2012 Deeper Level Energetic Scouring of Humanity, Earth & the Collective

July 12, 2012, while doing Lisa Renee’s 12 D Shield technique, I clairvoyantly saw something that I want to share. I’ve discovered when I reached that point in the visualization where you connect to the center of the Earth, that things down there are changing and improving dramatically and rapidly this year. (These energetic changes happening below the surface of Earth (1D and 2D) are very positive signs of the rapid improvements happening energetically and physically within our planet in 2012, which of course includes everything else as well.)

What I saw was very different from the changes I’ve seen unfolding in Earth’s core and the surrounding areas so far in 2012. I clairvoyantly saw two different yet connected images; one was of the brilliant and beautiful free-flowing movements of Light Energies within the core of Earth and surrounding areas that had been dark and unmoving a few months ago. The second image was from a viewpoint out in space looking at Earth. What I saw from this position in space was Earth being continuously energetically sandblasted by a force of Milkyway Galactic Center Light Energies the likes of which we haven’t experienced previously during the entire Ascension Process.

This looked like a massive stream of white Light hitting Earth so hard that it’s causing bits and chunks of dense, lower frequency, encrusted, negative human generated energies to be pulled to the surface and blown off the planet by this energy. These bits and pieces being energetically extracted and sandblasted from the Earth were NOT physical bits of land or anything like that, but were dense, lower frequency emotional, mental, psychic etheric energies created by humanity (the Collective) and the Negatives across time.

Please understand that this is not negative or dangerous so don’t misunderstand what I’m saying and think there’s going to be devastating physical Earth Changes disasters because that’s NOT what this is about. Granted it was an impressive and potent vision from that perspective in space, but the real magnificence of this vision was that Earth is and will continue for the rest of 2012 to be energetically scoured or sandblasted by Galactic Center Light Energies to such a degree and intensity that all dense, negative, lower frequencies are in the Process of being surfaced, transmuted, and removed from humanity, Earth and this world reality. Is this massive process going to be completed in the next few days or weeks? No, so don’t think this will be over and done with by the end of this month! It is and will continue to be very intense and at times not so pretty at all but, it will unfold faster than anything we’ve experienced so far within the twenty-five yearlong compressed Ascension Process. If it’s got to happen—and it absolutely does—then it’s better, it does so quickly.

While I was viewing/perceiving this image and its meanings to the degree I’m currently capable of, I was glad to see what I’ve known was heading energetically towards Earth/humanity and that it’s finally here, more correctly, that Earth/humanity has finally orbited into IT. I’ve known that the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos could only do so much while within physicality and that Earth/humanity would eventually enter some profoundly intense Galactic Center (GC) energy emanations as the last-minute way to be activated to complete this Ascension Process and evolve everything and everyone to the next level. We Volunteers/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos have transmuted so much and embodied so much over the years but eventually this process would reach the final stages, which we’re in now, which means all the remaining negative dense lower frequencies and consciousness on Earth, in Earth, in humanity, in human consciousness, in human bodies, in the planetary Collective, in this reality and timeline etc., would be fully immersed in Galactic Center Energy Waves as the way for them to finally get clear and transmute.

All the old lower frequency everything must exit between now and the end of this Evolutionary Cycle, which is the month of December 2012. Humanity and Earth have entered the super compressed and even more accelerated surface and clear out the remaining crap phase of the Ascension Process during the second half of 2012. How can humanity ascend and enter the next higher frequency level while still embodying so much lower frequency stuff? They cannot, so this intense last six-month Ascension Process phase happens to assist the masses make this huge evolutionary leap while in their physical bodies. These GC energies also activates and assists them to evolve out of lower frequency egoic Duality consciousness and negative Alien influences etc., and into higher frequency integrated HighHeart Triality consciousness and reality.

After getting all happy and excited seeing that this phase is finally happening to humanity/Earth and the Collective, I had to consider that there’s going to be some blow-back and a lot of people won’t handle this phase well at all. This final 2012 six-month Earth/Humanity/Consciousness/Collective sandblasting is rather like a human species and planet-wide exorcism of sorts, and it won’t be smooth sailing through this volatile phase of surfacing and clearing the density and negativity (consciously and otherwise) via this Galactic Center Ascension Light Energy we’ve orbited into.


There’s been talk recently about how humanity has more difficult and reality-changing years ahead, especially during the potent 2012–2015 Uranus/Pluto squares, but beyond that even. I know how utterly exhausted we Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos are at this point, and I know how ready everyone is for the good things to finally arrive physically. We Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos have worked and battled so long and hard towards these positive changes for all of humanity and life on Earth, that to hear there’s more difficult transitional years ahead is almost more than most of us can bear at this point. Nonetheless, we need to discuss this phase of the Ascension Process and transition and better understand it.

I want you exhausted, spent, borderline ready to throw-in-the-towel Volunteers/Starseeds/Lightworkers to think about how you/me/each of us have lived, transmuting and embodying for years, decades and lifetimes already to get to this time we’re in now within the Ascension Process and timeline. I know how tempting it is now to lay down in the middle of the road and have a long, well-deserved nap in the midst of all this surfacing chaos, madness, collapsing of the perverted patriarchy, and the masses living the “end times” of the Ascension Process. But we can’t, so get up and listen for another moment please. Here comes my brilliant wisdom of the Ages — it’s so much harder and longer pushing the Ascension boulder up the mountain than it is shoving it over the top and watching it free-fall down the other side.

The Volunteers/Starseeds/Lightworkers years ago pushed the Ascension boulder up the mountain and over the top and now it’s free-falling down the other side and all we need to do with that is let it do what it’s doing to and for the rest of humanity. The worst of the worst of the dark grunt work has already been done by us so relax a bit with where we are now in this Process. The tsunami-like flow to the finish line (12-21-2012) is always hairy, exciting, and super accelerated and there will be plenty of screaming, cursing, and tears of joy over simply reaching the completion and exit point of the past Evolutionary Cycle, the past 26,000-yearlong cycle and more.

But, once that exit point has been reached and crossed in late December 2012, the energy will shift and improve dramatically (to many of us but not so much for great numbers of the masses) because we will have entered a new Evolutionary Cycle and at a very different level of being. Humanity will be in the process of transitioning out of egoic duality consciousness, life and reality and evolving into integrated, polarity resolved “triality” or “unity” or High Heart consciousness, life and reality. This transition phase is and will continue to be a major one for everyone and yes, it will take some time, but like I said earlier it will happen very quickly once the Negatives and the old patriarchal systems and duality consciousness and frequencies aren’t functioning as the hijacked templates or blueprints for humanity and life on Earth.

