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Below are four Comments recently written by four different people who will remain unnamed. Instead of publishing them under the articles where they were originally written, I’m quoting them here so I can respond to these common beliefs and attitudes from some people within the “Ascension Community”. Everyone has their own current opinions and beliefs but the fact that these come (and so easily) from certain people within the so-called Ascension Community is painful and makes an already difficult job even harder.

Over the years I’ve had far more people than just these four below express these same beliefs about me, my personal experiences and what I write about. I can’t speak for Lisa Renee which the third Comment was in response to (her March 2012 article), and she certainly doesn’t need me to defend her, her experiences or her knowledge. I’ve included the third Comment only because I’ve had some people say the exact same things to me in Comments here at TRANSITIONS and also about me at certain forums.

1) “Denise, I just found your website recently and have enjoyed reading the few posts that I have read so far. I felt compelled to respond to this post though with a simple observation of mine. I believe fully in the Law of Attraction and think that it is much more than just a tool we keep in our back pockets to manifest something we want now and again. I believe it is responsible for every detail that unfolds in our daily lives. What we live each day is brought into our experience because it is in vibrational alignment with the vibration we are putting out. Through the Law of Attraction I think we are constantly presented with contrast (things we like and things we don’t like). This helps us to better refine what we do like so that we can move our creation process in that direction. I think we tend to get caught up in the game though and sometimes get hung up on the things we don’t like, such as your neighbors. I believe that you are pushing against them too hard, giving them too much energy and attention. By doing this you may very well be holding that situation in your vibration, thus further attracting it. Perhaps you can try meditation on letting go of your attachments, frustration and anger towards the situation and people. Send them light and love and let it be. Move your energy and attention to that which does make you happy and know that the universe will take care of the rest. This technique has done wonders for me and I felt compelled to share. The choice is yours. Thank you.



2) “Hi Denise,
Have enjoyed your posts to us as we have been going through these interesting times. Have also had a few good chuckles. However, I felt that your comments about your neighbour were out of line, especially as you are an aware and evolved person. Drawing boundaries as you did was fantastic and stepping into confronting him was also great. You only have control over your behaviour not his reaction. His behavoir may be as you say “an unaware patriarchal jerk”, “imbalanced numb nuts”, but I will remind you that your neighbour is just as much a spiritual being as you are. That HE has chosen not to step in his Divinity is his choice, but if you as an aware Light Worker continues to hold him in this negative place, then he doesn’t stand a chance of moving forward. Your neighbour may be your biggest teacher and showing you your attachments. It is for us to stand in our light and if our our hopes are for someone to “get it” then it is our responsibility not to judge them, for by judging them we hold them in that place. When I learned Ho’oponopono, I was told that if it shows up “its yours” and that I was the one responsible on how I chose to view this situation. Would I fuel it with my judgement and bemoan how stupid, unfair, unjust and wicked it was, or would I hold myself accountable and take the situation to the highest light. Yogananda tells of a story of a very spiritual householder yogi whose wife’s behaviour was like your neighbours maybe even worse. Everyone hated her. She thought his spiritual life was stupid and a waste of time. One day she burnt his precious books on fire and in so doing this set fire to the house. As they watched the house burn the yogi drew close his wife and said “Dear Lady I love you more than ever. You have been God sent to me. All this while you have taught me to be patient. Now you have healed my last infirmity, love for and attachment to books and home.” Yes, you can move to some other more peaceful surroundings, so you won’t “be assailed” by people like this, but I will suggest, that if this is not resolved within yourself, you will most likely bring in something or someone worse. Thank your neighbour, for there is harmony at the core of your disharmony. Blessings to you Denise and keep up the great work.


3) “I think that Lisa has a habit to see things from a dark perspective and worry about a lot of things which come from her own background and problems fighting the dark that is influencing here in her view of the so called “truth”.

you can’t say that all ascension symptoms neck-shoulder and back pain comes from dark influences etc. it is not true.

Seen from The Galactic Federation of Light perspective they have control over the development of the Earth and that means they decide who of the aliens can come into the Earths atmosphere and it is only the ones from the LIGHT who can come in.

So take it easy and remember the law of attraction >>> attract light and you will get light >>> attract dark and you will get dark >>>> I know some people have dark problems, but it might be karmatic related and it might be a very good developing lesson for the ones to learn and to commit to Christ and the light by being dragged through dark etc.


