2010 Pleiadian Information

I want to again share some material from Barbara Marciniak’s channeled Pleiadians from her quarterly newsletter The Pleiadian TIMES. This is from the 2010 spring Equinox issue and, as usual, there is some great and important information in it that people should know about. Because this is paid for material (my subscription) and not the free to pass around type, I ask you to buy a year’s subscription if the material resonates with you. A USA subscription is only $22 a year for 4 (quarterly) newsletters and it is so worth it in my opinion. http://www.pleiadians.com/ptimes.html

May 29, 2010 Uranus changes signs and enters Aries. When any planet changes signs it’s a big deal, but when an outer planet (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) change signs, it is a really big deal for humanity because the energies change so dramatically for everyone everywhere. Now Uranus is only in Aries for a few months in 2010, then retrogrades (rx) back into Pisces until March 12, 2011. That is when Uranus will move into Aries and stay there until 2018. I mention this because much of what Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians talk about below is due to this dramatic astrological change, if only briefly in 2010. Uranus in Aries is going to be about fast and intense changes in consciousness, and rebellion around the planet over the things/beliefs/people/systems/situations etc. that should be rebelled against.  🙂  Keep this coming astrological change in mind as you read the information below.

Here are some random quotes from the 2010 spring Equinox issue of  The Pleiadian TIMES.


“These are revolutionary times; the energies are dismantling every aspect of life not in harmony and balance with Nature and the laws of the cosmos. As the revolutionary energies awaken everyone to stunning new states of consciousness, how will you use the new cosmic dynamics…?

“…Intense cosmic weather patterns will be stirring things up this spring and summer, generating, among other things, great releases of pent-up emotional energy from the public. People will clamor for freedom from tyrannical controls, and widespread forms of rebellion will occur around the world throughout the year. From one vista of perception, the rebellions are manifestations of collective angers and frustrations over issues of corruption, greed and betrayals of public trust. From another perspective, mounting feelings of restlessness and rebellion signify that very big changes in consciousness are brewing on the planet and people are ready to take risks and make some major moves on the game board of life. Collectively, you are stepping into a time frame of exciting, unpredictable, rambunctious, unruly and unexpected energies that will test you on the validity and stability of your beliefs and convictions about reality…

“…The world population has grown to nearly 7 billion people, each person attracted to Earth to participate on some level in the great transformation of consciousness. In response to the current shake-ups in society, vast numbers of people are generating huge waves of emotional energy in the mass consciousness. With so much energy being tossed around, parts of the world will experience even more turmoil and confusion this year, along with increases in extreme weather conditions. The intense comic energies may trigger earthquakes, volcanoes and sudden shifts in Earth’s land mass in response to the great storehouse of pent-up emotions seeking an outlet. Mass events shake up the mass psyche…

“…The natives are restless the world over; in the U.S. there are even calls for a New American Revolution. With unrest and rebellion in the air, devious mischief-makers are also stirring up rebellions to splinter unity among the rising voices of protest. As cosmic forces stir the human spirit towards new realizations, enormous spiritual dramas will unfold as 7 billion people respond to the new urges for freedom. The main story line in all of the dramas is about spiritual freedom, though most of the players do not yet realize this, nor are they fully aware that the stakes are exceedingly high. The seeds of discontent actually stem from an inner brewing of urges to free the human mind from its self-imposed fears and limitations through expanded states of consciousness…

“…Learning your lessons expands your awareness and imbues you with an abundance of fresh vitality. New bursts of inspiration and comprehension will lead you to truly understand that you live again and again, and that your pains and joys are connected along webs of consciousness that are focused into your present reality. It is your responsibility to heal old wounds and conflicts and find the integration point between extremes of experience…