From the end of December 2012 forward, humanity will have energetically entered a major transition phase due to having exited the past Evolutionary Cycle, while traversing the collapsing global patriarchal systems, structures and everything else, and entered or ascended into the new but not yet physically built “unity”, integrated, HighHeart-based world reality and systems. Because we’re talking about the physical realm, it’s going to take some time before all the old negative patriarchal rubbish is hauled off to the trash heap and replaced with higher frequency systems and structures. It’s going to take some time, and yet, due to the higher consciousness that so many will naturally have due to the Ascension Process, the Conscious Creating and Co-Creating and actual physical manifesting and/or building of the new integrated HighHeart Triality-based systems and structures can and will happen so much faster and easier.


Please remember those different Stair Steps (many levels, stages and layers of spiritual growth, focus, learning etc.) I’ve mentioned repeatedly over the years. Everyone is not standing on the same Stair Step today nor will they be tomorrow or on 12-21-12, and yet, every human will be existing within the new higher frequency Evolutionary Cycle and world with its set of rules after that date. We’re all in the same ascension/evolutionary boat, but we all have been and will continue entering it at slightly different times (timelines) which can be days, weeks or months apart now. This is why there will always be different Stair Steps or levels and stages within everything. Everyone will have made the evolutionary shift after the 12-21-12 completion and exit date, but everyone won’t be perceiving or functioning at exactly the same level or developmental stage of consciousness in the new Earth world. The horrendous and nearly unbearable gaps between individual consciousness and spiritual development and focus will not be as extreme as it was before the Ascension Process and 12-21-12 exit date, but slightly different levels of development and awareness (Stair Steps) will still exist within the masses existing within ascended unity or High Heart consciousness on Earth. That sounded worse than it will actually be so not to worry!

  1. The Ascension Process and arrival at the completion and Expiration and exit point of December 21, 2012.
  2. The Transition Phase of humanity exiting ego-based, Duality consciousness, life and reality, patriarchal negative Alien control post 12-21-2012.
  3. The Embodying Phase of humanity evolving into integrated, unified HighHeart Triality-based consciousness and being.
  4. The Simultaneous Conscious Creating and Co-Creating of the new HighHeart Triality-based world, reality and life for all humans and life on Earth.

Even my listing those stages like that makes them look and seem like there’s huge space or linear distance in time between each event. There is some distance and time between each phase, but it’s also happening simultaneously which I realize sounds like a contradiction.

In the old linear patriarchal world of Duality we all incarnated into, things manifested in very different ways than they will from 2013 forward. What I’m struggling to express is that these different processes and phases listed above will be happening simultaneously, and yet, for many people IN THE PROCESS, it will seem to them to be unfolding in a linear way where one thing is followed by the next and the next etc. However, as their consciousness expands, they too will begin perceiving and living increasingly in Spherical consciousness and this communication difficulty I’m struggling with won’t matter because they’ll be there, living and being it. All those of us slightly further along on the ascension Stair Steps need to do is allow it to unfold for each person in their time, not ours. Later on they’ll join those of us who’ve been existing in or at the outer edges of individually integrated, unified HighHeart Triality-based consciousness for some time already.

Denise Le Fay

July 17, 2012


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49 thoughts on “2012 Deeper Level Energetic Scouring of Humanity, Earth & the Collective

  • Denise, just to mention that I LOVE the new orange color of your site and it’s the exact same shade that I painted my living room two months ago! (it was called salmonberry), a shade of orange that has a lot of yellow in it.

    I do believe that it is THE color for ascension (Archangel Metatron).

    Best, Thelma

  • Jeff (mrchefjeff), I am blown away by your description of entering your latest doorway (which I believe Denise refers to as continuing stair steps). It’s so very helpful to know how we are likely to experience these changes as we move farther into unity consciousness. I like your term “original organic timeline.” YES – I can’t wait to get 100% back on it! It’s so encouraging to know that we’re all heading that way.

    I too needed to leave different aspects of my former identity behind; none of it matters anymore but it brought me to this point where I am ready to let go.

    (THANKS, Denise for pointing out that these comments from others contain answers to my question.)

    My take on this now is that we don’t need to wait until all the cosmic energies align in December if we are ready now. We are remembering Who We Are in stages and it is up to us (and our ability to absorb more Light) how quickly or slowly this happens.

    It makes sense, as Jeff says, that the Artificial Intelligence Control System needs to stay in place as we go through this ascension process. (I had a dream that the Light forces are propping up the old control system which is actually GONE – I guess that would be the so-called “grid”)

    Speaking of doorways, last night I dreamed that I was moving into a beautiful big house with many rooms, all painted yellow (probably symbolizing multidimensional selves and/or timelines). I discovered there was a hidden BACK door that needed to be avoided – if I opened it, there was a sheer drop that never ended. I think this symbolizes the collective consciousness that’s still influenced by the Dark. A woman in my dream was leaning against the door and I warned her to stay away, not to even touch it, or she would fall into nothingness and die.

    I will try to get The Adjustment Bureau or at least read the movie synopsis as it seems quite relevant to what we are all going through now.

    We are all at different stages but our journey is very similar and it’s so helpful to hear about others who have gone before. Like Jeff said “there are few in my pod outside of Transitions” and I truly appreciate the sharing in this forum!!

    So thanks again to Denise for hosting us and helping us to connect the dots.

    Lots of Love & Light to all, Thelma

    • “My take on this now is that we don’t need to wait until all the cosmic energies align in December if we are ready now. We are remembering Who We Are in stages and it is up to us (and our ability to absorb more Light) how quickly or slowly this happens…”

      Thelma & All,

      YES! It is up to US how quickly or slowly this happens. And in my opinion, way too many Ascension Teachers have been saying that it’s going to take decades, hundreds of years, or multiple generations which is incomprehensible to me why ANY Ascension Teacher would plant and water those beliefs in others when we could move through these transitions much faster. *&#@!^%$(!