4) “First, you are a divine being and you know how to heal yourself and remove yourself from suffering. Yes, there is pain as a part of the ascension. But the moment one shifts from fear the pain goes away.

Part of being a “Master” is holding your frequency at 5D levels while walking around in 3D. Anything that makes you angry, frustrated, sad is an “energy attachment/karmic 3D issue” that you need to look at and clear. All attachments are false/man created desires from 3D programming. The desire/need to live in a certain home, eat certain food, have so much money, wear certain clothes, drive a certain car, have a partner, need to have sexual intercourse, and so on are all 3D. Grieve them if you must, but don’t let yourself stay there.

I have “suffered” with migraines for 20 years. the reason for this is that the my brain is waking up, my pineal and so forth, a new chakra formed at the back of my neck, etc. The crown and the new neck chakra form a new energy grid, which was necessary for me to experience the unity field. I cannot beat myself up over not knowing what was going on in my head. Yes, it probably would have been easier if I would have known much sooner and could have talked to my inner self and explained what was going on. I found out when I found out. I talk myself through these increases in energies and removed my 100% of my thinking that this opening of my spirtual gifts are migraines.

This suffering is the death throws of the ego. Falling down in the middle of a store weeping and having a tantrum is playing the victim role and is energy manipulation. Take your control back, go into your heart and let everyone go. Turn into your heart, hug the little soul inside to bring peace and calm so the ego does not need to feel like it has to kick into survivial mode and attack those around you. Shifting from 3D to 5D, is jumping from ego/3rd chakra to the hiigh heart. All that energy is being removed from the 3rd chakra and it thinks it is dying.

We can sit here and compare notes on how much each of us has suffered. I am just not so sure that is a wise use of our time unless each of us makes it to the higher thought, the higher understanding of what is going on. Be responsible, hold your feet on the floor so you can get to the wisdom.


I fully understand these Stair Steps, these different gaps in awareness, development, current learning and beliefs and I’ve repeatedly dealt with certain people and their egos needing to correct me and present their beliefs at TRANSITIONS. Same is true of those people who just flat-out attack me and claim all sorts of incorrect things about why I write about what I do. I usually don’t publish those negative Comments so you the reader don’t see them or realize they’ve even happened. I understand the whys to all this and have bent over backwards for years in an attempt to accommodate these people and their lack of awareness about something I’ve written about that’s based on my personal experiences and current knowledge. I don’t however have to endlessly endure these types of misunderstandings, preaching, disrespect and insults from those people who have a need to write Comments to correct me according to their current level of consciousness and belief systems.

If you disagree with me and what I write about, that is absolutely your right and I totally understand and honestly wish you well on your journey. However, when certain people need to write a Comment(s) and preach, insult and disrespect me and TRANSITIONS, that’s another situation altogether. The authors, channels, teachers etc. who write things I know from Higher Awareness to be incorrect would never find me at their websites or blogs egoistically needing to correct them publicly or privately. I know what I know today and can only hope that other people figure things out quickly. I don’t need to publicly correct them in their own Internet place of business they’ve created to present their beliefs/work/channeled messages and so on.

One hilarious but very accurate thing that Steve Rother’s channeled group said last year was something like “…all the little gods learning how to co-exist with all the other little gods…”.  When I first heard that great term “little gods” I laughed, then immediately sighed because I’ve known for years that this transition is and will be difficult for many people; many of these awakening Aquarian/Leo Age “little gods” having to learn how to appreciate, respect and make room for all the other “little gods” and their personal spaces, homes, yards, websites, blogsites, creations, words, personal experiences etc. High frequency, high consciousness, high Heart Aquarius/Leo is sheer magic and bliss; low frequency Aquarius/Leo is one huge egoic nightmare of epic proportions.

#1 & “The Law of Attraction”

Because I’ve primarily been repulsed by “New Age” materials I haven’t read much of it. (Before you judge me for that you might question why I would feel that way about it.) My Dad had me going to Theosophy from age five (for perspective, 1956) until eighteen when I went off on my own and studied up on many other spiritual and metaphysical, occult teachings also. I wasn’t taught the complex adult Theosophical information while I was attending “Sunday School” every week at the Lodge in Los Angles as a kid, but during those years I was taught the concept of karma and reincarnation. I didn’t need anyone telling me about reincarnation however because I’d remembered a few of my past lives before age five, but it was how the concept of “karma” was understood and taught to me then that I had a problem with.