“…Over time, a great influx of souls known as machine riders—those deeply besotted and entranced with technology—have incarnated on Earth. The speed and sophistication of modern technologies act as a powerful magnet for those drawn to explore Earth through the use of electronics. The whole tangled web of electromagnetic radiation and wireless technologies is creating grave dangers to the health and stability of society. Even so, radical new technologies will offer greater innovative wonders to entice human consciousness into the virtual worlds. A very fine edge of consciousness is needed to understand the motivations and inclinations of the machine kingdom, which are a collective of thought forms that require other forms of consciousness to build them. The fast-paced technologies are taking humankind across the threshold of insanity. The mindless use of technologies and the subsequent addictions to them are dire warning signs that people are in danger of losing their minds to electronic worlds that need your life force energy to exist…

“…A tremendous rise in unusual phenomena will further challenge authorities with events and situations that cannot be explained by conventional knowledge. The rise in phenomena, both natural and technologically contrived, has many sides. As more bubbles of perception are shattered, the presence of other dimensions will naturally burst forth into your reality. You are being catapulted into new understandings of reality. Greater numbers of people are seeing and experiencing unusual things, such as mysterious sightings in the sky, strange light formations, surges of energy, great waves of psychic awareness and greater contact with deceased relatives, friends and pets. People are also having epiphanies and instantaneous transformations regarding the tragedy and grief of war, and the pain that comes with the mindless destruction of life. In terms of spiritual awareness, violence as a means to an end is never justified. Violence begets only more violence, spinning the wheels of cause and effect into the same karmic scenarios until the soul/spirit gain realization of its actions and consciously chooses to implement nonviolent resolutions…

“…The nature of the multiverse is highly cooperative and supportive of creativity; yet even so, beings with no moral compass do exist. Some very dishonest forces are afoot in your world, and you must be able to recognize their deceit. The increase in phenomena will present you with the reality of the spirit world, where things are much more complicated than Cinderella’s godmother granting wishes with a wave of her magic wand. You must be very realistic about the various forces that use unusual events to enter your reality. Humans with no moral compass or value for others are often puppets of nonphysical forces operating out of a physical body. Many people have sold their souls without realizing they have done so. Living a dishonest life creates a great deal of conflict in both inner and outer worlds, because things have to be covered up and suppressed. Essentially, such people only cheat themselves out of the love they came to Earth to give and receive…

“…Many children have taken on major life lessons concerning the human mind. Autism and variations of attention disorders have risen alarmingly in recent years. On the other end of the spectrum, the elderly are having a very difficult time exiting the planet quickly and graciously, because of the growing trend of mental disturbances such as dementia and Alzheimer’s…

“…The energies of 2010 are going to totally shake up the mass psyche with mass events that deliver great impacts and messages…

“…As cosmic energies urge humanity forward on the fast track to spiritual awareness, deceitful forces continue their battle for control of the human mind. Many new technologies will suddenly arise to further beguile people’s consciousness into artificial worlds that appear more desirable than life on Earth. Forces of intelligence beyond your imagining have deep influences on the technologies or your world, especially the presentation of visual stimuli. In part, the multitude of visual imagery in the modern world overrides the role of the imagination, shutting down the third eye. With so many people plugged into electronics and children averaging seven to eight hours a day online, the role of the imagination is being replaced by electronic realities.

Certain forces are working to disrupt the growing wave of psychic awareness that stimulates activations of the sixth chakra or the third eye. The pineal gland supports the third eye by responding to high electromagnetic frequencies emanating from the Sun and the cosmos that activate the physical body to states of higher consciousness…

“…The realms of higher consciousness are not elite clubs with restricted memberships; they are open to one and all. However, you are required to earn your way into them. You must be able to vibrate with and emit a frequency of love and steadfast peace. The energies are compelling everyone to reach for new heights in awareness and see things from new perspectives. You are entering a new territory of understanding, and even though things may look dark and unfamiliar at times, remember that when some creatures slough off their skins, in the middle of the process they look rather ragged and shabby. Yet once the transformation is complete, a pristine new being is reborn.”

(Barbara Marciniak)

18 thoughts on “2010 Pleiadian Information

  • Thanks Robin and to all,

    I’m finally reading and savoring Barbara Marciniak’s books. I don’t have a hard time at all relating to what she has channelled! A few months ago I would. But nothing beats re-reading Barbara Hand Clow’s book “The Pleidian Agenda” and understanding it nice, clear and easy this time around!

