Nightmares, Exhaustion & Purgings

Boy it’s been another intense phase of purging these past 2–3 weeks now. I’ve been through these enough times now and have learned to pay attention to the different symptoms and phases, that I can almost tell where I’m at within the latest ascension process just by the physical symptoms I’m currently having. I also suspect that many of us are, and have been going through this latest purging, because the Summer Solstice is right around the corner (June 20th…remember there’s an energetic orb of influence or window to this and it’s not just on the one day of the Summer Solstice). The SS will push us to another level and so, we’ve been making adjustments and purgings these past 2-3 weeks so we’re ready for it.

Here’s a short list of symptoms that have become common for me personally during the repeated phases of purging and adjusting to another energy change. Maybe you can relate to many of them too. Know that there are common symptoms but we each may experience many of them in slightly different ways. For example, I usually have a cluster of unpleasant or borderline “nightmare” type dreams for a couple of weeks, then I get diarrhea near the end of the purging process and that’s how I know it’s almost over. If you pay attention to your symptoms and what happens, when, and what follows it, then you’ll probably discover a series of symptoms that you and your body goes through each time to purge whatever it must.

  • strange headache that nothing helps or reduces
  • pain in the top of the head or skull-the Crown chakra area, not a “headache” but feels like your skull is sore and bruised
  • severe to mild nightmare type dreams almost every night for a week or longer-this is us dealing with, purging other layers of our past and issues, people, emotions etc.
  • physical body aches and pains
  • waves of nausea
  • extreme exhaustion that lots of rest doesn’t even help
  • eating more food and protein foods than usual because you’re doing so much transmuting and purging
  • sensing high great wonderful energy and at the same time sensing terrible “falling” fears and craziness
  • diarrhea
  • sleeping very little, waking up many times each night, tossing and turning, only sleeping an hour or two at a time
  • feeling better physically as soon as the Sun sets each evening
  • witnessing lower vibrating people not coping with the continuous pressures of higher energies, the inflexible people are having larger meltdowns
  • more people dying or exiting their physical bodies because they can’t or don’t want to continue this Ascension Process and shifting in their body

Hang in there as this purging phase is almost over and then we’ll be dealing with the 2009 Summer Solstice energies.

Denise Le Fay

May 29, 2009

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2 thoughts on “Nightmares, Exhaustion & Purgings

  • Stu,

    It has been another phase of purging and releasing’s so that we’re good-to-go when the new Summer Solstice energies arrive soon.

    Many people forget that another big and very important way we “purge” is through our dreams or the dream state while not in our physical bodies. It’s a very fast way to work through a lot of our stuff/junk, whatever it is that’s left at this point. So we dream through it rather quickly, as opposed to if it had to be worked on while awake and in-body.

    This phase will be over soon so hang in there my friend.

    Hugs and Loves,

  • Denise,

    Oh yes my dear friend, I have been having many of these symptoms. This month of May has been challenging to say the least, thankfully June is just about here…. 🙂

    Love and hugs,


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