The Ascension Process & Intolerance


As if the entire Ascension Process isn’t difficult and painful enough, while struggling through it all we’ve got to figure out how to not go to prison for killing or maiming some self-absorbed, unaware, dumb shit member of vastly lower vibrating society who’s happily going through their life on autopilot, endlessly regurgitating asinine pre-recorded messages. My freaking gawd, how can I cope with what I’m living through with my Ascension Process and endure the majority of A&I’s (assholes & idiots) and not bash the crap out of any of them?

That’s the feel looking back down the ascension tunnel — the feel looking up it goes more like this:

OMG, my Guides, my Starbeings and ET friends and kinsfolk and all the nonphysical Others who have helped me, guided me, answered so many of my questions, assisted me year-after-year down here on 3D Earth, how did they tolerate my dumb ass amnesia all that time? How did they maintain such patience and tolerance with me for so long?

Answer—they didn’t always. I know, I’ve heard and seen some of Them roll their eyes in utter disbelief over how much I’ve forgotten because I reincarnated in 3D physicality! I’ve seen them give me clairvoyant messages in cartoon form in the hopes that I would finally understand what information they were trying to pass on to me. “Do you think she got it yet?” they would question each other. Yeah, embarrassing but true. They do love us, they do respect us more than you could imagine, but, know too that many of Them do indeed get frustrated with many of us and our 3D amnesia down here! Read A Lightworker’s Mission to hear about some of this business I’ve had with some of Them. They have struggled being inter-dimensional Guides/Teachers to us.

Like I told Theocacao in those comments, we are often so deeply immersed in our own ascension process and all the pains and metamorphosis it causes, that we often don’t honestly realize how much of our Lead we already have transmuted into Gold. To help us with this perspective we are usually thrown into a meeting with old friends, old co-workers, old romantic partners, family members or others we knew well prior to our ascension, who are not living the ascension process themselves. Nothing brings the point home like trying to carry on a semi-decent conversation with an old friend who is not ascending! It is beyond uncomfortable, it is excruciating, it is frustrating, it is one big fat fucking lie and it is repulsive and makes you want to run for the hills — the asshole-free hills — which are very hard to find among 7 billion-plus on Earth.


Suffering fools and turning the other cheek and all that bullshit negativity was dis-empowerment and distortion Team Dark crap from the Age of Pisces. We are not supposed to continue being co-dependent enablers to the A&I’s of the old lower world. I know how harsh and ‘unchristian-like’ that sounds to many, but the Fish are dead — long live the Waves! And tell me, who else is there now that’s capable of energetically creating a new higher world reality but those of us who have and still are ascending? Um-hum. The so-called ‘Second Coming’ is us so don’t even think about apologizing for living and surviving it.

The point is that profound intolerance and even rage are very normal symptoms and stages within the Ascension Process that we must experience to teach us how to NOT take the lower vibrating BS any longer. We need to be so done, so repulsed, so offended by the lower consciousness of old lower 3D world that we finally realize we are the ones capable of creating anything higher, better, honest and based on higher consciousness m High Heart. Without the obscene pressure that the lower vibrating people, energies and consciousness cause us we’d have a much harder time moving ourselves forward. Give thanks to the A&I’s for assisting us so effectively.  😉  Think of the A&I’s of the old lower world as fuel, as the thrust-block and spiritual inspiration to create so very much higher over all of them. Use the intolerance and rage they cause you to feel to keep your High Heart on the really important thing now which is creating the NEW higher world we’re capable of finally.

Denise Le Fay

February 17, 2010

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10 thoughts on “The Ascension Process & Intolerance

  • good post…needed a good laugh this morning. as a fully awakened conscious empath, experiencing the ascension process, going on 20 years…this process has now become an omg, are you f——- kidding me, seriously? stay positive and focused??!! Virtually impossible, because the process has us on our knees begging “are we done with this phase yet? We are not supposed to be involved with lower patterns of behavior and yet, we are not aligned with our soul blueprint to move on and move forward…thank you for sharing this post and the reality of the process that we are experiencing.

  • OMG thank you for this post. I am so glad I found it! This week has been hell-on-earth in dealing with my non-ascending Catholic in-laws, who for what ever reason feel — i suppose intuitively — that I am not like them and therefore not worth their respect! Just last night we had our daughter, whom we haven’t seen for a year and a half, co-opted — kidnapped — whatever — by the troglodytes on an evening we were supposed to spend just with her since she was only going to be here 3 days while on a work-trip.

