2012 First Quarter Review

I mentioned in an earlier article about what I felt on the first day of January 2012. I’d said that I awoke on January 1, 2012 all excited to finally be at the year 2012, only to suddenly feel that Team Dark had seriously increased their countermeasures towards Team Light. I’ve known for a long time that 2012 wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, and I knew Team Dark wasn’t going to graciously step aside and apologize for their monstrous crimes against humanity, but intellectually knowing something vs. having it become a living breathing in-your-face reality are two very different things. So there I was on the morning of New Years Day 2012 feeling what felt like all of Hell had been unleashed on planet Earth! Most of January I was mildly depressed because of this and couldn’t believe that, after all I’ve been through already, after all that you reading this have been through already, that like it or not there’s more negativity from Team Dark this year that we’re having to contend with and push past. Nothing new here really so lets just keep doing what we’ve done all along.

Let me add quickly before you burst into tears or want to kill me or contemplate exiting this world that, despite this big upsurge from Team Dark with the start of 2012, it’s happening because the GOOD STUFF is starting to manifest in this dimension. It’s happening in 2012 because we’re coming down to it kids and Team Dark knows it, Team Light knows it, everybody knows it (well, many do) and this is the final intense push and battle for humanity, earth, and so much more. Yes that was a nauseatingly simplified version of what’s been happening so far in 2012 but you get the drift.

Besides starting 2012 with amplified Team Dark countermeasures aimed directly at Starseed Lightworker human Team Light members, I also had some wonderful positive help from some non-physical Team Light members which I haven’t had around me much (at least not in the ways I was used to) since the physical aspects of the Ascension Process started in 1999. Prior to that I’d had lifelong positive Starbeings/ETs nearby constantly. When needed I was able to quickly shift my consciousness enough so that me here in this dimension, timeline and density could speed-up enough to be within range of them to communicate more easily. Looking at this from their side, they would slow down energetically just enough to make telepathic and clairvoyant contact with me in that timeline within polarized 3D density and we’d communicate from that middle ground frequency range. This was just the way my life was up until the intense physical, biological Ascension Process began in 1999. Not so from that point on however and there are reasons for this.

For multiple complex reasons my small group of positive Starbeing/ET kinsfolk and friends that had been assigned to assist and guide me from birth through to the start of my biological Ascension Process in 1999, had to let me go through all I needed to and transmute the lower and embody the higher. Their work detail with me from birth until 1999 was over so my interactions with them has been almost nil since 1999. Loosing them was difficult because they were family from Home but I understood the reasons for it. This positive Starbeing/ET loss of communication period for me from 1999–2011 was like loosing contact with “Houston” while I orbited around the “dark side of the Moon”. That Ascension related sentence will probably make more sense in a minute.

So when I felt some positive Starbeings/ETs within frequency range in January and February 2012, be able to make conscious contact, I was beyond happy to have them back again. In other words, my trip around the dark side of the Moon is now over and I—and many of you—are going to have new and improved exchanges with “Houston” in 2012 because of that very journey around “the dark side” we’ve endured. These positive ETs gently hinted, nudged and pointed out certain things to me in January and February 2012 and it was wonderful having conscious and direct positive contact again after thirteen difficult and long years of silence and feeling very alone down here in difficult physical Ascension Land. This positive change told me that major improvements are coming online in 2012 on physical Earth for the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers/Indigos and eventually everyone else. Major good news amidst the increased 2012 negative BS and attacks aimed specifically at Starseeds/Lightworkers plus happening all around us as well.

Then came March and the 2012 spring Equinox!

What a month March 2012 has been! From my perspective it feels like I’ve lived six months worth of very busy life and learning in only a few weeks in March of 2012; good stuff, miserable negative stuff, very welcomed new positive ET interactions, and further personal steps of greater understanding and awareness. The other side of this polarized coin is that, as usual, Team Dark used the spring Equinox energies too and are doing everything they can to prevent and/or override the positive progress we of Team Light are making in 2012. So even though the Cosmic Cavalry is increasingly showing up to more of us Starseeds/Lightworkers in human form in this physical Ascension timeline, the flip-side of all this is that Team Dark’s been seriously increasing their efforts to stop, prevent and/or override each and every positive thing that manifests in 2012. We’ve GOT to embody and anchor into this 2012 timeline what exists beyond duality which is “Unity” consciousness or the “Sacred Marriage” of self with Source because that is the most important higher frequency, higher consciousness Light Architecture blueprint or template that Team Dark does NOT want us Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos to embody, anchor and insert into this timeline on Earth! So of course they’re going to do everything they can to prevent this from manifesting here and altering not only this timeline but many timelines.

What’s the fastest and easiest way for Team Dark to distract and try to override what we’re doing during this part of the Ascension Process? Tie-up the Starseeds/Lightworkers and exhaust us, burden and derail us with negative onslaughts typically through other people in physicality. This is one of Team Dark’s ever so easy ways to get at us so just keep that in mind/heart as we all keep on keepin’ on in 2012.

These onslaughts from Team Dark from and through unaware humans has been escalating in 2012, but it exploded in March. One of the (many) experiences I’ve had with this business was on Friday March 23, 2012. One of my senior neighbors’ adult sons was on his cell phone around 4PM outside having what became a loud negative feeding frenzy fight with his girlfriend. He fought with her over the phone for over an hour outside in a senior-only park mind you and loud enough that half the place could hear him. (Whether they actually did however is another story altogether and has to do with levels of awareness.) But because that wasn’t enough, he went to wherever she was and brought her back to Mommies senior-only house to continue the fight outside and face to face with her.

This insane negative emotional feeding frenzy fight went on until midnight—outdoors mind you—or at least midnight was when I installed the ear plugs and refused to be emotionally or mentally sucked into the dark pit feeding vortex as those two people were. I mention this date because I learned a week later that March 23, 2012 was a big Team Dark countermeasure day when they activated an energetic override device on top of a positive ET Team Light 4-Corners area portal opening now in an attempt to disrupt it and suck off it energetically. (For those who may not know this term, the 4-Corners area is where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah all meet.)

See how this type of multidimensional stuff works? Humans that are easily affected by whichever Team Dark energies are amplified at the moment, instantly embody them and act them out in this world just as that male did with his girlfriend. From what I heard of their raging, cursing and crying epic outdoor fight, evidently she’d had sex with some other guy or so the number one man believed. He was utterly enraged and wallowed in it for nine hours that I heard. This same situation has also been happening with the senior male neighbor next-door to me that I talked about in another article recently. Males all around me again being affected and manipulated by Team Dark’s distortions, implants and other actions against humanity. Lisa Renee calls this particular distortion the “False King of Tyranny”.

I want to share an experience I had March 28, 2012 that further opened my eyes to the very real severity of this 2012 situation…battle. It clearly shows to what degree humanity (all beings existing within this world and dimension including Starseeds/Lightworkers etc.) are existing within a tight, narrow, well monitored and controlled Frequency Fence around Earth created by Team Dark to keep the Light out and whoever is in in with no communications to higher levels happening. I’d gone to bed and was laying there in the dark preparing myself to talk with the positive higher dimensional ETs/Starbeings. I knew what I was getting ready to say to them was important and needed to be worded carefully and accurately. I was going to make a statement to them to let them know that I want to have a much more conscious connection and exchange with some of them like I used to have prior to the start of my physical Ascension Process. Making this statement was important to me for multiple reasons and I know better than to just blurt out anything that comes to mind or heart.

After giving this some honest and careful thought I finally stated my intent to have a more complex conscious connection and exchange with some positive ETs/Starbeings in 2012. Within about a minute of my making my desire known I clairvoyantly saw a bright red and white colored light device manifest in the air in my bedroom. It looked almost exactly like another white colored light device I’ve seen for many years and eventually discovered was one of many energy siphons and inter-dimensional viewing devices created by Team Dark to keep track of me in physicality. It only took about a minute or so for me to make this positive statement and intention and focus my energies on these positive ET beings for that energy shift to be registered by Team Dark’s many energetic devices and alert them of any change in frequency in this Starseed Lightworker. About one minute. And most of humanity honestly believes they are “free”.

My point with these January, February and March stories is to try to help others better understand 2012 and how important a year it is because timelines are and will continue to be changed throughout it. These positive changes Team Dark does NOT want happening of course and they are and will do everything they can to prevent, override, or feed off from whatever positive changes Team Light (human and ET) manifests. Because of this we all need to be very aware of what’s at stake this year and how these many changes naturally alter timelines and “future” worlds, human’s lives and other being’s lives and realities etc. Obviously we all need to be aware and protected from anything and anyone that Team Dark throws at us this year. Just be aware and safe and keep doing what we’ve done all along and don’t let anyone distract you from why you’re here now.

