“Grounding” into the LIGHT

In the past we typically did our “grounding” into the physical density that was 3D Earth. We visualized anchoring into 3D physical Mother Earth and/or deeper down into Elemental 2D and/or all the way down into Earth’s 1D core as the way we “grounded” or threw out our anchors into 3D physical duality density. However, due to the Ascension Process this maneuver doesn’t work so well anymore and many people have struggled trying to figure out how and what to ground or anchor into now. Instead of us being able to visualize ourselves “grounding” into earthy dense 3D, we’ve been increasingly discovering that the space beneath our feet has transmuted from 3D earthy density into growing 5D Light.

Since January 2012, I’ve clairvoyantly been witnessing the astonishing day-by-day unfolding event of 1D, 2D, and 3D (there’s more beyond 3D of course but what I’ve been seeing in 2012 has dealt mainly with dimensions 1 through 4) literally ascending up into a higher frequency range and location. I wrote about this in a couple of articles throughout 2012 and what I’d seen and felt was happening in and with the Elements and Elemental beings of 2D and other related things in 4D Astral. The real issue has been and is that it’s not just physical Earth with humanity living on the surface in the 3D frequency range that’s being affected and altered by the Ascension Process, but all dimensions and all beings everywhere.

In January and February 2012, I was suddenly seeing daily growing changes taking place in the dimensions below my physical feet in the Elements/Elementals of 2D frequency range, and in Earth’s 1D core frequency range also. Prior to this everything in 2D had appeared to my higher vision as completely blacked out, super dense and dark. But by January and February this dense blackness was being dramatically broken up by The Light and massive positive changes were unfolding very quickly, which of course was/is evident in all of the other dimensions too. What has been totally black, dense, congested, trapped, and carefully maintained in the second dimension was rather suddenly being blasted apart by The Light. The negativity created by Team Dark in 2D (and also in 4D Astral) was being transmuted, excavated, opened up to let the Light back in and numerous beings — elemental, human, demonic, and negative aliens — were being freed and/or relocated to different areas for the time-being. I haven’t witnessed every aspect of this massive reclaiming by the Light so I can’t speak about it all but only about what I have seen, felt and understood at the time.

What I’ve witnessed about this particular ascension-related event throughout 2012 was a total take-back, retrieval and freeing up of 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D by The Light from Team Dark and all their horrific actions and multidimensional prisons and fueling feeding systems and structures etc. In the past I’ve referred to these types of major positive changes being done by The Light as the Cosmic Cavalry finally arriving in physicality because it was time to make these massive multidimensional changes. What I’ve been working on and also witnessing in very pronounced ways throughout 2012 has been the multidimensional version of what’s been increasingly happening to the human patriarchal elite “powers that were” across Earth; mass evictions, mass dethroning’s, arrests, outings to the public, removal from positions of power over others, and growing revealing’s of all the negativity, greed, lies, corruption and overall mind-controlled insanity and outright possessions in many cases. If things are happening on Earth with “the powers that were”, their global structures and systems etc. and humanity, then know that things have really been happening in the other dimensions too and they’re very similar.

In 2012 I often witnessed this particular happening from the Higher Awareness sidelines and watched massive transiting of different imprisoned beings being freed and relocated elsewhere. It has been a truly amazing thing to not only work on myself as a Forerunner Lightworker (Gridworker, Energy Transmuter etc.) as many of us have, but to also have the opportunity to witness the Cosmic Cavalry arriving from HOME and blasting through Team Dark’s multidimensional pirated cable TV structures — aka stolen and parasite-ized use of humans and elemental beings throughout dimensions 2, 3 and 4D. Again, there’s much more to this than only dimensions 2, 3 and 4, but those are the dimensions and beings I’m referring to in relation to the darkness being broken up by The Light in 2012 below our feet.

Since September 2012 there’s nothing but brilliant Light below our feet and all of Team Dark’s evil actions have been transmuted and removed within 2D, plus Earth’s 1D core has embodied much higher frequencies to be able to embody the new Evolutionary Cycle blueprints for the ascended Earth and ascended humanity. Now it’s just pure Source/God Light energies radiating everywhere below our physical feet, which is grand beyond belief, but it’s also why so many people are unable to “ground” into the old familiar 3D density. It’s simply not there anymore because we’ve been traversing those ascension Stair Steps very quickly throughout 2012.