    Daughter is a 23 year old 3rd waver and sooooo Zen she handled it all with her usual grace. After she calmed me down enough to get into the car and drive I had to resort to my old standby pasting a smile on my face (even though I didn’t mean it) and waiting for the endorphins to respond to the muscles in the smile shape (it really works — 30 minutes tops — you look like a crazy person, grinning like a death mask, but hey you are a crazy person!)

    I absolutely despise feeling that way and mourn the energy loss because I need every ounce for dealing with my “usual” ascension symptoms. Thanks for letting me know it is OK!

    Getting back to my High Heart today,

  • Hi Denise.

    This made me laugh loads thanks. I totally get it and its cool to have a wonderful lightworker like yourself just say how it is.


  • i heard once that rage with that strong sense of “This is NOT okay!!!” can actually be Divine Will coming through us once we’re “hooked up.” it has a different feel to it, comes with great clarity about what is and is not okay. kind of puts a different spin on it, you know?

    keeping this distinction in mind comes in handy for me as i still seem to be battling some nasties from various dimensions, sometimes much of the night. i just stick to my guns and tell them off, quite reasonably, and they mutter about how i’m connected to the Divine and they’d better watch out….and i keep my heart chakra open and vavavooming at the same time. Divine Love and Will…

    sometimes the next day it sounds like a comedy show, though while it’s happening the energies can get pretty scary. i put off going to bed, like right now….shaking…hoping for rest and sweet dreams (preferably of my seemingly unattainable TF who is to be my reward…mm hmm…we’ll see)…

    and i’m still a total wreck! i can’t even remember normal anymore! ah well…

    love you, denise. love all of you.

    • karina,

      Oh gwad karina…sending universal sized hugs of love to you. You KNOW what you are, both the “good” and the “bad” and all of the vastly higher amazing stuff above and beyond them. Be the powerful integrated Being you really are and smoother those bastards in Light/Love.

      I’ll never forget this one night many years ago when I had my first few “Reptilian” being encounters (psychically) in the darkness of night. At the end of one of these face to face meetings with one of them, I brazenly telepathed (like a stubborn child) to him that “I’m going to drag you kicking and screaming into the Light no matter what!” How’s that for balls?! 😆 Oh gwad I would have loved to know exactly what he thought about my saying that to him. He probably thought it was hysterical and respected me for it…at least I hope he thought that. 😉

      Be strong, be YOU, be large, be powerful and blow those fuckers out of the water and right into the Light. It’s not like they can stick around here forever anyway. Lower cannot coexist within higher frequencies/Light/Love etc. so something HAS to give eventually and always does.

      ESPAVO and Hugs,

  • HAhahahaha Denise this made me laugh. My whole life i have been so tolerant and recently i find myself spurting stuff out about lower energies to the point that a friend told me he worries that i am talking about higher and lower energies all the time and i was like, i am loving it, i was never discerning my whole life and now i am and i am friggin loving it . i am moving and i knwo it is a phase to help me know which direction i want to go in
    thanks for your post.

  • I came across your post and thought it was someting I wrote and forgot about it. This is so right on about the way I feel now. Talk about rage! Whoa!!! The A’s and I’s are out there and multitude. I am so glad I found that there are others feeling this way. I really thought I was evil or a bad person. My tolerance has grown so short. With all the A’s and I’s in my life, I should be able to fuel through this process with a big burst :). Thank you for sharing!!

    • Hi Jimi and welcome to TRANSITIONS. 🙂 Yep the rage and intolerance is just part of the ascension process to get US to make big inner changes; to expect and be and create much higher in all things and in all ways.


  • Thanks, coach, for the pep talk. I couldn’t help but laugh and feel better reading it because it was so right on target and it made me feel better that I wasn’t alone in my rage and intolerance (and now get it as to why) so I am not a ‘bad person’ in feeling it. Now I know I am normal. I think part of it is the old energy or “enlightment” rhetoric fuels the belief that we all have to be sitting in a lotus position with a beautific smile eminating absolute peace and tranquility–good luck with that!–in order to ascend.

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