Denise Le Fay

March 31, 2012


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  • sound not so good. Begining of the year(and end of 2011) i went through a situation where a dark entity was trying to mess up my brother and myself.it possesed my brother(me to partly) and tried hurt me. But we got rid of it with help of a friend. Now this event resonate with what u has written. And i do feel like something big blocking us out. Its hard to stay focus when im at city areas cz i feel like we are being bombard with negative thought patterns. Is this can be related to what team dark has been doing lately(planting devises) ?

  • hi everyone,

    thanks for all the wonderful support in the comments section of the previous article.

    eckhart tolle’s book, A New Earth, has a wonderful section in it regarding the pain body. his description of the pain body seems to discuss in detail a part of the emotional body of the aura. he even gets into recognizing your stuff, someone else’s stuff and even global pain body stuff. i found this information to parallel what denise and lisa renee have been saying. its simply written and very easy to comprehend, he even gets into children and the effect of the pain body on them and their behavior. this is the prime energy that team dark feeds on. i believe knowledge and knowing give us power. if we know what we are dealing with and how they work, we are another step closer on our path in finding our individual solutions to stop the feeding frenzy. if there’s no food they gotta go since they have forgotten how to sustain themselves with their own light/power.

    a little tip to the many that have been having to remove/depossess themselves of team dark. when you remove/depossess a dark energy, you only remove their core energy. make sure you follow up with removing the residual goo left behind in cellular memory. if you follow up with this, your down time will be significantly less in the aftermath.

    love to all

  • Dear Denise

    Thanks for the last two Great Posts , they are Love in Action they are important lucid and wisdom ALERT posts, they are must needed in this crucial Times …about the INTERFERENCE of them, the documental serie ANCIENT ALIENS,give us an opportunity for a lucid and deep Reflection , with archaeological evidences that show us the probable interference of them in all big events since immemorial times and in the daily life of the ancients civilizations …and in our days …. the 3 season in is first episod alert for the fact in 2004 big tsunami a lot of people see ufo´s activity in the sky and the cientists don´t have a real explanation for that …

    Thank you again dear Denise

    With much love and Respect


  • Hi Denise
    Great post and spot on about the 4 Corners. I live there on the Colorado corner. My Partner and I witnessed a strange glow behind the Ute Mountain on the 23rd it was very visable in the daylight hours and even more so during the night hours. We both experienced excruciating stabbing headaches (mostly left side) beginning that day and for the next three days. These were not the normal ascension headaches we have become quite fond of (not really but gotta admit they grow on ya) these were heavy duty surges we experienced. The air felt thick with energy both light and dark, it was like riding a rollercoaster of current. Great experience but really not looking forward to another ride, wore us both out for days afterwards. On the very up side during and after even though we were miserable we both felt a great deal had been purged from us and now that we have regained some physical strength we both feel amazingly “Lighter”. We both sent love and healing energies into that light beyond the mountain. It felt that was what we were to do so we did. With each surge in energy and increase in pain we sent out love and healing (I felt I was receiving the same in return, my Partner did not but he suffered far more than I did). Not sure what is was all about but my feeling was our Mother Earth was in the greatest need, the protection and fight was for her.
    As for the hitchhikers that you refer to (thats what I call them) I have been recognising them for a few years and have found it very helpful to let them know I see them and I am no longer in need of them nor going to feed them and send them on their way with a nice bit of white light and the offer for them to ascend should they wish to. I am always very polite and send them lots of love, they really don’t care for it but being the loving being that I am how could I not?
    Sending all of you lots of Love, Healing Energy and Hugs

  • Wow- Talk about the New Energies coming in!! Sunday April 1 Fools Day 🙂 I watched a program on TV where I bore witness to a man call a young woman all kinds of foul, vile names. This man and the men on his team : whom were 35 & over didn’t stop it. I for the first time really see the patriarch crumbling- this young lady was 26. I seem to see this within my close friends too. They talk to their daughters like their feelings, thoughts opinions don’t matter. I am taking this as a guidepost that things are turning around, but still very upsetting for me.

  • The comments are great, and, Denise, thank you again from my heart for responding as you do for us all. You amaze me, really you do, and like so many of us here, I do not know what I would do without you.

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how living in the Now might work. I know it’s important to do that as we embody the Light template for Gaia and that by being aware of the Dark, and their mean-spirited ways to knock us off our paths, Gaia will eventually be in a “now” that doesn’t include the Dark.

    But I’ve also been thinking about the fact that all time is happening simultaneously. This has been, and continues to be a real hard one to wrap my head/heart around. I have read over and over Barbara Marciniak’s and the P’s description of the “nanosecond” of 1987 to 2012, and similar refrains from others that Now, and therefore this nanosecond of 25 years, is happening all the time.

    So I’ve been concentrating only on this nanosecond of 1987-2012, and it seems to me that because this nanosecond is available all the time in the Now, then it’s available always to those who work in/for the Light and for those who work in/for the Dark. As far as humanity is concerned, it is “the nanosecond” of all “nanoseconds”, the big one where we get to experience both the Light and the Dark and make our choice. So it’s quite possible that I have played the Dark side, even am playing the Dark side in another fragment of me of which I’m not conscious, while simultaneously I play for Team Light in this 3D nanosecond of Now of which I am conscious.

    I guess what I’m trying to express here is that there is nothing to fear because we know what this game is now and it makes sense to me that when I say that “No, I won’t be doing this again” I — my Soul and all its fragments — mean it! I’ve done the Dark or obviously I wouldn’t even understand it, notice it, or feel the compassion that I do for those who experience it, and, again just as obviously, I’m aware that I’m working for the Light in this Now of the nanosecond.

    So that brings me to what might be considered a fluffy position. To be aware of both Light and Dark and to integrate the two into the Now moment of Unity Consciousness, which is what we are striving for, means that yes, the Team Dark is a pain in the ass to us, but think what a pain in the ass we are to them. In this particular version of the nanosecond, it’s seems to me that the Light is going to win this Now round, but because it’s a Now thing, the Dark will win too, but you/me/us won’t be aware of it. But the big thing is that by the integration of Light/Dark, we will never have to experience this nanosecond again. It can exist in the Now all it wants, but not for those us who “get it and got over it”! Whew! I hope that made sense.

    So perhaps it’s time for us Starseeds/Light Workers to say enough of this game, I don’t want to play anymore. That was fun, that was painful, that taught me a lot, that took me out of myself and into myself, and now it’s time to move on out of here. The end result being, at least for this Starseed, at the end of this nanosecond of 1987 – 2012 in the Now, I’m ready to leave the arena and go home. Love to All Here, B.

    • Hello Barbara!

      This is more or less what I’ve been thinking, too. A part of me is actually quite nonchalant about the “dark” business. Duality is really a game, but a difficult and serious one. I know I’ve played both sides, though I have no concrete memories since I do not yet have total recall (I wonder if I would get it in the next couple of years…) Recently, I’ve been discovering (intuitively) what all I’ve been involved in — it’s quite mind-boggling — I have not mentioned any of it since I know no one, not even “lightworkers” (most of whom are too busy being important to notice things outside their own belief systems), would even consider believing me. I was really glad to hear Lisa Renee mention some of it in a recent article.

      I believe the Matrix movies got a lot of the duality game right. It is a serious game, and when you volunteer to be a baddy, you abide by all the rules and suffer all the consequences. And because the game is serious and there are rules, it can go wrong, in the sense that its results affect all other games being played in the Cosmos. The warriors now incarnate on Earth are/have been preventing the game from overrunning other systems. The only way to do this is to play the game — as Neo did in The Matrix by being absorbed into the dark and then transmuting it.

      I am wondering now what other games there are that can match duality in difficulty. I am not sure there are any. So what am I going to do when this is over? I know that for the next several thousand years, there will be lots to do on Earth. Once the restoration work is done, there will be limitless opportunities to create beauty, which I am eagerly looking forward to. But the warrior in me may get restless again and decide to venture elsewhere to fight the good old fight. 🙂

      Much love to all!


      • Akhilleus,

        I resonated with your comment.

        What I know from my own experience in previous existences where I played for Team Dark, is that it’s actually much harder to be a player on that Side because it’s so much further from the truth of who we really are. We take on that role, allowing our Soul to become dark, twisted and perverted, just so this game can be played out. It’s very hard to align yourself with hate when the truth at your core is Love. Very hard. And a great sacrifice, too. All done because the game is important, not just for earth, but for how it affects everything else in existence as well.

