Solar Light Transmissions

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When I was five, six, seven years old I used to sunbathe on my parents SoCal patio and talk in my mind with the great (and I mean Great) angelic-like nonphysical Beings that “lived inside the Sun.” I’d lay there in the summer sun happily baking and communing lovingly on the verge of tears with these super ancient Solar Beings and tell them how much I loved them and how much I appreciated all they did for us incarnated on 3D Earth.  While doing this, I was also conscious that what I was feeling and knew was connected to my very ancient Egyptian (more accurately, simultaneous) “past” life. To a child there is no “past”, there is only everything happening in the now moment.

Here are a couple short quotes from A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution about the Sun and solar anomalies I’ve been observing since the dates listed in the book. From page 259 and page 339:

July 11, 1997 I was driving home and noticed that the sunlight and everything else looked very different. It looked extra brilliant and sharp and there was a silver-white colored light everywhere. It was so physically obvious and blatantly there for all to see, I wondered why I had not heard anyone else mention that the light the Sun radiated had changed so drastically.

As I drove I keep glancing up at the open sky, the trees, the leaves on the tress, the freshly plowed fields, and could so clearly see that a profoundly brilliant silver-white light was literally everywhere. It was stunningly beautiful and instantly reminded me of my past life in ancient Egypt 12,600 years earlier because that particular past life had the same brilliant silver-white light everywhere. I had remembered  this silver-white light when I was a young child in this life and wondered why the Sun and sunlight was only a soft warm golden-yellow color. Even as a child in this life, I sensed that the Sun and sunlight was only warm and nurturing, gentle and loving solar energy. My ancient Egyptian past life memory was of a much higher stellar silver-white light that was extremely bright and intense, yet did not harm one’s eyes or skin. As a child in this life, I always wondered about why the sunlight was not this stellar silver-white light I remembered from my ancient life in Egypt. The seasons and gravity—not to mention human cruelty—were also huge confusions to me as a child in this life however.

As I drove home viewing this brilliant and very different sunlight illuminating everything, I remembered this particular silver-white light was how everything looked and felt when the Sun and Earth were within the Photon band of higher dimensional light at the beginning of the astrological Age of Leo. I suddenly became ecstatic. Here we were again, 12,500-plus long and very dark and difficult years later, exactly halfway around the great wheel of Ages entering the Photon band of higher light again at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. All I could think was, “It’s about time! Now the much higher changes to humanity and Earth will happen extremely fast.”

December 15, 1999 I was outside working in the yard when a wasp buzzed my head, and as I dodged him, I noticed something unusual around the Sun. After the wasp was gone, I made my hand into a fist to directly block out the Sun but safely see the space all around it. Doing this I could easily see an enormous pale white mist-like energy slowly moving and undulating far out around the entire Sun. I had never seen this anomaly before and assumed it must be solar flare energies.

I quickly got our sunglasses and called Mom outside to see it for herself. We stared, squinted, pondered and watched this massive solar energy radiating out in all directions off from the Sun. As we watched this new solar anomaly we both saw brilliant silver-white metallic looking UFO things flitting and seemingly playing with each other within this solar energy. I don’t know what these things were, and I am not saying they were UFOs in the sense of ETs piloting them because I did not get that feeling. Mom and I watched both the solar energies flowing and wafting slowly like some type of massive transparent solar veil, plus these small brilliant dots zipping around within it.”

I’m not sure exactly when this happened, but I sense it kicked off around February 1, 2010 (OMG…I just had a mega coinky dink realization! My physical Ascension Process started February 1, 1999), oh this makes a lot of sense now. January and February 2010 are within Phase Two and some of the Phase One cycles or activations have started again, but at this vastly higher level on the ascension spiral. That’s what I’ve been sensing, but this realization just nailed it for me personally.

As I was saying, I felt that February 1, 2010 the Sun and solar energies had taken another quantum leap forward and that was why so many of us have been feeling Crown chakra pressures and like it has become huge recently, also ascension related headaches, amplified frustrations, brief intolerance with lower people/situations/beliefs etc. It was around Feb. 10th when I noticed that this already huge Sun/solar energy in the sky had seemingly doubled in size and brightness! To me, the Sun now looks even closer to Earth, which has been another thing I’ve remembered since age six about my Egyptian past life and wondered about. We (us on Earth) have moved/orbited into a very different area of space, and from this new area it appears (so far) as if we are closer to the Sun. I’m not saying we are, only that it looks like the Sun is much larger and closer now. (This is actually 7D Photon Light.) AND, that huge pale white mist-like energy that I’ve seen daily since I first noticed it in 1997, has doubled in size since the start of February 2010. I may be off a bit on these days, but that’s when I noticed these energies/anomalies. (On a clear cloudless day, go outside and try the hand into a fist thing and just look at all that energy radiating off from the Sun now.)