    I must say though… these books were close to being confiscated at the post office in my local island! I didn’t even realize how steep and deep in low consciousness my island is. The officer took more than 10 minutes studying and seeping through the books (all 5 of them)… when usually it doesn’t take that long…

    When questioned more than twice I merely said it’s all based on astrology and “scientology” and certain complexed theories… and the rest I trusted the complexity of the books to confuse him as he browsed through them. Boy did I prayed long and hard to my Higher Self and spirit guides for aid! I really wanted all of these babies to come safely home with me!

    I really trusted on that… because he kept questioning and querying and prodding me whether these books are under occult/supernatural/witchcraft literature or something of that sort. He was also ARGUING with me about such “big bang theory” books are going beyond and against what the bible and Jesus say is the absolute Truth. So much bs! >__<' #$^&*!

    His energy went far enough for me to presume that at any time he'd come visit my place unannounced and unexpectedly… to have a "re-study" of these very same books… take them away without my permission… only to burn them! He did it before with that beautifully illustrated Lleweyen Witchcraft calendar book which… by the way I have a friend who sent me the 2010 version… which… omg… is STILL at the post office in another district… and I can't say I'll get away with THIS one! 😦

    I'm a bit paranoid: I'm hiding the Marciniak books away in my bedroom instead in the living room. "They" can come unexpectedly you know. So far I've declared silently to myself "No one… be it parent/guardian or 'concerned other' invades my space".

    And one more thing: the drugging potent sleepiness has had me come off the computer for the past four days…! Wow! I think I can make it… with a little help of a patch my mum highly recommends I'd need big time. THIS time I'm ADHD! lol

    I do hope none of my folks bump into this blog… they think they know me…! ^_^' lol

    I can't focus for long periods because of this potent energy upon us… have very tired eyes that has me take naps upon naps every day at every hour… lack of appetite that has me underweight and then suddenly a lot of appetite and all that jazz… 😀

    If anyone noticed they're still being fired up in the ass still with Piscean fear-based idiots like me… thanks SO MUCH for feeling what I'm feeling too. ^_^'

    (Oops: I seem to mix the two men in my previous post: it’s my dad that I was concerned about visiting my place unannounced… not the post officer. They mirror each other so well. I think I unconsciously mixed the two. ^_^’ )

    Namasté, espavo… and lots of hug, love and kisses to all
    Lou Ann

    • Lou Ann,

      OMFG, where do you live anyway? (You don’t have to answer that.) I cannot believe that you – or anyone – in this day and age has to endure this type of censorship, invasion of privacy and patriarchal power control. I’m REALLY angry that you have to hide – to this extent – you’re spirituality and desire to learn more and grow from lowly, power hungry idiots like this!!! 👿 😡 Maybe it’s time to move to where you will have more freedom and privacy to be who you really are Lou Ann.

      One of my favorite books is Barbara Hand Clow’s The Pleiadian Agenda too. It was THE first and only book I’ve discovered so far that had bits and pieces in it of things I had remembered since childhood from my ancient past-life in Egypt in 12,600 B.C. I was ecstatic to hear someone else talk about the same very unusual things that I’d always remembered.

      Enjoy your books…and I want you to visualize a huge dome of higher Light energy all around your house and land that protects you, your possessions, your home and property from ANY AND ALL lower frequency people, consciousness, and energies etc. See this huge dome of Light like a protective cover that’s invisible to lower people that completely covers you and your home, down below the ground level and well up into the sky above and around your home and property. Do this every day and in your mind’s eye see it totally protecting you and repelling everyone/everything that vibrates lower. I had to do this for decades and it works very well. Eventually however you won’t have to do this to protect yourself because everywhere will vibrate much higher and all of the lower frequency, lower consciousness people are the one’s who now have to get up to speed spiritually . 😉


  • Denise and Barbra:

    This came up while I was looking for something else (Koinky dinks again) and relates to the sheep, the right hand side on which it passed. This is based in Christian belief/mythology but supercedes that on many levels–

    Matthew 25:

    31When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

    32And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

    33And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

    34Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

    Thanks guys–it is all falling into place little by little and I get it!