        When this “Team Dark aspect” came forward for me to integrate it appeared in my mind’s eye as a “Dark Angel” with beautiful jet black wings. I could feel that it was me and also all the horrible things it had done in all those incarnations. But there was also a deep deep compassion and appreciation coming from my Soul for everything the Dark Angel had done in service to the Soul’s development and advancement. The compassion was so deep because it was known that the Dark Angel’s path had been hardest of all. I remember tears streamed down my face as I was feeling all of this. The Dark Angel just stood there quietly waiting for me to absorb it all, then, when we were both ready, it simply walked back into the Soul’s light.

        I too am very tired of this game. In fact, I was tired of it before returning here for this special assignment, and I feel like I’d really like to just move on now. Who knows, maybe I’ll be heading home soon – I’ve actually been sensing some of those options Denise talked about a few months ago in her Starseed Troop Withdrawal article.

        Much love,

      • Hi inho1213:

        I hear you, I hear you. Boredom is part of it, too, as Denise has mentioned. I’m sure there is more I have to wake up to, but again, as Denise has also expressed, we’re waking up at the speed of light now, perhaps even faster — the speed of love, maybe? “Where does time go?” Answer: “It doesn’t go anywhere.” Thanks inho 1213, your comment made my light bulb brighter. Must get my Matrix movies out for the umpeenth time. Love to all here, B.

  • OMG, I’m so sorry to be serial-commenting but YES this has been my experience too! When I use the challenges/obstacles as an OPPORTUNITY to master my LIMITLESSNESS…great undulations of BLISS closely follow. As you said, with this knowledge (that Denise has provided me with) it REALLY CAN be looked at as a game!

    • Thanks for your comment Kate! If we can all learn to see it this way the world would be transformed overnight (almost). The thing is, we’re so entrenched in seeing it the other way it’s hard to get out of the paradigm we’re in.

    • “Sorry, I did not mean to say “What in hell is going on,” but my comments were not an “anything goes” response but a response to your specific post, the specific topic. So I am really not clear about your guidelines at all because I see that my comments do meet the guidelines.”

      Christine Hoeflich,

      But you did didn’t you?

      This is our last conversation Christine because I know that you don’t get what I’m trying to say to you without insulting you.


  • Denise ~ I have a confession to make. I’m a former fluffie who may have held the same judgment as other New Age Fluffies re: your situation with your neighbor…that you attracted it with your vibration. Before you stop reading this comment in disgust, you need to know the following….YOU GOT THROUGH TO ME! I was obviously ready for this information (I’ve been fully researching any and all conspiracy theories since February) and found you for very specific reasons.

    I’ve been fully aware of the Illuminati for years and in recent months/weeks even more fully aware of how they have infiltrated EVERYTHING. But reading your account with your neighbor and then your following comments, well, it opened my eyes even wider. To think that maybe, just MAYBE, all the crap that happens has NOTHING to do with my vibration (which has always been high…and of course when it wasn’t good ol’ LoA taught me it was MY fault) has brought such RELIEF and EMPOWERMENT! (And even though now I fully see the downfall of believing in LoA exclusively, I still have to give it props for being a stepping stone in my journey. I think it can be an important stepping stone as long as you use it to STEP and not just REST there.)

    I also have to admit I was afraid of watching that video you linked in your last post ~ I was afraid of watching such things would bring them more into my experience. But my inner voice told me I was ready to watch such things, that I was more protected than ever, and that is was important. I’m SO GLAD I watched it. Between this video and reading your account with your neighbor I was able to easily trace back to when I was “messed with” (and usually in relation to my business that has to do with prebirth communication). Then two days after I watched it, I had the experience of witnessing first-hand my husband be SERIOUSLY messed with in relation to a product launch with his business (this was on March 29th). For 12 hours he suffered multiple malfunctions, miscommunications, and breakdowns ~ and RAGED while it happened. He always, always, always runs into technical difficulties with a product launch and in the past I always thought he was sabotaging himself and said so (I’ve apologized to him for this by the way and he was very grateful!). This time, I knew it was something outside of himself that was doing it…it was painfully obvious. When I shared all of this with him after he’d calmed down and his product finally launched, he knew it was true too and admitted that if the Negative Aliens feed off our negative energy, he had provided them with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    My whole point with this long account…is that this knowledge has EMPOWERED me. Knowing what he was going through last week and WHY it was happening took all the blame out of it and I was able to stay balanced, centered, and grounded for him. Since I’ve expanded my belief system I feel I’ve also expanded my energy field. When I feel something disruptive or annoying taking place my energy field expands into what feels like an IMMENSE, GOLD, GLOWING LIGHT. I actually feel TALLER and I can feel myself radiating and emanating. I believe in an earlier comment you said that having this knowledge makes our path EASIER and I concur whole-heartedly.

    So, I know you’re frustrated when New Age Fluffies don’t get it….but thanks to you, I DO GET IT. You planted the seeds and I was ready to water them. THANK YOU.

    Now I’m sharing this information with others and getting the same fluffy responses as you…but because I know just planting seeds makes a difference I will keep sharing.

    You’re a treasure, Denise. THANK YOU.

    Love and Sparkles (I still like a little fluff),

    • Love your post Katie! Don Miguel Luiz in his “4 Agreements” book said not to take anything personally and this has been so helpful to me even when all the LofA nonsense came out. (The LOA is real, but many of the gurus sure didn’t understand it!)

      This doesn’t mean you should take absolutely nothing personally. When someone comes to you with a legitimate concern, you need to look at it and see what the next steps for that are. What I’m saying is, sometimes it is personal and sometimes it’s not. Being honest and real with yourself helps you figure out what is what.

    • Kate I think your story is incredible, and I can only imagine the relief of your husband when you apologized for saying he was self sabotaging! Also if you are working in prebirth communications, it is one of the most sacred things one can do for their unborn, as this creates an empowered child before it is born. No wonder you were seriously ”messed” with! Now if you both work together, you will know when ‘they’ are messing with you and you will be able to roll right over it. This is truly amazing. It is beautiful to see how some people get it, to see that there are influences outside of them, and when you test and retest you will see it clearly. Also too many people know of the ‘law of attraction’ but never think of its opposite, the ‘law of opposites’, both of which are at work at all times in this world of duality! Kudos to you and I hope you enjoy Nine Deadly Venoms! I’d like to know what you think of it. blessings, Lady

      • Lady, Thank you so much for your response! Yes, it makes sense to me looking back at how easily I was targeted when working on my prebirth business. When I recorded my meditation CD’s back in 2007 it took me 5 attempts, as each time there was some bizarre technical difficulty or malfunction. It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my 2nd child that I was actually able to finish my recording session. I feel that my unborn baby HELPED me finally get this done. Here’s another interesting tidbit ~ my 7 year son has a lot of recall about when he was in my belly. One of the things he told me recently was he was SO HAPPY to come out and FINALLY be here, as there were “bad aliens” who were trying to keep him from coming. Wow, that was amazing to hear. It gives me a different perspective on the 2 miscarriages I had before he actually came. My mind has been blowing wide-open lately! Life is REALLY getting interesting. 😉

    • “…it was painfully obvious…”

      Kate Street,

      Thank You for your honesty with this very difficult topic and reality.

      I understand that certain other people don’t understand and all I try to do is get people to open their eyes/minds/hearts a little bit bigger so they can see, fee, and know for themselves that the “Story” is much, much more complicated and multidimensional than they realize…or want to realize. 😉 I really do understand this and I too sometimes resist having to know more and/or do more in relation to this Team Light and Team Dark ascension timeline work now.

      I’m SO proud of you for watching the video and also for putting some more of the invisible dots together yourself with this issue. Then on top of it you too, like Susan and her adult son and husband, got to view and feel your husband be affected by Team Dark amplifying their “False King of Tyranny” etheric architecture on March 23, 2012. (The TV News since then has been unbelievable; some man shot his mother the other day because she was evicting him from her home etc. etc.)

      And, let me add that your husband’s response to you telling him about all this and how it USED him to produce some low frequency energy food for Team Dark, was just wonderful. Tell him I said Thank You for helping us all to override this type of negative manipulation and usage of humanity…both male and female. ♥

      Light is knowledge 😉 so knowing more is always going to empower you, me, each of us. What we learn isn’t always fun or pretty or what we want to have to know or deal with but this is why we Starseeds/Lightworkers volunteered to time-jump and come BACK in time to this timeline in these lives to override what Team Dark stole in the first place.

