Having A Real Time With TIME

Over the past decade I’ve had increasing difficulty remaining firmly anchored within physical linear 3D time, not to say that’s a bad thing! There has been so many times when I couldn’t tell what time of the year it was — are we just entering fall, or are we entering spring, or is winter right around the corner? Is it 1962 or 1987 or 2005 or what? Where exactly am I anyway? There would be wonderful free-floating moments where I honestly did not know where I was within the old 3D seasonal cycles, which was highly enjoyable. It felt nice being that free from structured 3D reality and blinkered consciousness. It did however seriously mess with those physical responsibilities that absolutely must be dealt with in time ON TIME! Things like paying the monthly utility bills, rent, car insurance, getting your taxes done etc. So it’s taken a bit more work and double, triple, quadruple checking things to make sure that I actually did physically pay bills that must be paid ON TIME each month throughout the year and not only think about paying them.

I’ve really noticed since January 2010, that the linear time and perception business has had the magic dial turned up another five notches or so! What I’m now noticing—and I know many of you have been too—is that my perception has changed even more to where I’m now having much more difficulty locating myself within TIME. The joke is that we are evolving energetically and physically beyond 3D and its linear rules, regulations and highly limited consciousness that worked well within it (but not anywhere else), and we’re supposed to be going increasingly consciously quantum now. We’re quickly re-learning how it all works outside physicality in linear and polarized 3D, and I suspect we may look a bit silly at the moment from a higher level. I suspect some great ancient beings who’ve never entered dense, lower frequency/consciousness realms or dimensions, are entertained by our dazed n’ amazed looks and fumbling as we adapt to casting off the tight blinkers of lower 3D perception and get our 5D bearings outside of it and linear time/space.

The main way I’ve been realizing how much I am not functioning within lower linear awareness and time is by how lost I’ve been when I try to figure out exactly what day, week, month or year it is. The big glaring issue I’m currently discovering is that when I now THINK (Aquarius) of something in my mind or FEEL something emotionally in my heart (Leo) from this growing higher 5D perspective, it seems and feels to me that I have actually lived or done those feelings and thoughts—but I haven’t physically. The new burning question has become, “Did I just think that or did I actually do it physically?” What I’m learning is that the old 3D business of doing physically is rapidly morphing into 5D thinking and feeling and that is often doing in 5D. This is the real Age of Aquarius but evolved/ascended well beyond lower dense and linear 3D.

So now when I think of doing things and/or when I have emotional feelings about something, from my expanding awareness and existence outside of linear physicality, from this perspective I have actually done those things, and yet I have not physically done them. Translated this means that from my perspective a lot of linear TIME has passed because I have thought of many things, felt many things, or lived through and perceived many things internally, therefore a lot of linear time must have passed externally, right? Nope, only moments from one perspective, hence why many of us are a bit confused and maybe lost in and out of linear time.

Are you comprehending how and why humanities consciousness has been so astonishingly controlled and intentionally herded by the lower frequency negative jerks in 3D? As Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians have said and I quote, “The real war now is over the human mind.”  Many of the lower frequency planetary controllers have long known of the coming Age of Aquarius (an Air or mental sign, whereas Pisces was a water or emotional sign), and have simply done what they’ve done for eons; shift gears right along with the naturally changing astrological energies and use them to create what they want within each Age. Now it’s all about mass mind control (low or negative vibrating Aquarian energies) and endless new technologies (low or negative vibrating Uranus energies) to completely sidetrack, steal away, and trap people’s consciousness from the present ascension/compressed evolutionary energies naturally flooding the planet. “Those who do not think to think are easily controlled.”

As our compressed evolution continues with more and more DNA activations via solar, cosmic, and galactic energy wave transmissions, we will continue discovering that we are indeed going quantum and can perceive from within multiple dimensions simultaneously. Instead of the old lower, dense, linear time and awareness that went with 3D and that level of development and focus, we will continue expanding and adapting to what I’ve been calling Spherical Consciousness or Awareness. Spherical Consciousness or awareness (quantumness) is us being able to perceive, feel, be aware of and take in multiple dimensions, multiple aspects of Self, within multiple locations across a vast, timeless expanse. In other words, our sense of “self” is rapidly evolving and expanding to consciously take in far, far, more of us as we exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously. These versions of us are becoming more consciously aware of other aspects of Self in multiple locations and dimensions etc., and we’re going to remember how to not get lost in all that vast awareness and space outside of linear time.  Have you read the wonderful books by Jane Roberts called The Trilogy of Oversoul Seven ? I would recommend reading them now because they are a fun and humorous look at what we’re currently re-learning ourselves.