  • hi – this is not related to the article/comments –
    is anyone feeling particularly bad right now –
    as well as feeling physically dreadful i have a terrible feeling of impending doom and disaster – i’m hoping its just me – ?????

    • susie,

      I’ve felt bad physically for much of the time – with the past two months being even worse – so I’m not the best person to be asking about that! But yes, there has been a tremendous in pouring of higher cosmic energies for the past couple of months that are affecting us and our bodies very intensely.

      There is also a lot of angry, fearful, stressful, rebellious, emotional psychic energy flying around the planet which is coming from humans. This is going to get worse before it gets better because there are so many who don’t know what is really happening globally and why…so the fear and anger is huge. If you are even a little psychically sensitive, then you will easily feel all of the people around the planet freaking out over any number of things. Things like the Earth Changes, like jobs and money disappearing, people dying in droves, severe weather changes and so on. But this is the “falling” of the old lower world and its lower systems and we’ve got to stand back and let it fall, die away so much, MUCH higher and better ways and energies can replace it all. Fear not but realize that you are probably picking up on other people’s fears and worries which you’re going to have to not let pull you down. I’ve struggled with this for decades so I know it takes some work to discern where the feelings are really coming from and why. Be strong, stay focused on what you want to focus on and you’ll be just fine. 🙂


  • Denise and Barbra:
    Thank you both immensely. I don’t think I have quite “got it yet” but am very close and it is due to both of you giving me more clues and perspectives. I feel like what you have said Barbra about the blood of the lamb imagery, etc. and the passing between me and Jupiter is square on. I just have to wrap my own head around it all because now it is beginning to make sense. It is also odd because I just got a bit of a prediction from a psychic reading a friend did some time back because they said the transition would not be as easy as planned because of beliefs (not necessarily my own) that would hold me back and I would have to free myself of them. Somehow that is tying into this as well but I think once I can put all this together, it is going to be a giant step forward for me–maybe two steps up the ladder instead of one, huh? Hugs to both of you!

  • Hello Theocacao,


    The sheep….what came to me when reading of your image were two things. Rudolf Steiner, the seer/clairvoyant, called the next stage/incarnation of the earth, ‘the Jupiter period.’ Secondly is that bit in Revelations, “These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.” The ‘robes’ are the purified astral body (the aura).
    The lamb means Christ: blood = the Ego, the I AM of Christ. When Christ consciousness enters at the crown chakra, it’s a white light; the soul body is now purified, & instead of being different colours, red, green, etc, is now all colours, ie, white.
    That it passed between you and Jupiter makes sense, because to reach the ‘Jupiter stage’ of evolution, aka the New Earth, we do have to transcend the old lower, earthly self….so that is literally what is in between you and the New Earth! I don’t know if that helps, it’s just my intuitive take on it.


    • Barbara,

      Thanks for this great insight on Theocacao’s vision. I come from a long line of esoteric heathens 😉 and am not terribly familiar with christian mythology, but I can relate to what you’ve said about this symbology. Thanks again for sharing/helping us all.


  • Oh, man–I just did a “I coulda had a V-8” slap on the forehead! (you/ewe)–damn, it was so obvious! And, gut feeling with all three is they are all relevent and integrating and I am going to have to give them some deeper thought as to the “me” part of it all because I think you are right that it relates to me in a personal way. I will go back to my journal and see what was going on at that time but I also have a feeling it really ties into the alignment of the planets time frame as well and to what is going on universally with all the lightworkers. Lots of levels. Sometimes it is as plain as the nose on your face but you need a mirror to see it. Many thanks for being the mirror and lots of hugs for this one!

    • Theocacao,

      My pleasure and I only caught the symbolism because I’ve clairaudiently heard non-physical beings say, and I quote, “Do you think she got it yet?” Seriously…we can’t always see the forest for the trees sort of thing; we’re so IN what we’re working and doing and living etc.

