NEW Blueprints For A NEW Earth

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New blueprints? What do you mean by blueprints anyway? What are we supposed to build? How are we going to create the NEW higher world? How is all this going to happen or work? Here’s my take on this mammoth and amazing situation at this time. Remember to always discern for yourselves however.

The easiest way to describe this whole concept, this whole process, is to ask if you either remember or feel or sense super ancient Lemuria? How about another higher dimensional Star system, or planet  that was not physical like Earth but you lived there? You had an incarnation there or it is your favorite Home station and dimension? How about remembering or sensing or feeling ancient Atlantis during its peak? It too was an amazing place prior to its “falling”.

Do you remember even bits and pieces or emotional feelings and desires about Lemuria, Atlantis, some other dimensional Star system, some other world in a higher nonphysical dimension? Then that is a huge part of your personal Energy Blueprint Template that can be used to build our new higher dimensional Earth world with. Use what you remember from the other grand (5D and higher) dimensional systems, stars, world, and civilizations, even those of ancient Earth when it vibrated vastly higher. Those are your tools, your beloved personal blueprints, your 5D, 6D, and higher memories of how things can be now on the new higher Earth world.

And don’t think that you have to DO something like we’re used to in the old lower Earth world. We don’t. It is enough for us to remember and build, consciously create and co-create from our Higher Mind and High Heart consciousness, a world that matches who we really are and what we’ve been before on other Star systems, other dimensions, other worlds that functioned totally with Heart consciousness. Remember those Pleiadian and other Cities of Light? Remember those stunning other-world Cities of Crystal and Light? Remember those great Cities you could hardly see within pristine Nature because it all blended into it so perfectly? Remember those clusters of beings/people all living within a system where each individual was a professional at one thing that they LOVED? Remember how that allowed everyone else to be free to do ONLY what they each LOVED doing? Remember how there was never any money or anything like it? Remember how there wasn’t a need for law enforcement, governments, religions, hospitals, taxes, money and all of it? Remember why? Well, that’s where we’re heading right now on this, the new higher dimensional ascended 5D vibrating Earth.

Use what you remember, use what you love and desire from other times and other places that existed within 5D and higher whether on ancient Earth or elsewhere. That is your blueprint. That is my blueprint. We know what we’re doing believe me! It’s just hard for some of us to wrap our exhausted minds around this huge event or transition. Some of us have built worlds before, built civilizations before that were pristine and very, very high. We have that knowledge, that Light still within us today and it’s our blueprints.

And don’t forget about all the new young Indigo’s, Crystals, Rainbows or whatever else they’re called now. To me they are simply the new “Root Race” for the new higher frequency world. They’ve been incarnating on Earth over the past years even as the Elder Lightworkers cleaned up the nasty, lower dark mess here for them and the others incarnating each year afterwords. These higher vibrating beings/people are the ones who will be doing more within the new vastly higher Earth world — that we’re currently creating via our 5D and higher Hearts and Heart Consciousness. We remember, and so we are and will continue to build the new world from there. We don’t have to go to some external place and “work” like in the old days/old lower world reality. If you want to you certainly can, but it’s not necessary now. Just remember how it can be, how you’ve known it in other lives on other Star systems, on other higher vibrating worlds, other high frequency  Earth civilizations. We know what we’re doing as it’s all in our heart of Hearts and always has been. That’s why the old lower Earth world and its masses have always felt so profoundly horrible.

Denise Le Fay

June 14, 2009

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5 thoughts on “NEW Blueprints For A NEW Earth

  • Your latest blog post made me cry happy tears, Denise. Yes, I remember/sense/feel ancient Atlantis and other advanced civilizations during their peak–although like Stu, I cannot access these memories with my conscious mind.

    The architectural terms you’ve used throughout your post also resonate strongly with me; they have for many months now. Indeed, just a few hours ago, I was browsing through some career profiles and was drawn to an article about civil engineering, without knowing precisely what it was about. It turns out that “civil engineers are involved in the design and construction of the physical structures that make up our surroundings, such as roads, bridges, buildings, and harbors.” They design the layouts of cities!

    “Remember those Pleiadian and other Cities of Light? Remember those stunning other-world Cities of Crystal and Light? Remember those great Cities you could hardly see within pristine Nature because it all blended into it so perfectly? Remember those clusters of beings/people all living within a system where each individual was a professional at one thing that they LOVED?”

    Oh, I can easily imagine these Cities of Light, and I suspect this is because I was involved with some energetic component of building these cities. Do you remember when we were on some “spiritual” forum a few years ago, and one of my posts about a possible past life as an architect in Italy somehow prompted you to see my life in Atlantis? This must be the connection! I may have been drawn to the article about civil engineering because I may help build the new cities, even if I only provide the energetic blueprint for the “actual” engineers.

    Keep remembering, everyone!


    • Beth,

      That was beautiful Beth, and exactly what I was hoping my post would trigger in people. Thank you.
      The whole point I was trying to make in that post, was that we DO ALREADY know and remember and sense and feel exactly what we desire the new higher world to be. We’ve all lived in so many higher vibrating civilizations before, and that is what we long for here and now. It’s all in each of our deep selves and Heart already. We are the creators and builders…in more ways than one! 😉


  • Denise,

    Thanks for that my dear friend.

    I meant to say before, but I love those pictures. I feel like I’ve seen them before……. 🙂

    Love and gentle hugs,


  • Denise,

    This question has had me baffled (and slightly concerned) for some time. I know how to act from my high heart, but can’t seem to remember about my past achievements?….. 😦
    I hope I can make a difference in our new world…..

    Love and gentle hugs,


    • Stu,

      You already have! 😉 Don’t worry about any of that type stuff. An open Heart with Heart (“Triality”) consciousness is what’s needed.

      Hugs n’ Loves,

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