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Thanks go to a new TRANSITIONS friend and reader for asking me to talk a bit about Soul Mates.

We’ve all heard the term Soul Mates and/or Twin Flames before and many people believe that term applies only to romantic (and usually opposite sex) relationship. Over the years this basic belief was expanded to incorporate other very important people in our lives; people like best friends, siblings, and even enemies or nasty and unpleasant people who came into our lives for a relatively short period but provided much hard and/or painful learning’s for us.

I was very glad when I heard that the term Soul Mates had been allowed to expand, evolve to take in other people and relationships than just romantic ones! I never believed that our other half, our missing externalized other half was wandering the planet somewhere and we could only hope that this mysterious Prince/Princess Charming would stumble into our lives someday. That whole belief system was terribly repelling to me. I always believed that if, IF we each were missing some other part or aspect of ourselves, then it was exactly that—another aspect of US and not another person, but another aspect of the overall “me” or “you”. That’s what I always sensed Soul Mates / Twin Flames where.

Example: Think of some dearly beloved nonphysical spiritual “guide”, teacher or Lightbeing that you personally know. Think of how much you love him/her/it/them, think of how much you respect and trust him/her/it/them. In many cases those nonphysical “guides”, teachers, helpers, Lightbeings, ETs etc. are other aspects of YOU that exist in other dimensions. To me, they are your current self’s Soul Mates in the very deepest sense.

Now with us rapidly evolving, ascending beyond lower frequency density and duality into Triality (Unity) consciousness, the term Soul Mates and/or Twin Flames will most likely change even more because we’re changing. Now our Soul Mate could be our increasing ability to be consciously aware of and interact with our own Higher Selves and reintegrated Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies and aspects. Now how’s that for a Soul Mate!

Denise Le Fay

July 26, 2009

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3 thoughts on “Soul Mates

  • Denise,

    O really? O well… no matter… because I’m finding more and more signs of the Shift and I really want to get involved more and more. I’m having more and more Heart Consciousness experiences (thanks to my own inner works, and practice) and found even an Indigo blog that are taking action and being true to themselves. Thanks for being such a help in pointing the way Denise. 😉

    In fact I’ve been having wonderful visions of tree houses. Low and behold there they are:

    Don’t want to interpret the entire journey … lest I try to take hold of it from my ego mind and just ruin things… but this is good… I sense we’re all on the same path in many ways I cannot see with my naked eyes. 😀

    • loulu79,

      I’m not familiar with this man Mark or what he is saying about things. I only zoomed through your link real fast this morning and some of what he’s saying I don’t sense is fully correct but that’s just me.

      I believe the “teleportation”, when it arrives, will be 100% physical to replace the current gas/oil/USA/Middle East/cars/Piscean Age tools with very new Aquarian Age tools. It won’t be psychic in nature at all but physical to replace the lower past greedy insanity stuff.

      But yes, the energies are currently changing and pushing again and many people are pushing back, NOT wanting things to change or improve at all…but they are and they will continue to do so no matter what. It’s simply the time for it all to change and vastly improve.


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