Lightworkers Literally Glow In The DARK


The more Light you embody within yourself, your being, your bodies via the current ongoing Ascension Process, the more easily and quickly you are spotted, seen, sensed, and felt by nonphysical negative beings and negative humans who vibrate at a much lower rate. Vibrate much lower simply means they are not embodying much Light within themselves. Here’s another example that may help with this.

We’ve heard the stories about certain humans who were unpleasant, cruel, controlling, nasty people while they were alive. We’ve heard or read the stories about people like this that die and are still unpleasant, cruel, controlling nasty jerks but now in ghost form “haunting” and harassing, attacking, controlling and in general being huge tormentors of other living people who currently live in that house or locale area. New people move into the nasty jerk person’s old house or land or area and the dead person begins his/her attacks upon the unsuspecting and unaware new home owners. Typical haunting story right? The important thing is why is that dead person, that nasty, cruel, mean, controlling dead person still hanging around? Because they have not dealt with their personal issues—hate, fears, anger, resentments, perversions, addictions, fears of hellfire and punishments via religious beliefs etc.—so they remain as long as they can in this in between lower astral state attacking and harassing the living who happen into their old familiar physical territory.

Next, let’s  take that example and apply it to the levels beyond that one where other nonphysical negative Dark Beings, entities, aliens, demonics etc. exist. At this level there are other beings and entities that have never been human or physical. They’re not dead because they never were alive within Earth physicality but they have long existed within these other dimensional layers nonetheless. I’m referring to negative ETs/aliens, negative entities and beings of all types and not ghosts of dead humans.

So here you come carrying all your hard-earned higher vibrating Light within yourself, your bodies and energy fields and guess who literally see’s, feels, smells you coming through all that lower vibrating Darkness? Many of those nasty critters and beings! They literally see you GLOWING IN THE DARK long, long, long before you ever sense or see or in many cases are even aware of their existence. And that is how and why the Forerunner Lightworkers typically get our Light filled butts seriously kicked all over the place! We forget that we glow in the dark. We forget that we radiate higher Light energies and that these negative beings see and feel us coming from miles away. We forget who we are and that because we’re now carrying within ourselves faster, higher vibrating energies or Light that we must be more aware of where we go, where we wander into and who all lives in those lower vibrating locations both physical and NON-physical.

I know this information from first-hand experience, from many first-hand ass-whoppings by some of these lower vibrating negative beings. Many of you reading this have learned this painful and shocking energy lesson the hard way as well. The primary way we learn this territorial energy lesson is within dreams or while out-of-body. The more psychic or sensitive you are, you run the risk of experiencing this business while awake and in-body also. We wander into some local out there—usually in our dreams—and some of these lower vibrating Dark beings, entities, aliens or whatever we wish to call them, don’t appreciate us being in their turf carrying all our damned LIGHT and shining it all over in their perfect DARK! Guess who gets jumped by whom and why? Yes, us, because we’re naive and usually forget that we glow in all that darkness and negativity. And just like the dead human ghost who’s not moving on and facing whatever he/she needs but is hunkered-down in their old familiar physical haunts, these other non-physical, non-human negative Dark entities, beings and aliens are even more hunkered-down in their familiar dimensional layer and territory. They’ve been there for far longer than any dead human ghost haunting any place on Earth. Because of this, these lower vibrating Dark or vastly less Light-filled beings and entities do not want you or I or anyone carrying a bunch of Light to venture into their territory. There will be an altercation and most likely if you or I don’t remember who we are and where we are, we’re going to probably get our etheric and physical butts kicked yet again. This is how we learn. This is also how we never forget life within the physical and in Duality with the Dark Ones.