      ♥ Gratitude Hugs for your wisdom, bravery, strength and determination ♥,

  • Hi Denise and All Here:

    Super drawing by Yasmeen. Says it all. I’m hoping that soon Yasmeen will present us with a picture that shows Gaia sort of like a helium balloon up above us all, and each of us are attached by ribbons and floating upwards with her, smiling our heads off. Well, you get the idea. I actually had a dream just like that a couple of years ago. I remember grabbing my ribbon, it was red, but I had to let go and fall back to solid ground here in 3D, because no matter how I coaxed, no one would grab any of the other ribbons that were dangling down from the sky! But methinks that is changing. The ribbons, when again presented, will be happily accepted.

    And great discussion going here at Transitions as always. Thank you to those who have shared their stories about Dark attacks, and here is what I’m thinking. Call me Pollyanna, but it seems to me that the attacks are getting very repetitive, like the Dark Hats have pretty well used up all their tricks, and we are recognizing them quickly now. I just spent the last few days in a real funk, tired and fed up with it all, but this morning the Sun is out (that helps a lot) and having scanned the MSM, I was hit with this idea that there is nothing new (under the Sun — couldn’t resist that line). The Dark frequencies are stuck like an old vinyl record, and the needle is wearing thin. We’re all getting such a good handle on how they operate, we can no longer be ambushed. They’re pretty damned predictable. Doesn’t mean that we don’t need to stay aware, just means that perhaps we can have a giggle. Maybe it’s time for us as Compassionate Witnesses to add a little levity. Ribbon? Anyone? Love to All, B.

    • Barbara, I LOVE your balloon vision and I FOR SURE will grab a ribbon!

      YES, I agree that NOW it is very easy to recognize what’s going on and even laugh at it! I believe Team Dark has NO IDEA how to interact with humor or levity. Perhaps HUMOR is our best defense now…sounds good to me! 😉

  • Denise, Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been feeling (since January) the attacks of Team Dark, to which everyone I know has labeled me crazy for, but I’ve been feeling it very powerfully, and I’ve been retalliating with love, and more love, and my life has been changing for the better ever since. You explained what is happening really well, I feel more aware of this battle that I’ve been feeling, and I can’t even describe to you how relieved I feel knowing I am not the only one. Thank you again. Much peace and love.

  • Important article and very meaningful to me. I got sucked into the drama. Means the world to have this information. I will try to stay very positive regardless of how other people behave. Recognize that they may not actually be saying and behaving in those hurtful ways on their own. Drama is one of those things a few years back that I said I didn’t want in my life anymore and compared to many I know I have very little of it. So when drama does occur I get thrown off my balance and drown in that drama for days.
    I will however stay on balance and keeping loving on no matter what. You got me to see that Love is THE BEST revenge! You give me hope to keep going along. I was at my wits and very much lost in negativity and anger in the last couple of weeks . A thousand thanks Denise. You are my anchor. There is no one else like you! I am, trough your articles understanding more and more the degree to which my awareness is different then those around me (along with my extreme sensitivity). I just know and understand things that to others aren’t even real. That helps me to have more compassion for others. You do so more for us then I think you could ever know. My heart may have creak open just a bit more from reading this. It sure along me to finally shed some cleansing tears. Not the time to suppress our feelings. (This was the Pep talk I needed)

    Love and light.


  • Dear Denise thank you for your latest post reading about the Dark Team not pleasant but necessary and has been very helpful to me having to deal with an unhealthy relationship myself helped me to see things more clearly and take the necessary action.

    My latest dream:

    I was a high priestess/vestal virgin dancing the dance of Unity and the Flame of Resurrection came down upon me and consumed me in the fire. I became Life Eternal much to the amazement of all who were viewing the dance. My guidance always comes in dreams – we are winning despite the efforts of Team Dark. Maureen

  • Hello, Denise and all,

    Yes, this last three months have been intense.  January and February had a lot of intense energies and more pain, but, for me, less than it has been the last few years.  In March, I've been extremely cheerful and friendly, but did have a run-in with a woman in a store who was obviously working for Team Dark.  I decided to stand up against it and not be a victim and I won because the owner was a good guy, but the girl from Team Dark was unrepentant.  She is obviously a team player for those guys.  At least her boss knows what he's dealing with now, as she has been chasing business away.  The night of March 22/23 (also around my birthday), I threw up during the night and was sick for a few days.  I guess as I live alone, they had to take a different approach with me.  Been getting swooping dark shapes, but, honestly, I just ignore them.  They have little to no effect on me these days.  Oddly, my raucous upstairs neighbors have been relatively quiet for some time now.  I'm cautious to say I've had some effect here, but it definitely feels calmer and more sane now.  I'm really debating whether I will stay here or not though.  I've sort of got things under control here now and may face more of the same at a new location. And then there's the time and expense to move.  Well, I've been keeping vigilant with the 12D Light Tube up and activated so maybe that's helping some.  

    Love and hugs to all,

    • Blessed Warriors,

      Just came across the latest Lisa Renee interview with “Hundredth Monkey Radio:

      Love and Sanity. Katerina xxx

      • Denise

        I have never undersood why the more popular teachers of “Oneness” eg, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti etc do not talk about what has happened to humanity and the darker agenda at play It seems to be more about ones own enlightenment. Is it one in the same? Yours Katerina xx

        • “Denise

          I have never undersood why the more popular teachers of “Oneness” eg, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti etc do not talk about what has happened to humanity and the darker agenda at play It seems to be more about ones own enlightenment. Is it one in the same? Yours Katerina xx”


          This is why I personally don’t relate much to these types of teachers; they aren’t Transmuters and Embodies like most Starseeds and Indigos are. I have my spiritual “job” to do and they have theirs, and the two are vastly different now in this timeline on Earth. We’re all needed but first things first. 😉

          I haven’t read anything from the people you’ve mentioned so I can’t respond to that directly. I do know however that within the “New Age” community the vast majority of them all have nothing to do with duality or polarity within this world and all that goes with that. It’s all about “fluffy” type stuff and “magical thinking” instead of the fact that each individual has to do their own Inner Work. Much of think type of thinking and believing goes back over the entire Piscean Age where people were taught that they cannot do this but need a religious person to do it for them–aka total dis-empowerment of humanity. These ancient beliefs are of course Team Dark’s doings and we’re seeing them adjusting and adapting to the changing astrological Age into Aquarius, but they are still dis-empowerment tactics dipped in “New Age” terms.

          To reach this “Oneness”, which is “Unity Consciousness” or High Heart consciousness and being, people must evolve/ascend beyond the endless trap of duality back and forth between the light/dark, the good/bad, male/female, positive/negative, mind/spirit etc. etc. Once this polarized consciousness and way of being is integrated, which is what’s been happening, people naturally evolve to a higher frequency state and level that we’re calling “Unity” consciousness or High Heart or Oneness etc. The 1 and 2 of duality evolves into a 3rd higher state of being…the Sacred Mother (1) and the Sacred Father (2) give birth to the Sacred Child (3) which is more than just #1 and #2 combined. 😉 This is what we’ve been doing, what we’re still doing, and is why Lisa Renee’s “Hieros Gamos” or the “Sacred Marriage” of self with the Divine is now THE main ascension mission on Earth we all need to be mastering. By doing this we become the (3) or integrated, unified, “One” within ourselves with the Divine which means we sure as heck won’t be existing in a world or frequency of duality or polarity! 🙂

          Gratitude Hugs,

        • Denise,

          Thank you for commenting. It amazes me because it is these teachers and others to whom people look to as role models. They are after all those who are enlightened and at the leading edge of this spiritual/oneness revolution?! I’ve never understood it, becaue their lives seem to all go smoothly after their enghtnement, (well a least they are able to function and even travel and teach!). My God, that’s been anything but my experience, especially right now and I’ve been on this path consciously for over 20 years! Maybe I got the “short straw!” This enlightenment thing is nothing quite what i expected. I can’t remember the last time I looked human! Thank you again Denise. you really challenge me to think outside of what has been my current understanding. Bless you always. Katerina xxx

          Ps On a more practical/technical level, how do you quote someones comment if you want to reply to it? I’m new to much of this due to having been taken out of the world of the internet for quite a while x

        • Lady and fellow “those on the front line!”