As your perception continues evolving and greatly expands beyond the old lower borders of linear 3D time and consciousness, be prepared to become momentarily lost within the vastness that is really you and me and all of us within multidimensional levels. Linear time, seasons, locations, worlds, personal identities and all other familiar reality defining borders will continue to fall away the more we grow and evolve. We’ve just got to get the hang of playing in a vastly larger sandbox than we got used to within small and limited 3D. This is going to be a lot of fun so do not worry, just stretch out and enjoy the new freedoms and space to be you/YOU while you re-learn how to juggle far more balls than was doable in 3D before.

Denise Le Fay

March 31, 2010


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11 thoughts on “Having A Real Time With TIME

  • “So now when I think of doing things and/or when I have emotional feelings about something, from my expanding awareness and existence outside of linear physicality, from this perspective I have actually done those things, and yet I have not physically done them.”

    This is so great!

    I ran out of potato chips so I went to Target and bought another bag and put it in the cupboard.

    Next day when I wanted the chips they weren’t in the cupboard. I look again. No chips. Nobody had bothered them. Nobody likes them but me.

    Ok things disappear and reappear. In this outlandish vibratory process when an object vanishes I’m almost starting to accept it as not unusual.

    So rather than get all wrapped up in the situation I go back to Target and buy another bag and come home and put it in the cupboard.

    As I do this I get a stange feeling, and then it hits me. The reason the bag wasn’t there when I looked for it is cause I hadn’t gotten it yet.

    But I had! I DID go get the chips yesterday!

    No you didn’t. Whatever you did yesterday, you didn’t do it here and you sure didn’t do it now.

    A sense of humor about this would help if I could dredge one up. This is almost too, too much.

    So do we have to always keep receipts now? Always pay by plastic? So we have proof? I bet it wouldn’t work..

  • Yeah, this is what I find interesting as well is the drops we keep getting–sometimes from several different angles (or angels, however you want to write it–lol). I found it interesting as we were all just talking about this in this post and pop here it is from yet another angle–sorry, I am like a kid in a candy shop–;0)

  • Denise,
    Have you listened to the April Steve Rother’s Group’s channel–they talk about time, speeding up of time, our creating in time, etc.
    Thought this was interesting —

    • Theocacao,

      There are many times when the incoming higher dimensional cosmic “Light” or information wave (surf’s up!) is so strong and clear that I’m able to perceive it directly. The hard part for me is to get that higher information/understandings from my head, down through my fingers, into the keyboard, and out as words…words that makes sense and get ALL of what I’ve perceived! Getting it is fairly easy, but getting it expressed as accurately, completely, and as multidimensionally reaching as it is, is the real trick for me. Sometimes I do a decent job, other times I struggle to verbalize it all, and on rare occasions I nail it and am semi-happy with what I’ve written. I knew that Rother’s group was going to talk about “time” and us trying to adapt to these big changes in their next channeling. I suspect Kryon will also be talking more and more about “time” and us becoming increasingly quantum with our awareness and lives etc. It is where we all are now. Plus, the Pacific Ocean is like a huge portal or birth canal; all I have to do is see photos of the Pacific Ocean and I get very excited because I can see and feel so much very high energy pouring out through that entire area. (Got sidetracked there).

      I vibrate within a similar frequency range as Steve Rother’s group because I often will perceive very similar higher level information as what they talk about, usually a few days or a week prior. I’ve done this with Karen Bishop too, which just tells me that if one is vibrating within a very close range to other people and/or non-physical beings (those who give the info to the channel), then we all get the same incoming information around the same time…days or a week or two. I’ve paid attention to this for years now and I always find it interesting. Soon we all will be communicating like this.