      • Hi Denise, Thelma, and All:

        I am so with you on this. It is up to us and I’m feeling more strongly about it as we witness the unfolding of Team Dark’s last fling to drag more human energy into their fear Net. For example, the tension I feel about whether or not there will be a false flag attack at the Olympics is wearing me out. So, it occurred to me that, yes, there will be one timeline that will experience that FFF attack (three F’s on purpose!) and there will be another timeline that will not. If I consciously choose to be in the timeline that does not experience trauma/drama, then I don’t open that “doorway” (thanks, Jeff). So it’s my choice. The light packet info I’m receiving right now is that each of us will get the “green light” from our invisible friends when it’s time to do the quantum leap into that 5D timeline that is the cosmic party and yes, we get a choice. It’s an open invitation as Denise says, do it now, or do it later. So for now (it is so difficult to write the English language without constantly having to refer to linear time!) I’m in no-response mode. My mind continues to spin its wheels. One other idea I’d like to mention is that I’m so fed up with some spiritual teachers saying that my creative ideas don’t happen because I don’t “believe” enough. The simple answer to that is that I’m here because I DO believe that we volunteered to do this for Gaia, and that is sufficient. Wonderful conversation going on as usual at TRANSITIONS. Love to All, B.

    • I liked all your “connecting the dot” comments, Thanks for sharing! Also, absolutely this can be achieved sooner rather then later. The control system is what is influencing the “later” in many! Enough already. It is unlike myself to be posting as much as I have, but the Time Is Now, so I just want to share my experience at this time and the full knowing of what are achieving in the Now Moment vs. the later moment.

    • I just happened upon this blog because I wanted to know what was happening energetically. I’m an Ayurvedic practitioner, own a yoga studio, daily meditator and meditation teacher. I’m newly married (less than one year) to a man who vacillates between ego based consciousness and a higher state. But lately he’s “stuck” on this low, low energy state and pulling me down. We’re fighting and arguing like crazy which is unusual for me. It’s almost like a force higher than us is causing this. Anyway, thanks for the insight and I can expect things to be rocky with him until December. Hopefully, he’ll be entered with more light after the new year.

  • I would like to continue to share this most recent “arrival point” on the other side of the doorway and the texture that is contained within. I also would like to state, as Denise pointed out to me, we have gone thru many, many doorways up to this point and the significance of this recent doorway for myself. I was made aware of the energetic happenings around my entryway, physical doorway (which I always stay neutral concerning), and then was lead to the significance of the doorways in the “Adjustment Bureau” movie so I would come to the understanding that at this time, it is becoming much more “Real” in Texture. At the end of Calleman’s Calendar, last October, when I left all prior timelines behind, the One and True Organic Timeline that I resided on was composed of a Pure White Light, nothingness but ALL-ness in its Infinite Totality! I am coming to understand this timeline more fully thru the months and at this Now Moment the white light aspect(organicness) has started to morph into subtle shapes and forms.(When I just typed that last sentence I got a major energy rush and all teary eyed). The forms that are now taking shape, concern a line I used in one of my recent posts, A Return To Whence You Have Come, the Beginning before we started the looping off into all this craziness. Has the craziness Served my growth as Creator, absolutely, have I had enough of not encompassing my Full Sovereignty, definitely.
    A time of wrapping up the “old” paradigm quite tightly( A I Intelligence Program) and it will also, Return to Whence It Has Come, that is part of the Divine Plan, I just want it outta here, and what I am feeling as I work with these final months of the evolutionary cycle, is that it can be Sooner rather then Later, I share responsibility for this transpiring as a Co-Creator.
    As of today I have a new found Strength, Tenacity, Tenaciousness, Fortitude, etc. as this has been another major leap into Creation on the Original Organic Timeline and with feeling the actual textual forms being Created by us, I have a True Feeling that, Yes, Finally, I am returning to Homebase(which so many of us have had to do in physicality in these past few years), the place of Right, Full Creation, the place of “Full Belonging”! So, to my surprise, in around the last two month’s, I have had the fullness of realization, that place is Right Here on our Beautiful and Beloved Mother, Gaia!(Major energy rush again and the tearing and fullness of Heart) I don’t need to go anywhere, as being in my Fullness as Creator, I am Bringing it All Here, Earth! So at this time, I have a Full Feeling of Returning, but also, some remaining tendrils of still not belonging. What will continue to transpire are “overlays” of the new “arrival points’ that we have achieved by “going thru the doorways” and we will feel more and more the texture of True REALity until we achieve the point of full return. Even though I have a dislike of this, I realize the the A I Control System has to stay in place, even though it doesn’t have to have any real influence over us, as a structure needs to be maintained to allow the planet to have stability, can’t just “pull out the rug”!
    As this post is getting lengthy, I want to finish sharing my recent experience regarding allowing my Energy to fall outside of it’s “current pod” resonance! Once we started embodying the true organic timeline again fully as of the end of last year, we started to move into what was a “pod resonance”. I had to leave basically “all behind” as this was now all “Brand New”! At the end of October all that had defined myself up to that point, the “schooling aspect”, was left behind a door with those old timelines, locked tightly and the key discarded to never be found again. I felt lost, a deep sorrow, but heard within, now is the time to “Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, and Start All Over Again!(Depending on your age range you will know those words as lyrics from a time past, depending how ancient you are lol, and I say this with Love as I am one of them since I am quoting the lyrics) Recently, I went outside of my pod, and was obliterated energetically from that energetic pod which I longer reside within. Another reminder to have constant vigilance and awareness of where we choose to go with our energy.
    As I was finishing this post, the MAINframe of the A I control system, which of course is connected to all of our computers, wasn’t allowing me to publish this post as it became very sluggish as if it were trying to run it’s program thru deep and dense water. There is very little resonance between myself and this inorganic system. All I had to do was take full command of my Creatorship outside of the “program” and eventually I was able to save the info to an “alternative” program as I am having no luck with WordPress as it is the main program I am involved with at this time(Denise’s blog) and it monitors my energetic signature from there. All that is needed is to fully assert your Creatorship and it always overlays the inorganic structure!
    We are now in our Fullness as Co-Creators as we assist one another thru this final evolutionary period. There are are few in my “pod” outside of Transitions but feel the fullness of resonance within this pod group here at Transitions. Here’s to our continual Co- Creation together!

