentionally using our evolving/ascending High Heart (Unity) Consciousness and Creative abilities and escape their monstrous actions and distortions to our different Energy Bodies and multidimensional abilities. If this wasn’t created by them I’d experience this same mental interference and derailing business when I focus on anything. But I don’t, I experience it only when I intentionally focus on creating something positive, higher and beneficial for myself, my physical body, the masses, the planet etc. The mental blockages and mental interference was there every time and that’s not a coincidence—it’s deliberate and it’s done by the Dark Ones to keep us functioning within a very limited and lowly frequency range.


Just because I put two and two together and discover some of these multidimensional dark, negative, horrific things on my own does not mean I’m always ready to share them all at TRANSITIONS. Sometimes I sit on information because I’m not ready or willing to play the solo maverick and stick my Elder Starseed Lightworker neck out yet again and get myself attacked for the effort. So, sometimes I sit on certain information until I sense or know it is energetically time to go public with it and that I’ll be safe in doing so.

This was recently confirmed for me by another great article by Lisa Renee that made my heart smile and know it’s time for more of this information to be brought out into full consciousness. Her article I’m talking about is “The Diamond Heart” February 2011.

This article talks about how we’ve evolved/ascended to the point now where it’s time for these negative, other-dimensional Mental Body (and Emotional Body) blocks and frequency interference devices to be removed or energetically overridden completely. This makes perfect sense to me because of the higher-level interferences and blockages I’d discovered a few years ago. I sensed there had to be more Light assistance for us in removing and/or overriding any and all of these negative distortions, blockages, energy siphons, and multi-bodied control devices created by the Dark Ones so long ago. I’ve sensed that eventually within our ongoing Ascension Process we’d have to deal with all of these negative DNA alterations, disconnections, and everything else done by them to us, humanity and Earth. Evidently, we reached that point in the fall months of 2010, but all of 2011 will quickly deal with one after another of these negative multidimensional body and consciousness interference devices. It’s about time is all I can say! Can you imagine how much easier everything will be for the Forerunners/Lightworkers/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Gridworkers/Indigos when we have all our natural abilities, Source energies and connections back up and running constantly and all these dark limitation and parasitic feed devices gone? I cannot wait to exist and work at full and natural capacity with NO dark energy drains, restrictions and constant interference devices in any of my bodies.

I realize we will walk up these 2011 energy stair steps and accelerated phases and these ancient negative distortions, blockages, interference devices, energy drains and all the rest of it created by the Dark Ones to imprison us, are (and will continue to be) removed or dissolved because that is a huge aspect of this phase of the Ascension Process. And the inter-dimensional help and protections we have now is different from what I’ve perceived from the start of 1999 through the ending of 2010. The Work we’re currently doing will be much faster and easier compared to what we’ve been through during Phase One. Know that one after another of these negative etheric devices and distortions created by the Dark Ones will quickly be leaving us now and replaced with unrestricted flow of Source Energy and Life Force. Oooo… just had another little earthquake here like an exclamation point to all this!

Denise Le Fay

February 13, 2011

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28 thoughts on “Negative Mental Body Blocks & Interference

  • Something negative was sent to me awhile back at least it’s what people have told me.
    My thoughts cant think positive. Everyone says i’m fine,but i don’t feel fine.

    • Lili Ree,

      Everyone else’s opinions about you aren’t important when it’s YOU that’s feeling these negative things. You do what YOU feel, what YOU discern is what you need to do now for yourself now because of all this.

      Also know that if you believe yourself to be a victim of what certain other people did to you (directed at you etc.) then getting rid of this stuff is more difficult. But if you know that YOU are more powerful than whatever negativity is bothering you now, that you are an aspect of Divine Source and have the ability and Right to not be affected by negative people and/or negative nonphysical beings and such, then getting rid of this stuff will be so much faster for you.

