Back from the Underworld

800x600 lightbeing portal First I want to Thank everyone for your well-wishes and positive energies sent my way over the past very difficult thirty-some days. Gratitude hugs to each and every one of you. ❤

When this phase started for me around July 15, 2012 I perceived “Thirty days”, meaning that it would take me at least thirty days/nights of living through this latest process. My first thought was, “Oh crap! Thirty days of this level of physical pain?” But many of us have been through far worse multiple times and for much longer already, but this time was a case of me needing to physically surrender into this situation continuously which was, at times, hard for me. I was grateful to know that the intense physical pain of this particular phase of energetic Work would come to an end in about one month. It would have been extra brutal to go through not knowing this so I was grateful for that bit of insight. Having said that, I don’t need to tell you that one month of Ascension time (especially in 2012) feels the equivalent of about six months however!

From my perspective I went somewhere other than where I usually am, where I usually exist for those past thirty days hence the word Underworld in the title of this. In many ways it’s felt as if I’ve spent nearly every minute of every twenty-four hour period since about July 15, 2012 in another level of reality, like the Underworld, struggling my way through multiple layers and timelines of Collective dark density. As is the case with most Lightwarriors/Lightworkers, I was already familiar with this territory, but this 2012 trip was different. More about that in a minute.

I was also aware that this past month (from around mid July through mid August 2012) was a multi-layered event for each of us in our own unique ways. It was also an important test and message (for each of us) about the great need for each of us to become our own Teachers, Guides, Masters, sources of Higher information/Light etc.

Yes we all need to communicate and share our knowledge with interested others, plus read other Ascension Teachers writings when we individually need to, plus read like-others Ascension related writings to aid us in different ways, however, many of us have reached the point where we must become/be our own spiritual Teachers, multidimensional Guides, Masters and sources of Higher Awareness. You already know far more than you realize yet or give yourself conscious credit for and you need to realize this. I need you to realize this. You need me to realize this about myself. We all need each of us to realize this about ourselves individually now.

It’s time for those of us leading the way to wake up a bit more to who we really are and what each of us individually is actually capable of, not to mention what we’re capable of as a Group! Be brave and accept into this version of “you” and your physical body more of what you already are beyond the earthly physical level of forgetfulness and self doubts. This has nothing to do with ego, but with embodying a bit more of the Greater, Higher You into this incarnate version of “you” alive on Earth now in mid 2012.


Around July 15, 2012 I began having tremendously increased physical pain in certain upper body areas that progressed all week, and by July 20th, had become so severe that I couldn’t do much of anything but lay down and/or sleep. I couldn’t sit at the computer without being in unbearable shoulder joint pain and related muscle pain and spasms so I was forced, and I mean forced to lie down and rest and sleep while this latest phase of personal and Collective transmuting played itself out through my physical body. I can take a lot of physical pain and have over the decades, along with the Ascension pains, but this was so obviously me being temporarily removed from writing and most everything else and it was hard for me, because as an elder First Waver, I’m used to pushing long and hard to get things done in physical density. The times they are a changin’ however and so too are the ways in which we’re used to doing transmuting and other energy Work.

Even though I wrote about my seeing/perceiving this latest massive planetary energy blast happening at a very physical level, I was not ready for how painful it would be to my physical body.

This however is often the case with these sorts of unusually intense Ascension related transitions; I perceive/see it before it arrives yet don’t always perceive all the details about what I’ve seen/perceived at higher levels of awareness. When necessary my Higher Self withholds certain information and conscious understandings from this aspect of “me” so that I can physically live it in my physical body without much if any foreknowledge about the finer details about what’s happening and why. Once I’ve done the physical level Alchemical Ascension related transmuting energy Work, then my Higher Self pours more information on “me” about what I just went through physically and why etc. This is done to not contaminate or distort the outcome, nor to frighten me out of doing the transformational energy Work by knowing ahead of time how painful and miserable it’s actually going to be doing it in and through my physical body. But, that is exactly what needs to happen; transmuting density in and through one’s physical body so the density is returned to a neutral state energetically, plus the physical body (mine, yours) is further altered via having done the energetic Alchemical Work IN it. It’s a win-win both individually and Collectively but is often very painful physically and emotionally for those of us doing this Work for the Collective.

The big difference for me with this July 15th–August 15, 2012 transmuting energy Work in comparison to earlier years/decades of doing the same Work was that the majority of it happened this time while I was awake. Ouch! In years and decades past I typically did these types of extreme dark density transmuting of other people’s horrible actions and reactions while I was asleep and out of my physical body. The reasons for this was because much more could be transmuted much faster and with less trauma and pain to the transmutor’s physical body and emotional self because they were doing the energy Work while in a higher frequency dimension using a higher frequency body. [For more information see A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution]

But, after clairvoyantly seeing what I did and wrote about in the July 17, 2012 article (link above), it was made very clear that we’ve entered the intense stage and time where this Ascension Process is a fully physical event within the physical dimension. (Everything starts in higher dimensions and frequencies first and over time eventually reaches the physical dimension fully.)

Because of this, many of us who are Transmutors of Density/Duality and simultaneous Embodiers of Light/Unity are doing the same old transmuting energy Work we’ve always done, but now in mid 2012, more of it is happening while we’re fully IN our physical bodies and awake instead of while asleep and out of our physical bodies. That is one of those important details my Higher Self intentionally withheld from me prior to my entry into this recent Thirty days of extremely physically painful transmuting Work. My Higher Self was wise to not tell me about this because it was right; I probably would have run screaming in the opposite direction had I known that this stage of transmuting Work would be done primarily while IN body and awake, meaning that those other dimensional buffers to soften the blows of the Work wouldn’t be available this time. Yes, right down into full physicality in all ways now.