Because of this major change and improvement, we’re having to get the hang of “grounding” into The Light from our High Heart Centers instead of through our feet down into the Earth below them. Now to anchor and “ground” you do it from and through your High Heart and you ground into Light directly. Your High Heart and the Light is the new “grounding” method. It is sitting in, functioning from your HighHeart Center in the Light and BEING from this new level, dimension and awareness. You being the Light in your ascended/evolved High Heart is how we now “ground”.

The why of all this and so much more is because of what’s happening right now today, tomorrow, the next day, and so on through 12-21-12. The multiple dimensions and beings that exist within them and/or those that had been hijacked and held prisoner by Team Dark and used to feed/fuel off of could not remain in that frequency range and space because of the approaching Cosmic, Galactic Center, Sun and Earth conjunctions or alignments and direct sight line and downloads from Source/God that these alignments naturally produce at the Expiration Date of an entire grand Evolutionary Cycle. It’s all been prep work for what’s unfolding this week.

When in doubt or confusion just ground into the Light that radiates from your HighHeart Center. Well done everyone and USE this week as best and as high as you’re currently capable of.

Denise Le Fay

December 18, 2012


Copyright © Denise Le Fay & TRANSITIONS & HighHeartLife, 2012. All Rights Reserved. 

18 thoughts on ““Grounding” into the LIGHT

  • Denise,
    I feel so much gratitude towards You ! your work and easiness to “report” on what you see, what you experience has help me – deeply. From my higher Heart: Thank you 🙂

  • Denise & All,

    Thanks, Denise, for this post about grounding into the Light. My intuition has instructed me for a few weeks now to visualize the Light coming through my crown chakra and flowing out through my Higher heart.

    I see a circle of people joined through the Heart, holding hands as we encompass the earth (the new crystalline grid). It’s all very bright. We are creating the New Earth.

    And as we feel the Love, we radiate it wherever we go.

    About the clearing of dimensions 1D through 4D mentioned in the article, I feel a great relief that this has been accomplished. Finally. With all this clearing, I sense my role here is DONE. Not coincidentally, people in my life whom I haven’t seen for awhile are arranging to see me before the 21st… I know it’s goodbye.

    To all here, and to Denise for her amazing support and sharing during this transition, thanks for your presence and helping us make the shift. We’re doing this together and even if you don’t know why you are where you are, the process is Divinely orchestrated. Let’s all open to the Love within, which is Who We Are.

    Blessings to all,


  • Dear Denise, I wish to thank you from my higher heart to your higher heart for all the time energy and love you put in to sharing this wonderful information. I am very grateful.
    Much love and rainbow light.
    Shelly 🙂

  • Hello family,
    I had to note something that happened to me Monday afternoon. I think most of us have experienced the ear tones. This time was soooooo different. I felt it come in my left ear and out my right. Kind of a pressure like going up a mountain. The hearing in my left ear seemed to get less while the right ear turned into receiving was I can only describe a surround sound. I heard underlying sounds coming from my tv that I have never heard. When my dog walked across the wood floor it was like I could hear each pad of her foot. I thought it would pass quickly as most always these things do. But 30 minutes later when I got something from the microwave that I heated, I could hear the sizzling again in surround sound. I think it has passed now or I have just gotten used to a new way of hearing.

    I also wanted to comment on the meteor shower we had here a couple nights ago. As I was watching, all I kept thinking was “God Drops” and seeing them hitting on people and places that needed healing.

    Another intresting thing I heard that the Govenor of Conn has called for a time of prayer at 9:30am on Friday. So all over the world people will be united on this day the 21st at this time. Seems big to me. Especially since I have been hearing stories of random acts of kindness in support of what happened there because of lovong people wanting to help and not knowing what or how.

    Love and Hugs to all.

    • Dear sunny,

      I just wanted to say that I too had a similar experience… on Saturday night. My left ear all of a sudden experienced pressure/almost to the point of pain, and my hearing in that ear dropped drastically. I didn’t notice anything from the right at that time, although I did recognize what was happening was Ascension related. In a weird sort of way, it was a relief, except for the “almost pain”. My ears have always been highly sensitive (I literally can hear a pin drop), so the drop in hearing was nice for a change.

