Evolutionary Ascension Symptom Information for People New to this Process

I see daily search terms on my WordPress Stats page that people use to find information that leads them to websites like mine. I’ve written about the Ascension Process which is natural, highly compressed evolution at TRANSITIONS since 2007. I realize however that if someone is new to this process and not familiar with it or the terms teachers and people in the Ascension Community use when talking about it and the many unusual symptoms or side effects it naturally causes, that it all can be overwhelming and highly confusing. It’s because of this that I’m going to provide another article about these now common Ascension Process symptoms. If interested, please read through my older articles under this Category also.

I’ll try to remember to mention the most common of these symptoms or side effects but understand that, even though these are common, we each live, experience and interpret these inner changes in our own unique ways so keep an open mind and open heart when dealing with these issues that are vastly larger and more complex than anything humans have encountered before while in physical bodies on Earth.

Hot Flashes— Intense sudden inner heat caused by Kundalini Fire transmuting your old lower density and unresolved, suppressed, unloved aspects, emotional wounds, fears and so on. A lot of these Ascension symptoms are very much like the ones women experience during Menopause so don’t be shocked if you’re in a male body and suddenly are having “hot flashes”. Know they’re Kundalini related which is the same thing as Ascension related. Males must burn away all lower density and negativity along with those in female bodies.

These hot flashes can last for years, erupt and come out of different areas of your body, spine, back, chest, head, face, ears, bottoms of your feet, palms of your hands etc. Just try to stay as relaxed as you can while they happen as that allows the Process to take place a bit quicker and with less heat, sweating and misery.

Cold Spots— Intense sudden inner cold areas on your body, usually the chest and/or upper chest area around the heart and the NEW HighHeart (Thymus gland in upper center of your chest). When the old lower emotional Duality issues and energies have been burned away, transmuted, integrated and released into Neutrality, NEW higher frequencies replace them all. When these changes into the NEW take place, we often feel them as sudden patches (often large circles – chakra sized) of intense inner body cold that nothing warms up. Once we’ve integrated that particular NEW Light Energy at that area and level, we quickly warm back up. No fear, just let the higher frequency NEW energies take their place within you.

Inner Ear Ringing— Hearing constant inner ear, inside your head sounds of high-pitched ringing for days, weeks or months on end and for many years usually. This is typically caused by NEW Light Energies being transmitted by/through the Sun via solar flares, solar winds, solar storms and CMEs. I suggest that every time you experience this inner ear or inner head sound of ringing you double-check for yourself some website like SpaceWeather.com to see what the Sun is doing at that time. You’ll see the connection between what you’re hearing (and most likely also feeling in your body too) in your head and the Sun transmitting higher frequency Light Energies. All this is another way the Ascension Process energies are naturally causing humanity to rather rapidly and dramatically evolve or “ascend”.

Sudden Nausea— These intense energetic evolutionary changes often cause sudden nausea. Try to relax through it and know it doesn’t last long. The nausea comes in sudden waves but leaves just as quickly.

Lack of Sleep, waking up repeatedly all night— With so much going on in your physical and energy bodies, we’re often suddenly shoved back into our physical body after having spent some hours out of it each night. That plus our old sleep patterns and needs of the past no longer apply or are helpful with these higher frequency energies and consciousness. Often, we now sleep for fewer hours at night but also need to take cat naps during the day. You can receive hours of rest and recuperation now by being out-of-body for only a few minutes so allow yourself to take short naps throughout the day when needed and don’t worry about only getting 3-5 hours of sleep each night.

Sudden Food Allergies & other Ultra Sensitivities— It’s common to suddenly not be able to eat or drink or smoke or ingest the things you did prior to the start of your physical, biological Ascension Process. Your wild “party days” are probably over so just accept that you can’t abuse your body in your old favorite ways and/or eat or drink what you did before. Release the waffles, ice cream, beer, pot, the whatever it is for you that needs to now because it’s way too dense and low vibrating to be inside your evolving physical body. This is simply about the Alchemical Ascension Process and nothing personal, even though your favorite foods/drinks/activities have become toxic to the evolving you. Release, release, release.

Sudden Need for Heavy Protein Foods— Some people will experience the need to ingest more meats and heavy protein foods than they would like or ever want but this too is, for some, part of the Ascension Process. If your body is burning through large amounts of protein quickly due to all the inner transmuting of lower dense negativity in whatever form that takes, know that you’ve got to eat more high protein foods while you’re going through this phase of the Ascension Process. A couple teaspoons of peanut butter can help tremendously in a pinch. Find which protein foods your body can handle during this phase and forget about what any of the unaware, old school Food Police people say about anything. They’re not living what you are so how could they possibly council someone that is living the Ascension Process? They cannot so use your own discernment with foods (and everything else for that matter).