This whole Multi-D energy turf war business can happen while we’re awake, while we’re asleep dreaming, while we’re meditating, while we’re out shopping somewhere, while at different lower energy forums, while we’re in the privacy of our own higher vibrating Light-filled homes and so on. It can happen anywhere at any time, at least during the early stages of our transitions, our ongoing transmuting of lower dark energies within ourselves and/or locations. Eventually, through our ongoing Ascension Process we do enough of this astral 4D transmuting within ourselves that we’re able to carry much more Light and we naturally find ourselves existing within small pockets of ONLY higher vibrating energies that currently match our own. (This has changed so much now that finally the Light is the majority instead of the minority.) It’s when we leave that higher vibrating energy and wander into lower vibrating Dark areas where we glow in the dark, that we usually meet some Dark nasty bully—human and/or nonhumans—who has no intention of changing him/her/itself or anything and so attacks us. This is how we learn who and what we are, all of us, no matter how much Light or lack of Light we’re currently carrying.

If you wander into some physical place, online forum or website, building, location or non-physical place or dimension, astral, or dream location and either immediately or hours later find yourself being attacked by one or more of the beings carrying vastly less Light, then try to backtrack where you’ve been to determine why you got attacked. Usually, you’ll be able to backtrack and connect the dots to a place, person, group of people or nonphysical being or beings and lower frequency energies.

Denise Le Fay

June 7, 2009

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10 thoughts on “Lightworkers Literally Glow In The DARK

  • oh my God I am glad I found this article. All that you mentioned (dark entities and stuff) that is what I am afraid of in regards to my third eye. It brought back memories of when I lived alone. I have always felt other energies in that place and well in others as well. But felt them more when it was dark and alone. The energies where negative then if I was afraid. In my other place even two of my friends got scared and I had never told them about any of it. How do you explain to people thet you afraid of something you can t see. During the day feeling someone behind me (that isnt there) isn t so scary but at night. Oh man sometimes I slept with the light on. I have started doing that again. I feel so much. Sometimes I feel same and other times dont.

    Back at my other home…One time , it was actuallt morning and hadn t even gotten out of bed and heard a noise outside my door.(always closed it because somehow felt more protected) I was startled awake and then as I was going to bravely get up and see was it was heard a huge scratch a the door. I hid under my blankets and tought my heart would stop beating. I considered jumping out of my window in the snow I was so afraid. I am realizing now how much I have always been aware of. I never see others then shadows (even one of a dog) and am afraid of what you mentioned in the article. Afarid of not knowing how to protect myself. Before I go to sleep I ask to be pretected my the light and that my angels guide me. It helps but really is it enough. The other night I found myself awake with a jolt, gasping and had no clue why. Don t remember if I dreamt or anything. Thank Godness my light was on. Lol I sound like a child. It s half cute /half silly. There is so much more but I think this is a good undication that I am far more aware of the outside world but just not enough yet for my liking. I am a grown adult afraid of the dark because of the noises, the energies different of mine I feel and of not knowing how to protect my self. Oh well and now it s late, I am tired and need to go sleep.

    Denise I am very grateful for all your experience you so generously share with all of us. Your light shines very bright because I always feel you present when I read your articles.

    • Linny,

      I’m so glad that YOU realized how very sensitive you are to non-physical energies and beings. That is really great and very important that YOU made these connections within yourself. Well done you! 🙂 This is how we learn more about ourselves; we do brutally honest looking within to see the many whys (usually in our pasts) that are still controlling us and/or making us be the way we are today…even if we shouldn’t! We can’t know unless we ask ourselves and honestly dig around in there.

      So, now that you’ve shared more about your past, we can safely say that you are psychically “sensitive”, and probably clairvoyant also. All that means is that you’re more consciously aware of some of the beings, entities and energies that exist within what sounds like certain lower areas within the astral plane or 4D, the forth dimension. DO NOT FREAK OUT just because I put a name to this OK? I’ve been a clairvoyant, empath, clairaudient since childhood, so I’m real familiar with how this all works within both 3D and 4D. Experiencing other dimensional beings and entities is simply another aspect of our current spiritual and consciousness ascensions/evolutionary process. Eventually we each reach a stage where much of this lower scary stuff doesn’t exist, but, we still will feel, see, hear, sense, and interact with other non-physical beings and they with us. That too is the natural progression of our expanding awareness and carrying more Light energy within ourselves, our Hearts, our brains, our beings etc.