I feel—based in part on my 12, 600 B.C. Egyptian past life memories—that we (humans and Earth) have re-entered the Photon band of higher seventh dimensional Light energies and these changes in our Sun, the sunlight, this strange pale white mist-like energy all around it that hasn’t been there for all of my life until I first noticed it in 1997, are further activating us to continue evolving into a higher frequency species faster than ever before. And that the so-called solar flares and solar storms are really cosmic, galactic energies from very high dimensions broadcasting/transmitting/radiating greater and greater energies to further activate us with our compressed evolutionary DNA and consciousness changes.  Another higher, larger, and vastly more intense layer of this LIGHT energy has  arrived and will continue to via our Sun, which then transmits it directly to Earth and humanity. This new higher level of cosmic/galactic/solar Light energies will trigger further ascension symptoms, further DNA activations and brain changes, plus full physical body and multiple energy body changes like nothing we’ve been through so far. With the start of 2010, we entered a new and higher spiral or layer with Phase Two, and these many growing and accelerating anomalies within us and our environment will only continue and faster than ever before too.

Since January 2010, I’ve noticed that I’m still having different ascension symptoms and they come in fast and intense BUT, I’m adapting, adjusting to each new layer much easier and faster than I did throughout all of Phase One. Makes sense because we’re housing so much more Light within our selves now that when more Light arrives, we’re not getting as hammered by The Process as we have since 1999. I have however noticed a big change in how I’m feeling the ongoing Rewiring Process energies in my body now. They now feel like my spine is a huge antenna literally pulling in, receiving those higher energy transmissions and they cause my spine to vibrate, to buzz, to hum with intense higher, faster frequency energy. No physical pain with this, just an amazing feeling of being re-built, rewired by very high Light energies.

Denise Le Fay

February 19, 2010

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6 thoughts on “Solar Light Transmissions

  • Denise,

    Thank you for your thoughtful writing. I love reading what you have to say.

    I also noticed a difference with the sun two or three weeks ago. I kept asking my husband if the sun looked bigger to him. He just gave me funny looks. I don’t normally see the sun directly in February up here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, and so just shrugged it off as perhaps a normal February sun. So, thank you for writing about it!

    The energetic shift in January was huge for me. Now I seem to be having increasing physical symptoms also. This time, however, they are much more intense. With all these sun changes, I guess it is fitting that I will be having my first ever appointment with a cardiologist.

    I love how everything is connected.


    • Hi Erika and welcome to TRANSITIONS, and thank you for your kind words. 🙂

      I’ll never forget the first time in this life I noticed that the Sun appeared very small and yellow-gold colored. I was in second or third grade so I was 7-9 years old, and I could not believe how small the Sun looked, and that it was weak looking and feeling to me then. It did not match my memories at all. It does now, some 51 years later! Too cool to see it (the Photonic Light) again here now in our lives and time.

      Everything will be fine at the Heart Doc’s too.


      Some of my old ascension symptoms have been activated again recently, but not a severe as during Phase One thank gwad!

  • Dearest Denise,

    Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I actually found your blog last June, but have stayed on the sidelines until now. Too far gone in quantum I guess – HA! It was through your blog that I found Kryon – who has become such a close friend and ally – and then also Steve Rother & the Group which helped me with the triality/pineal activation. So thank you so much, my dear. You have been such a helpful part of my journey! I cannot wait to read your book!

    And to pass on to you all: I highly recommend Christine Day’s book, “Pleiadian Initiations of Light.” It comes with cds for inter-dimensional transmissions to help you birth your own brilliant light. Since it is inter-dimensional, it will meet you where you are at and as you expand vibrationally, the next time you listen to it it will meet you at your new level and take your further. So it will be extremely helpful for someone new on the path, but I would guess if you are part of this group you have done your work so be ready for the ride of your life! My journey was so powerful – it was a quantum leap into a new dimension. My little joke is that the Pleiadians are selling enlightenment for $14.95 🙂 (amazon price of course – HA!) You can see a video of Christine talking about the book & the new energy on the Earth on Lightworker here:

    A note to leave you on: back in 1997, I channeled a lot of music that is for the shift now. Since we’re talking about the sun, here’s a few lyrics from my song, Divine:

    If you knew the spark inside you
    Could light up as the sun
    Then you too could move mountains

    Now I ask everyone
    Purge the dark side
    Time to now be the sun
    Time to now be as one

    Break through this dream
    No this world is not what it seems
    Illusions dance through your space and time
    Remember you are Divine

    Espavo, everyone!