Hair Loss & Thinning— During the really intense stages of the Ascension Process some will experience some hair thinning which is caused from so much energy going into transmuting and evolving instead of your hair. This won’t last forever so try to not panic or go into mourning over your hair falling out. Let your body do what it is and know it will integrate and shine once again.

Weight Gain, Weight Loss— Some people unintentionally pack on the pounds like crazy during all these intense changes. For some it’s protection, padding against the harshness of The Process and for others it’s a side effect of so much hormonal change etc. Other people lose weight because they can’t eat much due to all the Ascension related symptoms. Either way, know that this too will eventually balance itself out. Forget about trying to look like what society says is “beautiful” while you’re embodying more of God/Source/your Higher Self!

Diarrhea— Some will experience periods of diarrhea due to all the energetic purging they’re going through. That plus what you can and cannot eat now while going through all this. Just know this too is common during (ongoing) phases of embodying more higher frequency Light Energies that cause us to purge more old lower frequency energies usually in the form of old emotional stuff/issues etc.

Lung Congestion & Coughing— Another common way our body purges toxins is through our lungs which means sometimes they suddenly become congested and filled with gunk that you cough up and out. Like the diarrhea, it’s all about purging old lower density so you can embody greater and greater amounts of NEW, higher frequency Light energies. As more NEW higher comes in, more old lower must be expelled.

Head Pains, Pressures & Numbness— With so much change taking place just in the human head/brain and brain glands, don’t be surprised when you feel pressures, pains, really sore bumps, lumps and dents on your skull, and numbness in parts of your head, skull, face and sinuses. There’s a tremendous amount of higher frequency Light Energies coming into you and your physical body via the space above your physical head and skull and it flows down into your body. You will most likely also feel it descending via your spine and that too creates pressures and pains in the spine at certain points. Know that your inner voltage is being naturally but dramatically increased and this typically causes different pains and pressures and aches etc. in the head, skull, face, sinuses and down into the spine and other parts of your body as well.

Blurry Eyes & Other Vision Changes— The NEW higher frequency Light Energies cause major evolutionary changes in our eyes and optic nerves and during this ongoing process it’s common to repeatedly experience blurred vision, dry eyes, itchy eyes, eye tearing, light sensitivity etc. It’s common to also experience not being able to clearly see when you go into lower vibrating locations, stores, buildings, homes etc. Because your eyes and vision is evolving, it sometimes is difficult to see clearly in lower frequency places so know this and don’t automatically assume that you’re losing your sight. In a way you are, but it’s because you’re going to be able to See with greatly expanded Higher Vision.

Attacks by Negative Beings, Entities & living Humans— Many people experience this common Ascension related side effect. It has to do with the fact that you are evolving and rather quickly and these lower frequency Negative Beings/Entities/Humans etc. or Team Dark as I’ve called all of them, do not want to lose you as their food and fuel supply, so they attack anyone they sense that’s starting to “wake up” and evolve beyond their low-frequency range. This situation has however been GREATLY reduced by the Forerunners, the Lightworkers, the Pathpavers, the Wayshowers that went through all this years and decades before you. Some of it still exists however, but just know that this too is a level that you’ll pass through and beyond and that these lower negative beings, entities and unaware or damaged humans won’t be able to influence or affect you for much longer. Push through them and don’t look back as they’re not part of the NEW higher world and reality.

Strange Dreams, Attacks in Dreams, Lucid Dreams— Expect to have plenty of weird dreams during the Ascension Process. Also be prepared to experience some attacks and interference from the Negative beings/entities while asleep and out-of-body. It’s been easy for the negatives—Team Dark—to get at humans while they’re asleep and out of their physical bodies and some of this still exists at lower levels. However, as you continue evolving, this too will diminish and eventually disappear completely but,= it takes plenty of honest personal inner work on your part to move through this old dense layer of negativity. Protect yourself in whatever ways you prefer daily and nightly until you’ve evolved beyond the old Duality frequency range and discover you’ve made it to the higher frequency Unity range that exists well above and beyond it.

Growing Higher Awareness, HighHeart Consciousness & Abilities— It’s normal for humanities perceptual abilities and sensitivities to evolve during the Ascension Process. What many were totally unaware of and insensitive to before will suddenly be things they cannot escape, deny or ignore any longer. You will discover that you can feel other people, animals, all things and beings in this physical world and in nonphysical higher dimensions and worlds as well. This is your consciousness evolving and your HighHeart becoming the main seat and location of your perceptions and sense of Self. Let your HighHeart open and feel what you’ve not felt before. It’s sacred and further unifying but in individual ways. You won’t lose “you” because you can now feel more Others everywhere.