      Keep reading and learning and do your best to not fall into fear or victim-hood over any of this because it will only weaken you. Call in your Higher Self, your Guides and anyone/anything else that you believe in and trust completely to guide and teach you about this issue. Be strong, be brave and get into Warrior mode within yourself and push back the negativity with the Light that you are. ❤

  • I don’t understand :S . I read this article just now as if it were the first time, and I wanted to say yes! yes! yes! and I see I’m the first one who responded. What is happening to my brain? I wanted to say…. that I’m noticing that there are now these freaky thoughts going through my mind at high speed too, whenever I’m deliberately trying to create something of beauty, in home/garden, which I have devoted myself to doing from morning to night from now on. Its exactly as you say and I’ve been testing this hundreds of times too. I’ve been finding every stupid kind of visual thought and derailing into something that is so demeaning, and its become so obvious because none of those things do I ever think of normally even if I feel bad…..its just not me. I’ve noticed since I decided to juice every day and go vegetarian, I suddenly crave the things that are not. But these freaky thoughts are weird and yet obviously something strange going on which is why I looked online here for something to explain it, and hence the trail of articles I’m reading here again. Thank you Denise and a thousand blessings to you!!! Lady

    • “I don’t understand :S . I read this article just now as if it were the first time, and I wanted to say yes! yes! yes! and I see I’m the first one who responded. What is happening to my brain? I wanted to say…. that I’m noticing that there are now these freaky thoughts going through my mind at high speed too, whenever I’m deliberately trying to create something of beauty, in home/garden, which I have devoted myself to doing from morning to night from now on. Its exactly as you say and I’ve been testing this hundreds of times too. I’ve been finding every stupid kind of visual thought and derailing into something that is so demeaning, and its become so obvious because none of those things do I ever think of normally even if I feel bad…..its just not me. I’ve noticed since I decided to juice every day and go vegetarian, I suddenly crave the things that are not. But these freaky thoughts are weird and yet obviously something strange going on which is why I looked online here for something to explain it, and hence the trail of articles I’m reading here again. Thank you Denise and a thousand blessings to you!!! Lady”


      Team Dark created (thousands of years ago) a Frequency Fence or “Net” around the entire Earth specifically to entrap and maintain a specific frequency range on Earth…a very LOW frequency range and LOW consciousness within humanity. Easier to control the species and guarantee that humanity doesn’t “wake up” or evolve and basically escape Team Dark and that LOW frequency range.

      Not only has Team Dark done this to the entire planet, they’ve also done worse things the humans bodies; their Mental Bodies, their Emotional Bodies etc. They’ve unplugged certain natural abilities in our etheric bodies, siphoned off other things in them, distorted things in them, placed etheric control devices etc. etc. etc.

      Like you were sharing in your other wonderful Comment, one of the many etheric (non-physical) Mental Body blocks most humans have is something that creates mental confusion, mental looping or obsessive thinking, and/or becoming very mentally scrambled whenever a human starts thinking outside the Frequency Fence. It’s like an automatic response to when we start having higher frequency thoughts and awareness and we touch their Frequency Fence which automatically trips these negative control devices within our Mental (and/or Emotional) Bodies to prevent us from growing or evolving…even a little bit.

      This whole negative business has been amplified because of the Ascension Process (1987-2012) in an attempt to prevent us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Prototypers etc. from tearing down their Frequency Fence and letting Light back into Earth and humanity again. They’re also tightening their energetic grip on all of humanity in a number of ways and all to keep them functioning and existing within that LOWER frequency and consciousness range.

      If any of us (Starseeds/Lightworkers etc. and humans) starts to think and feel, then we instantly hit Team Dark’s Frequency Fence or invisible “glass ceiling” and our thoughts become scrambled, disjointed, interfered with, or we start mentally looping obsessively on something which ties us up like some animal. Same things happen in our Emotional Bodies too thanks to the invasive actions of Team Dark upon humanity. The Ascension Process is us working, struggling, fighting, transmuting the lower and embodying the higher frequency blueprints or templates to override these negative distortions done to humanity and Earth and return things back to what they should be; Source generated and free.

      So when your mind and thinking suddenly becomes scrambled and interfered with, it’s because you/me/us increased our energies, our frequencies to the point that we bumped up against Team Dark’s Frequency Fence and activated some of their Mental Body devices to interfere with our god-given right to be free and evolve. This crap is ending now but it’s a difficult fight to break free of that lower level of energy and awareness and bust through their planetary “Net” of control. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing concerning all this.

      For more detailed info about this extensive topic see Lisa Renee’s web site too.