      Just wanted to let you know that I relate to what you were experiencing =)

      Love and Light,

  • Dearest Denise, Calliope,

    First off, Denise, so wonderful to receive your post today, yes, I look for you and your words of wisdom as I, like Calliope/Karin try to keep my little head above the water here on the Pacific coast. Was down in Santa Cruz this afternoon, I actually kind of felt 1995ish normal for a couple of hours!! Hallelujah.

    Short lived. Back at the farm I have my “cement blocks” on again. This grounding business is terribly challenging stuff, and being in bed, though I understand it’s a service, gets old and frustrating. I’m hoping that by the 21st things achieve some kind of equilibrium? Pls?? 😉

    Another thing I’ve noticed, when I run my hands or part of my arm under water, there seems to be a “cushion” of air there present, like carbonated soda water?! Very peculiar. It is more prevalent when the Waves are strong, less so when the Waves diminish.

    Fascinating what you mention about the inability to ground to Mother Earth 3d style right now. It is so right on. I’ve been yelling at myself to “ANCHOR, ANCHOR” and it just doesn’t work anymore.

    Does functionality play into life in the 5d+? I ask that in all earnestness as the last 6 months have been hellish in terms of “normal” anything, and I’m talking BASIC self care.

    Again, Denise, and all here, my most heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your courage and brave caring, sharing, and holding. It’s been a life~line for me.

    Many blessings,

  • Right On! Been GUIDED to GROUND into the vastness of my Spirit now (from the Omega Chakra below the feet) through the High Heart, and to send 12 stabilizing cords into the 12 planes of physical life (from the Omega Chakra below the feet) to help stabilize Mother Earth.

  • Hello Denise and thank you for your wounderful message! Its great to know we have been making progress.
    I do though have one question, as I see Im probably not as up to speed on how to ground from the high heart into the light. I guess I need a bit of a visual to be able to better understand this, and would very much appreciate it if you could help me with this.

    thank you! onward and upward!


    • Hi Cherie,

      I think I was the person who wrote in having grounding difficulties awhile back when Denise first gave us more detailed info, but what I do is I go into –bring my awareness into–my high heart (thymus area) and then I breathe in the light and love into my high heart and then I feel expanded in that area as I exhale, and then it runs like a circuit of light and that makes me feel very grounded. I can do it walking outside or anywhere I’m flaking out 🙂 I also imagine the Earth’s high heart in the light and ground my high heart to hers. This feels very special like I am fully inside her light.

      hope this helps

      • Hello Morphqueen! and thank you for explaining this to me!

        I will give it a try. At the moment I ground into the platinum core of the earth then draw up green loving energies of mother earth up into my feet and then into each of my chakras up to the 14 and including the high heart. Then I bring my grounding cord up through my chakra column up to the central sun (diamond white sun in the centre of the milkyway galaxy) and then draw down into my being diamond and golden ray frequencies. I have been recently guided to do it that way but now I will try the grounding of the high heart. So thank you and Merry Christ-mas to you!


  • I have been keeping this in mind since reading about it here sometime ago (when?)…been practicing grounding into my high heart. Some days it is strong, others not as much.
    I have been in bed all day today! I can hardly work.

    I do have a question that has been burning me. What time will 11:11 be this Friday for Pacific time? 3:11am? That is per the time calculator. Does it matter? I just feel like we need to be at full attention during that specific time. Do you have any guidance regarding this?

  • Thanks once again, Denise, for giving this wonderful explanation. I feel blessed that my workload this week has been extra light and that today (being the 19th here Downunder) I can just be at home in my safe space.
    We are certainly completing and transmuting and, even thru the extra aches and pains, I find a JOY that is SO HUGE – my heart expands to encompass it. The feeling is of supreme love which I know is radiating outwards.
    So, my next vision is of us all achieving the high heart feeling and reaching outwards so that we can ‘touch finger tips’ and shroud this awesome planet with our loving vibration.
    Love and hugs to you and this great community team. LINDA

    • Dear Linda,

      I LOVE your comment about reaching outwards so we can touch finger tips! That’s such a wonderfully beautiful visual!

