Parallel Earths & The Coming Separation

The above image is intended to represent the Separation of Worlds, the old physical Earth world and energies reaching their final Expiration Date December 21–23, 2012 and continually reducing energetically from that date forward. The image shows two parallel lines, one continually increasing, the other continually decreasing side-by-side. Replace those two parallel lines of blocks in the image with two parallel physical Earths, an ascending Earth that’s been returning to full organic energies and continually increasing energetically, and the other old inorganic patriarchal Earth that’s been continually decreasing energetically since December 21–23, 2012.

At some point these Earths that have existed parallel to each other will completely split-off, separate from each other and no longer exist in this old position and state. The NEW organic Earth will continue to energetically and physically ascend while the old inorganic Earth continues to rapidly decline and eventually exist no more. That inorganic Earth world most of us incarnated on in these lives reached its full Expiration Date in December 2012 and will not exist indefinitely. This is the Separation of Worlds and it is now very close at hand physically. Some say it will happen physically in 2019, and for a couple of years I’ve thought it would happen in 2020 due to multiple things, one big reason being the approaching Saturn Pluto conjunction throughout 2019, then it reaching exact conjunction on January 12, 2020 at 22° Capricorn. Look at those numbers!

Before we go further I want to briefly clarify what I mean by organic and inorganic Earth. Earth was originally organic meaning Source designed but it was intentionally manipulated by Team Dark negative aliens and beings into a profoundly diminished inorganic state many thousands of years ago. They did this to parasitically use physical humanity and Earth, the solar system, much of the fourth dimensional Astral plane and more as their personal etheric and physical energy food and fuel sources. They intentionally distorted Earth, other planets in this solar system and humanity so severely that it all was energetically diminished to an inorganic state. Original organic humans were beautiful, loving beings that respected each other, Earth/Gaia, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine, females in general and all else on, in, around and off planet. However, when Earth and humanity were seized by negative aliens, humanity was intentionally distorted into being anti-human, anti-Earth, anti-female, warring and murderous because that is how those negative aliens were and felt themselves; “humanity created in the image of god.”

Some Ascension teachers and some channels have stated that old patriarchal inorganic Earth will last for another 100 years, some claim another 300 years, and a couple of channels have claimed it will exist for another 1,000 years. Based on what I know as of this moment—and I reserve the right to know more tomorrow and the next day and the next—much of when the old inorganic Earth completely disappears depends on the Embodiers Pathpaving from the physical in-body levels now. Don’t feel pressured Embodiers, Forerunners, First Everythingers by this because you have, we have been doing this all along anyway.

The more you/me/we Embodiers, Forerunners, Pathpavers Embody and elevate ourselves, our physical bodies and DNA etc., the faster we automatically pull and lift everything and everyone else behind us up to increasingly higher energy levels. Think how race cars draft off of the lead cars. Like my old cartoon drawing of the Angel with a huge chain over its shoulder intentionally hauling Earth up stair-steps all the way back up to organic frequencies and state internally and externally, you and I have been doing exactly that throughout this entire Ascension Process. We have always been those who Volunteered to incarnate in these current lives to in all ways override and elevate what was long ago stolen and horrendously distorted energetically, etherically and physically by Team Dark negative aliens and other beings. Said simply, the Volunteers incarnate now came in to clean up the negative aliens and beings ancient energetic and etheric distortions done to Earth, the solar system, much of the 4D Astral and to global humanity and continually energetically override and elevate everything back to a fully organic state, DNA, human consciousness, Earth and external reality.

We could have stopped this monumental Ascension Process effort years ago because the agreed upon base ascension level had been reached, however, because we were soul-deep into all this evolutionary ascension business physically ourselves, we decided to pull the whole thing up even higher, then higher than that, and yes even higher than that much to the many cosmic onlookers surprise. Many of them weren’t expecting us to do that but we have and we continue to do so today because we’re of the heartmind of “why not go as high as we can with this now and Embody and Pathpave even higher for everyone?”

Respectable run-of-the-mill ascension wasn’t enough for most of us after the early transmuting and residual clearing Work was accomplished so we collectively decided to go for higher gold so to speak with this Ascension Process on physical Earth. Why the extra Work, aches, pains and additional old negative bullshit from the old lower fronts? Because cosmic spiritual opportunities like this only come around every few hundred million years or more so why not take it as high as we could for ourselves and Embody, build and Pathpave energy migration routes for the rest of humanity coming up in 2019, 2020, and 100, 300 or 1,000 years behind us? We already hurt like hell and had gotten used to being strategically stationed around the entire planet as living Lighthouses isolated from other Embodiers and Forerunners, so a little more of it all wasn’t that big of a deal to us at that point within the Ascension Process. We’ve taken Earth and humanity back to planned Divine Source organic energy levels, plus we’ve taken it to Crystalline Christ frequency availability for every human that may desire that as well. Wind us up and stand back because this is who we are. Source knew we’d make the decisions to go farther and higher long before we knew we would.

Because the Volunteers took a vote over a decade ago about the state of affairs with the Ascension Process on Earth back then, and the majority voted to wait longer in hopes of more people elevating their frequency and joining the Ascension Process by finally getting so sick and tired of the old global negativity, we waited. However, that long wait is now over and the Separation of Worlds is close to happening.

Will The Separation of Worlds Happen On The Physical Level?


To discuss this I’m going to use the percentages of 28% existing on the NEW Earth and 72% existing on the old Earth that Inelia Benz talked about in her November 15, 2018 blog article.

Frustrating that it’s 72% after our 2007 vote to wait and give them more time to get fed-up with the anti-human heartless negativity and all else of the old Earth world and start developing heart and a desire to stop the global internal and external personal and collective pain. After all of our individual Forerunner ascension blood, sweat and tears Work transmuting, clearing and continuously increasing our frequencies and Light and Pathpaving energetically for mass humanity, there’s still 72% of global humanity that prefers the old negativity, insanity, personal and collective pain(s) and everything that went with that lower frequency inorganic state, consciousness and Earth world. That’s why I voted for the Separation of Worlds to take place in 2007 because I knew we wouldn’t get the numbers most Forerunners were hoping for and believed was possible back then. They won’t in 2019 or 2020 either which is why the Separation of Worlds is finally going to happen on the physical level. There are many Forerunners, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. that cannot exist in this in-between state any longer because the gap in frequencies and people is too great and too painful at this point. The full separation from the old inorganic patriarchal Earth and humanity on it must happen soon for the Forerunners to thrive and continue the Higher Work for all.

With some of the earlier choices, votes and Work revisited again here for perspective, we’ve finally reached that point within the Ascension Process where these two parallel Earth worlds cannot continue as they have been since December 2012, and the Separation of Worlds is about to unfold physically. Let’s cover some of that to get a better awareness about how it will most likely look to those in the 28% group. To explain this I’m going to talk about some things I already have many years ago at TRANSITIONS when I first experienced them. It’s time to put these different experiences and events over the years and decades into perspective in relation to the 28% and 72% groups of people on parallel Earth worlds. Become more conscious of your nonlinear being and Work you’ve done and continue doing both in and outside of linear time and space.

I want all the elders and others who’ve been living the Ascension Process as First Everythingers from the very start to remember back twenty years ago or so to when you first noticed other people rudely getting in your way when you were somewhere shopping. Remember how suddenly people were walking up and standing in front of you way too close physically and refused to move out of your way? Remember how they’d just ignore you and your shopping cart and what you were doing and trying to look at on some shelf in stores? Remember how goddamned mad it made you having strangers treat you like you didn’t exist, like you were invisible? Yeah, you see where I’m going with this. Those people weren’t intentionally being rude or disrespectful to we First Everythingers, they did not see, feel or sense us standing right there in front of them and this began happened repeatedly twenty years ago! Because we were vibrating at a slightly higher and faster FREQUENCY than they were, those individuals didn’t see or sense us at all. This has always been about different individual levels and rates of frequency and vibration. Higher and faster, lower and slower. If you doubt this try this. Intentionally induce an emotion in yourself that’s based on something you’ve experienced that caused you to be really angry or fearful. Recreate that emotion in yourself as completely as you can then pay attention to how your vibratory rate drops. After this, intentionally induce an emotion in yourself that’s based on something you’ve experienced that caused you great joy or peace or gratitude etc. Feel that in yourself and your body and honestly compare the radically different frequencies of those emotions and the different levels of frequency they produced in you. Existence today in dying inorganic Earth or in NEW organic Earth basically comes down to which frequency range each of us has within us and maintains. Anger, fear, hatred, greed, causing pain to ourselves and others or respect, honesty, compassion, equality, real freedom, sharing all with all and so on.

Next I want all the Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners to remember back to the start of the physical, biological Ascension Process in 1998–1999, and how when driving your vehicle other drivers would nearly hit you and/or run you off the road. I want you to remember how they would change lanes and almost sideswipe your vehicle, or how they’d suddenly pull out in front of you, how they’d run red lights and almost hit you and on and on and on. Other people drove their vehicles like you did not exist, like you were invisible and simply not physically there. These mega jerks endangering us, themselves and other drivers may have not been the mega jerks I, we first believed they were because over time we realized they DID NOT SEE US which meant we had to pay extra attention to not only our own driving but everyone else’s. We were invisible to many people when we drove and that was truly harrowing and another aspect of us living the Ascension Process first and at a higher frequency level than the majority. Many people couldn’t see us and our shopping carts in stores nor did they see us in our cars when we were driving them. Like living and Pathpaving the Ascension Process first wasn’t difficult, painful and dangerous enough we’ve also had to physically deal with and emotionally cope with our being invisible to a good part of humanity since 1999.

All of us who began the physical level biological Ascension Process first because we were per-incarnationally coded to do so in 1998 or the start of 1999, began living our lives and realities in a higher frequency space from that time forward and has continually increased in frequency and vibratory rate, expanded in size and amount of Light energies we’ve continually embodied and Embodied ever since. Because we’ve been continually increasing our “Light quotient”, evolving, ascending in all ways and literally living and existing within our personal secluded higher frequency physical homes, apartments, properties etc. since 1998–1999, we’ve been living the continually increasing Separation of Worlds the entire time.

I wrote about a few experiences I had throughout the decade of the 2000s that dealt with this from my Forerunner of the Forerunners higher frequency perspective. One of these many bizarre experiences looked to me like I was viewing certain lower frequency physical humans and locations through a very long dark tunnel. One time some neighbors yelled at me from down the street and when I turned to look at them they appeared to me to be small and very far away and I had to strain to actually see them through this long dark tunnel. The first time I experienced this it was shocking and as usual my first thought was, What the hell is wrong with my eyes?! There wasn’t anything wrong with my eyes, I was simply viewing those neighbors and other people who existed in the 72% group frequency, consciousness and old Earth world reality from my position in a higher and faster frequency level.