          Well I must be doing something right, because they are continuinely trying to divert my focus. I am being bombarded with everything they can possibly throw at me and today was no exception. It just keeps on piling on. I havn’t got a clue as to what I must be doing that is so annoying to get there backs up so much! They are determined to see me in some sort of begging position. I don’t know what is keeping me here? To have the support of my comrades, really helps. I am using all of this as a counterforce to developing greater self-discipline and an uncompromising right to be sovereign over my precious life force! In honour of your help and personal courage. Katerina xxx

        • kat333,

          Yep one can usually tell when they’re making BIG progress by how much crap suddenly is in one’s vicinity. 😉

          From March 2, 2012 through today has been tremendously painful physically for me personally. There’s such big positive changes happening energetically now, but as usual, those positive energies and changes naturally cause the not so pleasant (Team Dark) energies, Beings and other humans to be affected too. Because of these positive changes the dark is, once again, on the move and flying around looking for new places and/or people to land on/in to paracite-ize off from again. The transmuting has been monumental this week and there’s more to come so everyone rest and transmute whatever shows up. It’s just business as usual really. 😉


      • Hi, Katerina,

        Thanks for putting this interview up.  It was really nice to hear Lisa Renee in an interview format and hear more of her story.  It was also hilarious to learn that she was once an accountant!  What I really learned from listening to this is to be more disciplined-- I'm so easily distracted. 

        Big hugs,

        • Blessed Cat

          I think it’s really important to develop ourselves in ways which give us a sense of true self-worth and confidence in knowing who we are. Different things work for different people. There are so many things/people/situations which try and take us off our path, which is why itself-discipline and focus seem to be key in helping us to remain in balance and subsequently less likely to be knocked off balance. I think it is an indispensable part of our training. May the battled scarred warrior in me salute the warrior in you. K x

  • THANK YOU for the 1st 1/4 2012 Review. As I was reading about Team Dark pulling out all the stops, my knee was in a current bout of pain with some virus/Lyme combo. I was reminded to call on my own Team Light to send light into my knee. They came in in spades! The pain was more acute, but isn’t that what happens–all the craps needs to be stirred up to be ushered out. Now I feel wonderful and the pain is gone. Plus all the joy I feel inside envisioning my Team–what wonderful beings. Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes it really is that simple, but I spend so much time resisting that very simplicity.

  • Denise,
    I am sending many blessings your way! Thank you for this article and our chance to exchange information. It helps me feel connected to something greater than myself. Since learning about the tricks of the dark, I can identify them immediately, and dismiss them. I see them for what they are and let them go. I feel their presence in people at work and in family members.

    Until I read your article, I had been perplexed by an incident that happened out of the blue on March 25. It occurred with my grown son, who is usually very good company and sympatico. As soon as I reached his door to pick him up that day, I felt the energy was off. Sure enough, he was surly and on the edge of rudeness during our meal out. On the way back to his apartment, he began to rage against people, specifically, obese women using electric carts at Wal-Mart! That was a shocker, as he has always been a very compassionate person. We had an argument as I tried to help him see that he needed to be compassionate rather than judgmental. I was so upset I wanted to cry, and I shut down. To make matters worse, my usually compassionate husband took his side and the two of them kept arguing with me! Well, it was a relief to drop off my son, but I was in disbelief about my husband. Later than night, my son emailed me and conceded that after thinking further about the issue, he could see the error of his ways. A week later, my husband finally understands and is back to normal.

    My nonphysical Star family has been around me almost constantly since early this year, and on the 23rd came to me and told me we had lots of work to do. I have an image of a huge battle between “light” and “dark” energies going on just now, but in the image, the light just keeps growing stronger and bigger. My own power and energy is amazing now. I feel like a generator! They tell me my light body is functioning now and my physical one is adjusting.

    I know we, the light, are stronger and will win. Nothing can stop us now–Unity consciousness, here we come!

    Hugs, Susan.

    • “Denise,
      I am sending many blessings your way! Thank you for this article and our chance to exchange information. It helps me feel connected to something greater than myself. Since learning about the tricks of the dark, I can identify them immediately, and dismiss them. I see them for what they are and let them go. I feel their presence in people at work and in family members.

      Until I read your article, I had been perplexed by an incident that happened out of the blue on March 25. It occurred with my grown son, who is usually very good company and sympatico. As soon as I reached his door to pick him up that day, I felt the energy was off. Sure enough, he was surly and on the edge of rudeness during our meal out. On the way back to his apartment, he began to rage against people, specifically, obese women using electric carts at Wal-Mart! That was a shocker, as he has always been a very compassionate person. We had an argument as I tried to help him see that he needed to be compassionate rather than judgmental. I was so upset I wanted to cry, and I shut down. To make matters worse, my usually compassionate husband took his side and the two of them kept arguing with me! Well, it was a relief to drop off my son, but I was in disbelief about my husband. Later than night, my son emailed me and conceded that after thinking further about the issue, he could see the error of his ways. A week later, my husband finally understands and is back to normal.

      My nonphysical Star family has been around me almost constantly since early this year, and on the 23rd came to me and told me we had lots of work to do. I have an image of a huge battle between “light” and “dark” energies going on just now, but in the image, the light just keeps growing stronger and bigger. My own power and energy is amazing now. I feel like a generator! They tell me my light body is functioning now and my physical one is adjusting.

      I know we, the light, are stronger and will win. Nothing can stop us now–Unity consciousness, here we come!

      Hugs, Susan.”


      Thank you very so much for sharing your personal experience with this recent amplification of Team Dark’s “False King of Tyranny” planetary architecture and human Mental Body implants. It helps everyone to better understand what’s happening, by whom, why, and most importantly HOW it all works through human beings! I applaud your honesty in sharing what you, your adult son and husband all experienced that weekend when Team Dark increased both their old “False King of Tyranny” systems but another one on March 26 too.

      Lisa Renee’s Guardians terms are new to me but these energies most certainly are not. I’ve been acutely aware of and resistant to what I perceive as the “patriarchy” and their entire “church and state” rule over humanity. I too have been watching greater numbers of males living around me, become more aggressive and trying to maintain their sense of ruler-ship and ownership over their females, their possessions, the world, while simultaneously lashing out at everyone (especially females) who threaten them in ANY way.

      Having said all that please everyone understand that human males and many females too, are feeling and acting out like this ONLY because they’re being intentionally messed with, interfered with, controlled and manipulated by Team Dark. Basically humans are good, gentle souls who want to live in peace. Remove these negative etheric implants in humanity’s Mental and Emotional Bodies, and the energy Frequency Fence or Net around the entire planet and life and reality would improve dramatically overnight!

      I received an email about this very issue and like so many others, I was told that I should have sent Light to the male who was fighting with his girlfriend outside for hours. Sending these people in total meltdown mode due to being activated by Team Dark does not work. At times like this it only irritates them more which also draws attention to the person sending the Light. No, much more is required that Starseeds/Lightworkers do than just “send Light” to who ever needs it at crazy and potentially violent times like what’s been happening. And that is us embodying totally different architecture–as in Unity or High Heart or “Hiero Gamos”–which will override Team Dark’s lower frequency architecture in both humanity and earth. If is was as easy as sending Light to someone, none of this escalation of violence and mental and emotional imbalance would be happening.

      I’d suggest Susan (and anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation) that when the dust settles and it’s SAFE for you to talk with said male/males about their latest meltdown, that you suggest they question why or what set them off in the first place. We need to help males and females to question WHY they respond the way they do in really imbalanced, negative, out of the blue ways like this. If we can get them to realize that they can override the desire to go off or throw a fit or attack some female or whatever…then they’ll slowly be able to at least be AWARE of when they come under attack like this and realize that it IS NOT THEM but something else altogether that’s manipulating them to act this way.

      Thanks again Susan for sharing your difficult experience with both your adult son and husband responding to the March 23 amplification of negative architecture from Team Dark. Honestly sharing our personal experiences helps so many other people with these multidimensional problems. ♥

      Gratitude Hugs,

      • I work in a large public hospital and after last evening’s shift I feel so totally deflated and worn like an old balloon. The shift was not bad, but instead of feeling uplifted which I oft do after work I feel like someone has taken the air out of my sails and I actually feel like crying. I understand there are many energies at work in such place and know the team dark work like Hercules to keep the positives down, but this morning it feels like tears and totally deflated. I have asked for assit from my unseen teams as this is not productive and I feel like am closed up this morning and need a huge hug.