      I’ll try to write a new post about this type of thing…becoming increasingly clairvoyant (and most all of the other ESP abilities) while going through the different stages of the ascension, both during Phase One and now in Phase Two. Don’t feel bad for being afraid or sleeping with a light on. Eventually you’ll feel stronger about how to protect yourself (which I’ll write about in that post), and that you will vibrationally raise above that level (4D) anyway. Thanks for your kind words and I’m so glad you can feel me in my words. 🙂


  • Hi Robin,

    I know what you mean about having the dream about living in the country. I live in the London area (UK) with my neighbours very close. I love my house, but would prefer to live with more space and nature all around….

    I can totally relate to you being noticed by strangers, I emailed Denise about the following a few months back:

    I had an interesting event last weekend in my local Kebab shop! While waiting for my dinner, a guy came in to pick up his order. He kept on turning round to look at me, like he couldn’t help it. It seemed like he had the feeling to look at me, just like I used to have when I was drawn to look up at the sky and see a ufo/craft.



    • Hi Stu

      Good to hearing that I’m not sounding completely off my rocker with sharing my observation, and that you and Denise both can relate. After having it happen numerous times now, I have to chalk it as something more than coincidental. There was a time, that I did feel more unseen, but that seems to have evolved. It’s just one more thing to add onto the pile of wierdness that seems to go hand and hand with this stuff we call ascension, I guess.

      All my best!

  • Stu,

    Yep, it’s been a pretty horrible May and June so far, from my point of view at least!

    I’ve been through this so many times over the (ascension) years. Suddenly a big influx of lower vibrating people flood my tiny living space with their junk, noise, their friends noise and lower vibrations etc. etc. After a couple months of this, I’m ready to move to a Cave in the side of some mountain somewhere just to be free of all of them and their lower crap vibes and rude noise!

    The Summer Solstice energies are obviously going to be MEGA this year…as they should. They will quickly change much of the negative lower stuff so many of us have been having to live through and endure yet again.

    Hugs and hang in there,

    • Denise/Stu

      I was driving home from doing some errands just yesterday daydreaming and praying that somehow thru all the ascension shenanigans there will come a time and some miraculous means for my husband and I to uproot from here where we presently are and get a nice big beautiful plot of land somewhere low key (is there such a place?)– were I can truly be outside in nature and not feel like my neighbors are going to be on top of me when I am gardening, soaking up the sun,listening to the birds, enjoying a cup of coffee or meditating. ..Condo living sucks.

      Nice article Denise, with some thought provoking points. Never quite thought of the situation at hand in those terms before. You know one thing along the same lines that I have noticed say in the past 8 mos or so is alot of times if I am out and about, people seem to zeroing right in on me — I will often look up to see people staring very intently at me, and this is not because I have a mustache or look like Pamela Anderson, either – or both. I’m just bopping along in my zone doing my thing and (and trying to get back to home base quickly enough) and will often become aware of this repeatedly. I really think it has to do with me vibrationally or the quota of light I am carrying — on some note people pick up on it? Either of you notice this too??


      • Robin,

        I’ve deeply longed for the same identical thing for the past 18 years or so now. To own many acres out in higher charged Nature with ONLY like-consciousness, like-energy souls, aka Light Family, living nearby, quietly and happily doing their thing. No more having to tolerate lower vibrating anything or anyone. This is the ancient memory we Lightworkers all have… 5D (and above) living. It is what’s coming fast now believe it or not. AND we are the designers who are currently creating the “new blueprints” of them, based on what we remember, sense, feel, know and desire from our new High Hearts. We’re about to design and build a new world that vibrates well beyond what Lemuria was at its best and most beautiful.

        Hard to believe right at this moment, I do know! The lower vibrating folks (see how polite I can be) have been extra active, noisy and busy for the past month and a half and I’m freaking exhausted because of them, and the “falling” here in California. My already “rolled back” wages and job is dangling in the breeze right now and may not be any longer come July 1st. Stepping out into thin air again right now and I’m trying to not freak out. Some days good, others not, so I’ve been keeping a lower energy profile lately only because of this. I sense things will improve with the Summer Solstice energies however.