      I too think it’s a combination of all and probably even more energies that I couldn’t grasp myself. You know it’s got to have astrological hints in there too as you said.

      Big hugs back at you my friend,

  • Odd but I was having this computer addiction conversation (twice to be exact) with some friends of mine this weekend. Currently it is a part of my work and I am addicted to reading Transitions ;0) but I could hardly believe it when I found out how addicted a friend of mine had become to a game called Mafia Wars. When he was describing it to me, it was like a foreign language–kind of like years ago when the chat rooms first appeared and new words and abbreviations appeared–but then come to find out how much of our population is addicted to this game plus a whole slew more. There are even people losing jobs, families, their own souls even, to Farmville. Instead of going out and doing gardening (outside in the sunshine and rain and nature) they are doing it on line!!! They abandon their lives to live a false life–it is amazing to me that they cannot even shut it off to get a night’s rest or eat or anything that is not involved with “THE GAME”. Then when I read this article, I got it–they are feeding the machine. Same as when a demon attaches and needs to be fed. Same as any addiction that has taken over a soul and mutes the third eye reception.

    On to another topic–Denise, I was wondering if you could address an answer to this. Two or three years back I had a vision of standing in space next to Jupiter (it was to my right shoulder) facing a planet I finally identified as Mars (also slightly to my right side). Then this fat sheep (not a ram but a sheep) came hurtling toward me and I thought it was going to collide with me but it passed between me and Jupiter. As it passed, I noticed its fleece was like it was either smeared with pinkish red paint or blood. I was not sure which. My first thought had been it was painted pink but then I began to wonder if it wasn’t blood. For a long time I couldn’t figure out the alignment then –duh–I began hearing “Age of Aquarius” humming in my head. Okay, got that–but the sheep? Is there an alignment that would fit this. I thought maybe it was the Aries arrival in June or July of this year but like I said–it did not have horns–so not sure if that is it or not. As Yul said in The King and I –” ‘Tis a puzzlement.”

    • Theocacao,

      Hummm, the “fat sheep” could symbolize a few things no doubt. I’ll toss out some things that popped into my mind while reading your comment. If I don’t think too much but just go with what hits me first, then I’m usually closer to the real meanings. But as usual, use your discernment. 🙂

      1) Not only the new Age of Aquarius energies, but Goddess consciousness returns to 3D Earth, carried primarily at first by and in the Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Wanderers etc. as energies, consciousness, Heart, sense of mission and so on. We’ve been RE-introducing the long banished Goddess energies/consciousness/Heart which the patriarchy got rid of long ago. I’d suspect that’s why the sheep was bloody or marked, because this whole process hasn’t been easy for any of us! Yet, she was “fat” which might symbolize that she is either pregnant or just very healthy and strong.

      2) This vision could have been just for you personally at that time. It could have been trying to reveal something to only you about you. This is gonna sound hokey but what is an adult female sheep called? A ewe or YOU. 😉 So, I would ask you to consider this symbolism for yourself and why you were standing between Mars (ruler of Aries the Ram) and Jupiter (home of the Masters). We are multidimensional beings doing many things all at the same time, both physically and non-physically.

      3) As the 5,000-yearlong patriarchal planetary rule/systems/consciousness dies away (as it’s doing at record speed right now 😀 ), the marked-for-slaughter (pink or red paint) females (ewes, Goddess, human females) have returned to be re-integrated back into the Earth and the collective, BUT in this new, higher integrated way. This symbol goes all the way back to the beginning of the Age of Aries (the Ram) over 4,200 years ago, so I’m sure it’s saying a lot!

      I hope this helps trigger something for you.

  • Denise

    So glad you are posting portions of the P Times for others to read. The information is especially timely and truly needs to reach more of the masses. A big thank you for doing that, Denise. The more of us that can grasp some of what they are teaching, the better.