I’ve had many face-to-face encounters and battles with very evolved Team Dark aliens and other demonic beings etc. and yet, as odd as this may sound to some, it was a physical awake experience I had in the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) in the mid-2000s that really shocked me to my core. Monsters? Yeah, whatever, been there done that. Having physical buildings disappear while I’m physically standing in them is a very different story, or it was to me back then. Today I think I’d be ecstatic to witness the old lower frequency Earth world totally disappeared from my view and personal reality. These past twenty years of living the Ascension Process as Forerunners should have prepared each of us emotionally and psychologically for the ultimate separation from the old inorganic Earth world, reality and its 72% population.

I had to go to the DMV office in the mid-2000s and after waiting in line outside the building for nearly an hour, I finally reached the only public entrance to the office. When I crossed that threshold into the building—which I’d been in many times before—I couldn’t see anything in that large building other than the tiny narrow queue line leading up to only one window. Everything else in the large DMV building was pitch black and literally physically gone from my perspective. The only thing I could see was one tiny narrow line I was in inside the office that was dimly light overhead by one very dim light. I couldn’t believe what I was and was not seeing! There were no sounds at all which is rare in busy loud public buildings like the DMV. I remember thinking to myself how profoundly grateful I was that there were a few people ahead of me in this line and that there was at least the one dim overhead light so I could even see where to go and then how to exit the building. I was in the DMV office for about twenty minutes and the entire time 99% of it remained completely invisible, blacked-out, soundless and with only that tiny single line dimly light overhead the entire time. I was never so relieved to exit a physical building than I was that day.

There have been numerous other similar experiences where I couldn’t easily or clearly see or See at all certain places, buildings and people that exist in the old lower frequency Earth world. Likewise, since 1999, there’s been many people in the lower frequency 72% group that couldn’t see, hear, feel or sense me or you in the 28% higher frequency group. My point in going over these two radically different levels of frequency and existence again in January 2019 is to remind us that we’ve been living the Separation of Worlds ever since it started in 1998–1999 on the physical Earth level. Additionally, its continually accelerated every month and year since December 21–23, 2012. It will most likely reach complete physical separation from the 72% lower frequency Earth and human population on it at some point in 2019.

The big question on most everyone’s heartmind is how will this final physical level Separation of Worlds look and feel to those of the 28% group? And how will it look and feel to those in the 72% group?

From the 28% perspective, physical NEW organic Earth and reality will no longer have the 72% individuals in it. They will not exist in this higher frequency NEW Earth nor will any of the old negative patriarchal systems and structures. That dream I had in December 2018 where a kitten spoke with a human voice, “There’s a lot of Work ahead of us” is making more sense now that we’re in 2019 and facing the completion of the Separation of Worlds physically!

I know that many of you reading this have personally experienced buildings, people and areas suddenly just not be there more than a few times. You’re driving somewhere and old familiar landmarks are nonexistent and you momentarily get lost because of it. They weren’t torn down by physical construction crews, they’re simple gone. Certain places and people just disappear and you do your best to not get rattled by this and continue with whatever it was you were doing when you discover some more of old Earth reality is gone. This is much like what it will look like and be to those of the 28% group on NEW organic Earth; all the lower frequency people and systems and all else will simply not be there.

From the 72% group perspective it will just be what it’s always been to them. They won’t even perceive our departure. The old Earth world and reality they prefer will still be there— for the time being —so to them there won’t be any change whatsoever. What is today, and will accelerate and increase in the old lower inorganic Earth world is its escalated deterioration and eventual total demise. It has no energies supporting it to continue, so for the 72% group, life on old expired inorganic Earth will continue to get increasingly unpleasant. They all have the option of individually migrating to NEW Earth via increasing their frequencies, their Light quotient via the Ascension Process which will help them make the evolutionary transition. Not everyone within this 72% group will do this in 2019, 2020, or 100 years or 300 years or 1,000 years from now however. Most will but not all.

Personally I sense that the remaining time left for old inorganic patriarchal Earth’s physical existence is very short. 100 to 300 years at the very most. The Embodiers been very intensely intending both the elevation and acceleration of the entire Ascension and Embodiment Processes for ourselves and humanity behind us and it’s working. I’ve never sensed that there’s 1,000 years left for old negative Earth to exist as it disintegrates. I feel it’s much less linear time than that.

To gain access to ascended NEW Earth the 72% individuals must raise their individual frequencies up out of all that’s been normal, accepted and encouraged on the old negative inorganic patriarchal Earth world. Again, this is about different levels of frequency and individual “Light quotients” as it’s been called. You either vibrate higher and faster or you don’t. Remember that the Forerunners waited for an extra decade for more of the 72% people to increase their individual frequencies via the Ascension Process energies and naturally evolve, “ascend” to a higher frequency. We waited a long time for them to do this and it was hard on us in just about every way to do so but we did it. The waiting period is finally over however. Now we’ll move on and it’s up to the 72% to increase their individual frequencies and traverse the ascension energy migration Pathways we Pathpaved for them for this very reason.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ As usual there will probably be some interesting questions and answers discussed about the strong probability of the physical Separation of Worlds taking place at some point in 2019 in Comments under this article so I recommend you check out the Comments too.


At some point during the last two weeks of December 2018, I had a visitation from a group of seven ET Lightbeing types. I didn’t write the date this happened down so I can’t remember exactly but it happened during that time. I was awake when this group of seven ET Lightbeing types intentionally appeared to me. Nothing was telepathed by them or me and this visitation seemed to be more about them letting me know that I was (as of December 2018) in a NEW higher place and that these types of direct conscious meetings would continue not only for myself but for most all Embodiers.

What struck me about them was that they all looked exactly the same. The image above is a close representation of them in that they all were the same color—white in this case—and all the same height, size, shape etc. They were identical and yet I knew they still had some individuality to them. They all wore the same floor-length white robes, had no hair and barely any facial features and milk-white skin. They were a small group collective but as I said still had some small amount of individuality left in each of them. Everything about them was white and of Light. They stood very close together and didn’t move, speak, telepath or do anything other than reveal themselves to me because I had reached a level where these types of meetings and visitations with new to me ETs and other Lightbeings could finally start happening. These NEW visitations are due to our Embodiment levels to date, the Crystalline Christ frequency DNA continuing to connect within us, our latest intentional positioning within the Photonic Light, and the physical level Separation of Worlds probably happening this year. All those things we’ve Worked so long and so hard to reach are finally starting to manifest in multiple ways because we’re existing at a high enough level for them to do so. And, far more to come all year and beyond as well.

As we continue to Embody Higher Self within lower physical body self; as we continue to Embody greater amounts of NEW Crystalline Christ frequency DNA connections; as we continue to intentionally and consciously drive our Ascension Embodiment Processes, the more we’re going to find ourselves in NEW territory and realities along with far, far more new to us Universal neighbors. This isn’t in the future but in our now lives and realities and it’s all going to expand like never before in 2019 due to the upcoming final physical Separation of Worlds. Well done everyone, now comes the really exciting NEW everything. Are you ready? Are you really ready for it because it’s coming and soon.


January 9, 2019

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173 thoughts on “Parallel Earths & The Coming Separation

  • Hey Denise,

    Been way too long since I have been here……. 😦

    The meeting to extend the separation of worlds in 2007 is interesting, I am sure this was the year we first made contact with each other…….. 🙂 Jeeze, feels like many lifetimes ago now!

    Living in the ‘moment’ certainly feels very real now……..

    Also been having some strange encounters while half asleep, new ET contact, I very much hope so…….

    Your weary UK buddy!

    Love & hugs,

    Stubeing xx

  • Dear Denise

    On looking back in my diary Sept 2016 I came across an entry about a dream of merging with the Christ energy both male and female Christ/Sophia.

    Today what keeps coming up is the merging of our Divine nature/Source within us. Also the merging of the threefold flame of creation within us.

    I have known for a long time the year 2020 would be a very powerful one but feel this year 2019 is also important.

    I wish all the lightworkers using this website a most transformative year and bright blessings to all. Maureen

  • Dear Denise..
    I believe you mentioned in the comments that some of our comments may give you ideas for other articles…
    Back in the early eighties, I remember knowing or feeling that we are like a large tree with many many leaves…of which I was one. I felt the other leaves were part of me in the past, present and future and even living parallel lives.
    I knew if I grew spiritually all my other selves would evolve also.
    The question I am thinking about is…Do all my selves split to the new world…I have been feeling that my vibration would combine all the parts..?
    Much love to you and all

    • “The question I am thinking about is…Do all my selves split to the new world…I have been feeling that my vibration would combine all the parts..?”


      It depends on their individual development. But, in most of our (Forerunners/Embodiers) cases we’ve been in the Process of integrating, Embodying (capital E!) some of them along with our Higher Self/Selves which some of our “other selves” are.

      Do you remember a couple of years ago I wrote a few articles about my Working different timelines both while awake and in physical body and much more so while asleep and out-of-body? In one I and another Forerunner I don’t know in the physical were in the Middle East on a Mission to end a specific timeline heavily used by Team Dark. She drove me and I did the energy Work of shutting down one big timeline of theirs there. We were super stealthy the entire time because it was an usually dangerous Mission both astrally, physically and energetically for us both. I digress…

      In some other less dark and dangerous timelines I (and many others) intentionally went into since the start of 2013, did so to help another aspect of “Denise” and her son that existed there. I and some other Forerunners/Embodiers etc. intentionally energetically dead-ended that and many other timelines to intentionally prevent Team Dark from using them as alternate timelines to try to hide in and/or continue their existence and agendas in. This particular Mission Work I found very interesting because there was another version of “Denise” who lived there but was not, is not a Forerunner, Embodier, Wayshower etc. so I and a small group of other Forerunners helped relocate her and her son to an organic ascending Earth timeline where she can live out her life and reality at her speed and ability etc.

      Some of our other selves we’ve helped relocate out of old ending and/or negative timelines while other of our selves we know to leave alone to continue to grow, learn, take more responsibility, become more empowered etc. on their own. At higher levels we know, just the Angels know and our Higher Selves know what’s going on with EACH aspect and self/selves. It’s so complex and amazing and so hard to describe in words like this but it’s beautiful and perfect.