  • Denise I’ve never commented on anyone’s blog as often as I have with yours lately 😀 ! You sure do speak so well for me. I will have to read more and so happy to read of one who has all this spirit and the spice of a warrior too! I only just learned in the last 2 years about these ”attacks” in the most blunt way you can imagine, because I always walked this Earth feeling I was impervious to the dark forces, that they can’t touch me. I had no idea how sophisticated they were and how deeply infiltrating they are. I got hit with the holy 2 x 4, by the Beneficents trying to get through to me what was taking place with me by an incident that could leave me no doubt as long as I could add up 2 + 2. Actually, I was ”getting” the 2 + 2 all along, but not adding them up! I needed the holy 2 x 4 finally, then another 1 + 1, then I got it. Yes, I tested this every time, literally hundreds of times in the past 2 years, and it is precise. No room for doubt. When I am my most powerful and evoking the Light Spirit, I get whacked every single time. However, I found 2 things that removes them quite efficiently if not permanently. One is smudging with sage which I didn’t believe would work, but a desperate person will do anything. I did, and the migraines I thought were ‘mine’ all my life, repeatedly disappear within 3 minutes, followed by a pure sea salt shower, and when this little 2 part ritual is done I’m clear in the most delicious way of all the ”malaise” I thought was my own all my life, feel clean energized & clear as I had not in years. In other words, I thought I had a disease all these years, one symptom of which were chronic migraines, only to find out they were not mine. Now I am symptom free since effecting these two helpers of sage and salt of the Mother who is always powerful in removing that which does not belong. I hope these two things are used by some who are being ”attacked” as they do help alot. In one occasion, they literally saved my life, when I has thought to ”remove” the head of the satanic sacrifice of children. I was livid and wanted to abolish this horrid thing from the Earth forever, and I was foolish to attempt this, however will never regret trying and do feel I had an impact, if not, gave sufficient warning. I was promptly attacked for my life. If not for very loud insistent and divine intervention, I would not be here. I have many amazing experiences with this. How shocking to find out what technologies are used and what astral energies we are living within and being used against us, yet it all tells us how powerful we are to be so threatening to them ! Thank you!

  • Hi Denise,

    Very insightful article thank you. I too, like many others, have been going through Ascension Symptoms for the past decade. Mine started on my 21st birthday – hows that for coming of age, but didn’t really gear up until 2006-2007. I really resonated with the Dark One’s technology which has in the past stopped our progression into higher states of consciousness and manifested in me as an ache in my heart area that literally felt like an implant of sorts. Nothing I did could be done to transmute it and it’s only in the last probably 6 months that it has dissipated on it’s own accord!


  • Some more to add today….when the attacks hit me, which although I recognise to be potentially outside of myself as in dark forces etc… as you mention in this article, I also believe in taking responsibility and feel that if those things were not in me, I would not have the experience of them. LOA like attracts like etc… What are your thoughts on this?

    Over the past 3 days I have disappeared into a dark hole. I usually don’t realise until I start to surface again and think ‘whoa, where have I been?!”

    When I look at my timeline to see any factors that would have contributed to my fall into darkness, I must admit that it is often when I start to do healing or try new modalities. Last time I did this and shared it at TRANSITIONS you suggested that going back into the past/healing etc…is not necessary and in essence lowers our vibration. SO once again, I had a lesson in how to torture myself!

    It’s almost as if, by going back in time and digging around gives ‘the dark ones’ an opportunity to attach even more.

    Could this be the case?

    • “Some more to add today….when the attacks hit me, which although I recognise to be potentially outside of myself as in dark forces etc… as you mention in this article, I also believe in taking responsibility and feel that if those things were not in me, I would not have the experience of them. LOA like attracts like etc… What are your thoughts on this?”


      We all need to remember that there is two basic things that we as ascending/evolving beings need to be aware of.

      1.) That we each have our own lower frequency stuff in us and our different energy bodies. This stuff is typically emotional stuff like old emotional wounds, fears, guilt, trauma etc. We simply accumulate these types of wounds and issues from our learning’s within physicality, which is normal. What’s not normal is continually trying to ignore them, suppress them, run away from them etc. They are still with and in us, waiting to be transmuted and integrated, which is also normal.

      Because of the ongoing Ascension Process, all of our past (this life and also our “past” lives) long ignored and/or suppressed stuff gets triggered finally to be transmuted and integrated. So it feels pretty horrible when that shit storm arrives and we finally MUST deal with our inner issues.