Inner Body Vibrations— This symptom is the one that confuses most people the most it seems. It’s also the one Ascension related side effect that lets you know you are indeed changing, evolving and quickly because you’re literally vibrating inside, buzzing inside, shaking vibrationally inside from the higher and faster frequency NEW Light Energies being embodied by you and your physical and energy bodies.

These inner body vibrations are you, literally, embodying higher frequency Light Energies that naturally cause you/me/humanity to exist at a faster, higher rate of speed/Light/being/reality. You are increasing your spin rate, your frequency rate, the amount of Light you could house in your physical body, brain, heart, nervous system, glands, bones and your being and consciousness. I’ve lived with this growing increase of embodied Light Energies since around 2001 or 2002 and I’m not only still buzzing, vibrating, shaking intensely internally today but it’s increasingly gotten more intense over the years as each of us continues embodying more Light which further decreases density and increases our individual inner/outer Light, frequency, consciousness and range of conscious functioning.

You’ll feel this higher, faster Light Energy inside your physical body in different areas at first but eventually it will be whole-body, whole-being. This is why we’re literally disappearing from the old lower frequency levels and densities of the past Earth world; we’re literally vibrating above them now. From that old lower point of view, we simply disappear; from our point of view, they disappear. Just continue vibrating faster and higher and don’t think this one to death either. Higher frequency beings, people, dimensions and certain things etc. simply vibrate faster than more dense beings, people, dimensions etc. do. This is you living the Ascension Process and feeling these changes and increases of frequency and Light inside your physical body.

316x380 stair steps

There are many, many more symptoms/side effects than these listed above. (See my other older articles about the Ascension symptoms if interested.) What’s more important for the people just beginning this Process now however is that you realize there are common symptoms we all go through, but we do so in our unique ways, which means we’ll each experience these and other symptoms in slightly different ways, intensities and duration. This is normal but don’t get hung up in your head, your old lower frequency left-brained intellect thinking the crap out of all these things. The Ascension Process is Alchemical and must be lived to change you, it is not and never will be an intellectual process. Live them and know that you’re being naturally and automatically evolved, changed by having lived them. It’s that simple, that difficult, that magical, that wonderful and that transformational.

Denise Le Fay

January 31, 2016


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11 thoughts on “Evolutionary Ascension Symptom Information for People New to this Process

  • Hi, what understanding are we to have of menopause from a 5d ascension perspective? I tend to think of ‘menopause’ as a model of understanding, but ‘transformation’ as a superior model of the life-changes? How do you see it?

  • Oooooohhhhhh!!! So many random things make sense now! Like my ears instantly becoming hot (intense heat) and bright red.

    Or that really bad “dream” where something was pulling me off the bed and I couldn’t scream out for my husband. Once he heard me, my brute of a hubby had to forcefully pull me back onto the bed, as if something had hold of me. It stayed for a couple of days at the foot of the bed until I called upon the Archangels.

    As a teen (15+ years ago), I had my aura photographed and read(?). The first thing the person told me was to tell myself to stay in my body before going to sleep so I could rest. At that time, I was sleeping 14+ hours a day, never feeling like I slept. I assumed it was a hormone thing. A few months later, I pulled that photo out and I was overcome with the worst vibes. I tore it up and burned the pieces. Still don’t know why but it was so powerful, it felt like a direct order from God to rid it from my belongings.

    But lately, what I thought were bad vibes have dramatically increased in frequency and intensity, causing nausea and a shaky feeling throughout. I don’t know that I would call what I’m experiencing a vibration.

    While so many people are freaking out, I’m getting excited. I just want us to get passed the hateful fear we’ve been fed and just be cool with each other.

    • “While so many people are freaking out, I’m getting excited. I just want us to get passed the hateful fear we’ve been fed and just be cool with each other.”


      That was very 5D, HighHeart beautiful. ❤ Yes, lets just please evolve as quickly as we're each capable of (that was directed at every Forerunner/Pathpaver because the sooner WE do what we're here now to do, the faster and easier the Ascension Process (AP) will be for everyone else. Just saying Forerunners.) which means we'll all naturally “be cool with each other”. 😉

      As you may or may not know lissa, most higher awareness, higher vibration people do even more of their personal and also Soul Contracted Work while asleep and out of their physical bodies. Why? Because we can get so much more done and so much more quickly that way. However, due to the AP the Work is not only simultaneous but multidimensional which means we’re using multiple different energy bodies in those different dimensions/layers etc. to do this AP related personal and Soul Contracted Work. Most of us only get to sleep maybe two hours or so with longer awake periods throughout the night because we’re both Working and then Embodying higher NEW energies and DNA etc. into our physical bodies. Lots going on in other words, so not as much sleep being had by more and more people.