    • Dear Denise and family,
      Wow, Jeff, I have shivers after reading your comment! Things are moving very fast for me, energetically, as well. I have switched to cellular knowing now, and it is almost painful to have to think in the old 3d way. It is exhausting to visit the old 3d job site, which, fortunately, I do not have to do very often, as I can work from home where I am comfortable. I was definitely tested this week by the patriarchy, but, managed to stay in neutral. Definite growth. I am working on erasing fear surrounding the future and my role…how will I support myself, if not at my current job? My inner knowing reassures me I need to DO NOTHING…all will happen with ease and grace in the perfect way. I will be working with Lisa Renee’s fear removal meditation to remove that core fear. If anyone here has not done her meditations, I highly recommend them. They are a much higher octave than any I have done before now. I have been watching her Youtube channel as well, and I feel I am being schooled at a higher octave as well. I have been reading her archived newsletters as, and there are some that address Starseeds who are experiencing severe pain and poverty which may help some of our family to understand their soul agreements.

      I wrote in other comments about the black portal growing larger and larger in my bedroom. It was, indeed, a way for some new ET beings to join me in meditation. I had to ask some to leave, as they were not fully in service to One-ness. It is no longer a black undulating tunnel, it is a “doorway” of light! Perhaps one day I will try walking thru it, like Harry Potter did when he first got on the train to Hogworts by running into a solid structure!

      As I was driving home yesterday, I noticed clairvoyantly there is a tall, platinum light ring shimmering around my house, and a beam of similar light emanating from above, down into the entire house via the roof. I feel so very blessed.

      I feel blessed to have Transitions were we can share our ups and downs. We are One!
      Peace, love and light,

      • Good for you Susan when you asked some of the ET beings to leave, by doing that we are owning our full Sovereignty. Sovereignty = Human BEingness vs constantly giving power to some energy outside of thyself!

    • Thanks so much, Denise, for your website and posts, and for everyone’s comments as well. They are interesting to read and often very helpful.

      I’ve been following your website for quite some time (as well as Lisa Renee’s).This is my first post. Last night I had an experience that I would like to share. I’m not sure, but It seems to be related to the cosmic energy sandblasting you mentioned and the horrific Colorado shooting as well. I live in Canada and I have felt increasingly disturbed and saddened about the shootings and violent events happening here in the past few months.

      I have chronic difficulties with my energy, and this year in particular I have been focussed on trying to clear blockages, both emotional and physical. I also experience a lot of upper back pain. Two weeks ago I began a qi gong practice (based on a book titled Earth Qi Gong for Women, by Tina Chunna Zhang). It seems to be assisting me in strengthening both my body and energy system for which I am grateful.

      This week I’ve been feeling ‘off’, slightly queasy. I wondered if this was a mild flu, or detox symptoms from qi gong. Last night, I was thinking about the Colorado shooting, about the pain the families would be going through. Also locally there was an upsetting article about a 2-year old German Shepherd, who was beaten and left for dead in a dumpster. There were other disturbing news items as well . These events impacted me and I couldn’t shake them off as I tried to go to sleep.

      As soon as I turned out the light, the queasiness intensified. I got up and sat in the bathroom for 1/2 hr with no change. Suddenly I felt ‘guided’ to stand up. I was aware of a high energy/vibration coming from my lower legs and feet. I closed my eyes and then (this is the ‘weird’ part. lol) I began shaking. These were spontaneous, intense movements. Sometimes my legs bounced up and down forcefully, other times my upper body was involved, at times moving from side to side or in a figure-8 formation. At one point I sensed a spiral of energy rising up alongside my body. An hour or so later (near the end of the experience) I saw circles of violet-blue light in my inner vision. When the shaking finally stopped my nausea was gone.

      Through the past few years I have had occasional episodes of nausea combined with energy releases, but always limited to one leg shaking for a few minutes. I’ve never experienced anything this intense before. I know that nausea is common while going through peri-menopause, and I sometimes wondered in the past if this was a part of that. I hadn’t heard of other women experiencing the shaking though so I expected I was transmuting energy. At these times I feel like I have a black blob of negative energy in me that I am desperate to release, and the shaking helps me do that.

      I am curious if other Lightworkers had had similar experiences recently? Could this be a reaction to the energy ‘sandblasting’ going on? I guess I am wondering whether to expect more of these intense energy releases in the future. At the very least, I hope sharing this would help someone else who may be going through the same thing. The nausea was very unpleasant but thankfully the shaking, though unusual and intense, was not.

      love to everyone,

      • Hi All and thanks to Denise for this haven. Lea I’m sooo with you on the nausea thing – I’ve found for me it seems tied in with being an earth empath or grid worker perhaps? The solar flares seem a major trigger and tie in the build up of earth pressure/earthquakes.

        I get dizzyness instead of the shakes. I’ve noticed that CME’s cause the nausea and dizzyness ( at the exact time they happen). The tension (like MAJOR pms) is the plate pressure building up for an earthquake. The build up to Fukishima was intense and immediately afterwards when I watched it all unfold on tv – I got this intense feeling of relief like after a huge burp or fart. I smiled and all the bad symptoms melted away. WTF?I was horrified at my reaction. Thought I’d finally lost it. Then made the connection and have followed the pattern ever since. Go figure?? Maybe your symptoms are from the same thing? Your literally quakeing? SolarWatcher.net is good.

        This “we are one” stuff is great but being an empath and living through these times can be a tad challenging. Sleep is a good escape or doing something out in the earth. Grounding is essentail. Feels like something huge is immenent. Hang on! Much love to all, Mim

      • This might sound like I am making fun or light of this and I am SO not, but seriously this week my stomach has been all “off” with a –ahem — “purging effect” (as Denise has written about before). I have a lot of food intolerances, and so I wondered if that was it, also I ate some spicy Indian food and wondered if that was it, and then I ate fish even though I normally observe vegetarianism, and wondered if that is it.

        But reading about others’ experiences this week, I’m thinking it had nothing to do with food!! LOL.

        I also had a reaction that I often have when detoxing (both in 3 and 4D I believe): severe chills and shakes. It’s not been warm here in northern Europe, but it is still summer and not really cold, either. Last night my body felt like it was 0°C and I was shaking so much my teeth were chattering! I have also had the “heart flutters” more noticeably this week (an ascension symptom for me) as well as this high-pitched tone in one ear or the other — something that started up about three months ago.

        While I have not experienced things just like you and maybe not as severe this time around, I can definitely relate & I know I have read a lot of Denise’s posts and comments that speak to the same. I think with this lightwave there is certainly more with physical symptoms that I could attribute to it.