      Now I’m going to go try to listen to Steve Rother/the group’s latest channeling, which I haven’t heard as yet. Thanks Theocacao for catching this. 😉


  • lolz–I am so glad to hear all of you saying this! Had similar experiences all the way around–last weekend I accomplished in one hour what it normally would have taken three (travel included); have had those same ‘where am I’ moments–like traveling out of this dimension to one of my other selves where I come back in mid conversation wondering who the heck is Fred but knowing I know him well–or, waking up and going “I don’t have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, where am I?” and then realizing, in this reality I do have a ceiling fan; but the best one was driving home and the turn I was supposed to make was not there–literally, NOT THERE! It was like in Star Trek where the holodeck disintegrates in patches–that was what happened–for a moment, my illusion forgot to produce the road and it was a big gray area to my right–wasn’t my eyes as no matter how I turned my head to view it, it just wasn’t there–everything else was. I remember hearing “don’t worry, give it a moment” and my logical side was planning going “okay, well we can just go straight on this and then take the next turn and double back” when “pop” there was the road–and it was all so natural feeling, I wasn’t panicking or even wondering if I was crazy–lolz–isn’t this a trip!? But the actually time thing really is slipping in and out–love it!

    • Theocacao,

      I’m so gald that everyone is sharing their personal experiences with time and reality either disappearing momentarily, or functioning way outside of the old lower 3D rules and regulations. 😉

      I’ve experienced brief moments too where the old familiar 3D world “reality” we’re all used to just faded away for a short bit. It is utterly amazing how, when something like that happens to you, it also changes who you are used to being within that particular world “reality”! Every time I’ve experienced this, my sense of “me” was altered too as I believe is perfectly normal when we move outside of the local sandbox and “reality” is either different or just hasn’t been created in that space as yet.

      One of the other things along this line that I’ve been experiencing for about three years now, is suddenly feeling the floor under my feet (as I’m walking), simply drop down what feels like about two or three feet. It’s like the physical 3D floor beneath me just disappears like your turn-off Theo. I strongly believe we all are going to have “reality” dropping away, disappearing, chunks or sections of it vanish for moments (or however long we wish to be elsewhere), increasing situations with linear time simply not working because we’re functioning and exist well outside of it now and in the near future. I’ll write another post just about these types of reality anomalies due to ascension and dimensional shifting etc., and we all can share our experiences with it there.

      That’s so great Theo that you had that inner voice or guide or your Higher Self tell you to not worry and wait just a moment. Love it!

      Thanks again for sharing with us all as we all benefit when we do I feel. 🙂

  • Fascinating to me that you should choose today to make observations about time, as I accomplished an impossible quantity of things, for the time it took, this very afternoon.

    I keep a regular Wednesday appointment with my chiropractor, and knowing what time I usually leave home for it (between 2 and 2:30, I left at one to accommodate a haircut. I had five more shopping errands to do AFTER the chiropractor. But the haircut happened so fast that I still had an hour to go, so I decided to see what I could get done “in that hour”. I proceeded to shop in four separate places (yes, near to each other, but…). I bought a pair of shoes, after trying a couple, had a battery put into my watch in one place, and required assistance to get some copies made there, then went to the bank for a teller transaction, and then walked the several blocks to my chiropractor’s . . . all of this, by the way, was on foot and by bus.

    I still can’t believe it was all done in just over an hour!

    • Wow Irv, you sure are sliding in and out of time! But this is another aspect of what we’re learning about now and how we’re no longer trapped within the same awareness/space/time/frequency that we’ve lived in the majority of our lives. It’s going to take some adapting to, but the creative potentials are, as you’ve shown, amazing.


  • Denise,
    Absolutely!! I was just thinking today, I must have a look on the internet, because surely other people must be noticing this? I’m with you, too, on the denser beings’ (I think of them as the Anti-Evolutionary forces, because that truly is what they are) attempts to get humans onto a false path. About 7 years ago, I was told in a dream that every time a new spiritual faculty becomes available to us, a fake substitute is also created. This has turned out to be so true. Think of anything – telepathy, remote viewing, clairaudience – and there’s a machine which mimics it. (Some people subscribe to regular email alerts. Telepathy is much quicker! :-)) It’s a bit the same as drugs & alcohol mimicking real happiness. 3 years ago, I heard that the concern of the higher Beings wasn’t that TPTB etc, would stop the process of ascension: they can’t. It’s too big! The problem was that they were trying to distort it.