      Short answer is yes, many but not all of you’re other selves are being much more, keyword here, UNIFIED by you and your Higher Self/Selves. ❤

      • Wow, Denise. This is fascinating, really resonating and helping me in this exact moment. Thank you and thanks to Penny for asking! ❤️❤️

  • Thanks, Denise, for this, which I find as relevant as ever. My query is about frequency.

    Over Christmas, I spent time with family, whom I observed to be oscillating at a higher pitch, which I found jarring and dissonant. I observed how uneasy my presence seemed to make them. I watched a video in which the same musical pieces were performed in standard tuning, 440 Hz, and at a lower pitch, 432 Hz, which feels better. I live in the middle of London – which is where I feel I am supposed to be going through this Ascension process – but my most informative experiences have been on the island of Iona, which is incredibly dense, ancient granite with a very long wavelength (and negligible EMF).

    I identify with this, from Inelia: ‘the most powerful low frequency advocators on the planet are awake and actively engaged with their own or other people’s suffering, pain, anger and fear. So, first misconception is “awake = high frequency”.’ What I see in my family members is their ignorance, or denial of the grief that I have so arduously and assiduously worked my way through.

    I have been experiencing the physical manifestations of ascension, which sometimes incapacitate me, with increasing intensity since 2014. That is what brought me here and, believe me, I appreciate you for making some sense of the incomprehensible and assuring me that I’m not insane, nor alone. I suppose I am one of the cohort that you were waiting to catch up (it did not happen easily – I very nearly died). I may be an Embodier, but not a Forerunner. I wonder just what my role is in all of this?

    • “I suppose I am one of the cohort that you were waiting to catch up (it did not happen easily – I very nearly died). I may be an Embodier, but not a Forerunner. I wonder just what my role is in all of this?”

      Russell Cronin,

      Know my friend that it almost killed us Forerunners of the Forerunners and the Forerunners too! Good gawd it was difficult, painful and dangerous so we all admire and respect everyone whose chosen the hard road back to the Light. ❤

      “Over Christmas, I spent time with family, whom I observed to be oscillating at a higher pitch, which I found jarring and dissonant. I observed how uneasy my presence seemed to make them.”

      Which is the reason why I’ve been having such a difficult time having someone cut my hair! It took me going through this three times before I clearly saw how having some person vibrating at a lower frequency and rate than I am be in my presence, my space and actually touching my head affected them negatively. So far this takes about ten minutes before they start responding in negative ways. I’ve gotta find a higher vibe person to cut my hair so neither of us is impacted negatively by the other! 🙄

      I’d like you to read and if necessary re-read Raymond Boeri’s Comment because it clearly explains “what your role is in all this”.

      Your role in all this is to own your Light, own your Ascension Process, own your embodiment and Embodiment Process and most importantly, just live your life radiating the NEW Light that you are. This is what all of us need to do, which is actually our just BEING the NEW, the higher, the Light-filled beings we have and still are becoming. None of us needs to get up on a soapbox and preach/teach or write books etc., we just need to radiate what we’ve become, what we’re continuing to become. The others will sense, see, feel and automatically be affected ENERGETICALLY by the Light that we have and are and are becoming more of via our Embodiment Processes. Glow, radiate, create and spread that NEW higher Light and DNA and Crystalline Christ frequency and all the rest of it because it all affects others — as we’ve learned the hard way! — to evolve (or not) themselves. ❤

  • Today is so different. Almost clearer and calmer than it has been. I too have heard a door shut a few days ago. I feel a new beginning even though I am in the “same” surroundings. Hard to explain. A new presence, a new alertness and expectation. Thank you Denise for helping find the path in the chaos. Thank you for all that you do. Linda

    • “I feel a new beginning even though I am in the “same” surroundings.”

      Are you really in the “same surroundings” Linda C.? Or are you sensing that another energetic shift up a bit higher has happened again with ascending Earth? 🙂

      • Oh yes! I woke up with the most throbbing headache I ever had I almost felt like I was having a stroke. After Tylenol and coffee and a cold cloth on my head… I felt as if things were crystal clear and a sense of well-being that haven’t felt before. I knew something happened and enjoyed the moment of it all.

  • Thank You for sharing. Much has pinged, especially with a DreamTime I had last night, about the separation of the Earths. Water, and the healing benefits of (including the ability to hold frequency), has been shown to me, to play a big part in this process.

    Funny…. i’ve had the kitten thing too in DreamTime. Thank you for sharing ❤

  • Dear Denise and All,
    Well, this is going to be emotional, because I am right now. Things are coming fast to me, and I’m trying to understand them. First, your article, so true and clear, gave me such a feeling of relief and also “Deja Vu” as if it were a signpost from before I entered this plan in 3D to watch for, a talisman of sorts. Then all the waves of energies entering our reality at this time have enveloped me and carried me far along from where I was a short time ago. There was a great wave which came in on January 2-3 which was not from the sun but greatly affected our magnetosphere and then the Eclipse following. To me, it was as if TD was extracted from my purview and taken quickly and far away into its oblivion, I know not where. There was much fear and cacophony previous as TD ran amuck looking for an escape, like fearful birds before a storm.
    I am still in a defensive stance because I cannot trust that TD is truly gone. Perhaps I have just increased my frequency past their ability to reach me. Also, yes, the earth is truly more beautiful and the sun is like a prismatic diamond. This morning i awoke after 10 hours of sleep, and in getting dressed I noticed my lower arms. I’m 72 and my skin has been getting that crepey look, with lots of close wrinkles together. It was gone…or at least much lessened. I startled and then cried, thanking everyone and source over and over. I can sense their patient amusement with me; they just smiled knowingly.

    Love and Light to you, Denise and All,

    P.S. Here is a link to the Jan 2-3 wave of energies, which I hope you can delete if you wish:

    • Georgia & All,

      First off I’d like you and anyone else that hasn’t read this particular article by Sandra Walter to do so now so all these energy changes and intense side effects of them on us and our bodies, and as I said last month the strong possibility of some of us crying buckets, makes more sense. The Earth’s CORE has recently changed energetically and magnetically to assist it in Embodying more of the NEW codes, NEW Light, energies and so on. Earth/Gaia is evolving and upgrading just as we are and have been. When these evolutionary changes hit hard magnetically, we typically are effected by that in super emotional ways, hence why I said some will be crying buckets in December 2018. Magnetic grids or structures hold energy templates, energy blueprints in place physically and when they change into more NEW and higher energies, templates, blueprints etc. we typically feel that in our physical bodies as different pains and aches and “Ascension Flu” like symptoms, and we also very intensely feel it emotionally which causes many to get weepy, extra emotional over just about anything, super sensitive to more than usual and “hurt” emotionally. So body aches and pains AND heart aches and pains all due to more magnetic changes happening — aka reality being changed and evolving into greater and higher NEW.

      This recent huge blast of energy was related to the dramatic magnetic changes to the Earth’s CORE and the Sun and its energetic connections to the Milky Way GC (galactic center) all working together to further ascend physical Earth. With the final Separation of Worlds supposedly happening physically this year, there’s going to need to be more of these types of larger than usual evolutionary changes to Earth, to Earth’s CORE (I’m writing that word in caps because I kept writing it accidentally as cord in an earlier Comment!), and of course to every human alive on the planet now. This is also why the escalation of more people losing it, breaking down, murdering, and/or just going bananas. If one hasn’t done inner Work on themselves, having the cosmos leaning on you to evolve is very difficult and painful to them. 2019 will produce even more of this than all the years before.

      So, even though this woman in your video claims that this huge energy blast was NOT from the Sun, it was but it was working in connection to the recent magnetic Earth CORE changes and there’s probably more to this than I’m aware of at this point as well. Onward we go with it all and it’s going to get very intense, interesting, trying, exciting, and terrible for most everyone throughout 2019. It just is what it is and it is highly compressed evolution. ❤

      • Much thanks, Denise, reread Sandra’s article, which was much clearer to me this time. Also your comments helped a bunch, so I’m feeling more balanced now. Getting ready for the Eclipse on Monday! Love 💕, Georgia

        • Georgia & All,

          Yes, the January 20, 2019 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Supermoon at 0 degrees Leo 52 minutes. Potent so be prepared for much more and much higher frequency HighHeart activity and expansions over this time everyone. ❤ ❤ ❤

          Also, I watched this new video by Lauren Galey and Sandra Walter done on January 14, 2019 the other day and it's really helpful. I may share it in an article itself (???) … but until then here's a link to it and I strongly suggest everyone watch and FEEL it. It's a little over an hour and a half long but worth your time and focus. You all know I don't share other people's stuff unless I feel and know it is accurate and will help people. The things Sandra Walter shares in this video help to better understand what all has been and continues to unfold with our/the Embodiment Process and how that's changing other things etc. It's worth watching and FEELING everyone. ⭐

  • Do we stay on the same earth as all our other selves; or, could we be part of the 28% while other of our selves be part of the 72%? Am I making any sense? Can we do anything to ensure that our other selves also ascend?

  • Thank you Denise, this was so well done. I finally understand on a deep level. I think I must have been one who voted to give more time because I see even at this stage of separation people coming in and out of my life and I’m always wanting to give them one last chance. I’ve learned my lesson well though even if it did take 53 years. The separations in 2018 were heart wrenching. I took one last trip into 3D in December and barely made it out in one piece. I remember the feeling of high heart activation happening simultaneously as I felt such rage at how I was being treated. It was necessary for some reason because I realized I didn’t have to do this anymore. The separations have been so much easier since then. I found the most difficult part to getting here was all the years of not understanding the what/why of all that was happening to me. Looking back it makes this moment seem easy. A lot of help has come from you in all your writings and I’m grateful for that. I’ve finally taken out the trash and I’m ready for 2019. Love to you Denise and All.

  • With this article it felt like a bomb went off in my head. All expectations and many ideas just vanished. it also felt like a door closing with a bang. It is over. I am still slowly recovering. I really enjoyed all the comments. So many people experiencing this invisibility!

    I have one recent experience of vanishing when I was walking my 2 dogs. My neighbour was also walking her dogs and she wanted to catch up with me, When she looked again I had vanished from the road. I apparently had vanished with my 2 dogs!!! A few days later she wanted to know where I went because there are no sideways on this road. Of course I could not answer her, because I hadn’t noticed anything.

    A few weeks ago in a dream I got a stack of papers to sign. I was happy because it meant that I had gotten a new contract!!! The me in the dream had hoped to get this, knew what the contract was and just signed the papers. I still don’t know what was in it.