      2.) The Dark Ones have intentionally done plenty of very negative and limiting things to human DNA, humanities natural energies, human consciousness, growth and evolution etc., and all to keep humanity limited and controlled so they could use humanity as a fuel and food source energetically.

      Again, due to the ongoing Ascension Process BOTH of these issues are finally having to be dealt with now and consciously realized. BOTH the #1. things AND the #2. things.

      You said above that you’ve discovered when you start doing “healing or try new modalities” that you’re experiencing some unpleasant or negative side effects. That’s a natural result of getting in there (within yourself) and stirring that Inner Pot of stuff that’s yours (#1). It’s also a typical side effect when we put our (energetic) hands and arms up to protect ourselves from the Dark Ones attacking us or messing with us etc. (#2), because they don’t appreciate it when we try to stop them from doing what they’ve been doing or when we try to protect ourselves from them and so on. They get angry and immediately try different tactics to prevent us from changing anything. In BOTH of these cases there are natural and automatic side effects, repercussions and backlash to us growing and evolving. This is part of the Ascension Process too and how we learn further about energies, consciousness, stuck energies, polarities and so on.

      Another aspect of this that makes it all that much more complicated is the like attracts like thing. It’s true, like does attract like, but in a polarized world like physical Earth has been that’s been run by the Dark Ones for eons, when someone carrying Light comes into their dark controlled world, they (the Dark negatively focused Ones) attack those people to try and prevent them from bringing any Light into their Dark and controlled world and space etc. Do you see the differences between these things and see that it’s more complicated? If like attracts like is true, which it is, then the Dark Ones know perfectly well that the more Light that gets into 3D Earth and humanity…the more Light it will naturally and automatically attract and they have done everything they can to prevent that from happening. See this business works in both directions. 😉

      I hope this helps clarify and expand upon whatever I said to you earlier.

  • Hi Denise

    I agree that the energies have been amping up even more and early last week was extremely intense with huge energy rushes for days and unable to sleep. I have also experienced different clicking patterns in my ear, different that usual.

    I have had days where I have felt amazing and really able to focus and get things done and then the next day, I am down again. Low energy, hopelessness and feelings of uncertainty.

    Today I was putting together a speech I needed to make to a group which was basically a high energy talk on ‘inspiration’ and soon after rehearsing for it, I felt I had an energy drain on me. I am not versed in the idea of energy drains etc..but that is exactly what it felt like. It was as if was being drained of my life force and I have been dizzy and generally unsettled with a lot of intestinal problems to go with it, ever since.

    To be honest though I have not been feeling much darkness/interference since late last year when it was really intense but recognise it to be back now, even if in a different way.

  • Denise,

    I have been feeling the same tingling all over from scalp to toes with a pain here or there. I also decided 2-4 to change my diet to no sugars, carbs, or anything damaging and start detoxing my body. I have slept so much since the 11th and my dreams are more vivid and against decisions I’ve made away from the Dark Ones in my life. Its been amazing but I have realized also that my neighbor’s listening and snooping is to distract me at my most vulnerable moments. I have noticed it more and more since Jun 2010 and it recently decreased but is evident when I let it. I have to be flexible to universe and respond to dark ones how they should be responded to not at all if they don’t want to be reached.

    Thank you so much.

  • This post is almost letter for letter like experiences i’ve had too. I’ve been refining some thoughts over the last few days:

    Your glass ceiling is what i’ve called the electric fence, built in, zap. I was watching something recently about mind control where the phrase ‘synthetic telepathy’ was used. We’re in a great & complex battle. And of course playing the role of fence-challenger / whistle-blower has never been a gratifying task…

    But i think we need to go even further – that ‘mental and emotional bodies’ is not a precise enough understanding of our energetic configurations. I woke up thinking some or all of us might actually be implants, completely, little robotic – okay, i was trying to remember the acronym gps systems. But – i googled ips to came up with: “intrusion prevention systems”. Hmmm. Well, so what ‘intrusion’ is being prevented or are we preventing??? And where are we being steered to, steering to…
    Because what i was thinking is we’re here as the eyes and ears – scanners – for forces not from here… Implanted here under some contract, and the fine print is starting to show up or there’s another step in the process now of integrating what was promised. The heart was supposed to play a role that hasn’t been allowed and that’s making it not worth the deal anymore – something like that…
    I think this is worth pursuing, to really understand what we are as energetic beings. And how it all fits together in this giant stew of thoughtforms we call creation…