      I hope you’ll continue reading through my older articles here at TRANSITIONS to get better familiar with the basic AP side effects. I write more about the NEW energies and evolutionary changes they’re activating in humanity, plus what most Forerunners/Pathpavers/Gridholders/Gatekeepers etc. are going through currently at HighHeartLife if interested.

  • I have experienced serious food allergies and major hair loss .i have been to doctors to solve this and there is nothing wrong with me. It scares me. Why hairloss what does this mean as an Ascension symptom. Will it stop. Should I go on the pill to stop it.

    • Ralphy,

      After one takes into consideration things like normal ageing, hormonal levels changing, stress, recent surgery, perimenopause, full menopause etc., one can then look at hair loss and/or thinning as a side effect of living the Ascension Process. The amount of life-force energy that a person’s body uses during certain periods of the Ascension Process is huge, and during these phases things like our hair often are taken from. The energy that would normally go to our hair (or digesting food etc.) is sometimes used in other areas when big evolutionary changes are taking place within us and our physical bodies, central nervous system, DNA and so on. It doesn’t last forever, and if it’s just related to this and not normal ageing and/or hormonal changes, stress etc., then your hair should stabilize again and regrow.

  • You have a very great site here. I’ve been in the ascension for years but I just found your site today.

    I’ve been going through these negative entity attacks for 3 1/2 years. When will they stop? Since I broke out of many addictions the attacks are constant. I’m so tired.

  • Dear Denise,
    I’ve just discovered your website and am so thankful to you. I’ve been experiencing so many of these symptoms in different intensity for many years and couldn’t find an explanation that made sense… until now. I’ve had many dreams/realities of my body vibrating above my bed. I knew it had to do with wanting to reach a higher frequency, but in my ignorance didn’t realize the physical consequences of this journey.

    I have a question; this vibrating is pretty constant and I have noticed extremely high blood pressure. I actually ran to the doctor’s yesterday in a panic. I’ve done everything I know to get in a calm state, but nothing seems to help. I meditate constantly and feel calm in the moment, but the blood pressure numbers are still so high. Have you had this experience? I truly appreciate your insite. Thank You

    • Anne,

      Now I’m no doctor so you follow what you believe you should with health and blood pressure matters.

      Yes I’ve had, many times, being at complete rest but my heart is pounding so hard that my body jerks from it. It’s an intensity thing, like the energy coming through is so amplified that my physical body, not just my heart, is having a hard time adjusting to it.

      I experienced this for three weeks straight from mid December 2015 and thought I might not survive physically. Obviously I have, but it sure was intense and at times physically painful. Try to not allow anything (emotions) to block or restrict these higher energies flowing through you and your body. They’re way too powerful and cause pain if we try.

  • Thanks so much for this. The last few weeks in particular I’m unable to sleep more than 2 to 3 hours a night but am not stressed so have found it hard to understand why, and when I do, I am having extremely active dreams, most of which I can no longer remember even immediately on waking. I feel like whatever I dream is either in fast forward or rewind, like my mind is being flooded. I’m also still experiencing a strange attraction, finding people “hooking” into me directly or indirectly asking for help and am still having to stay indoors a lot. It’s overwhelming every time I go out now, feeling somehow that people are “finding” me, both people in need and dark souls. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

  • I’d like to ask you how this Ascension Process factors in for people of differing faiths; Christian Jewish, Buddhist, etc. to name a few ?

    Thank you !
    Linda J Geant
    (847) 769 3195

    The most important persuasion
    tool you have in your entire
    arsenal is integrity~ Zig Ziglar

    Until he extends his circle of
    compassion to include ALL living
    things, man will not himself
    find peace ~ Albert Schweitzer

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    • ‘I’d like to ask you how this Ascension Process factors in for people of differing faiths; Christian Jewish, Buddhist, etc. to name a few ?’


      Evolution is across-the-board and has absolutely nothing to do with people’s limited and distorted religious beliefs. Those will/are automatically evolving too as human consciousness evolves and people start to know from a higher level much more individually. Most are in for huge surprises as they discover how severely they’ve been lied to for so very long and why.

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