    I feel the world around me is sinking lower and lower. All the movies and tv series depicting rich and handsome hired murderers and criminals as normal people having a normal life. What are they telling our children?

    I am hoping for better times.


  • As Linda Paskins mentioned, yes … HOPE! As we embody more of our Higher consciousness, we’re finally seeing glimmers of the new world at the same time the old continues to fall away. Colors are growing more vibrant as our perceptions change, and in the light of our appreciation, Nature grows more beautiful.

    About this “separation of worlds,” I wonder if anyone else has noticed changes in voice communications? When I’m on the phone with someone who’s at a much lower frequency (no judgment intended), I sometimes can’t connect at all, get cut off, or hear strange mechanical noises, like rusty gears shifting. Now when the phone rings, sometimes there’s no one there. Once when I answered, an automated voice said “goodbye” before the line went dead. Eerie.

    Love & blessings to all. Thelma

    • Thelma,
      Reading comments here really gives some things a new perspective. I’ve been experiencing phone troubles for a while now. Thought it was just the office phones getting old or an increased number of weirdos calling and being silent. However, after a brand new phone system was installed, the problem continued. Also noticed that I got more bad connection calls than my colleagues. Even thought guiltily, that I was “jinxing” the phones, since I don’t like answering them. Same with the glitter specks on my hands. Seen them for a while, but assumed it was something in the hand lotion. But the glitter stayed even after washing my hands with simple soap (I checked!). As for being invisible, people, their dogs, other small animals & birds often tend to overlook me. My friend that goes hiking with me once quipped that apparently we are so insignificant that even animals ignore us.

      The not so fun part of the symptoms has been recent and sudden pain in my feet (never had that before), which was really bad and went on for about a month or so and just as suddenly went away. Very confusing… Also, waves of heaviness coming over the whole body, even if I lie down in bed, like I’m being squished! Too much gravity. I joke to myself that since I so desperately want to fly away, the Earth just has to hold on to me extra hard sometimes.

  • Hope. Whether I’m dying, shifting or simply finding temporary solutions, I couldn’t care less, I actually feel hopeful for the first time in years. You are all fantastic beings! Thank you darling Denise…. 🎶🌹🐦🌿🌱🎶

  • I have a question that maybe related but would like to hear other’s thoughts and experiences on it. Just last weekend it was a clear winter day and I noticed HOW much the sun was yes, not orange nor yellow, but a silvery white…almost like an enlarged star in the daylight sky. It was so bright but I almost could look at it without burning my eyes. It’s like what people describe the light to be in NDEs, so bright yet also not jarring. Another thing I noticed is the colours out in nature seem less murky and more pristine. Has anyone noticed the evergreen trees changing colour from a yellow-green in to an almost minty turquoise colour, sometimes you can notice this colour replacing the yellower green underneath and these “leaves” what do you call them I can’t get the word at the moment look fuller and rounder almost. Is it just me?

    • Blue Cliffs,

      I’ve written about this multiple times since 2007 at both TRANSITIONS and HighHeartLife. I created images of the Sun and sunlight changing slowly since I first noticed it back in the mid-1990s. I’ve written about how I was instructed pre-incarnationally to pay attention to the Sun, where it was in the sky, what color and colors it was, how it changed in my lifetime, and also weather changes in my lifetime so I’ve been doing this since about age 8-9. So this topic has been an important lifelong issue and awareness for me.

      Here’s a link to an article with images I created showing the Sun’s progression up to, reaching the halfway point, and its exit from crossing the Milky Way Galactic Equator and the years each of these phases took place. The entire time the Sun, along with Earth and all the planets in our solar system, have been inching their ways deeper and deeper into the super high frequency transformational, karma ending Photon Belt Light energies. That Light has been changing the color of the Sun, sunlight and energies the Sun emits and everything else too for over two decades now.

      • Yes, I had to give my experience about the sun because I read previously your description of the colour changes but it only truly hit me recently that it has changed, completely. We all used to paint the colour of the sun yellow or orange and any metaphorical reference to it had been that of a colour likened to sunflowers, sunny meaning golden, yellow, or brassy tones in general and now I can’t believe, well it’s here, we here have this huge star shining out in the day. I only had one person, my father, mention the colour change in the recent past voluntarily without any prompting by me and I’m so glad that it’s something that others are beginning to notice too. One other thing, the chakra points of earth under/pver certain geographical locations like Yellowstone national park, Alberta near the Banff area, Hawaii, and other places all over the world – these places have such a wonderous beauty reminiscent closest of any other place what earth perhaps looked like eons ago when duality hadn’t intensified to the point has in our lifetime…and I read even when the weather reflected a more non-dual, milder, less harshly hot and cold climate and where even day and night were not as apparent. It’s affecting everything…wow. Thank you for the link Denise to your article.

    • Blue Cliffs,

      About seeing different colors in Nature, I am noticing this especially when the SUN (which I also see as more silvery white) shines through. There’s a different Light coming through and everything shimmers. Colors seem brighter too. Clouds in the sky sometimes look cartoonish (like someone has drawn them in a fanciful way) and I’m noticing the intricate patterns. I imagine that “nature” is where we will observe the most changes and I am being prompted to spend more time among the trees.

      • Hi Thelma, yes I had to use “silver” as the best word to describe/approximate it. Thanks, you and all who also love nature and being with nature in this man-made (not human-made, emphasis there) world. Sometimes untarnished nature is all I can find in terms of having any semblance of support and well-being. It is so good to find “my people” in the trees, rivers, some wild animals, the wind, etc. when I can’t find them necessarily with other people.

        • Hi Blue Cliffs,
          Yes, I so agree with you about nature. It has gotten me thru so many of the physical embodiment changes with all the aches and ouchies. I have been talking to the trees for close to 20 years. The first tree to talk to me was outside my apartment in California many years ago, a flowering pear tree. I was leaning against it after my mother passed away and wondering in my mind when I would find a new home. I really wanted to move and had been looking for a place for several years before my mom passed with no luck. I heard the tree in my left ear say, “You will be moving soon within the next few months.” Sure enough a month later I was prompted to look in an area where a person I knew in the same apartment complex had moved and I found a place that was just perfect for me. I bought it and moved in a few months from the time the tree talked to me. Since that time I always talk to the trees. Same thing happened when I wanted to move back to Michigan and a tree named Esmeralda whispered in my ear a hello and welcome to Michigan. She said she was outside the apartment building where I was planning to move to in Michigan. We talked for several months before my house sold and I moved in 2017 and I heard her directing me to the apartment building where she lived in the forest outside my balcony. She also told me how long I would be there and we had many wonderful conversations.
          I have recently been talking to the Elementals and the Sun who have been very comforting in these intense energies. They feel like old friends. When I ask the Elementals to change the shape of the clouds or make a break in the clouds so the Sun can shine thru for a few minutes on a cloudy day they help me out. I am in such gratitude for nature and all its Elements and makes me so happy when I take the time to talk to them.

          I also connected recently with my dragon guide and his energy is so very soothing when I get hit with pain and sadness he goes right to my chest and heart area and pulses such soothing energy it takes all the pain away and lifts up my spirits. When it is really a hard night, I envision myself sleeping next to his chest in the forest with his tail wrapped around me. I agree with you that the Beings living in nature are “my people”, since the light-worker community is spread so far and wide that it’s hard to find a like minded/heart centered soul nearby. I am hoping that will change in the next few years but I will always be close to nature and its Beings.

  • I had to share this. The funniest thing just happened. I went into Netflix and in the trending now section was Left Behind. I had to crack up laughing after the current article. I guess spirit knew I really needed to lighten up.

    • Michelpatzer, it warms my heart to hear about other people with such close relationship to trees. 33 years ago I bought an old house with a wonderful garden with many old trees. The first year I pondered how I could get a little more privacy in the backgarden. Next year an old cherrytree had grown a large 4 meter branch to the side just covering the empty space and giving me that privacy. I had not even noticed it growing, it was there when the leaves came on…
      Also a gardener doomed a plumtree dead to be cut down. It grew new branches and continued bearing plums in all the 25 years, I was there. And after a couple of years two old peartrees started bearing pears anew. Both cherrytrees gave an abundance of cherries after a couple of years and the rest of my time there. Also lots of apples from the beginning.
      I never had words with them though.
      And I am not sure I have been able to completely forgive myself for selling, when my health told me to. The new owner built a much bigger house and cut down most of the trees, so saddening… – your comment made it all come back to me, must work some more on my guilt.

  • Yes! To be honest, I don’t usually pay attention to this kind of stuff. I’m not one of those people who wets themselves with excitement at the idea of “disclosure” or whatever. I couldn’t possibly care any less what scientists think, I don’t need their validation for anything, thanks very much. 🙂
    But I noticed this, because it’s unusual. I read up a bit more on it just now. It’s on mainstream news, Fox, newsweek, etc. It says the poles are now moving rapidly at 34 miles a year, increasing all the time, and “scientists are baffled.”
    And that: “The shift could also be due to a possible impending pole reversal, where north becomes south and vice versa.
    In recent years, scientists have been gearing up for a potential flip in the magnetic field – a natural phenomena which occurs every 200,000 to 300,000 years when the north and south poles switch.
    The poles attempted to swap 40,000 years ago but the process failed.

    As a result, the last time the poles switched place was 780,000 years ago, meaning we are long overdue a pole reversal. Scientists have warned that once the process has begun, it could take 1,000 years to complete. During that time, Earth’s magnetic field will be compromised, leaving living beings on the planet vulnerable to an increased dosage of radiation from the sun.”

    Mm! I am just fascinated to see that this is happening NOW, with the huge acceleration of ascension energies.

  • Denise,
    I saw this in a news headline today, and immediately thought of the many people who prophesised this as paralleling the spiritual changes on earth, and thought you’d be interested. Quote, January 11, 2019 :

    “Earth’s magnetic field, the basis for modern global navigation systems, is constantly in some state of flux. However, it now seems to be going haywire, pushing the North Pole closer to Siberia, and no one’s sure why.
    ( …. )
    In general, the World Magnetic Model (WMM) is updated at five-year intervals to ensure modern navigation keeps up with the changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. It was due to be reconfigured next in 2020, but was so out-of-whack by 2018 that a more urgent update was needed.”

    Ha! They have “no idea” why it’s going all weird. 🙂

      • Yes! And here’s a quote from Sandra Walter’s newsletter that arrived in my email today:

        “I have noticed more scientific articles emerging about the increased changes in the magnetic fields, more rapid pole shifts, etc. Happy to see science supporting the cosmic intel.”