Karma sounded and felt like an exotic, Eastern version of Western Christian “sin” and not much more. It was taught to me in that polarized way of action/reaction, do “good” to receive more “good, don’t do “bad” or you’ll receive “bad” and so on. Karma sounded to me too much like fear-based “fear of God” BS and I wasn’t buying. I’ve always innately known that I’m responsible for my thoughts, my emotions, words and physical actions and I don’t require anything like karmic fear or the fear of some patriarchal system, religion, person or otherworldly Being to intimidate me into a specific behavior or belief.

That being said, I’m also very aware that there are far more multidimensional Players involved and that the overall situation is vastly more complex than most people are aware of; more complex than I’m currently aware of. So even though I’m aware that “thought creates” and the “law of attraction” etc., I know that my thoughts, your thoughts, humanities thoughts and everything else have been seriously and intentionally interfered with, altered, diminished, controlled and manipulated by the Dark Ones. So again, there’s much more going on than just these fast and easy New Age one-liners, many of which are deliberate distortions created by Team Dark, Dark Ones.

I’ve never read New Age books about the “Law of Attraction” so I can’t speak about that. I have known that in the old polarized 3D Earth world if you focus on it excessively you’re definitely helping to eventually manifest it into physicality. The easiest way to reality check this is to ask yourself, “Do I want this whatever it is that I’m focused on in my life or body any more than it already is?” If the answer is no then stop focusing on it! Example: Thinking and worrying about maybe getting cancer at some point isn’t helping you to not possibly come down with cancer in the future.

I’m not saying this law isn’t true because it is and much more so now as humanity evolves into increasingly being able to much more quickly Consciously Create and manifest physically. What I’m saying is that for most Forerunners/Starseeds/Wayshowers/Pathpavers/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors who volunteered to incarnate/reincarnate on Earth in the pre-ascension timeline did so to do very specific positive energetic things for humanity, animals, plants, rocks, Earth, for Lightbeings, for Darkbeings, Angels, Starbeings etc. For example, I don’t need to focus on negative things or situations, people, events or Team Dark for them to be in my reality—quite the contrary actually. The truth I want to get across is that Starseed Lightworkers are living and working with a larger, more complex and multidimensional set of rules than only the 3D “Law of Attraction” rule as it’s currently understood and sold. You’ve got to cut us some slack for this and at least try to understand that much more is and always has been going on. We come under intense and constant negative attacks because of who we are and why we’re here now. It’s that simple.


If indeed opposites do attract then maybe this is one big reason why—especially in a world of Duality—Light attracts the Dark and the Dark attracts the Light. If we honestly think about this then it may help everyone else to make more sense as to WHY Starseeds/Lightworkers (Team Light) encounter so much negativity directed specifically at them from Team Dark. Wouldn’t it make sense that in a polarized world that’s been totally controlled by Team Dark as I call them all for simplicity, that those who volunteered to come into this Dark controlled world with the job of embodying Light to free it enough so that its occupants could even make a choice for themselves, would immediately and repeatedly come under attack from Team Dark because they are Team Light? This one is easy people and so in-your-face obvious that you don’t see it, or possibly don’t want to have to deal with it even as an indirect reality. I understand this too and why many people do not want to even admit that the Dark exists, nonetheless, just because something is highly unpleasant doesn’t make it non-existent. Do you honestly believe that this is how the Ascension Process and/or spiritual evolution works?

Team Light isn’t doing anything “wrong” or “bad” or “karmic” to cause attacks from non-human and human Team Dark. The simple fact that they are Team Light is all it takes to automatically attract the attention of opposite Team Dark. Our presence on Earth now to override the negative frequency fences (and much more) that Team Dark created to control humanity is all it takes for them to try and  stop or derail us in any way they can. Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers etc. live and work with more tools than just the “Law of Attraction”, and the fact that Opposites Attract in a world of Duality should be obvious as well as the repercussions of it, especially on Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers!

#2 & “Spiritual Beings”

Again, I totally understand why certain people think and perceive the way #2 Commenter does. And for the record, I never said anyone was not a “spiritual being”. What I have said is that many of these human “spiritual beings” are total assholes n’ idiots primarily due to their over developed egos and lack of ability to expand beyond it to realize that OTHER PEOPLE EXIST BESIDES JUST THEMSELVES AND THEIR IMMEDIATE WANTS AND DESIRES. This plus the fact that they are easily and often intentionally used, manipulated and directed by Team Dark to interfere with Team Light members for some of the reasons mentioned to #1 Commenter. As much as #2 Commenter claims to have enjoyed my writings, she/he needed to let me know that “…my comments about my neighbor were out of line, especially as you are an evolved and aware person.”