    Line – the energies relative to these Pleiadians that are channeled via B. Marcinak are heavy duty, so it is possibly that it has added to the feeling you were already having relative to all that discomfort and fear arising within yourself prior to reading the newletter! From my experience(s), when one first encounters this info, many, many times fear seems to go hand in hand mainly b/c of some of what they present as well as the energetic encodings that one is actually subject to upon reading their materials kicks your mind and butt around the block and back numerous times simultaneously! I know that sounds really “out there” :0 (and actually, it is!), but I have found it to be true in my own history. When I was first “introduced” to their materials back in ’97, I literally had to run the other direction long enough to truly digest what little I was introduced to. Their info is not always the easiest primarily b/c it is not what you would call sugar coated, however as you delve/if you delve into it more and feel the calling, you learn and grasp a much, much vaster picture of what they are talking about and it is alot less scary than it actually at first appears. It all comes down to self responsibilty, and chosing to take the blinders off and expand your mind a bit in the process. Sure, not always a simple, comfortable or easy thing, but one that will serve self and other’s well now and in the years ahead. As for the discomfort relative to other people developing the ability to telepathically read you, I sense that does not mean that relates to things of a more private nature, if you catch my drift. It is more along the lines of being able to sense and percieve who is on the up and up and who to distrust and walk the other way from b/c they are hiding their agendas. Things of that nature — not when you had sex, with whom, or other types of things that we, or at least most of us prefer to keep to ourselves!

    Lou Ann — I’m excited for you that you are going to start reading Marciniak’s books! Congrats! Take it slow and savor it!!! And I’m right there with you as far as the damned computer….The P’s comment is that our lifeforce is literally being bombarded as well as zapped via our electronic devices (computers, etc.) and all the havoc it is creating for us energetically. Worse, we aren’t even aware that we are virtually feeding the machines basically: they need us not only in the sense of our life force, but also to create them — they are virtually nada without us. Sounds like The Terminator, doesn’t it? Well, it pretty much kind of is. What is predicted is that you will see a very distinct split in the next few years where there will be those amongst us who will completely embrace everything that is presented to our society as far as the types of electronic devices that will be made more readily available. And it will more than likely shock the rest of us, the other half of the population who DO NOT embrace these things. THose of us in that latter faction are the ones who will find themselves more and more being drawn to the more simple things of existance — being out in nature, tending gardens, being more and more creative esp. with our hands and distancing our selves both from the technology as well as the damned radiation and frequency onslaught that is literally going to continue to escalate as more and more of this sh*t becomes all the more prevalent, people become all the more addicted to the devices, and more and more people become sick from the fall out caused by them. Depressing, yes. But in the same sense, we have the means to choose to back away and go the other route. I, for one, will be doing that. Getting my husband to do that, on the other hand, is where the complications come into play. Wish me luck there…


  • Hi Denise, thank you for making me laugh. I might be taking all of this a little too seriously and need to just have some fun. I have been working very hard on myself and am anxious too find out what I am supposed to do next; And seeing the results of all that hard work. I am sensing a lot and always has. I think that is my special talent, gift… plus babies. For some reason I predict pregnancies and once had a vision of what the babies sex was. That is a very nice thing to be able to see and feel. That I feel safe with. Past life fears…..maybe. I am not aware of any of my past lives. Up to 1998 I have felt like I have been re-living the same life over andover again. In the end prior to moving to where I currently live I was having deja vu of deja vu experiences that made me leave. I felt I had done all I could do in my life there. Here it has been one heck of a ride….but knew I had to do it. I will read the post you mentioned and see what it brings up for me. The way you wrote back to me was very clear, filled with love and brought back to me the good in “all”. The fact that we gain spiritual growth through high heart consciousness…. I think I have been reading too much crap out there in the web and it has clouded all the good in me and everywhere. I will make it a point to have fun this weekend, laugh and just be. I wish that for you too every one too. Linny

  • hi, is anyone else freaked out by this. I am all for change and am feeling a lot of them ( Ihave started feeling this vibration under when I am lying down, and all around me and now even inside my whole body. This week a lot especially) I KNOW something is happening, still it is freaking me out. This telepathy thing. I don t want everyone reading my mind….I don t want to see other beings….I am working on opening my third eye for years (without success)and now I know why (I am scared).
    Does anyone have advice for me. Why am I scared even if I dont want to be.