        Many, many thanks to you, Denise, and all the commenters here. I am so in there with you, and there’s no need for any of us to feel alone. ♥️♥️♥️

  • I have to say that in the last couple of days, since reading your article, Denise, and the comments, that my vibes have skyrocketed. I mean, truly taken off to heights I hadn’t thought possible. The symptoms have eased too. Now I’ve got to be careful I don’t blow myself up… just kidding. Interestingly… well, at least to me… after reading Inelia’s article and then yours, Denise, which referenced Inelia’s, I checked out Barbara Marciniak’s book, Bringers of the Dawn, because I remembered she had mentioned something in it about people disappearing. At page 167, Marciniak says words to the effect that the sudden disappearance of 20 million people in an afternoon would have a pretty big impact on the remaining population. Then I realized that Marciniak’s book was written in 1992, and if was written for the culmination of the Mayan calendar in 2012… then, as you say, we did the three-day life review, and made the decision to carry on and try to bring more folks on board. I’d say that getting those numbers from 20 million to two billion is pretty darned amazing. Much love, B.

  • Thank you Denise, for this wonderful,WONDERFUL, article, which extends, on yr last one, and answers all ????? That one raised.
    Thanks for comments.

    One question…. most of us, on ascension path. Seem to be starseeds, sent here to do a job. I am 72, so spent most of my life, on a spiritual path. Loving the goddess. Inspired by john lennon,s song imagine. Then as oap, the ascension codes awoke me, and i been on this wonderful path, since.
    BUT, HOW DO THE 72% AWAKEN….?????. I know most reject it, flat out, dont want even ask questions,… i never preach it, tell them once, and they disapear, out my life.
    I too, exhausted, it winter, but more than usual and longing, not to be walking between the world.
    At mo feels like cutting cords, with everything, almost in prep, for worlds splitting. . Different from living in 3d and 5d. It new change. Everyone excited by 2019…. but those, oh, so pritty, lightflows pack, a hell of a punch!!!! We are exhausted done what we can… wecome a change…Know everyone, i have known, wont be with me. Know they will continue their journey, as for, their highest good.

    So…What is it that wakens, a human, to, their spiritual path???? Or ascension… do they have a chance.?????
    Recently , has been john lennons, 75th aniverserary, if he had survived team, dark.
    I believe his song, Imagine, gives us the first vision of 5th dimensional earth..
    I have def, worked to his vision, all my life.
    Thanks again

    • Hi Linda. I am 66 and had my wake up about 1990 (so Forerunners seem to have been triggered before accepted dates). In response to ‘what will wake them’, I think ‘ what woke me?’ I wasn’t consciously looking and yet, like salmon instinctively swimming home, I found the path anyway. When I was interested enough (didn’t take long) to say OK, I then had the spiritual experience that nailed it and ramped up the focus and commitment.
      I think there is a soul readiness/ agreement beyond the human that taps in the shoulder. My guess is they will keep getting these too. If the energetic templates are now laid, they will then click into the most appropriate ways that work for them.

    • “BUT, HOW DO THE 72% AWAKEN….?????. I know most reject it, flat out, dont want even ask questions…”

      Linda & All,

      1) If what the Source designed evolutionary Ascension energies and Light and Photon Light and all else that Earth and global humanity have literally been marinating in since the mid-1990s isn’t causing humans to raise their frequencies and evolve, then they will wait for the NEXT big natural evolutionary cycle with its energies and Light etc. and hopefully try then.

      It is very rare for an entire planetary population to ALL evolve, ascend to a higher level of frequency, consciousness, being and external reality at the same time. Why? Because everyone is and always has been at different levels of development, awareness, ability to change themselves, inner strength and faith etc. So it’s always been a situation of do it now or do it later but you will do it at some point! 😉

      2) This isn’t so much about people needing to “wake up” on a conscious level and know that ETs exist, politicians are corrupt, that chem trail exist and so on. This is about people raising, increasing their individual inner energy frequency. What raises a person’s inner frequency/frequencies? Vibrating above the old lower fray of patriarchal Earth and the consciousness that went with it.

      Taking both personal responsibility and then the power that comes with doing that automatically raises a person’s vibratory rate. Preferring non-violence over violence raised a person’s vibratory rate/frequencies. Becoming sovereign in all ways instead of being parasitic automatically raises a person’s frequencies. Refusing to drop frequency and go back down into fear, violence in any and all ways, hatred, greed, insecurity, lack consciousness, parasitic behaviors and disempowerment means a person is maintaining a higher frequency and vibratory rate in themselves, their bodies, heart and consciousness etc. which lifts or “ascends” them up to a higher level of being and reality.

      Not being an asshole jerk that parasitically sucks the life out of other people, steels, lies, mindlessly follows others without questioning anything, lives to gain things at the expense of others and on and on and on is how people evolve and ascend. It’s that simple and that hard. 🙂

    • Hi Linda, I also feel John Lennon. Started listening to his music and watching the film USA vs Lennon in the past week. It’s all taken on a more intense meaning. I’ve had various musicians come thru for me during these Ascension years to help me out but I really felt a difference and higher understanding this time especially while listening to Imagine. I guess we really are not alone in our aloneness!

  • Hallo Denise and all Firstwaver here,
    the last days I say to me….I m so finished with all the old Bulllshit….and want to fly in my own real life.. never ever would like to do this Two-World-Life more….since 1998 I can write a book for these hardest experience under the sun (my words) …it`s enough…the last two month I have more teardrops than all the years before…not wondering for all what we doing and the bodypain ect……and my thinking was..I need a answer and many for my friends, they goes the same way….I resonate their from my heartful open writings and postings all the last years…. when comes a writing from Denise…she writes clear….and here is it….I´M READY TO GO …. better yesterday than tomorrow…..Heartful Thanks for Denise and all ….and I WISH YOU ALL A BETTER WUNDERFUL TIME ….WE ARE LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I think this website is fabulous, your writing absolutely outstanding, Denise. I waited with bated breath for this article and nearly asphyxiated 😀 Im glad to be back after a good 18 months in total denial despite 20 years of this (I just wanted normality, but it was not forthcoming anyway!) Now Im just going with the flow and dropped off my concerns (re: security, nothing going my way) and find Im well provided for and always have been and sighhhhh… I have been rather conflicted, I feel I fought a valiant fight and in the end, lost gladly.

    I have had black out spots such as your building… one was when I was driving (at some speed) into an underpass, everything blacked out around me and the interior of my car when suddenly this enormous red kite (bird) shimmering majestically, appeared in the blackness and flew straight towards my windscreen (as if to say follow my trajectory) then swooped up just before we collided and I managed to find daylight again unscathed.
    The next time I went to that underpass I was amazed at how short and naturally well lit it is, so gawd knows what that was.

    I had a visitation about 3 years ago, I think I might know why they wear helmets 😀 immediately after I spent the following several months, every single day and night assisting a migration of a particular garden creature that congregated in my garden, I did my best to be loving in that task, but sometimes it was a bit overwhelming.

    I discovered a few weeks ago that I will be in Ibiza during August, there is a migration of familes going (not really my cuppa tea) but its for a good cause, and it was 20 years ago I last visited the island and was told it would be the only place left standing at the end of the world.

    Coming? LOL! xx

  • Hi Denise and ALL the COMMENTORS:
    OMG! I never expected to resonate not only with the article but so much with the comments. Since this New Year started I have had time to reflect. In 1999 I graduated from massage school and started that practice. It was a stepping stone to practice healing techniques and uncover what goes on behind the surface symptoms. As a medium, I received messages simultaneously, so that just added to the mix. I kept the license until last year, but stopped doing the work years ago.
    The last 10 to 14 years have taken living in the uncertainty and in the moment to a new level. Remember when we believed living in the moment was so freeing? Letting go of planning would make everything so easy? Now wondering about my stamina day to day seems to be normal. Also, I should have purchased a revolving door for this house as so many people have come and gone in 10 years, I’ve already forgotten some of their names.
    Being the “1” in my family, I have been teaching my parents about spirit my entire life. One big plus, they are so open to my path and receiving whatever they can absorb.
    Presently, this article may bring some light to a very long road that has left me so uncertain of my next step. Just allowing whatever to happen to happen, to show up wherever for whatever, to throw away old templets and be in the moment, has added to the exhaustion. For most of 2018 and up to now I don’t feel like an active participant in my own life. I have become a surfer, riding whatever wave happens to come up. But, I can’t swim!!!!
    The other current joke is watching other Ascension or spiritual teachers’ videos and how many seem so clear, upbeat, non chalant and chipper. This has not always been a fun ride. How can they be so happy? Since reading Denise’s articles and watching some of my other favorites share what they know, I realize that most of my life has been an Ascension process. Although I had more energy prior to 50, I had many times of rest and being “checked out” of life. I have always needed to rest during the day, even in my twenties. The last few years the body feels it has betrayed me further. The last two years’ symptoms, visions, messages, rewiring of the brain have had me non-functioning often. Oh yes, I now have many of my lifetimes/timelines of wisdom from eons of time to bring to my groups and sessions, which has raised everything to a new level and attracted a completely new group of souls to work with that are so open, praise Jesus!!! It has also changed my perceptions of everything, but living with so much more and different insights than the rest of the world around can leave me on my island alone, often.
    This is my 29th year as the medium, spirit teacher, channeling writer. I have such a body of work in writing, I could leave the Earth and let someone else publish. I am just not sure I have the energy to continue doing much of anything.
    I am looking forward to this Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn energy. 30 years ago when Saturn was in Capricorn, I was high stamina, working out 6 days a week and loving how great I felt. I want that back!!!
    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences and insights.

  • Might be kind of a stupid question, but I recall you saying we wont be like we were down here, so does that mean we will abandon our projects down here and our “hobbies” and take up new ones? Will we have our clothes and belongings(not that thats real important), etc.?
    I get the people aren’t coming with, just wondering about some of the other things….
    Or any insight into that sort of stuff. I hear some saying create your dreams now, but if its not coming with and/or we’re going to be different after the split then Im wondering what’s the point?