        Thanks guys for this sharing and Denise thanks for your patience and work that would see me collapse in a heap ( what am I talking about…I AM today :-O ) and throw in a factory full of towels. It is good to know we are not alone in this, but there are others on this planet going through the same trials. One weary foot infront of another….I totally resonate with the picture in the posting, good work. 🙂

  • Dear Denise– I have to agree the first three months of 2012 were “puking up” people, places, and things! But for me since the Feb cusp, I feel like I need to get something big out of my V Jay Jay…. On June 11, 92 I gave birth to a baby girl 10lb 9oz. I know BIG 🙂 Wow I am nervous & excited – WE are bringing home a NEWBORN

  • This explains a lot to a novice like me. Perhaps the noisy neighbor downstairs is actually a tool of Team Dark! (An elderly, deaf Chinese lady who plays the same Chinese soap opera DVD repeatedly, and too loud – when her caregivers turn their backs.) Are there techniques that can help? Not sure surrounding myself with white light and using noise-cancelling headphones is the right approach!
    Thank you.

    • “Perhaps the noisy neighbor downstairs is actually a tool of Team Dark!”

      More so than you’d ever suspect BJ…much more so!

      There are no fast, simple or easy answers to your question because this is a huge, complex and multidimensional situation. It’s why the whole “Ascension Process” is happening now and why the Starseeds/Lightworkers/Wayshowers are incarnate on Earth now, and it’s why Team Dark as I call all of these beings and humans, is fighting back so hard now in 2012. They know time is short and that big positive changes are happening this year so they’re fighting for what they believe is their food source (humanity) and their control over an entire species (humanity) and this planet.

      I’ll write more articles focused on this current 2012 issue of more people waking up to the fact that Team Dark even exists, plus what all they’ve done to humanity and the Starseeds/Lightworkers etc., and as usual I’ll continue quoting Lisa Renee’s monthly articles here at TRANSITIONS and also directing my readers to her site for more detailed information about this topic. http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/ You’re right that much more is needed than just “white light” and “head phone” (or as I’ve had to use–earplugs!) especially in 2012 and I’ll try to address this in upcoming articles.


  • Dear Denise,
    I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all your posts but ESPECIALLY the past few where you have been gracious enough to share your personal dealings with team dark. The video you included was very well presented and very much needed on many levels for many of us I believe.
    Since early childhood I have been a spiritual warrior. It can be so easy, however, to slip into just focusing on all the light as we are closer than ever to living full time in 5D. I cannot express enough how very much I appreciate your diligent reminder, actual experiences, etc. to remain ever vigilant of the presence and actions of team dark.
    I hope for all of our sakes and awareness that you will continue to share, update, and help us know how to deal with them in a way(s) that will allow each of us as individuals to stand strong and at the ready. We are all in this together. We need each other.
    Much love to you for being so strong and willing to help.

  • Wow!!! Omg! Amazing….this is exactly what’s occurring! Just by finding this today I know the help/guidance is here to help all of us who are aware of what’s happening around us. The past 3 months have been chaotic, disruptive, life-altering…but almost immediately the light has come & shown the way. Thank you so very much for posting this!! Blessings to you!

  • These last two Transitions have been very enlightening and also very depressing to me! How do we combat the Dark Team? and is the Team Light’s efforts for naught? It’s good to reveal what is going on for us to know, even better to add how to deal with it in a positive way. After reading this transmission, I feel hopeless and almost defeated. I’m sure that is not what the Team Light wants. I too have been working at this process for years and I’m tired and needing upliftment, comfort and hope.

    • “These last two Transitions have been very enlightening and also very depressing to me! How do we combat the Dark Team? and is the Team Light’s efforts for naught? It’s good to reveal what is going on for us to know, even better to add how to deal with it in a positive way. After reading this transmission, I feel hopeless and almost defeated. I’m sure that is not what the Team Light wants. I too have been working at this process for years and I’m tired and needing upliftment, comfort and hope.”


      If you are a Starseed/Lightworker then the way you’re dealing with Team Dark and all of their tools and tactics is by embodying higher frequency “Unity” consciousness/being or what Lisa Renee calls “Hieros Gamos” or what I’ve called High Heart Consciousness/being.

      First people must know that Team Dark even exists because that actually makes it easier to do the work required to evolve/ascend and escape that lower frequency range where that negativity exists. Polarity resolution and integration, transformation, has been the first steps to take to move beyond endless back and forth looping with duality; good/bad, male/female, black/white, positive/negative duality consciousness and reality. The natural result of resolving and integrating duality is to finally reach a third higher point of consciousness and being that’s unified and literally exists within a higher frequency range well above the old lower duality or polarity frequency and consciousness range. With work, fearless work and determination we evolve out to the prison that we’ve all lived within.

      Like I said, Starseeds/Lightworkers/Indigos embody the higher frequency blueprints and insert them into THIS Ascension timeline where they become the NEW higher frequency tools for the rest of humanity (that wants and is ready for them I mean) to then utilize themselves which changes them which also changes “reality” and consciousness. Believe me when I tell you and everyone else that I personally want this entire Process to happen much faster than it has, than it currently is, but that’s just me. It takes time because what we’re living through now is unprecedented and believe it or not…it’s happening REALLY fast! 😆

      I’m 60 years old and I’ve been doing this most of this life and a few others as well and I’m very, very tired too. I want to be happy, I want to be free, and I want this for everyone else who also wants it now. We’re getting there but it takes work and time to make the major changes and timeline shifts that we Starseeds/Lightworkers are.

      Never forget that if we weren’t close to success, Team Dark wouldn’t be increasing their countermeasures. 😉


  • Thank you so very much Denise for keeping us updated about the dark team…….I have felt them so so strongly since January….Well all my life really but more this year…..They even come in my dreams and I had a dream where I kissed one of them ( They appeared human ) until I kissed one and he turned reptilian and I had that serpant tongue in my mouth and freaked out and woke up very discausted and scared!! I feel them so so strongly that alot of times I just want to leave earth……This battle is ongoing and I am in therapy just to stay alive, so I Thank you with all my heart Denise for your vital information………Love you and stay strong sweeti!! Hugs!!

    from: A lightworker like you xxoo Shari-Lynxx

  • Hi Denise–LOVE the picture your sister drew–she’s so clever. It reminds me of how I’ve been feeling for years now!

    Thanks again for another insightful, clear, grounded and elegantly worded summary of what is really going on at the moment. Your words ALWAYS resonate with me and you have a very clear way of cutting through all the illusion to the truth. I appreciate it so much-thank you.

    My husband is currently in a ‘manic episode’ in a psychiatric ward, and I can very much see the impact of the “False King of Tyranny” that Lisa Renee mentions not only from him and other male patients, but also particular male staff members. The date of March 23rd and what you learned was occurring is very interesting in hindsight, as was the equinox date of March 20. My husband was ‘improving’ and then seemed to regress quite dramatically around that time. He always seems to become ‘unwell’ and ‘ungrounded’ around significant astrological dates and the level of psychic attack from ‘Team Dark’ has increased dramatically in the last few months from him and towards both of us. It’s so reassuring to read your insights and how they correlate with what has been going occurring in my life as well.

    It’s also so reassuring to read YOU talking about things getting easier!!! I have read that SO MANY TIMES for years and years from various channels-along the lines of “Things will get easier soon” – that quite frankly I roll my eyes at most of it now. This year has been horrendous. I have literally been battling every day… but just the last week or so, I have been feeling that maybe, just maybe, things are easing up a bit. So it’s encouraging to see it written here, because I know you always call it exactly how it is! So I will allow myself a tentative little ray of hope to waft gently into my soul as I watch things unfold.

    Thanks again Denise for writing the truth-even when people may not want to see, hear or know it. You are a very brave soul and I honour that in you! Hugs, Kathryn

    • “It takes a person of integrity and courage to tell the worn and weary a painful truth, that the bad will get worse before it gets better, as Denise does all the time…”


      Thank you for saying that because I often fight with myself before I hit the publish button on many of my articles. I’m the LAST person that wants to have to tell my fellow exhausted, battle-weary, beat-up and traumatized fellow Light Warriors and Starseed embodiers (“prototypers”) that more pain and misery is coming. But, because we’re really coming down to the finish line or separation line with all this, Team Dark IS fighting back in 2012 with all their might to not change or lose their grip on humanity and this world. We’ve just got to accept this and keep doing what we’ve done all along…even though we’d/I’d like to put up a Gone Fishing sign for a while. 😉 I won’t of course but I too want this clusterfuck to be over and for humanity to have what Source intended/intends for all of them and everyone else too.

      I too thought it convenient that that pilot had his meltdown while so much help was right there on-board ready to take over. Nothing is as it first seems.