  • Hello Denise,
    just to share, I am feeling the same. On exactly Feb 10, after an appointment (that’s why I remember so well) I saw that the day light had changed, the color of the light was different (just to tell, I live in Brazil). I commented with my brother but he didn´t see anything and ,as always, made fun of me! 🙂 And my spine sometimes vibrate in waves, so much that I feel my trunk shake. I noticed it happens more when I am around lower energies. Maybe I am expelling or transmuting these energies, who knows?
    Hugs and kisses,

  • OMG Denise – I can’t believe you’re writing about this today. And I’ve been meaning to e-mail about so many other things – i’m so glad we’re finally connecting today!

    On New Year’s Day 2010 morning, I woke up to a new sun. It was simply different – a white vortex of energy instead of the sun. I immediately saw it – exactly like you wrote about in the above post. i knew others couldn’t see it and was amazed I could – and knew I was in a new dimension. It has never left – every time I am outside I am in awe.

    Then I just found this post TODAY – YES TODAY – from Siva Baba when he was in Egypt on Feb 1st:

    “This is the most important B-day for me. In fact, I have been born today. This is the day of regeneration for the earthplane. I want to declare that not only is this the day I am born, but also the Golden Age is born.

    Up until now, Egypt has remained a land that people visit for tourism. Hereafter, it’s going to be different. People will be able to relate to the Gods and Goddesses in an intimate manner. They are not part of dead mythology. Now they have to be revived.

    The Sun Temple (the vortex visited for Baba’s B-day) is one of the oldest temples here- where you can access the Sun’s energy directly. Egyptian kings were the descendants of the Sun God Ra. All the kings had Ra added to their names. The Sun is pure energy and life force- without the Sun there is no growth.

    The visit to the Sun Temple will change the destiny of all those who expose themselves to the energy of the Sun. The Sun’s energy is never depleted.

    This is an important day for the entire world. I feel a very different energy than I have ever felt before. We are very thankful to all the Gods and Goddesses that we came into contact with their shrines.

    Being in Egypt has really opened me up. I never thought there would be so much power here. When I climbed up and stood on the Sun disk, I changed. It empowered me, and in turn I can empower you. As we march towards the Golden Age, all Egyptian Gods and Goddesses will come alive not just for Egypt, but for entire humanity.”

    (Sarah again) This past summer during when I was listening to a Kryon channeling, I got information about how the sun is so important to us at this time. At it feeds us energy with the solar flares, etc. if we embody that and use that energy, we then start sending light back to the sun. It becomes the magical dance of receiving and sending between us and the sun. Anything you can do to surround yourself with that gold color, the color of honey as well as that white light energy. Not a typical yellow sun colors but rather that very cool white yellow. Though it’s the sun – it’s actually a cool energy. And then I’ve had this experience a few times now while in a type of meditation, that rather than rings of energy descending on my third eye, I have gold colored waves/rings of energy emanating from me going to the sun. I was told I am carrying so much light now, I am truly feeding the sun, and thus it again feeds me with more energy – or higher dimensional energy and on and on the dance goes.

    I am amazed at your post as this was all coming up for me again today after reading Siva Baba’s post and I was just going through this tying all of my recent history with the sun together – and then you e-mailed with your experiences! There is SO much magick afoot – I am in awe every day. And this is only the beginning.

    And thank you for posting Ton Kenyon’s pineal tuning music. It really works! The energy it carries – wow. And you may like these two channelings from Bashar: (about pineal activation) (lots of goodies, inter-dimensionality)

    Thank you for doing all of your posts. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am. It’s so hard to come out of quantum and linearize all of this so I am so thankful you are doing it as a type of validation for us all.

    Much love to you!

    • Sarah,

      Hi and a big warm welcome to TRANSITIONS and Home. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing that quote from Siva Baba, although I’m not familiar with him or his work, I know what you quoted is very much truth. Instead of going into a lot of detail here in a comment, I’m going to quote your comment in a new post and then quote something about all of this from my new book, A Lightworker’s Mission. You (and Siva Baba) will find it very interesting. 😉 I’ll try to get it written in a couple of days.

      I too am so glad you found TRANSITIONS now because it is time for Light Family to reconnect with other like-vibrating Light Family, and this is one place where that can happen.

      Hugs & Gratitude,

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