    • Skoop,

      I never said that our possessions etc. weren’t going to NEW Earth with us. This entire situation at this separation point is about what’s NOT coming with us. What’s NOT coming with us are the old lower frequency negativity, things and people not willing to exist without them at this point. My house and possessions etc. are coming with me. Again this is about what’s NOT coming due to its lower frequencies. This is an entirely NEW Earth world that exists within the fifth dimension and will NOT have any lower frequency stuff, people, systems etc. in it such as duality. It is a NEW Earth world in a baseline 5D frequency of UNITY within each person, all systems, beliefs and all things we create in it. Don’t worry about the old stuff but stay focused on the NEW Earth and us fully reaching it this year. Correction — us fully separating from the old lower dying Earth.

        • Skoop,

          It’s through everyone’s Comments that I often see what needs to be written about and/or expanded upon and this is one of those topics. This and 2019 being a year of ET and other Lightbeing types making “visitations” with many of us and why. Gonna be an interesting year for all of us cosmic pioneers!

      • And youthful healthy bodies once again no doubt. Mine is just hanging in there,

        Oh for normal feeling head as well as legs that do not feel like blocks of cement. A body that can walk well again.

        Hope that’s part of the new package,

    • Its different… food will, be light, lightbody….you can manifest, a change of clothes, crystals, food etc. What you love you will be able to do if it love based. I see on the ship, children go to school, but their learning capability, much more than us…. each have job. Ie 6d healing, or tending nurserys of flowers . Making flower eseence. Being ambasadors, guides, tending star ship, etc yr.hobbys, will be fine, if you want them, if they serve, the highest good….one person liked food, and worried he wouldnt be able to eat….. actually all yr sences are hightend.

      • Thank you Linda

        I am an all rounder who thrives with continual growth. I love making all kinds of things. Much of what you mentioned I have done but I need higher levels of these now to advance otherwise I am stagnant.

        Most importantly at the present time is healing my body which is a very gradual process. I have done my clearing in two stages, not one long haul so it’s very harsh on the body but takes less time. It’s an experiment for the greater good I imagine, but essential to have assistance. Will be so glad when it’s over.

  • omg the resonance and relief of your words. i am 50+, down to one suitcase and have been living in my parents’ guest room for nearly three years in small town usa lol. there are no words to fully describe the depth of my fatigue …

    thank US Denise for this post/connection. love and light dear angel ❤️

  • Thank you updating us and staying in the fight yes I’ve been going through this too since 1999 and its parent so much that I thought I never could losing everything material was no problem but my wife also passed in 2013 after after going through the Ascension process with me for so many years I thought we would have sent together and that I could never live without her for so long but here I am I have often also wondered how I could ever take care of myself any longer with all the fatigue and other symptoms but I’ll try to be as healthy as possible through diet and exercise and that helps to a small degree what do you think about those who have passed during the Ascension process will we be reunited with them thanks for everything you do Richard

  • Thanks, Denise for such a NEEDED article at this time and also for providing a space where we can share our perceptions and experiences relating to this separation. Things will surely become clearer for us (the so-called 28%) as we head further into 2019, but here’s what I have observed thus far:

    The energetic gap between me and others has widened considerably – it’s almost impossible for me to engage in mindless 3D chatter. The number of friends or family members dropping out of my sphere has grown … and I can FEEL them shifting out of my timeline. Which is all fine, except I often find myself alone.

    Although I haven’t yet experienced entire buildings disappearing in my reality, what I AM seeing is extensive “construction” and dismantling everywhere (city infrastructure being replaced, even an important bridge) with all kinds of detours as a result. I believe this is a symbolic representation of what’s going on energetically as the false 3D “structures” fall away. Another thing I’m noticing in the last couple of years are “dead zones” – places with artificial lights, withering plants and a yucky feeling. My longing is to be in Nature and away from crowds.

    I see people (families, groups or friends) splitting apart now, taking sides, and we certainly see this on social media. So the “separation of worlds” is already happening. The people dropping out of my life are doing it in natural ways – they just don’t call anymore and I’m sure don’t think of me at all.

    This seems to be a gradual process … more of the “old world” dissolving for the 28% as we create more of the NEW. I believe there’s a Divine rewrite going on at a subatomic level, and what we’re now creating cannot be tampered with. As for how long the “old world” will exist, I really hope it isn’t long at all. There’s nothing positive about it as it sinks into more darkness and despair (with less and less true Light to feed off as the 28% shift away).

    Thanks to all commentators & blessings to ALL.

  • OMG. Thank you so much for this! The invisibility part just made a *PING* in my brain! This has happened so frequently that it is a running joke with me and my husband… It’s something that really p*sses us off when we go about our shopping in town…. you’ve just made me realize that it is only when I get angry (and then lowering my vibrations) that I become visible again. I will try so hard to keep my vibeez high. 💓 Bit challenging doing that at the moment though… and I totally agree that the last few weeks especially have been so challenging. I have not cried, or raged so much for years, but I put it mostly down to stopping smoking. Re the beings. Wow, wow, wow. I had a waking vision a couple of weeks ago (ditto re not writing down the date): it was of a group of beings standing close together, like you said Denise, but they were short, all had helmets on (that had a very specific shape to them, which I realize I’ve dreamed of before). They all had reflective sunglasses, or visors on, and the colours I saw were purple and gold. The vision was for literally flashed in my inner vision for a millisecond, but it was so vivid, and I have not been able to get it out of my head since then.
    Sorry to ramble, but your post, as always Denise, made me feel so much better, and seeing all the comments from you beautiful souls made me feel less alone in all this. Got to keep on keeping on… So tired. feeling a bit better since the new moon, but have been having trouble not crumbling… Have to keep having words with myself: “c’mon girl, you can do this, not much longer” 🦄🌈⭐️🌎🍾😬 many blessings to you all xxx

    • “It’s something that really p*sses us off when we go about our shopping in town…. you’ve just made me realize that it is only when I get angry (and then lowering my vibrations) that I become visible again.”

      That is such an important and powerful realization Charzi about different frequencies. Very well done you!

      Everyone, here’s a quote from Sandra Walter dated January 4, 2019 —

      “Contact is a major focus in 2019; expect a lot of visitation as we integrate organic realities…”

      Because some of us experienced these new types of visitations in December 2018, when I read this from Sandra a couple of weeks after the fact, I knew this is just the beginning of ongoing “visitations” more and more of us will be having throughout 2019. I shouldn’t need to say this but do NOT expect to see/See, be visited by the same ETs and/or Lightbeings etc. that I’ve described or anyone else. There’s lots of higher dimensional beings, ETs and so on that none of us have encountered in these lives because it wasn’t appropriate energetically etc. It is now due to the different energy increases I mentioned in this article. Point is everyone, expect to be “visited” more than once and by different ETs and Lightbeings etc. throughout 2019. And like all things, events, information, ETs and other higher encounters, they only take a millisecond to see/See and exchange heaping piles of unspoken information to and with us and vice versa. If you’re psychic you’re well familiar with this already. Point is that these “visitations” happen above linear time and space. Open to them, sense and feel and observe when they suddenly appear. These are First Steps with higher and greater “Contact” with those Forerunners who can handle (in all ways) direct contact with new to each of us ETs and other Lightbeings. We are RE-entering Universal Society this year and these are baby first contact steps for all parties. How exciting!

      Hang in there Charzi, it’s getting much better for us right now. ❤

  • Hey everyone,
    Soooo glad this article got posted, was really yearning for it. Been quite a month for gettin fried, had some real positive stuff going on for awhile but this month has really poured it on, havent been hit this hard for years. Quit a job I was at because it was just the worst environment and was not going to get better. Had as in your face of holidays and anyone would need as a reminder. Been gettin my shorts on and bags packed for this nee adventure!!!!! Sooo grateful, that job was just too agonizing to deal with, the people…
    Just the lowest realms of folks, just too much.
    I thank you Denise for stating we are our own husbands, and children, and friends, etc. Truth and how awesome to see it in words, been me and God with all else removed for soo many years now I’dve hated to have been a fly on those cave walls, what a thing. Looking forward to us getting out of our caves and being around positive people and actually having folks to smile and unite with. Lately I just have no desire to interact with and be idk plagued by the people out there who dont get it, it just is too much. I also appreciate you mentioning the 11 more years and for this!!!!!! That really was brought home the other day, especially in my jobs and interactions over the years. Dont know what its gonna take for them, but, just doing me.
    I’m sure this was half cohesive, but I just wanted to get a peep out. It’s been an incredibly hard month and I thank you Denise for your blog and comments, thanks for listening.

  • Dear Denise and all commenters, thank you immensely for confirming my experience for the last 10 years. I’ve been living in a grand hermit cave and this experience has only intensified this last year to the point where I know I’ll just here my own voice echoing back “is there anybody there” – there’s no one I’m at zero point and have been for a long long time in terms of any chance of getting in touch with any “friends” and even family members who don’t much care that I exist at all even as I cannot find the energy or yes in me to connect with them. It is what it is. I’m just surprised that it is total and complete in respective to everyone, even a certain few I felt would carry through with me or meet me where I am now, they’ve decided no as well and I can see why. I feel the time is accelerating and in my personal life in respect to some areas I’m working on I’ve made strides in months and weeks where I would have taken much longer before on the mental, emotional, and practical levels. This is exciting and at the same time I’m grieving but in peace for all that can’t be in my life anymore. When I completed with two friends a month ago, I remember now how one of them responded to me many days and after I had to contact others to contact her that she checked not once but three times to see the message I had sent her and in her words “still did not see it”. So it is coming down to …wow where’ my invisible cloak – I guess I still have it on! Love Denise and all.

  • Hi Denise and everyone! Hope you’re all faring well. These last few weeks were very weird energetically for me, I’ve never cried so much. Tears would just flow out, I’ve felt sad, I feel sad still periodically. It started the day after Christmas and it’s been building up until Jan 5th, all that sadness turned to rage, a blinding fury.

    I’ve dreamt that I was in a coven of five women and we were ritually bathing each other only to be surprised by a monk who preached the merits of child-adult love. We instantly set about in a circle to spiritually tie this man while chanting No No No, but he broke free from our circle.
    Then two days later, dreamt that I was in a meeting with a bunch of other people, seemed like we’re all listening to a debriefing of the state of the mission, there was a voice that sounded disguised that came to us, but no physical person speaking it. These dreams were what set me off to the land of sadness. Was I being etherically and astrally attacked? I don’t know but yesterday I gave my 2-week notice to my soul sucking job.

    Something is snapping inside me, I feel like a tightly wound coil wrapped in a rubber band and the bands are snapping and flinging off me one by one. And each time it feels like what’s left is an exposed nerve. I just feel all kinds of raw right now.