      Thanks again for your kind words and wisdom. ♥

      Gratitude Hugs,

    • Hi Pamela1627, I just wanted to say I listened to that talk show you linked, took me all day to get through it, and through some of Sevons site there, and he is quite amazing. I’d say I love the guy and was about to get interested about this male, but I sense some gay quality (in vids too) and this bums me out that such an informed intelligent spiritual man who recognizes and teaches the Universal Mother Truth, of course turns out to be gay…..just a miff on my part 😀 But about his information, amazing and kaleidoscopic as it is, he is not a woman and certainly not a transmutor/ transformer as are most of those who comment here and who experience the physical alchemical transmutations of dark forces, entities, energies, ancestral miasms, and the Earth Mother’s birthing process itself through her own bodies…..this is an entirely different kind of life and one who lives this will have a different language to express their world, if they can speak at all. These ones are the silent true powers and threat to team dark because we do the work, we do not talk about it, juicy as that could be even if we could……the threat to td are the transformers, and we are the ones who are targeted/attacked, have pain, traumas, high strangenesses etc etc. Just saying.

      • Thank-you Lady for “just saying” and for assisting me to understand further…
        I am new here and honestly, I finally GET IT. All this weekend I have been reading this site / meditating and am so grateful to source for leading me here…my plea for truth and understanding has been heard!!! I didn’t realise, or should I say totally understand what all my experiences were truly for. I was activated 7 years ago…and wow what a ride those years have been!!! However, I can now see clearly and the puzzle is complete with total comprehension and nil confusion. Lol I feel free and extremely empowered 🙂
        I think I was a bit “fluffy” / naive until I realised ( after a horrendous) Hawaiian holiday…that my partner and I were clearly being followed and targeted by TD.
        Anyway as I said, I’m now on to them 🙂
        I am a transmuter / transformer and I signed up for this…so what I say is
        “BRING it on”…I’m truly ready to totally step into my soul contract without fear or uncertainty.
        Namaste Lady

  • Hi Denise-

    I’m so happy that I ‘accidentally’ found your blog! It’s been such a comfort to read your posts and the amazing information you are making available, especially important to all of us who are Starseed/Lightworkers. 

    Before finding your site I really thought I was just becoming more and more depressed due to something I wasn’t ‘doing right’ or attracting these ‘negative’ experiences due to not fully completing the ‘lessons’ I incarnated to learn/experience. 

    I’ve been reading all the information on your website and have just started reading the archives on Lisa Renee’s website as well. Many things are starting to fall into place for me now, and my awareness has exploded into a much wider view. All of a sudden so many things are making sense. I feel empowred with this new understanding, when  before it was taking so much of my energy to not fall completly into hopelessness. I’m so thankful to both of you and the important work you are doing.

    It was so interesting that you mentioned the March 23rd date – I had some very ‘out of the blue’ intense angry energy directed at me as well. It seemed to disappear as quickly as it came and honestly, the person directing this dark energy at me didn’t ‘feel’ like he was even the same person… His energy was off and after almost 24 hours of this ‘change in frequency’ he felt back to normal. The whole experience left me with the impression that he had been away (like on a trip or something) and when his energy returned to normal, it was like I was welcoming him home again. 

    I was having a difficult time connecting the dots… Until reading your post. Do you know if there is a way to protect our loved ones (who are not aware of the ‘game’) so they are not used like this? 

    He is beginning to awaken..slowly, and does feel the urgency to be doing ‘something, although not sure what’ that so many feel now. I try and provide insight when he asks…Ultimately this is each individuals Journey and we can’t force others Awake.

    I wish there was some way to know of these dates a head of time, so we could prepare for the onslaught of darkness. I guess the best thing to do is keep heart-focused and our connection to Source strong at all times now.. To keep working on holding our frequency ‘in the face of anything’ that’s thrown our way. 

    Knowing in my heart that it’s all an illusion, and a distraction to throw us out of balance, truly does help. It feels so much better knowing I’m not alone. I would love knowing no one had to endure this suffering, but understanding that it is for a Higher Purpose, and that we are Being of Service in the Greater Plan helps immensely in being able to endure the work we came here to do. 

    Much Light & Love – Heather

    • “Before finding your site I really thought I was just becoming more and more depressed due to something I wasn’t ‘doing right’ or attracting these ‘negative’ experiences due to not fully completing the ‘lessons’ I incarnated to learn/experience…”


      Most of us think this way, I thought this way for decades. The planetary thought-form tells humanity to believe they are flawed, that it’s their fault etc. The only things wrong with us/humanity is that we’ve been seriously messed with, altered, unplugged, disconnected and profoundly limited and totally controlled by the intentional actions of Team Dark…and Source ain’t havin’ it no more! 😉

      The March 23, 2012 EVENT was so obvious to me that something negative had been activated by Team Dark. What it was exactly I didn’t know until a week later when I’d heard something about Team Dark deliberately firing up their old “False King of Tyranny” architecture within humanity and especially males. I also heard that on March 26th Team Dark activated another of their old negative architecture, so from the spring Equinox–March 19, 2012–forward it’s been a real battle because Team Dark is fighting back trying to hold on to everything and everyone they believe is theirs to do whatever they want with.

      I don’t perceive all of the detailed information about this massive situation like Lisa Renee does, and this is why I quote her monthly articles here at TRANSITIONS. We all need to know on a conscious level how to deal with Team Dark’s tools and actions against Starseeds/Lightworkers and humanity in general. You’ll find a lot of (accurate) archived info at Lisa’s ES web site — http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/ Look under her heading Resources for info on psychic protection, past articles, Team Dark’s architecture etc. You can trust her information in my opinion.

      Be strong and I hope your husband is quickly able to break free of the negative assault’s he’s experiencing too. Heart Hugs coming your way. ♥


    • Hello Heather 🙂
      Personally, I find this to be extremely useful…I try to incorporate twice into my day. Hope you et al may also find it protective 🙂 It is Lisa Renee’s shield building technique.


      • Thank you, thank you, thank you Pamela for the clip. You have no idea how much it was needed in my case. I was thinking as I work with Public I need to start shielding myself from the energies churning out there as I have to be out there as a nurse to earn my living and continue my work here and it is causing all manner of personal problems as within me, my energy and my body and I asked for help from my Guides. This arrived and am so grateful. This is so simple and short I can do it before going out there each day and most of all I resonate deeply with it and how it works. Thank you again…. whewww…..

        • Hi Ulpu, Firstly I have to say how much I honour the work you do as a nurse-I reckon it is one of the hardest jobs in the world! My husband is currently in a psychiatric ward at present (his 17th manic episode) and I have to say that the 12D shield technique is the BEST thing I have ever used when visiting him in hospital. Wish I’d had it years ago. I used to feel crap as soon as I stepped in the ward door, even though I would imagine myself in a white light bubble of protection and used other protective techniques. All sorts of gremlins and dark energies would be drawn to me and and then my husband would start behaving aggressively. I’d always have to go home and have a shower or ocean swim to clear off my energy.

          Now with the 12D shield, I stroll into the ward and things just bounce off me and I can simply observe with compassion. It occurred to me today that the feeling of everything just bouncing off me is quite possibly how most humans live their lives everyday-no wonder many of them struggle to understand how sensitive we can get to energy and especially crowds! Have fun continuing to use it-it’s so awesome and empowering isn’t it?!! Keep up your amazing light work as a nurse!

        • Thank you so much for your kind words and yes I understand also about visiting people in psyche ward as my son whom suffers from Schizophrenia has been a client in ours. I also noticed from their hanging art work what amazingly talented people some of the clients are. Some awesome and beautiful art work and colours used, very high energy art work.

          I used the shielding first time yesterday and it was an amazing gift as indeed I was well protected from various energies, I ahd an elated energy myself. I shall do so again before going in. I am glad to hear from others whom have used it and how it works for them. Indeed we support and assit each other also through these tough times, so thank you everyone and thank you Denise for abling us to do so.

          Bless us all for we a strong and determined Earth Crew under fire. 🙂

  • Hello Denise,
    Thanks for this article. March really has been a hell month for me. Been so mad and frustrated at times that I fell like I will burst. Yea those bad boys sure do know how to push our buttons with people we work with and with family. I have been feeling like there is no time, so much to do and no time. Or there seems to be days that time stops. It will feel like an hour has passed and I check the clock and it is only minutes. Physically very tired and worn out but not because of any physical labor I have done but from the stress of what’s going on in my personal life right now.
    Spring here in Va. has been really strange. Daffodils, tulips. iris and lilac all blooming at the end of March. Seems like time is being squashed together so everything is confused about blooming time, the weather has been in the 8o’s quite often this month. As always looking foward to what the rest of this year brings.

    PS, I don’t know what January and February are, what they mean or where they went or even if they happened. May sound crazy but my reality sometimes is moment to moment.