  • Denise:
    It was your observation in your book–Lightworkers Mission–that helped me put two and two together in the situation I described about the interruptions. Soooooo…..all those reading this post–if you have not read Denise’ book–Lightworkers Mission–I highly recommend it! Lots of insight and revelations–lots of OMG moments that I found I could relate to and sure most of you can too. ;0)

    On another note, just had interesting experience/feeling last night to add to the group of ascension ‘symptoms’. Denise, I know you are about the same young age group as I am–lol–so do you remember those hand vibrators that you could strap on and use on your scalp and body. Well, as I was sitting minding my own business–;0)–I suddenly got this vibrator tingle on the crown of my head and the ears went from the almost constant mild hum to a shrill shreaking. My first response was “now what?!” Had to ask them to tone it down but even then threw me totally out of balance for about half an hour afterwards. Just knew they had moved my house around because I was walking into doorframes with my shoulder, stubbing my toes on heightened rugs, etc. Perspective was totally off. boy, did they give me a boost up. Head still feels kind of overstuffed even this morning. Noticed there had been a spike in the solar flares last night as well. Anyone else get anything close to this?

    • theocacao,

      Thanks for that, hugs. 🙂

      Since about the 10th of Feb. I think, the energies have been ramped waaay up…again. My body was telling me the Sun was cranking out higher galactic/cosmic energies again, and like you, I’ve had some NEW Ascension-related symptoms.

      The inner ear Morse Code-like clicking I’ve heard since 1994 has recently done something new. It starts off as solid clicking tones with no breaks in between them and quickly increased in speed until it was so fast I couldn’t clairaudiently hear it anymore. It’s done this rapid increase and climbing thing a few times recently.

      Another February 2011 change I’ve had is constant sinus pressure, pains and post-nasal drip. My whole upper head/brain/skull is going through more changes/expansions/upgrades etc. Three days ago I woke up with my upper head/brain/skull feeling a tremendous pressure pushing outward from within, but at the same time, it also felt like it was an external pressure too. Strange. There wasn’t a lot of physical pain with this, but I had a serious case of the…spins, rotating, moving, turning, KA body rotations which is hard to take sometimes. This gets so intense sometimes that when I do physically have to move or turn my head and/or my body, I do it VERY slowly because this perception of movement or turning continues. It’s not the sensation of being “dizzy”, it’s KA body movements or spinning/rotating evidently. Not painful, just very un-grounding so I have to anchor myself well or slam shoulders, forearms and hands into doorjambs like you mentioned!

      Remember we’re now on a NEW 9-day count or cycle, instead of the lower frequency 20-day count/cycle so these solar/galactic/cosmic/astrological/magnetic energies will come in even faster now. If I don’t make a note of when something happened, I’m so quickly on to the next thing, the next symptom, the next insight or discovery, I can’t remember what happened two days ago!


  • THANK YOU FOR BOTH ARTICLES. And pardon me if I vent for a minute because this has been so enlightening to me. I thought I was crazy for the past year going from negative to positive, up and down, scared then fearless, unable to talk, write like I love, or explain it. And you are very right Denise, each time, each nightmare, each protruding thought always was my trained mind vs. my free mind. My feelings always there from childhood and they lead me out of devastating situations or helped realize them beforehand. For years I thought I stopped paying attention to these emotions but the universe sent me an opposite that has a heart of gold that I believe has been leading me on this path my entire life. There have been many times I’ve heard him through others and when we finally met it was natural. This is when the dark ones started to reveal themselves in my life. Having always felt people can have dark energy, suck the life out of you, and are demons disguising themselves as family, friend or there to help; my transformation began in 1996 when I had to attempt to shed my brainwashed tendencies but kept coming up until 1999 and my intuition and memory of my past came back. The dark ones around me and my husband reacted in joint force to the point where they were unable to hide their earthly disguises to us by being so angry that we refused to be drones to slaughter. Never before today have I had more confirmation that every step we have taken has been a gift and prepared for our journey. Only could the universe want me to continue the message of Oneness and questioning obvious contradictions in this societies so called civility and real Love. Being eternally grateful that Love streams this message through me to voice, I’m happy to have finally found a place that relates to my core belief that Creation is inclusive, understanding and is moving toward its ultimate goal… Create Love and its message in our own Co-Creator way.