    My rescued cat is my only thing I can relate to, I’ve always had to set an intention to release control of my physical self to my soul, then it dawned on me that my cat is THAT, she just is.
    When the separation happens,I feel it’ll be mostly animals and children, with a smattering of adults.

    Oh and places and things disappear on me all the time only to reappear or not but never an entire building, omg I can’t wait to experience that!

    I am truly grateful for you, I FULLY realize that without you and other FIRSTERS, we’d never get to go. Thank you so much 🙏

  • It feels like invisible has been my middle name all my life. For so long I assumed it was solely due to my own limiting beliefs and all that I needed to clear within myself. However as I read your post I was struck by how this has intensified after 1999 when I committed wholeheartedly to my true path. The higher the vibration, the more secluded and isolated life became. The more potent my work, the less people came. It’s been fascinating. Truly, I marvel that we are still here. Thank you Denise. After 7 yrs of near total silence and what I now lovingly call my void years, I have a deeper understanding of where/what/why. Up and on we go!

  • Hi Denise,
    I am a dedicated reader of your articles and this one was particularly meaningful. My life turned completely upside down in 1998-1999. I literally let go of EVERYTHING from my life before that. Other huge shifts came in 2003, 2008, 2011 and finally 2017-2018. I just wanted to say that the recent visitation from those Beings you described really resonated with me. In meditation during the recent eclipse, I found myself in front of three Beings all in long white robes. When I initially saw them at a distance they looked like tall white pyramids but indeed they were Beings. I never did see their faces or was told who They individually were. All they told me was that they were members of the Great White Brotherhood. They had suggestions for the further development of my higher skills. In particular, they encouraged me to focus on “bilocation”; a skill I had been guided to explore earlier in 2018.

    I also resonated greatly with the need to stay in our personal “high vibe spaces” as much as possible. I only go out into “it” when I have to with a lot of protection. The driving issue has become serious. The interstates are literally “hell on wheels”. I have been on this path since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987! I can imagine how wiped out you are because my patience is wearing thin. But there is NO TURNING BACK! Thank you so much for “telling it like it is”!
    Much Love, Light and Peace,

  • Denise and all,
    after reading the new article and comments, I felt quite emotional as I read down the page. The invisible thing has been a part of my journey too, but in a different way – usually experienced through my family and friends, but not exclusively – not noticing me, not including me, not involving me etc., Many years ago I went on holiday with my mother, her friend, and my sister. My mother spoke to my sister, complimenting her lovely hair, mentioned her pretty blouse and spoke lovingly to her, whilst I sat next to her un-noticed. I remarked to my sister that I must be “f – ing invisible to my mother”. My ‘invisible’ has been of the ‘not noticed or included’ type, which hurt and wounded me many times over the years. Perhaps I was in training for the ‘hermit in cave’ years which began as the AP kicked in, and continue to this day.
    The sheer joy we will go through as the ‘long dark night’ turns to ‘bright sunny day’ ….. I feel so excited at the thought of coming out of the ‘cave’ ….skip……..jump…….gymnastics even 😄

    • Know Hope that your not being loved or feeling like it from family or anyone else in these ascension lifetimes often is to push us from desiring to be loved into evolving into BEING LOVE. Know that you are loved and LOVED and LOVE itself. ❤

      • I agree totally Denise, having spent most of my life being a ‘rescuer’, I experienced a chronic illness, career loss, loss of income + multiple other losses including some friends and family, ……. then I had to rescue myself. It took great amounts of self love and care, much patience, plus developing a quirky sense of humour to get through the last 18+ years (TD pulled many stunts during those years to put me into fear). My hermit years have taught me so much about myself, I turned the tragic to magic by loving and honoring who I really am. I am now more than ready to leave the crumbling old facade behind, I hope it happens very soon, like tomorrow 😀 👏 💖

        • “My hermit years have taught me so much about myself, I turned the tragic to magic by loving and honoring who I really am.”

          Tragic to magic… love that and very well done Hope. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Hi Denise and Hope,

        As this wave of LOVE becomes more and more of a continuing experience (but by no means a constant one), I’m finding it very difficult in getting anything done in this 3D reality that I still have (part of) a foot in…I’ve never been a seeker of bliss-out states, as I always found them to be escapist, so these heightened feelings of universal, spherical LOVE makes things like writing out checks (don’t believe in online banking), food shopping, general errand-running and almost anything having to do with day-to-day ongoingness, quite laborious…Conversations that do not have Love/LOVE as themes within them, feel trite and unmaintainable…AND yet I now know what the purpose of the AP/EP overall experience is bringing forth for me…and that is to simply ALLOW this LOVE to wash over me and then, have the results of that washing-over, do their magic as I go through my daily interactions with the public. It’s like what you said earlier before, Denise…it is that simple, and yet that hard…but I now know it is doable and I have tasted it. I can never imagine “striving” for anything else. Many HighHeart hugs to you, Denise, and to Hope and all the other commenters…May we all be brought together in LOVE in a not-so-distant future…I am so grateful to all of you!

        • I am grateful to the beautiful HighHeart words you shared Raymond! Thank you! I agree with all that you said. I, too, write out my checks and had a “fun” time doing so yesterday. 🙂 Just felt the LOVE and wanted to say HELLO and THANK YOU!

        • Thank you Raymond, for expressing your 3D experiences in a way I can relate to. It IS hard to get even the most routine things (shopping, check writing done – I too don’t do on-line banking), and if it weren’t for Denise and all her commenters here I would surely believe I was losing it, which of course, I suppose is what is happening. But it isn’t a bad thing, losing the old ways of feeling and thinking about the material world and the set of values it encompasses. Not if you understand what is happening; the ascension process being at the core. I feel stronger, more confident just knowing there is a place (here) I can find people going through similar – if not identical – experiences. Bless you all, and most especially you Denise.

        • ❤ ❤ ❤ May we all have Raymond Boeri types around us. We're all starved for Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine to be individually Embodied and radiated in larger numbers of Forerunners. It’s happening and it’s growing and that makes me “blissed out” in my HighHeart. I know you know exactly what I mean. 🙂

  • Denise!!! Heart Hugs!!!! I just mentioned a day or two ago that your other blog was where I first “recognized myself”… and now this article enters my sphere of awareness. Must be an important read/message for me. Much love and gratitude and many blessings to you! Nikkoale

  • Denise,
    Penny’s quote from Rudolf Steiner below, reminded me of something else he said, that is exactly what we are talking about, so I hope you don’t mind me quoting it?
    He said that some people will work on themselves spiritually, and develop their pineal gland. Others won’t, and their pineal organ will atrophy and dry out.
    Talking a century ago of a future condition of the earth, he said that one day: “It will be completely spiritualized by the men who worked in the right way, and these men will live in a wonderful paradise. But another part of the earth will harden and shrink into a small kernel, as it were, through the men who let their organ dry out, and the men who live on it won’t perceive the others; they won’t exist for them.”

    Yes, I’ve seen that too, like your waking experience at the DMV, but in dreams, etc! We literally did not exist for them; you could walk right up to someone and they didn’t even see you. (Yes, I have that in waking life too, but here it was *all of them*; as if I were a ghost, but I wasn’t, I was still alive and incarnated).

  • What beautiful comments (so far!) from beautiful Firstwavers. I admire you all so much. I’m a “young” Firstwaver— born 1968. I’m so thankful for those of you around 20 years older than me. I know you *really* did things alone in the earlier days. I also know I’m pathpaving, having a big wake up in 2006, although I recognize shifts even earlier than that. I’m just a wee bit younger, though, and started a few years later. It seems every time I write you, Denise, or comment here, I want to write, “I’m just so TIRED.” The past three days have been tough again. Of course it’s in waves. I’m just so touched by the comments here, though— the true veterans encouraging all of us to just keep at it a little bit longer. I feel heartened. Thank you, All! 💗

  • Dear Denise with your permission.
    Thank you for a very pertinent message and feel with every word of it rings true.
    During the years 2017/2018 I had a serious of dreams which I think relate to what you and Inelia posted.

    In the first one my mother came to me and told me to get my affairs in order because my time on earth was running out. This was followed by several others of the same vein. Then I had a dream about humanity demise people leaving the planet through natural means illness, viruses , flood, fire storm and earth quakes. Not by violence, wars etc.
    Then I had a succession of dreams of a spiritual nature such as going through many portals of light until I was clear and my robe of light descended on me. Another dream of the same type was I was sat with my soul family having a meal and the light emanating from me was making them very emotional and I kept materialising and dematerialising.

    I feel the energy we are working with is such that nothing would surprise me one way or the other but last year I kept getting the word completion so living life on a day by day basis. Maureen

  • I”M SOOOO READY! Denise I have also had those experiences of people just disappearing. One very keen example is a group I like to call “the self-appointed inquisition.” They hounded me, targeted me, tried to sabotage my work, reported me, etc. etc. etc. This went on for years……until I decided NO MORE. I simply did the inner work of healing/transforming the fear/wound that made me “susceptible” to them. Once I healed/released this wound, I became totally invisible to them. I am no longer on their radar! It is like I (or they) just disappeared. It is sooooo freeing!

    As it relates to “light beings.” DITTO! I have had close encounters that were at first only visible in the mind’s eye when in meditation or in dreams, then in the minds eye while awake, and most recently, invisible to the physical eye, but I felt their touch and received an activation/attunement. This was only 24 hours after having a “dream” of “the mothership.”

    As you describe the separation of the world, it also reminds me of the “myth” of the Tuatha de Danaan – the ancient people of “light” (aka gods) in Ireland. When a tribe of people came and threatened war with them, the Tuatha de Danaan’s simply stepped sideways into another dimension – they remain there now….perhaps this is where we are going. 🙂

    Thank you for your beautiful work!


  • I’d like to share an anecdote that illustrates this whole schism.
    Two close relatives of mine have been estranged from me for the last 2 years. I love them, but if people ‘just don’t like being in your presence’ (which was the reason given when I asked why the cut-off), there’s not much you can do about it, is there?
    Denise, I remember you had a slightly similar thing with your son, so you’ll know what I mean when I say that although the energy mismatch was obvious, and also I was warned several times some years beforehand by the higher-dimensional beings that a separation would have to happen, it was still a very sad experience to live through. You wouldn’t wish it on anyone. :/

    At Christmas, I sent them some gifts and a card, and a small gift arrived back. I am very perceptive of the energy around things, and I couldn’t feel any love or warmth in this; even if I’d wanted to pretend to myself, I couldn’t have.
    The gift itself wasn’t thoughtful – the equivalent of giving a bird feeder to someone you know has 3 cats 🙂 – it felt like: “Better get her something, or it’ll be making a real statement. Quick, just find any old thing round the house and wrap it up, yea, that’ll do.”