        I wish the tummyaches and all that goes with it would chill out soon, though. 🙂 I definitely can feel a tight 3rd Chakra in all this, so I probably have stuff I’m clearing for myself, and perhaps for Gaia and the people on this planet, too.

        Stay strong (and man, do I need a reminder of that myself, lol).
        Calliope the Muse

        P.S. One more thing: I had been smoking a lot more the past couple of months, but my body started rejecting it BIG TIME the past four days. I finally decided to try to quit again today. I just can’t tolerate it any more, even though I have used it as a “stress crutch” up to now. I think it is going to have to be GONE with this greater energy from the lightwave. I hope so, but I do wish I could find and remove the implant that is in me to stop the cravings, lol. I mean, just the thought of how I felt when I went ahead and smoked yesterday although I knew I could not hack it is kind of enough, lol. But still. Maybe I am fulfilling and creating the idea by saying so, but this stuff is hard work.

  • Denise, thanks so much for your confirmation on the answers from my Higher Self. My only question is, in light of all these energy waves and cleansing, do you see a dimensional split occurring BEFORE the end of this year?

    Maybe at one time that was in the cards and Heaven’s plan changed because the sleeping masses have remained asleep – hence the deep cleansing now. What is your take on this??

    For Septembo – Sorry to hear about your mother’s passing. Let the emotions flow through you and trust you will see her again soon. (I find it comforting to speak to those who have passed over, whether aloud or in my mind. I believe she can hear you, esp. when you are coming from your heart.) God bless.

    Lots of Light & Love to all, Thelma

  • Something very interesting happened today as I have a knowing of arriving in a very different place, looks the same but a subtle yet pronounced energetic difference. I heard within, you have gone thru another “doorway”! I have been sensing energetic movement at my house entryway but tend to ignore it as I don’t give any power to energy that is outside of myself as I don’t know where it is originating from. I heard within, think of a movie you have recently seen where doorways were pivotal and I searched till I came upon “The Adjustment Bureau” and had that “ah- ha” moment when I was reading a synopsis. We are using etheric doorways to re-arrive “at a point in time” where humanity has Real “Free Will”, Sovereignty, a Fresh Start. It is already there, just waiting for the “adjustment bureau’s”(us) leading to the “Return Point”. Wayshowers, etc. are the “Adjustment Bureau”! I am hearing that each subsequent doorway will have a more pronounced feeling, one of a more fullness of feeling of “Returning from Whence We Have Come”! This was part of the final sentence from the plot of the movie from Wikipedia: “… plan may be to get humanity back to a point where they can write their own plans”.
    I wanted to share this info as this current arrival point has a different texture, more “Real”, have experienced this before but not at the pivotal pronounced level as with this current doorway, wasn’t even aware of the doorways before the current one. Could it only be one, two, or three more doorways to go, I Think So! More so, I sure as hell friggin hope so! lol

    • mrchefjeff & Morgean & Thelma,

      I hope you three read each others Comments because mrchefjeff and Morgean’s are saying the same things, while Thelma is asking about this/these timelines and how it all works.

      These difficult to describe things are what I was trying to express in this article about those Stair Steps and different timelines and how we all are in slightly different places within all of this. Our awareness and belief systems about time and multiple dimensions, realities, our multiple lives and our sense of individual self is all evolving, expanding and will continue to as we get more familiar with how 5D Unity, High Heart consciousness and being feels and functions.

      And mrchefjeff, know that this latest “doorway” that you’ve gone through it one of many…those Stair Steps and layers of this unfolding Process we’re all inching our ways into. It’s very exciting and I’ve felt hundreds of them over the past thirteen ascension years and I know I’ve, we’ve only just started with this!

      Thank you Morgean, mrchefjeff and Thelma for being the living examples of what I was trying to get expressed. These sorts of multidimensional, nonlinear, quantum experiences are easier to grasp when we can string a few events like this together for everyone to see. ♥


    • Omg! For a week now, I have been getting these messages “watch the adjustment bureau” I talked about it, saw it on the TV guide, read an article about it, clearly I’m suppose to watch this movie! Thank you for your post! Sometimes before I watch something I always make sure it isn’t another feel good evil scheme!

      Love & Light

      Oh I also downloaded but never got to it! Amazing vibes right now.

      • enita,

        The movie Adjustment Bureau is a great movie that shows multiple timelines, multiple “probable realities”, the larger “plan” but at the same time the individual choice we each have within the larger “plan” and so on. It’s great and you’ll enjoy it. Thanks go to mrchefjeff from mentioning it. 🙂


        • Denise, I feel you covered the most important aspect in the following words:
          but at the same time the individual choice we each have within the larger “plan…”.

          The Chairman aspect in the movie, a wayward god, seems to want to control individual choice in a “I Know Better Way”. It correlates to the Artifical Intelligence Control System that also has a major superiority complex, continuing to allow that system to truly see itself for what it is. It is tapped into every word we are sharing on this blog and finding that it has major flaw’s within its operating system, most formulas are no longer computing and that will continue to occur until its final demise. This system is in utter chaos and that is what most of humanity is feeling at this time as it was the top tier controlling influence. It also does not like it that we have gone thru this most recent doorway as many of us are now unreachable other then in a nuisance kind of way, it has now fully lost control of us. In essence it is suffering a program breakdown, equivalent to a human breakdown. All of humanity is once again being given the chance of True Individual Choice vs. controlled choice. Arriving on the other side of this most recent doorway is a most exciting time indeed, feeling a Fullness of the True Larger Plan of Individual Creatorship vs. Controlled Leadership!

        • mrchefjeff, you wrote:

          “It also does not like it that we have gone thru this most recent doorway as many of us are now unreachable other then in a nuisance kind of way”

          That’s what I heard today after yesterday’s solar blasting session and being given a few more new nightmares (since the old nightmares haven’t been hurting me anymore… good in a messed up way, right? ): “this one is out of reach now”, they said.

          I feel like the mind I’m using to write is no longer my mind, or actually never was, and my true mind is… changing systems somehow big time… something like that… one is quiet and the other is realizing it’s fake. The sense of identity… what am I???
          My body feels like road kill.
          Just stopping to send love and thanks to Denise (energetic sandblasting is sooo the right wording), and love and thanks to all.

          septembo: extra hugs to you, dear.