  • This is another great post of your insights (as well as commenter’s insights!) Denise. Your posts have become a must read for me. Like you and others, reading has become a difficult process for me. It never was, but now… sometimes I have to read paragraphs 3 – 4 times to”get” the meaning. I was the book-a-night reader in the past. Still, your site is worth my efforts because I seem to have a kinship with you like I have with none of the others.

    In 2007 I read a book that included some “how to” on soul retrieval. Now, I’ve been able to slip into an altered state for years and I thought “I can do that.” and did. It was one of those quiet snowy days that one rarely gets and my animals knew to leave me be. For a couple of years I was able to voyage in that way doing any number of things that needed doing. It would seem that until my light got bright enough the bad guys left me alone too — btw I am deliberately not capitalizing because it just feels like we are giving them too much power by giving them a proper name — anyway they started in on me in 2009 — when I could still do my otherside work, they started in on my animals and spouse… I have been horrifically distracted for a long time now.

    The strangest thing has started to happen since I sort of rewrote the Lisa Renee command to suit my own cosmology. My husband is getting better… less chronic pain. The dog still has a problem now and then but we’re working on both and I think he’s getting better too. The command does order the bad guys to take back their implants and such – we just need to keep working that command. GET OUT! We are in Command now!

    Heart Hugs to all..

  • Denise,

    You are dead on, as always. I feel like I am going for the frying out the devices with huge energy surges tactic. Saturday I fell asleep with no trouble at all, but I’m giving credit to spending many hours outside and listening to records all night.

    It sometimes still feels scary to let go of my professional persona, yet another aspect of ego I suppose. I tell myself, “I have nothing to hide if you have nothing to judge.”

    I am completely incapable of living beyond the moment and I’m not sure how I accomplish anything at all. Making coffee is a production. Taking a shower is a production. Everything is a production.

    I am intensely uncomfortable around almost all other people now and find it difficult to be compassionate with myself at times.

    But oh well, what the point of turning back when the summit is in sight?

    Gratitude and blessings to all for sharing.

    It really helps to know other people are having simultaneous and similar experiences when you feel certain you’ve lost all anchors to reality.

  • The other thing I noticed when I am in that state of creation is the outside interruptions that try to dislodge my concentration (ie. phone calls from lower level energies, door bell ringing, extremely loud outside noises like blasting music or gunning of car engines). When this started I had not put it together and began by simply turning off the phone so I would not be interrupted. Then came the door bell interruptions by Jehovahs’ witness, Mormans, newspaper boy trying to get me to subscribe (not that these aren’t nice people–just manipulated people), so I put up a no soliciting, then came the new renters who would tune up the headbanger stuff or gun the engine–but not until I was in the zone it seemed. So, I just set my mind to, it is only outside noise and I am not going to respond to it, if I forget the phone or someone ignores the no soliciting, I ignore the ring or knock if I am in the zone. And, it worked! Amazing how those renters moved shortly after and the phone and door bell no longer ring as much at those special times. Not taking the bait dark guys! Piss someone else off or better still take a powder.

    And, yeah, I used to be an avid reader and top notch proof reader. Operative here is “used to be”–sigh. Some days I sound like a bumbling idiot when trying to put a sentence –let alone a thought–together–lol

    You are so right on again, Denise–hugs to you and all the others going through this!

    • theocacao,

      Bless your wise Lightworker backside for so QUICKLY figuring out this typical Dark tactic that instantly interferes with those who intentionally Work With Light, by manipulating certain humans.

      Sadly, it took me years of this exact same negative crap before I put two and two together. Then it still took me some time to not want to go bash one of these humans being used by the Dark! (I wrote A Lightworker’s Mission with multiple neighbors being negatively used like this to make excessive noise…and also dogs to bark all day while I was writing. %#@&%$ Unfuckingbelievable but this is a common tactic the Dark uses against those who carry and work with Light.) But eventually I too figured out that if, if, IF I could prevent myself from emotionally “falling” back down when this sort of negativity was directed at me, then and only then did the attacks stop. It does indeed take two to tango and when the Light refuses to be further manipulated, tricked, lied to, side tracked etc., then life calms down considerably! Knowing this is one thing; actually living it is another however! 😉

      Thanks theocacao for sharing your learning’s and lessons and discoveries concerning the clever Dark Ones and how they use humans to get at us.