    The computer games like the Sims and Second Life, present alternative worlds….but they’re unreal. The fifth and sixth dimensional realities are not fantasies!

    The time thing is amazing, isn’t it? As you said, since January it’s been having more & more of an impact. I regularly have to go, ‘Is it September? Oh, wait, no, it’s January. I mean March!’ I now have NO experience of normal “time”. I’m either in the Now, in a completely timeless state, or, if doing some mundane 3D job, time contracts or speeds up ridiculously. A simple chore takes 4 hours, or a whole evening’s worth of activities seem to take 12 minutes. It’s impossible, but I like it! 🙂 I sure hope the No Money thing comes about soon, though. I’ve forgotten to pay 2 bills already this month, and I genuinely cannot remember whether I actually filled in my tax return and sent it to the IRS or not – I’ve been racking my brains for a month! In 5D, to think + feel IS to create, instantly. Then you notice that you are still here in 3D, and you stand there thinking, “Did I actually DO that, in physicality? Or did I ‘only’ do it in the other-dimensional Reality??”

    You know a while ago we were discussing the future re, money, housing, etc? One day last week, I was trying to picture (ie, create), on my boring journey home from work, what my perfect home would be like. Denise, it was so real to me, that when I got home I stood there, key in hand, for about twenty seconds, thinking, ‘Huh? Where is it??’ I literally didn’t know where my home was; the picture of it was so vivid – in the fifth dimension it WAS real – that I fully expected to see a different front door. I’m not kidding; for several seconds I turned all around looking for it! It’s so weird, being in many realities at once; but great fun, isn’t it? 😀


    • Barbra,

      I too have this image in my heart/mind/imagination for the new higher 5D house/home I’ve desired for so long now out in Nature. The only near by neighbors I want at this point are birds and butterflys and other wonderful critters of Nature. Other like-frequency humans will come next but I still need and want some big space/Nature between my house and others. Like you, I can see and feel my imaginary house in Nature with all my being…so where the heck is it?! I needs it now, I wants it now! 😀

      You know the really huge mind blower is that, since the Sept. 9, 2009 (9-9-9) separation of worlds, those of us who left the old lower 3D earth reality/world back then, simply recreated the old familiar looking earth world in 5D and went there! &@!#! Unbelievable and yet, like Karen B. said, we had to start somewhere! Well by gwad I’m more than ready and willing to make some big honkin improvements to our newly created, higher dimensional, higher frequency world and reality, as I know you and so many of us are. So, let’s start doing it ourselves. You create/manifest your house and anything else your High Heart desires and I’ll do the same with my imagined house out in Nature. I’ve been working already on breaking out of the rigid concept that weather and seasons HAVE to remain in our new higher 5D earth…because they do not. The big stunner is that it’s working, so, I’m guessing this is how you and I and all the rest of us learning the new Conscious Co-creating thing will figure out how this all works. I sure hope this comment made sense… 😐


      • This does give me some exciting things to think about. Today I was just practicing making myself invisible to wasps. It seemed to work. If I am here in western Kentucky/Tennessee, I am determined to enjoy the ‘good’ things like thunderstorms and hardwood forests without the ‘bad’ things like wasps and tics, meaning, experiencing that which fills me with joy and grace and having the rest not even be in my awareness.

        Which reminds me of two weeks ago going through a briar patch with only a few scratches, while my co-worker walked around it.

        I’ve been thinking a lot about my ‘home’ the past several days as my godson’s mother wants me to buy the house she is living in NOW. I love that house, but she is one who is still on the manipulation/fear/control vibration, but no more rescue missions and entanglements. I just want a comfy bed, somewhere warm, dry, clean and safe with loving kitties and starseeds and wonderful music.

        I can’t wait until it will truly be a choice to ever be in the 3-D world. It’s becoming more and more so, as needs and desires seem to be taken care of and I love my work. Moving around a lot for work, it almost seems as though things I need get stored in these alternate compartments. I go over to a friend’s house and come home with books and blaze orange and a pair of shorts. I left my skis and snowboard behind in Cali, but just know that I will have them with me again when it is time.

        It’s good to be reminded of how amazing and fun this can be. I can’t wait to visit more high frequency homes. It will be great fun to feel that I can safely leave the forest for extended periods of time.

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