    • Line,

      No fear sweetie. 🙂 You might benefit from an old post about the ongoing “rewiring” process. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/internal-shaking-rewiring-process/

      Here’s the short and to the point reason why the majority of people are NOT psychic/telepathic (prior to let’s say 2009). Currently they aren’t evolved or developed enough to cope with perceiving more multidimensional realities. Big, strong, stubborn egos and left brains are NOT designed to even perceive outside the left brain box of physical 3D reality, and because of this, they haven’t had enough learning, training or time to develop on other levels. They’re focus on and within 3D and that’s about it.

      When people start evolving and growing consciously they automatically begin feeling, perceiving, sensing, and knowing different things from multiple dimensions, which automatically makes them more aware at higher levels. The majority of people who are telepathic, psychic, clairvoyant etc., have also learned, evolved, grown in other ways so they would not misuse or abuse these higher abilities. For the majority of people, these two things go hand-in-hand, and there aren’t asshole n’ idiots with psychic and telepathic abilities! You see, there are higher spiritual laws to protect everyone from what it sounds like you’re fearing.

      I want you to think about clairvoyance and telepathy all the rest of the ESP abilities AND the current rewiring and everything else, like how we can’t see germs or really tiny things. Also think about how we can’t hear certain sounds above/below a certain range or frequency, same with colors and light. Those other invisible things, beings, energies, colors have always been there…we just couldn’t perceive of them from within 3D. But, due to our current compressed ascension/evolutionary/rewiring process, we all are slowly expanding our awareness to perceive MORE of reality, MORE of multidimensional reality. It is simply time for us to grow, evolve and learn about this now. The great news is that there are natural spiritual laws and psychic etiquette so as people evolve, they also know what can and cannot be done using those higher perceptive abilities. There’s spiritual maturity, there’s wisdom and respect and High Heart Consciousness. 😉 What’s happening now at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (mind and higher Mind, Higher Self awareness) is totally different than the past Piscean Age so don’t worry about this aspect of people being able to see clairvoyantly all the sudden.

      Another thing I want you to consider about why you are so scared about seeing multidimensional things, beings, places etc., is to ask if this fear might be caused by some religious beliefs, or maybe even a past life experience. Just consider why you’re worried about be clairvoyant and be very honest with yourself. That should help you a lot.


  • Hi Denise,

    A big thanks for posting this great and important information from the ‘Ps’.

    Talking about the upcoming negative technologies, the 1992 film ‘The Lawnmower Man’ highlights the dangers of the virtual world.

    I used to play video games (in another life! 😉 ), I finally worked out they were stressing me out big time!

    I wish the Pleiadian Times was available as a download, as trying to explain this arriving on my doorstep, well I haven’t the energy for that!

    Love and gentle winged hugs,


  • Hi Denise,

    Oooooh… I sense that my Soul resonates quite clearly with this: I’m getting goosebumps as I read. It’s like quietly peeping at the reality a few months beyond through a curtain.

    I will get my hands on Barbara Marciniak’s books… as a friend of mine sent them to me via Post Box. Would not be surprised that I resonate wholeheartedly with what she says…

    Now I do bear in mind… the Pleiadians have a sound warning and advice… especially for someone like me:

    “…the multitude of visual imagery in the modern world overrides the role of the imagination, shutting down the third eye. With so many people plugged into electronics and children averaging seven to eight hours a day online, ((((me included))))) the role of the imagination is being replaced by electronic realities.”

    In that case… does that mean I’ll have to ban my iMac altogether to be prepared for what’s to come? Or should I do this in a more practical sense: be aware that I am on the computer… take breaks in between… and then gradually connect to Mother Earth by doing simple pleasures. I’ve started with my little container garden and I feel at one-ment with the Earth.

    How many of us are addicted to computers? I am the biggest culprit yet. 😦

    Hugs and Love and Kisses
    Lou Ann

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