        I can totally relate to what you described about people staring at you. They either don’t see you and run into you because you’re invisible to them or, they do see and feel you and are either very drawn energetically OR seriously repelled. Oh how I can relate too. 🙄

        The more Light you/I/him/her houses, the more we’ll attract other people who are vibrating high enough themselves to even sense us. Stair steps…energy stair steps. Those people will be attracted energetically to what we’re emanating…just like we used to be with our “guides”, higher nonphysical ET’s, angelics, ascended masters etc. Many of us have taken their place on those energy stair steps so to speak, and this is one reason why many sensitive and more aware people can feel/see/sense us and they want to be right IN our space and energies. I have trouble with this myself but understand it totally only because of how much I used to enjoy and love being in the same energetic vicinity as many of my higher vibrating nonphysical ET family/friends and the Others. It was like going Home again and this is how we now feel to many other people.

        On the other hand, some people who don’t want us or our higher frequency energies/consciousness anywhere around, have the opposite reaction to us. At this late date all I have to say to those people is…”Deal with it because WE’RE running the planet now!”


        • Denise

          My heart goes out to you w/regard to the rollercoaster ride you’ve been forced on job-wise. Whenever I find one thing of dire importance weighing on me to that degree, I have learned one of many things that personally really helps

          I do the “act as if” routine in my mind — I am able to remove myself mentally while in the worst of the worries (bedtime, of course) and put myself in the “act as if” space –how it would feel, look like, and be in every way imaginable to be past whatever the challenge is and back in calmer waters. I practice this for as long as I deem necessary, and put myself vibrationally in a different space, I believe, which helps alot with manifesting a more beneficial outcome, without specifying the exact way I feel that things NEED to be.

          Secondly, I look over, if you will, the actual issue and beyond and zero in on what the bigger picture will be beyond even the less desirable of outcomes. An example: ok, so worst case scenario, you are officially unemployed as of July 1st. Go beyond that image everytime it comes up, and instead continually tap into and focus on a resevoir of help and resolution – that no matter what, you will be fine, taken care of and led perfectly without fail to the next step in your journey. I only point this out b/c alot of times when in the thick of it, all those great lessons and intentions can tend to become blurred, and we may find ourselves completely tied up in knots trying to envision ourselves through the problem itself, trying to make ourselves have the best possible outcome with a neat resolution with the first part of the process (losing job, etc.) instead of what our higher self wants us to actually accomplish, which is actually beyond the illusion of what we percieve as being in actuality the very thing that we need to be so focused on. Am I making any sense here??? Anyway, these two items have personally seemed to work well for me when my back is up against the proverbial wall..either way, my dear, you will be just fine. I know you have your own creative ways of pulling these things off, and will do as you need to either way!

          Lastly — perhaps it is time to break out the old vibrational essences – flower or otherwise that will help you on through the process more smoothly. Also, Perelandra ( sells a bottle of something called ETS Plus for Soil-less gardens that is an amazing product for helping boost you through anything. However, it is not utilized the same way as other vibrational essences. More info on the Perelandra website, if you are interested. I’ve been using that along with several of the other materials and processes for a few years now with phenomenal success!

          Deep cleansing breaths, Denise!

        • Robin,

          Thank you for your wise words, and I love your “act as if” trick to disconnect and get to higher ground for a better overview.

          It was frustrating because I can usually do that, but not this time! I was way out there in the storm…swirling round n’ round. The learnings never stop.

          The income cuts have started already here and I feel they must actually to speed alone the “falling” process and get the masses honestly willing for a higher, better way for all. It’s just getting from point A to point B that I ocassionally worry about ONLY when I’ve “fallen” a bit and find myself again out IN the lower swirling storm. I’m lousy at waiting and always have been and a lot of this is just me getting frustrated with the lower ways. But I’ve learned a lot from it of couse and am back in the eye of the storm once again.

          Thank you so much. 🙂
          Gratitude & Hugs,

  • Hi Denise,

    I hope we start attracting other light filled ‘game players’, had enough of the lower ones.

    Love and gentle hugs,


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