All of this is intimately connected with what’s been happening within the Earth’s core throughout 2012 so far. What I perceived about this, after the fact thanks to my Higher Self’s withholding tactics was that, just like the past twenty-some years, to help Earth make this current 2012 very physical transition out of the old density/duality, we Transmutors of Density/Duality and Embodiers of Light/Unity would be doing more of this energy transmuting Work while IN body and awake. In other words, the Earth’s core and our physical bodies are intimately connected, especially now in the 2012 timeline, hence why many of us are currently having some old Ascension symptoms return such as sudden and intense hot flashes, full body sweating with a feeling of going into mild shock, waves of nausea, dizziness, bottoms of feet hot, plus more severe physical pains throughout the body.

To help Earth and all life on Her now, we’re transmuting more aspects of the human Collective density—aka negativity, darkness, violence, wars, murder, bloodshed, insanity etc.—during 2012 because of this Process reaching full physicality, through our physical bodies while awake. We’ve been doing this—very intensely since July 2012—to help Earth during this profound 2012 transition phase so that there’s as few as possible “Earth Changes” around the world.

When you and I do this type of IN Body energy transmuting Work now, the less physical earthquakes there will be in this timeline; the less flooding there will be; the less volcanic activity there will be; the less severe weather abnormalities, storms, hurricanes and tornadoes there will be and so on. We’re not making them all go away but we are greatly reducing the number and intensity of them worldwide. Know that as you and your body recuperate from this latest phase of Work.


The first week of this escalating physical pain in July I experienced I thought was all mine or all me. However, thankfully I clairvoyantly saw numerous images from WWI of soldiers in pain in the battlefields, mutilated by war, dying and/or dead in both the physical and astral realms. Even though these visions were horrible and repulsive, I was grateful to have seen them because they let me know that the severe physical pain my body was experiencing was NOT all me or all mine and that I was, once again, soul-deep in Transmutor Mode. Those images informed me that I was transmuting certain residual energy density chunks from the physical horrors, pain, suffering, fear, hatred, prejudices, violence, body mutilations and deaths of WWI. Also, plenty of WWI residual energy density chunks stored in the astral as negative war zone battlefield blood lust, vampirism, vitality theft, emotional parasitism, multidimensional trauma and pain etc.

Business as usual in other words, except this phase of transmuting was so intimate in its physical severity that it was first perceived by me as all me or all mine and it was not at all. This is something we’re needing to discern as best we can now in 2012; what’s yours and what’s not yours and to remain as neutral to it all as you possibly can despite the severe pain you feel. Most of us have already transmuted the bulk of our own residual inner stuff and no longer have really big, hot, juicy unpleasant personal residual issues we need to transmute. But there is still plenty of Collective residual stuff, so to help reduce the stress and strain of those dense human (and Team Dark) generated energies on planet Earth and Earth’s core, many of us have again been transmuting what we can of the Collective so Earth doesn’t shake n’ quake as severely as She would if we did not do this type of Work.


I thought these two anomalies I and my Mom and cat experienced over the past thirty days were interesting enough to share. Again, there was a level of physicality to them that I’ve not experienced before which I find interesting in combination with everything else that’s been happening lately.

The first anomaly happened about three weeks ago during the early afternoon. I was in the kitchen and the cat was on the counter yelling at me for food, because to him, that’s the only reason I’m in the kitchen in the first place; to cook his grand furry Highness some tasty human food. My Mom was seated nearby so she heard, felt, and tracked this anomaly sound and energy at the same time too.

All three of us heard a loud physical sound hit the side of our house outside and immediately pass through that wall at a diagonal, then quickly hit and pass through another inner wall and closet area right next to us which created another sound we all heard, and continued to track this unseen thing creating these sounds as “it” exited through a wall in the front of the house. What I found interesting about this particular anomaly was that there was an animal and another human that perceived it too. I’m used to seeing and hearing these sorts of nonphysical things, beings and anomalies while alone so it’s always fun for me when someone else experiences them too so we can compare what we each heard, saw, felt etc.

In this case I glanced at the cat as “it”, whatever it was, was moving through our house. The cat visually tracked it in the same places and direction that I and my Mom perceived it. As this was happening I immediately went into discernment mode to read if it was a Negative, a living human, a dead human, an ET or…whatever. It didn’t feel negative to me nor did it have much of a personality which told me it was probably something that had been more focused but was now literally on the run trying to find some safe place to hide…which means it was probably some minor Negative something on the run.

Over the past few years I’ve heard, felt, and seen many of these chunks of negative energies/beings on the run like this. It’s great actually seeing that they’re being unearthed, transmuted and removed from their old hiding holes in this and the astral realms.

The second anomaly was much like the first one but it happened in my bedroom in the evening while I was alone. Like the other, “it” came in through a wall and quickly rolled around my room bumping and banging briefly and then I sent it on its way by radiating Light at it. It looked much like a transparent heat mirage in that it was just a chunk or ball of energy rolling around. (These are SO much easier and faster to deal with than their predecessors; those big black, super nasty and super dense Negatives that used to be very common a few years ago.) These sorts of nonphysical trespass happenings remind me to constantly keep my space protected and cleared because all manner of crap has and still is rolling around, on the run looking for any Dark hiding spot to latch onto again. This has become a daily necessity, like brushing my teeth, and part of me resents having to do it but, like it or not, doing so simply goes with the Work we do. Light in, crap out!

Hang in there everyone and thanks again.

Denise Le Fay

August 16, 2012

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