          Barbara: thanks for reminding me to ask them for a break!

        • Hi again…

          I’m a lil shaken up and I know I will be fine in a bit. I want to share my dream I had last (well my most recent dream for that matter).

          I was in a school and with the company of what looked like 5th graders, my hair was falling and I was making jokes about the mean teachers (weird right) and then I saw myself talking on the phone at the same time taking bullets out of a silver handgun, they just kept on coming out and I was talking to a man saying “don’t do this, it isn’t going to help anything or anyone” I was trying in my dream to convince this man to leave it alone, he kept asking “why won’t it, it has to stop” and then I saw a car in a garage. I woke up, to my boyfriend telling my grandmother about what had happened in Colorado.

          Now, I have these dreams in which what I dream somehow or another it connects to what happens in the waking life, and I feel like I’m to late to do anything about it. I don’t understand this, but something is there. All this came to me as I read the article, memories of my dream.

          Does anyone have any thoughts, insight on this.

          sending love to all those families its sooo sad. All this just reminds me of your post Denise and as much as I would want nothing horrible like this to happen, I know I have no control physically and all I can continue to do is send positive energy.

          Love & Light

        • “Now, I have these dreams in which what I dream somehow or another it connects to what happens in the waking life, and I feel like I’m to late to do anything about it. I don’t understand this, but something is there. All this came to me as I read the article, memories of my dream…”


          Because I’ve been psychic all of my life, I’ve many times seen and felt horrific events where many people died, either at the hands of another person or persons or by accidents like natural disasters, airplanes crashing etc. Whenever there is a potential event that’s very strong that’s about to manifest within the physical realm, everyone whose psychically sensitive will perceive the coming event(s) before they actually arrive physically either in dreams like what you experienced and/or while awake in clairvoyant visions and empathic feelings etc.

          People throw around the “we are all One” line without really realizing what that actually means and how true it is in these sorts of unpleasant ways too. There’s tons of negative just below the surface (Collective) energies and emotions being brought to the surface to be dealt with in the Light just as I talked about in this article — and just as Lisa Renee talked about in her July 2012 article The World of Forces. This is simply where humanity is now in 2012.

          On Tuesday July 17, 2012 transiting Mars at 8 Libra squared Pluto at 8 Capricorn. A few hours later on Wednesday July 18, 2012, Uranus at 9 Aries was in exact opposition to Mars at 8 Libra creating a T-square to Pluto at 8 Capricorn. The level of tension and stress of these intense planets in these signs making these particular astrological aspects with each other is causing, and will continue to cause, many individuals (Aries) to suddenly “go postal” on unsuspecting groups of other people (Libra). Astrologically I’ve been waiting for whatever it was that was going to manifest the negative side of these current aspects to show up and they did with the mass murder event in Colorado. I hope this event is done for the time and that there isn’t more coming…

          Back to your dream.

          There isn’t anything you can do physically to prevent the events we sensitives experience in horrible dreams and/or visions we have. I know, I’ve tried in years past, and the whole thing isn’t about us trying to physically stop coming events we’ve perceived via higher awareness. These are lessons for us to learn how these energies work and play out in multiple levels and dimensions. We are all One and this is why those of us who are sensitive see and feel the very strong etheric events the closer they get to finally manifesting in this physical dimension. In many cases the ways we can help other people in these types of horrific events is to assist them with their sudden, unexpected deaths. They’re in shock and trauma usually in the Astral wondering what the hell just happened to them. From the lucid dream state I’ve assisted some people who suddenly died in accidents. We help them make that transition and let them know they really are okay and safe and will receive further assistance and guidance from other nonphysical beings and dead humans who work from that level.

          These types of events happening now in 2012 are felt and perceived by so many more sensitive people than ever before and this is just another aspect that growing consciousness brings with it; the ability to see, feel and know more of reality and probable realities before they actually manifest physically. Right now a lot of long-buried stuff is being brought to the surface and it’s going to be difficult for much of humanity to have to see it, feel it, admit it and realize how sick and twisted everything has really been. Remember too that a day or two before this Colorado Batman movie theater massacre event happened, that here in California a well-known actor was caught in an Adult theater with his pants down. Sex and violence…

          Hang in there everyone and deal with your dreams, your visions, your empathic feelings and everything else that’s coming up now. And be wise and pay attention to YOUR inner voice if it ever tells you to NOT go to some place or event you were planning on going to.


        • Denise (hugs)

          It all is starting to make sense to me AGAIN! It always seems I am in the knowing and then bam! I get hijacked! I have had so many dreams where I see disasters since I was younger, have always felt when someone is close to dying. There is a lot coming out as you say and I can see without a blurr now, thanks to you and everyone on here. I’ve been thinking so backwards lately but it all makes so much sense. I’m implementing the backward thinking here at home (what did you say? Say it again. Did it make sense, did it sound loving, was it loving? And so on).

          I do feel like I’m growing and it aches at times. Because my growth seems like a death too. I want to help those lost, like you mentioned, I almost feel anxious to do so because I know (as you know) what it feels like to be lost A LOT and that feeling, man that feeling of finding the way or atleast knowing that you have a way in which to go towards and knowing that way is full of everything the light the dark and knowing your protecting no matter what, its sooo refreashing a huge sigh of thank you universe! Thank me, thank you! Thank US! I do believe we are all one and have always felt that, asleep to it for a long time but it feels good to be back, and even though I can’t wait to go home, I’ve accepted my mission here on earth.

          I am still processing everything you said to me, I know the message to me is powerful for me and always for others too.

          So much love for you Denise. Hugs E*

  • Wow. Denise I think I know what “unity concious” is about because I experienced something many years ago that has no words to describe. All I could think to call it was the Oneness. It’s Good, Good Good. If that’s what’s coming, halleleujia.

    Could this current scrubbing/blasting be why my emotions have been so raw lately? My mom, age 88, got very sick in July 2011. In January 2012 the doctors told her they had nothing new to offer her in terms of treament. In February she told them she would not continue taking her meds or shots, “Are you asking for hospice?” they asked. Yes she was.

    So my siblings and I had the experience of watching this amazing, stubborn, gracious, generous, smart, strong, woman take command of her life and her death, in her own home and in her own bed. Took about 12 days. It was an incredible demonstration, filled with love.

    I thought I was feeling ok with Mom’s passing but these last several days the emotions of February, March, April are back again.