    So I put it on my table, this ‘anti-gift’, a bit sadly.
    A short time later, doing something at the kitchen countertop, I *felt* a ray of negative energy from behind me. I was startled, I don’t have low-vibrating objects in my home, and I thought, “What’s that?!”, and turned round to see where it was coming from. It was coming from that gift on the table!
    So I picked it up and put it outside. I came back in. “That’s funny, I can still feel something, from over there.” I looked around. It was the Christmas card from them, on a shelf. So I had to take that out of my home too! When I went back in, my place now felt normal and light-filled again.
    Believe me, it was *bitter*, soul-paining, having to do this.

    Now I doubt that they were sticking pins in a voodoo doll of me, or anything ….. I simply felt, perceived, the energy imprint we all leave on objects that we’ve bought, looked at, touched, had in our homes, and whoever had sent it didn’t matter, I just could not have that item in my space!
    And I thought of that article you’d written in December, on the separation of worlds, and thought, “Wow. Not only could these people and I now not gather comfortably in a room together, but even an *object* with their energy on, felt so disharmonious to me, that I had to get rid of it.”
    A sad, but telling experience.

  • Dear Denise and all,
    YES’ I am ready! (She said with a giggle)
    A few days back I had a vision….myself, 3 friends and I were dressed all in white and a white cap on our heads. I noticed when I looked down my shoes were dusty and a dark blue. My old teacher drove up in a long white car and and polished my shoes till they sparkled. I was told that the positions in the car were important and I was placed in the back with my teacher…something about energy…I have been feeling very light, maybe dizzy and having quiet times lately.
    Also…if I may..A clip from Rudolf Steiner…

    “They hear the Sun-Christ (IV,15) in the surroundings of the Earth. Thus there is now revealed to the initiate the great secret of how the Earth, through Christ’s union with it, gradually becomes a new Sun.”

    Much love,

    • Penny,
      I LOVE Rudolf Steiner! I spent years reading every lecture of his that was available in English. He was a man far ahead of his time. I recognize what we are doing now as creating the next age on earth, what he called the 6th epoch.

  • Hi Denise, thankyou for this article. I am positioned in Australia, and have been doing my work diligently for nearly 20 years… yes, the separation is coming. Back in December, my soul talk was saying, that im tired of waiting!! It was almost like yes, my soul work was bringing this to fruition! And then it hit… in my own personal life.. Christmas Eve.. team dark as you call it, took over my partner, completely… and attacked me through him, this has been going on every day and every night since! God is leading me through it, but yes, in my spirit, the separation of the worlds has begun… one day at a time!! Im not afraid, and I know I only have to stand my ground until God says “it is done”… but we are ‘doing’ it now!!! It is here!!! Be strong all involved. Much love to you all, Lyndal

    • I feel for you Lyndal B. because I’ve been through this hundreds of times through hundreds of people. The negativity did hit very hard (again) during the holidays through other people to hurt those of us causing their “end times”. I got hit by a stranger who cut my hair at a salon the last week of December and some neighbors and through my mom. It’s so hard to take sometimes. Our HighHearts are with you in this. ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Thankyou Denise… I have gone through this many times as well with family mostly. They do everything in their power to ‘unearth’ you as I call it… I never understood it years ago, but this time, I am seeing everything so clearly. I used to wonder why people wanted me to ‘end my life’ etc… I could never understand how my own family could be so unloving and cruel… I will make it through this, I am completely grounded and as solid as a rock, the arrows will not take me down!! I know who I am, and I know I have a role to complete with this ‘mission’ and I will do it!! There is the new earth that we have to support on the other side of this… and I already know my role in that. Lets do it, lets get it done, and lets get to hell outa here!! Love to you and all xxxxx

      • Denise, I remember you having problems with someone who cut your hair a while ago (and the hair cut was awful too) …… perhaps you could ‘do it yourself’ and have a much easier time of it ✂️ 🤔. I cannot go into a hairdresser’s under any circumstance, the vibes are awful, very gossip-y places too. I just took up the scissors and became a DIY 👸🏼

  • Thank you from my heart…

    “There are many Forerunners, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. that cannot exist in this in-between state any longer because the gap in frequencies and people is too great and too painful at this point. The full separation from the old inorganic patriarchal Earth and humanity on it must happen soon for the Forerunners to thrive and continue the Higher Work for all.”

    Only this morning I thought that if this keeps up much longer, the in-between state, the pain and fatigue, etc. I soon won’t be able to look after myself physically and that would really break my spirit. Been on the ascension path since 1998 and I remember how it started like it was yesterday. Your post has confirmed for me, Denise, what I knew in my heart to be true, but so many dates came and went, it was challenging to keep the vibes high. But today I know that we’ve done the job and I agree that the percentages of the split are much, much better than originally anticipated.

    In keeping with my nearly always present sense of humor, I can say that if you’re looking for me after the separation, I’ll be collecting firewood for that campfire. Like a good Girl Guide/Boy Scout, yes, I’m ready! Love, B.

    • Only this morning I thought that if this keeps up much longer, the in-between state, the pain and fatigue, etc. I soon won’t be able to look after myself physically and that would really break my spirit.

      Barbara, I have had this thought recently myself, it’s been much harder this last year to keep my physical body moving, feeling extra heavy, extra exhausted, etc., and I so long to see this process through. I can vaguely remember how it feels to walk lightly, to run, to dance, oh, the sheer joy of moving freely ……. when we have that campfire, I will be dancing around it, …………. will you join me ?

  • OMG! SO. SPOT. ON. All of it!
    I believe I’m a First Waver (mid60s female). I had so many years of feeling invisible to many people, although for me it was most of my life. At home, in school, everywhere. Even when I spoke, it was like they were totally unaware of my presence. And the defensive driving thing too, been there/done that! I never had your awareness Denise, so for most of my life it seems that I have been blindly feeling my way on the path. That changed in the early 2000s. For many years after I found my particular path, I thought the pain I was experiencing (physical & emotional) was strictly cleansing my own body/spirit/karma. But after finding your blog, I realize it may have been that and much more.

    I’m wondering, though, did anyone feel anything unusual on Saturday, Jan. 5? I had the most amazing power surge. I felt like I was a conduit, conducting energy from the heavens into the earth. Very powerful and so so nice. I was just sitting at home when it hit me.

    Thank you Denise, and to all who post and participate here! It means so much.

    • “I’m wondering, though, did anyone feel anything unusual on Saturday, Jan. 5? I had the most amazing power surge.”

      Saturday January 5, 2019 was a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn. It was the first Eclipse of 2019 and it did pack a powerful positive punch for sure Janice.

      • Saturday 1/5 felt like the culmination of a powerful shift for me, too! Like I physically embodied certain frequencies I’ve been desiring and making space for. 💗

  • Wow, great article Denise. I don’t have the perceptions you do, but I have felt in my bones lately that we’re on the final run here, FINally, yahoo! Interesting you writing again about being invisible – I was thinking, oh that never happened to me, but then I just remembered a time period a few years ago where driving home after work on the interstate got very scary for me – one day a car in the passing lane literally hit my side mirror they were so close to my car, but they didn’t even slow down or notice apparently. It seemed like every other day, like you said, someone would come out of seemingly nowhere and be speeding and zipping around traffic like I wasn’t even there and barely miss hitting me (always white cars too). The scariest was one day driving in heavy traffic at dusk going 70mph, the pickup truck right in front of me had a metal cart in the back that came flying out right at me. I didn’t even have time to be scared at that moment, and then it seemed like in slow motion I just maneuvered around the chaos of screeching brakes and traffic and couldn’t believe my luck! Well I guess it wasn’t luck after all, was it? Interesting stuff that’s for sure!

    On another note, in the past couple weeks I’ve had the odd occurrences of 3 people I haven’t spoken to for YEARS calling me up to chat and reconnect, and my weird next door neighbors’ kids even thanking me over a cat situation and wanting to get together – WHAT! (That’s not happening though!) The times they are definitely a-changing! I for one can’t WAIT to be rid of all these blind self absorbed people, they just don’t want to make the effort to learn anything beyond what’s on Facebook. My co-worker is so ego-driven they just put up a HUGE 3′ x 3′ framed award for being a model employee (yawn) that’s so in your face it’s ridiculous. If I ever did anything so shallow, I KNOW my deceased mother would appear in an instant and rip it off the wall! 😉

    Lately I keep envisioning a nice little lake at the bottom of my property with a canoe on the little beach for me and my dog to paddle around in – instead of the houses which are now in the way but I’m pretty sure won’t be soon 😉 Thanks for the encouragement and Happy New Year Denise and all!

    P.S. Where I envision my lake, a hundred years ago a wide creek actually did come up to my property, but the good ol Army Corps of Engineers decided to move the creek over a few hundred yards to straighten it out and removed all the beavers. That crap will not be missed either!

  • Ahhh, thank you so much for this article, Denise, it was like a drink of water on a hot day! I’m going to reread it 3 or 4 times.

    You said:

    “There are many Forerunners, Embodiers, Pathpavers etc. that cannot exist in this in-between state any longer because the gap in frequencies and people is too great and too painful at this point.”

    Oh, yes! It’s not even the ‘pain’ part – we’re used to that, ain’t we? – it’s becoming apparent, and I’ve noticed it in a myriad little ways during the last month, that we simply CANNOT continue any more, inhabiting that marginal in-between zone that has enabled us to stay incarnated on the planet up till now. It just can’t be done; our energy frequency and theirs is now too far apart.

    Yes, I remember your eerie DMV building experience very well, that you wrote about!

    Thank you again, this article has made my day, was like the spiritual equivalent of strong coffee. 😀

  • Thanks Denise for another fascinating look at the Separation of Worlds. I can relate to your insights, and thought you would find this interesting about your comment on the Saturn and Pluto conjunction. Being a western astrologer, I checked out the time on this exact conjunction for January 12, 2020 – it will be at 11:22 am EST and at 2:22 pm PST. Those are certainly some powerful numbers! We are certainly on the path of moving towards that Separation of Worlds.

    • “Being a western astrologer, I checked out the time on this exact conjunction for January 12, 2020 – it will be at 11:22 am EST and at 2:22 pm PST.”

      Thanks Donna Fisher-Jackson for pointing out these January 2020 11:22 and 2:11 numbers for us all, they are telling indeed as to how powerful this changeover out of the old will be. ❤

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