I know how hard it is for some of you reading this to comprehend to what degree living humans are constantly manipulated by Team Dark (negative Unseen, non-human, non-physical Beings plus many living humans also). Add to this the fact that Team Dark uses and manipulates certain living humans to constantly interfere with, mess with, attack, disturb, distract, disrespect, injure etc. nearby Team Light humans for the same reasons as mentioned above. I know how hard it is for some of you to understand this as a daily/nightly reality for most Forerunner Starseed Lightworkers or Team Light, but it is truth and one that’s always existed and not something I conveniently invented to avoid some personal spiritual lesson or “karma” or need to change something in myself or project and blame another for.

Because my first thought for years was, “I must be doing something wrong to keep attracting these horrible neighbors and negative energies to myself”, it took me a while to get out of my ego-based sense of self and perspective to finally discover that it was an energy-based issue and not that I’d personally done anything “wrong”. I struggled for decades trying to honestly understand this and wondered what I was doing “wrong” or was not understanding or seeing and why I was repeatedly attracting the negative Beings into my life. I slowly realized that the attacks I’ve been subject to from non-physical Team Dark and certain physical Portal People humans has been an energetic reaction to my being a Forerunner who embodies higher frequency Light in a lower frequency, very Dark controlled world. Like it or not, believe it or not, it is that simple. In a world of Duality this should have been so much easier for all of us to recognize.

Since 1999, I’ve endured and struggled with and tried to learn from the miserable situations I’ve had with certain human neighbors who’ve been used by Team Dark Beings to do a number of physical things; primarily pull my consciousness away from writing articles, books, sidetrack me, derail me, cause me pain, frustrations, confusion, exhaustion, discourage me,not let me rest or sleep, constantly invade my small physical space and home, to do anything Team Dark can to keep me from maintaining a higher frequency energy/Light/consciousness/focus and write what I know, what I’ve learned and am still learning with those of you reading this.

“Aware and evolved persons” get sick, angry, exhausted, confused, discouraged and frustrated too. That does not mean our awareness and consciousness level drops however. Most aware and evolved people become vastly more sensitive, not less so. All humans are “spiritual beings” but their individual level of development, awareness, consciousness, focus, life-lessons etc. are not the same. Certain religious teachings have been distorted expressly to limit and control people’s consciousness, such as this belief that “aware and evolved persons” only act, look, talk, sound and behave in a certain way. According to these old patriarchal religious beliefs dipped in New Age BS, if they don’t then they are not “spiritual” or “evolved” people.

#3 & those Ascension Teachers who supposedly project their inner Dark issues into their writings & teachings

I also understand why certain people interpret these unpleasant topics like this. Hell, I more than anybody want Team Dark to be gone and immediately! However, readers need to realize that some of us—primarily those of us who are Forerunners/Starseeds/Pathpavers—HAVE had to deal with Dark Beings and their attacks because they’re intentionally directed at us for our trying to energetically override them and what they’ve done to humanity and earth. Many of my articles (and I believe all of Lisa Renee’s) are specifically for Starseeds and Indigos, and those particular articles I’ve written are not intended for every reader that reads them.

I know many people want “Lightworkers” to be all about happiness, Light, Love, visualizing the positive fun “fluffy” stuff and totally ignore the fact about why Lightworkers are even here now. If there is no Dark in this world or Team Dark affecting this world and humanity then why have millions of Starseeds and Lightworkers volunteered to come to earth now? You cannot exist within a polarized world and have polarized consciousness and then not want to accept the fact that half of that equation, half of duality even exists!

#3 & the Alien Saviors, Alien Controllers belief

Just because some channeled being claims to be So And So from Such And Such galactic system or federation etc., sure as hell doesn’t mean they’re telling the truth and are who they claim to be. Unless people can discern energies for themselves, the humans that channel these Unseen Beings and relay their messages can say anything and people buy the material completely and remain dis-empowered, distracted and vulnerable. When one does not honestly know who the hell is defining reality for them, that my friends is a very dangerous position to be in especially now with so much at stake. Please keep an open mind and FEEL and THINK for yourself.