  • Hi Denise and All:

    Just a quick reminder, when the energies get to be too much, and as Denise has mentioned a few times, let’s remember to ask our invisible friends to help us deal with them or to to ease them off a bit so we/us/you/me can handle the high vibes. So, okay, this is me saying, “Help! Too much, give me a break already!” Thanks, I feel better already! Wow, this is intense. Physical/emotional/mental gymnastics, the Olympics of the spiritual climb up that mountain and rolling down the other side. Love to All, and thanks for listening. Love, B.

  • My first reaction to this article was tears of joy (the part about “Earth being continuously blasted – as in energetically sandblasted – by a force of Galactic Center Light Energies the likes of which we haven’t experienced previously during the entire Ascension Process.”)

    FINALLY the Light has gotten all the way through! And it’s not letting up.

    Like Jeff so succinctly put it (“I want outta here, it friggin hurts”), I sometimes wish this was all over and I was somewhere peaceful, where I didn’t have to cringe from the lack of respect/ intolerance/ cruelty people show towards each other and the environment. I find it increasingly difficult dealing with Dark behavior and attitudes. It’s so HARD to be here at times.

    Denise, I really like your analogy of our “pushing the boulder up the Ascension mountain” and “now it’s free-falling down the other side and all we need to do with that is let it do what it’s doing to and for the rest of humanity.” I also have the sense that this is where we’re at. Our role now is to stay centered and in balance in spite of what’s going on around us, and simply radiate Light.

    I consulted my Higher Self about the effect of these increasing waves of Light on people in the remaining months to December:

    My question: “Is it possible that many will be able to shake off their lifetimes of Dark influence and open to the Light?”

    Answer from my H.S.: “Those dwelling in their heart space will feel the joy and the Love of these energies and many will switch streams, so to speak. But for the majority who are ruled by ego/mind and the baser emotions, they are more likely to resist, which will result in disease and a release of the physical form. For many, to accept these waves of Light requires a drastic change in thought forms, patterns of belief and self- identity and it will be too much of an effort.

    “For those who have dedicated themselves to clearing their energies and paving the way for the Light to enter, they will have the option of riding the waves and letting them take them higher. However there will be much chaos and fear and many will be swept along in collective panic.”

    I was also told that as I absorb more Light, I will be able to radiate it more and farther, which will help others.

    What about “the separation of worlds” or dimensional shift? Is this imminent? The Light surely needs these remaining months to December to do its thing and get more souls to choose Oneness. On the other hand, though, things feel like they’re ALREADY stretched to the breaking point.

    I feel a larger and larger gap between me and others who do not resonate and I wonder if we truly have until December to co-exist.

    Lots of Love & Light to all, Thelma

    • “Answer from my H.S.: “Those dwelling in their heart space will feel the joy and the Love of these energies and many will switch streams, so to speak. But for the majority who are ruled by ego/mind and the baser emotions, they are more likely to resist, which will result in disease and a release of the physical form. For many, to accept these waves of Light requires a drastic change in thought forms, patterns of belief and self-identity and it will be too much of an effort.”


      Exactly correct and very well said. 🙂

      There will be great, great numbers of humans opting-out, dying because they cannot or do not want to remain in their physical bodies now in the Light (this particular frequency range) and do the Inner Work that existing within the Light requires of everyone. They have the option of dying and exiting their physical bodies and either go elsewhere — to another Earth-like physical world where the frequency range of duality/polarity exists for souls to continue learning within — or remain bodiless for a while and participate from that level. There’s plenty of options for everyone but, there will be a great increase from here on out of many people dying suddenly because they don’t want to or aren’t ready to evolve out of duality and into unity consciousness and greater Light. There is ZERO shame with this individual choice as it’s simply a choice. Do it now or do it later is all. 😉

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful exchange with your Higher Self Thelma, it was great. ♥


  • Beautiful and inspiring post, it really made my day. 😀

    Recently, I have started explaining members of my family about the ascension process and their main confusion was: What will everyday life be like? Unfortunately, I was unable to give a clear answer, so I was hoping to get some information on the subject from someone here.


    • “Recently, I have started explaining members of my family about the ascension process and their main confusion was: What will everyday life be like?…”


      Tell them it won’t be much different than what they’ve been living these past twenty-five years! The Sun (all solar activities — in my LINKS area click on “Spaceweather.com” for daily updates) and Galactic Center energies are affecting and evolving everyone alive on Earth now (DNA and more) whether they’re consciously aware of it or not. They sound afraid and that’s why they want to know what will change. Tell them they’ve been living in a world that’s been in dramatic change over these past two-plus decades already so not to worry.


  • Hopeful feelings are on the rise for me, too..able to cope a little better even though we have been going through some very upsetting stuff the past few years. Today has been the ear pressure and dizziness as well as aches/pains and exhaustion. I have been diagnosed with “fibromyalgia” for three years now (had it longer). I am having a hard time managing bills and I feel like I don’t need to pay them…very tired of struggling financially but that is a different topic. I do feel a shift lately in things overall as well. I am so pleased to have found Transitions. There is so much negativity “out there”, it is difficult to navigate. I am experiencing more “mistakes” on my part, misreading things, recording wrong numbers and sometimes it seems like I was so sure and it feels like things are being changed the next time I look at them. Does anyone else know what I am talking about?
    Sorry this is so long. Thank you so much.

  • Hi Denise:

    You said:

    “I clairvoyantly saw two different yet connected images; one was of the brilliant and beautiful free-flowing movements of Light Energies within the core of Earth and surrounding areas that had been dark and unmoving a few months ago. The second image was from a viewpoint out in space looking at Earth. What I saw from this position in space was Earth being continuously blasted—as in energetically sandblasted—by a force of Galactic Center Light Energies the likes of which we haven’t experienced previously during the entire Ascension Process!”