  • Thank you Denise!
    I feel like you just removed a blindfold from my eyes with this information!
    You made it possible for me to see the source of this manipulation. Now, I understand how the Dark Ones kept pushing me down, trying to keep me on a low level/in the dark.
    I believe, as you shared this information, those control devices already losing power over us, simply because, NOW WE KNOW their ‘game’! They are busted!!
    And I’m sure, as soon as those devices will be removed, we will experience a new kind of freedom in manifestation! That’s why this information is so significant for me.
    Until then, I truly hope, your information will reach millions of people, to help them understand the Truth!
    Please, keep sharing with us, we have so many blindfolds to get rid off!
    Thanks again, Denise!

  • hi – just read latest comment – this i exactly what has hapenned to me – since i started the ascension path 12 years ago – lost ability or desire to read books, be creative and have been blocked from channelling or accessing information in the way i was used to – i thought it was just me – such a relief in a way to know its NOT just me –
    have been doing masses of clearing recently and feel that whatever has stopped me implanted stuff on/in my aerials/antennae which has caused this – i feel that this has started to clear – at least i hope – thats what this is all about
    – of course that could be what they want me to think – will wait and see i guess –
    it has felt like a chuink of me has been missing these pst 12 years – be so good to have it back!!!!
    thanks denise

  • Finally…an explanation for this mess that has been me! Years ago I could go into an altered state at the drop of a hat, understand complicated metaphysical concepts, channel, and enjoy visions. For several years now, I’ve been wandering in a fog, and for the last 3 years I’m lucky to form a coherent thought or sentence! At last I don’t feel alone and have hope that progress is ahead…
    THANK YOU!!!

  • Hello Denise, I got teary on this post. Thank you for taking so many brave actions that are of such a great service to me and other readers. I pray you get the help you need at all times.
    I appreciate your posts and thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights.
    I find them very helpful.
    Got a laugh, my father is the only person I have ever knows who said “monkey shit” when I read that I know you were talking dark, dark, dark.
    My prayer is, May we all have the courage and wisdom to move quickly to the light.
    Much gratitude to you Denise.
    Hugs to all, Gwen in New Mexico

  • Thanks Denise,
    Like irvthom and others that have posted prior, I, too, have been dealing with feeling like I am losing it for about 2 years now. It is very difficult to focus and I can get through a day, thinking I was focused (albiet difficult) and then be clueless about what has happened. It has been particularly difficult to feel competent at my work, tho I try. I have tried to really stay in the moment and at least in that one moment I am ok. I’m focusing on releaseing the need to try to control anything beyond the moment – sometimes doing well w/that and others not! I am congratulating myself for getting through the last hour 😉 At times it is more difficult than others, and of course, it is really, hmmm, what’s the word…. disconcerting?, when we have no memory of what we did….even earlier in the day. It helps much to know others are experiencing the same, and, Denise, your post contains wonderful insight. Thanks.

  • Thank you for this one, Denise. And I hope you’re right, as I’ve been feeling lately as though I’m losing my mind, even though it works perfectly when I want it to. Just this morning, I discovered a series of emails from someone called Adrian, that my computer tells me I had opened — one and all — since the first of the year, yet my mind remembered none of it at all when I first discovered the list, on opening his most recent and being quite surprised by its contents. Weird.

    • Irv,

      Hang in there and double and triple check things because I think it’s gonna get a whole bunch weirder for a while. This is one monumental transition and shift we’re going through in 2011 and I expect many of us to momentarily become lost in space just like this! 😉


  • Brilliant!
    Totally BANG on, Denise.
    Yes, yes…that’s it in a concise and precise nutshell, one that only a well-versed Lightworker with some bad ass Ascension muscle could crack so well.
    I’m with you on ALL of it.
    And I’m @!&$#!!* sick of it.
    I’m ready to punt those dark f!!$#!*’s across the Universe for good.
    Let’s get on with Seeding the New Earth with High Heart Blossoms and Love-Light.
    We are God.
    We are Sovereign.
    We are Free.

    ♥ -:¦:- Tieshla -:¦:- ♥

    • Tieshla,

      I know…enough already with this negative dark shit crampin’ my glorious, blazing Light/Love style! I wanna run on all cylinders and at top light speed as I was originally designed to! It’s happening as we speak and faster now than ever before. :mrgreen:


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