The False Light created by the Dark Ones

Team Dark has created an artificial white colored “Light” that they literally hide behind so when a clairvoyant human sees, they see this False artificial Light and not the Dark Ones and hopefully believe it’s real “organic” Light to use a Lisa Renee term. This False artificial Light created by Team Dark clairvoyantly looks very much like the physical bright white light from a fluorescent light bulb. It has zero energy, zero life, no warmth, no anything in it at all. It is totally energetically empty, fake, False white “Light” that the Dark Ones use to trick humans and to hide behind to fool any human that’s sensitive or clairvoyant enough to see it but not yet aware enough to recognize that it is artificial False Light. It is “Dead Light” (another Lisa Renee term) or False, inorganic Light that Team Dark created to use against humanity, especially those “New Age” and “Ascension Community” people who can’t yet discern the difference. Again, just because it looks like Light does NOT mean its real Light at all.

It’s not enough to be able to hear (clairaudience) or see (clairvoyance), you’ve got to be able to read and know energies and be able to tell—for yourself—what’s really what and who’s really who. You’re not safe until you can and once you can you’ll come under attack by Team Dark like the rest of us Starseed Lightworkers! See how this stuff works? Evolution isn’t easy or pretty and many are doing their best (some knowingly and many unknowingly) to prevent you from achieving enough acceleration of consciousness and lightness of density to reach evolutionary/ascension lift-off speed. Do not let them trick you and/or sidetrack you with their lies, promises or their empty, artificial Light.

If it sounds too easy to be true it’s because it is so keep moving and ignore the temptations to collapse in the middle of the Ascension Path and have someone else come save or rescue you. It is not going to happen and I really want you to come with us into the new but on your own two feet as an empowered worthy being. There are important reasons why this is a Process and a difficult one and that is so that every person who makes it did so on their own. They passed the many Initiations in other words and energetically have earned the right to exist at a higher frequency level. Having some Master or group of ETs carry your butt across the Ascension Finish Line is not how this is done, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying and you should seriously wonder why.

The Ascension Process is a DIY (Do It Yourself) situation and no one is going to “save” or “rescue” you or do the work for you. You’ve got to do the Inner Work to get yourself close enough to the higher frequency range and then things will unfold naturally. The Forerunners/Starseeds/Lightworkers are in-body on earth now to make this Ascension Process as easy as it can be, plus there’s plenty of help from higher dimensional Beings as well of course. But in the end, each of us has to make the effort ourselves, and expecting some group of ET Others to come and “save” you and humanity simply is not how this business works. With Phase One of the Ascension Process at its end come December 21, 2012, there’s so much energetic momentum now that it’s actually hard to NOT get swept up in the higher currents of the real Light Energies and be moved along to the next level. So ignore the Dark Magicians who are desperately trying to suck your awareness up and redirect it over to their carefully crafted BS Sideshow. There’s going to be plenty of this type of negative crap this year so please be aware and discern everything for yourself.

#4 & Pain, Suffering, Guilt, preaching & being disrespectful

I haven’t been in fear for years and I’ve been in pain nearly constantly for many years. Again, I understand what #4 is saying and even why she/he is saying it, but that doesn’t change the fact that people like Starseeds/Lightworker have more on their plates than other people and are embodying and transmuting things that others are not and never will be. That alone causes some Forerunners/Starseeds to experience more pain or less pain and different pain and that’s nothing “wrong” or to feel guilty about. The Alchemical Ascension Process hurts and is difficult and it’s okay to not constantly look and sound “perfect” or “holy” or New Age angelic-like the entire time one is actually living this incredibly difficult and trying Process. I also believe we all need to learn to be much more Heart-centered and Heart-aware about all of this and show more support, respect and compassion for people struggling just like you/me/each of us has while living this evolutionary Ascension Process. In other words, stop preaching and show a bit more real Heart towards the very people you’re preaching at.

I’m not going to repeat the things I’ve already covered with #1, #2, and #3 because #4 is basically saying much the same things the others did.

You or I haven’t “sinned” or done something “karmic” or “wrong” that’s caused the ascension pains, symptoms and difficulties we’re dealing with. That type of thinking is old patriarchal religious distortions dressed up in “New Age” terminologies (by guess who?) and is not only incorrect but insensitive too. Talking about 5D High Heart or Unity Consciousness is easy; actually living it and treating others with due respect for what they’re living, doing and creating within the Ascension Process is vastly more difficult. We all are struggling with this Ascension Process and many of us have been and still are simultaneously dealing with attacks from Team Dark in their physical and non-physical forms. We all should endeavor to treat each other far better and more kindly and respectfully.

Denise Le Fay

March 23, 2012

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