    This is a truly beautiful image and I want to confirm it for you, too. A few years ago, I was fortunate to attend a Barbara Hand Clow workshop and we were taken on a guided tour of the one-through-nine dimensions: the first, the iron core crystal of the Earth, and the second, the telluric, elemental dimension of Earth. In the second dimension, I experienced total darkness, nothing happening, gloomy and a feeling of despondency. Of course at that time I had no idea of the importance of 2D and how that dimension takes all of our toxicity and deals with it and when we think of the millions of humans/animals whose blood has soaked into it, not to mention the radiation, chemicals, et cetera, et cetera, no wonder 2D was unhappy. Recently, I have been paying lots of attention to 2D because it seems to me that 2D also takes our own personal toxicity ( the grunge that you and Lisa Renee talk about) and alchemically changes it, when we ask the 2D elementals to do so — by honoring them and giving permission with gratitude — to a harmlessness that can be integrated into 3D, which means that we may not getting as ill as we used to. Now that you have seen the Light pouring into 2D, I am convinced of this and it makes sense that the photons we are receiving from the Sun flow right through us, cleaning us up personally, and right through the Earth cleaning up Gaia, too. The hugeness of this project is truly stunning, not to mention ingenious!

    I have real difficulty understanding non-linear time, how things happen simultaneously, but like the challenge of knowing and understanding 2D has been, at least for me, I believe that non-linear time will be understood and lived-in gradually, but hopefully before the end of this year. My thinking is that once we are aware of how to live perpetually in Now time, we will know it by our ability to instantly manifest.

    Unbelievable, really, when one thinks of just how complex, but beautifully orchestrated this whole procedure is and I am very grateful to you, Denise, for being able to put it into words so succinctly and with the humor that you do.

    I’m with you Denise, about the back pain, and my heart goes out to you. Sometimes it’s a mystery to me how we manage to get mobile each morning. Added to that I’m now finding that my legs ache from the sensation of being pulled down into 2D. Okay, relax, ride the wave, keep on keeping on, and again how wonderful to be confirmed by your good work and the comments here. Thank you, Love to All, B.

  • Dear Denise,
    Your article confirms what I have been feeling–a BIG increase in energies lately. Things continue to speed up, and the only way to cope is the relax and enjoy the ride. Blessings to you for being able to translate these very high octave concepts into 3D language we can all understand. Blessings to all our family. Hang in there!

  • Good job Denise! I think a lot of readers here are looking for hope/permission to give up their jobs as cosmic speed bumps. So, gratitude to you. Have a wonderful day. TF

  • Ditto to all the comments so far. 🙂

    Thank you so much. hug

    Also in response to mrchefjeff re: the following — “when it grabs me tightly by the balls in a vice like grip, I just say, I want outta here, it friggin hurts”

    I don’t have balls, but if I did, this is exactly what it would feel like, lol!!! 😀

    Laughter helps. And I really DO want to see this through. It helps to read what you have written, Denise.

    Also, I find it interesting that when I read this and triangulate with a lot of other sources, most importantly Lisa Renee (thank you so much for introducing me to her stuff via this blog, BTW), there is a clear resonance developing. This is not the only place I have read about a cleansing light, and to read what you write, in such a clear and true way, well, it just confirms to me what is happening now.

    Hang in there, one and all. We’re in the home stretch, or so I keep reminding myself. We can do it!

    Love to all,
    Calliope the Muse

    • Glad you enjoyed that quote Calliope. It is the first thing that came into my mind and I thought, we all need a big smile and a good laugh at this time, so I will just write this! And yes, we need to keep reminding one another over and over that “we are in the home stretch” and we can’t afford to lay down in the middle of the road for whatever reason. Today is a much Lighter day once again, so I Give Thanks For That!

  • Lovely!

    I’m a lover of anagrams. I like to see what is happening as Earth being transformed into Heart. I believe as one wakes up to Love one has a realization that Earth is actually all Heart! So yes, everyone is going through a transformation and transmutation and, as you point out “We’re all in the same ascension/evolutionary boat, but we all have been and will continue entering it at slightly different times (timelines) which can be days, weeks or months apart now.”

    Thank you for sharing and being you.

  • Thank you for this post Denise it hit home. I watched the movie “powder” for the 3rd time and then I read your post it was without a doubt that I needed the reminder.

    Love & Light

  • Thank you for providing this space to be ‘seen’ ~ I have felt invisible, not valued and alone so much over the past 12 or 13 years now, I have finally realized that I can count on my Galactic Family and of course all of you here and all over the globe that make up the ‘ground crew’. I think when we stop and take a breath most of us would have to admit that even though things are moving at warp speed, there are many more times of pure bliss now than ever before and I for one am sooooo Grateful. May we all continue to know Love, to show Love and to Be Love as Lisa Renee so beautifully reminds us. . .Namaste

  • Blessings to you Dear Denise. Thank you for being such a great word crafter. What you say feels right to me. I have been seeing more light as well. Still exhausted, but am feeling more able to “cope” for lack of a better work. Again, thank you for sharing.
    Heart hugs to you and all of us, Gwen
    ps I am very thankful time is going so fast now.

  • What a well written article Denise, so clear and concise! I resonate with all you are saying. I had to laugh when i got to the part, “…so get up and listen for another moment please” as I had just “hit the wall” so to speak and didn’t want to lay down in the middle of the road for a nap but lay down in the middle of the road with a 10 wheeler barreling towards me! lol I keep speaking of the intensity of these final months but, please excuse me, when it grabs me tightly by the balls in a vice like grip, I just say, I want outta here, it friggin hurts. Eventually the vice eases and then I think, was that so bad! LOL I find humor in this final phase is what is helping to see me through. The intense vice grip and then the laughter, that is what best explains these times for myself. We just need to keep reminding each other of the importance of Keepin On, Keepin On in this final Phase. We are Arriving at the Final Destination Point where the good stuff can at least have a Brand New Beginning!

  • Thank you Denise for the pep talk. I really needed it today. I have been following your site for some time and appreciate everyone’s input and conversation. This is one of the few places I have found answers and shared experiences to my own experiences, dreams, meditations, etc. I have searched my entire life looking for those answers in science, religions, cultures, psychology, nature… You name it. I have more understanding now, but don’t have many people in my life to share that understanding. Thank you for this site. Much love to you.

  • Fantabulous Denise!!! As always I read your posts and an immense joy fills me and flows through my whole being. Rather like a big fat cosmic confirmation, well that’s how it feels. I can resonate with all you have said and I am very excited 🙂 your inspiring, honest and a fantastic clear channel and visionary for the galactics. This should be the kind of articles we read in papers and see on the tv news!! That would make me switch the tv on for sure 🙂 can you imagine! – one day!!
    Thank you once again soul sister, love and blessings xxx

  • Love your website and your posts. I am very identified with your life story.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂


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