      My High Heart has just been bursting at the seams with Joy, Love, and Light everyday. My vision is on the edges of physically seeing energy. And I can see and hear the Cosmic Stream of Pure Undiluted Energy that Denise referred to in a previous article. I can see it closer with each passing day.

      And (yet again) many thanks to Denise for introducing me to “Cosmic Awareness”. I have found another “soft place to land” through this journey. It has confirmed for me (and completely validated) my perspective and experience with what happened on Friday. I learned about it (the shooting) from a woman who drove me home from PT. The whole time she spoke with heaviness and anger and shock, I was bursting with Joy, Love, and Light in my High Heart. In my brain, there were questions as to why, and I knew I was not apathetic. I then was able to sense and recognize that this woman was acting within polarity, engaging in it, and so I sent her (non-judgey) Light, sent Love and Compassion to the survivors, and I knew that the ones who had passed were whole in Spirit and did not worry about them… they were safe in Light. I did not get “knocked off my center” and was able to come to this conclusion on my own… it was wonderful though to have validation from at least two sources that this is what “calm in the storm” means. And every time I get a new email about this, I delete it, and redirect Love and Light to those who need it.

      I’m bursting to encircle the Earth with this Love and this Light that is just bursting to be set free.

      Love and Light to you All,

  • Hi Denise. I just sit in awe when I read these updates and I sure appreciate them and the work you do. I am certain I could NOT witness what you witness and retain my sanity. I just “feel” energies moving into and/or out of me. I do trust grounding into the Light. Today I am sitting around just fatigued. I read the Hathors take on this thru Tom Kenyon regarding what we can do thru the solstice. I must tell u that the AETHOS for me has been spectacular! I was not ready for it when first introduced, but the next time the Hathors brought it up I immdiately felt listening was something I MUST DO. Also my life has continuously improved so long as I face reality and work with what is in front of me that needs attention. Lot’s of weight loss too 🙂 Am already looking forward to what you will share after the solstice 🙂 Thank you so very much for your sharing and ALL the details.

  • Oh, wow, as someone so delightfully expressed here a little while ago. Your post, Denise, equals MIND/HEART ASPLODY! Like the hawks, I’m flying!! Love, B.

    • Oh man, I’d forgotten about wonderful “asplody”! Whoever created the word “asplody” is my bestest ♥ buddy! 😆 I just adore that wonderfully expressive word. Thanks Barbara. ♥


  • Thank you for posting today, Denise. It’s been an answer to a call I put out, as the energies are so very powerful these past few days — I have been hit with waves to transmute — and I have needed some more understanding and encouragement. Some of it is mine, some of it is the collective grief and sorrow and anger from events last week, some of it is still the pains and traumas of a past, as viewed from a linear perspective.

    I just know it hits me in waves, and like waves of grief, all I can do is have them wash over me and try to keep my “head above water” and breathing while the sorrow and anger and pain gets transformed within me.

    I was just commenting on a post by Laura Bruno about this, too, and I wrote the following: “I am having to just ride the grieving out, let it flow through me, release it, and then go and calm down with something silly on YouTube or a snack, or closing my eyes for a while. It’s really not conducive to “getting things done” in 3D, and my ego has me distressed about this. But the rest of me, the better parts of me, keep saying, “You are doing incredible work just by being huddled up in your bed, waiting for the cork to pop on these galactic energies.””

    It’s really tiring right now, and I truly hope that what is coming on Friday will be a clear loosening so that it makes it possible to move forward. I feel pinned like that hanged man in Tarot right now, and I am ready to get a “move on” in a POSITIVE direction, a direction that was shown to me many years ago. I just want to be free to get on with it already!!

    It was not meant for me to stay like this for an indeterminate amount of time.

    When I was reading this, I actually had a vision of myself RUNNING up those stairs/steps, lol! It was as if something was chasing me up them, and I was scooting my behind up as fast as possible! I hope that this is indeed a sign of what will come at the end of the week.

    Thank you for the clear explanation of grounding through the high heart. When I envisioned this for myself, it seemed like this would be one way to help myself cope with these waves that keep pushing at and through me. I remember the picture you posted of the glowing high heart this summer, and that is a very happy picture to envision right now! Now I am also envisioning a beam of light coming into it, helping me to swim in all that is coming my way.

    Much love,

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