Deep & Unending Exhaustion

There are  far more people today experiencing the sort of deep body, mind, and soul exhaustion that other Lightworkers were feeling many years ago. The reason for this profound level of nearly constant utter physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion is many-fold. It has nothing to do with age, sex, how healthy or unhealthy you believe yourself to be at the moment or anything else. It has to do with tremendous and constant energy transmuting and transforming and the ongoing adjustments and re-adjustments because of it all. It has to do with dying while staying in your physical body, repeatedly and layer-by-layer. It has to do with day AND night while asleep and out of your body, still being worked on, transmuting lower energies, integrating higher, faster vibrating energies and Light and Heart consciousness or awareness. It has to do with your DNA repeatedly mutating/evolving/ascending step-by-step from 3D polarized physical carbon into non-polarized 5D light filled silicon. That would make any being exhausted so give yourself a break and rest as much as you require every day.

On top of all this the world we bore ourselves into is also dying, “falling” apart now and the planetary Collective is shaking in its old boots over all this great and scary change. If you’re sensitive you feel (in different ways) these other people’s great fears, anxiety, and lower energies too. That alone is deeply exhausting, so give yourself a break and rest as much as you require every day.

The repeated cosmic energies and solar flares that carry most of them directly to Earth and all life on Her to further transmute humanity, have and will continue to activate us into higher frequency beings. These vastly higher cosmic and solar energies are directly assisting us to get where we’re going, on time, and that too is profoundly exhausting and often makes you feel sick and in pain. Higher Light coming into contact with lower vibrating anything usually feels unpleasant at best…and miserable at worst. It’s utterly exhausting repeatedly living the Alchemical process of transmuting our personal Lead into higher frequency Gold. Give yourself a break and rest as much and as often as you need each day.

Exhaustion is a normal part of everything you and I, Earth and the solar system and far beyond are and have been doing/living/being/creating. Give yourself a pat on the back and a giant hug and Heart smile…then go rest as much as you need because it’s not finished yet.

Denise Le Fay

July 14, 2009

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3 thoughts on “Deep & Unending Exhaustion

  • So even kids can be feeling this…..My kids are pretty young but seems very tired for no apparent reasons at times and I feel I have to deal with their tiredness on top of my exhaustion. One of my children never wants to sleep. He says he can’t and that he doens’t want to have bad dreams. He can t remember his dreams so I don t know how to help him. He too has heart palpitations and well he resembles a mini me. I am an adult sure but I have a hard enough time dealing with everything going on inside me I can t figure out how to help him. But if kids are feeling the energy buzzing (that would make them impossibly hyper/ which happens 3 fold), and then a drop of that buzzing would make them very tired and cranky right…..hum maybe that will make me more understanding of their behaviours. Then again maybe they are just being kids.

  • Denise,

    Reading this, I am feeling shattered today. Just got back from my fortnightly work trip to energy draining London 😦

    Love and gentle hugs,


    • Rest up Stu because there’s more higher energies hitting some much harder than others now. All of July and Aug. are going to be extra intense enegy-wise I sense.

      Hugs n’ Loves,

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