    Peace and Love to everyone 🙂

  • Hi Denise, I haven’t commented for a long time… lots of reasons, but one major one has been continued assaults by the Team Dark guys have just exhausted me as a human being. Your admonitions to stay in your high heart have been encouraging, but very difficult to do… sometimes nigh impossible. The crap just keeps dragging me down. I completely relate to the “other people” who are slinging their sh*t your way…

    While reading your current post, it occurred to me to ask you a question about the ETs… I have had a few interactions with the ETs in the past couple of years, but none in the last 6 months. I want them back. I’ve tried meditation to try to reconnect… not happening… so, suggestions????? Maybe I’m just too mired in the dark muck… but I can only think that the way out is to start interacting with them again.

    • “Hi Denise, I haven’t commented for a long time… lots of reasons, but one major one has been continued assaults by the Team Dark guys have just exhausted me as a human being. Your admonitions to stay in your high heart have been encouraging, but very difficult to do… sometimes nigh impossible. The crap just keeps dragging me down. I completely relate to the “other people” who are slinging their sh*t your way…

      While reading your current post, it occurred to me to ask you a question about the ETs… I have had a few interactions with the ETs in the past couple of years, but none in the last 6 months. I want them back. I’ve tried meditation to try to reconnect… not happening… so, suggestions????? Maybe I’m just too mired in the dark muck… but I can only think that the way out is to start interacting with them again.”


      I’ve wondered about you. Glad to see you back here again. ♥

      I know, believe me I know about this feeling “…sometimes nigh impossible.” I’ve been there so many times over the years but I always come out of that negative funk after hitting bottom. The one thing I know is that these attacks, these onslaughts of negativity from Team Dark are coming in fast and hard now in 2012 (which we should all have anticipated 🙄 ) but the Cosmic Cavalry is ALSO here in new ways that weren’t even possible prior, so we’ve got more Light Energies helping us more quickly with this final battle.

      I went into my little story about having positive ETs in my life from birth to start of Ascension Process, then gone while I went through hell for twelve years (1999-2011) and now slowly, quietly, some positive ETs are letting me know that they’re able to make telepathic contact despite the Frequency Fence and that Team Dark is trying to amplify it now to prevent this from happening for all of us.

      Team Dark does NOT want Starseeds/Lightworkers talking to or meeting with (telepathy and clairvoyantly I mean) any positive help from higher dimensions and this is another reason why they’re trying to increase the interference, create more attacks, BS and distractions through other humans…like neighbors and such. BUT, despite being exhausted beyond belief and fed-up with Team Dark and all of their stunts and tools etc., besides all that and more, we’ve GOT to keep embodying the NEW higher frequency and higher consciousness blueprints or architecture of “Unity” consciousness and being or as Lisa Renee calls it the “Hiero Gamos” –“Hieros Gamos is the sacrament that respresents “sacred marriage” at the individual level, to the relationship level, to the group level as a part of spiritual ascension, moving through the spiraling staricase of time to experience unification with (or marry) all aspects of God. When we marry God through this sacrament, Christ returns.” (That was from her January 2012 article The Hieros Gamos)

      And the Hieros Gamos architecture is what others are calling 5D “Unity” consciousness or what I’ve called High Heart Consciousness and being.

      And of course the more we try to do this the more interference Team Dark is and will continue throwing at us and at humanity until we’ve evolved beyond that lower frequency range and become untouchable to them. If you need to rest from this battle then do so. I certainly do when I become beat down and feel momentarily defeated. When I feel like my old Warrior self again I get back in the Ascension saddle to embody some more. Just know Debora that we’ve got more help now than ever before so things well be tough yes but better and faster too. 😉


      • Thank you Denise… just after I finished the above post, the neighbor (what is it with neighbors!?!) literally passed out dead drunk in her drive way… after 30 minutes of her also dead drunk boyfriend standing over her and yelling “hey! get up” he went in the house, got a pillow and put it under her head… you know you really never know what to do in this kind of thing … I called her son, after he berated me on the phone, he came over and got his mother inside the house and then the further yelling ensued between him and boyfriend.

        I so understand your deep desire for a quiet mountaintop. Oh to be a Hermit!

        Thank you for the encouragement. Last night as I went to sleep I called out to them… sometime during the night I dreamed I was flying (in some sort of craft) over port areas on the West coast (something I “knew” within the dream … not sure why (recon mission?), given that I live in Kansas. I did not feel, see or hear anyone during the course of this “mission” … But it was one of those “more vivid” “dreams” so it wasn’t really a dream… This is the first dream I’ve been able to remember in some time, so I apologize for “making you work” … at least that is my guess… I reached out to you by writing and you were able to help me in the high consciousness where we’ve met before… so I guess they’re back… or maybe they never left, I just haven’t been able to “see” … I think I’ll try the same thing again tonight.

        (((<3))) to you and yours,


    • Thanks Nikkoale, I’ve had that image in my head for years and have wanted to share it with everyone. Thank goodness my sister can draw and help me externalize some of the things I see like this.


  • Hi Denise,

    I think I have seen that red light too and not too long ago while meditating. I wasn’t sure if it was physically there or if I saw it with my third eye. But I’m pretty sure it was right when I opened my eyes. If you wouldn’t have mentioned it I would’ve forgotten about it. But I didn’t see the white light or as a device just the red light. I associated it with something from “them”. I know that light beings or guardian angels don’t do those kind of things. That might be a slip up on their part as well which would be indicative that their energy is getting lower or less powerful. It’s good that we’re aware of it even if in a subconscious level because it helps us to know what we need to do to destroy it, debunk it or whatever needs to be done with it. Usually, I tell my light guardian angles or God/dess about it and they know what to do with it. I’ve pointed things out in the past and have had to hear it from them afterwards because they were angry about me telling. I guess I’m a tattle tale. LOL!

    Yes, we’ll keep on keeping on for sure! Oh, thought I would mention that not too long ago I had a dream and in the dream I was outside and there was a missile flying right at me. I thought I would be able to dodge it but it was coming at full speed and it was too late I was going to be squashed. At that moment I crouched down into fetal position scared to death and then my mom walks into the room asking “What’s the matter”? I thought I was dead but instead I was on the couch and the TV was on and the screen was a bright white light shining out and pouring in! I didn’t die and the missile was God/dess not something bad as I thought it was. I had been very afraid of it though. Well, I woke up and realized that God/dess is stronger than this darkness, much stronger and much more powerful! And intuitively felt that the light knew exactly what was going on and always has. It was very comforting to me to say the least. As a result, I have now decided to use “light bombs” or “God/dess light bombs” as I named them to blast these negative energies. It seems to be working. I try to visualize & remember the massiveness and power of it and then say it and it works! But even without the visualization it seems to also work by just saying the words. Just wanted to share that in case it might be helpful for others.

    Love, peace & hugs,

  • Thank you Denise for your writing today, thank you for all your writings. Thank you for the direction and understanding you share.
    My life in 99 was basically one could say obliterated, for 13 years now the journey has been to find some form of life again. Your writings gave an understanding of why.
    In October of last year my life was at point of utter emptiness and despair. Late November things began to change and change rapidly. Two holidays,a brave move returning to my home area.
    However the friend who brought the holidays, the move..Turned, much like the description of team darks possession of people. So here i am alone in my territory of birth. Still poverty stricken, still alone, still confused.
    Yet there is something different..while depression and fear try to grab this mind. There is also this energy that is pushing to fight it. Painful awarenesses arise, responsibility for this life,cause and affect are accepted. Though these years have willingly crawled into bed with this depression. Something yells get out of the house now. Each day though there is a depth of terrible loneliness, a walk is accomplished. No longer does it seem that i can crawl into that depth of depression. Though this may be a good thing, it creates confusion.
    Thank you for writings they give an understanding..
    May this all be over soon..

  • Have noted this happening more and more, it is almost as some people go around the bend. These people normally have been pleasant to be around, but boy at the moment and has been for awhile honestly they seem to go psycho at least from time to time or almost all the time. No matter what one does in acapacity of a Light nthing seems to assit nor help. I have come to conclusion they have chosen such for reasons of their own and I step out of their arena and let them go their way. The separation of two Light and the Dark is becoming clearer and clearer as the crack between the two is widening. Eventually I believe the separation will be so wide the other cannot reach the other. Huh-huh it is one heck of a ride and we signed up for it. We have got to be some amazing Souls to have done so and a lot have done so time after time. Oh well, finish the job and then go for a long vacation, well I hope…. 😀

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